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      Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, is a delightfully rugged area. 110.1 mi2 former home to the aforementioned president and now home to a host of creatures, some homeless people and a few wealthy families! Most notably; The Ellington family. A family consisting of Robert and Angelica Ellington, and a whole host of foster and adopted kids, as the parents are incapable of having biological children. The Ellington's have a tendency to adopt children from less than savory households or children who have been thrust into the cruel adoption system at an age where they are unlikely to be adopted or children forced into other negative situations. But they love these children all the same no matter their background, disabilities or what harrowing events they have suffered through. The Ellington's didn't always live in the park, but after bringing home their fourth child and after establishing their 'one pet per child' rule, they realized that they had to relocate to a larger more accommodating area, so they moved to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

      The Ellington family inhabit this large home, however despite being rich the home is not as expansive as could be and so some of the kids have to room together. Rooms Right Side of Hall Bedroom 1 - Robert and Angelica Right Side of Hall Bedroom 2 - Ashley and Daisy Right Side of Hall Bedroom 3 - Scarlet Right Side of Hall Bedroom 4 - Dante Right Side of Hall Bedroom 5 - Open Left Side of Hall Bedroom 1 - Randolph Left Side of Hall Bedroom 2 - Jack and Phillip Left Side of Hall Bedroom 3 - Open Left Side of Hall Bedroom 4 - Jason As for schooling, there is a bus stop at the entrance to the national park and it takes about two hours to get their from the family's home. From there the bus takes the kids to Demores Elementary School in a total of 20 minutes, and then to Belfield High School in 45 minutes. And the prospect of school brings a host of pleasant and unpleasant feelings. Who's being bullied? Who's doing the bullying? Is there anyone struggling with tests and class? Coupled with the grand issue of having an array of very different and sometimes clashing children living together, the Ellington family has a LOT on their plate.

    • GM @Wonderful Thing CO-GM @Icystorm

      The schools that I listed are actual schools, but they're mainly there for geographical reasons and for a visual aid if you need it. You don't have to look up their site and get accurate teacher names or anything. xD

      Be nice to your role playing peers! Be respectful and if you have a problem, bring it to me or Icystorm in a PRIVATE MESSAGE.

      Be active! I understand writer's block, but please try to post at least once a week, if not more! Furthermore, please post over 3 lines and NO ONE- LINERS, pretty please.

      Also please be active in the OOC too! Public relations is like a bag! If you don't speak to the bag, no one will ask you if you're crazy!

      This is a public role play, not a libertine, so please fade to black if any of the romance gets past making out.

      At the moment we have 11 characters, so character acceptance is going to be kind of low depending on how it goes in the IC.

      When you post in the IC, please include your character's name, location and tag who they're interacting with.

      If I'm forgetting something please tell me in the OOC!

      DISCLAIMER: This role play came into existence after the GM of The Forbes Family role play disappeared. However other than the basic premise and the character sheet, this role play is completely of my and @Icystorm 's own creation.

    • Character Sheet

      - real appearance-

      - 19 max -
      Birth Date
      Gender Identity
      Sexual Orientation
      Relationship Status

      - All children allotted one to teach responsibility -

      - If old enough they're encouraged to have a part time job -
      Educational Focus
      - What they want to study once they get to college -
      Occupational Ambition
      - What they want to do after college -

      Criminal Record

      - at least three -
      - at least three -

      - Do not list. At least 3 positive traits and 3 negative traits -

      - Two paragraphs at least, before and after the Ellingtons. Well written at least. -


      Relationships With Family

      [Character Name]
      "Short quote about them"
      > More in depth information about opinions <

      Repeat for all the characters.


      Make the assumption that everyone has been around for a while when creating and updating characters.

      Secondary Character Sheet
      (This sheet is for friends of the Ellington family members)
      - real appearance or description-

      - Likely, but not limited to, to be a similar age of their friend(s) -
      Location: Where do they live?
      Gender Identity
      Sexual Orientation
      Relationship Status


      - at least three -
      - at least three -

      - Do not list. At least 3 traits. -

      Friend of: -Who of the Ellington household do they hang out with. What hobbies/talents/personality traits do they share? What do they think of them ect. -
      Relationships with other members: -have they met other members of the family. What are their opinions? What would they likely think about them? -

      The Parents
      Robert Ellington - 48 years old
      Angelica Ellington- 47 years old

      The Kids
      Scarlet Ellington - 17 years old
      Randolph Smith - 17 years old
      Dante Chrismond - 16 years old
      Zuri Nwasu-Ellington - 16 years old (On a Trip)
      Max Munoz - 16 years old (On a Trip)
      Jason Morris-Ellington - 15 years old
      Jack Singer-Ellington - 12 years old
      Ashley Blake-Ellington - 11 years old
      Daisy Peters - 10 years old
      Tymber Gray - 8 years old
      Phillip McIntosh - 8 years old​

    • 01/14/16

      We will be starting soon!

      Hello my lovelies! (Does that sound creepy?)

      We will be starting on Saturday, so get excited and get those relationships updated to include everyone in the family!

      For new people coming in, I'd like for you guys to have your character sheet completed by Monday.


      I have lost interest in rping Felix so he's gone. I might add the character that I had scrapped before, but probably not. Anywhoo, that's all I wanted to say!

      Oh wait wait wait--
      We will be starting the rp momentarily, but everyone needs to have their relationships for the family finished, or you won't be able to post.
      Zuri and Max have gone away!
      (More info tba)​
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  1. I've read the bedroom thing so I can remove my original one if Jason shares. I don't mind him sharing either. It might add to the drama.
    It's so long... I'm so sorry.


    General Details

    Name - Jason Morris-Ellington

    Nickname(s) - Jace

    Age - 15 He's currently 16

    Birthdate - 14th July

    Sex - Male

    Gender Identity - Male

    Sexual Orientation - Asexual

    Relationship Status - Strictly single

    Pet - Mouse, named Souris
    Jason is very protective of Souris and is very careful, knowing that he is quite delicate. He wants to have another pet mouse, but knows that it would be a big responsibility to have two pets. Being quite responsible, he never forgets to feed Souris and provide water. At first, he didn't know mice were nocturnal, but he does now and likes it as he has an excuse to stay up late.

    Preferred Hand: Left-handed. (Jason is an extremely messy writer and his words are only just readable unless you’re used to reading it.)

    Hobbies - Jason is a constant fidgeter and would much rather be playing sports than reading, writing or drawing. His favourite sport is football, but he generally just enjoys being outside. He likes his pet a lot as well. At night, when he's not allowed outside, he's normally in his room conducting chemical experiments.

    Talents - Sports, good sense of direction and time, but he’s not good at anything like hockey (things with sticks. Lacrosse is an immortal enemy.) He’s also good at chemistry.

    Grade - Sophomore, high school

    Occupation - Part time newspaper boy, he does it on Saturday's.

    Educational Focus - Chemistry, or possibly medicine

    Occupational Ambition - Be a scientist, perhaps in the branch of doctors if he does well in school.

    Criminal Record - Jason never got caught, but he often pick-pocketed and once broke-and-entered.

