Cogs and Fire: An Open World Steampunk Fantasy Pro

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  1. Hey, look! An OOC thread!

    Cogs and Fire

    Hello, fellow roleplayers, and welcome to the Interest Check for Cogs and Fire, an open world, steampunk fantasy roleplay, where the world and its inhabitants are built by YOU, the players.

    The general idea behind this roleplay is to create a massive project where everyone contributes and there are limited constraints. There will be rules to balance things, of course, but the tools to create almost anything are in your hands. The locations, the races, the species… All are yours to create as you see fit. To keep things from getting too hectic, there will be submission forms for everything that players can create, which must be approved by a GM, those being me, @Crow, and @Vivian, before they are implemented into Avion, the world we’ll be playing in.

    There’s not much to say in this Interest Check. Why not? Because you all haven’t created anything yet! That being said, an OOC thread will be up soon, where you can start creating. This roleplay will be jump-in, no bios required, so everyone is welcome to join. Likewise, there’s no limit on who your characters can be or how many you can make. Want to be the corrupt mayor of a major city? Have fun. Want to lead a crazy cult and revive an old evil? Have at it!

    It’s my hope through this roleplay that we can all collaborate to create something amazing.

    I’d like to take this space to let everyone know that this won’t be a chaotic mess, as everything will be organized into sections in the soon to be made OOC thread, and nothing save for things approved in the OOC will be allowed in the roleplay.

    Still interested? Comment below with any thoughts or questions. The link to the OOC will be up sometime within the next few hours.
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  2. I would like to announce I named this place, be proud of me.
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  3. Proudness intensifies.
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  4. I am a bit interested, I would like to know more about it though!

    @Shayla @Kythera
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  5. Im extremely interested! Late here, so I'll work on a character(s) (and probably a race) tomorrow.
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  6. Awesome! Don't forget that you can make locations as well.~
  7. This looks VERY intresting.
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  8. Head over to the OOC! Tons more information there.~
  9. I read it all waiting for this reply. I am just excited!
  10. I'll probably start an IC soon once I get a few plots established. I recommend inviting friends so you can collaborate on a plot together, as this project has no defined start or end.
  11. Kicking this thread in the butt, just in case anyone is still looking for something to join!
  12. This is still open, everyone!
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