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  1. By now, the sun was shining high in the sky, even as the temperature remained low, Lumin was beyond tired with her current shopping spree. She didn't want to be out this late anyway. It had been a well-recorded fact within her own household that only crazy people and bums stayed this late inside a mall. They probably didn't have any other options, like a real house...or something else. Personal griping aside, Lumin had known very well that she could find herself among the late crowd when her mother instructed her to go out and buy gifts for her siblings birthday the next day. Lumin sneered, remembering how proud her mother had been about her "clever" actions, sneaking the gifts in at the last possible minute. That way, the little monsters had no idea what they were getting, and she would really be able to surprise them this year. There was literally no downside to this arrangement. Unless you were Lumin. If you were Lumin Han, you had been in college, working on a term paper, and getting ready to indulge in a newly bought game as a reward. In summation, you were not thinking about your spoiled siblings. Which she wasn't and now she was.

    She had hated every literal second being forced to leave her comfy college campus, going to the mall, stepping inside, and looking the complete part of the fool as she scoured every inch of the mall in search of presents. "...What did Rei want last year? He wanted the statuette of that one dude...No. That...t-that might've been Ryung. So what did Rei want?" She had run around the mall with scattered thoughts and tired feet, eventually ending towards the front of the mall, near the center fountain. "I give up...N-no more!" She ended up settling on a rather expensive figurine doll for Ryung, and a game for Rei's portable system. She'd prayed to any and everything powerful she knew of that those two would shut up and take their gifts like men. Lumin could only hope that this entire endeavor hadn't been some clever ploy to drag her back to that house. Her mother would be in the shock of her life if that was the case. She wasn't going to stay in that house, even for the measly few hours of her brothers' birthdays.

    Lumin rested her weary self on the side of the fountain, taking the moment to set the bags down for the moment. She could see pretty well that the sun had begun the daily ritual of staining the sky a fiery crimson. She was going to head back to the college, finish her work, and maybe if she could finish the entire last two pages of her essay in the next forty-five minutes, she'd be able to get...around twenty minutes of game-play in before having to retire. This day couldn't have become much worse. Even as people began to crowd around the surrounding area and front exit.
  2. Sighing as cora sat down on the fountains edge with her envelope of resumes in her lap "Hopefully someone will get back to me" she didn't need a job, she wanted a job and if that was women was at the house today than the longer she was out the less likely she see her when she went home.

    Not that she didn't want to go home, Cora loved her family at first it had only been cora and her mother but they struggled to get by but when her mother had gotten sick and had to be hospitalized it didn't look good until her mother's sister and her husband took cora in. They treated her like their own daughter, took care of her, helped with school and took her to see her mother.

    It wasn't until cora's mother passed away did they really adopt cora into their family, at the time she was sad about her mother but happy to have a family though it did get better that is until her aunt and uncle had their own child three years later. Cora loved her little sister but when the baby was born brought another person into their lives, her uncles sister at first she seemed to be a very nice person but that was just in front of everyone, when she and cora were alone she was a cruel and terrifying women who had decided that cora needed to know her place by hurting her emotional, mentally and physically.

    Over the years she began to withdraw from her family, she didn't want to burden them with herself so once she got into Highschool she looked into scholar ships that would give her a full ride through college. Though it was difficult to do she had gotten a scholarship to a college in the same city, she was proud of herself though her uncles sister always found a way to hurt her the most recent was that her aunt and uncle were wasting money by sending it to her for an allowance instead of using it for their own child.

    That's how she came to be at the mall getting up early, dressed with resumes going from store to store. She didn't want to burden her family so if a job would help than she'd get one though it was getting late she could see people heading for the exit or lingering around doing good last minute shopping as she sat on the ledge of the fountain.
  3. Lumin watched as the crowd began to bulge, growing in size and severity. Something was happening over there. Her attention was drawn away from her task when someone sat nearby. She looked over, immediately moving her bags out of the way. Halfway out of courtesy, and halfway out of caution. "I'm sorry, let me move these bags for you." she stumbled through her words, shifting the bags to her other side. It was probably time for her to push on anyways, finish up that work. It had begun to call her name, really it had. As Lumin stood, she realized that the crowd had become far more severe than she'd previously figured. Dozens of people, all gasping in what was either fear, amazement, shock, or some combination of the three. Something was there in the crowd. Oddly, Lumin's spine began to chill, for reasons she could not and did not want to understand. she turned instead to the only other person at the fountain. "This crowd is crazy, huh? There's some sort of performer over there."

