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  1. Dungeon Crawl: Stylized Adventure Game

    If you want over-the-top action with death defying stunts facing off against horrific monsters of such impossible proportion that in real life that would struggle to keep their own weight up, whilst dual wielding oversized weapons; then this is the game you’re looking for. Dungeon Crawl offers exactly that as well as everything on the title. It will pit your character against terrain extremely difficult to navigate, having to negotiate through traps that exist in different dimensions all at once. Still interested? Good.

    The World:

    Meet New Earth. It’s exactly like old Earth, but more MAGICAL. Also technology has been set back several hundred years maybe. Dilapidated ruins and structures lay across the landscape. Some have been retrofitted into cities and castles. Others have been taken over by nature, becoming homes to wild animals.

    The Quest:

    The king of Clarksland had declared a summons for worthy and competent adventurers. His daughter had been captured and taken away to the Eternal Desert, by a mysterious assailant known only as the King’s Slayer. Legend has it, he was once a fabled warrior for the kingdom, hence his name, but had become overzealous in his duties and was removed, It is rumored that he captured the princess to get revenge on the kingdom.

    The Dungeon:

    The City of Fallen Angels is the name given to a vast series of ruins within the Eternal Desert of Clarksland. The ruins are incredibly old, featuring large and rusted structures dating back before recorded history. Some parts of the old ruins are incredibly well preserved due to a lack of moisture in the desert. Old paintings and murals still stand in their places. The City of Fallen Angels features within it, a seemingly endless dungeon said to go down even further than the planet’s core. Though deep, it is said to be filled with treasure. Many adventurers enter, but rarely any survive, and none have ever gone into the heart of the dungeon. The dungeon is so large in fact, that it contains within it, several different ecosystems. Some adventurers who have entered, began creating a loose network of small towns within the dungeon selling tools to aspiring adventurers who also enter the dungeon. The King Slayer is said to live at the very bottom of the dungeon, and only he knows the dungeon’s true secrets.

    The Adventurers:
    That would be you. Adventurers come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and volumes. You happen to be one of those adventurers. Perhaps you are an aspiring hero wanting to make a name for yourself, or a wizened veteran hoping to shake off the cobwebs. Whatever your purpose, you have decided to crawl down the fabled City of Fallen Angels.

    Name: The name your character will go by, be it official or a self proclaimed alias.

    Gender: Boy, girl, or whatever your race has

    Age: The age of your character in solar years

    Race: I will allow you to play any race, be it standard Tolkein or custom special snowflake.

    Character Concept: A small phrase used in place of a class. This will be the gist of what your character is and how he/she will be roleplayed.

    Physical Appearance: The standard physical appearance of your character. I’d prefer this be done using actual words, though I won’t mind a picture either if that’s exactly what you want to play.

    Equipment: A list of whatever possessions your character has, including weapons and packed food. Be sure to update this regularly to accommodate for any new items your character takes on during the quest.

    Personality: How your character generally thinks and acts.

    Goals: List three things your character wishes to accomplish

    Beliefs: List three things your character has strong opinions on.

    Background: The history of how your character came to be.

    Racial Traits: Anything special your race is capable of that seperates the race from others.

    Known Skills: Whatever your character is capable of and competent about.

    Known Spells/Powers: Whatever magic your character may possess that isn’t directly linked to their race.

    The Rules:

    1. Don’t be a creep.

    2. Don’t Godmod.

    3. Don’t power play.

    4. Be cordial to your fellow players.

    5. Have fun.

    The Cast:
    Gabriel Knotts, Halfling bard
    Veles, Demon recluse
    Tink, Dickass thief
    Rasa, Mysterious Robot
    James Hawthorne, the knight of the realm
    Tueca, Aztec Viking
    Rue Noir, Tour Guide
    Anaxarete, hedgewitch
    Lalo, Mariachi
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  2. I have a character idea I'd like to use. I'm gonna be absent for like a week, but I'll post it by the time I get back.
  3. I think I'll put a deadline for characters around May 9th. I expect at least 3.
  4. Delving into Dungeons... NOW THAT IS THE TRIAL OF HEROES!

    Name: “The Laughing Scorpion” Gabriel Knotts

    Gender: Boy

    Age: 37

    Race: Halfling

    Character Concept: A support character who bolsters other character’s strengths by using entertainment, and sneaks around to uncover dangerous things to the adventuring party.

