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  1. [​IMG]

    'Why Me..." ((In the title Banner, you'll find the opening theme of the soundtrack for this roleplay, listen to it while you read to set the mood!))

    This is New York City, Eastern United States. The year is 2235 and what's left of the world is trying build itself back up after the bloodiest and most terrifying nuclear war of the century. Following a vast socio-economical collapse and a period of martial law, the United States government has had to rely on several megacorporations to survive. This has given them a veritable carte blanche to operate as they will. You will take the roles of the citizens and bigwigs that now belitter the planet, the same kinds of hardscrabble people who previously lacked the street smarts and skills to survive in such a desolate, freakish environment. The game is simple, survive, with much attention being paid to combat, high tech weaponry and cybernetic modification. While both performance enhancing and recreational drug use are at an all time high in the majority of earth's history, both are seen as common place and are very much ordinary things.
    The range of characters that you, as the players, can adopt is very diverse, ranging from hardwired mercenaries with psycholinked weapons and boosted reflexes, to Armani-wearing corporate mega-yuppies who make and break national economies with the stroke of a pen. Any persona existing in this strange and broken environment can be yours to command. And your job is to survive, or to be survived upon. To play, or be played.

    The kind of Megacorporations that will be big news in this roleplay are as follows:
    Biotechnica, an Italian biotechnology, pharmacology, and cybernetics firm.
    infocomp, a commercial think-tank and information repository.
    Kendachi, a Japanese armament company, More dangerous than some might think.
    Militech, American arms and mercenary contractor.
    Petrochem, an energy company
    Zetatech, a computer, cyberdeck, robotics, and cybernetics manufacturing company.
    WorldSat Communications Network, a satellite communications giant.

    Some terms that you will be using will consist of:
    Netrunners: Cybernetic computer hackers, the people who's bodies have been cybernetically modified to such extents as to allow them to become what are essentially human computers.
    Fixers: Very simple, these are the Deal makers, smugglers, organizers and information brokers. you go to them when you want to deal under the table.
    Nomads:Usually travelling in groups and even mobile towns, there are road warriors and gypsies who roam the highways. These people are the go-to guys for all your out-of-this-world chuck, there's nothing paranormal they don't know.
    Privateers: Hardy world faring seamen, out to stab you in the back or to make a good bargain with you. These are the people who are out to pillage and steal, they often run you over in the seven seas, out to get supplies and other goods, as well as money, to sell on the black market back on dry land.
    Solos: Hired assassins, bodyguards, killers, soldiers. Making money on the misfortune of others.
    Rockerboys: Rebels who use music to fight the power. Partying hard and blasting tunes.

    Corpore Metal - A society of full-body cyborgs that use Livemetal technology, where a modular braincase unit is inserted into a variety of purpose-built body frames. (Northeastern united states)
    Desnai' - Disneyworld-like series of amusement park arcologies that strive to shelter themselves from the anarchy outside their walls. It is run heavily on automation and uses telepresence-piloted drones for travel, security, maintenance, labor, etc. (Southeastern united states)
    Edgerunners - the descendants of the anti-corporation Cyberpunk movement. Integral cyberlimbs are replaced by Neo-Cyber technology, in which detachable articulated frames called "bracers" worn over the body can be modified to perform all the functions of dedicated cybertechnology. (Mostly Europe, some of the eastern states.)
    Reef - an undersea community whose members are heavily genetically-modified to adapt and survive in the depths of the ocean. (australia)
    Riptide Confederation - a fleet of Japanese floating arcologies that were cut off from their country following a nuclear civil war. They use bio-engineering to make living "tools" to aid them. (Japan)


    Chapter 1: Stormfront
    Currently there are two major factions warring for control over the north-eastern U.S.
    A large group of netrunners, rebels from Europe whose intent is to take down all established business that has come up as a result of the survivors. Concerning the other side, there aren't any organized counter-movements, but there do remain a few who would protect what they still have, those few would be you.

