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  1. Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet

    Hachimitsu Delilah
    Bloomfield High

    The sun was just beginning to set in the horizon when Delilah left her home. She was dressed in a crisp, white blazer, and a white pleated skirt - just as the letter had requested. It was a little cold out, and the cool wind was biting at her face and hands, but Delilah was far too excited to complain about it. She quickly made her way down the flight of stairs leading down the porch and unlocked her purple motor scooter.

    With her helmet fastened and secured, she slowly rolled out of the driveway and turned onto the street. There were quite a lot of houses to pass before Delilah was in town, but it was only a twenty minute ride or so before she was cruising past shops and boutiques. There was more traffic in town than she was used to, but Delilah knew that the majority of it was caused by Bloomfield High's grand opening. Unfortunately, most of the places she planned to park at were already taken up with bikes or blocked by cars. With a bit of patience, she was able to squeeze in between two cars and park in front of Bloomfield High.

    Her eyes lit up when she saw Bloomfield High completely transformed from the dull mansion she had grown accustomed to. The lights were on, and the curtains had been opened wide enough to allow any wandering eyes a peek inside of the school. The gates were unlocked as well, but Delilah found herself conflicted by that fact. In just three days time, she and hundreds of other girls would be calling this place home for the next several years.

    Delilah inhaled and exhaled deeply. She smoothed her skirt out with her hands, and joined the messy line of girls heading through the gates. It wasn't surprising that everyone towered over her, but at least they were kind enough not to bump or shove, something Delilah was very thankful for.
    She followed closely behind someone into the school and was immediately greeted by warm air, and bright lights. It smelled clean and everything was brand new and elegant, with lots of gold and white decorations. Delilah's eyebrows raised in surprise at how many girls were already inside, and how little adults there seemed to be in attendance, with most of them being faculty and staff. She looked around for a brief moment, unsure of where to go or what to do. Perhaps, she would just wait for the festivities to begin.
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    So cold yet a refreshing challenge.

    The water of the wintery waters of the river attacked Yuki like a knife as she swam up stream in her winter garments and BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The river didn't have any sounds like that! No, for this was a mere dream and that was her alarm alerting her to get up and prepare for a very important day. "Oh man." She moaned as she glimpsed at her alarm and hammered the snooze button with her fist. "Just gimme a few more minutes." She muttered as she closed her eyes again but the dream had fled during the few seconds it took her to talk to her alarm. "Fine, I'll get ready then." She groaned as she rolled out of bed and let out a yawn. She had quite the day planned and what a day it would be! She would go swimming for 3 hours, have lunch at home and get into the uniform the school had provided for her before making the 2 hour bus ride to the school. Only, there was a slight issue. "Oh crap!" She gasped as she noticed the time. It was the noon and her alarm had been silenced thrice today. "Oh bugger! Bugger, bugger,bugger!" She uttered as she realised how little time she had left and rushed around like a bee that had spotted honey.

    After getting ready and making sure her uniform was perfect, she departed her house and caught the bus. With her, was a book for her to keep herself occupied and a...... small purse that contained some emergency supplies as a precaution. Ass, if you behave tonight, I will love you forever and ever. She thought to herself as she made her way towards the back of the bus after paying for a ticket. "Here's to my future." She uttered as the bus departed.

    She got off at the nearest bus stop, which was a 40 minute walk from the school and made her way on foot whilst humming a light melody. She was a bit nervous about tonight but then again, it was a major event for most people so nervous was to be expected. She saw the amount of cars in the school's 's car park and was surprised by the sheer size of the school. It was far bigger then her previous one and it was sure to contain a lot of fancy things. It looked rather fancy to her and if she was asked, it would have been described as upper class by her. "WOAH!" she exclaimed with happiness, impressed and curiosity being present in her voice. So, this is the school. Man, this is awesome! I wonder if they would... ok, best not. Jumping in a pool could leave a bad impression and well, dad won't be happy about me being soaking wet when he picks me up. ooo, i wonder if the food will be spicy. She thought to herself as she walked towards the entrance of the school and was greeted by the warm air. She spotted various girls ahead of her and was rather curious to see who would be her roommate. She had a wide smile on her face and was feeling very happy. "Man, this is amazing." She uttered whilst scanning the room with her eyes.
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  3. Naomi Yagami

    Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet
    Bloomfield High

    It hard to hear when your drowning, the rush of water is the only thing that fills your ears. Your eyes only see white and blue flashes the occasional bubble as you let your breath slowly slip away in the depths of the water. This was not the way Dimitri was drowning although it was close. The information that filed into the girls years made her mind drown in thought. Drowning in thought is different a wave of emotion hits you, then the next thing you hear are your thoughts and nothing else, what you see are lips of someone's mouth moving, but no sound can be herd the occasional slip of reality as your forced deeper into your thoughts. The only difference was that you could force your way out of your thoughts if in too far deep, you didn't have that option when drowning.
    Naomi Yagami was new to Bloom field high and not excited about what was happening. Naomi was happy living her life at her old school with her old team, she didn't understand why she had to change school, and why it had to be this one. Naomi had gotten to the school hours in advance then everyone else, not knowing exactly when the Banquette started. Dressed in a pair of jeans, a gray tank top, and a black white and gray flannel to go over the gray tank top. Her outfit was complemented by some red converse. Naomi was aware of the dress code required for the banquette and had a change of clothing in her bag. Watching cars drive into the parking lot Naomi decided that she would enter the school now and change before anyone yelled at her. Naomi's thoughts as she walked to the lady's room made her mind practically drown, the more she tried to resurface herself another wave of emotion hit her making her mind flood with more negative thoughts. Entering the largest stall Naomi changed her outfit and made sure it was perfect before walking out. Now wearing a white blazer and a white pleated skirt Naomi had forgotten to change out her red converse for the black flats she had brought with her for this outfit. Leaving the bathroom she looked around and saw the place became quite busy. People, who were once not their, now roamed the halls looking for activity's to do. Naomi Panicked and took a seat next to the nearest wall trying to control her breathing, she didn't care if she got her outfit wrinkled or if someone saw her, she had to get her Social Anxiety under control although the constant crowd that continued to pile into the school didn't help her mental state at all.
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  4. Akemi Venison - Bloomfield High - Welcoming Banquet
    This would be the first time Akemi had ever lived anywhere other than her home. She had gone to schools, yes, but they were no more the five minutes from her home and she could always go back. At this school she was more then four hours away from home and she would be living here. She was a daddy's little girl and had contemplated coming here for a very long time. Her father had finally convinced to come, so here she was looking up at the school. She turned back to the car and lent over looking at her father. "Daddy I'll miss you." She said and smiled as her father gave a small smile.

