Doctor's Visits/Pharmacuticals, or Folk Medicine/Alternative Healing?

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  1. So I'm curius. I'm one of those ppl who absolutely hate visits to the doctor, unles absolutly and un-avoidable necessary, like my monthly physicals, or ocasionally vhen get a bruised rib or a cut above the eye, or things like that, physical injurys mainly, which I tend to get kuite a bit. And only those vhich I cant take care of myself at home, vith a gauze and some alcohol/ointment.

    But for more mundane stuff, like a nasty headache, or if I sudenly come down vith a cold or get a fever or a wet caugh or something, I prefer to just stay at home and lay it off vith some folk medicine, vhich I learned alot from my grandmother. Hot tea, squeezed lemons, camomile inscense, rubbing in olive oil, lots of rest, and some self-applyed acupuncture sessions, being a Hatha Yoga practitioner and knowing a few things about chakric healing too. Not that I ever come down vith anything worse then that, since living a healthy life-style tends to put a stop to any more serius ilnesses, having a strong immune system.

    But I absolutly wil not take any kind of "real" medicine, since I loathe to put any chemicals and drugs in my body. Not even a painkiller, I'l just suffer thru it until it dies down. In my firm opinion, pharmacuticals do more harm then good, since all of them come vith a set of side-effects, they fix one thing but cause another, and none of them are natural. The best medicine one can have is to heal up naturaly, or use natural assists to speed it up, like the afore-mentioned folk medicine and chakric healing. Not to mention I dont vant to suport pharmacutical companies vho put out that stuff, since a good part of it isnt even safe to use, or has out-right toxic ingredients in it.

    So... I'm interested in seeing opinions on the subject. Vhich methods of healing do you prefer, and why?
  2. Doctors and medicine > other things. I don't bother going to the doctor for basic crap that I can take care of at home, through for something like the flu I might get some over the counter meds. I don't use any of that other stuff because everything I've seen about all sorts of alternatives to real medicine shows its efficacy rate is right there with the efficacy rate of a placebo, and I know that being aware of a placebo being used will make it not work, so there's no point in trying.
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  3. I'm curious... You said "cut above the eye" like its a common accurance. I wanna know the stories XD

    As for medicines, I'm a aleve kinda guy. My primary problem are (migranes?) basically, behind my eye will hurt REALLY bad. So before it gets bad, I take an aleve, and all is good (no side effects :P)

    As for more natural stuff, closest I get to it is washcloth on my forehead for those headaches/migranes.

    Or throwing up on purpose. Just twist my body around till finally I throw up, the headache normally goes away after that. Yeah my stomach feels off, but that feels better than my head about to pop
  4. Not exacly common, but not un-common either. You cant expect to practice full-contact martial arts or spar w/o taking a few cuts and bruises here and there. :P Some of them nastyer then others, but no big deal.

    Try putting 2 fingers in the insyde-corners of your eyes next to the nose, one in each, and pressing there for half a minute or so. There are acupuncture pressure-points there that afect the head, and is a great way to get rid of a headache/migraine.
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  5. Well yeah, but the eye area of all places? I'd probably look to protect there more than others. (Then again, you probably know much more than I on that)

    I'll have to try that. When I take aleve too late and I can't throw up, Then I just prepare for a very painful night. Thanks for that (hopefully) pain relief method ^^
  6. Lol, *trying* to protect and *succeding* at it are 2 diferent things. Sometimes it slips thru the guard, especialy if you'r playing it more agresively in a fight, vhich I love to do; I dont shy back from taking the big shots if it means dishing them out better in return too hehe. Besydes I like the pain actualy! XD And its not the eye area, its above the eye. I tend to lean-in the forehead vhen something liek that comes in and take it there. Get a cut and bleed a litle, in exchange for not giving-up initiative on the oponent. I like that trade-off, and it usualy pays off!