    Physical Appearance: Gabriel Knotts is 3’2” tall. He has dark brown eyes, and has curly light brown hair, goes down to the middle of his back; he also sports a pair of thick side burns, which are rather scruffy. His eyebrows are rather bushy, and his eyelashes are extremely thick and luscious. Gabriel skin is medium light brown. Gabriel’s face is baby-smooth, and he has very thin lips. Gabriel wears light cloth armor which is a checkered motely pattern with light reds, dark purples, and light orange color scattered throughout the outfit. On his pants he has four sheaths on each side, which holds his throwing daggers. Gabriel wears no shoes over his feet, which have a thick layer of light brown hair over his toes. His toe-nails are trimmed perfectly, along with his fingernails which are all painted bright yellow. Gabriel Knott’s backpack is bright blue and has a giant logo on it which has in bright purple letters, “HUXLEY’S TRAVELLING CIRCUS” which encircles a laughing ringmaster.

    Equipment: At this point Gabriel has eight balanced throwing knives, 48 feet of hempen rope, a large backpack, a crowbar, a lock-pick set, a flute, a medium sized jug, light cloth armor, a small bag of jerky, a medium jar of berries, a medium sized blanket, a small container with yellow nail-polish.

    Acquired as of Pilot: Aesthetically Painted Bloodied Warrior Headdress

    Personality: Gabriel is an entertainer/jokester at heart, and he is a hedonist. He takes most everything in a light-hearted way. He is affable person who welcomes people with open arms. If his hospitality is exploited, he will hold a stubborn grudge upon the person who violated the trust that was given.

    Goals: Kill the legendary King’s Slayer and Save the Day

    Form a World Renowned Circus

    Discover the various forms of the ancient’s entertainment.

    Beliefs: The only true purpose in life is entertainment.

    Every person is free to create their own fate and path in life.

    Hospitality is to be treated with the utmost care, those who violate the rules of Hospitality are not to be trusted.

    Background: Gabriel Knotts was born inside Huxley’s Travelling Circus, as his father worked there as a clown, and his mother worked there as an animal tamer. Gabriel’s early life was spent learning the art of performance, which he quickly took to. Gabriel became a juggler who would perform between the acrobats and the dancing bears. Eventually Huxley’s Travelling Circus would find a niche within the Kingdom of Clarksland, and then stay there as Huxley's Circus. So when the King called for adventurers to rescue his daughter, the Travelling Circus pondered whether or not they should travel to the Eternal Desert. This is where Gabriel Knotts decided that he would not only entertain the heroes; he would become a hero and defeat the King’s Slayer. So he left the circus in the hopes of one day being able to become a hero, and use the status he had gained from the experience to finance his own circus, so he could travel around the world and entertain the people as Huxley's did while it still travelled.

    Racial Traits: Halflings are known for their dexterity and sharp sense of hearing.

    Known Skills: Gabriel is a proficient juggler, clown, flute-player and overall entertainer. He is also good at sneaking around, and picking locks in an efficient fashion.

    Known Spells/Powers: Gabriel has the power to bolster others strength/will with entertainment. He also can weaken enemies through quips, insults, and other negative jests.

    ((I didn't give the guy too much equipment did I?))
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  5. No, that amount of equipment is quite sufficient. I want to see what other players create first, however, before drawing the final judgement.
  6. Cool, cool. I'll adjust and what not depending on what the other players create.
  7. Name: Veles

    Gender: Female, however is almost always mistaken for a male due to her androgynistic appearance.

    Age: Unknown, appears to be just out of adolescence.

    Race: Demon

    Character Concept: Recluse demon with "home" issues.

    Physical Appearance: Her smooth skin is dark purple, with patches of grey speckles here, and there. Her lavender hair is kept fairly short, just enough so that it covers her ears. Her figure is not particularly femanine, nor masculine, and her bust just small enough to be easily overlooked. She is about 5'4", and her build is fairly average. Her teeth are those of a carnivore, and her fingers are tipped with claws.

    Equipment: Her clothing looks fairly unremarkable, and allows her to blend in with commoners, but is enchanted to protect her to a similar degree to treated leather. There is a amethyst set inbetween her collar bones which she uses to channel her spells. The gemstone is removable, and can be replaced with similar objects.

    Personality: She hates it when people try and get close to her, however she will open up a bit to those who earn her trust. However, it is unlikely she will share a whole lot with you regardless of how much she trusts you, due to disgust of her past. She does not like people being too close to her, as her personal bubble is quite large, as such she usually falls behind groups she is with.

    Goals: Veles desires enough power to keep others away from her, and to hide in plain sight. She also seeks a way to nullify her bloods effect on herself, and hopes such knowledge may be found in the City's depths.