    Likes and Dislikes (an addition to lifestyle)
    (It's very long so... yeah)

    Likes in general
    *Explosions - He likes things that blow up. He generally likes to learn about the damage and fireworks are some of his favourite things.
    *Not getting caught - When Jason has done something he knows is wrong, he normally blames it on someone else. Not getting caught means there's no punishment, and Jason likes that. It gives him the thrill of his thieving past.
    *Blood, war, death, bombs - Jason likes pain. These things cause pain. They fascinate him.
    *Loud noises - For the same reason as explosions. Jason just generally doesn't like silence. Loud noises keep him alert.
    *Rodents and reptiles - He loves Souris for a reason.
    *Children (especially those who like him) - Jason doesn't mix well with people his own age very often, mostly because he likes the nonchalance of small humans. He has close relationships with Ashley, Daisy and Phil because of this. When a child likes him, it makes Jason very happy. He likes to protect those he cares about, and children need protecting.
    *Being outside - Jason feels free when he's outside. There is no sense of feeling trapped when there is endless miles all around him. He can wander around.
    *Making people laugh - Jason isn't a constant joker, but when he does joke, he likes it when people laugh, because it shows they are enjoying his company.

    Dislikes in general
    *His biological family, especially his mother - Jason felt betrayed when his mother became an alcoholic. She seemed to care more about the drink than she did about him. Despite having a relationship with his father, there is always going to be tension towards him and other members of his biological family.
    *Going to sleep - Jason can be murdered in his sleep. Also, when he's asleep he has nightmares sometimes, and... well, they're nightmares. He's not going to like them.
    *Maths - It doesn't really make sense in Jason's head. The only reason he tries is because he needs it for chemistry. But then... calculators.
    *Feeling trapped - Claustrophobia is Jason's biggest fear. He doesn't like to be confined and the idea of not being able to escape is terrifying to him. He doesn't like to know that a door is locked or that a window can't be opened. He hates being inside for too long. Jason's claustrophobia is likely to be caused by the idea of going to prison being bad, and in prison there is no escape. It could also be because of bad memories (see extra).
    *Snow/hail - Being snowed in? No thanks! And hail hurts. Jason likes pain... but not on himself.
    *Alcohol - For obvious reasons. If it wasn't for this, he never would have had to leave his first home.

    Opinions on:
    *Films: Saving Private Ryan - When he’s not playing video games, writing to his father, or is outside, you can find Jason watching this film (his favourite), often with homework ignored next to him, and a look of fascination on his face. Film wise, though, Jason will watch anything (from Disney to horror to romance) if you ask him to. Not saying he’ll enjoy it. Other films he enjoys are: Dante’s Peak, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent Series, Forrest Gump, anything like Batman/Superman/Avengers (superhero films) and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. TV shows aren’t really something that Jason spends much time on.
    *Music: Jason can’t sing no matter how hard he tries, and certainly won’t be seen humming, let alone singing, any songs. His taste in music is little to none. Whatever’s on the radio will do.
    *Food/Drink: Jason eats quite healthily, liking fruit and vegetables. He’ll eat nearly anything given to him, but sweets (except sour sweets, which he loves), chocolates and cakes are not something he’s a big fan of, since he doesn’t have a very big sweet tooth. His desserts are things like yoghurts and fruit salads (or lolly-ices).
    *Video Games: Jason owns an x-box. His favourite games are Call of Duty, Assasin’s Creed, Bioshock 2 and FIFA, though he does play other games. He’s not quick to complete a game with a general storyline (like Bioshock 2), much rather he would prefer to destroy unnecessary enemies than follow the plot.

    P: Gentle/loving/joking/forgiving/protective
    N: Sadistic/sly/secretive or mistrusting/paranoid

    The best way to describe Jason is definitely confusing. On one side of him is a gentle human being, who loves animals and younger people, who is willing to have a laugh, and who just wants to let go of his past with a forgiving nature. He's very protective of those he cares about and definitely doesn't want them to see his darker side... speaking of the other side, let me tell you about it. He’s a sadistic boy obsessed with the likes of bombs, bloody wars and death. He finds comfort in others suffering, sometimes to the extent he finds it funny. He can be very sly, good at not getting caught when he's been bad, secretive and mistrusting, maybe even described as paranoid due to the fact he tells nobody anything about his past, so people only find the kind side of him.


    Jason doesn't really talk about this and only really Angelica and Robert will know all of his past. The others will know fragments.
    Jason was born an only child, and grew up an only child. His mum, Lola, worked long hours at a local shop, and so, Jason was placed with a nanny, whom he loved more than his own mother, by the name of Charlotte, whom happened to be the mistress of Jason’s father, Murray. His parents were alright till Jason was two years old. Then began what Jason thinks of as ‘The Screaming Days’, which lasted longer than Jason thought they did (he thought they were a month at most). It was the time when Lola learned that Murray had been paying Charlotte visits for more than just babysitting arrangements. Every night, there was screaming, until… well, until it stopped.

    A neighbour had called to complain. The police came round, and arrested Murray because Lola had a nasty gash (and was understandably crying her heart out). For a while, it went well. Despite not having a father figure, Jason grew up fine. Or, at least, seemed to grow up fine. Something clicked in him, and his dark streak was a little bigger than everybody else’s. When he realised it was bad to be fascinated in death, he buried it, only letting his “good” traits show.

    When he turned ten, his mother had, at this point, spiralled into a pit of downright despair. She was unemployed and her drunken sprawls, although never aimed at Jason, made him extremely terrified. He ran away, as part of his mind always pondered, “Is it going to be me instead of the wall next time?” He was quick to learn the world was harsh, as harsh as his obsession, and he used it to his advantage. He was dragged into the world of thieving by his “mentor”, Paul, and, due to his sly nature, was good at it, and he never got caught. He stopped after breaking-and-entering into a house. It reminded him that this was bad.

    A few weeks after his breaking-and-entering feat, Jason was placed into somewhere he always knew was coming: the care system. He was twelve at this point, and met a family called the Ellingtons. They looked after him in a way Charlotte, Lola, Murray and Paul didn’t: they cared about him. It was… nice. It made him feel bitter at first that he hadn’t been allowed to have it before, and he didn’t want to think about anything that happened before his life straightened up. He feels he has changed since then.

    Jason was originally a foster child, but he was adopted by the Ellington family, as a thirteenth birthday present. For his fifteenth birthday, he received a chemistry set. He wants to make a bomb, but he doesn't have the right... ingredients. He sticks to doing low-level 'experiments', also known as stinkbombs, that he tends to leave around the house, especially Randy's bedroom. He stays away from Ashley's and Daisy's rooms, however.


    "She can be a brat, but she's good most of the time."
    <Jason thinks Scarlett is a really caring sister, but he'll stay away from her if she's being a brat. They don't really have much similarities when it comes to what they enjoy doing, but he'd always be willing to take Nico on a walk if she asks. >

    "He's pretty quiet... unless he feels like it. I don't really know how to feel about him."
    <Jason thinks Felix is too quiet, and when he's not, he's rambling. He doesn't know which one is Felix himself. He seems to be quite nice though, and Jason doesn't hold anything against him. >

    "I like her, but I always feel like I'm signing wrong."
    <Jason talks to Ashley through ASL, but feels quite self-conscious doing so because he's worried he'll get it wrong, which he often does.. He likes her iguana though, and they both like science. He also likes to explore with her. Once they found a really cool lizard. >

    "I don't know how she can sit down with her puzzles and stuff."
    <Jason and Dante both like animals, but the similarities kind of end there. Still, he doesn't mind her, unless she's angry. >

    "Max? Who's Max?"
    <Jason doesn't even talk to Max unless he talks first, because the two are very different. While Jace is outside, Max is inside, so they don't really spend much time together. >

    "I like his magic tricks."
    <Jason finds Jack's magic brilliant, but he knows they're just tricks and he finds it more brilliant to know how they work. He thinks Jack is very smart to be able to awe other people, but he has a feeling the other doesn't really like him, though he's not sure why. >

    "She's really sweet. I love Daisy."
    <Jason adores Daisy. He loves to play with her and walk her to school and hang out. She's one of his favourite siblings. But, he avoids her when he's feeling horrible. He's very protective of her, and doesn't want her to see too much of his darker side. >