    Lumin took up her bags as more and more people began to fill the area, not wanting her brothers' gifts to be ruined. "Must be something amazing happening." she mused, eyes shifting between the brunette to her right and the dozens of strangers she wasn't having a conversation with. "...Probably have to wait until it thins out." she whispered. But, to be completely honest, that didn't look it was going to happen any time soon. Lumin put a tentative hand to her forehead. "Thanks, Mom. Freakin' lifesaver..."
  4. A voice broke her thoughts as she turned towards the voice to see a girl about her age moving her bags to the other side "Oh no sorry I didn't realize that I was, so sorry" quickly moving over to give the girl some space as she looked at the ground only to look up when the there girl spoke again.

    It was true the crowd had become big in size though the reactions were different and mixed some people were scared, amazed or curious. Holding her folder to her tightly cora stood up to get a better look but couldn't see anything over the crowd but the hairs on the back of her neck stood up whatever the crowd was looking she'd rather not.

    Gulping and nodding to the girl beside her keeping her gaze to either the crowd or the ground, Cora was usually fine in crowds but for some reason this one was making her anxious though with the girl next to her keeping calm it did help.

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  5. Lumin sighed, the door had been less and less visible as the sun sunk down into the horizon. Did these people really have nowhere to be right now? Because she did, and this was beginning to get annoying. Lumin had to pick her bags from the ground and place them on her lap as the crowd finally became big enough that it had even stretched far enough to choke the space around the fountain. When Lumin was nearly elbowed in the face, she spoke sharply on them, "Hey! Maybe you want to watch were you're going!" Though excuses had been uttered, Lumin was livid. Was someone swallowing swords in the front? On a unicycle? And the unicycle was on fire? She just didn't understand what they were so excited about.

    Lumin decided to stand up again, and get a better look on the crowd and the object of their affection. Standing on the side of the fountain, Lumin stood above the crowd, seeing the small circle of space where the mystery act had to have been. And right there, in the middle of the large mess, was...well, it had to be... Some sort of purple cow? Yeah, that was a pretty good reason to crowd around like this. Not enough to stay here for the past fifteen minutes as they had, but Lumin could see the confused appeal. Just as Lumin had decided to drop to the ground again, and make her way to the door, she was spotted. The purple cow caught her gaze just as she was set to look away. Lumin seemed nearly frozen to the spot, then to add to her chagrin, the cow seemed to become angered by her very presence. "...That's not good." Especially not when the eyes seemed to glow and it sort of looked like it was shifting form. Kind of like that large boss in the video-game they make you waste fifteen minutes running from because you couldn't possibly beat it without a plan. Either way it was something large, and if any of the scrambling and screaming crowd was an indication, very dangerous.

    Lumin immediately flinched, breaking eye contact with whatever it was. First thought, get down from the fountain where she was obviously a target. The crowd, with it's compactness, had erupted into chaos. Everyone pushing and shoving to either get out or get away. Lumin felt someone elbow her in the stomach, doubling over slightly. "Hey, watch it!" but even as she said it, someone else managed to bang her knee, buckling it under her, and sending her toppling back. Desperate to regain her balance, Lumin reached for anything around her as she was sent toppling into the fountain. Not that it did much.
  6. She wasn't sure how much time had passed but the crowd was showing any sign of separating whatever everyone must be looking at must be quite intresting, even though cora was curious herself she couldnt bring herself to ask what it was. It seemed the girl beside her was curious as well since she got up on the edge of the fountain to see, looking at the girl face it went from surprised but than back to annoyed, watching as she was about to get down she froze. Frowning cora wondered why had happened "That's not good" Curious she was about to ask when the crowd began to scream and scramble.