    You as the characters are responsible for chosing one of these sides, or none at all, working to simply survive with what little you have. You play the roles of mercenaries, nomads, and other citizens. Either city dwellers, or the netrunners working on the coast. Eat or be eaten, my friends.
    This is the stormfront.

    Chapter 2: Shockwave

    Chapter 3: The Fall

    "...Bloodthirsty me."

    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​

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  2. RULES
    Here are the 17 rules that you will live by in this roleplay. don't mess up.

    1. Romdeaux is god of this roleplay, see that hand reaching down from the clouds? That's him.
    2. No playing god, it's not cool.
    3. No killing without permission, also not cool.
    4. You may have as many characters as you want.
    4.5 Provided you can keep them all up.
    5. This is a Homosexual-friendly roleplay, no worries.
    6. Respect everyone, no racism or sexist behavior, or any other kind of hate. Don't ignore players, no one likes to be left out.
    7. Romance is, welcome. just don't get out of hand.
    8. I'm fond of some pretty advanced writing skill. Basically a fairly hefty paragraph minimum. Use proper grammar and spelling. Keep in mind though I am Pretty lax about this, and I personally can work with anything you might post that isn't a one-liner, but do think about others!
    9. Don't quote the first page.
    10. Highlight the entire post please.
    11. All out of character posts will be made here.
    12. PRETTY POSTS. Decorate yo shit. I like pictures to be had in your posts, I like headers and footers! Dammit, son, get yer shit together and gay it up.

    Please follow every single rule on this list and nobody gets hurt, see?
    : A great portion of ideas for this roleplay, including place names, and gameplay additives, come directly from the "Cyberpunk 2020" game franchise and are copyrighted as such, any violation of terms of use can and will be punished to the full extent of my arm. The "transmetropolitan" portion of this roleplay's title, comes from and is in direct correlation to the "Transmetropolitan" comic book series, written by Warren Ellis, this title is copyrighted to him and him alone, I have no connection with him and and in no way affiliated with him nor his badassery.

    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​
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    Any and all profiles will be posted here without discrepancy.​

    [noparse][B]They call me [/B]_Username Here_[B][[COLOR=green]ONLINE[/COLOR]]
    But In here, I'm [/B]_Character Name Here_
    [B]I've Roamed these streets for [/B]_Age Here_[B] Years
    Here's My Card [/B]_Picture here(If you put some mainstream scenester in an august burns red shirt here, I will eat your face off.)_
    [B]I Swing To The [/B]_Need an Orientation Here_
    [B]I specialize in [/B]_Any Skills or tricks up your sleeve go Here_
    [B]I work for [/B]_Your home company or job here(IE:what role do you play in society)_
    [B]My cold steel [/B]_Weapons and/or Items you carry around_
    [B]Here's how it goes [/B]_Your character's bio goes Here_
    [B]Additives [/B]_Anything Else? Put it here_ [/noparse]

    1. Two Steps From Hell - Am I Not Human?
    2. Opening CH.1 STORMFRONT: Why Me, SKOLD vs KMFDM
    3. Losing a Friend
    4. Moving on
    5. Inside The City
    6. The Fight
    7. Open water
    8. Grand Central
    9. Under the Streets
    10. The Flagship's Final Battle
    11. Diplomacy
    12. The Lemon Pop Club
    13. Lemon Pop 2
    14. Lemon Pop Battle
    15. Desperation - Salvare
    16. Ocean #8
    17. The Scent of a Woman
    18. "Cleanliness is next to Homeliness"
    19. What's left of Yesterday
    20. Like Love
    21. Subtlety
    22. Wasting Time
    23. Hacking Music
    24. End of chapter 1
    -Character Themes-

    1. Eden's Theme: The Perfect Assassination


    1. Opening CH.2 SHOCKWAVE: Chopperhead, Two Steps From Hell
    2. New Tokyo
    3. Kendachi
    4. The Hive

    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​
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    New York, 2235, Post-nuclear war

    =The Small Streets of The Upper West Side
    =The Ruined West Coast of lower New York City as seen from The Waterfront
    =Upper East Side, On the Left is the lamp post outside of the Lemon Pop Nightclub.
    =Coast of The Upper East side, as seen from Astoria
    ||The Lemon Pop Nightclub||