    "She's my mum and I love her but she doesn't love my mouse."
    <Jason sees this lady as his one true mum. She's kind to him and he likes going shopping with her, but ultimately, he wouldn't mess with her. He knows she's not a big fan of Souris, but she bought him, and he loves him, so she's stuck.>

    "He insists he's good at football."
    < Jason enjoys football, mostly because he wins it every time. What is it now? 30-0? 35-0? He loves to mess about with his fun loving dad, and wants a good relationship with him. He classes Robert as his real dad, but not in the same way he feels Angelica is his mum. >

    "It's hard not to hate."
    < Jason hates Randy. He curses, he's violent, and he generally doesn't like people. The opposite of Jason's good side. If Randy can prove that he can be nice, Jason might stop leaving stinkbombs in his room. Maybe. >

    "She's... happy. Very, very happy."
    < Jason sees Zuri as someone who he'd hang out with on a good day and maybe be friends with, but she wouldn't be much comfort when he's down. He thinks there must be something that she hides like him, but he hates the idea of her happiness causing him to hand over his trust, and tries to avoid her. She doesn't share his love of violence either. Still, he doesn't hate her, but he's certainly weary. He feels like she wants to get into his head.>

    < Jason adores Phil. He thinks he's so cute and he doesn't even mind when he intrudes on what should have been a personal space bubble. He has quite a good relationship with him, but only if Phil wants to do something Jason is into (so no drawing.) He just wants to hug Phil till he explodes. >


    Jason has a secret that he keeps to himself. Although the relationship between him and his father is a rather small one, they recently began exchanging letters, unknown to the other members of his family, after Jason found out that Murray Morris receives no visitors at the prison, where he will be for the next three years after the domestic abuse (that seemed to have happened for a lot longer than Jason remembered, perhaps even before he was born). Although he hates his biological family, there is still the blood connection, and Jason doesn't want to hurt the feelings of his father and maybe have a relationship when Murray is released from prison. Jason believes that Murray receives no visitors because his mother doesn't like him, whereas the real reason is that Lola Morris died of alcohol poisoning shortly after Jason ran away from home. Jason hopes that Murray will learn to love him, but hasn't told Angelica, Robert or any of his siblings due to fear of judgement or rejection of his decision to attempt to rebuild a neutral relationship with his father, whom he hasn't seen from a young age.
    Jason’s bedroom is rather plain. It’s colour scheme is dark, yet bland colours (black, brown, grey ect.). His bed is neatly made, and the duvet has no pattern, being just black. He has a desk on the opposite side of his bed, which is a single, with a spinning desk chair. His desk holds his chemistry set, and next to it is his shelves. The bottom of the shelves are cluttered with schoolbooks, that are messy compared to the rest of his room, whereas the top is chocked with chemicals and rocks/metals/whatever he feels like using at the time, laid neatly in rows by chemical symbol (with the chemicals) and size (with everything else). There isn’t proof that he notes down any of the experiments he does (because he doesn’t). His curtains are plain and grey, next to his oak chest of drawers. The top drawer is where he stuffs his letters from his father, whereas the rest are full with neatly folded clothes. He feels quite uncomfortable if people go through his drawers, mostly because he believes they may open the top one. He doesn’t let his mum (or anyone else) to put away his clothes because of this. There is a television on the wall a few paces from his drawers. On the floor lies an x-box, with two controllers. One is wireless, one is connected to the box itself. The wireless controller is ironically closer to the television than the non-wireless. This is because Jason does not sit on his bed while playing. He does, however, have the remote on top of the drawers, which are within reach from his bed. The television is not huge, but has HD quality. Souris, his pet mouse, is next to the television remote. Finally, as you open the door and look to the side, you would see a football and a pair of football boots.
    Sleep Cycle
    Jason has a very distinct biological clock, resulting in a late night/early morning sleep cycle. He seems to be able to function with about seven+ hours sleep, but anything less than that, not so much. Dream-wise, Jason can only remember fragments, and tends to forget when he tries to tell someone. His dreams can range from normal look-backs on the earlier day, with recognisable people, to solitary confinement in unfamiliar places, which tends to happen when he falls asleep with negative emotions or if he has done something he is guilty of during the day (for example, showing his dark side, not working hard on his chemistry, missing a goal in football... and so on).
    Memory of Claustrophobia
    This is likely to be the cause of Jason's claustrophobia. He was at a sleepover at about the age of seven (before his mum was mean) and it was his first sleepover. There was only four of them there and they began to play a game. One person would go into the spare room and be locked in. Whoever could stay in the locked room the longest was the winner.
    Now, it was actually just a prank to mess with someone, arranged by the host. Jason was going first (though it could have been anyone who was pranked). Unfortanutely the prank went quite wrong. He was locked into the room, and, although Jason doesn't really know how, the key was lost. He was there for quite a while, crying, begging to be let out, and generally feeling like the walls were coming in on him. Jason was (obviously) rescued by the host's mother, who had a spare key, but Jason has generally been scared of being trapped somewhere since. This could also be why he is mistrusting as well.

    NOTE:I'm British so when I say football I mean soccer...
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  2. [​IMG]
    Randolph Smith



    May 21st


    Gender Identity

    Sexual Orientation

    Relationship Status
    "Screw that shit."

    None, won't admit he wants a small fluffy bunny.

    Likes to draw and paint occasionally. He isn't exactly the new Picasso though.
    Also likes reading, historical books seem to interest him the most.

    Academically very talented, more or less a straight-A student.
    Since he's bit of a perfectionist, Randy is the perfect guy to go to if you want the house scrubbed spotless and everything organized neatly. However, he doesn't take kindly to be even asked to do some cleaning. He only cleans spontaneously if something 'bothers' him.

    12th | Senior

    None at the moment. Unable to get or keep jobs due to his rather aggressive behavior.

    Educational Focus
    Jack of all trades, studies everything and anything. Lacks a subject he'd like to focus on.

    Occupational Ambition
    Has no clue whatsoever.

    Criminal Record
    Few charges of assault.

    Animals. The smaller the better, especially if the animal in question has soft fluffy fur. Bunnies will melt him.
    Hot chocolate. He's an addict.
    Peace and quiet
    Hair gel

    The color orange
    Loud and/or sudden noises
    People not minding their own business
    Most people in general
    Questions he doesn't know the answer to. They frustrate him to no end.
    Hates his full name with a passion, Randolph is simply such a dorky name.


    Randy is a douchebag. He's painfully honest and seems to feel compelled to express his opinions even if no asked for them. He also flings verbal abuse at people for no particular reason and is a total smart-ass. The young lad is more or less mean to everyone and doesn't seem to like anyone or anything. He's rude, stubborn, and doesn't like being bossed around. As if that wasn't enough to hate the guy, Randy also has a rather short temper and a tendency to resort to violence as the first option. He doesn't really know how else to deal with conflicts, a fist to the face just appears as a totally normal and valid course of action.

    The lad truly comes off as the worst possibly jerk to ever walk on this planet but he's really not all bad to the core. Randy can be quite protective of those who he deems close, especially the ones younger than him. However, he doesn't really express that in a 'healthy' way, he just curses at potential threats and punches the bullies. He also has zero tolerance on violence directed at kids and will step up to defend even total strangers. With violence. So he's just a total hypocrite.

