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    How long had Audric been making his way through the country side exactly? Days...weeks? It couldn't have been too long ever since he received that call he had intended to find out the truth of the matter. Maybe if he could get to one of the Nohrian Royals before things got out of hand he could do something. Stop this matter from getting worse. Failing that maybe he could go to Hoshido and get Ryoma to listen to him. How long had it been since he had talked to a Hoshidan for any length of time? Most of the people who came through Cyrkensia were Norhian in origin. Regardless the young born noble could only hope that he could do something anything! His guards had informed him that Hoshido had re-found their long lost prince. Rumor had it Hoshido had long since suspected Nohr of kidnapping the young prince Corrin.

    Audric wipe sweat from his brow his dully colored hair a mess as the breeze swept through his hair. He had decided to make his way on foot for the remaining journey. He always was a better fighter on his own two feet. Maybe that had been a mistake but he didn't want to hamper himself. Daywalker hung from his belt gleaming in the morning sun. His brother was probably worried sick and undoubtedly angry at the young Nestrian's sudden act of running off. Nolan always was more sensible about things. Audric...Audric preferred to pursue action immediately. He didn't immediately go to violence as his salvation but he was more than ready to use it. Maybe just maybe he could intervene before something went wrong.

    Samanthia...she'd kill him for abandoning her back at the border no doubt she probably was a mess right now. He'd have to apologize to his retainer for not bringing her along. She was a competent fighter but her lack of....grace may have slowed him down. Besides Sky Knights aren't something he remembered being stealthy enough to escape notice if the situation called for it. At worse someone would think him a glorified bandit. Anyone stupid enough to challenge him would be felled by his axe otherwise. He had to stop the war from breaking out it would cause so much suffering.

    The young noble came to a sudden halt as he leaned against a tree collapsing to his knees breathing in and out deeply as he shook his head. "Gotta keep to get them to stop." Audric breathed in deeply as he quickly went to his side and grabbed his canteen and drink from it greedily. "I can do it...I have to try at the very least. If I don't don't think about that keep going!" Audric said to himself as he leaned himself up against the tree steadying himself. He didn't want to fail...failure in this moment effected more than him. Some nobles wouldn't care...some nobles in Nestra would sit back and let this happen. What did a neutral country risk at trying to stop this insanity. He had only caught wind of the capture of Corrin due to the mere fact that he had met a merchant on the way here telling him that a man in Nohrian finery was in Hoshido. Let alone the mess that had happened a couple days earlier. Why...why had Lady Mikoto...damn it! He never met the woman...but he knew her as a passionate and beloved lady of Hoshido. Then why....why did she have to die at a time like this!?

    Audric kept running. He kept running because he knew he had no choice in the matter. He ran because his heart demanded it. He ran and ran but he didn't know if it would pay off in the end.


    The time span had been short a week and a half since Corrin had gone missing. Nohr had marshaled their forces under the command of Prince Xander of Nohr. Corrin the young Prince had reappeared in Hoshido...with disastrous results. Between the apparent capture of the young Nohrian/Hoshidan Prince and the border incident causing relations to tumble into a black abyss at the Bottomless Canyon. The Nohrian Army had set out on a march towards Hoshido and were approaching a river crossing near the border between the two nations.

    Corrin the fated brother of both families is unaware of this but his presence will make all the difference soon enough. Ryoma had set out with a small army of his own Hoshidan forces leaving behind his retainers and allies. His intentions are to destroy Xander's men before they get near Hoshido. The dull orange sun in the sky flutters around as fate makes it's inevitable move towards the end of the feud between the Sun Born Kingdom and the Sacred Kingdom of Darkness.

    However...fate itself seems to be unwinding as things rush towards an unsatisfactory ending for all parties about to be involved in this conflict. Hoshidan...Nohrian....all will feel the sting of the branch of destiny that is about to break.
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  2. Three Weeks Before Corrin's Disappearance~

    "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!" the coroner rang the nightly bell like a madman. Dark clouds rolled over the small village, and a heavy fog clasped the infertile soil. Not a single streetlamp was able to pierce the thick, eerie mist that haunted the town. Dozens of figures emerged from their abodes, dragging the day's corpses out into the stone streets. Sobs and moans filled the air to acknowledge the misery and woe that the plague had brought. The village in question was far removed from the ghastly war that raged on between Nohr and Hoshido, and for this reason the kingdom's officials neglected the crisis. This village, and only this village, was forced to endure the outbreak. Garon had made the assumption that the location was so isolated, so desolate, that the disease was unlikely to spread elsewhere. The distant conflict made food a scarce thing to find.

    Hundreds of bodies were piled onto a smoky wooden mound. They all looked the same; covered in swollen buboes across the skin, with thickened, purple veins, blood seeping from the mouth and nose, and eyes wide with terror. Klaus Rathenau was sent into this forsaken place, not to rid the unholy scourge, but to study it. He knocked on the door of the apothecary. The man inside was very, very old, and with great hesitation he opened the cumbersome door. The surviving alchemists and healers inside could not possibly meet the demand for potions and elixirs fast enough. They locked themselves away, praying for the illness to subside. They hoarded the last healing herbs and potions, should any of them succumb to the pestilence. Everyone in the apothecary knew the reason why Klaus was sent to the village. With a defeated sigh, the old man turned over a vast record of the plague to the blasphemous doctor.

    Symptoms, names of the infected, date of emergence, everything that Klaus needed was here. He spoke not a word before leaving the pitiful elder to his ultimate fate. Stray dogs took to devouring the carcasses of their former masters. This was a very unusual scene, but Klaus had witnessed such horror in the past, and underneath his signature mask, he was expressionless. A handful of people shouted curses in his direction, unable to understand why the obscure physician did not come sooner. Half of the men in the village were already dead, and so the curses of the wives were twice as vitriolic. Klaus glanced towards them only for a moment. One of the people standing in the weeping mob caught his attention more than the others. Before the doctor stood a young girl in a tattered, white dress, with eyes full of tears, but she did not join in the collective anger that the others had. Her arms were ghastly pale and covered in bumps, the first indication of the disease.

