Foods that can't be eaten romantically

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  1. So I was thinking about Lady and the Tramp, and then started thinking about what foods can't be eaten all cutesy with your sig other. So far I have:
    Ramen noodles
    And that's it.
    What y'all got?
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  2. Anything can be eaten romantically, you just aren't trying hard enough.
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  3. Cheeseburgers. Everything starts to slide or drop off. Probably gumbo too.
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  4. Soup. all that slurping!
    Chinese food, especially any rice dish, or General Tso's chicken.
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  5. Ramen can totally be low budget romantic by recreating the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.

    Tacos, on the other hand, aren't fit for romantic eating.
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  6. Nothing's more romantic then tacos man. What's wrong with you?
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  7. This should end the thread now, all other arguments are invalid!
  8. "Hnn..." He has a corndog right up against his lips as he walks passed the thread, reading it carefully. "..." Hides it behind his back, letting his long blue hair hide it securely as he quickly rushes from the area.
  9. Ever take a date out and you order chicken wings?

    I did.
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  10. Nothing's romantic when you're eating food.
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  11. Popcorn or crisps are extremely romantic. Especially when your chewing noises are louder than the dramatic part of your loved ones chosen rom-com XD
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  12. Romantically and suggestively are definitely two different things which really narrows down the list. Now I know this isn't a food but I cant believe you guys forgot about milkshakes!!! That used to be the go to date drink for teenage romance! For adults I believe it is wine? Even though that shit is gross.....

    Foods I think of fondu. We have a restaurant here that is very high end called the melting pot. You cook foods in a variety of broths and sauces and it can get very romantic feeding your significant partner off the prong, well I imagine it is anyways. Then you have the chocolate fondu for desert with strawberries and cheese cake cubes and brownies.

    Chocolate of course is the go to romance food as it even enduces a special chemical people feel when "in love" or it produces that chemical. I don't remember the exact science behind that bit though because it has been a while since I read up on it. (I have an old power point somewhere...)

    Have you ever tried to eat a salad gracefully? It's just impossible. o____o

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  15. Kakumei would walk back through, licking a hot dog that sat perfectly on a bun, trying to keep the mayo from falling off. Some of it fell on his chin as we quickly rubbed it away with the back of his left wrist, blushing a bit. "Eep..." He turned away and ran, his hips swinging a bit.


    Seriously.. xD
  16. Romantically cannibalizing your loved one is the ultimate form of Romance in the history of ever.
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  17. I have no idea where you live, but when I was in Minneapolis I ate at The Melting Pot. That would be a very romantic place to go, especially since they had private booths (a curtain so no one could see you). The chocolate was amazing.

    For what I would consider not romantic, my boyfriend's mother made crab for us (can't remember what kind, some small variety) and that was somewhat disturbing. It came with little mallets to beat the shell, and once the shell was off there was the insides of the crab to deal with.
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  18. Hahaha I live on Virginia's coast. We have a great melting pot, there are not any curtains but the booths are positioned in a way that provides privacy. There is never a booth across from yours.

    Yeah I don't imagine crab being very romantic, as I have had it before.....its so frustrating and a hassle. Im just exhausted by the end of it.
  19. I would consider every food able to be eaten 'romantically.'

    To me though, the one that would be least of all romantic is salad. Only because my husband would be frowning and suffering throughout the entire meal. Total turn off. :[
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  20. But.. Crabs can pinch people. And pinching can be uh.. Romantic?
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