    Despite his aggressive and quick to explode nature, Randy can be surprisingly calm and quiet if nothing or no one happens to push his buttons. He can spend hours just sitting silently or lying in his bed/the floor doing nothing if no one bothers him. (The floor is very comfy if you ask him.) Unfortunately, irritating Randy and getting him angry is way too easy.​


    In the very beginning of Randy's life, his family was rather 'normal' if any family can actually be called that. Randy was the first and only child of a strict and strong policewoman and her gentle paramedic husband. The three of them were a perfectly happy family, except for one teeny tiny detail. Randy's mother, Rachel, had a tendency to hit her husband when she got frustrated and angry. She'd never lay a hand on her son though. Not until she came home after a particularly hard day at work and the little brat broke her mother's vase while playing. She swore she'd never do it again. A promise that she did keep for some time but which eventually broke on many occasions.

    Due to Rachel's firm belief in education, Randy was always expected to bring home good grades and since the boy wasn't really keen on finding out what the consequence for not being nearly perfect was, he put a lot of his time and energy on studying. However, even though he was little Mr. perfect when it came quizzes and tests, Randy was always the kid with the behavioral problems as well. He talked back to teachers and was more or less the school bully, or at least one of them. Randy's mother wasn't exactly pleased whenever the school called to complain about her son's attitude problems but the kid needed an outlet for his pent up emotions and acting up at school rather than at home was a way more preferable option.

    When Randy was 12, his father spiraled down the hole of depression and ended up taking his own life. Randy never really forgave him for 'wussing out', even though Randy himself continued to be a wuss as well. He has more or less always been a hypocrite. The lad lived with his mother for another two and a half years before one of his teachers took it as her holy mission to dig out whatever skeletons the troublemaker had in his closet and 'fix' the troubled teen. In the end, the truth no longer stayed hidden and Randy was taken away from his abusive mother. However, there isn't really many people that would willingly take in a potty mouthed teenager with violent tendencies. The Ellingtons were crazy enough to do that though.

    Randy wasn't exactly thrilled for being stuffed into such a full house after growing up in a small family. The lad did everything in his power to throw every insult he could think of at every member of his new 'family', all except for Angelica Ellington. Randy avoided her like the plague from the very beginning. However, he did lay off the younger kids rather quickly as he actually felt kind of guilty for taking out his anger and frustration on them. That still didn't stop him from being a total douchebag for the ones around his age though. He's since calmed down slightly and doesn't go around explicitly insulting his 'siblings' and looking for fights everywhere anymore but he still isn't exactly pleasant company.​

    Relationships With Family

    "That damn witch..."
    > Even though Randy is more than content calling Angelica a witch behind her back, he'd never throw any insults directly at her face. Instead, he just results to avoiding her and being difficult and passive-aggressive. He won't admit it but Randy's scared of her and still not convinced that she won't hurt him. <

    "He's annoyingly nice, it pisses me off."
    > Randy has some unresolved emotions towards his father and tends to project them on Robert from time to time. For this reason, he can be exceptionally douchebaggish towards his new father figure on one day and find excuses to spend time with him the next. <

    "I wish I could snap that special snowflake's neck."
    > Randy doesn't like Scarlet. At all. Her spoiled and bossy side irritates him to no end and causes him to try to start picking fights with her more often than not. He wouldn't really murder her if given the chance though. Probably. <

    "...I like her iguana."
    > Randy quite likes Ashley's calm personality and the deaf part. The lad was quick to learn ASL (mostly because he didn't like not knowing something) and more or less prefers talking to Ashley over the others since they can 'talk' and be silent at the same time. Furthermore, Randy's natural douchebaggery that's present whenever he opens his piehole hasn't been conveyed to his signing. Yet at least. <

    "What kind of a name is Dante on a chick anyway? Were her parents high when naming her?"
    > Since both of them aren't exactly peace-loving, it isn't that unusual for Randy to start picking a fight with Dante. He doesn't really hate her though, she's a tolerable person in his books. <

    "I bet the guy's some psychopath murderer or something."
    > Randy knows not to trust the quiet ones. <

    "I don't trust him. I mean, I never trust people but this guy is on the negative side of my trust-scale. He seems like the perfect little cinnamon roll but something smells fishy."
    > Randy would saw Jason's skull open if that would let him figure out why the guy feels so off. And he doesn't exactly appreciate the stink bombs either so if he could come up with a perfect plan to get away with murder, Jason would be a good candidate alongside Scarlet. <

    "Pffft, the lil' moron wants to be a friggin' magician."
    > The kid can seem slightly creepy to Randy at times but he's mostly amused at Jack's ambition to be a magician. <

    "That kid is downright helpless. It's pathetic really..."
    > Randy does view Daisy as a helpless fragile thing but that just causes his mama bear instincts to go haywire. He refuses to be openly concerned or protective but he does keep an eye on her. <

    "She's pretty damn suspicious if you ask me."
    > Zuri's general optimism puts Randy on edge. No one can be such a joyous bundle of spontaneous sweetness unless there's a catch. Perhaps she's some murderer as well or she sells drugs to kids. Whatever the case may be, Randy's gonna find out sooner or later, he'll make sure of that. <

    "Annoying little prick."
    > Phil comes off as a naive little thing that's too pure for this world and it annoys Randy. The kid's distaste towards the female members of the family intrigues him though. <​
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  3. Appearance
    A younger version of my avatar.
    Jack is an average sized boy, if not a little thin. His blonde, slightly curly hair covers his ears and part of his neck, and his watchful eyes are hazel in color. Jack can usually be seen wearing nicer clothes, his favorite being dress pants with a long sleeve shirt and vest.

    Name: Jack Singer-Ellington
    Nickname(s): Jackal
    Age: 12
    Birthdate: October 15
    Sex: Male
    Gender Identity: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Relationship Status: Single
    Pet: None. He is emotionally unable to care for an animal.

    Studying emotions and anything to do with magic, the thing his life revolves around.
    Magic tricks. He is a boy of simple tastes.

    Grade: 7th
    Occupation: Student
    Educational Focus: Doesn't plan to go to college, but I suppose Magical Arts would fit.
    Occupational Ambition: Magician

    Criminal Record

    The freedom that comes with so little emotion
    Dress Clothes
    The cannibalistic little monsters called prairie dogs

    People who insult him or magic
    Being a follower
    His biological father

    Bereft of ethical judgement and most feelings, but very intelligent. He enjoys being in the spotlight and showing off new tricks. Any praise given from these performances means nothing to him. It is the emotions that appear on other people's faces that he is after. The few emotions he can feel include anger, boredom, pride, distrust, confidence, and certainty. Jack is very manipulative, and even though there are many emotions he can't feel, he is very good at displaying them. There are times where his fake emotions may seem more real than the emotions being shown by someone who can feel it.

    Jack was born into a nice family, but after a year his father lost his job and they were unable to care for him. He was put in an orphanage. It was here he got his nickname. One day another kid started talking bad about magicians and how magic was pointless. This is one of the only things that can anger him. He looked as if he was about to attack the other kid, but a few seconds later he appeared calm and told the kid he would regret his words. The next day he stole a knife from the kitchen and attacked the kid while they were playing outside. The other children intervened before he could do any damage, but he never forgave the kid. When everything calmed down one of the other children called him a jackal- A devious or mischievous person; someone who wishes ill-fate upon another. The name stuck. A few years later at the age of ten he was adopted.

    There is not much to say after that. He has seemed like a well behaved child, if not a bit creepy. He has been not done anything to make people think bad of him, but he has also not had a reason to act out. The one significance during this time is he learned why his biological family abandoned him, and for his own reasons it sparked a hatred for his father.