    Beliefs: She believes almost solely in herself, as she is the only one that has ever provided positive results. She places the rest of her belief in recorded knowledge that she can verify to be true.

    Background: She grew up in the slums of the underworld, her early years were spent begging. Her family was cruel to her, even for the standards of demons. She was often beaten, or left behind to find her own way home, even forced to sleep out in the rain. Her mother even tried to kill her once, while under the influence of intoxicants.

    As she grew older, she ended up in several different brothels, before she finally left it all behind, and escaped to the overworld. There she discovered her latent with magic, as she never had time for such things before. She decided to sell herself to a more productive trade, and became a mercenary, but eventually found that life to be unfulfilling.

    Upon hearing word of the kidnapping of the princess, she found her interest piqued, having also heard that the City of Fallen Angels possessed powerful artefacts. She decided to be a part of the rescue party in hopes of acquiring some of these treasures, and possibly more.

    Racial Traits: Her blood boils within her veins, and when it's released it scorches whatever it touches, including her own flesh. This causes her to be weary of anything that could draw it out.

    Known Skills: Nothing in particular, aside from her magic.

    Known Spells/Powers: She is capable of locking others inside their own fantasies, as well as showing them their greatest fears in the waking world. Over the years she has found that these abilities work best on the weak-willed, or those who have a lot to lose.

    Is this good? D:
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  8. One more goal and one more belief and you should be set. You also made a slight spelling error/forgot a word/something in your background.
  9. Is that better?
  10. Spelling mistake in racial traits. You might want to watch for other people's characters though. Once May 9th rolls around, I'm going to have everybody scale their characters to roughly the same power level, just to give the heads up.
  11. Name: Tink
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21 gnome years
    Race: Gnome
    Concept: Tink is both an inventor and a thief.

    Tink is sort, even for a gnome, 3'2 to be exact. His appearance is that of a regular gnome, which he is strangely proud of.

    Tink carries around a backpack full of mundane and seemingly useless stuff
    contents of pack:
    2 35 foot ropes
    1 firestarter kit
    4 small metal springs
    1 small hand-sized crossbow
    7 bolts
    10 crossbow bolts
    3.5 lockpicks
    1 small spool of thread
    5 rocks
    a Small dagger
    a jar of adhesive
    1 pair of gloves
    3 small bags
    35 pieces of chalk
    5 small squares of cloth
    375 caltrops
    1 tinkers toolkit
    140 pieces of stolen gold
    Personality: Tink is a brilliant coward, he is always scheming and planning, but when he gets in to a tight spot, he will run and hide.

    1 grappling hook

    Brains are better than Brawn
    Fighting is inefficient
    Halflings are terrible

    Background: Tink was born on the street, where he learned to thieve, and to innovate. Unfortunately Tink ended up with a 30,000,000,000,000,000 gold bounty on his head. It totally wasn't his fault though, he was set up.

    Racial powers: Gnomes are slightly magic resistant, and the can turn invisible once a day for 3 minutes
    Skills:Lockpicking, sleight of hand, detect traps, remove traps, tumble, climb, sneak, improvised creation, lying, lassos
    Magic: None
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  12. I have a feeling I'm going to end up being party tank... And before anyone asks, I have ran the general concept by DaCageFighter.

    Name: Rasa
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Robot
    Character Concept: Magitech Robot Girl
    Physical Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/fmYWHFn.jpg

    None other than the clothes on her back.

    A robot with no memories, Rasa may live up to her name in many ways, but she does seem to have a few beliefs and goals (detailed below). Whether these come from pieces of previous protocols or something else is unknown. One of these is the drive to learn – not just about herself, but about the world around her and the people that inhabit it. Another is the drive to preserve, to ensure her own continued existence and to protect those that seem to be in need. Beyond these lie less obvious (and ironically rather human) drives, to either find or create a purpose for herself, and to improve herself. One thing is for certain, though: Rasa seems to be able to change and adapt much like a human could – an ability that will be necessary in the coming days...

    - Repair her damaged memory, or at least discover what happened
    - Learn about the world and its inhabitants
    - Find a purpose for herself, beyond the above.

    - Defend those weaker than yourself
    - Keep yourself in good repair
    - Don't brood or angst about your problems, do something about them!

    Initiating startup sequence...

