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Dogma I.0 ; You Will (Not) Remain

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Neon Princess, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. So, my idea revolves around a world heavily inspired by the likes of Evangelion (Rebuild) and Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars. I was thinking that there would be pilots of biological/technological mechas similar to the Eva, but they would work similarly to the Regalia from the aforementioned Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars. As for story line, my idea is that beings known as the Visionaries created the 3 Kingdoms (Heaven, Hell, Man) at God's command once Lucifer had been sealed down in Cocytus, and God used her last remaining power to burn a sigil into the heart of Lucifer in order to keep her sealed inside a divine shell, should she ever try to escape. To further ensnare Lucifer, God ordered her last remaining Angels (known in this reality as Emissaries) to pin Lucifer down with the very Cocytus Pillars (Lance(s) of Longinus, essentially) she had created (<-this is deeper back story) with the Dogma - a bow crafted from the bones of Lilith and the blood of Eve (there is no Adam in this story). The Emissaries are then solely left in charge of Heaven, now that God has relinquished herself to sealing away Lucifer.

    Eons later, during what would be the late 22nd, early 23rd century, Lucifer's seal has slowly broken away due to the vast amount of Sin within the Kingdom of Man. Humanity may be God's favorite, but by giving them free will, God made the mistake of allowing them to Sin freely, should they desire. As it unfortunately turned out, humans are self-destructive, sadistic, genocidal creatures. There are many passionate pacifists, martyrs and saints among them, but they are well out numbered by this time. Lucifer had only grown stronger due to this, and the flames of Hell had finally begun to burn hot enough to slowly melt away her frozen tears in Cocytus. Eventually, she will be unfrozen, and will return to the universe. Her objective upon her return is unknown, but it can't be good. Sensing her imminent return, the last remaining Emissaries from Heaven begin appearing on Earth for, what the humans can only assume, is to destroy them. (<-This will be developed as the story goes on)

    The humans began trying to fight back, finding that all of their weapons are useless - even the biggest of their nuclear bombs and the most lethal of their neutron bombs. Finding no way of defeating the Emissaries, humanity begins to give up, until a breakthrough happens: A private military corporation called HALO begins sending out towering mechas to defend against the Emissaries - and succeeding. This shocks the remaining governments, and funding floods towards this corporation, though HALO chooses to keep itself well in the dark. Little to nothing is known about them, where they got those mechas, how they developed them, why they developed them, and even who or what pilots them. All anyone knows is that there is finally a way to combat the Emissaries, and as long as HALO is on humanity's side, maybe we don't need to know all the details..

    ..Or maybe we don't want to know.

    So, that's my idea everyone! Feel free to help brainstorm and expand this universe if you're interested! Feel free to ask questions, offer constructive criticism, so on and so forth. Either PM me or post below!
Thread Status:
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