    No problem, let me know how it gos. Sometimes you need to find just the right angle to press to actualy get to those spots. May take some experimenting to find the right placement.
  7. @Marchosias
    Someone who doesn't shy away O.O All my friends shy away DX I'm always telling them "quit pussyfooting around and HIT MAH!" So after months of friends shying away, I decide to take advantage of that. That's also the ONE TIME they don't shy away... I had quite the bruise on my chest for a good 2 weeks. Wasn't even visible, just hurt to touch/take showers DX unlike you, I'm a bit of a pussy and don't like to be in pain XP

    Think you can find an image of exactly where I should be aiming at for the eye pressure point?
  8. Lol wimpyyy hehe! :))) You want to fight but not feel pain? A-ah, not hapening! Take the time and efort to condition yorself a litle, develop some Iron body, you'l feel less pain and be less reluctant to take a shot! Shying away wil just give the other guy a advantage in the long run. And the more shots you take, the more the body adapts to it. No pain no gain sweety! Aniway, bruise on the chest? Let me guess, you took it at the solar plexus? That is nasty w/o being conditioned, true.

    Not right now, cant find anything good, but just feel to the sides of the upper-base of your nose, one index-finger on each side, right besyde the eye proper. Thats the general location of the spots. Press in-ward toward the nose and a litle up-ward tovard the forehead too, diagonaly in-to the side of the eye socket. If you do it right, you'l feel a kind of tingling. Ofc you wont actualy notice the diference, unles you have a headache.
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  9. Oh make no mistake, I can handle pain, I just don't find it pleasant and will 100% prefer to live without it XD (Also, I'm not the one who shies away XP My friends are always like "I don't wanna hurt you" and i'm like "Bruh! I may be a small build, but i'm compact... COME AT MAH DX"

    And no, more like upper breast XP We were knife training (Hard rubber training knives) and I decided to jump run in for the fun of it. WELL he decided to do a full stab thinking i'd dodge it like usual... Well I wanted to beast my way through it for the fun of it... And I did :D But turns out hard rubber doesn't always bend, and I got shanked too so yeah XP

    I have no idea what to feel for at the moment so I'll just have to try it when next time I have a headache/migrane and then see what makes it feel better or not. I used to think that the more headaches I get, the less they'll hurt so I quit taking pain relievers for a while... Yeah, there is no iron-ing your body for headaches DX
  10. Sound like fun! Suprised you'd have a bruise on your chest for 2 weeks from a rubber impact to the upper breast, thats just hard bone and skin, I dont feel much of anything if I'm hit there, just shrug it off. If it were hard-wood or something that hit me, like a basebal bat for instance, then I'd feel something but not from hard rubber.

    Yes... unfortunatly, ironing the body dont work for internal pain, only external one. But thats vhat pressure-points are for. Let me know if it helps. :)
  11. I was surprised too -_- Though i'm just assuming it was a bruise of sorts. There was absolutely no signs on my skin. No outside bruise, no blood, no scratch, just internal pain if touched.

    To be fair, you probably have a bit more... Meat there than I do XP Punch me, that goes straight to my body. For you? Probably a cushion to absorb most the impact.

    Almost sounds like you're hoping I get a headache for a cruel experiment O.o I for one, am perfectly okay with never finding out if it works or not as I don't intend for another headache XD

    I meant to type "cushion" not "Cousin" XD
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  12. Wel yea I guess it helps for the surface-hits. But take a deep-impact, relaxed hit, all the muscle in the vorld wont stop that, it just vibrates right thru it. You need real conditioning, vhich has nothing to do vith muscles. Iron body training is about developing internal energy and calcifying the bones thru repeated blows, to absorb the impact better.

    Nooo O_o ... I'm not that kind of a bitch lol! XD Just pointing out that to see if it works, you need to test it on a real headache. But if you can avoid it and never have to use it, good on you. I hope you dont have to use it. Good luck!
  13. Well yeah XP I was (kinda) joking around a bit there.
    I've never heard of iron body training then o.o Almost sounds like that's what those one martial artist use, the ones that can headbutt through like 10 bricks.