    Running basic functionality diagnostic...
    Scanning BIOS... OK
    Physical systems... OK
    Magical systems... OK
    High level processing software... OK
    Installed Modules... Not detected, only basic functionality will be present
    Scanning memory for errors... ... ... WARNING, ERRORS DETECTED

    Critical damage to primary memory banks detected.
    Attempting recovery on all primary memory systems... FAILED
    : Self recovery failed. Estimated 100% loss of existing data.
    Please report to ERROR for full diagnostics and repairs.

    Current time and date is: UNKNOWN
    System was compiled on: UNKNOWN

    Starting up...

    Racial Traits:
    - Rasa is a robot, not a human. As such, she does not need to eat, drink, or breathe. She is also immune to mind influencing magic (I can't imagine it working on her, though I can take this out if it's a problem), and anything else you'd imagine a robot would not need to worry about.
    - Rasa is quite durable, though to make up for it her construction is incompatible with worn armor.
    - High physical parameters, as fitting a robot made for combat purposes
    - Is capable of self repair. This isn't fast enough to be useful during combat, and requires rest for any major repairs.

    Known Skills:
    - Physical combat, mostly unarmed. Rasa could likely pick up weapons given some time to train.
    - Basic magical theory

    Known Spells/Powers:
    Rasa can manipulate raw magical energy. She can do a number of things with it, such as shaping it into blasts, forming shields or enhancing melee attacks. This is somewhat basic manipulation, and may not be used for things like advanced metamagic.
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  13. Tink, though his character sheet is a little sparse compared to the others, I will accept assuming there's a lot of his backstory to be revealed. Rasa is also accepted. Now I get to fluff MAGITECH ROBOTS. Hopefully, the other players are okay with this though.
  14. Alright, I've started going over the applications and thinking of encounters for you guys. If you're wondering when my character is coming out, it isn't. I won't be playing one specific character for this game, but I will act as a cast of characters for you guys to interact with. I've also decided that though I will leave applications open, I will start the game as soon as I get one more character sheet.

    In regards to how the game will be run, I've decided to deviate from the standard linear progression that most of these types of games tend to have. Instead, the campaign will comprise of loosely connected 'episodes' and your characters start off automatically knowing each other. This way, we can get straight into the action. I will run linear if I get enough requests to do so.

    Also, like for most of you guys, finals are coming up for me. So if I'm offline for long periods of time, just assume that I'm studying.
  15. Name: James Hawthorne

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Race: Human

    Character Concept: Dadknight

    Physical Appearance: James is a little taller than average, with an average frame. His hair is an unkempt black mess, and his gray eyes are accompanied by heavy bags. His squared off chin has a layer of stubble. He generally wears a set of armor, and over that a crimson surcoat.

    Equipment: Steel longsword - Family heirloom, repaired after being broken by a demon
    Shield - Painted metal over wood, depicts a hound
    A long knife
    Armor - A mix of chainmail and plates, providing solid defense
    Dried food
    60 feet of rope
    A small amount of money
    Two lanterns

    Calvin - His warhorse

    Personality: James has a generally serious, moody demeanor. He possesses a short temper, and prefers to handle things quickly and directly. Perhaps the only thing he has a soft spot for is his daughter, however inept he may be at taking care of her.

    Goals: 1) Protect Anya
    2) Live as peacefully as possible
    3) Be a better parent

    Beliefs: 1) Family is important
    2) Do your duty, no matter how hard
    3) It was all your fault

    Background: James spent much of his youth in training. Though a noble, he was still of relatively low standing, and his family kept its name via martial prowess. After battling fiercely in several campaigns, he was able to make something of a name for himself, even upping his family's standing a bit. Upon reaching adulthood, he was able to marry his childhood friend, and they went on to have one child, a daughter.

    Two years ago, James' wife died under tragic circumstances. Since then, the man became notably more of a shut-in, devoting most of his time to trying, not always knowing how, to raise his daughter, Anya. He's decided to go on this quest not just because of duty, but because he sympathizes with the King's plight. Leaving his child in the care of a family friend, he's set off on his magical adventure to save the Princess.

    Racial Traits: Sheer grit and determination.

    Known Skills: James is a veteran knowledgeable and skilled in melee and mounted combat.

    Known Spells/Powers: None; he relies solely on mundane skills.
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  16. Hmm, I think my character knowing people off the bat would detract from her whole deal pretty significantly.

    I'd be willing to work with people off the bat and jump into the action if necessary, but it'd be best if she didn't really know anyone. Those first interactions will be interesting and probably important, given the nature of the character.