    Relationships With Family

    'You are not my real mom, but you will do.'
    > Jack does not mind her being his mother. He just wishes she would stop trying to make him laugh, and the the plays need to stop.<

    'Pray you stay a better father than my last.'
    > All in all Jack is pretty satisfied with Robert's parental skills, but he has a close eye on his 'father' in case the old man messes up. <

    'Consider yourself lucky.'
    > When Randy first came to the family it took all Jack's will power to not do something violent towards the older boy. Even though Randy has since calmed down Jack is waiting for the day Randy decides to say the wrong thing to him. <

    'I see through you.'
    > Jack feels she is always trying to be something she is not and that her dressing like a boy is because of something from her past. He knows how she feels about his tricks, and if she ever says anything about it to his face she will come to regret it. <

    'Hello little puppet.'
    > He finds Daisy to be a worthless creature, but she would also be the easiest to manipulate if the need ever occurred. <

    'I don't why you are happy all the time. In fact, I don't understand happiness at all.'
    > He finds Zuri as a creature to study more than anything else. What is gained from being happy all the time? He does not mind if she wants to learn more about him. It is not as if he is evil or anything. Without morals can the concept of evil even exist? <

    'I don't mind you.'
    > With words being his main weapon, Ashley is the only one Jack could not try to manipulate. Since Ashley is so laid back this does not bother him. More than anything, it intrigues him. <

    "Who are you really?'
    > After seeing the good side of Jason, Jack can tell there is something more to the other boy, and that is something he looks down upon. If you try to hide from yourself, then why be at all? <

    'Aren't you an interesting one.'
    > Scarlet is like an open book, and Jack studies her like one since she is never lacking in emotion. <

    'You remind me of myself.'
    > Jack doesn't like or dislike Max. There is nothing to gain from someone who his like himself. <

    'Care to be my assistant?'
    > For some reason Jack likes Phil. Out of everyone in the house Phil is the only one he considers a 'friend.' <


    Seth sports the Jade Puget look. His hair reaches the top of his neck while part of his bangs hang down and cover half of his face. The long part of the bangs is blonde, while the rest of his hair is black. His eyes are a striking dark blue. He is well-built, and a few scars mar his chest and arms. His clothing is usually torn from life on the streets. His right ear is pierced, and he is rarely without a spiked glove.
    Like this without the wings.
    Celestial-Artistry — Seth - OC Commission Seth © Icystorm

    Name: Seth Pyrel
    Nickname(s): Street Rat
    Age: 17
    Location: In town on the streets, although he has made a 'home' in an abandoned bulding.
    Sex: Male
    Gender Identity: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Relationship Status: Single, but he loves the ladies.

    Grade: Street smarts is all he needs, but he does hang around the school on occassion.

    His looks
    Couches, especially old ones
    Being in charge
    The occasional fist fight

    People who don't fight fair
    Anyone who thinks it is ok to be mean to old ladies and young children
    Slowly growing to dislike himself (except for looks)

    He doesn't really have one particular hobby unless lazing around counts.

    Natural born leader
    Pick-pocketing (or thieving in general)
    Fighting with fists, even against other weapons (except guns)

    Seth is what most would call a lazy asshole. Around girls he is a smooth talking, aggravating, jerk. Around other guys he demands respect. Once you get into his circle he chills out and could care less what you do so long as you don't break one of his 'rules'. The laziness comes from not having to worry about much, but also makes it so he is going nowhere in life. He does have a caring side, and a huge soft spot for old ladies and small children. He will go out of his way to help a little old lady cross the street, or if he sees a young kid that wants an ice cream but does not have enough money he will give the kid money, even if it was the last of his change and causes him to go hungry for a night.

    Friend of: Hitting on Dante, friends with Jason and Daisy.
    What hobbies/talents/personality traits do they share? What do they think of them ect. -

    Relationships with other members: Not sure who he all knows yet.

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  4. Dante

    Dante Crismond.JPG
    Name: Dante Chrismond
    Nicknames: Chris (from her last name)
    Age: 16
    Sex: female
    Gender Identity: female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Relationship Status: Crushing
    Birth-date: 01/08
    Criminal Record: Theft, Runaway, Assault
    Education History: Part of 10th grade
    Pets: (border collie and German Shepard) Borman Shollie Puppy (baby)
    Talents: Artistic, Puzzle Solving
    Hobbies: Movies, Video Games, drawing, reading, Skate Boarding
    Grade: Soph-more
    Occupation Ambition: Graphic Designer
    None, at the moment
    Educational Focus

    Personality: She tends to get easily angry when her feelings are trampled on. She is relatively smart even though she is missing some required education in her transcript. She is nice if you let her get the chance, but that's difficult to do. She hates stuck up snobs who think they are better than everyone else. She secretly likes old literature. She is always the one to blame when a fight is picked, yet she doesn't tell the truth to tell anyone it wasn't her. When she does pick a fight she announces it. She loves animals. She tends to where male clothes as she isn't like the other girls.

    Biography: She got the name Dante because the doctors thought she was a boy, so the had the papers pre-registered. Her father was upset when he found out that she wasn't a boy, so he refused to pay the bill. She lived in an orphanage Britain till she was six, she was getting foster parents, who lived in the US, the foster parents disowned her when she kept running away. Each time she had been fostered from that point on she ran away. She developed a half British and half American accent. When she was nine she nearly killed a boy her age for trying to talk (shit) to her. She would keep stealing art supplies, that never happened to be found. She usually got into fights but never seemed to get injured. Most of the time she would pick a fight because of what the other person had said to her. She occasionally came back to the orphanage with a scar or two on her arm, but nobody would find out that's why she never seemed to get hurt. She was adopted by the Ellington Family when she was 12.
    She is also left handed

    Family Relationships:
    "The ultimate fashion queen"
    I mean we don't really share the same interests, but she has tried a lot to get close to me. Then there's whenever we go out, she always tries to get me to look pretty. Which tends to end up with me locking myself in the bathroom for several hours.

    "A creep of a brother who gets caught staring at me"
    He looks at me, a lot. It's not scary it's more creepy than anything. It's almost as if he is giving me a death glare or checking me out. Probably the death glare, even so if it is the ladder, I already like someone.

    "He's cool"
    Out of the boys he's probably the one I'd hang out with first.

    "She's so adorable"
    She's cute except her iguana creeps me out a little, one morning I found it laying in my bed.

    "A insane freak of nature"
    Not a total freak just the whole violence thing isn't great in my mind, I mean sure I get into fights, but I don't try to make it a war.

    "The next Chris Angel,....Not"
    I mean he tries to do magic but I just see through all his tricks, but I still applaud him for tricking the others.


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  5. Name
    Scarlet Catherine Ellington

    Scar, Bambi, Princess, Sweetheart



    Gender Identity

    Sexual Orientation
    Heterosexual- Knows This From A Lot Of Experience... SSHHH!

    Relationship Status

    December 25th (1997)

    Cashier @ Forever 21

    Educational Focus
    The Performing Arts

    Occupation Ambition
    Academy Award Winning Actress

    Criminal Record
    None (Scarlet Wouldn't Even Hurt A Fly)

    Education History
    High School Education (Junior Year)

    Nico (Pet Siberian Husky)



    Listening To Music/Hanging With Friends/Cheerleading/Dancing/Being Around Her Siblings/Telling Jokes

    Scarlet seems like the girl that wants everything for herself and she doesn't like to share, some of that is true, but she is actually a very kind and loving girl. She loves to make new friends and hang with the others adopted kids, calling them her siblings, even if they aren't related by blood. Scarlet has a tendency to get very emotional rather quickly when it comes to people being mean towards her. She never knew her real parents... so there is a lot of abandonment issues she needs to learn to deal with. Scarlet can be a big brat if she doesn't get her way, she was a natural at being a spoiled Princess when she was adopted by the Ellingtons. She loves to take care of the younger kids, always there for them when they need something or someone. She is a kind girl with a bratty side... but what girl doesn't have that.