    I'm kinda self taught so I don't know much of anything of what certain things are called. Does my personal style compare? Doubt it, but it hasn't failed me yet so yeah :D (Also, I can't believe I said Cousin instead of Cushion -_- I thought for sure you would give me crap for that like my other friends would do XD)

    Uh-huh >.< (Just joking XD)
    It's a good thing you told me before I get to boot camp myself. They don't exactly allow us to bring our own medicine. I thought for sure I was gonna be 100% screwed of I got a headache in those 3 or so months. You're literally a life saver if it ends up working and I'm at basic :D :D :D :D
    But I will 100% tell you if it works :D (Or bitch at you angrily and grumpily if it doesn't work >: D
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  14. Thats it exacly (wel, one showmanship aspect of it aniway XD ). Those are the guys vho reached very high mastery in it, training in it there vhole life 5 hours evry day. Theyre not someone you ever vant to pick a fight with, if you can help it; they got a shit-load of internal energy, can break your limbs viht 1 strike! I wont say I can headbutt thru 10 bricks, but I culd probably headbutt thru one not-too-thick one. :) Maybe 2 if I use my fists, fore-arms or shins and not my head ofc, since thats vhere I focused most of my striking-surface conditioning.

    So you'r joining the army? In that case, definitly try to pick up as many alternative-medicine tricks as you can, you'l need them! :) Especialy for endurance-drills under full combat weight-load, that shit is fucking brutal; I speak from expirience. Good luck sweety!

    Truth be told I only notised it now vhen you pointed it out! English not being my native langue, I dont notice mis-spels, given how many i make myself lol. Stil... using my Cousin to stop blows... thats a idea, given how much she annoys me sometimes! XD
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  15. [​IMG]

    Not trying to start a debate, this picture just put's my perspective on it in a nutshell.

    As for how often I visit medical facilities myself?
    Never have in the past year.

    I only tend to do so when there's something serious.
    Colds, Flu's and other minor stuff just need a few days rest.
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  16. I wish that quote vas true... but most of the times it isnt. Pharmacutical industrys have a vested interest in keeping the alternative medicine on the margins, since if it becomes widely acepted, it wuld severely cut in-to their profits from drugs and other stuff they make.

    It comes down to money, like alvays.
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  17. @Marchosias
    So it's not nessessarily raw power/muscle, but their energy? I've been playing with energy for years now, though weaponizing it only seemed like a phantasy o.o

    National guard more specifically ^^ and yeah, I knew it would get me back in shape. But my improvement for just being smoked once a month, hardly any excersise Inbetween... o.o can't wait for 3 months straight. (I'm like the only guy there who enjoys all their workout stuff. Does it make me sore? Yeah XP but that means it's working :D

    I always assumed non native English speakers would notice misspells more as unlike me, you had to actually study what's what. So when you see "se" instead of "see" I figured it'll be something to look up thinking its a word.

    You not being native English also explains why your W's are V's, I assumed your keyboard was broken or something XP (unless you're doing it on purpose as your accent is very "V" heavy and wanna translate that to text XD)
  18. There's a reason TCM and other "folk" medicines have been around--and still continue to exist-- for thousands of years and thousands of years later.
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  19. No its not raw power. In fact, raw power limits the penetrating-efect of the hit, since it tends to "re-bound" back to you on impact. So if you hit a brick like that, using raw power, it wont break it, it wil more likely break your hand from the re-bounding efect. Those are vhat I call "surface strikes", vhat most ppl do, muscle-powered, since they dont know how to make a "deep" strike. Might leave a bruise on the skin or bleed you a litle or so, but it wont get deeper and do real damage. Relaxation and momentum is key for a deep hit.

    And no, there are no "W"s in my language at all! So I mix those up vith V's alot. :P

    ANiway before we slip-off the topic too far, I'd be happy to discuss more esoteric martial-arts technikues and methods with you in a PM or something, lets keep this thread on-track. :)
  20. AS FOR THE TOPIC!!!!!

    I'm probably considered as American as it gets, so everything I know is Doctor/pills.

    Although I've always wanted to get more into those alternative healing things, though it's hard to determine what's legit and not DX even if they all are just placebo, they do work for minor things regardless.
    Yeah, big things are for doctors, but I've always been a "fuse science with magic" kinda guy. From my perspective, we sacrificed our connection with nature for science/religions to make us feel special/smarter/better. Which is probably why we're seperating natural/non-natural healing in the first place. Saddest part is we didn't have to sacrifice anything, but chose to DX
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