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  1. The sun beat down on the back of her neck, warming up her body as she walked out to the car. Her five year old daughter scurried along and was already waiting for her by the time she got to the driver's side. "You're a fast tyke, aren't ya?" she praised, unlocking the doors. Amberly dove inside and buckled herself up. Erika closed the passenger door and climbed in herself, starting up the bright red Chevrolet, then buckling her own seat belt.

    Saturday mornings were calm and somewhat of a relief for Erika. Her husband usually spent the whole day sleeping after staying up so late on Friday. It was like temporary security- you had a helmet on for a brief time, but once you took it off, you could get a blow from anywhere. Other times, Erika didn't even have time to put on her armor and say something to the likes of him. She drove off to the child's clinic.

    Today, her daughter would be getting a checkup and two shots- one for varicella, the other for rubella virus. They arrived at the hospital. The door was wide with black frames. It slid open automatically as her daughter approached it, Erika following close behind the blond-haired toddler. She signed her daughter in, then let the youthful gal drag her to a seat close to the small play area they had for the small children.

    Erika stared at her child for a brief few moments. She looked so happy to be here, she could only wonder if she felt the same when she was at home. There was a wooden train set, complete with blue, red, and green freight cars, pound a peg, and a cute little rocking horse with red rope for the reins. The air was cool and Thomas the Train Engine chugged across the tv screen opposite from Angelina Ballerina. "Amberly Clarke."

    Mother's head shot up at the familiar name. Amberly put down Dr. Seuss and ran to the nurse. She was wearing a nice, dark blue pair of scrubs. "Welcome, Amberly. Mrs. Clarke. I'm Nurse Kaja. How're you both doing today?" Erika smiled a little when Amberly spoke up a little, questioning what she was doing here. She was always a curious thing. "You're going to get a check up today, Amberly," the nurse told Amberly. "What's that?"

    "The doctor is going to make sure you're healthy. He'll listen to your heart and check your ears," Erika responded cooly, walking a few steps faster to arrive at Amberly's side. Her daughter was getting stronger and faster everyday. "She's a sweet child," Kaja praised Erika, opening a door into an office. "I need you to sit still darling. I'm going to check your blood pressure, okay? You're going to feel a tight squeeze around your arm."

    "Will it hurt?"

    "It doesn't hurt."

    The walls were covered in vibrant pictures. A blue and purple octopus with green suction cups caught Erika's attention. The seaweed was colored pink and yellow, the sand a nice tan, and a small rainbow fish on the left of the octopus. They were floating in a blue ocean and Erika's eyes moved to the crab next, then landed on her daughter. Erika sat down in the chair next to her just as the nurse took off the blood pressure cuff, then entered the numbers in the computer.

    Erika crossed one leg over the other, trying to get used to the sound of squeaking leather as Amberly climbed onto the chair, then slid off, repeating the cycle a few times over. Nurse Kaja went over Amberly's medical history with a small series of simple "yes" or "no" questions. The dark-skinned woman then left the room, closing it behind her. Erika could hear the incoherent murmuring of doctors, nurses, and clients from the other side of the room.

    A few minutes later, she heard a knock on the door and immediately stood up. A tall man walked in and Erika put on a bright smile. The small steps of a toddler could be heard as Amberly cautiously began to approach the doctor, then changed her mind and decided to stay at her Mother's side, giving him a shy smile. "You must be Dr. Paulson," Erika greeted, sticking out her hand to shake his. "I'm Erika Clarke, mother of Amberly."
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  2. It was a bright sunny day outside, and Adam Paulson found it a rather nice day to work. His shift has started at five in the morning, as usual. He was the best pediatrician in the hospital, and a complete opposite to his best friend. Dr. Rouri Tennyson was a well known diagnostician here in Bayfield, Wisconsin. He was rude, sarcastic and often times Adam wondered why he even bothered talking to the man. He was a complete egotistical person that enjoyed messing with people. It drove Adam insane but he couldn't help but feel bad for the man; he was never happy with his life.

    Opening his office door he walked into his boss sitting on the couch waiting for him. "So we've got a bit of a problem with your scheduling, looks like you are working tomorrow from five to nine? Or is that incorrect?" Emily Wraithmen was one of the best bosses anyone could ask for. He chuckled, of course he'd taken on a little more work. He was tired of being home alone all the time and he really wanted to move. "That's correct ma'am, but could we talk about this another time? I've already got another patient waiting for me, I don't want to keep them waiting long," he asked, picking up the file left on his desk. Amberly Clarke, a five year old girl here for a check up and shots. Emily nodded and left the office, leaving Adam to himself. He was wearing a long lab coat, his beautiful long black hair braided in a ponytail. He belonged to the Tlingit Koyukon-Athabascan tribe, though he was adopted into the Paulson family. He never gave up his heritage, his adoptive family were always very supportive of him.