    Scarlet was born to a single mother who worked as a waitress in North Dakota, her mother had a one night stand with some man. When Scarlet's mother found out that she was pregnant, she knew that couldn't take care of a child, she could barely take care of herself. Living in North Dakota for all of her life, Scarlet's mother had heard about a wealthy couple that adopted kids who didn't or wouldn't have an opportunity for a better life. Scarlet's mother met with the couple when Scarlet was just six months old. They were warm and welcoming to the woman and her child, she told them why she couldn't keep Scarlet. They gladly said they would adopt her, and Scarlet's mother only had one request, that they name her Scarlet. She never told them why she wanted Scarlet's name to be Scarlet, she just asked them to. Scarlet has been with the Ellingtons ever since, probably being one of the only kids to be there since she was younger than a year old. The Ellingtons even gave her their last name, she was their daughter now. No one knows what happened to her birth mother and no one knows who her birth father is... so they are a breeze in the wind.

    Sometimes When Scarlet Is Walking By Herself Or Is Alone Somewhere, She Can Feel Someone Watching Her... But She Has Never Seen Anyone.

    Relationships With Family
    [Robert Ellington]
    "My awesome and amazing daddy who I love!"
    Scarlet sees Robert as her real and true father, she looks up to the man, and no guy will ever take her Daddy's place in her heart. She is a Daddy's girl till the end.

    [Angelica Ellington]
    "My mommy! I love her soo much... she is amazing and her books are creative!"
    Scarlet has only known Angelica as her mother, and she would have it no other way. She loves to sing with her and act out plays, Scarlet helps Angelica around the house and with the younger kids, just to make sure she can get a break in once in awhile.

    [Randolph Smith]
    "Umm... Randolph is... okay, I guess."
    In the beginning, Scarlet did have a minor crush on Randolph, but they were younger, now seeing how he acts, she is literally terrified of him. Most of the time Scarlet tries to stay far away from the guy, fearing he might actually try to kill or harm her one day.

    [Dante Chrismond]
    "I wish she would let me dress her up... she would look soo cute in a skirt!"
    Scarlet loves Dante, she just wishes that the tomboy would let her put some makeup and a colorful dress on her. Scarlet tries all the time to get Dante into a dress or skirt and heels... one day she will succeed in getting her to wear makeup, one day.

    [Zuri Nwasu-Ellington]
    "Zuri! I love her, she is like my twin, always happy and funny!"
    Another girl around her age, that also doesn't like to wear heels and dresses... Scarlet will get her to wear a dress one day as well. Scarlet loves Zuri's beautiful and happy demeanor, it brings out her happy side even more than usual. Scarlet and Zuri are like the two biggest balls of sunshine in the Ellington Home.

    [Max Munoz]
    "Max is a very unique boy, and he is fun to prank."
    Scarlet, just like the other siblings, she loves Max with all of her heart. Scarlet plays pranks on him the most out of the others, since he is super fun to mess with.

    [Jason Morris-Ellington]
    "Jason... he's a very odd one, but I love that he is himself, original and no one can take that from him."
    Scarlet doesn't really interact with Jason that much, since everything she likes he seems to dislike, but as least he isn't mean to her for no reason, like someone else. She loves that he will take care of Nico when she is busy, which she always seems to be nowadays.

    [Jack Singer-Ellington]
    "Oh! Little Jack Jack, his magic tricks are amazing... I wish I knew how to do magic like that."
    Scarlet is always willing to be Jack's lovely assistance for one of his magic acts, she wants to learn how to do magic, and also wants to get closer to Jack as well.

    [Ashley Blake-Ellington]
    "Ashley, I adore her, she is soo sweet and adorable!"
    Thanks to her mother, Angelica, Scarlet learned ASL and is now a pro at using it to communicate with Ashley. Scarlet loves the little girl, even willing to not freak out everytime she sees her Iguana.

    [Daisy Peters]
    "Daisy... I love her and I hate when people mess with her, no one picks on Daisy when I am around!"
    Scarlet is super protective over Daisy, she doesn't like when she is picked on or someone tries to manipulate the helpless little girl. Scarlet walks her to school whenever she isn't busy doing something in the mornings, she feels bad for Daisy, and wishes she could take the pain and cruelty away from her life.

    [Phillip McIntosh]
    "Little Philly, I love him... even if he doesn't trust girls."
    When Scarlet is around Philip, she tries her best to stay honest and kind, never wanting to give him an idea that women are truly evil and backstabbers... well, at least she isn't.

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  6. Family I will do tomorrow.
  7. Hey is this open? If it is i would love to join!
  8. [​IMG]
    Name:Max Munoz
    Nicknames: N/AGra
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Gender Identity: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    relationship status: Crushing
    Birthdate: January 8th
    Occupation Ambition: Under water welding
    Criminal Record: attentive murder.
    Education History: is in the 11th grade
    Grade- Sophomore
    Occupation- N/A
    educational focus: Math and welding classes
    Pets: Black cat (Ninja)
    Talents: Setting fire's, drawing, fixing things, and cooking.
    Hobbies: Reading, watching T.V, fixing things, and building things .
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, with loner tendencies. Private and hidden. Has trouble describing feelings, tends to be unemotional. Not very affectionate. Can be insensitive to the misfortunes of others. Isolated and not influenced by others. Avoidant. Not complimentary. More interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family. Disorganized and messy. Can be a risk-taker who lives in the moment and may have an interest in extreme-sports. Uncomplicated desires. Loyal to peers and own value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Not comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Fears drawing attention to self. Dislikes leadership and tends to be submissive. Dislikes counterculture. Interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things. Detached and analytical, excels at finding solutions to practical problems. Lower energy.
    Biography: There really isn't much to Jack's past. His mother left because his father was a drunk, no surprise to Jack of course. He acted out every chance he could. Jack's father wasn't to violate at first. Little fire here, something broken there, no harm no foul. One time Jack's father hurt Jack's sister really bad. He didn't mean to, but the own man was stronger than he thought. After that Jack set fire to a warehouse on the other side oh the train tracks that was just behind his house. That was the first time Jack got in trouble with the police. Jack's father let him stay in the holding cell for three days, he probably didn't want anyone to see his sister's broken arm. Jack was ten years old when this incident happened. A few months later Jack's father passed out on the couch after a long night of drinking. Jack's sister suggested that they rid themselves of the old man for good. This seemed like a good idea to Jack at first. Jack took his father's liter, that he had laying around, and set fire to the chair he was sleeping on., but the plan would quickly go south. He woke up, and ran out the house. While running, his father knocking over papers. This made the fire go all over the place. But the worst part is that his sister got badly burnt. After the incident, Jack ended up in a juvenile care facility for six years. After the six years was up Jack was given a choice. He could go to a adult correctional facility, or go with this family that wanted to adopt him. Of course Jack picked the family choice.
    Extra: Loves cats.

