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  1. I was just wondering if anyone would help me put together a Dark Souls role play. We'll need several play adept at writing; no putting each other down and if want to to play unfair--the GM can too. :) Hopefully we can get along in this endeavor and make our characters mean something. I will inform you more once we have a play for each class which can become but not at the current time.

    Anyquestions, feel free to PM
  2. So are you looking for people to claim class's?
  3. @LoveandHate91

    I'll lay out the classes once I have enough people.
  4. Ok sounds good.
  5. @LoveandHate91 I am recruiting currently--preferably those who've played Demon souls to Dark Souls 2.

    The Characters will be different in that they will have hard to gain prestige classes and such,
  6. I cant say I have experience when it comes to Demon souls but I played Dark souls 1 2 and 3.
  7. Dark Souls: Retribution
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