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  1. What if your mind was warped beyond the point of being able to make a conscious decision at will? Warped to the point that you can only serve the one pullig the right strings, or to protect a person that you were bonded to? Such a fate could only be in mind for the worst offenders of society.

    It is the year 2050 and the world is filled with crime. In order to combat the growing amount of crime, the government has captured criminals and are 'brain-washing' them into almost humanoid machines to protect certain individual members.

    These beings were named Saints; each was assigned to one individual person, and they would have no choice but to protect that person with all their might. Even if it meant sacrificing themselves in the process, they would do so. However, if their 'bond' died before them, the Saint would either go into coma or an unstoppable fit of rage.

    Saints bore amazing strength physically, but mentally they are a collection of broken memories.

    The protected were usually aristocrats that were in danger, but often, lone Saints that had escaped from the 'brain-washing' centres, would bond with random people they can relate to on the streets.

    History: (optional)
    Reason why they are a Saint: (optional and can be rp'ed}

    History: (optional)
    Reason why they have a Saint: (optional and can be rp'ed)


    Note : Only 2 characters maximum per player and characters cannot be bonded

    .::. My character .::.

    Name: Serenity
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Serenity has a shy personality, but is can be easily coaxed out of her shell. Once done so, she is quite loud and can be hard to shut up. When talking with someone, she does not always like to talk, and so conversations can became very one sided. She has trust issues and often she jumps to the worst possible conclusion without all the facts being present. She is eager and quick to learn. Once she learns new information, she holds onto it, for a long time. Thus, once angered, Serenity holds grudges for an excessive amount of time, often months after the deed has been done.

    Appearance: At first glance, Serenity seems very intense and serious. Her dark ice blue eyes seem to pierce into you, and her long, slightly curly light brown/chocolate hair frames her tanned face. She has a petite 5'5" figure in full, much to her displeasure, as it makes others around her seem large and domineering. Her body is quite supple, but muscular in few places and her arms are strong and can hold quite a substantial weight.


    History: Will be role played
    Reason why they have a saint: Will be role played


    @Neko - saint - Ni Yoru Seikatsu
    @Mighty Tree - saint - Ewan "Nails" Lafayette
    @Aurorah - Protected - Serenity
    @Fliksie - protected - Olivia
    @The Dreamer.... - protected - Alice
    @Verin - saint - Randal Denel

    Pairings .::.
    @Neko (saint) -- @Fliksie (Protected)
    @The Dreamer.... (protected) -- @Verin (saint)
    @Aurorah (protected) -- @Mighty Tree (saint)

    (did I get everyone?)
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  2. Reserved for a Saint CS. I just want to see if we can get some more interest for this *Crosses fingers* It is a really neat plot.
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  3. @Neko I hope this gets more replies as well, and thank you :)
  4. I love the plot for this rp! I think I'll be making a Saint character soon-ish.
  5. All right, here goes!


    Name: Ewan "Nails" Lafayette. He doesn't remember his real name and answers to "Nails" for some reason.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Skills: Nails has extremely fast reflexes, which came in handy before he was made into a Saint. Nowadays, his quick movement is mostly used for springing to the defense of his bond, although Nails would be happy to use that skill for other things.
    He is also physically stronger than he looks; an unprepared adversary can expect to be floored in three hits. Then again, most people are prepared, so this usually isn't the case.
    Personality: Nails doesn't work well in social situations. He has trouble with a few rules of etiquette due to his fragmented memory, and isn't one for talking. When he does decide to speak up, it's either a question, information, or deadpan snark. However, Nails is devoted to his bond, and will do anything to ensure his/her well-being, no matter how much he or she annoys him.


    Nails stands at about 5'10"; he isn't the tallest person around, but he has enough height to make a statement. Unfortunately, he also has a boyish face and looks awkwardly skinny when he has clothes on. Under his clothing, Nails has slim yet well-toned muscles on his arms, legs and chest.

    About one year ago, give or take a few months, a college kid was inside the police station. Again.

    "No. I didn't do that. I have no... I don't remember doing that."
    "That's what you said the last four times you were here."

    He'd done this kind of thing before. Countless times, he'd stolen valuable things from people's homes. A week ago, the offense that got him here was committed; he had taken about $10,000 in precious stones from some old lady's jewelry box. It wasn't like she was going to use them for anything, the 22-year-old thief had reasoned. The jewelry's former owner was just some senile old bird who would wear those pretty things to dinner parties. He could actually use them. He'd sell them and use the money to pay off a chunk of his student loans. The jewelry was just about to go to an eBay customer when the police showed up. Someone had given him away.

    "Let me guess, Ewan Lafayette again?"
    "It's pronounced YEW-an."
    "Whatever! Look, we have the evidence. You stole this necklace, for example, and we have the fingerprints to prove it."
    "That's, what, your fifth burglary? I think that's a two-year sentence, kid."
    "What?! I thought it was six months! I swear to God it was six months!"
    "Two years. Hoo boy, here's more for your record... Hey, kid? Ewan, whatever your name is... He's gone!"

    His criminal record. Of course. That was where everything was written for the cops to see, and it was also the piece of paper responsible for deciding what kind of punishment he would receive. It would have to disappear.

    The unsuccessful burglar bolted towards a file cabinet, where his criminal record was, and managed to get the document out of there somehow. Not willing to take chances with the door, Ewan crashed through the window and began making his escape, criminal record in hand.

    "There he is, by the manhole. Quick! He's opening it! I think he's gonna put it in there..."