    Standing up she felt people bump into her making her back up closer to the fountain "Hey, Watch It!" Looking over she was the girl hunched over. Just as cora was about to ask if she was okay another person hit her knees making the girl loose her balance and fall back wards. She didn't know if it was a reflex or herself but cora reach for the girl as she fell backwards.
  7. Lumin felt her hand connect to something, grabbing hold of it with everything she had, even if that did little to stop her descent.She prepared herself for the splash, wondering exactly how much this would slow her down when she'd need to get out of the mall. Especially with that large monster pissed at her actions for some reason. Lumin did see something before closing her eyes to prevent water getting into them, it was that girl from before. She must've tried to catch her as she started to fall. Lumin could feel the need to apologize for the unnecessary wet clothing. How something immensely lucky happened before she could, which was both pretty lucky and unlucky.

    Lucky in the sense that somehow, she didn't splash into the water, so no wet clothes! Unlucky in the sense that...well, she still felt like she was falling. Opening her eyes revealed straight up sky. Like clouds and blue sky as far as she could look. Even though Lumin didn't look very far. An immense fear of heights forced her eyelids shut before she could make sense of the scene before her. "W-what happened!? Where's the mall!! Where's the building?!" the fear built in her voice, although it was sort of muffled by the wind.
  8. Cora had made it in time to take the girls hand but she was pulled with the girl into the fountain. Closing her eyes as she braced herself for the cold water but it never came instead she felt like she was stilling falling opening her eyes, they were falling, they were in the air falling towards a lake. She was terrified of water and add that she was Panicing since they were somehow falling from the sky it wasn't good and she wasn't the only one hearing the muffled voice of the girl "I don't know what's happening! LAKE!" shouting as they were almost at the lake.
  9. As delayed as it was, Lumin finally felt the cold water slam into her body. Though considering her head hadn't slammed into the bottom of the fountain, it was only safe to assume that earlier assumptions of there being a lake were correct. Of course it was at that moment that Lumin even remembered there was another person involved in this rather zany situation. Pulling out of the water as quickly as she could, she felt the need to quickly look for the person that might die due to her own self-interest. "Hey! Please answer me!!" Lumin looked around the disturbed water's surface, until she could see brown hair like her own. Lumin had managed to lose the grip on this mystery girl's hand when they'd fallen, in a panic. Seeing that this might have been a grave mistake, Lumin was happy to realize that she hadn't killed anyone. They might not have been safe, but no one was dead... yet.

    "We need to get to shore! C-can you see where that is? I-I can't see it..." she sputtered, trying into to spit water in the girl's face as she spoke.
  10. From the speed that they were falling at when they hit the water stunned cora, she couldnt move for a few seconds until her lungs began to hurt from not breathing. Quickly swimming up she broke the surface gasping for air finally feeling how cold the water was, looking around to find see the other girl was okay.

    Looking around for shore it was hard to see anything over the fog of the lake but their looked to be seem trees peeking out "Ove...over" shaking as she pointed to where the trees were.
  11. Lumin tread water as she never had before, still reeling and trembling even as she pulled her body onto dry land. Making sure the mall girl from before had followed, Lumin relaxed, trying to pull in fresh air for a moment. Had she the energy for it currently, she would have actively wondered where they were. Other good observations may have included the absence of the mall, absence of the screaming crowds, and of the horrid fantasy monster. However, all of those pail in comparison to Lumin's currently residing fear of drowning. She wouldn't even go to the pool at home, so she would've never wanted to swim in that large lake! Sore about it, but numb to that part of this adventure, Lumin sat herself up, trying to get a good look around. It wasn't entirely registering, this fear of the unknown she should've been faced with. Luckily she wouldn't have to go through this whole thing on her own.