    "Darling you'll be fine you need to learn how to be your own person. Make friends and have fun. I'll come to see you when I can my dear." Her father said a smile across his face. Akemi's couldn't help to but cry at her father's words before running around the car and hugging him tightly and not saying anything else. "You better get going dear." With that the young girl turned around and walked around the car and towards the gate of the school. She wipped tears that were still coming out of her eyes off and tried to make sure that she was not crying when she got in the line.
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  5. Welcoming Ceremony and Banquet

    Usagi Ogawa >> Bloomfield high


    With just the last few finishing touches, Usagi has just completed decorating the last batch of cupcakes she’d have to do in a while. She smiled proudly and studied the work of art she had just done on the food, too bad I can’t do half this good on paper, she sighed then wiped at her cheek leaving behind traces of icing. She’d sure miss this part of helping out at the bakery, but attending Bloomfield high definitely beats it at the excitement meter. Usagi gasped, remembering that she had to attend the school banquet soon. She turned her head to the nearest clock as her eyes widen when she realized the time “Mom! Why didn’t you tell me it was already so late!” Usagi called out and immediately began untying her apron as she ran up the stairs.

    Nearly falling on her face, Usagi safely makes it into the bathroom and takes a quick shower. Once completely freshened up, she threw on the required attire for the banquet and stared at the mirror as she did her hair in her usual style. The clothes fit a bit big on her and didn’t really suit her image much, but it was too late to fix it now. She only hoped that she’d stay nicely in her school uniform. Finally ready, Usagi sped down the stairs and towards the front door as she called out at her parents, “Have a nice time at the Banquet Usa-chan!” they replied to her, causing her cheeks to lightly turn pink before she made it out the door.

    A short walk later, Usagi made it to the subway where she then hurried to a bus stop that would take her a close as possible to Bloomfield high as it could. She did live pretty far from the school, and the way back definitely won’t be a thrill either. Luckily her parents did decided to close the shop tomorrow so they can drive Usagi and her luggage at the school tomorrow, so at least that trip won’t be as painful. Usa sighed of exhaustion at the thought and leaned her head on the bus window as soon as it came to her stop. She immediately sprung up from her seat and kept her face down as she stiffly walked off the bus, she hated this part being the only one to exit as everyone watches her leave (at least that’s what she thought).

    As the bus pulled away, Usagi took in a deep breath and straightened out her back “Alright! Let’s do this, just walk up to the school, no need to be so nervous” she mumbled softly to herself and started up towards the grand campus. Her eyes sparkling at the prestige sight, her nervousness changed into excitement as she grew closer to the gorgeous building. She was so entranced with the school’s beauty, that she’d forgotten how crowded the area was with all the future students and crashed right into a group of girls “A-ah! S-so sorry, please excuse m-me” she somehow managed to say, her eyes wide and her cheeks heated as she stared at the calm faces of the girls. She quickly bowed and immediately moved towards a more vacant area where she can relax herself “Smooth Usagi… so smooth” she murmured to herself and brought a hand up to her face.

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  6. Nori Eshima~Opening Ceremony~Bloomfield High
    School was the one place that you couldn't avoid people, sadly. Since her parents had dropped her off at Bloomfield, Nori Eshima hadn't really done much along the lines of interacting with anyone. Besides the fact that she didn't know anyone there, she just wasn't a social person. So she'd spent the past hour and a half in the stable, making sure her horse, Yoru, was acclimating well. A soft sigh escaped the girl's lips as she tucked in the black button up shirt into her white slacks and draped the white blazer over her shoulder. Yoru was standing calmly in his stall, munching on hay as if nothing in his life had changed at all.

    "I would trade lives with you right now if I could." Nori muttered to the black horse before reaching out to rub his nose. "You can go to this banquet for me, yeah?" The horse snorted and Nori smirked. "I don't blame you for not wanting to go." With that, she turned on her heel and exited the large barn.

    The trail that led back up to the main school building was very scenic. You had to pass through a small wooded area before reaching the clearing where the school sat. The setting sun stretched the teen's shadow as she pushed her shoulders back and inhaled deeply. At her old school, she had skipped her welcoming ceremony, which she'd then been reprimanded for later. She'd seriously considered skipping this one as well, but then she'd have no way of knowing where her dorm would be. At least the staff had been clever in that way. Forced socialization through extortion, at least that's how she saw it.

    As Nori reached the main gate, her lavender eyes glanced back and forth at all the other students that were dressed in their white attire. She then stopped and took in the sight of the building in front of her, it was extravagant, to say the least. Something that Nori was used to since she'd grown up in a large manor. Another breath escaped as she stepped through the gate and towards the school. The chattering of girls could be heard as she neared the doors and she paused briefly. Her brow furrowed before opening the door and being blinded by white and gold decorations. Nori huffed slightly before looking around the room. It was the picture of a perfect school event. Teachers were talking, girls were giggling, it was too much.

    So Nori did what was natural to her in these situations. She hung back, finding an empty spot on the wall and folding her arms. Observing was usually more fun that participating anyway.
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  7. Welcoming Ceremoney

    Asuna Strauss
    Asuna stood in her shower as the jets of hot water struck her body and her face. Asuna was fully relaxed at the moment she loved taking hot baths and hot showers. They always made her feel so relaxed. And today of all days was definitely a time when she needed to feel relaxed. She had been accpted into Bloomfield high. The newest school in the area, it was also Quicky becoming the most prestigious school to be accpted too. The school hay every girl wanted to be accepted into. Luckily enough Asuna was one of those lucky girls.

    She got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her as she made her way to her room. She was already packed for the move that would be taking place tomorrow. Asuna stood in her room with her towel wrapped snugly around her and she smiled as she thought about all of the good memories she had in this room. She had lived here her entire life, now she would be livin in this exciting new all girls boarding school. She was excited and nervous at the same time.

    Asuna dried her self off and got her self freshened up. She then put on the required white blazer and white pleated skirt. To be honest Asuna thought she looked really cute In this outfit. Hopefully some other people would think the same thing.

    She walked downstairs and then out the door as her parents drove her to the school. Asuna lived about an hour away from the school so the drive was not to bad. They finally pulled up to the school and Asuna was in shock. It was huge and it was beautiful. She smiled as she got out of the car this school looked amazing from the outside. Her parents said goodbye and that they would pick her up when the banquet was over.

    She walked over to the front of the school. She walked through the gates and smiked at all the other girls there. She stood in line as she eventually made her self inside. She wasn't exacfly sure where she was supposed to go or what she was supposed to do so she decided to take a seat on a bench in the hall as they waited for the banquet to start.

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  8. [BCOLOR=#333333]}Takara Urano{} Bloomfield High {} Welcoming Banquet{[/BCOLOR]​

    "-and so then she and I had to roll her bike all the way back to her place where her mother practically ate her alive right in front of me." Urano pointed out as she glanced to some of the girls walking with her "She didn't even wait for me to awkwardly make an escape, by the time I was making for the door I could already here the ominous sound of a belt sliding out of its loops."