    That aside, I've no problems with episodic, provided the episodes build up to something in the end.
  17. Dadknight is accepted

    Just a heads up, other characters will know just about everything you put on your character sheet, the episode after your character is introduce with the exception of the initial cast, which starts out working together as they are the ones gathered by the king himself. However Nier, I will allow it so that your character begins as an enigma to the other characters judging by her nature. I'll discuss with you in private about how we will accomplish this.
  18. The IC has been posted
  19. Cool.

    I'll post when it's appropriate for my character to show up.
  20. Name: Tueca Yaotlsdotter

    Gender: George Foreman Grill Girl

    Age: 24

    Race: Human

    Character Concept: Aztec-Viking in search of worthy loot to bring home and claim the title of successor to her family.

    Physical Appearance: Tall and solidly built, Tueca has received her share of dents over her life. A slightly crooked nose from being broken, a number of scars and a few missing teeth are just par for the course in her homeland. Inheriting her father's blue eyes, Tueca has her people's more customary dark complexion and black hair she keeps braided with small trinkets and trophies intertwined.


    Gram: An heirloom weapon given to her as a prize for winning a ritual combat. Forged in a style unknown to her people, they only know how the magic in it functions and how to maintain it by rote rather than true understanding. The main frame is primarily a metal club that houses a chain forged of the same material. Set within the chain is fragments of the blade Gram, reforged in times long past to fit the chain it is mounted in. According to the stories at least. There is a small trigger, a distant cousin to what is found on crossbows, on the hilt of the weapon. Depressing activates the enchantments on the weapon, rotating the bladed chain at high speeds. However the the magic does not last indefinitely, it falls quiet after sometime and needs time to itself before it can by used again. Prayers to the gods are supposed to expedite this process but an old weapon such as this has a temperamental nature.

    (Okay, screw anymore descriptions like that)

    Loose outfit made from cloth, patched together armor, primarily chain and leather, round shield with iron rim and feathered covering decoration, heavy broad seax, self bow, broadhead arrow (20), quiver (1). francisca (5), sleeping roll (1), blankets (2), xiuhcoatl (1) Small feather covered serpent, only true ability of note is it can change coloration, tecoixin (1) Think triceratops, used as a pack mule, saddlebags (3 sets), large blanket (1), dino chow (2 weeks worth) ITT: Veggies, veggies everywhere, preserved food (2 weeks worth), waterskin (2), erkencho (1), campfire kit (1), needle and thread kit (1), brush (1), anthology on the subject of her religion (1), writing kit (1), rune etching kit (1), alchemically treated wrapping set (2) Magic bandaids! Torch (3), 30 foot roll of twine (1)

    Personality: Tueca is driven primarily by her own sense of honour and duty to her lineage, life and limb are easily worth risking for those things. A deep curiosity for the world and the many wonders that can be found within it is the more personal desire behind her quest. While fairly accepting of others with a more friendly nature, Tueca has little tolerance and even less patience for overtly reprehensible individuals.


    1: Find something of either enough prestige or monetary worth to lay claim to the position of heir apparent in her family.
    2: Accomplish an act worthy of being added to her dynasty's saga
    3: Explore regions unknown to her people


    1: A short life lived fully is a worthy one
    2: All people should adhere to a code of honour, all people do not share the same code of honour
    3: Actions define a person, not appearances or words
    4: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.

    Background: Tueca Yaoltsdotter was the fifth born of eight other children in her family. Known for being one of the stronger houses that was affiliated with the Water temple, Tueca was thrust into the competition between her siblings to become heir apparent. Though this struggle was heavily weighted in favor of the older children, she was raised with the belief that through fame or fortune she would prove capable of taking up the reigns of the dynasty. Survival was an option as well, but succession merely by being the sole survivor would stain the family's reputation. It was through her family's ties to the Water temple that she engaged in raids on other holdings, trade with foreigners and set foot on foreign soil in exploration. Eventually with years of service to the temple, Tueca felt confident enough that she had outgrown the opportunities they could offer and struck out to find something that would win her the status of becoming the chosen heir.

    Racial Traits: Bonus feat plz?

    Known Skills: Proficient in melee combat, Tueca is more adept with Garm in her hands than other weapons of war. Capable enough to hunt for game and not much else with her bow, she has learned a bit in the area of fieldcraft with her explorations. An upbringing in maritime exploits has left Tueca with at least a passing degree of competence concerning sailing, although she professes no love for the sea. Beyond that she has a small understanding concerning the workings of runes. Not enough to imbue anything of note, but even a simple charm can offer peace of mind through the placebo effect.

    Known Spells/Powers:

    Rune etching: As stated above it's not very effective given her current capacity with them.
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