    He never met his biological parents and never planned to. They had nothing to do with his life, no support nothing. His mother had tried to get him to reach out but the thought disgusted him; why would he want to see someone who didn't raise him? Walking down the hallway he wondered how many other Native Americans got the jobs they wanted, and were acknowledged in their positions. He'd worked very hard to get where he was today, he adored his job. There was part of him that really wanted to have children, have a family. But he never found the right person, sure he'd dated off and on but nothing really stuck.

    Walking down the hallway towards the room his patient was in, he was greeted happily by other doctors and staff. He was always a nice person to anyone who talked with him. He tended to try and keep the workplace upbeat, even when things got serious. Calling this a hospital was a bit of a jump on most days, he was in the clinic area. many parents took their kids here to see him. Looking through the file, nothing serious seemed to be going on with Amberly. Just needed her measles and chicken pox vaccines and a quick check up. Shots weren't easy to give to children but he'd work with the tiny five year old, hopefully she wouldn't freak out on him.

    Opening the door, he smiled at both of them. Taking her hand, he grasped it gently. "That I am, nice to meet you Ms. Clarke," he turned and looked at Amberly. "Well hey there, how are we today?" he pulled up a stool and looked over Amberley. She had great motor skills, seemed to be very coherent. Her pupils looked good, her skin looked clear. This more than likely wouldn't take too long. Wheeling over to a cabinet he pulled out a glove. He smiled at Amberly before blowing it up into a balloon and handing it to her. "I always thought these things looked like a rooster's head, don't you?" he was waiting for his nurse to get in here with an 'emergency'. This was the best way to give a child a shot.

    Someone knocked on the door, it was an urgent knock but quiet enough not to scare the little girl. Adam got up and walked to the door only to be 'pushed' to the side. A gurney with a stuffed animal dog on it was brought in. An empty IV hung from the hanger, attached to the dog's right leg. One of the nurses had a mask over her face as she looked at Adam. "Dr. Paulson, there's nothing that we can do for this patient, do you have any idea who might be able to help?" the nurse asked. She was very convincing, even for the adults in the room. Adam walked over to the dog and pretended to check his pulse. "Weak...I certainly can't help this patient...but I have an idea who might," he looked over at Amberly. "Amberly, would you mind assisting me?" he asked, talking to her just how he talked to the nurse.

    One of the nurses walked up to Erika to fill her in to what was going on. "Adam gets kids involved in other things while he gives them the more unpleasant treatments. Her charts said she needed two shots, sometimes when one person, or rather stuffed dog if you will, gets it they are less likely to fight it. And she'll be able to keep the dog afterwards," she whispered very quietly in Erika's ear. Amberly wouldn't have heard her, the nurse knew that they had to keep the mom informed.
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  3. The small child took the round glove, curiosity donning her smooth, porcelain face. Erika smiled down at her daughter as she moved the latex glove up and down, side to side, the fingers flapping constantly. She was the only pride she had, the only reason she felt joy. Her smile wavered for a brief moment as another knock came at the door. Erika raised a brow as Dr. Paulson got up and opened the door. She stood up in confusion as a gurney suddenly entered the room.

    Erika didn't say anything about it for the time being, but Amberly was certainly interested in the stuffed animal. Erika watched Dr. Paulson and the nurse exchange a few words and glanced over at Amberly. She was somewhat surprised when Dr. Paulson asked Amberly if she could help. This was certainly a new procedure of some sort, one she was unaware of. Amberly accepted, nodding her head as she walked up to the small patient. "What happened to the puppy?"

    Erika crossed her arms over her chest, positive, yet bewildered about the experience. The nurse leaned over and filled her in. "Adam gets kids involved in other things while he gives them the more unpleasant treatments. Her charts said she needed two shots, sometimes when one person, or rather stuffed dog if you will, gets it they are less likely to fight it. And she'll be able to keep the dog afterwards." Erika's face brightened at the news. She nodded silently, accepting the tradition.

    It was exciting to experience; Amberly helping a lovely spotted patient with their shots. The thought brought a genuine smile to her face. "Is the puppy sick?" Amberly questioned her mother, her voice heartbroken and desperate for the puppy to get better. Erika smiled behind her hand, observing her daughter and the way she interacted with the stuffed animal. It was saddening to see, but in a pleasant way. "Yes, he is. Poor thing. But you get to save him, Amberly. He'll feel better."

    Erika beckoned Amberly to the exam table and propped her up on it so she could see her fellow patient better. "Ready, Amberly?" Her daughter nodded, then turned to her doctor. "What do I do?" Erika let Dr. Paulson finish the rest, though during the procedure, she could've sworn she felt her daughter's hand reaching out for her own, and she gave her little girl a reassuring squeeze. The shots were administered within a few minutes and the pain Amberly felt left just as quickly.