    Mixed reactions from the group, but the majority seemed positive so Urano kept it rolling. She had met up with the group of young girls on the way to Bloomfield, it had started small but eventually grew exponentially with every student they picked up. Originally, she had just wanted to find some of her possible classmates among the young women who had no problems walking to school. But by the time they were almost there, the group had just grown with plenty of other students who were eager to meet their classmates. Urano had sighed on the inside, at this rate they'd already know everything about each other before they even reached the Banquet. Already she could hear friendly banter drifting from those who hadn't been currently enraptured by her tale.

    She sighed inwardly, but kept her passive smile as one of her listeners asked her to continue. And so she did, until they reached Bloomfield. As they approached the building, the group began dissolving as subgroups began splitting off to their own devices. When the divisions finally ended Urano was left with four others who simply stood around like the rest of those involved seemed to be doing. Urano glanced around at the girls waiting for the begin of the festivities, until one of her new... pals? Chums? Associates? nudged her and said "Mind finishing the story?"

    Urano stuffed both of her hands into the pockets of the dress pants she was wearing, and stretched her neck to the side for a bit before regaining her passive smile and continuing.

    "So I was holed up in my room for a long time, still processing what I had seen, and when I came back to school-"
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  9. Sera Petrov : Bloomfield High : Welcoming Banquet
    It was a very typical morning for Sera, and she followed her very precise morning schedule perfectly. It was as follows: At Seven AM exactly, Sera would be woken up by the alarm clock. At Half past Seven, Sera would start getting bothered by the alarm clock and turn it off, before falling back asleep on a chair. At Eight AM, one of Sera's parents would come in and wake her up by wafting breakfast under her nose then walking out and having the sleep-walking Sera follow the smell of the food. Sometimes, if it was a particularly nice breakfast, it would get her all the way to the kitchen before she woke up. On this day, she was awake by 8:15, which was very impressive for her, but it is possible that was due to her excitement and anticipation, rather than the breakfast, for it was a little sub-par. The house was in quite a state, she noticed. It was pretty much empty, stripped ceiling to floor of anything that would suggest it was lived in.

    She cleaned herself, then donned the items of clothing she had been instructed to wear, before heading out to the car. Her luggage had been taken to the school the day before, to ensure Sera couldn't forget it somewhere on the way. It was about a half hour journey to the school, and when she arrived, she had the typical departing conversation with her parents. They were in a hurry, so they didn't talk for long, and they drove off slightly over the speed limit. Sera watched them go, before turning around to look at the academy. Around this point, she realised she had absolutely no idea what she was supposed to do or where she was supposed to go, so she decided to follow the general flow of people.​
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  10. N A T S U K O "Natsu" H A M A S A K I
    Stressed | Blooming Comics → Bloomfield High (Welcoming Banquet) | N/A
    I'm going to be late. I'm going to be late. I should have just ignored my urge to go to Blooming Comics, but nooo. I was too weak-willed, and now I'm sprinting to the freaking academy! In a skirt!

    The morning could not have been any worse than it was at that exact moment. Natsuko Hamasaki, second year at the new school, Bloomfield High, had woken up quite early that day. It was purely coincidental, but she had decided to make the most of her extra time instead of falling back to sleep. After going through the usual morning routine (brushing teeth, shower, getting dressed in the required clothing, and eating), the redhead had headed out towards Neko Café. Lately, she had been mulling over the idea of getting a job somewhere in order to earn herself some cash and stop her parents from sending her some every now and then. While most kids would be grateful, she knew her parents' financial state and didn't want them to be put in danger because they were providing for her. Besides, she was at the age where she could work a part-time job! It would be a good experience for her and help her grow as a person. At least, that's what she heard.

    Upon reaching the Neko Café, she had entered it and politely asked the workers about their hiring positions, if they had any. At that moment, the manager had came out and sat Natsu down at an empty table. They end up having a long, detailed conversation about the work that was done at the café, payments, requirements and expectations, and other things that were pretty important. In the end, Natsu had left with a lot of things to mull over, bidding the workers and the manager of Neko Café goodbye. She had held out her phone, clicking the button at the top and watching it light up, in order to check on the time. I think it's a good time to start heading to my new school, she thought, making her way towards the Academy. That was until she had passed by Blooming Comics. Backtracking, she stared inside of the store, chewing on her bottom lip as she had an internal conflict herself. You don't need to go in there! You can visit it after the banquet, which is more important than whatever you're thinking about right now!, she scolded herself, shaking her head. Squaring her shoulders, she marched past the comic store, feeling proud of herself. That only lasted for a few minutes before she ended back at the comic store and in it, browsing the many mangas that they had in stock. It wasn't until it was too late that she checked the time once more, screeching out a colorful string of curse words that would have made people give her disapproving looks, if they were there. Luckily, she was the only one present besides the cashier. Bolting out of the comic shop, she gathered all of her will-power and put it to sprinting as fast as she could to Bloomfield Academy, maneuvering around other residents and students.

    "Stupid manga! I blame you for making me having to wait in a long line when I could have gotten here early instead! Ugh!" Natsuko complained to no one in particular as she finally made it to Bloomfield High, stopping at the gates with hands on her knees, struggling to catch her breath. This was exactly why she was accepted into this school for her artistic abilities. More specifically her talent for the viola. Finally straightening up, she inhaled and exhaled deeply, going further into the school and standing in the long line that was there. Immediately, she began to survey the other girls that were to be attending the school as well. She frowned as she noticed how majority of them towered over her. They're Titans, and we're all just cattle, she thought before shaking the anime-centric thought away, moving up in the line as girls continued to enter.
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  11. Evelynn Janna Villiers Bloomfield High Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet
    Stepping out from washroom, Eve gave an audible sigh as she adjusted the fluffy white towel hanging loosely around her neck, the material was already soaked with the water from her hair it seemed. She would have to wrap it properly around her head soon if she didn't want to drip water all over her room she noted to herself as she crossed the distance from the end of the room to the other side, where the window was, open and catching the setting sun rays, a pleasant breeze now and then also made it's way inside. However pleasant it was though, Eve still drew the curtains closed without sparing a second of hesitation. Effectively casting the light away from her room at once, the raven haired girl flickered the lights on instead, casting a pale blue light to replace the natural light source. Satisfied with the state of things, she heaved yet another sigh, her arms coming up to readjust the towel, bringing it up and around her head this time, her hair effortlessly swept away with the towel, encased and held by the material as Eve wrapped it around her head with practiced ease.