    Klaus raised his hand slowly. The people in the crowd found themselves speechless, and they cowered back a few steps. The only one not to retreat with them was that same girl. She pulled a hood over her head in an effort to escape the doctor's soul-piercing gaze, and curiously it had failed. He caught a glimpse of the girl's blue hair. Inwardly Klaus doubted that she was a native of this village, but rather a member of the Ice Tribe, far to the east. "What is your name?" his raspy voice barely crawled out from his grotesque mask. The girl trembled and squeaked, "Sap--Sapphira... please... leave us alone, we haven't done anything, I swear!" It mattered not whether Sapphira believed Klaus to be a demon or one of Garon's hired killers. The doctor shouted out to the entire village. "Bring this girl into the holiest temple you have, and I will free you all from this curse! Alas, I cannot find a cure without someone... who has not been afflicted with the terrible symptoms yet to come."
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  3. They had been marching for a few days now, and Poplin simply hated it. Not that she would complain out loud or anything, she does have a sense of duty after all. And it is preferable to being stuck with a small force of troops sent out to squander rebellions. When she agreed to the arrangement she expected to be doing something more important and far less deplorable. To the humans' credit she understood why they would initially put her so far away from the main forces: as strong as an asset as she was, they undoubtedly saw her more akin to some dangerous man-eating beast with little to no rational thought ans should be kept as far away from the royal family as possible. Of course that was a festering load of feces, but at least the human head wasn't entirely empty space between their rounded ears. But oh how the memory of what they said to her before her first mission made her scowl! "Don't eat any corpses that's barbaric and bad for morale" They said. What hypocrisy, given the plan to completely wipe out every last dissenter without so much a thought or question as to why so many rebellions were starting to crop up. She wasn't going to try and eat anyone anyway (well, maybe just a couple of bites human is practically a delicacy after all).

    Poplin must have been making some seriously nasty expressions because she could feel how uncomfortable the troops around her were getting, and decided to push those thoughts out of her mind. They were actually going into Hoshido now, which she hoped meant that perhaps they are also nearing the end of the war, and then the game would come back and things will go back to normal in the mountains. She didn't have much faith in actually getting the protections for her people that she was promised, but that would be nice too. But first she had to endure this mess she had gotten herself into.

    She fell into a mindless pace soon after, mind devoid of any real thought except for the occasional pangs of hunger that she would futily suppress with a few bites of jerky. No one ever really dared to question her whenever she started snacking, out of fear that she would turn on some poor soul to quell her hunger instead, which suited her fine. Though if she had to be brutally honest she wouldn't eat one of these men even if she was starving. Most of them hadn't bathed in days and the smell was absolutely rancid to her. Honestly it was more of a surprise that she hadn't thrown up. Those were her thoughts as she darkly chewed on a piece of deer jerky when, as if the gods were taking pity on her poor soul, she caught wind of an unfamiliar and oddly sweet scent. And then the sky seemed to get brighter. Finally they had made it to Hoshido, and she made a mental note to find whatever plant was making the air so fragrant.
  4. "'Ey there you're looking rather worn out everything alright?" said a person next to Popin as the troops marched. He was little more than a boy really about eighteen or so. He had dark muddy brown eyes and short but very messy moss green hair. A piece of tape was placed over his nose and he carried a spear. He had his helmet rather loose and his armor was light and very loose fitting. He clearly wasn't much of a soldier but he clearly was a green recruit. "I'm Milow nice to meet 'cha. Would you like some water or something? I don't mind sharing my rations. I'm good at foraging for my own stuff anyway. It was how I got by in my village. Pop told me everything I needed to know on how to survive even in Nohr. You conscripted? I sure am I don't got nothin' against them darn Hoshidans but you know if Lord Xander says we need to fight I guess it's the right thing to do. Isn't it? I mean I heard stories of Xander how intimidating he is but I never seen anything so terrifying and yet so graceful in my life. Granted the closest thing I've seen that was graceful were birds." Milow said smiling and chuckling at Popin. He rubbed his nose with the hem of his shirt. He looked forward his eyes shining and beaming brightly. He was clearly no warrior but he didn't seem to mind the hard work. "Still wish we didn't need to hurt no one but with things like they are back home...can't blame people for being edgy and pushy with these Hoshidans. You know I never seen the sun so bright it's rather pretty ain't it? Oh I'm sorry I'm mouthing up a storm and you're just sitting there listening to me gawk at things. I got some jerky I could share if water doesn't suit your fancy?" Milow said with a friendly grin still keeping his upbeat attitude. Xander far up front shouted, "We're going to be nearing the border soon! Men and women of Nohr prepare yourselves for the Hoshidans! They will fight for every inch of land! But don't falter and do not surrender!" Xander said with his usual monotone but fierce voice he kept perfect calm as the soldiers in front cheered. They were the vanguard after all they got the honor to fight side by side with Xander no matter the outcome.
  5. 2.5 Weeks Before Corrin's Disappearance~

    Klaus had examined dozens of sick patients since the town gave him full usage of their temple, and the overflow of people by the windows and doors proved that this town was in desperate need of a clinic. The people demanded a cure without end, and the patience of the good doctor was wearing thin. The mob's hope for salvation ran only as far as Klaus allowed it. He took notes meticulously, and painstakingly he described the progression of the illness on each victim. Two of the priests that lived in the temple volunteered as nurses, keeping the patients alive until a new treatment was devised. Klaus tried everything that he had learned over the years. Leaches, foreign spices, tree resin, aromatherapy, and other time-tested methods were applied without question, though it was becoming clear that little advancement was going towards the cure.

    Sapphira, the girl that acted as Klaus' guinea pig, proved immune to the many experimental cures. The sores on her skin swelled, and her blood vessels turned black. A growing sense of frustration formed in the doctor's silent heart. He did little to calm the panic outside of the temple. Only three others had died under his care, though Klaus was unsure of what that meant. Three fatalities was a miracle compared to what the town had suffered only days prior. He read his notes over again, and a sudden realization hit him. Most of the patients in the temple were given clean water and plenty of rest, two things that the village lacked greatly, not to mention food. It stabilized their condition. At last, there was proof that this disease was not the will of Anankos! Klaus prepared a single mixture that contained mint, lavender, and Spirit Dust. The youngest priest in the temple gave it to Sapphira. He and the doctor stood with baited breath, waiting to see if the scourge could finally be defeated. She was far too weak to hold the vial to her quivering lips, and once more the priests assisted.

    Sapphira took in a deep breath, and then screamed. She held her abdomen in pain, begging for help, but Klaus held back the priests with his foreboding staff. He was now gambling with this child's life. When the screaming finally ended, the doctor had assumed the worst, and he held his head down in shame. Without warning, however, a green hue formed over the girl, and the sores began to recede. Sapphira's veins returned to their normal color. She regained her strength, and all were awestruck, all except Klaus. He merely wrote down the ingredients to the mixture and made way for the exit. He had done his job, and done it tirelessly, and he did not want to stay long enough that he should be thanked. Klaus was gone far longer than the officials in Windmire desired.