    Annnd, he was cornered by people in blue suits. Just as he slipped his paper down the sewer, a tranquilizer dart hit him square in the back.

    "How much longer till he's out?"
    "It can't be more than a few seconds, even if he's tough as nails."

    With that last sentence ringing through his head, Ewan fell unconscious.

    "No, stop. Don't take him to court."
    "Wha- why? Why not?"
    "I have an idea. We can use him for something."
    "Are you saying we should make him a Saint? He's not all that great."
    "When the procedure is finished, he will be."
    "...I'm not sure about this."

    Reason why they are a Saint: Will be roleplayed
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  6. interesting. reserve a spot for a protected CS for me plz ^^
  7. Huzzah! c:

    Just wondering, how does Saint/protected pairing work? Is the Saint paired with the protected that had his/her CS made closest to that of the Saint, or is it based on the personalities of potential bonds?
  8. @Mighty Tree - I probably will wait until more people join and then, if two characters seem to click together we can bond them together. I was hoping for a few more people to join then either I will just randomly pair up two characters, or the players can choose themselves.
  9. Saint
    Name: Ni Yoru Seikatsu
    Ni Yoru (open)
    Her deep blue hair almost always covers her left eye unless she brushes it out of the way, usually to show her anger or seriousness about something. Her skin is fairly pale as she is not a huge fan of the sun, avoiding it when possible. She wears a black jacket that has a high neck and cuts off just under her chest, leaving her stomach (and a few scars) exposed.
    "If i am to die protecting them, then so be it..."
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Skills: She owns a blade she refers to as Fukami. Its blade is as black as coal and a small blue ribbon is tied onto it's hilt. She is incredibly talented wielding this blade, though using another can prove quite difficult for her.

    Personality: She is more quiet if anything, usually getting lost in her own thoughts or talking to herself, almost unaware of the looks she probably receives. Due to her brainwashed mind she is now extremely loyal to the person she was paired with, obeying them without question. Having her memory all but 'erased', she tends to be prone to headaches, often when trying to remember her past. Another result of the brainwashing is her almost blank and emotionless attitude, rendering her incapable of expressing her emotions properly.

    History: Having been born in a slum sealed her fate to join the cosy embrace of a crime filled life. From a young age her parents sold her to one of the many crime organisations that were currently residing in her town for a sum of money. They must have seen some potential in her for them to pay to recruit children but with every organisation fighting for a foothold in this dangerous world, they were desperate for that 'secret weapon' to turn the tides. She was prepared for a life she had no other choice but to accept, her resentment for her parents decision fuelling her to continue, her hope that one day she'd destroy their life just like they did to hers. This day never came...
    She was used as a bribe to keep a corrupt police force off their backs, allowing them to continue their work. She was immediately taken to a facility, being told it was a jail although to her it looked more like a hospital or laboratory. This was in fact where they changed her, making her an almost machine like human, even making her wonder if she is still truly human.
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    Name: Olivia
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quiet and calculating, Olivia is slow to trust and doesn't mind admitting it. She adopts different personalities as she sees fit acting in ways that she believes will be advantageous. She doesn't care much for "moral obligations", instead preferring to take whatever action seems like the most rewarding. This leads to feelings of detachment, of course, but that's how she was raised to behave, and so she sees no reason to change herself.
    Appearance: Olivia has dark, long hair and a tendency of wearing ribbons. Without a very strong figure, she's small and slim for her age. She has cold, blue-green eyes with ever-present dark circles lurking underneath. She prefers elegant clothes and has a habit of wearing blue. Her usual expression appears as a faint scowl, unless she's trying to please someone.
    History: Briefly put, she never saw her father and so doesn't care about him. She never liked her mother much either. Olivia spent most of her days to herself or learning with private instructors. When she had the chance to socialize, she treated the formation of friendships like a game, testing what worked and what didn't. The only time she's felt like she's cared about anything at all was when the death threats started appearing. Then she cared. Then she feared.
    Reason why they have a Saint: As the daughter of an important political figure holding a job even she can't know the details about, her family has never been in the safest state of being. Death threats began appearing around Olivia, and as they grew progressively more violent, she was eventually given a Saint to at least temporarily ensure her protection. Further details will be rp'ed.
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  11. is this still open? this sound awesome OoO
  12. Yes *jump up in the air in joy* now on to the Character sheet
  13. More people! *squees internally*

    How many characters will we need for the RP to start? Sorry about all these questions xD
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Alice ???? (Does not know her last name)
    Age: 12
    Personality: Alice is mostly shy and does not talk but if she likes you she mostly sweet and understanding. She also can be very serious when needs to be.
    Gender female
    History: Will be Rped
    Reason why they have a Saint: will be Rp'ed

    Sorry for shity writing my table is shitness. and i can't really think of anything ill be adding stuff to it later
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  15. @The Dreamer.... - I don't mind that your profile is quite short, but when I create the actual roleplay thread, I would like it if you wrote more than a line. :)

    But accepted :D

    @Mighty Tree - I'll create the thread for us sometime today, but before that, Saints and Protected need to pair up. Do you want to choose the pairings, or want me to?
  16. @Aurorah I think it would be wise for you to chose the Pairs, love. and also i will i just was never good at making CS and everything and i am useing my table
  17. also i would wait till someone is a saint we have 3 Pro and 2 Saints
  18. Seems like a good idea. I think I'll likely be a saint, if I'm able to join.
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