    Well then, that was one situation taken care of, she thought to herself as she then went to stand next to her bed. With quick movements, the raven haired girl tossed the t-shirt she had been wearing just seconds ago onto the bed, followed shortly by a pair of black shorts. Suppressing the full body shiver that threatened to rip through her body, Eve quickly swung herself over the length of her bed, sitting on the blankets as she opened the closet, searching deep inside for the particular set of clothes she could have sworn she had prepared a few days earlier ... then again, there was the possibility of it being buried under the rest of her street clothing. With that thought in mind, Eve groaned and stood, this time shoving her head right into the closet. She moved a few other t-shirts and hoodies to the side, and a few jeans onto the floor before finding the fresh new uniform hanging at the very, very back of her closet.

    Carefully unhooking the set off the hanger, Eve took care in laying it across her bed. Taking a step back and staring down at the ensemble, she found that she couldn't even get annoyed at herself when looking at the whole thing. The black blouse hadn't been a problem at all - it was something she occasionally wore actually, especially since she looked great in it. Although, the raven haired girl usually rolled the sleeves up and left a few buttons unbuttoned, still she figured that doing such a thing would only embarrass herself at such a formal occasion, so she'd endure. If only for tonight. The issue came with the rest of the uniform though, she thought with a frown. Not that she had anything against white, but walking around in a nearly full white ensemble? If anyone tried to walk around in the streets, she'd fear that they'd be mistaken for a run-away bride or something just as bad. As much as she complained and cried, she'd still be wearing this for the evening though, so it was best to get it over with. "At least I don't need to wear a god damned skirt," she grumbled to herself as she slipped her arms into the black blouse, and adjusted the collar before popping the buttons in, bottom up.

    Just as she finished buttoning the last button - second last, the last one was always a choking hazard - the laptop on her desk began to chirp. Flinging an arm out to quickly accept what sounded like an online video call, Eve found herself face to face with a particular obnoxious face - a few of them actually - as the call connected. She only offered a scowl at the group as a greeting, after all, these were the same few that she had only just seen for the better part of her morning and afternoon - and the last few days, now that she thought about it. As greetings and pleasantries were exchanged, one of them finally managed to come straight up and address the state of Eve's dressing. With an eye roll, Eve continued without much of an explanation as she slipped her legs into the white pleated pants - definitely a wide fit. With a wince, Eve jumped onto her feet and took a few steps back, "This ok?" she asked the group, and got mixed results. Some replies were teasing and playful, one in particular asked if she could loop a belt - and Eve silently agreed, digging into her closet once more for a black belt. More than satisfied now, as the rest of them chattered on, Eve went on to dig through her shelves, eventually finding a set of earrings to curl around her ear. It may been flashy and just slightly over the top, but she had confidence that her raven locks could hide it from the more judging eyes.

    Glancing at the time, Eve clicked her tongue, realizing that the time wasn't slowing down any for her. Grabbing the white blazer with her hand, she leaned over and waved at the group, leaving them with a few parting words - and in turn receiving some heartfelt support from each of them - before leaving the call. Turning on her heel she went to grab her phone, and wallet, making sure that both were well equipped with whatever she may have need of for the rest of the evening, and for emergencies. Satisfied with the last check, Eve went to shut the lights off, and closed her window for good, closing the door to the room softly as she left the room.

    With a small grin, Eve set off towards the gates, where the crowd in front of the gates seemed to have the most attention, undoubtedly for those trying to get in. Not wanting to pull any horrible first impressions, Eve obediently followed into the lineup that had started, and although waiting would have normally bored her, there was simply so much to see, so much to take into mind that the time seemed to have easily flown by while the line shortened bit by bit. It was just slightly intimidating how everything seemed to go by so seriously here, how it was all just so different from what she was used to in her old school ... but surely, she could turn that into something positive right? The best of the best were chosen to attend, and as such, only the best should be expected from anyone who managed to get their asses in here. RIght. Good. This was the kind of pep talk she needed.

    As Eve passed the gates, she did so with a natural grin, and for the girls she had bumped into, the corner of her lips curled up into a more playful smile as she apologized with a hand on their shoulders, steadying them. Thankfully, it seemed that most people had their social circles figured out, up and running already, so there hadn't been too many people that she had bumped into. Stepping inside the school, Eve easily recognized a shift in the air. Stepping to the side, hanging closer the wall, to avoid getting in the way of the entrance, Eve shoved her hands into her pocket as she simply stood back and tried to take in everything at once. It was warm, but not irritating so, and gods, it smelled warm too, if it were possible. The condition of just about anything within eyesight was perfect, undoubtedly new. It was overwhelming, especially for those may not have frequented around such environments their whole lives. If Eve hadn't known any better, she would have thought she stepped into someone's wedding.

    "Oh this is going to be one fun ride of a year," she chuckled quietly to herself.
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  12. Rin Arisawa: Opening Ceremony:Bloomfield High

    Rin awoke that morning easily. With a yawn she went out the door of her bedroom. Still wearing her night gown, she went down stairs. Sitting at the table was her mother and brother. She greeted them with delight as she dug into her breakfast. After she had eaten and gotten ready, she called to her mother "I'm leaving, I'll be back in time to get ready." She said quickly running out the door.

    Rin opened the sliding door to her house, panting heavily, she took a drink from the bottle in her hands. She had went out for a run, she didn't assume she would be out that late. It was then she looked at the clock, "Oh no!!" she said looking at the time "I'm going to be late!!!" She ran into her bedroom and took off her running clothes. She quickly got dressed into the required attire. Quickly over looking herself she put on her shoes and went out the door.

    After walking for a bit she arrived at the school. Walking in with the line she seemed to be taller than most the girls. She stood by herself within the school once she made it inside. She looked at all the other girls around wondering if any of them would be in her dorm.
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  13. ★Rosemary Victoria Childs★

    Rosemary was standing in front of her bedroom's floor length mirror, she was fixing up her hair and outfit. When she got the letter of what she would have to wear... she actually laughed at it. Did they ACTUALLY think that she was going to wear the same exact blazer and skirt that the others girls going to Bloomfield High would be wearing? Rosemary would always have to add a touch to any of the outfits she would be required to wear, which is why her outfit would look nothing like the others. She still stayed with the whole "ALL WHITE" look, but other than that, everything else was her style of clothing. She placed her pretty pearl stud earrings in both ears, and then she placed her long blonde hair in a nice ponytail. She did a little twirl in the mirror, her tongue poking out as she giggled. "I look soo pretty, like usual."

    Someone knocked on her bedroom door. "Come in." She didn't bother to turn to the male that had opened her door. "Miss Childs, the limo has arrived." Her family's butler, Phillip, kindly informed her. She turned to the man. "Thank you, tell him I will be there in a few." She waved him off, he bowed and went to tell the driver that she would be ready in a few. Deciding that she looked great, Rosemary grabbed her purse off the bed and took out her phone. She walked down the long spiral stairs of her family's home/mansion. She hugged her mother, father, and two older brothers. She would be leaving them and living in a school for a few years, of course they would visit her when they could, but it still felt like she was leaving for forever.