    2.5 Weeks Later~

    The departure was not well-received by Garon's advisers. They mocked him, threatened him, and ultimately went unanswered by the doctor. Garon himself expressed his disappointment more eloquently, accusing Klaus of holding a villager's life above that of the entire Nohrian army. The accusation rang true, undoubtedly. That being said, the doctor refused to admit the reasoning behind his deeds. No one was going to execute or imprison the kingdom's greatest healer over such a petty matter. Klaus' punishment was chosen swiftly; he was going to march with the Nohrian army to the border with Hoshido. A small dispatch of soldiers traveled led alongside him, ensuring that he would not flee the call to battle, and by horseback Klaus raced to the border. The journey took days. It was slowed by bandits, bad weather, and hunger, but the doctor persevered.
  6. Poplin was rather surprised that a human would just up and start talking to her without any signs of hesitation. Surprised and mildly annoyed. Having such a scrawny pup ask about her well-being was a blow to her pride. Of course she was fine! So, she told him so.
    "I've dealt with worse." She spoke. Her voice was flat but her ears were back and her lip curled in annoyance. She could care less about the boy's ramblings, but she already spoke to him so she found it improper to just outright ignore him now. "I am Poplin and I was one of the best hunters in my village. I offered my help in the war in exchange for the hunting grounds of my people to be left alone," she flicked her tail in annoyance, "and you are bold in your assumptions and laughable in your idea of grace. Though I will admit he is better than most of your kind. Perhaps when the game returns we can see who is better at catching mountain deer." It was doubtful that that would ever happen, but then again her chief does tend to be too quick to trust. At the very least it would be interesting... She couldn't help but crack a smile at the thought of their stuffy prince trying to catch a deer bare-handed. With her mood lifted she thought it'd be funny to give the boy a small fright. "In any case you are talking to the wrong person if your concern is hurting humans." After she spoke she smiled wide, exposing her fangs. She then grabbed a bone from her pack and began to chew on it like one would a blade of grass.
  7. "Eh what'cha getting at Poplin? Did you bang your head or somethin'? You ain't no wild animal. Least I don't think you are. I'm sorry too hear that your village ain't doin' so well. Then again what village ain't doing well in Nohr eh? Game vanishing on you all means something bad must be going on. Either that or over poachin'. Not that I'm accusing ya of doing that it's just a possibility." Milow said to Popin with a confused tone. It was either he wasn't told that Popin was in fact not a normal individual like him or was simply indifferent towards it. Regardless he held no bad intentions in him all that his body language showed about him was that he wasn't highly skilled, he was nervous, and he wasn't trying to offend Popin by mistake. "I'd be glad to show off how good I am at hunting game. I'm not some super competent elite hunter or anything but I got my moments. But first I think we ought to keep our eyes on 'dem Hoshido folk. Ninjas are in their ranks. I met a ninja who snuck into Nohr once. Dude had weird mojo about him and he was skilled. Killed one of King Garon's own sorcerers like some sort of bug. Maybe if I get through this battle I'll tell you about it sometime." Milow said still keeping a smile on his face while looking too and speaking to Poplin.
  8. A large tent was cast where the doctor was to engage in his work. It was only a moderate distance from the battlefield, and soon every gruesome thing would be within sight. There was far too much challenge in dragging the wounded over longer stretches. Klaus spent an hour or so cleaning his surgical tools, many of them still carrying blood from the westward village. A tiny yellow bird flew into the medical tent, and for the longest time Klaus stared blankly at the avian creature, waiting to see if it would ever leave him be. Instead, the bird merely turned its neck to the side and looked back. The doctor accepted its presence, promptly ignored it, and went to count the bandages and wine storage. Klaus had never taken a sip of alcohol in his entire life, but any practitioner of medicine was better off for having it around. It dulled the pain of an operation. Without it, the patients would have to gnaw on a piece of leather to tolerate the agony.

    Klaus finished his monotonous counting, and sighed upon discovering that the bird was gone. A common soldier burst into the tent. He was short of breath. "Dr. Rathenau, the generals have requested on update on Nohrian medical supplies," the man gulped, still trying to get air into his lungs. The doctor sneered under his mask, but he replied nonetheless. "I am disappointed. The Hoshidans will give us no quarter and yet all I am given is a tent. We are secure enough to care for a thousand wounded if need be, just do not expect me to do it alone. Tell your generals to bring me back their wounded. I wish to examine a new dissolving serum on severed limbs," Klaus was succinct. He would never be so generous as to share Nohrian medicine with Hoshidan filth. They were beneath him.
  9. Well, that certainly wasn't the reaction Poplin expected. The poor pup really was as dense as a bag of rocks, gods bless him. She knew that Mount Garou had quite the reputation among humans, but it never occurred to her that people simply wouldn't have heard of them. Or, perhaps stories of her kind were like boogeymen told to scare the human pups to sleep. Well, Milow would learn soon enough. She gnawed on the bone thoughtfully for a few more moments before putting it back in her pouch.
    "You give me far more credit than your peers, have you not noticed they are afraid?" She asked. "I am a Wolfskin from Mount Garou. Animals are very sensitive to the state of the world, and they know something is wrong so they flee into hiding. Predators will naturally follow. So now both human and wolfskin are trying to hunt in the same grounds, if things continue it does not bode well..." She paused and her tail drooped. "Our chief is too kind. While we normally kill all those who enter our territory he knows the hunters do so out of desperation so we aren't allowed to attack, but they don't follow the same rules as we do and are killing game before they can breed. If the war does not end soon either we will have to hunt man, or be forced to steal from farms. Neither is ideal." She was going to leave it at that, but it occurred to her that if Milow really didn't know about wolfskin then he must think it odd that someone of her stature could do such things. She pulled out her beaststone, just for a brief moment so Milow could see. It emanated a faint amber glow in her palm before she put it away once more. "A beaststone allows our kind to change into much larger beasts, why transformed my paw would be about..." She looked him over. "Half your height? We also have better smell and hearing than a human, I have no reason to fear a ninja. You will see soon enough."
  10. A wild, rampant sense of disbelief struck the village, and it deepened itself like a raging wildfire. Relief was abundant among the townspeople. The Devil's Doctor proved to be a saving grace, though the steps to recovery were slow. Sapphira moved with crutches at her sides once she was cured of the plague. She thought it odd that no one was keen on giving it - the pestilence - a name. For three days there was widespread celebration, where noblemen and peasants alike danced and feasted and cheered together. The priests were the ones who mass-produced the cure, although they were fiercely adamant about the festivities. They retreated into the temples to pray, thanking Anankos for his divine mercy. The apothecaries that locked themselves away were hanged in the middle of the second night, yet the culprit was both praised and never caught.

