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    The end of the world. Thousands of religions have spoken about how it'll play out; the seven-year war between Angels and Demons, fire and brimstone the planet becoming a barren wasteland for the poor people struggling to survive in a world that, at every step, is literally trying to kill them.

    Every world has a beginning, and every world should have an end. Unfortunately for the residents of Fandovia, that time is now.

    The skies turned as black as sackcloth and the seas began to boil. The ground craved and the sky turned blood-red as the terrifying creations of the Netherworld entered the mortal realm, spreading their chaos and mayhem across the world once inhabited by characters we all know and love.

    So now, in the aftermath of the apocalypse, an unlikely band of heroes must survive the horrors the End of the World brings.


    Alright, so this is still very much a WIP idea, but the general gist of this is as follows;

    Fandovia is a fictional world where characters from a bunch of different fandoms all co-exist with one another. I won't go too much into the details about this world, but it's essentially planet Earth combined with various fictional settings (ex. Gotham City, Hyrule, and Coolsville, just to name a few).

    We would be playing a variety of canon-based characters (I'm gonna be very particular about any OC's you might want to throw in here, but I'm not entirely against seeing them), ranging from comic book superheroes to our favourite cartoon characters. My only limitations for character types would be characters with the following traits;

    • They're ginormous (ex. Godzilla and various Kaiju or Transformers).

    • They have a 'deus-ex machina' (ex. The Doctor and his TARDIS/Sonic Screwdriver, or Superman for being unable to die without a chunk of radioactive gemstones. If you need clarification on a character that might fall into this category, let me know and I'll tell you if they're going to be problematic. Also, if you want to cut back some of these abilities/items to make them more game-friendly, then just let me know and we'll see what's up).

    There's probably more that I'm forgetting about, but those are really the only character-related issues I can see potentially coming up. Other then that, characters from all regions of the fandom-verse are allowed!

    I'll be allowing a maximum of 2 characters per player, so pick wisely!

    We can discuss a more detailed plot later on, but one idea I had mulling around was that the gathering of some powerful artefacts from a combination of worlds (ex. The Dragon Balls, Chaos Emeralds, Infinity Stones, etc.) in order to end the apocalypse/turn back time could be the 'end game' result of why our characters band together. Just throwing it out there, feel free to comment about how you all feel about it!

    If you're interested, post what character(s) you'd want to play below and we'll see where this goes! The number of players we'll need to start the RP will be 6, with a maximum of 10 before we stop accepting active members.

    As for my character(s), I'll be taking Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers from the "Scooby-Doo" franchise (with an optional second role as Scooby himself, unless somebody wants to snatch him up and be my best buddy :3)
  2. This sounds interesting, I might be up for it.
  3. Cool. Any ideas about who you'd wanna play?
  4. I'm still thinking over that

    It might depend on the central theme / setting(s) planned, but I may go ahead and pick either Josuke Higashikata from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Touma Kamijou from A Certain Magical Index for the first spot, and more than likely Sailor Mars for the second, but we'll see
  5. I would be tenatively interested in this, depending on who I could play. There's... a lot of characters I could play heh
  6. Haha, alright then! Out of curiosity, do you have a few 'top picks'?
  7. *deep breath*
    Korra (but might be playing her in another RP, so meh)
    Iron Man
    Alphonse Elric
    Jean Grey
    Samus Aran
    Any of the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
    Dinobott (Transformers Beast Wars, so not giant)
    Goliath (Gargoyles)
    Himura Kenshin
    Silver Surfer (waaaaaaaaay powered down)
    Qui-Gon Jinn
  8. That's quite the list 0-0

    Although I have to admit; I haven't seen Samus being played much, so it could always be fun to have her in the group!

    Really, any of them are fine! I guess Dinobot is okay (it's been so long since I last saw Beast Wars so I really don't know how big they are xD), but it ultimately comes down to you if you want to play him or not. Remember to pick out two before the OoC though, haha ^^
  9. lol another friend said Samus would be cool... and as for Dinobott, he transforms into a raptor. so he's the size a raptor would be. I'll decide tonight who I'd like to play.. Samus is at the top of the list, though...
  10. I wonder if this is one I could fit Keiichi and Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess into. Since she's a goddess who has an angel, would have her powers changed by the events themselves, and they are from a normal Earth.

