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  1. Hey out there.
    Basically what I'm thinking about doing is a group RP based around the plot of Girls Und Panzer. This would be taking place about a decade after the events of the anime and the movie, so the original girls would be adults by now, likely married, and possibly teaching in the art of sensha-dō. The story would follow along with a rookie tank crew of our own making, all probably around 14-15 years old, as they go through their first real exposure to the sport and continue to follow along as they go farther in their journey. (Also, I have dibs on the tank Commander. Sorry, lol) The one main thing I'm changing is that, in this crew, there happens to be the first (and currently only) boy to ever be allowed to participate in the art of sensha-dō (which would naturally mean that he'd be quite timid, nervous, and likely uncomfortable at first since he'd be the only guy in a sport dominated by attractive young women and would suddenly be spending hours and hours and hours around said attractive young girls) The exact tank they'll end up using is also totally up for suggestions, though I'd likely lean a bit more towards something slightly less 'mainstream'. (Meaning basically I'd prefer to not have something like a Panzer IV H, a Panther, a Tiger, most of the Sherman or T-34 variants, etc.) The only requirement I'd have is that whatever tank we choose must have at least a 4-person crew. Three of the ideas I've already been thinking of are the KV-2 heavy tank, the SU-100Y prototype tank destroyer, and the TOG II* experimental super heavy tank.

    Edit: I'd also PREFER for any applying members to be 18+. That's not to say that I'll turn you away if you're a minor, but I'm just saying that I'd prefer the other RPers to be fellow adults.
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  2. I see someone favors the Royal Navy, and the Derp gods.

    Rather an IS series myself. Same Glorious Derp and not a giant, shoot here box.

    But as to Suggestions of tanks not commonly seen that have merit and that crew configuration, the IS-2 and Pershing work. Though the Pershing technically had a 5 man crew, the 5th position was often left empty and for extra storage, the KV-2 it should be noted had a 6 man crew. I would say by this point maybe even some Early Cold War designs may have turned up, like the T-55, M60, and Leopard 1. There is also a host of Japanese tanks, more so the Mediums that never seen combat use.

    So I may have some interest depending. For now just call me a helpful observer that might join.
  3. Alright, you got me there. I am in fact a proud Skipper of my very own TOG II*-class battleship, HMS Colossus. And yes, I do drive both the KV-2 and the mighty Box Tenk (SU-100Y), if only in World of Tanks. If only I had one of any of these for real...

    Sorry, was about to go full-on fangirl there. (Even though I'm a dude, everyone has those moments where they go full fangirl, am I right?)

    Anyways, the IS-2 is an interesting suggestion, as is the T-55. I would however like whatever we choose to be a tank that is in no way overpowered, meaning it has one or a few really good advantages on its side, but otherwise has quite a few glaring weaknesses that the crew have to cope with. For instance the TOG, KV-2 and SU-100Y all have great guns in their own ways, the KV-2 has decent armor, the SU is fairly mobile for a vehicle it's size, and the TOG because of its ship-like size can take many hits before being immobilized despite its lackluster armor.

    Also, a 5 or 6-person crew vehicle is fine too, I just meant I wanted a minimum of 4.

    Whether you choose to join or not you're welcome to stay around. =)
  4. Ehh I might I just don't want to say I'll join and no one else comes around, plus I may stop rping sooner than later given some things, so I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

    And yeah the IS-2 was a really solid tank in all areas minus crew comfort. Which would likely be the issue, even with a bunch of girls, who are likely the same size as the Soviet Crewmen from that time, the T-55 suffered in a few areas.

    And yeah no problem I used to play it fairly often, got sick of constantly being bottom tier thanks to MM. Never had the KV-2 though I finished the IS line. The Japanese heavies if not for how stupid some of them were would be great, and also provided they exsisted.
  5. Ehh, well like I said, glad to have you around while you're here regardless.

    From the research I've done I was coming to that same conclusion. I think I'd like something with at least a bit more space inside for the girls (and the lucky guy) to move around and whatnot, and it seems like the KV-2, SU-100Y, and TOG II* all have interior space in a bit of abundance compared to some other vehicles.

    You aught to get back into WoT and get the KV-2. The new physics and sounds are stellar, and the KV-2 is loads of fun no matter what bullshit the MM decides to pull on you. With that 152mm M-10 howitzer (btw, load only HE in that, don't bother with either of the AP shells), you will pull off shots that nothing else could because with the KV-2, you simply point your gun in the general direction of the enemy and fire, and the hand of Joseph Stalin himself reaches up from the depths of hell and guides your shell to the target. Dead gunner? Damaged gun? Moving downhill at full speed? Pulling off a snapshot at the last enemy artillery over 400 meters away? No problem comrade!! Enjoy your kill! (I've actually done that, I have replay evidence. It was legendary.)
    Plus it has great penetration for HE, especially for its tier, and because the splash damage is so massive even if you don't pen or even don't hit you can still do 300-400 damage to anything you're shooting at. I've intentionally fail-platooned in that to get myself into a tier 10 game, and I ended up carrying the team to victory and did over 3000 damage. There's literally nothing in the game that you can't seriously hurt with that gun.

    And then there's those moments where a Cromwell pops around a corner in front of you and you ammorack him, because apparently the 910 alpha damage on a shell that fully penetrates isn't enough for a 750 HP Cromwell. It deserves an ammorack kill as well? Why? Because fuck Cromwells, that's why.

    I'm rambling again, aren't I?...
  6. Ah its fine.

    I might go with the Su-100 then likely, or a 122, I mean that one was operational, is much the same, and is spacious, and the SU-100y was made as a SPG unlike the TD roll its used in in WoT. But hmm might be other large tanks that could be used.

    The KV2 really didn't have as much room as it seems, the shells were rather massive, same with the SU-100y. The Tog is shit. Plenty of space but nothing else about it was worthy of praise.

    Otherwise the only "roomy" tanks I can think of are those made by the US and Germany. And the Mythic Japanese Heavies, which have a stupid amount of room. though being in a type 4 or type 5 heavy could be fun, the turret for it was finished and installed in a bunker line in Manchuria, that the Soviets blew up after testing.

    HE Expensive T_T and ehh I'm used to one shotting AMX's with my IS tanks so I know about that.
  7. Hmm... Well I was intending to stay away from those mythical Japanese superheavies because they're just ridiculous and absurd. The armor's OP AF, the guns are OP AF, and their size is OP AF. Though it might be fun to pit a Type 5 against our gang at one point...

    Hmm... Maybe a Pershing would be fun...
  8. I'm guessing we need to be into tanks? Or can I play the person who knows little about tanks so that I can use my lack of tank knowledge to my advantage?
  9. Hmm... I don't see why not. There's always gotta be that one girl on the team who hasn't got the slightest clue what she's doing, and only by luck does she manage to be competent at first. Lol
    We could have you play maybe the Loader or the Radio Operator. The only thing I'd say is that I'd like the one guy to be pretty knowledgeable about tanks relative to his age, since that'd help explain how he got into the program.
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