    Sapphira quietly excused herself from the celebrations. She sat alone, in an empty cottage, holding a portrait of her family close to her chest. Her parents were not as fortunate as she was, nor were her older sisters. The Linotas are supposed to be strong and proud, and yet here you are, sniveling like a child! Tears trickled from her azure-tinted eyes and fell softly on the bare, wooden floor. For the longest time she prayed and pleaded and cried. It felt unfair to Sapphira that she was the only one to be spared. She restlessly wondered if her uncle in the Ice Tribe was still alive, as well as her cousins, but they were very, very far away. They would not have to endure the nightmarish vision of a beaked man walking calmly into a land of death. They might never know about the doctor that experimented on children, the poor, and the elderly with a mixture of compassion and sadism. Perhaps it was better that way.

    Sapphira spent many long days collecting herself. The image of birds and darkness were engraved into her wandering mind. But in spite of the crushing loneliness, she saw a future that held opportunity, beyond the village. The landowner that Sapphira once served as a maid had died in so terrible a fashion that it mirrored his old, miserly heart. The landowner's wife contrasted him greatly, for she was kind and generous, and for her death there was solemnity throughout the village. Their home, like so many others, was looted once the occupants fell dead. No longer was there anything binding Sapphira to this bastion of memory. She took several things: her daggers, the deed to her house, her inheritance, savings, portraits, clothing, etc. The young girl needed a calling to follow, and a purpose to call her own. Sapphira rented a carriage, setting off to find the doctor that had saved her life. A dire need to find closure was the force that compelled her so on this journey.
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  11. Awaiting the arrival of Nohr's crown prince was one of the most nerve wracking situations of Taeko's life. A pacifist by nature, she fit in just fine with the rest of Ryoma's army- Hoshidans naturally preferring to resolve conflict without bloodshed. Though, she didn't expect talking to get anyone anywhere in this scenario.
    She fidgeted on the grassy plain when the wind rushed blades of grass against her ankles, and she scrunched her nose at it, not a fan of the tickling on her legs in the stressful situation. She carefully twitched her black tipped fox ears in various directions, and found no sign of the opposing army. Could they really be taking their time so much to come to battle? She could only assume they were unprepared. She didn't know if the wait was making it better or worse.

    She walked around the army, everyone gathering in small groups to formulate battle plans. Ryoma himself, busy with his own duties. Everyone was on edge, and the ambiance was nothing like her own village, where everyone was laid back and cheery (save for, when the topic of human visitors was present).
    Taeko was happy to have found people much unlike the humans her parents had warned her about- she hadn't yet met anyone in the army that seemed to pose a threat to her, and everyone seemed so welcoming and paid no mind to here race. There was a comfort in that, and it made her feel at ease to be among allies.

    The young kitsune stopped to inhale the air, and despite the tension it smelled sweet and vegetal, and she closed her eyes to relax and breathe.
  12. "I see that you are unsure of yourself fox girl. One from your hamlet should be more decisive if they wish to succeed in the outside. Lord Ryoma will lead us to victory I am sure. Though...I do have doubts of my own." said a black armored samurai as he approached the fox called Taeko. He has an iron katana hung to his hip with ornate golden writing on the side. The man had a scar crossing his face from his left cheek across his nose. The samurai was known around camp as one of the most skilled men in Hoshido. He was not praised as a gentle man but he was a just and righteous man. He wasn't usually the talkative one but when he did talk he was fair and he didn't judge people. "One must be sure about what they fight for and then be as true as a well shot arrow. I don't doubt your skill miss but I know of your people. Fair and gentle with pure hearts. War does not come easy to your people. Ah I must also give my apologizes to you my name is Saito and I am one of Ryoma's advisers." Saito said gently to Taeko as he realized he had been patronizing her without giving her his name. It was a simple courtesy and a samurai should never fault in his duty to be kind to his people.
  13. The carriage that Sapphira had hired for her quest took her as far as her gold would carry her, and unfortunately, she was running low on gold. Years of travelling made her overconfident in this respect, and yet it is was eerily similar to how her parents fell into poverty. She had to learn how to save every coin that fell into her hands, but the task was difficult. Sapphira had traveled south of the Ice Tribe and pressed on to the Port Town of Dia. The young girl followed a stream of whispers, ones that spanned Nohr and Hoshido in their inconsistency and absurdity. Countless times she had been expelled from marketplaces, taverns, and libraries for mentioning "the bird-masked doctor". The more superstitious of the Nohrian people associated the very thought of that man with bad luck.

    The most challenging thing for Sapphira was in pinning down the mysterious figure. A handful of sources concurred on the fact that Klaus was a Nohrian army official. It wasn't much, but a useful piece of information nonetheless. Anyone that did not outright fear his very name simply didn't know who he was. Sapphira, in her old leather-bound diary, wrote down every single story and rumor that she could extract from hesitant mouths. Most of them pointed the doctor's movements heading north, up to the Bottomless Canyon. Not many were willing to admit to sightings. Here in Dia, a few major problems began to surface in the former maid's well-crafted plan. No ship would ever dream of going to the Bottomless Canyon. Likewise, there was no single river that Sapphira could cross in getting to her destination. On foot, the march would take weeks, maybe even months. She would have to smuggle herself in order to make up for lost time. Swallowing her pride, she made an informal goodbye to the last of her gold coins as she headed off to the nearest smugglers' outpost.
  14. Xander's men blew a horn in the air and it reverberated around the Nohrian forces. It was a hollow and depressing sound but it signified that they had reached their destination. Xander looked around at his men his all too familiar frown plastered on his face. His intentions were simple and clear: He was going to rescue his brother and bring him back home. If he was with Hoshido however he was bound to have known the truth by now. He was not his brother by blood or any other means. It didn't matter to Xander one bit. Corrin for all of his naivete for all of his faults was Xander's brother blood or not. He was intent on doing all he could to save him even if Corrin didn't want to be saved. Elise and Camila stood behind him ready to aid him at the moment's call. Leo was also nearby commanding the units Xander had left him in charge of. Xander knew Leo was the finest commander in all of Nohr his strategies unparalleled and his magic strong. "Men and fellow soldiers of Nohr hear my call to action! Hoshidan forces have captured a Prince of Nohr. Corrin has been sheltered for a long time and his time with the Hoshidans have may or may not have changed. Do not harm him. He will come back to us I know he will. For once he joins us Hoshido will know the depths of their folly. They bask in their own hollowness in the sun and take for granted their wealth. Fear not their blades and spears for you are the finest soldiers in the land! Prove your strength and destroy the enemy! For King Garon! For your families! For NOHR!" Xander shouted to the host of men who cheered loudly. They rallied by their prince and the Wyvern Commander readied his men for the charge of Hoshidan lines. The presence of the majority of Nohr's royal line bolstered their confidence and they knew victory was assured. Leo smirked as Camila nodded at Elise who asked her if they would be getting their brother back. The Nohrian Lines charged forward shouting their war cry as they charged towards the bridge. They engaged the first line of Hoshidan forces which quickly crumbled being only a token force to hold the other side of the bridge. One of them blew a horn and that signaled the call to war.

