Golden Mountain

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Golden Mountain

School for Future Gods & Goddesses

Golden Mountain was created by Hera, the Queen of the gods and goddesses. She felt that all future gods and goddesses deserved a chance to learn what their roles in the world were going to be and what would be expected from each of them. She enlisted the help of many gods and goddesses to help her along the way of teaching the younglings of what they would need to know to be great gods and goddesses of the future. Golden Mountain consists of: one large castle like structure, an arena, a stable, and a training area, an archery course, and a large lake. Golden Mountain isn't truly made of gold, it is like any other mountain someone would see filled with wildlife and greenery. The highest peak reaches above the clouds where a shrine/praying area is. The praying area is used for meditation to help teach the students patience and diligence.

The boys' quarters are in the west wing, they are only separated by light and dark. The light are those that are going to be gods of good forces, while the dark or for gods of the underworld, or dark forces. They have a common room where all of the boys are allowed to 'hang out' and converse with one another. The girls quarters are in the east wing, they are also separated by light and dark just like the boys and have their own common room as well. Each sleeping area has been decorated to tell the history of the gods or goddesses that came before them with paintings of great detail that show past battles and fetes of the gods or goddesses. Each boy and girl has their own room though they all girls must share two bathrooms while the boys must also share two bathrooms in their quarters.

There are many different classes that the students may take. There is; history, divination, archery, equestrian, potions, gardening, fencing, dance, and many more. Each student is allowed to choose their classes; Hera felt it would be against their own free will if they were forced to take certain classes. They are only required to take one class and that is meditation. Each student has to take meditation to learn patience, diligence, and respect for nature. All gods and goddesses are expected the respect the earth and the gifts it gives them. Without the earth each god and goddess would be pointless and would not exist for their gifts come from the earth. Zues makes frequent visits to the school to see how well each student is doing in their studies. Once a year there is also held one tournament, the tournament tests the skills of the students to see if they are ready to go out and do their duties yet. Each 7th​ year student is required to participate in the tournament and students in lower levels are allowed to participate, though there has never been one to come out as a winner.

The fall leaves have begun to fall so that means that classes are starting, the doors are open as candle flames dance on their wicks welcoming new students from all around the world into their humble abode. Stone steps shall be taken to the double wooden doors of the entry way, more stone will greet the students as they enter Golden Mountain. Each student will be ushered to the dining hall, where they will be greeted by Hera and fed a plentiful dinner of a vast variety of food as candles flickers in their stands. Vines climb the walls reaching for the cathedral like ceilings. Let the school year begin.

If you want to sign up for this please fill out the following character sheet:

Light or Dark:
God/Goddess of what:
Small History:
Physical Features (If you want to add a picture to help us imagine the character go ahead.):

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea. <3 I'll be making my goddess now~! ^__^ <3 Are there any specific types you want to fill or can we choose our own? :3
Sounds fun :D Have a big test on wednesday so you probably get my character on thursday ^^
Sounds awesome, I am totally in. But I have the same question as Raynboa, about if you need anything specific. And are we supposed to take over a specific God/Godess (For example, one might be Persophone's future replacement) or are we new ones?
This sounds epic :D I'd like to join ^.^
You can have your god/goddess however you want them to be and they don't have to take over anyone's place unless you want them to. xD I want everyone to do whatever they want with their characters that way it's more interesting and not super controlled by me. I'll be posting a starter for it along with my own character sheet tonight. I'm glad so many people are interested!
Yay! -Runs around in circles excitedly before smacking into wall- Can't wait.
I'll let you do your character sheet first, so that you can have first dibs on powers and all. :)
Name: Amaya
Abilities: Can converse with animals and influence plant life to her will; she can understand if a plant is unhappy with where it is placed or if it needs nourishment. Amaya may make plants grow faster than usual and call animals to do her bidding.
Light or Dark: She is stuck in between but she leans more towards the light.
God/Goddess of what: Future Goddess of Nature
Personality: Amaya is nice but keeps to herself most of the time. She can be outgoing if she is in the mood to be. Nice to everyone she meets unless she gets a bad 'vibe' from them. Very friendly until angered, then she's not exactly nice to anyone around her unless she can see through her anger to see that the ones that care for her don't wish her harm.
Age: 17
Small History: Amaya is the daughter of Hecate. Her mother raised her differently than her other children with big dreams for her. She does not know who her father is exactly and sometimes resents the fact that her mother won't tell her. Though she grew up with anything a kid could ever want she wants more, a real family, a normal life like the humans she sees in their cities. She's always dreamed of being able to be a human but then she reminds herself that she is lucky to have the life she has. Amaya was raised to respect life, but she does not always agree with the way her mother does things being the Goddess of Necromancy.
Physical Features: Amaya is the complete opposite of her mother's dark features. She has pale blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She is tall and thin though she has inherited her mother's womanly curves. With a figure like a hourglass Amaya blushes when she receives attention from boys.