    That other girl, "mall girl" as Lumin had taken to referring her as, was here too. Probably just as tired if not more so... As much as Lumin really detested speaking and interacting with strangers, she knew the best possible option in this situation was to probably cooperate. Besides...Lumin kind of felt responsible for this entire situation. Like, wasn't it her fault to begin with that the mall girl had been pulled along with her? And in her family, that meant she was responsible for making sure that this person hadn't been hurt...and in this case, got home safely. Which, in Lumin's head, was complete and utter crap! But there's just no ignoring ground-in family values. So, like most things in that area of her life, Lumin had to suck it up. First thing would be to find out where they were. Her head was clear, and she was able to stand for the most part, no stinging heat of, yeah, it was time to move on.
  12. Following the other girl finally back on dry land shivering as the air made contact with her soaking self before laying down on the grass trying to get her breathe back. After some time she finally was able to breathe again as she looked around, they're was a huge forest behind them, a lake in front of them but no mall, no people, no buildings though she wasn't alone.

    The other girl was here with her, Cora wanted to ask here where they were, what happened, where was all the people but she probably wouldn't know. Pushing herself into a sitting position, swallowing as she built up the courage to speak "Are you..okay?" Asking as she quickly looked at the ground and around her, she wasn't good at speaking to people but it was only them together here.
  13. Lumin was pulled out of her own thoughts by her only companion. "Yes. Thank you...Where do you think we are?" As Lumin finally decided to acknowledge the true foreign surroundings they now had to sort through. That damn lake, some trees... Very tall and imposing trees. There had to be like a horribly large forest in that direction. "...I'm thinking that maybe we should actually head through the forest. That's usually where you find cities and/or people." Lumin debated telling her about where she got this rather precarious information, but she realized how crazy it might sound that she was following common game logic. Because if this followed common game logic, not saying that it did, then everything had gone wrong from the moment these two fell in here.

    The only sensible thing in a video game would be to trek into the place that's most filled with enemies. Then the story can progress, and everyone could make with the getting to the ending. Preferably, Lumin would rather be playing her video-game. That didn't mean she wanted to be living one, but once again, given the facts, she probably didn't have another choice. Shape-shifting cows, weird water portals leading into another world... Either that or this was one intense prank.
  14. Looking around for an answer that wasn't there "I'm not sure, I don't know how we got here either" rubbing her arms to bring some warmth back to her body as she stood up looking at the imposing forest.

    Nodding at the other girls suggestion to go through the forest to find a city or town was probably there best option at the moment, not like sitting around would do much good and it'd be colder at night so hopefully they could either find shelter or a town before than.
  15. Lumin sighed, nodding to her companion curtly as she made her way towards the forest. She decided immediately to lead the way for the both of them. Lumin's only justification for this was the fact that she had "experience" with this sort of confusing situation. Even if this "experience" was simply dozens of Advernture RPG games. Given the weird scenery, the lack of the mall or anything resembling the city she lived in...she was giving the weird feeling in her gut a good listening to. It wasn't like she had much else to rely on at this point.

    Almost as an afterthought, Lumin looked around the edge of the forest as she approached it. She found a rather large stick there, and picked it up immediately. The stick was always the first weapon of the hero. Yes, she did consider herself the hero of this tale, in a way, it was her fault that this discourse had occurred in the first place. Looking back to her companion, Lumin gestured to the sticks, "Pick up a weapon for yourself." She stated calmly, "...just in case." It seemed a little too much to tell this person about Lumin's odd feeling about this place, so there wasn't much she could do or say to convince aside from just ordering her. That was Lumin's style anyway. People listened to her and what she told them to do, and she was usually right.

    The trek through the forest started as a simple tangled mess, thick roots and weeds to get caught up in. Spider webs that Lumin had to narrowly avoid with her makeshift weapon, keeping her associate in sight at all times. Being sensitive to every sound that came within close range, and keeping an eye on any dangerous movements. For some reason, again, it just felt like the right thing to do. Lumin couldn't shake the tension building in her gut, similar to the one she'd get when the boss was so close, and her health was low... she wasn't ready, and something bad was going to happen but what? To ease her own rising fears, she tried to start up a conversation. "...Ah, I-I didn't get your name when I pulled you into the water..." she mused, trying to keep the same cocky exterior she always had.