    "Well I hope you're ready for some action girl I just hope you're not all talk!" Milow said with a grin as he joined the charge with the fellow soldiers his tone filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. But if one thing was clear to the wolf girl it was that the boy didn't lack courage he intended to fight with everything he had one way or another.


    Saito was cut short as he heard the call of a proud and noble Hoshidan horn sounding the incoming Nohrian invasion. "So it starts then? I'm sorry I must cut this brief discussion short. Prepare for your first true taste of war. Prince Xander is not to be trifled with." Saito said coolly as he marched forward towards Ryoma who stood at the front of the line of his men. Samurai, Ninja, and other forces prepared themselves. Yukimura himself at Ryoma's side as he prepared to address the troops one last time. "Men I make this clear and simple: Nohr will not stop here. The men of Nohr have cowardly sent waves of faceless after us and brought ruin and destruction to our capital itself. Hundreds of Hoshidans have known loss to Garon's cowardly tactics! BUT NO MORE! We have lost a queen but today we have a new prince at our side! My countrymen I ask of you only one thing: To defend your families! Hoshido must not and will not fall to fools who stay behind a wall and let civilians die for their own selfish gains! LET US SHOW THEM THE TRUE MIGHTY OF OUR NATION! Do not falter but do not worry if you fall in battle we will not forget you! Do not fear the darkness for the light banishes the dark with it's presence! ONWARD!" Ryoma said unleashing Raijinto from it's sheath as he himself led the troops towards the river.


    Audric huffed and nearly collapsed on his knees as he finally arrived his brow dripping with sweat. "Am...Am I on time? This can't be the wrong place I know it can't be!" Audric said his grey hair clinging to his head as he shook off his exhaustion. He had fought in worse conditions before like in that bog that one time. He couldn't believe that he had missed his chance or he made an awful mistake. Ryoma Crown Prince of Hoshido...where were you!? He had to get to him before things got out of hand! If he could reach him maybe he could-

    Audric was cut off as he felt a hollow feeling deep inside of his gut he shook his head. "No...NO! Damn it!" Audric roared as he looked up at the sky and saw the start of the Nohrian assault. He saw the man in front and he couldn't tell if he was happy....or extremely disappointed. "Xander...I thought you were better than this! Why are you here!? Son of a dastard! But wait....maybe-" Audric's hopes were dashed rather quickly once more as he heard a counter horn bellow and soon enough he heard the sound of a march. Audric had failed...failed miserably he couldn't stop it and all of his efforts were ruined! He watched the initial clash Nohr had the upper hand but Xander quickly ordered a charged which was met by a man in bright red armor. must've been him he was too far out of ear shot to actually hear the man shout but he got the jest of it. But he must admit Ryoma must've been far above him as a warrior but Audric knew the fighting prowess of the Nohrian Crown Prince all too well. "Nolan....Keith....brothers. I'm sorry I wish I could've done more." Audric said giving up he felt the will drain out of him as he fell to his knees. To make matter worse...he saw Hoshidan reinforcements....Audric shook his head at the futility of it but then the thought came to him of what his brothers would say of the young Nestran Noble if they saw him pitying his own failure like this. What would his retainers think? Audric growled and roused himself from his state and went forward. If he could make them listen he would.


    Corrin rushed forward Takumi, Hinoka, and Sakura all on his heels they were marching to engage Prince Xander...Corrin's beloved brother. Xander meant the world to him but now...after the death of his mother? After all the death at the capital and the faceless? After Han's assault and the death of Gunter? No! Xander would listen to him! Takumi was still suspicious but Sakura and Hinoka loved Corrin and were convinced of his innocence just like Ryoma. He had to do something. As he reached the battlefield he saw Hoshidan and Norhian forces clashing. However they were taken aback at the sheer force of Xander and the skill of Ryoma's combat the fighting becoming less tense as it became clear that the two lords would settle it in one on one combat. However in a pause Xander looked over and saw it..."Corrin, you're alive! They haven't harmed you, have they little prince!?" Xander said with affection a smile coming across his face worry turned to relief and Ryoma stopped as well. Corrin himself was mixed with emotion. But he managed to get something out, "Xander! Big Brother! I'm...I'm fine." Corrin said with a calm voice reassuring his brother. "But why....WHY ARE YOU INVADING HOSHIDO!?" Corrin asked his brother with conflicted emotion. Xander dropped his smile and become deathly serious once more.

    He had expected this. "Father says it's time to show our true strength. Hoshido has reveled in it's decadence for long enough. Join us, and we'll end this quickly. If we can conquer Hoshido here and now, we can avoid unnecessary bloodshed." Xander said to his brother as he looked back to Ryoma. Corrin couldn't believe the words coming out of Xander's mouth...was this really his brother?

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  15. "Brother...I....I need a minute to think." Corrin said as Ryoma then spoke his loud authoritative voice booming. "Be careful, Corrin. That man is a Nohrian Commander and their crown prince as well! Don't let him deceive you!" Ryoma shouted to Corrin who could only mouth Ryoma's name in return. It was then that Camila, Elise, and Leo all rushed to the front. "Corrin! I was so worried about you. Don't ever wander away from me again!" Camila said with enormous relief and affection towards her younger brother. Leo came next. "I'm glad you're OK! Corrin. You really must have the devil's own luck brother!" Leo said with equal relief a big smile plastered on his face as he carried his book.

