Fantasy/Anime-Adventure based on classic Side Scrollers (Interest Check and Group plot)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    If you're reading this, you're probably wondering, "how in the heck is anyone going to combine all those elements? Did he say Side Scrollers?" And the answer to that question is- Yes! The idea for this RP largely comes from a simple little steam game called One Way Heroics. It's not at all necessary to have played the game to understand the idea. It's a top-down Side scrolling RPG, and when you take a step (or do any action) The screen at your left moves forward. If you get stuck in a building with lots of corners or caught behind an obstacle and have to turn back, chances are you'll meet the screen, along with your demise. In the game, the black wall (moving screen) is created by the antagonist (an evil sorcerer) whom you must defeat in order to stop the wall from destroying the world. The story here will be very similar, and we'll use the wall as a tool to drive the plot. There won't be any set system to determine where the wall is or where your character is, as we progress it may be closer or further away, depending on how long a character or group remains in one spot. Sometimes it moves slow, but sometimes it moves quickly. It should be impossible to predict.

    I imagine the story will begin with the king being killed by an evil sorcerer, who casts a spell creating a giant, destructive, black wall of magic which destroys everything it touches. Slowly, the wall advances from the castle and seemingly wont stop until it has enveloped the entire world. A Knight, the lone survivor, was sent by the king in his dying moments to warn the kingdom of the coming doom. The knight reaches the next large town and warns the citizens. Most do not believe, but some do- that's where we come in.

    I want this to capture the feel of the RP's of old. A small-ish group of adventurers band together with a common quest- they leave home, fight monsters, develop powers, find treasure, maybe even find love? Whatever happens, they all have a goal in mind. That goal is determined by the individual character story of course, but the adventure leads the group to each other, and eventually to the end of the quest. However, I'm not thinking a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings type atmosphere. The kind of story I want to create is more like an anime, and you can probably think of a hundred examples that fit the bill. Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, I could go on but you probably get the idea. There may be some darker elements (think Full Metal Alchemist), but it won't be all gore and sex. The fantasy aspect will fit the setting- one vast Land under the reign of a great king, Knights and Mages doing battle against dark creatures. Like I said, you probably get the idea. I've considered adding a small steampunk element, but that's not decided yet.

    And let's not forget, when it's fantasy there must be magic involved!

    I'm thinking in this world the people revere magic as a great topic that must be studied and mastered like a science, and will be studied at Guilds in large towns. It will be elemental, with 6 main elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Electricity, and the forbidden Dark arts). Each element can be used in the simple way (Fire mages shooting balls of fire) but each element also has several advanced techniques. Here's a list of the advanced techniques I've come up with so far.

    Fire- Healing/Transmutation
    Water- Healing/Illusion
    Earth- Nature Control/Echo-location/Transmutation
    Wind- brief Flight/
    Electricity- Enchantment/Telekinetic powers

    You'll notice that some elements have the same advanced technique, but each elements has a different focus on that technique. Fire Healing is better at sealing cuts and stopping bleeding, while Water Healing is better at healing broken bones and deeper injuries. Fire Transmutation creates a temporary magical item out of conjured flames- be it a sword or a key or a replacement limb, which crumbles away after a short amount of time. Earth Transmutation creates larger mechanical items out of natural elements- though they are much more crude and simple, they are nearly permanent.
    The beauty of the system comes from combined magic- when a magician is skilled in more than one element, he/she can combine two advanced techniques to perform a level 3 technique. For example, combining Fire and Earth Transmutation results in Forgery- the ability to create detailed mechanical items with magical properties which are nearly permanent. Combining Fire and Water healing results in a much more powerful healing spell which can even cure disease. These are just two examples I've thought of, and I would love more help in refining the system and adding to the advanced techniques (Especially for wind, sorry Aang!). Mages will have one primary element they are focused on and one secondary element which they are a bit less skilled at.

    Also, I would love to figure out a system for warriors to compete with mages. There's an obvious draw to magic, seeing as how it's the powerful supernatural that you don't see in the real world. But if a player wants to focus primarily on physical combat, I want that to be possible too. I'm thinking of including an "Anti-magic" technique to Wind and possibly electricity which cancels out magic, or absorbs magic attacks (Think Chi-blockers in Avatar, Wards in Skyrim) so Knights can still stand a chance. Also armor with anti-magic qualities. This is part of the system I need help with too.

    So, if you survived all that information and are interested in joining, contributing, or maybe you just want to follow along and see how if goes, leave a comment! I would love to start signups for this as soon as there's enough interest.
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