Here is my character sheet. :] I hope everyone enjoys and please feel free to make your character however you want it to be. I'll get started on the starter now. Also, if anyone has any questions at all feel free to ask them here throughout the entire RP.
Okay, so actually I'll wait a few days before I post the starter. I want it to be good so I won't rush it tonight while I have a headache and I want to wait until a few people have their character sheets up.
Name: Gwyneth Elicra [nickname Gwyn or Gwynnie]
Abilities: Gwyneth has the ability to feel emotions of other people and sometimes animals. She can pinpoint from their aura where they are and if they're in trouble or not. At times her power outwits her and she finds her head an overwhelming circus of anyone within a five mile radius' feelings. She's working on a new power she recently discovered that allows her to alter a person's aura somewhat to change how they feel towards something momentarily.
Light or Dark: decidedly light
God/Goddess of what: soon-to-be goddess of emotion
Personality: Gwyneth is childlike in some aspects of her personality. She's constantly questioning things with her endless curiosity and is active in both mind and body. She's normally a fairly happy person and very carefree, but her own emotions can be changed by being in too close contact with another person's aura. Gwyneth is generally nice to everyone and is usually pretty sociable. She hates silence and whenever she's alone she either talks to herself (and mentally tells herself that she's insane) or sings.
Age: 18
Small History: She has no memory of her divine parents because she was left on the doorstep of the semi-elderly Elicra's doorstep when she was just five months old. She wasn't even aware of her power until it fully manifested on her thirteenth birthday and she found herself surrounded by so many happy emotions that she cried. She's always been in a sort of shock that she's a goddess and isn't fully used to her powers, which would be why they often get the best of her.
Physical Features: Gwyneth is short at about 4' 11" and thin, with wildly curly red hair and innocent, hazel doe-eyes. She has a light smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose that she consistently tries to get rid of to no avail. She often wears baggy clothing to discourage any unwanted attention from boys, although she is certain that her figure is crap anyway. In that case, why flaunt her crap figure?
Red-HeadGirl.jpg 327×500 pixels.jpg