    "Yaay! WE GOT OUR BROTHER BACK!" shouted Elise as she bounced up and down on her horse. "Norhrian scum! First you kidnap him, NOW YOU DARE TO LIE TO HIM!?" Hinoka said with pure anger and distaste towards all three of the Nohr Royals."CORRIN IS MY BROTHER, NOT YOURS! Hinoka declared with anger as Camila changed her affectionate tone changing to a deadly serious one, "You are mistaken young lady. Corrin is my sweet little brother. You may not have him." Camilla said with distaste at Hinoka who glared in return. "Don't be fooled by their words! You belong with your true family! With Hoshido!" Ryoma declared loudly as Xander snorted.

    "We have loved you my little prince since you first came to us. We have loved you and raised you since you were but a child. Come home, little prince. We can live together once more. As a family once again!" Xander said with passion as Ryoma angrily countered telling Corrin to come home with him once more. Xander countered saying Nohr was Corrin's true home.

    (Due to a media error it won't let me link the specific time in the video please go to 11:47 in the video and watch to the end of the scene)

    Audric rushed to the battlefield as he looked around he saw a boy he could only assume was Corrin standing there. He cursed himself for not making it faster. He couldn't intervene now for the moment he just stayed back as he listened to both sides make their case. He knew he wasn't allowed to pick sides but for the moment he couldn't help but feel worried. He also felt extremely pained. This young prince forced to make a choice between two families...he couldn't imagine having to chose between two sides like this. He had to though for he knew neither of the high princes nor their siblings would simply back down. But once the prince had chosen maybe he could get the other side to back down. If not then-

    "I-....I won't betray anyone." Corrin declared calmly.

    Audric was at a loss for words could he truly mean to not pick a side!? Was the prince mad? Or did he know something Audric didn't. He listened though curious and hopeful.

    "I won't fight against the people of Nohr. After you cared for me all these years how could I?" Corrin said as his face looked sternly at the ground. ", Leo,....and Elise. You-We may not be related by blood. But you ARE family to me. You've been with me for as long as I can remember." Corrin said as he looked at his hands and smiled fond memories returning. Xander smiled at his young brother, "Well said, little prince. What ties us together is thicker than blood." Xander proclaimed as Ryoma looked over to his brother unsure about how to feel a bead of sweat forming. "What are you saying, Corrin?" Ryoma simply asked. "You would so easily discard your true family, you blood and kin, and side with those who stand against us?" Ryoma asked a feeling of betrayal clutching at him but he threw that feeling aside. Corrin responded simply. "Absolutely not. I refuse to fight my Hoshidan siblings, either. Ryoma big brother....we might not have spent much time together, but too me you are my family too. I love you. I love Takumi's passion, Hinoka's will, and Sakura's kindness. I would never let that go." Corrin stated with a smile at Ryoma who smiled back his feelings dissipating. Xander on the other hand frowned. "I'm so glad to hear that. We feel the same." Ryoma said as Corrin hardened himself, "I will not and can not side with either of you against the other. I will not betray my family." Corrin stated flatly he would not hesitate from his stance. Ryoma and Xander both calmly asked him at the same time: What would Corrin do then? "I'm so sorry...BOTH OF YOU PLEASE SET DOWN YOUR SWORDS! We can come to a peaceful-" Corrin demanded as he held his own sword up as Xander groaned and brandished his prized Siegfried. "I've heard enough Corrin! I can see what you're trying to accomplish here. As your older brother, however I must show you the way. It is my duty to teach you the truth." Xander declared as Ryoma readied Raijinto. "NOT WHILE I STAND! CORRIN IS FINALLY BACK WITH HIS TRUE FAMILY! I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE MY LITTLE BROTHER FROM US AGAIN!" He declared loudly as Corrin begged Ryoma to stop.

    Xander stepped forward however, "I don't think so. Don't think for a moment that I will let you take my brother without a fight you cur. It seems only right to cross swords with my opposing equal though. As heirs to our respective families, why don't we settle this here and now?" Xander said giving up on changing his brother's mind for the moment. Ryoma gladly accepted declaring he would protect his kingdom and his brother. The two engaged once more this time however a wyvern lord and samurai both ordered their own men to charged the battle started a new. Corrin retreated to a safe middle ground between the two forces.

    Audric had been inspired by the boy's speech. His will restored he decided he had one course of action left. He would side with the prince and he would stop this fight! Audric made his way down to Corrin who was talking with a blue haired woman and a light brown haired maid whom had bothe appeared suddenly. "Excuse me but you seem to be in a bit of a bind Prince Corrin. Mind if I assist you?" Audric said suddenly appearing from his grassy knoll over Corrin who was startled. The maid nearly tripped over herself but readied herself to fight Audric. "Who are you? Which side do you belong to?" Corrin asked of the young noble who appeared in front of him as Audric smiled at him. "I'm Audric a noble from Nestra. I am not royalty my lord but I am more than glad to assist you in this. In fact I came here to stop this war in the first place. I don't like wasting lives needlessly. So please allow me to assist you! I won't give you reason to regret it. My axe, Daywalker, will crumble any foe it needs to in order to stop this fight."Audric said proudly as he smiled at Corrin who seemed a bit perturbed by Audric's declaration.

    "He is not very subtle now is he? But we are in no place to refuse help. We will gladly accept your help Lord Audric. Thank you for offering it to us." the woman said as Corrin went over and shook Audric's hand. "I'm glad to have you with us so what is our first course of action. Azura any plans?" Corrin asked the woman as she nodded and pointed out two separate units on the field. "If we can defeat the enemy commanders we can stop both parties from fighting temporarily. That will make both Xander and Ryoma listen to you. At the very least it will make them fall back to reconsider their options I believe." Azura said as Audric smiled, "Consider it done I'll hold off the bulk of the infantry. Go focus on their commanders. Please Corrin don't worry about me I'm not frail. I may be tired and a bit worn out but I'm still a force to be reckoned with. I'm glad to be working with you I don't see a lot of people willing to put aside fighting entirely and try to make peace I can respect that." Audric said as he rushed off too do his duty he didn't even bother listening to what the others had to say.
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  16. Poplin's ears perked up at the sound of the horn. She only half-listened to Xander's speech, but the energy of the army was infectious and she let out a howl of her own. She was more than ready for a good hunt, her tail was going a mile a minute, and it seemed like an eternity since she actually was able to transform. She flashed Milow a wild smile. "My bite is far worse than my bark." She spoke, retrieving her beastone once more. The transformation was brief and easy to miss but her new imposing form was anything but. She was much larger and imposing, covered in grey fur and thick black skin. Her mouth hung open ever so slightly, revealing an array of sharp and jagged teeth. Her voice seemed to echo from within her chest. "Don't go getting yourself killed now." She said before bounding off into the fray to let loose.

