Danny Phantom RP (pompous pep)!

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  1. I'm craving some Danny Phantom really badly, so it'd be great if I could find a partner to help fill this hole in my heart. Hoping for a Vlad, as I'll be Danny!

    We could come up with some AUs together, or take it from a starting point somewhere in the actual show (though let's please ignore Phantom Planet/season 3 or whatever, that was a wreck hardly anyone in the fandom liked honestly). OR we could take after the events of the Ectober Comic by Ghost-chicky. Whatever works, honestly, we can discuss it over pms.

    All I ask is that you be 18+, read my information on my page to get a better idea of how I roleplay, and that we RP across private platforms, like Skype or through PMs here.

    I do expect romance/smut (that's kind of explained a bit in my info as well), but really I want to focus on a blooming romantic relationship between them.

    Writing expectations stress me out, and others as well, so I'm very loose about them as far as when my partner replies. No one-lining (a paragraph at the very least is fine, and I myself try to match length), and please just get back to me when you can; I'm aware we all have lives to attend to. But I would like it if we were on often enough to get this rp moving along. I'll happily let my partner know when I can't quite make it on for an extended period of time.
    On that note, I only want literate people, meaning grammatical errors and such are kept to a minimum, punctuation is used where it's needed, etc, please!

    Hopefully I'm not the only DP fan out here!
  2. You're not the only DP fan, that's for sure. Though I'm rusty on the episodes, so I hope you won't mind my current lack of knowledge on certain things if we do rp. >.< But I am interested in it! c:
  3. omg what a day! :') And hey, no worries. It's been a year since I binged the series and already I've gotten quite a bit rusty myself, but hey, that's what AU's are for right? PM me if you wanna go through with roleplaying it and we can go from there maybe? B) SO glad to know another DP fan exists on this site hahaha.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.