    Before getting into the black limousine, Rosemary took a moment to look back at the mansion. "God... I am going to miss this place." With a dramatic wave goodbye to her family, she slid into the back of the limo.

    While she sat in the back, waiting to get to Bloomfield High, which wasn't too far from her home, she played on her phone. She took a couple of cute pictures, smirking at them. "Why do I look soo good in every picture and at every angle... just beautiful." She laughed, the driver just rolled his eyes and kept driving. To tell you the truth, Rosemary was pretty nervous about going to Bloomfield. It was a new school, but it had already been talked about all around town. She was happy and a bit shocked at getting accepeted, she knew her acting skills were amazing... but she didn't know that it would get Bloomfield's attention.

    Rosemary wondered what the other girls would be like, she hoped that there would at least be one other girl in the school that was like her. If the school was filled with tough girls and biker chicks... she might actually die. Not staying on the subject for too long, she noticed that the limo had stopped. "We're here Miss Childs." The driver got out the car and opened Rosemary's door. "Thank you, Trevor." She smiled, placing her phone into her purse and standing on the curb.

    She took a second to look at Bloomfield High, it was beautiful. The outside was magnificent, she couldn't wait to see the inside. Waving goodbye to Trevor, she glided off towards the entrance of the school. The line of girls was annoying to say the least. She was proud of herself for not knocking some of the slower walking girls out of her way, instead she just waited, rolling her eyes every few seconds. Finally making it inside of the school, for the first time ever she was speechless. "..." This place was huge and beautiful, but it could use some pinks and reds, but it was still gorgeous.

    She spotted a couple of interesting looking girls, some were cute... others were, well not soo cute. She sighed, not knowing where to go. Rosemary spotted a bench not that far from where she stood, she walked over to it. She didn't have the time or patience to stand around, not noticing the other girl that was sitting there for a few seconds. When she turned her head, she finally noticed the fellow blonde. "Oh! Didn't see you there, guess my nerves and all." She giggled, the other blonde was really pretty to her. She put out her left hand. "Hi, I'm Rosemary, you can call me Rose if you want. And you are?" Rosemary was the type that could start a conversation with a wall, she was just that type of girl.

    |★|House: Rose
    |★|Location: Her Home/Mansion-Bloomfield High: (Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet)
    |★|Mood: Excited/Nervous/Moody-Friendly/Nervous
    Rosemary's Outfit
    |★|Interaction(s): Asuna
    |★|Mentioned: Asuna

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  14. image.jpg image.gif
    Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet

    Warmth, Bright Lights, Fancy.

    Those were the words that described the place she was in.

    She was in a fancy theatre with thousands of seats and a remarkable stage with colors of dark gold, red velvet, and beautiful yellows and browns. She had been in this theatre before, as it brought up some good-and yet painful-memories. On the edge of stage sat a girl with red hair in twintails in a pristine white spaghetti strap dress with a ruffle at the end. Her eyes were closed and her hands were in her lap, as if she had fallen asleep waiting for someone. Then came footsteps, slow footsteps as someone entered the theatre. The person was a man, somewhat tall and in his 30's, very handsome and was wearing a greyish-black suit with a black tie. His hands were in his pockets as he looked at the girl, a gentle smile on his face. And in a gentle way, he said in a soft yet loud enough to be heard voice:

    Ayano, it's time to go home sweetie.”

    As if on cue, the red head opened her eyes and looked with her violet hues at the person who spoke, seeing something she hasn't seen before in a long time: a familiar face. A face that had been wiped away from life a long time ago, and left scars on the girls heart for the longest time. A face that made the girl happy every time she saw it when she was younger. A face that, now, made her eyes become glassy and tears well up at the sight. “D..Dad?” The girl said, her voice breaking as a single tear fell from her eye, down her pale white cheek, and onto the top of her right hand as it balled into a fist. “Yes Pumpkin. It is me.” The man replied, pulling his left hand out of his pocket and extending his left arm, his left hand open as he waited for the girl to get that way he could take her hand. The single became a stream as more tears fell from the girls face. Her expression showed she was trying to cry, but it wasn't working. She bit her lip as she gripped onto her dress tightly, trying not to her voice break into a sob. Unfortunately, that didn't work either. “D...Daddy!” The girl sobbed, getting off the stage and onto her feet as she ran towards her father, hugging him tightly. It had been a few years since her father's death, and while most would think isn't such a long time, to the girl it was a eternity. She gripped at his suit tightly, pulling on it a slight bit as the red head cried on his suit. The man chuckled and rested his right on top of her her, stroking her hair. “Ayano dear?” He asked as the girl raised up her head, looking at her father with tears still streaming down her face as he grinned. His grinned widened to almost concern her as he raised up his right arm, holding it in a 90 degree angle as his hand stayed straight. At that moment she knew what he was about to do and pulled away quickly, but it was too late. His grin became menacingly as his arm went down at a blink of an eye and his hand came across the girls face. And then...


    The scene switches to a girls bedroom now, one that was medium sized and the walls were a pastel violet color. Within the room there were several things, such as white dressers, a black desk with gold heart knobs, a mirror on the back of the girls bathroom door that was painted hot pink and was decorated with stickers of 'Kawaii' foods and anime characters, a large white bookcase with two black shelves on either side-all of which were holding either Manga, Video games, Handheld consoles, game controllers, or Anime figurines. Above the girls desk was her Tv on the wall, and in between the bathroom door and her desk was her closet. Her bed was on a wall between two windows, both had pastel colored curtains and had fairy lights above them. On the right side of the bed is a pink bean bag chair and on the left is a velvet red bedside table with a shelf underneath with a laptop on it. On top was a dark Violet alarm clock that isn't set, a Violet Playstation Portable, a anime figurine, and her phone. On the bed there were many stuffed animals, some fell to the floor, others were sprawled all over the bed. On the bed as well was the girl with her hair down wearing a black short sleeve shirt and a pair of cheetah print shorts that were violet. On top of her was a small boy with messy black hair and blue eyes who was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt and blue pants. It seems he was responsible for slapping the girl, in order for her to wake up.