    And fun she did have indeed, romping about. An effortless swipe of her massive paw could knock an unsuspecting unit (friend or foe) flat which delighted her to bits. Like a puppy playing with toys. Though, she did note that the Hoshidan forces were less shaken than she originally expected, and their horses had wings which made them much harder to startle. The sudden sharp sting of an arrow grazing her shoulder just reinforced this fact. She growled darkly and turned to face the poor fellow and charged off towards him as soon as she caught sight of her target. The man wrongfully opted to flee instead of loosing another arrow, and Poplin was far more swift a beast. She crushed him in a terrifying display of the Wolfskin's strength with a hammering motion of her balled-up fists.

    Poplin surveyed the battlefield as she licked the blood off her claws. There was a distinct lull in the fighting, and it wasn't hard to find the reason. The young prince had been found, and the situation that was thrust upon him was far less than ideal. "A pity." She thought. She could not think ill of Corrin for not wanting to choose. She couldn't even begin to imagine what she would have done in such a situation, as loyal to family as Wolfskin are. But the fighting was to start up again, and she had more pressing matters to attend to such as not getting killed.

    It was then that Poplin caught wind of a strange scent, familiar in an indescribable way yet distinctly foreign. Being the curious beast she is, she decided to investigate. She took one detour to examine a downed pegasus, having never seen the strange beasts so close. She considered a taste, just a small bite, but found that the rider was still alive (though just barely so) and threatened her with the spear they were using to try and stand. Poplin huffed and decided its not worth her time. She continued to track the scent, undeterred by the occasional blow that she couldn't dodge. As long as there was more of her enemy's blood on her than her own she was doing just fine, she reasoned. She soon came upon another beast, a large fox covered in what to her seemed like weird spikes. The fox was certainly the source of the odd scent, and also fighting against the Nohrian army. Poplin figured this was why the Hoshidan forces weren't as startled as she expected. She moved to block a blow Taeko was about to let loose on a Nohrian soldier. Poplin postured herself defensively, trying to make herself even bigger as animals often do. She sniffed the air, but dared not to get much closer to the other shifter. "Who are you?" She asked, though it sounded much like a command. She tilted her head left and right, ever curious.
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  17. Klaus was far too enthralled by the start of the battle to attend the wounded. Prince Xander's words rang deeply in his heart, yet his admiration for the royal family was abysmally low. He hated the lot of them. He hated their ceaseless vanity, their incompetence, their stubbornness. An entire war over some kidnapped prince? The doctor was unable to comprehend the loss of life, the unfair nature to it, and he turned his back so as to reenter the medical tent, pushing away his innermost conscious. Infantrymen brought back the fallen on flimsy stretchers. The roar of battle was truly deafening, but now was a time when Klaus' mask was especially useful. Such horrid noises were kept at bay to a mild degree, and the stench of the wounded could not triumph over the flowers and spices stuffed into his 'beak'. Most importantly, however, was that no soul would have to behold the doctor's disgusted expression.

    There was one noise in particular that almost startled him. It was a beastly howl, originating from the battlefield, and Klaus had no immediate recognition towards it. It was followed by the echoes of men being crushed and torn apart. Were he a spiritual man, the doctor would be on his knees, praying the brutal imagery away. By reason alone did Klaus know that the monster (which laced the field with corpses) was a Wolfskin. Unsurprisingly the doctor thought them inferior creatures. He cast them off as feral things, only slightly above a Hoshidan. Nevertheless Dr. Rathenau had every reason to protest their inclusion. And, like every other criticism of the Nohrian army, he was going to be either ignored or viciously punished. It mattered not. Klaus walked over to the beds that held a row of wounded soldiers. Lifting his morbid staff, he worked to send them back to the battlefield as quickly as possible.
  18. "Doctor Klaus Lord Leo has ordered that a healer go out to the field immediately. He believes it is imperative to have an active healer out there besides her highness lady Elise. You're one of our better healers ergo you have orders to go to the field." said a soldier suddenly appearing through the tent door. He was dressed under the colors of Lord Leo's Army. It was clear that this order wasn't to be defied. Leo wasn't a prince to be crossed rumors were told of his ruthless nature and how he punished those who failed to follow orders through.


    Audric entered the battlefield in a moment and he was immediately met by Hoshidan forces who thought him a Nohr Commander. "You there! You dare attack our nation! Now you die!" shouted one of the enemy officers as he charged at him with a spear. Audric dodged aptly enough and brought Daywalker up cleaving the spear in half and smashing the enemy officer back into the troops he commanded. "HOLD! I am not your enemy! I am an ally of Prince Corrin please stand down! There's no need for violence! Prince Corrin believes that as well! I don't want anymore unnecessary bloodshed here on the field! If you don't comply I will have no choice but to stop you with force!" Audric declared waving his other arm forward in a show of authority but the Hoshidans were neither impressed nor convinced. Too make matters worse an arrow found it's way right next to Audric's led barely missing him. "Enough of your words Nohr fool! Xander invaded our lands and words won't make us give up our families to slavery to your kind!" Audric growled as he quickly charged the enemy Hoshidans and forced them back. The men were soldiers but Audric was a veteran warrior. Having fought bandits for a good chunk of his life and training under various excellent warriors like his brother Nolan he was able to weave through the enemy blows twisting with unlikely speed as he rammed his axe into the gut of the enemy officer and then brought his axe around in an arc felling two other enemies. It wasn't something Audric enjoyed doing but he had to otherwise he'd be dead now. "HA! I am Lord Audric, second in Line to my family's house! I won't let you continue this fight!" Audric said as suddenly he heard a song and it was if his energy was returning to him he turned around and saw Azura the girl from before twirling and singing. "You have a beautiful voice lady Azura, it's like magic! I can feel my strength returning! Please stay safe and thank you!" Audric said as he made his way towards the Nohrian line. He had to make sure those archers didn't cause more harm than good. He saw a line of Wyvern riders coming forward but the maid girl and Lord Corrin were already going to meet them as planned. Audric had no doubt Corrin was a skilled soldier. Xander would never raise a brother to have no skill in the art of war. "Lord Audric, good luck to you! I'll make my way back to Corrin." Azura said as she turned on her heels and made her way back over to the enemy. He knew he had already just made the Hoshidans pretty mad but he hoped his display of power discouraged any further actions from Hoshidan infantry. A lone man gutting an entire squad was not to be trifled with.