    It didn't last long that something did end up occurring, as the girls passed through another clearing. There, standing over a rather small prey animal, deceased, stood a very familiar-looking boar. Lumin froze on the spot, grip tightening on her weapon. "Shit!" The boar had been preoccupied when hey happened upon it, but that didn't change much for Lumin. The boar hadn't been looking at her when it started up that commotion in the mall. The boar turned just as Lumin began to step backwards through the brush. It's eyes widened in surprise, and for a moment, Lumin could have sworn that she saw it eyes sparking with laughter. And like before, it seemed to change shape right before their eyes. From the blood red boar, to a tall, lanky, nightmarish man with a ragged cloak, and the face of a jack-o-lantern.

    "Surprise to see you two here....Well, really I'm not, but it's not about me..." he spoke and it was like the growl of a bear, low and dangerous. "Especially you," he poked a jagged, clawed finger at Lumin, "You who so blatantly looked onto my wonderful act and scoffed. Was I not impressive? The others seem to think so...Oh, your world is so bland, I thought I could color it up a bit. Tell me... Are you having fun yet?" The monster's stance changed, into a more puzzled way, finger tapping his chin, "Well, maybe it's difficult when you don't know the language or the culture. It was hard for me...Yes, yes that must be it!"

    The monster took a step forward, "I have just the thing for you foreigner types!!" And he reached behind himself, pulling a small bag from his cloak. Out of that bag, he pulled a strange looking flower, unlike anything Lumin had ever seen. "This Mana-mushroom should be able to clear things up a bit. Get a little fire going in your belly. Cool your soul, yes? Oh, what are we waiting for?" He seemed to disappear, the monster was light on its feet. Lumin looked around frantically grabbing the shoulder of the other girl and beginning to turn around. And just as she did so, she found the monster was behind them. One strange plant in each hand, and a wicked crescent-shaped grin tearing across his face, "...Eat up. You'll get a real laugh out of this one." And he was upon the both of them in no time.

    Lumin felt the worst taste in her mouth, like a horrible slimy substance, tar maybe. What's worse than that was when it began to burn, not only in her mouth, but her stomach, and in her eyes, everything burned so hot, she couldn't will herself to stand any longer.
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  16. Seeing the other girl make her way toward the forest, Cora quickly stood up following after her not wanting to get left behind or lost from her. She seemed to have some experience in this type of situation which was a great reassurance especially in their odd situation, the only outdoor or survival experience she herself had was the occasional camping trip with the family though that could hardly be considered camping since they slept in a cabin and her uncle took care of the fire while her aunt cooked. She had helped them of course doing small things for them like getting small sticks, peeling vegetables, even picked blue berries but she had never done a big task such as making the fire, starting it or cooking over the fire it was easier to do the task they have her than try herself.

    Following the other girl to the edge of the forest watching as she looked around than picked up a large stick before turning to her and telling her to pick a weapon just in case. Nodding quickly as she looked around the area before spotting a stick a little smaller than the other girls own, picking the stick up from the ground gripping it tightly to herself as she made her way back to the other girl. As they made they're way through the forest she held the stick tightly to herself, she hadn't thought about what could be in the forest that could be dangerous until the other girl had told her to get a weapon, usually there were bears,wolves, deer, moose, racoons, and foxes in the forest but that didn't mean they could or couldn't be here.

    As they walk through the forest stepping over big rocks, roots sticking out of the ground, ducking under branches and dodging spider webs Cora made sure to stay as close as possible to the girl, she didn't want to get lost or separated from her. As they continued to walk she glanced up at the girl seeing her so focused on the forest trying to spot anything and everything that could be dangerous to them, maybe talking to her would be a good idea but she didn't know what to say or ask about but they couldn't just keep walking in silence, could they?

    Brought out of her own thoughts when the other girl spoke to her catching her by surprise "O-oh right sorry im i m-mean my name is Cora La-Lacedaemon' blushing as she looked down at the forest floor she hardly ever stuttered with people even new people she had just meet but with her she had done it three times now, taking a breath to calm herself as she was about to ask the girl her name when they stepped into a clearing making them freeze. In the clearing was a blood red boar standing over a small deceased animal, she knew it would be better if they quickly ran away from the boar but her body wouldn't move and she had begun to breathe afraid that the boar would hear her breath. When the boar looked at them she was sure it would attack them but it seemed like the boar was surprised and than amused? Before she could even question the thought the boar began to change into a lanky man, nightmarish man with a ragged red cloak with a jack-o-lantern face.