    “Ai-Chan wake up! Wake up!” He shouted, shaking her a bit as the red head groaned, her left hand coming up to her left cheek and rubbing it. “Today you have to go to the ceremony thingy remember? Get up!” He shouted, bouncing on top of her as the girl groaned loudly sat up, propping herself up with her elbows. “Shin-Chan I heard you before! What are you doing in my room?!” She growled, showing she was rather grumpy. “Mommy wanted me to wake you up. She said you have your welcome thingy today.” He said, shimmying off her bed as the girl sighed.'s today... She thought, looking down at her legs which were covered by a Rilakkuma Blanket. She had forgotten last night that she asked her mother to send Shin-Chan to wake her up if she wasn't up early, as most of it went down the drain when playing Mario Party and watching Sakurasou no pet no Kanojo on her phone. She rubbed her eyes as the blanket was slowly pulled off the bed by her younger brother. “Alright I get it I'm getting up..” She chuckled, stretching as the boy smiled and left the room, shouting “MOM I GOT HER UP AT LONG LAST!”. The girl smiled and got up from her bed, going over and looking at herself in her long mirror on the back of her bathroom door. As usual, her red hair was messy and it looked like as it the girl had a massive hangover. Thankfully that wasn't the case. She entered the bathroom and took off her clothes, getting into the shower. Once she was done she dried her hair with a pastel Violet with red hearts towel and dried and covered her body with a light pink towel. She exited her bathroom and grabbed two elastics, intending to pull her hair into her two signature twin tails. This was the usual routine for Ayano Haru. She would have an odd dream, needed to be woken by either her younger brother Shintaro-appropriately nicknamed Shin-Chan-or Mother, go to the bathroom, leave the bathroom, and put her damp hair into twintails. But since it was a new school, and located on the outskirts of New Tokyo, perhaps a new hair style would be in order?

    “Hey mom?!” Ayano yelled from her room, putting the elastics down and opening the door to her closet, grabbing out the blazer her mother got her a few weeks ago after getting the acceptance letter to Bloomfield. “Yes Honey?” Ayano's mother yelled back, getting ready to drive her decided to take a nap daughter to her welcoming ceremony. Ayano looked at the blazer and whined, thowing the blazer onto the bed and flailed are arms. Man did she hate Blazers. She hated them with a living passion. And yet, they were required, so it's not like she had a choice in the matter. “Honey, what is it?” Ayano's mother yelled again, not hearing Ayano voice the second time. “Twintails or Ponytail?” Ayano shouted, grabbing the black blouse and white skirt from one of the white dressers and pulled out a pastel Violet with pink bow and pink strap bag at the bottom of the second dresser and unzipped it, pulling out a pair of Black Stockings with White Bows on them. “Your not going with your Twintails today?” Her mother asked from downstairs, Pulling her hair up in a ponytail. Ayano threw on the blouse and the skirt with Ruffles underneath. She pulled on the Stockings to where they were slightly above her knees. The last thing she turned her attention to was the blazer...the stupid blazer. Ayano shuddered and sighed, sadly she had to put it. Because if she didn't her mother would make her since she spent so much on it. “I don't know! Hang on..” Ayano shouted back, grabbing the two elastics and heading downstairs. “Well what are you..” Her mother was about to say, but was halted when seeing her daughter enter the kitchen. “Oh honey..” Her mother said softly, seeing how beautiful and grown up her daughter looked. “Wow Ai-Chan, you look good!” Shintaro commented, looking at his sister before going back to eating his crackers Ayano's mother gave him. “You..think so?” Ayano asked, blushing a bit. “Of course. Your always beautiful.” Her mother said, kissing Ayano on the forehead. Ayano smiled and looked at her younger brother, then her mother. A lot of things we're running through Ayano's head at this point, like how this might be her last time she would be in a hurry with her around. Usually anytime Ayano would be in to much of a rush in order to sit down and eat or do anything with her with her family. She would usually grab something quick and head out on her way with the thing in her mouth, like a stereotypic anime girl having toast in her mouth while being late to school. But today was different. Today she would be attending a welcoming ceremony and a banquet later on in the evening, then return home to start packing. Her thoughts were soon halted when Shintaro nudged her arm and said something she wasn't able to hear. “What is it Shin-Chan?” Ayano asked, looking at her younger brother while he was finishing. “I was telling mommy this is the last time you would be with us.” Shintaro as Ayano's finished up some dishes and put them away, then turned her attention to her two children. “Now Shintaro I never said this was Aya-Chan's last breakfast with us. There's still tomorrow and then...” Her mother said, although her words drifted off and she bit her lip.

    Ayano could tell this was hard on her mother. Almost everyone in the Haru family went to a boarding school in high school at some point. Her mother went to one boarding school for the Fine Arts, her dad went to a boarding school to study technology, her brother was in another city studying in a prestigious boarding school, and both her sisters were studying abroad in England and America. And now, she was heading off to a all girls boarding school to finish up her second and third year of high school. Getting she hugged her mother and looked at her with reassuring eyes. “I know your upset. To be honest I'm upset I'm leaving my home for the first time. But don't worry, it's going to be okay. It's only an hour away, so it's not like I'm very far away. It's gonna be okay.” Ayano reassured her mother with a smile. Her mother smiled and returned the hug, stroking her daughter's soft red hair. “I know. Everything will be alright.” Her mother sighed, pulling her daughter away. “Now if you have anything else before we leave go get it.” Her mother told her and Ayano nodded, grabbing a cracker from her brother she had and ran back upstairs. There was one last thing she wanted to do before heading out. She grabbed her phone, Playstation Portable, and a few hostess sweets she secretly hid in her bottom desk drawer and placed them in her Chiaki cat backpack she made after playing Super Dangan Ronpa 2. She took off the two elastics and replaced them with a pair of black and white flower hair elastics. She tied her hair into a Ponytail and picked up her bag, slinging it over her shoulder. She went back downstairs as her mother shouted for her to put her plate and silverware in the sink-which Ayano did. She grabbed a Soda from the fridge and put of her black flats, then ran out of the house to join her sibling and mother in the car.


    Like Ayano said, it was an Hour away, and she only had a few minutes before the opening ceremony would begin. Ayano looked down at the time on her phone as she only has five minutes left. She looked up and looked out through her window to see a familiar school building come into view, also known as...

    Bloomfield High... Ayano said breathlessly, looking at how beautiful the school building was. “So cool!” Shintaro gushed with awe as Ayano's mother pulled up next to a sidewalk close to the school. “Ne Ne Mommy? Can we go in with Ai-Chan?” Shintaro asked, pulling on her sleeve. “No Shin-Chan we can't.” Ayano's mother said to him, then turned to Ayano who was out of the car, backpack and all. “You sure you know where you're going?” She asked as Ayano nodded. “Yes, I do. See you later!” Ayano said, giving her mother a awkward hug through the window and then took off towards the school, passing the gates to where her mother and brother couldn't see her anymore. Once she made it inside she stopped in her tracks and noticed how huge and beautiful the school is. “” Ayano breathlessly commented, spinning in a small circle when looking around. She then remembered the entrance ceremony and started running again.

    She finally made it. She made it to the welcoming ceremony with two minutes to spare before it would begin. She stopped and took a few deep breaths, relishing in each breath she took. She stood up straight and grabbed the soda from her bag, taking a good swig of it and then placed it back into her bag. I made let's hope I don't do that here...ever. She thought, smiling and looking ahead, standing by herself and waited for the ceremony to begin.