    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​
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    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​
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    -None, let's keep it that way~

    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​
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    -Story : Rules : Profiles/Soundtrack : Setting : White list : Black list : Bruce's Banners-​
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  8. I'm interested in this as I love post apocalyptic fiction

    few questions though,

    1. Does this take place in 2235 (as your first post designated) or 2035? (As your fourth post designates)
    2. What is the current level of re-advancement in technology?
    3. What is the limitation on character design meaning, am I limited to being a normal human being that can have cybernetics or may I add Extraterrestrial genetics. (Given that in the universe you've created there are in fact still extraterrestrials alive or the DNA could be harvested from archaeological remains.)
    4. Could my character be a sort of vigilante type person
  9. -HUH. It is in fact 2235. No idea how that 0 got there.

    -Technology wasn't so much set back by the apocalypse, more... put on hold. Sure, a lot of existing technology was destroyed, by Tech giants like Kendachi and Zetatech still have the majority of main offices and R&D labs relatively running. Kendachi being the more volatile of the two (and those two being the biggies in general "technology") it has advanced far more, but moreso in arms and weaponry than everyday tech, that being the case, most of their new material isn't even available to the public, let alone publicized. As far as commercial technology, think EM/plasma weaponry, depending on your money. The ability to interface with computers and other "etc." network technology like that is way up there. So Definetly talking about Neuroscience and nano-tech.
    TL:DR=Electromagenic and plasma guns, you can become a computer, also artificial ability via exo-suits. Not quite iron man, nice and clunky.

    -Last two qeustions: ABSOLUTELY.
    As you'll soon see. My character is actually something along those lines, minus the alien gibe. But yeah. Vigilantes are totally welcome.
  10. but extraterrestrial genetics is cool?
  11. Sure. A la treasure planet? totally.
  12. They call me_Romdeaux_[ONLINE]
    But In here, I'm _Eden Taggart_
    I've Roamed these streets for _20_ Years
    Here's My Card _ 3feb736bd9807514867a7e606936aa1a-d4tqfje.jpg _
    I Swing The The _Straight_
    I specialize in _Making people wish that they hadn't done what you paid her to punish them for doing._
    I work for _ What Eden does is she takes out the people who don't do their jobs, skip out on bail, and 'forget' to pay for their goods, shes a bounty hunter, and a good one. She's got a gun and you'd better hope it's not pointed at you._
    My cold steel _CheyTac M200 "Intervention". 33 lb (15 kg) with scope, bipod and a loaded 7-round detachable single stack magazine, effective range up to 2,500 yards (2,300 m), and fires .408 CheyTac or .375 CheyTac rounds at 783 metres per second.
    A Browning high power 9mm pistol.
    Biotechnica OM-7200 series ocular prosthesis. (Proprietary, military-grade) These eyes are enhanced with a variable HUD and digital zoom capabilities of up to 200x. Making the use of a scope normally obsolete, even so, nothing beats the classics in a pinch.
    Biotechnica GM-800 series Brainchip, homebrew. (Particularly illegal, not to mention crazy dangerous) This little number was something Eden originally ripped out of an ex-sniper for a local high-end Fixer ("ex" because he is no longer a sniper, nor alive). Before she got her hands on it, it was a standard Biotechnica model Brainchip, placed on the frontal lobe, used to make you think a little faster. After her modifications, however, it now interfaces with her prosthetic eyes (an easy feat when working with the same brand). It can display information about her brain as well as allow her to access wireless networks. The new chip is also several chips, the original placed on the frontal lobe and two more placed on the occipital lobe. The latter are the illegal ones, not to mention the modifications to the original. These auxiliary chips modify the rate and power at which her senses operate, giving her potentially limitless smell, hearing, sight, etc. This is optional, however, due to it being unreasonably strenuous on her brain, as well as deadly if used for too long.
    Here's how it goes _Eden Taggart wasn't made for dancing, cooking, or raising a family, she was made for fucking people up, and she's good at it. Raised in a single mother's home, she went to a rough school in the middle of the New York ghetto, she learned quickly how to keep herself out of trouble, at least the trouble she didn't want to get into. She's committed multiple felonies, and hasn't once gotten caught, she specializes in seeing everything, but rarely being seen, she's a killer, who works for no individual company, only the one that pays the most money. _
    Additives _
    Miss Taggart is one of those girls who doesn't like to lose, which is why she rarely does. She holds a strong grudge._
    Theme Song _The Perfect Assassination_
  13. A transmet RPG you say?... that has nothing to do with the Graphic novel Transmetropolitan but in fact has very similar ties to the Table top RPG Shadowrun?