    Milow struggled on the field and he couldn't believe what was happening as Lord Corrin gave an alternative that was rejected by both sides. The battle continued and Milow couldn't believe what was happening men were shouting and screaming. It was horrifying but Milow was strong in fortitude if not in mind. He muscled through the enemy in front of him stabbing him down with his spear. Milow was almost cut down in turn but was saved by a nearby soldier who stood in his way and blocked it with his shield. On the other side of the field he could see a black armored samurai gut down three of Nohr's mercenaries down without so much as a blink of the eye. It was terrifying Milow stumbled back and ran towards the field where Lady Camila and the enemy princess with red hair were fighting.
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  19. "Lord Leo?" Klaus tilted his head to the side. In truth, he was scowling fiercely at the name. Most Nohrian royalty held little distinction from butchers, although the disillusioned healer was more willing to protect Lady Elise than the rest of them. She was the only noble among Garon's collection of highly-titled slaves that was, without a doubt, innocent at heart. Klaus had no desire to see such a childlike soul suffer this field of bloodshed. But this was not the time nor the place to disobey a direct command, regardless of whom sent it, and the doctor took hold of an elongated scalpel before departing from the tent. The nurses would have to make due with their own expertise back inside. The doctor's black cape swayed in the strong breeze of the day. Had there not been a sea of warriors clashing between each other, the scene would have been peaceful, serene. His faithful steed was very anxious in approaching the angry horde before it.

    Klaus was intelligent to know that troubadours, like himself, were at a far greater risk than other soldiers of the army. The scalpel he carried now was more useful in cutting throats than much else, and for this purpose it was used with a kind of twisted grace. Dismounting from his horse, Dr. Rathenau first made the effort in running over to a Nohrian soldier that was strewn across the ground, softly whimpering as an arrow was lodged in his shoulder. Lacking anesthesia, tools to remove shards of the arrow, and time, Klaus pulled out the arrow swiftly and waved his healing staff over the terrified infantryman. In the chaos of the moment, a Hoshidan ninja leaped out to strike the dreaded doctor with a pair of shurikens. "Murderer! You'll pay for what you've done to our kingdom!" the delusional heathen roared. Klaus blocked the first shuriken with his staff, however, the second one skimmed along the side of his face, cutting lightly into the side of his mask. A powerful stench rolled into his nostrils. It was the same smell that accompanied his family's execution, one of blood. Vast amounts, no less.

    Overwhelmed with the awful sensation, Klaus fell to his knees. The same soldier that, with wild eyes and lamentations of pain, the doctor had healed to the best of his ability, guarded him from the second volley of shurikens with an iron shield. A javelin was thrown, and it pierced deeply into the ninja's abdomen, giving the poor soul just enough time for his superfluous last words. "Mark my words, we will avenge our people from... you... cowards..." Not a moment later and he was indistinguishable from the other dead lying around. Klaus stood back up. He tied his handkerchief over the cut in his mask, not wanting to contract the miasmas of war to any greater effect. He moved closer to the center of the skirmish, where the wounded were practically piling on top of each other.
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  20. "Yes it was Lord Leo's orders. He and Camila are busy they couldn't come themselves." The soldier replied to Klaus and once he left the tent the soldier went back to the battlefield where Lord Leo was fighting the enemy Prince Takumi with the Fujin Yumi which struck down soldiers like ants. The legendary weapon was clearly just as powerful as Leo's own book of darkness which cast down soldiers from Hoshido like rats running from a cat. It was a total blood bath down by the bridge.

    Audric couldn't help but feel awful as he ignored those dying around them. He couldn't help them and even more over he couldn't stop them from dying. It weighed heavily on the young lord who had spent his whole teenager years spent training to prevent death of the everyday folk. Ever since his childhood he knew he would be a great soldier while Nolan led the house to victory on the political front while keeping their economic boons of being in Nestra from drying up. If Audric couldn't save a handful of soldiers...then what on the shadow dragon's earth was he even doing here. But he didn't falter as he charged forward. "How many times do I need to tell you to stand down!? I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU PEOPLE!" Audric cried out as he broke through the Nohrian line in front of him as he charged across the shallow river in his armor. He raised his arm as arrows flew down and he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He must've been hit but it was shallow he'd live. Regardless he saw the lesser soldiers look on with fear and some even retreated as he asked as he appeared to be an unstoppable juggernaut who was fighting both sides. "Is this what Nohr stands for!? ANSWER ME! I know you're better than this stop killing the Hoshidans! They don't deserve death! Neither do you! Think about your families!" Audric roared as he charged up the river bank with water coming down his hips as he charged up the hill and met the archers. One of them raised a sword and slashed at him but Audric managed to dodge it. Pure instinct was only what kept Audric from being killed from the man as Audric swung his axe nearly decapitating the man but the soldier dodged.

    "Who the hell do you think you are!? You're insane! We're Nohrians! We fight for Garon, for our homeland, for Prince Xander! We won't back down if Xander says this war is the right thing to do then I believe him! Who cares what some naive princeling thinks!? This isn't some playground now shut up and die!" the man growled as he slashed Audric across the chest but Audric retaliated in quick form his axe gutting the man and sending him down the slope into the river bank to join other dead bodies. Audric shook off the pain his drive compelling him to move forward. The archers took one look at their commanding officer dying and tried to retreat only for Audric to use his secondary throwing axe to cut one of them down who tried to turn back and shoot at him. Audric ran up and wrenched the axe from the man's body before continuing on. "I need to avoid Princess Camilla right now...if she recognizes me..." Audric growled as he ran through the battlefield ignoring the battles going on as he saw a Hoshidan Samurai come back behind a troubadour and try to strike him down from behind. Audric rushed forward "WATCH OUT!" Audric growled as jumped forward into the way taking the blow for the man as Audric felt his armor contain most of the blow he still felt a sheering pain in his side as Audric retaliated and disarmed the samurai in quick fashion before knocking him out with his axe. He didn't want to kill all of the people he fought today. He looked down at the troubadour and breathed in heavily. "'re ok right? Please...stop fighting...this war will only cause unneeded tears...damn it." Audric said as he fell to a knee and clutched at his wounds shaking slightly. He tried to get back up but he felt his strength that was renewed by Azura's song leave him. "I...I can't die here....I need to....I-" Audric grumbled as he tried to get back up onto his feet.
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