    .:♥︎Location♥︎:. Bloomfield High Welcoming Ceremony
    .:♥︎Mood♥︎:. Tired | Nervous
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  15. [​IMG]
    |♦|House: Rose
    |♦|Location: Her Home -------> Bloomfield High
    |♦| Event: (Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet)
    |♦|Outfit: The Event's Dress Code
    |♦|Mood: Excited and Nervous
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    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

    Amagawa Jae
    The White Rose of Bloomfield High

    "Today's the day! A new chapter in my life. I have a feeling it's going to be great." The young platinum blonde haired maiden exclaimed cheerfully to herself as she leisurely makes her way to her brand new school Bloomfield High. She out stretched her arms high above her head, with her extra dinner in hand. Jae had awoken early enough to arrive on time, she made sure everything was in perfect order the night before hand. Her host family are very busy bodies, and usually were not home at this time in the evening for her. She basically had to depend on herself to get ready and make meals. Since there was going to be a banquet after the welcoming ceremony Jae decided not to eat dinner. Though, the girl was still pretty hungry after a long day and decided to bring an apple for her walk. She also decided to bring her art bag in case she got bored at dinner. If she played her cards right she might even get to share some of her drawings with someone who seemed interested in them. As the thought came to mind she began to day dream the scenario as she walked down the street. "Maybe it'll help me make some friends." she thought hopefully as she approached the school's gates. With her sky blue eyes set on the horizon, she casually chewed on her apple until the school came into view. It grew bigger and bigger the closer she got, until she was finally at the front gates and her apple was gone.

    When she approached the gates she was met by a teacher who bore a displeased facial expression. Confused she approached hesitantly, and was immediately met with reprimand. "You are late young lady!" the teacher's voice bellows in Jae's ears, and the comment only confused the poor girl more.

    "A-am I!? My phone says that I'm five minutes early though...." She explains bewildered, her heart rate starting to pick up due to being nervous and startled by the suddenness of the reprimand. Her delicate fingers rummage through her art bag and she carefully pulls out her new iphone six and showed the time on her phone. "See? What is the time on your watch ma'am? I can fix it now, and promise you my tardiness wont happen again. I assure you." Jae explains giving the woman a polite and fair smile, the light spring wind breezes by and her hair dances with it. She runs a hand through a loose strands to keep them out of her face.

    "You don't have time for that now. Do it later." The teacher explains with a hiss as she points a finger towards one of the buildings on the campus. "I'll let you off easy because it's the first day, but don't be late again. Now hurry and go find your seat quickly."

    "Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am." Jae deeply bows in thanks to the teacher, but not to far as to let her underwear show to any oncoming traffic or pedestrians. Stand straight again she excuses herself with a slight wave and enters the campus. With the discovery that she is horribly late, Jae picks up the pace and jogs over to the auditorium where the orientation and opening ceremony is being held. She could hear that it had just started, and she attempts to enter as quiet as a mouse. Slipping through the door, she lightly pulls back on it's handle and slowly gives so it doesn't slam shut with all its force. When there is a soft click of the door finally closing, she turns and scurries over to the nearest open seat. Though when she finally took the chance to survey her surroundings she relaxed. Apparently, everyone was still waiting for the evening event to start. What a shame, I was hoping to be early so I could take pictures for my scrapbook and online blog.... she sighs a bit in her seat.
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  16. Asuna Strauss
    Asuna sat in the bench as she took out her iPhone six and took a selfie. She looked at the picture to make sure she looked good, which well she did. She then uploaded the picture onto her Instagram account. She was happy, nervous and excited all at the same time right now.

    As she sat in the bench she looked at all of the other girls that were entering the academy. All who had their own impressive talents whether that be in academics, the arts or athletics. For Asuna it was mostly athletics with the arts mixed in as well. Not that she was a terrible student but her academics were defientley not the main reason she was accepted Into Bloomfield. Asuna smiled back a few girls who had flashed a smile her way. Asuna hoped that she would make a lot of friends like she had back at her old school.

    All of a sudden another blonde girl just like herself took a seat next to her on the bench. Asuna blushed for a quick second as the blonde girl was very pretty in her opinion. The girl then spoke to her, telling Asuna her name and then putting out her hand to shake. "Oh it's not a problem. I'm pretty sure just about every girl here is at least a little nervous. I know that I am. My name is Asuna, Asuna Strauss. It's very nice to meet you Rose." Asuna put out her hand and shook Rose's hand. Maybe her and rose could become good friends but it was way to early to tell.

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  17. Nori Eshima-Welcoming Ceremony/Banquet-Bloomfield High
    So far, the ceremony had been a bit lacking to Nori. Not that she had been expecting much, but really, all she had to watch for entertainment were the other girls chattering away. Not very interesting. Again, Nori had the thought of leaving, who would notice? Maybe she could just slip out and then come back before the ceremony actually ended. But just as the girl had straightened up and made her way towards the exit, staff had emerged with large platters of a plethora of food. The smell alone was enough to convince Nori to stay. With a sigh, she turned towards the nearest table and sat down.

    She didn't really notice the rest of the girls doing the same, nor did she really pay attention. Nori was focused on the food. Perhaps it hadn't been wise to skimp on lunch earlier that day, but she lacked an appetite then. Now it was in full force and demanding all of her attention. Nori didn't notice what else was going on around her, she was busy placing a napkin on her lap before reaching for a buttered roll on a silver platter. But she was startled when her fingers bumped into something warm that was not the roll she had her eye on.

    "Pardon me." Nori apologized and pulled her hand away.

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  18. Bloomfield High - Dining Hall
    Hachimitsu Delilah - Eshima Nori

    Delilah could barely manage her own thoughts with all of the girly chatter surrounding her. She could only watch with her nose turned slightly up, and a hint of envy as some of her peers seemed to click right away. She wasn't always the most approachable, and most people looked right over her due to her lack of height. That's how it had always been. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she folded her arms loosely over her chest, bored and in the same position she was in just fifteen minutes ago. Delilah had to admit that she wasn't really expecting much, so she couldn't exactly complain about the event.

    As Delilah was contemplating striking up conversation with someone that was also standing alone, a bell chimed and Bloomfield staff came out with platters of food. Her attention was drawn to a giant stuffed turkey with a lemon garnish. Without even realizing it, she had followed the turkey all the way over to where it had been set. Delilah glanced around the dining hall and sat down, grateful that there was a free spot right in front of the roasted bird. She went to take a seat, not paying attention to anyone in the immediate vicinity, before taking a slice of the turkey and setting it on her plate. She went to grab one of the rolls next, not realizing someone had also reached for the same one until their fingers brushed against each other. Delilah's cheeks flushed and she snatched her hand back into her lap, more embarrassed than anything as the girl beside her apologized.

    "I'm s-so sorry - I got ahead of myself," Delilah said, laughing nervously. She reached back out for the rolls, but this time she selected a different one and calmly put it beside her turkey slice. Exhaling softly, she began unfolding a napkin on her lap before starting on her food.