[Okay, I'm not sure you can be a goddess of emotion, but the idea popped into my head and I wanted to try it out. If you want me to change it I don't mind :) Anyway, that's that, I guess. *is obsessively re-reading her character sheet for mistakes* I'm not critical of other people's grammar, I swear! TT.TT]
Name: Ava
Abilities: Obviously this wouldn't affect an immortal God or Goddess, but Ava has power over death. She could kill, she can speak to spirits or summon them. "If looks could kill..." becomes "Looks can kill" in her case.
Light or Dark: She is supposed to be Dark, regarding her nature. But she still hasn't fully commited to it.
God/Goddess of what: Future Goddess of Death.
Personality: She will not bend down to anyone's will, sick of being an obedient child. Now that she was out of her father's grasp, no one was to tell her what to do. Her mind is clever, witty, her tongue can be just as much so. She will speak her mind, which canlandher in trouble.
Age: 17
Small History: Born to Hades, she was raised in the Underworld, seperate from the rest of the Universe, including Olympus. She would beg to go with her mother during the six months Persephone left the Underworld, but was always told no, told she had a duty to do. That was her life, always being told what she must do, what she must be, causing her to hate her job. She didn't care that her father wished to retire, she wanted her own life! Among that mystical other world the souls spoke of, their human Earth. She craved Hermes visits, to hear of the magical Olympus. The first time she got to leave the Underworld, she was sent straight to Hera's school.
Physical Features: Her hair is white, for white is the true color of Death. Her eyes are green, like her mother's. She has fine,thin features, except for her full lips, and a slightly pointed face.
Very good! I love both characters they both sound very interesting. The starter will be up by this evening in the Fantasy Section. I will of course call it Golden Mountain so that everyone can find it.
Name: Symfora
Abilities: Can controll human hearts to make them start wars or just mess with a human she has taken a liking in. She use her powers to make chaos in the human world.
Light or Dark: dark
God/Goddess of what: Future Goddess of chaos and dissaster
Personality: She loves chaos and stays in places where there are bad atmospheres. She hates when people tell her what to do and if she want to take revenge then she takes her time and waits untill the right moment, time doesn't matter as long as she takes her revenge.
Small History:
She is the daughter of the Goddess of Chaos Eris and have always walked in her mothers footsteps. Even though she's just 18 she has already surpassed her mother in many ways, but still have a bit more before she is ready to take her mothers place. Symfora grew up mostly being with her mother because she was so fascinated by her work in giving chaos to the world, when she was fifteen she started to go to the human world on her own and tried making chaos by herself, which became her favorite activity.
Physical Features:
YES, I finaly found a roleplay where I can use my avatar as the character xD I have waited for this moment :D
Symforas hair is black and white, she have black eyes and almost white skin she is about 1,72 m.
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Name: Lilieth
Abilities: She can control the ocean, and the creatures that live in it. When shes angry large waves appear, and when she is calm the water ripples.
Light or Dark: Light
God/Goddess of what: Future Goddess of the sea
Personality: Fragile and shy. Very compassionate.
Age: 17
Small History: Her father Poseidon wants her to be cruel and turbulent as the sea. However, that isn't in her nature. She grew up hearing she needed to be more like her malicious siblings, and cause destruction. Her father treats her as a failure.
Physical Features:
vampire_anime_by_kyokomaruhana10-d30vkld.jpg Very short 5 ft exactly and extremely feminine , with waist length red hair. Bright greens eyes, and pale skin.
This looks so fun! Hmm....

Decisions Decisions...
Join the dark side, we have cookies xD
I actually saw the OOC after I posted. I hope that's not a problem.Rayce.jpg

Name: Rayce Carver

Abilities:Telepathy: Reading minds and moving objects .

Light or Dark: Dark

God or Goddess: God of Psychic

Personality: A jerk. Rayce will toy with someone's emotions, just because he knows exactly how they're feeling and what they're thinking about. He takes pride in knowing that no one can ever hold a secret from him. It's also a plus that there is never a need for him to argue with someone.

History: Rayce was a young, curious child that just so happened to toss his good friend into a lake. The kid didn't drown, but his town marked him as a "bad omen." Although all was aware that he merely had a gift, they treated him as a dangerous outcast. Rayce grew up not caring but knowing everything. The only thing he felt he had in life was his ability, so he traveled to Golden Mountain to learn more, whether the people there wanted him there or not.

Physical Features:(See for yourself----->)
Name: Senritsu

Abilities: Her singing tells it all; Through her harmonies and vocalizations, Senritsu can bring life into the withering. But this being said, she could very much take away life as well, leaving those she sings to on their last thread of life. When fully concentrated, Senritsu's voice can take form and act under her control.

Light or Dark: Currently neutral, trying to decide which path to take.

God/Goddess of what: Future Goddess of Song

Personality: Although her abilities lead many to believe she would speak, Senritsu does not. The goddess in training became a mute, only speaking to those who fully gained her trust, such as the Muses did.

Age: 17

Small History:
There was never a clear answer as to where Senritsu came from or from whom she was descended. Rumors spread that she was the daughter of the god of music, healing, prophecies, and poetry: Apollo. But others say she may have been a descendant of Chaos and Nyx, the goddess of night. However, despite all the rumors and beliefs of her origin, the Muses -- goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets -- took the orphan in, raising her to be the tenth and final muse.

Physical Features: sample_0bf7df3bb56015fa38db5b816bcbbef49f9a22e7.jpg