    Erika smiled softly down at the brunette. "There. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" she teased, ruffling her daughter's hair. "Mommy!" Amberly pouted, her hand patting down her hair. "It still hurt," she grumbled. "But the puppy feels better now, right?" Erika countered eagerly. "Yes!" The way Amberly's eyes sparkled hurt Erika deeply. She was young, strong, and independent when Erika couldn't be. There were times when Erika wished she could be like Amberly, careless and untroubled.

    The clock on the wall turned its big hand to the nine. The nurse detached the IV from the stuffed dog's leg and handed it over, then left the room with the gurney. Erika stroked her daughter's head. "Well that was quite a surprise, but also fascinating," she praised Dr. Paulson. "I never got to save a stuffed animal when I was younger. When I was a child, they just went straight for the kill." Erika chuckled lightly at her own joke, feeling a little embarrassed, and glanced up at the doctor. "Thank you."

    Her appreciation was kind of on a whim. She said it without thinking. The aura he gave off was more than she could bargain for. It was a content, passionate kind, different from her husband, who was barely sentimental anymore. She still felt some anxiety beating down on her, but it was mild in his presence, fluttering like a leaf from side to side. Erika smiled too much. She didn't realize she was doing it out of nervousness. "How did you develop something like that? Did it just come to mind?"
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  4. The whole thing went over very well. In fact she was the calmest child he'd ever given a shot to. They gave the plush dog a 'shot' (was nothing but air) and wrapped his arm in the same bandage Amberley's was in. The nurse picked the dog up carefully and handed him to Amberley. "Now Dr. Paulson can't take him home to watch, he's got a lot of patients but he's asked me to ask you a very serious question; can you provide aide to this sick dog? He really needs a friend right about now," the nurse told Amberley, smiling as she looked over the little girl. Meanwhile Adam was chatting with her mother. They had to do that kind of thing all the time, some kids took to it while others did not. They even had one kid flip the stretcher, that was a child he saw on Tuesdays and he was just a brat.

    "Thank you. I developed this tactic in med school. That was a huge topic in pediatrics, doing the unpleasant parts of the jobs. I was the only one that thought to become creative with how I did it, takes a little longer but in the end it's worth it," he glanced at her child and smiled. "She's a rather tough kid, I'm really impressed with how well she took this," he looked right in Erika's eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes he'd seen in a while, but something hid behind them. Something rather lugubrious, like she wasn't all that happy.

    Pulling his gaze away from the mother he turned his attention back to Amberley. Pulling the stool up as they wheeled the now empty stretcher out, he looked up at her. "Thank you Ms. Amberley for helping us. Don't think we would have been able to convince our friend there to take his medication had you not been so brave," he told her happily, suddenly getting up. He washed his hands and replaced the gloves, opening a drawer he pulled out a fat popsicle stick and sat back down on the stool. "Lean back and say 'ah' please," he asked kindly. As soon as she did he checked her throat; all looked well. The tonsils looked rather swollen and very red. "Is your throat sore at all Amberley?" he asked, not giving anything away that he was worried. Strep was going around and it looked like she might have the signs of having it. However, her tonsils shouldn't be that red even with a sore throat.

    Looking over at Erika he motioned for her to come over. He needed to ask her if she'd heard her coughing at all or avoiding certain foods. "So have you noticed your daughter coughing at all? Any fevers?" he asked, pulling the stick out of Amberley's mouth and grabbing his clipboard. He jotted down a few things before looking back up at Erika. If this was strep than he would give her the proper medications, but he was worried about how bad this could actually be. He'd have to get the tests done for it, which again wasn't pleasant but it had to be done.
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  5. Erika admired Dr. Paulson's charm. It made her a little jealous, maybe envious even, but those thoughts were for another time. She listened intently to his explanation. It was clear he'd been through some rigorous training; His wisdom proved that much. She was beginning to feel a little emotional thinking about it. Instead, she smiled and brushed her thoughts past her. Rumination at this hour wouldn't help. She laughed a little to help ease her inner pain and allowed the doctor to further examine her daughter.

    Her daughter had been complaining about her head hurting the last few days. She was hot yesterday and feeling tired. Amberly nodded and Erika tried not to take it too personally. She reminded herself that she'd done everything she could to get rid of her fever and sore throat. This time of the year didn't want it her way, it seemed. She breathed slowly, in and out a few times, and that seemed to slow down her heart rate.

    "Yes," Erika responded calmly, forcing herself to make eye contact. "She hasn't been feeling too well the last couple days. She's complained about her head hurting and it being hard to swallow. She was feverish yesterday and her temperature went down today, which is good. She also threw up once yesterday. I've been giving her a lot of water to drink and some honey and lemon to help soothe her throat." Erika didn't know what was worse, the fact that she was probably overthinking the negative aspects of the situation or simply the fact that her daughter had been sick for the past few days even after she felt like she tried everything to get rid of it. "I'm not sure what's going on at this point, but I suppose since winter is coming soon, that might be why she's been feeling out of it?"
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