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  19. Evelynn Janna Villiers Bloomfield High Welcoming Ceremony & Banquet
    Myka - Ogawa Usagi

    With a fond smile, Eve steadied her phone with both her hands, holding the device horizontally with her thumbs hooked onto the bottom of it, comfortably resting against the raised plastic from the phone case.Her face had taken up majority of the screen, but she quickly pulled back, watching as the image on the screen lagged just for a bit before focusing on the lights, the people, and the objects within it's scope of view. It took another moment for the quality to bump itself up a few notches, but that was the price that had to be paid when you didn't have an apple phone, she supposed. Lifting the phone just a tad bit higher, Eve gave a decidedly wicked smirk up at the phone, more than satisfied with the extremely high angle and widely captured scene with her taller height. Snapping the picture with a quick tap of her thumb, the screen stilled, and forever captured the scene within it's memory. After all, someone ought to commemorate this rather special occasion. How many could boast about having been accepted to such a privileged and, perhaps, internationally renowned school of excellence - that wasn't something for certain, though Eve had no doubt that some of the people within the crowd ought to move on to some pretty amazing places later in life.

    Letting her arms come to rest, Eve reviewed the picture briefly, and was more than satisfied with the results - although she did note that her smirk could not have been any more on point. Opening up her Discord app, she quickly entered the group channel and shot off the picture, addressing some of the earlier questions about the raven haired girl's trip and impression of the scene. Naturally, many were floored with the extravagant displays from the floor to the ceiling, and if Eve had been any less mature, surely, she could imagine herself repeating some of the more vulgar expressions that were shared by the group.

    Turning her head and looking about herself, Eve realized quite suddenly that the chattering seemed to have escalated nearly two fold. Looking above some of the heads, Eve quickly spotted what appeared to be staff members walking steadily into the room, their arms filled, supporting trays and dishes that had just about anything. Giving a low appreciative whistle at the food that seemed to magically fill every free space on the tables, Eve watched - still from awe - as the seats were filled up nearly just as quick. Eve hadn't been too hungry, having at least prepared a small snack for herself before her shower, but it seemed like a crime to not at least sample some of the finer dishes that were being served.

    Standing just behind some of seated girls, Eve tried her best to take up as little space as possible, what with all the other girls who were doing their best to move in and around the seats themselves. Holding her phone in hand, she lifted her arms once more, the screen immediately filled with the table and all the food that was on it. Honestly, the food itself wasn't just smelling great, the presentation of it all simply knocked the breath out of a person as well. For goodness sake, the people in the background seemed to just blur as the food easily soaked up all the viewers focus. Unfortunately, just as she was about to snap the picture, a wayward arm shot out, no doubt caught up in some sort of low key rough horsing - or the similar. Eve had leaned back with ease, but that didn't mean she was completely in the clear.

    In her haste to avoid the arm though, she bumped into someone else, and found that she was quickly losing her footing. With a softly muttered curse, Eve took a small step back, regaining some - if not most - of her balance while her arm quickly came to rest on the poor girl's shoulder, steadying and pulling the girl forward just the slightest bit, in case she fell over. Once Eve had a grasp her surroundings once more, she gave the smaller girl an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry about that, I really should have been watching 'round me. Are you alright? Did I hit you anywhere?" Eve asked, her hand lowering just a bit, ghosting over the girl's arm, where she feared she may have elbowed her. "I really am sorry ... " she repeated, though the corner of her lips did curl up just the slightest, "and I haven't even got your name yet. Would you mind terribly giving me your name? A girl deserves a proper apology, you know, especially when they're as cute as you are," she added earnestly, catching the smaller girl's eye.
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  20. Welcoming Ceremony and Banquet

    Usagi Ogawa >> Bloomfield High Dining Hall >> White -- Chocolate: Evelynn Janna Villiers


    A cool breeze blew by which sent mostly everyone who was still outside to cringe at the sudden cold. Usagi, who eventually pulled herself together, was now holding herself tightly after the cool gust of wind. It had seemed that most of the students had already entered the school building and those who hasn’t, like herself, were now currently making their way inside. Once through the giant door, Usagi stared at the presentation in awe, the wide room was completely decorated in a polished manner with an elegant gold and white theme to it. The room itself was unbelievable big, since it can hold so many students and staff, of course such a grand school would have such spacious areas for all its students. She slowly started towards one of the never ending dining tables and stared at it in awe as she began running her fingers across the smooth seats.

    A small smile appeared on her face when she thought about how lucky she was to be accepted to such an amazing school. She closed her eyes for a bit then brought a hand up to touch the hair pin on her head and thought about her sister. She definitely has to call her up soon and tell her all about how amazing the school looks. Just then, Usagi’s eyelids fluttered up as the doors burst open and a trail of well-dressed servers entered the dining hall. They each gracefully set down the surplus amount of food all the way down every dining table and within minutes, each table was completely covered with different varieties of dishes. Though she wasn’t really all that hungry, the sight and smell of the food looked so tasty it had made Usagi’s tummy began to growl. She happily sat down before the table she was standing in front of and excitedly scanned the dishes around her, Oh! This is going to be so yummy, she thought to herself. The seats around her began to quickly fill up and Usagi smiled shyly at each girl that greeted her.

    Turning her attention back towards the food in front of her, Usagi began reaching towards a dish near her when she felt a surprisingly hard pressure pulling down on her shoulder, followed by a quick and sharp pain dig into her arm. She let out a soft cry, when she realized that she was probably going to fall over. It felt like slow motion to her for a moment and came to accept her fate to completely fall over and embarrass herself without the school even starting yet. But before she could’ve even tumble over, a strong grip managed to pull her upright and Usagi blinked in confusion on the sudden change of feeling. She slightly froze for a bit, hearing a voice behind her and feeling the eyes of the girls around them made Usagi’s heart begin to race. She slowly turned her head to the girl behind her and gave her an awkward grin “I-it’s... it’s okay” she managed to say then looked straight only to find herself staring at the person’s stomach. Usagi tilted her head up and met eyes with a girl who has lustrous black hair that was staring back down at her.

    About to answer her first question, Usagi stopped and moved her arm behind her back before the girl could’ve touched it. It was still lightly throbbing, but it’s sure to disappear soon. Hearing the tall girl apologize once more, Usagi felt a slight bit of guilt for making the girl worry so much about it. She shooked her head and looked back up at the girl “Nothing to worry about, I’m alright, thank you for stopping me from falling” she smiled sweetly but it soon disappeared. Instead, Usagi can feel the tips of her ears turning hot as her entire face flushed after the raven haired girl’s last comment “M-my name?! ahm... Usagi O-ga-wa…” Flustered, Usa dropped her head and stared at her lap, gripping the ends of her skirt tightly.
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