    I was afraid and confused how had the boar changed into that man, he knew them from the mall, was he the one who had made them fall into the fountain to here, so many questions were running through her head before he took out a strange looking flower before disappearing. Quickly looking around in panic to see where he had gone, she was startled when the other girl grabbed her shoulder turning them around but as they did the man was behind them with two of the strange flowers in each hand and with a jack-o-lantern grin he forced the flowers into both of their mouths making them swallow it.

    Cora couldn't bare of the taste of the strange flower, it had a slimy texture substance to it, not only did it taste horrible it began to burn her mouth than her stomach, ears, hands, nails, everything was beginning to burn, even was she was ill she never felt this horrible. Putting a hand over her mouth and around her stomach as she dropped to her knees than laying on her side she couldn't stay awake any longer as she let her eyes close shut.
  17. The horrid cloaked man burst into horrid laughter, practically buckling at his own "clever" joke. That was the last thing that Lumin could directly recognize as she blacked out from the internal pain. To be honest, Lumin found her thoughts scrambled, but coming back every now and again, on the point of why this beast hated both herself and friend Cora so very much. Was it really about not appreciating some dumb beast as it pranced around the hallways of a large mall unattended at the late hours of night? Because if it was, then he was not getting an apology, no matter how long she burned. Lumin finally collapsed onto her stomach,getting a right face-full of of leaves, twigs and dirt. That plant was certainly something to be feared, that was for sure. The man leaned over the crumpled bodies of both girls, trying his best to get a full sentence out, and after a few tries and a deep breath, said, "Hah...Ha, let me make this perfectly clear. To the both of you. If you hate me, then that's just fine. I hate you too, it's only fair. But if you want to get your revenge, and go back to that wretched world of yours, then you're going to have to find me."

    Lumin was pretty sure she'd imagined it as she blacked out, but she was pretty sure that she heard the beast talking still in her pain-induced sleep. The Man-Beast was in quite the good mood, his voice taking on an octave as his voice became more and more distant. "Yes, that's the ticket! A game is only act is only fun if you participate! As of now, you will catch me if you can~! The name you're looking for is Haber!....That's all the hints I'm giving you alright?...If you don't find me, it's....." That was all she could hear, quite a bit given, but Lumin found her nightmares were filled with taunting bulls, white hot fires, and her brothers, and for some reason, she was on fire the whole time, nothing made sense.


    It would happen that a little while after this incident in the forest, two men happened upon the passed out girls. These men were tall, elegant, having long thin hair pulled back in different styles. They wore light, loose equipment, packed with bows and knives for the purpose of hunting near the area, as it was close to their village. One, the shorter of the two, with chestnut brown hair and eyes reminiscent of a baby doe, spoke to his companion, "Something is wrong here. Are they both dead, what say you, Lanval?" The other man, with slick, raven black hair and ice blue eyes responded with little hesitation, kneeling beside the girl closest to him, "They've only passed out, Lamorak. We can still get them to the village. It is very rare to see humans such as these outside of Tres or Oceri..."

    The one called Lanval placed his head over one of the girls' hearts, "Yes, they are alive, however they have the stink of the Mana mushroom known as Tol all over them. Their Mana must be overexcited, sending their bodies into shock. We need to get them to the medicine man immediately. Lamorak, grab the other one, be courteous." Lamorak snorted his companion's comment away, pulling the other girl up into a bridal carry, "I am always careful, brother."

    "I believe you, but we mustn't dawdle. This is pertinent and must be dealt with right away." Lanval responded picking up the girl near him and leading the way back towards their town, it would take a while with the extra weight, but they should be able to make it before nightfall at the very least. Lamorak spoke up on their tread, "Is this over-excitement of Mana...isn't it only seen in infants?" Lanval nodded, narrowly dodging a low-hanging tree branch, "It is...Infants who don't use their Mana, can have it build up inside them, and Mana must be released or it will lead to problems. Tol can be used to regain Mana if one overexerts themselves, but without reason for Tol, it only builds up Mana to dangerous levels."