    Relationships With Family

    Scarlet Catherine
    'She's like the big sister I always wanted.'
    > Scarlet is just like Dante....Hot. Scarlet has always been nice to me, in fact I think she has never been to anyone, well I haven't seen her anyways. But she can be bossy at times. That's one thing I don't like about her. <

    [Felix Kozlov]
    'He's a nice kid, but I feel something dark within him.'
    > More in depth information about opinions <

    [Ashley Blake-Forbes]
    'Reminds me of my little sister. '
    > More in depth information about opinions <

    [Dante Chrismond]
    'Hotter than the sun itself.'
    > It's true that I think she's hot and all, but I don't love her like that. Don't get me wrong, I love her like a sister. She is my new sister after all. I must admit that I do stare at her from time to time, but I'm only male. I see a pretty woman, I have to stare for while. I know that she thinks that I'm a creep, and I'm fine with that to be honest.
    Robert Forbes
    Daddy Warbucks
    July 5th
    Gender Identity:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Relationship Status:
    A pet rock. (No one knows about it...)
    Gambling, watching t.v, playing football, and taking a dip in his hot tub.
    Card games, business, negotiating, and a good swimmer
    CEO of his own company
    Star wars
    old comic books
    the water
    junk food
    spicy foods
    sweet foods

    people calling him fat
    people who mess with his kids
    when people don't listen to him
    scary movies
    healthy foods
    when his pillow stops being cold (I hate that to >:()
    People who mess with his rock
    People-oriented and fun-loving. Makes things more fun for others by their enjoyment, good at getting others to have fun. Outgoing, social, group oriented. Does not like to be alone, feels at ease around others. Talkative, open, can be touchy freely. Values relationships and family over intellectual pursuits. Interested in serving others. Likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Living for the moment, loves new experiences. Dislikes theory and impersonal analysis. Well-developed common sense and practical ability. Dislikes science fiction. Conventional, modest. Likes to dance, spontaneous. Underachieving. At times unprepared. Values organized religion. Suggestible. Easy to impress. Not analytical. Disorganized. Emotional. Prone to crying. Happy. Trusts others. Can be influenced more by others than self. Feels the emotions of others. Likes teamwork. Guided by moods.
    Robert was born into a very poor family. The poor boy would get tease at school for being poor. He studied very hard in school, for when he get's a family they don't have to suffer the like he did. He never had any friends at school, so it was tough for him. It wasn't until high school where he made his first friend. Unfortunately his friend moved away by sophomore, and Robert was right back at where he started. By the time of Graduation, Robert was the top of his class and got accepted into one of the best business schools in the country. Robert stayed in a small apartment when he was going to college. The place was a dumb,but it was all he could afford. Unlike high school, Robert was actually had friends. No one knew about his poor background, so no one made fun of him. One day one of Robert's friend invited him over to their apartment. Robert agreed to come over, because he had nothing better to do. When he went over to his friend's house, Robert met the love of his life. He walked over to her, and they hit it off. A 3 weeks later the two started dating.A couple of months later, the two moved in together. A year later, the two got married and moved to north Dakota. Robert started his own business in North Dakota, and the company turned out to be pretty successful. Robert went from a poor boy on the streets, to a ballin sugar daddy.

    Relationships With Family

    Scarlet Catherine
    'My little actress'
    > Scarlet is so sweet to me and everyone. Plus she's so funny. One time she told me a joke so funny that I almost wet myself. <

    [Felix Kozlov]
    'I love to hear him play his instrument'
    > Felix is an excellent musician. I still remember when he asked me to buy his first instrument. <

    [Ashley Blake]
    'My little trooper'
    >Me and her eat candy tougher sometimes.<

    'A boy magnet '
    > This one always steals the boy's hearts, but she's also a heart breaker.<

    [Max Munoz]
    'A perv....just like me. *evil grin*'
    > This one was just like me when I was his age. Always looking at women. But when he get's a wife, or a girlfriend, hopefully he'll stop looking. I know I did. Shit, if I looked at some girl, my wife would slap me to next YEAR!<

    [Jason Morris]
    'A young Bill Nye '
    > Sometimes me and Jason will throw the football around, and sometimes well play little games. He's currently beating me 30 to 0. Yeahhh, I'm not as fast as I once was. <

    [Jack Singer]
    The reincarnation of Harry Houdini'
    > I do love me some magic <

    [Daisy Peters]
    'The coolest of them all'
    > She baked me some cupcakes one time, and OH MY GOD THEY WERE GOOOOOD! <

    [Angelica Forbes]
    'What did I do to deserve this amazing person'
    > Not only is she my wife, she's my best friend as well <

    [Randolph Smith]
    'A down to earth kind of guy'
    >He's a little rough, but I love him any way.<​
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  9. Yes it is. ^_^
  10. [​IMG]
    This is me when I read your little sentence at the bottom of the title @Wonderful Thing
  11. I actually meant to change that line xD Cause originally I titled the rp; Stronger Than Blood but thought Branches was better. :D Thanks for reminding me!

  12. Appearance:
    Daisy looks younger than she actually is due to her size. She is 4 feet tall and weighs about 45 pounds. She i on the thin side and looks a little spindly though she is gaining some weight.
    Her eyes are two different colors. One is a dark brown with swirls of lighter brown in it and the other is a hazel green with swirls of darker green in it. She has to wear a set of of pretty thick purple glasses with little white sparkles along the arms of them. Her eyes are a normal round shape and surrounded by dark eyelashes.
    Daisy's nose is slightly flat and is small. Her lips are thin and she smiles a lot. She has normal ears though the tip of her left one if missing.
    Daisy's skin is a light brown. She gets darker in the summer and even in the winter her skin is a very milky chocolate color. She has scars on her legs and back from her past.
    Her hair is black and very curly. It's in a pixie cut because it's easier for her to take care. It's normally pretty messy and sticks up here and there.

    October Daisy Peters

    Daisy, Tobi


    12 February 2005


    Gender Identity:

    Sexual Orientation:

    Relationship Status:

    Daisy has no pet. While her parents wanted to give her one due to her mental disabilities she can't even take of herself so they know they can't give her a pet.

    Cooking, baking, gardening, she loves to be taught 'sports'(i.e her dad goes out back with her to kick a soccer ball or will take her swimming in the lake or some such other thing).

    When she remembers she's a very good gardener, she also is pretty good with animals(Though her memory is too bad to be put in charge of one).

    None. She takes special education classes at the local middle school. She is learning her letter and basic arithmetic along with life skills and coping mechanisms to help her learn how to live as independently as possible.

    She and her special education class go to the greenhouse and work in the gardens there frequently.

    They also go work at other places like the local Salvation Army, or any place that will let supervised 10-13 year old mentally disabled kids hang out/work at.

    Educational Focus:
    She has no plans of going to college.

    Occupational Ambition:
    She wants to work on a farm, greenhouse, or maybe a bakery.

    Criminal Record:
    She spent a year in juvie for prostitution and drug trafficking.

    Gardening, she likes baking though her hand tremors make it so it's hard for her, animals, being outside.

    The dark, dolls, when people are being impatient with her, being touched.

    Daisy is a sweet girl. She loves to help people and is positive most of the time. She is a very happy child, though if you look into her eyes you can see she doesn't comprehend a lot of things and her mind seems to wander a lot.
    Daisy is easily manipulated, which can be pretty dangerous. Her older siblings have to walk her to school and the Ellingtons know she won't be able to ever live fully on her own because of how easy she is to manipulate.
    Daisy struggles with comprehending things and sometimes she can get upset of frustrated when she doesn't understand things or when people are impatient with her.
    Daisy is very trusting and friendly. Too trusting. She doesn't seem to have a much self preservation instinct which can lead to a lot of problems because she doesn't know or understand that going with stranger could be bad or stuff like that. She has some gut instinct, but can easily be talked out of it.

    Daisy was born into a bad situation. Her mother was 15 and her grandparents were into drugs and various other less than legal activities.

    Daisy was neglected when she was a baby, her mother was not ready to take care of a child and her grandparents could care less about her.

    She was shaken twice, once at 2 months and another time at 7months.
    The first time was by her mother because she couldn't make Daisy stop crying. The second was by her grandmother because she was high and hallucinating
    She was taken to the hospital both times(The first time her uncle who'd been visiting took her and the second time her mother took her), though not until the damage was already done. Neither time was ever investigated by CPS because neither time was reported by the hospitals workers.

    When she turned 3 her grandfather sold her to his drug dealer to pay off his debt. The drug lord had her working for him not only as a deliverer for drugs, but also as a prostitute.