    Lemme mill about this one in my noggin. I'd like to jump into this, but I need to get caught up in the game I'm currently running. Lemme post there and I'll see what I can do. This looks interesting!
  14. Correct, sir. This roleplay is basically the hipster-comic junkie's wet dream.
  15. SOLD.

    But only due to the one liner. All the extra in depth plot mumbo jumbo is just added bonus. Expect a character by the end of the week.
  16. Lel. Kk. I look forward to it!

  17. They call me _Headjack_[ONLINE]

    But In here, I'm _Jacob Miner_

    I've Roamed these streets for _24_ Years

    Here's My Card: ->

    I Swing The _Straight_

    I specialize in _Poetic Justice_

    I work for _ Jacob specializes in corporate sabotage on the computer level, lately however he's been forced to lay low due to a job that got a bit more heated than he had intended. Lately to pay the bills and remain under the radar he's been getting by ferrying sensitive information as a data courier. It's not glamorous, but it pays the bills._

    My cold steel _Zetatex ZX52 Integrated interface (Not civilian legal): Jacob's brain has been melded permanently with a computer system that provides him a direct connection to most networks via thought. Usually kept beneath a ball cap, the device was obtained through likely less than legal sources. The device is a prototype and while most of the bugs have been worked out, testing phases yielded the rare side effect of hallucinations in users.

    Zetatex: OpMod - Orionx8 (Legal, but not stock): Jacob's left eye is very clearly cybernetic when given close inspection. Functioning as a personal camera and HUD display, the OpMod runs a direct link into his head computer. If the netrunner at any point wishes to sacrifice his Internal display capabilities, the eye can be removed and used as a remote camera with a wireless feed to his computer. While all Jacob's wireless frequencies operate on a frequency hopping security pattern, he doesn't like doing this as it's potentially traceable.

    Biotechnica Crotech6 series Modular Limb replacement system (CMLRS). Prosthetics overlaid with artificial tissue that sit a little too much in the uncanny valley when inspected. Both legs are above knee replacement and walking is impossible without them. A 1/2 gallon out compartment is located in the right thigh. Both legs are interfaced with the head computer.

    Armatech Ares 6 (Illegal)
    http://www.webhallen.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/IMG_9933.jpg: A prosthetic right arm grafted at the shoulder, the limb sports a few features that limit it specifically to military use. A hidden two foot hold out blade is housed in the forearm and a wired block of C4 is mounted in the upper shoulder. The pinky can be opened revealing a data jack which can connect to most terminals. While the arm does sport an interface, it’s basic and blocky. Used in junction with the head computer however, the arm can be detached and operated wirelessly as if Jacob was personally connected. Doing such however, leaves the man armless._

    Here's how it goes _Jacob Miner's story is one part tragedy and two parts bad sense of humor. When Miner was 6, he and his mother found themselves in a brutal vehicle accident that left them both worse for wear. While Jacob's mother died, he managed to survive only due to his size. Both legs had been severed above the knee and his right arm had been smashed to a point that left repair out of the question. Seeing no other option, Jacob turned to prosthetics in an attempt to lead a normal life. An option often frowned upon in the medical community due to the high chance of a growing body rejecting implants. Surprisingly, Jacob's body showed a high compatibility ratio to the replacements and recovery was a much quicker process than anyone could have hoped.