    "Right" Lamorak nodded, taking a fast turn to the left, "Will the medicine man be able to do anything about it?" Though Lamorak couldn't see the momentary pause in his brother's face, he did hear his response, "...Medicine Man Galahin does deal with infants with this condition on numerous occasions, however...I have never seen it happen to someone who is not an infant." In a quieter voice, Lanval added, "Who would have ever heard tell of a near grown person not knowing the basics of their own Mana. Like they've never had experience with this before..."

    The men arrived in their village with the sun setting just as they approached the large gate. With the humans on their back, they got many stares, but they were also immediately welcomed into the Medicine House. Their medicine man, an elegant elf like themselves, greeted them with empty beds for their guests. "Words travels fast." Lamorak commented, laying the girl in his arms down. "Indeed it does." the wiser man responded, stopping the men where they stood. "I'm sure you have many questions. And when they are feeling better and awake, I will give you the chance to ask them. But that will only be if they ask for you." And with that, the Medicine Man and his assistants took the girls into the house. Lamorak snorted, kicking dust, "Why must that man be so very cryptic?" Lanval only chuckled at his brother's sudden mood swing. "It is the way of things here and you know it. Galahin knows well what he's doing. And he is right, we cannot impede on why this situation fell into our laps. Not until they are better. Patience, is our only option."

    "You're just as cryptic as he is, brother." Lamorak grumbled.
  18. Cold everything was so cold or was it just her, she couldn't tell but it made her regain some of her a little of her consciousness enough to at least hear what was going on around her. Hearing voices around her as she was picked up being carried to somewhere by someone even though she wanted to get away she couldn't even move her shivering body or open her eyes to see instead she found herself curling up into herself and the person trying to get some warmth from them. Hearing bits and pieces from the people carrying them as she fell in and out of conscious, mana what was that is that what was happening to them? What Tres or Oceri were they places, did they have more people maybe they weren't the only ones? And who was a medicine man? Would he help them? She wanted answers and to know if the other girl was okay or even with her but she was so tired and cold as they placed her on the bed falling back into a deep sleep.
  19. Lumin was still caught inside a deep slumber, her dreams becoming more and more bizarre as she continued to sleep. A few reoccurring motives in her dreams, or nightmares as they were, included the earth being scorched on fire and devout of life, nothing being able to grow, the air feeling so hot and dry, and the occasional time when dream Lumin would try to stick her hand out for something and end up burning it into a crisp. It all seemed like dreams that would happen after a few too many bags of sweets. She couldn't bring her eyes to open either, and even realizing that it was all a dream did little more than to simply change the dream. Lumin had never felt so helpless, and even in her fear, her anger boiled very near to the surface...and that only made the dreams even more hot. Unable to move and unable to think, Lumin was trapped, until whatever was holding her there just...decided to let her go.


    Medicine Man Galahin was caught up in a rather odd predicament. He had held a slim confidence when the two brothers brought these humans to his home, but that was fading fast with every question the strangers raised. These women had build-up something fierce, they were young adults, and it would appear that they hadn't used their Mana once. Like they'd just never worried about it, but that wouldn't make since, at this time, their bodies would have already failed them. The notion was as true as the sun floating in the sky. Something was up here, not to mention, they were very weird, mumbling weird things to themselves. Incoherent babble, he figured, but it would be worth to ask them when they awoke in a small while.
  20. Sleeping was always something cora looked forward to after a long day, when she was asleep nothing bothered her, nothing mattered only a deep sleep and her dreams but this dream was different she was in a pond just floating there in the water though it was cold it didn't bother her. The darkness around her scared her as she curled into a ball holding onto her self until something started to glow above, looking up she was the surface of the pond but it was covered in ice but something was pulling her to the surface as she got closer the ice crack and split open as she was raised out of the water taking a gasp of air waking up from her dream. Blinking as she came out if her dream to see that she was in a bed covered by a few blankets before looking up to her side to see the other girl in a bed as well smiling glad that they were together before wondering where they were ad how they got here exactly.
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