    So it's eight or nine years after the series, she's a survivor from the angel side and has a desire to help fix the world.
  11. Yeah, she'd have lesser powers given the current state of the world (which I'm not blaming on a deity that exists in their world, it's a result of a cross-dimensional rift that was always there, but never fully opened until now, letting horrific monsters and powerful Chuthulu-esque Gods into their world)
  12. So, it sounds like a place most characters are not from, and she could be sent in an official capacity.

    I reasoned we don't need the Belldandy who could destroy of all Tokyo in one second and rebuild it the next, but I can't tell what it should be from what I've read. Maybe this just means there should be a reason she can't take the power limited she wears in the anime off.
  13. I can see a story possibility here. Some kind of mage or god getting control of her similar to how one controls demons with circles of power and such. This would allow the power limiter to be variable and add the possibility that Belldandy may be forced to fight for the bad side at any given time. Suddenly, she turns and attacks the heroes as she is crying.

    In the homeworld, the sisters find out about this and Skuld invents a machine with the intent of sending Urd to help. Through the usual mishap, Keiichi is sent instead.
  14. Ah! My Goddess! has become one of my favorite anime series. I'm in the middle of the second season now, just after Peorth is introduced.

    If we can get this story goin, id like to play Samus Aran. If she is allowed to have her gunship, it could act as sort of a roaming base?
  15. Ah! The second half of the second season! I'm jealous! Your jealous! Everybody's jealous! Let's just make sure she doesn't get jealous!

    (Warning: contents may include jealousy. Anime not available to viewers in some areas, who are jealous)
  16. The gunship might be allowed, but it's between that and the Mystery Machine (which was the original idea since I figured Ecto-1 may not be the best vehicle to survive in the apocalypse unless there's ghosts to be busted xD).
  17. [Softly peeps in]

    There's a hole in my heart for ridiculous multiverse crossover RPs and Murder Games move too quick for me to do more than one in a while so I'd be interested

    ...The only problem being the repertoire of characters I sorta wanna play are kind-of-sort-of utterly ridiculous boy howdy
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  18. I had the very same problem. Maybe you can list the character options, and we can go through them? Mebbe brainstorm to help you decide? I mean look at my list.. I'm all over the place!
  19. Hoo boy so

    There's two that already come as a pair:

    - The first already-a-duo is Aria Goodhalo and Jasper Wormsworth from Afterlife--Which, I mean, would be fun. And since it's the apocalypse, an angel and a demon have a reason to be around (they sure don't like the situation either). Also snark. Lots and lots of snark.

    - But there's also Translator Bentz and Translator Batez (or just collectively 'The Translators') from Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival, who would also be fun in a different way, and they're also from Heaven meaning in theory they work the same way as Aria / Jasper

    But as for anyone else...

    - RGB (The Property of Hate) [Who doesn't like a cowardly monster every now and then?]
    - Simon Petrikov (Adventure Time) [Apocalypse-era in-his-own-canon; wow I just realized how well that works]
    - Cedric the Sorcerer (Sofia the First) [I happen to like dork wizards don't judge]
    - Fred Bonaparte (Psychonauts) [Help him]
    - Peacock (Skullgirls) [Comic relief is a must-have, bwahahah]
    - Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) [All abord the SS Angsty Poetry, toot toot]
    - The Batter (OFF) [Dirty place needs purification]
    - Gregory / Catherine / Judgement Boy / Neko Zombie (Gregory Horror Show) [Creepy hotel keeper / Blood fetish nurse lizard / Judgmental demon scale lawyer thing / Starving but still kind kittycat]

    So yeah you see my dilemma here these are more ridiculous the more and more I look at them
  20. The matter about the base, seems like it would be very definitive.

    Land-based like mystery machine is more vulnerable darker feel. Trying to live through something
    Air-based is more of a heroic or agents feel. Going on missions.

    Also, noticing a lot of duo talk. The doos as the classic friends. B&K as the classic romance, Aria and Jasper as the opposites. Might be something could be done with that thematically. Or even in a more practical/community-building sense if each of the duo was being played by a different player. Could create a really interesting experience. Only problem being finding duos more than one person is comfortable with. Like for myself, I could definitely pull off Scooby Doo or Ah! My Goddess but have never even heard of Afterlife or Translators.
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