    Following the crash, Jacob's operation left his resources earned through inheritance expended. Jacob was placed in an orphanage which operated under questionable parameters. This one in specific operated in Identity theft, using minors as deniable assets to obtain and exploit information. Miner took to the job like a fish in water, excelling at the procedures required. When Jacob was 16, he crashed the orphanage's network and left an anonymous tip off to the local authorities along with enough evidence to do the job. Ever since, the man's made a hobby of tracking down less than moral organizations and filtering them out in ironic manners.

    Additives _Jacob is the kind of man who would fake his own funeral for the Lulz. A lanky man who's not much to look at, he usually sticks to a presence that doesn't yield him much attention. Getting to know him personally however reveals a rebellious jester with a dark sense of humor and a devilish talent for being resourceful._

    Theme Song _ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVgbPRZMH2Y


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  18. I will most likely join when I can find the time to come up with a complicated character sheet. Awesome idea and will hunt around for a good picture! :D
  19. They call me Kai or Babydoll

    But In here, I'm "Apro" (pronounced AY-pro)

    I've Roamed these streets for 19 Years

    Here's my Card: [​IMG]

    Orientation: Straight

    I specialize in: Old style terminal hacking, neural net hacking, stealth and basic hand to hand combat

    I work for whoever has what I want

    My cold steel Zetatech MKII pocket pc (Earned after a job), wrist worn Zetatech tablet computer (Stolen by his father), Zetatech MKIV neural net lacing and optical HUD combination, Militech MKVII Tungsten Accelerator Hand-cannon (Magnetically Accelerates molten tungsten/steel into targets) (Stolen by a gang member and taken as a trophy by Apro)

    Here's how it goes: Apro was born in the wastes outside Neo-New York to a strange family, His mother was not human. Human enough to mate with his human father, but her origins lied in the wastelands. He never knew his mother, though he knew she was a mutant, giving him the biological ability of being a living taser, his forearms having subcutaneous electrocytes that generate a low level of voltage with which he can shock opponents. His father smuggled his son and himself into the city as his mother had died in childbirth. He was raised in the slums on the north eastern coastline of Neo-New York and he was taught the old ways of cyber terrorism, a dying art as most cybernetics were more mass produced and replaceable unlike the old tried and true, sticks-with-ya-for-life cybernetics that Apro and his Father had implanted. His father had gained a reputation in Upper East side as a Class A hacker, but his father went full cyber terrorist enacting a personal vendetta against Petrochem, taking it upon himself to bring them down, trying to break their deathgrip on the energy flow in the Upper East side, He disappeared, and Apro never saw his father again, growing up on the streets from the age of 15. His cybernetics grow with him, and so did his abilities in hacking, and it wasn't long before he had become something of a cyber vigilante/mercenary, putting up a one man fight against things he found.....disturbing with how control was enacted on the masses.

    Additives: He Indulges in regular marijuana and tobacco consumption and can often be seen either sparking up a marijuana cigar or a cigarette.

    Additives Part II: Personality: His general disposition is quiet yet when he does speak he's quite light-hearted and sarcastic given his rough childhood. He tends to stay inside during the daylight hours, preferring the night as "air feels nicer" as he puts it. He has no bones about killing people whom he thinks "have it coming" however will usually try to find less lethal ways of dealing with things as he finds death "too much of a downer, and I spend a lot of my time with my brain in slo-mo" He has a tendency to take the prefixes off of words and use phrases that to most wouldn't make sense, such as common phrases he uses such as "Feeling the mode" or "Oh I'm moded" or "That's so crash"

    Additives Part III: His digital calling card is an artistically stylized facial avatar of himself wearing sunglasses and Laughing in both a triumphant and childishly mischievous tone with the words "You're Moded" in bold letters when he crashes a system.

    Additives Part IV: Will at times deny his own identity, using an alias "Bob Nendav", using a photonic displacement mask to alter his facial features, a disguise he puts on when he wants to..."disappear till the mode crashes"

    Additives Part V: His birth name is Alexander Logan

    Theme Song: [video=youtube;xZhdXhOr8AA]
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  20. Oh my god yes. :U
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