    She was arrested at 9 after she was caught trying to pick up 'johns' at a gas station bathroom. Daisy also had some drugs on her at the time she was supposed to deliver. She was taken into the police station and the tried to get her to tell them where she'd gotten the drugs and who her pimp was.
    Daisy refused and sentenced to 18 months in juvenile detention.

    In juvie the doctors weren't sure what wrong with Daisy so they dianosed her with a bunch of stuff that wasn't true and heavily medicated her. She was ignored other than to take her medications because she wasn't a dangerous inmate. Daisy would get picked on by the other kids a lot in juvie.
    After 15 months she was released for over-crowding and good behavior.

    The Ellingtons fostered Daisy soon after she was released. They knew she would be a long term commitment because of her mental difficulties and also knew she could very easily fall back into the same type of life she'd led before juvie.

    When Daisy first came to the Ellingtons she was in withdraw from all the meds they'd made her take in juvie. She had behavior problems and would throw fits a lot. After about a month her withdraw symptoms started to go away and Daisy started to calm down more. She didn't go to school until a little over a month after she arrived because Mr. and Mrs. Ellingtons thought it unwise to send her while she was having withdraw symptoms and was still adjusting from being out of juvie.


    She is severely mentally and emotionally retarded.

    She takes meds for seizures and for frequent migraines she has.

    Daisy doesn't have a very good memory and has to be reminded to do simple things like brush her hair, brush her teeth, take a shower, put clean clothes on, etc.

    She gets frequent nightmares and flashbacks.

    Daisy doesn't talk much and when does she has a stutter and her speech is choppy and awkward. They think this is from a combination of being shaken and being beaten by her pimp when she messed up.

    She is deaf in her left ear due to being hit there multiple times.

    She has almost constant hand tremors and has a hard time with fine motor skills.

    Daisy hates music. Doctors think it's part of her brain damage because it all just sounds like noise to her..loud annoying noise.

    Daisy doesn't have a bed frame. She has a mattress on the floor. When she first came to the Ellingtons they gave her a bed frame, but she has a tendency to be rather wild when she sleeps and fell out of it...a lot
    (After one too many bumps and bruises Mr. and Mrs. Ellington decided it would be best to just not have her in a bed frame for now)

    Hand holding is the only form of physical affection she allows most of the time.

    The Ellingtons are working on adopting her. She has been fostered for 3 months so far.

    Room-mate(?): Ashley

    Relationships With Family:


    Angelica Ellington
    "Sh-She helps me coo-cook. I love-ove my mama!"

    > Daisy loves her mother. She likes going with her to book signings and seeing all the people. She'll get super excited when her Mama cooks/bakes with her and just enjoys hanging out with her in general. Though sometimes she needs time to calm down especially after a bad day at school or something. Then she'll usually just want to sit next to a family member quietly and not do anything. <

    Robert Ellington
    "He-he's funny. He-he'll ea-eat whatever-ver I mak-ake him."

    > Daisy thinks her dad is weird, but in a good way. She likes to play outside with him and enjoys when he teaches her how to do sports. He's always the first one to get to try her creations in the kitchen...mostly because he's the bravest so to speak and will eat just about anything. Even if it is an epic fail of a creation. <


    "She...can-can be nice..."

    > Daisy is friendly towards Scarlet. Scarlet helps her out a lot with reminding her whens he needs to change, or wash up, or something like that. Scarlet is more of a second mother to least when Scarlet's being nice. <

    "I l-ike her liz-zard."

    > Daisy is friends with Ashley. Being closest girl to her age Daisy tends to follow her around a lot and mimick a toddler would do. <

    "He-he's a lot..."

    > Randy's anger issues can freak Daisy out. If he starts yelling or punching things she'll run and hide. However when calmer she will try and get him to pay attention to her. When he's charged with waling her to the bus stop or somewhere she'll attempt to make him hold her hand. <

    "I-I don't t'-t'ink he like-ikes me..."

    > Daisy would love to play with Phil more because since he's younger he is mentally and emotionally closest to her, but since he doesn't like women/girls she doesn't get the opportunity a lot. Daisy will always try to weasel her way into Philip's heart and actually get him to pay attention to her and play with her. She'll bring him gifts of food every time she makes something <

    '"De b-boys stare at-at her a lot-ot."

    > Daisy is friendly towards Dante like she is towards most people. She like sit when Dante will play with her or help her with her garden. She doesn't understand why the boys stare at her alot. <

    "R-Real quiet-et."

    > Daisy likes to watch Max put together things. She wishes she could put together things like he can, but has never asked him to help her. She's her normal friendly self towards him, though can be a bugging little sister because she doesn't have boundaries and will bug him even when he wants to be alone <

    '"He-He can be sc-scary...but he's ni-nice w'en he play-ays with me."

    > Daisy likes it when Jason plays with her, but his darker side terrifies her and she will refuse to be in the room when he's playing video games or anything like that.
    Daisy adores Jason, but she has seen glimpses of his angrier side. Sometimes is she's feeling brave she'll go to him when he's in his darker moods and ask if he's feeling better yet. This is normally when everyone's busy and she wants someone to play with her.<

    "H-He scare-ares me."

    > Jack scares Daisy. She thinks he acts and smells weird. She's kid of afraid of him, though if he talks to her or is nice to her it will confuse her and she will be unsure how to feel about him. It would be easy for Jack to convince her he was a good guy though. <

    "Sh-she help-ps me garden."

    > Daisy loves Zuri because she's willing to help her garden and is very nice to her. Daisy will hang out with her a lot also because most of the time she won't get shooed or scared away due to any mood swings like with some of the other kids. <

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  13. He was one of the characters in the other Forbes thread....? Created by andrew21234?

    Appearance: will find soon
    Name: Phil McIntosh
    Nickname: none
    Age: 10
    Sex: male
    Gender Identity: male
    Sexual Orientation: he is unsure
    Birthday: December 29
    Occupation ambition: he wants to be a lot of things but mainly a writer.
    Criminal record: stealing
    Education history: he is in 4th grade
    Pets: none, but he does have an imaginary friend
    Talents: he is artistic as well as good at hiding
    Hobbies: he likes to draw and write stories about himself, his imaginary friend and anyone he knows
    Personality: Phil is a very confused child. He is fairly smart book wise but common sense he just doesn't get. There isn't anything wrong with him mentally but do to his past he just doesn't understand boundaries and how society functions. He is very affectionate and often acts much younger than he really is. He just doesn't really know how to act his own age so he acts like a small child. Do to his past he also does not like woman and tends to do his best to stay away from them thus he gravitated toward male's more.
    Biography: Phil's dad died shortly after he was born and he barely remembers him at all. Thus he was raised by his abusive mother who often left him at his paternal grandfather's house. The two were very close and when his grandfather died when he was 8 he was pretty much left alone. His mom would leave him home alone all the time and when she was home she would often be drunk and hit him which after years of the abuse caused him to not trust women. His mother also used to use him to steal things often putting the things she was going to steal on Phil so if they caught caught she could just say Phil grabbed it. Eventually they were caught and his mother blamed it on Phil...the owner decided to press charges and after spending a few months in a group home for Juvenal children he was adopted by the family.
    Other: he has a metal cross necklace that was his Grandpa's which he wears at all times. He also had an imaginary friend named Billy who he often talks to.

    Is this character not happening? @andrew21234?
  14. Why do I have no recollection of that character? Am I so old already that my memory's failing that badly? :,D
  15. I don't remember that character either @Finhawk .
  16. Dunno...he was in the interest check thread.
  17. There was an interest check thread?

    Well, that explains a lot. :b
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