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    Five Girls and a Tanuki

    Maya O


    The sun was shining in through the attic window and casting a bright, irritating light on Maya's face as she slept. She wrinkled her nose and rubbed at her eyes with a groan, wondering why she had never bothered to close her curtains. Both her mind and body were tired from working late into the morning, and she was far too exhausted to get up and do anything productive. Unfortunately, she had a shift over at Amore's Italian Restaraunt, and getting up sooner rather than later was in her best interests. Even with four roommates promising to help pull their weight around the house, Maya hadn't even began to trust them enough to rely on their help after short time together, and someone was eating more than their share of the groceries.

    The roomies were all nice enough though, and they all played their instruments so well that it was hard not to like them. The five of them had a few mini jam sessions, with Maya singing a little or busting out her harmonica or tambourine. It was never anything serious, but it was tons of fun when their schedules aligned. She smiled softly and sat up in bed, her long black hair thrown on top of her head in a lopsided bun and her arms stretching as she yawned loud enough for anyone passing underneath to hear.

    After taking a few minutes to herself, Maya got out of bed and threw on an old t-shirt that was obviously a few sizes too large for her, and slid on her bunny slippers before descending the attic stairs. Her stomach grumbled desperately, sending her on a mission to the kitchen to find something to eat. Maya wondered who was home and what they were up to around this hour. She would be glad to run into any of the girls, really, though she wondered if the same was true for them. During Maya's first meetings with each of the girls, she had been wearing some odd prosthetics and make-up to make her look like a Kappa, and she wouldn't be surprised if their initial impression of her wasn't the best.

    Arriving in the kitchen, Maya opened the refrigerator and and cupboards and placed a hand on her hip as she inspected her options. Sadly, there wasn't much to choose from, which baffled her since she had just gone grocery shopping the other day. No one in the house looked like they had a huge appetite, so where was all the food going? Maya pouted and seethed as she tried to figure it out. She hadn't even gotten to enjoy some of items she'd bought, but was it such a big deal that she would go making people feel guilty for eating? The problems of missing food had started long before her roommates moved in, and things had slowed down a little when they moved in.

    Suddenly, a thought occurred to Maya and her face was one of terror. "The raccoons are back!" She gasped dramatically, hands clasping over her mouth as if she had said some horrible thing. She hadn't ever told her roommates about the raccoons that would sneak in and steal food and other random objects from the house, and she was sure they wouldn't want to stay at the house anymore if they knew. Oh no! What am I gonna do?!
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  2. Mariko Goto


    The stressful morning had taken its toll on Mariko. Who knew working as a barista could be so difficult at times? She certainly didn't when she had applied for the job, and now she was dealing with impatient workers during the mornings of weekdays and at lunchtimes. At least she didn't have to suffer through the whole day. With the coffee shop closing in the afternoon, Mariko at least got to get home and relax a bit before it was evening. And even though her home was now the mansion that she had moved into with some other girls, she still managed to get relaxed and comfortable. It helped that she had already filled her room with posters, music memorabilia, and all manner of 'personal junk'. Although, she didn't have a choice – after being kicked out of her previous dwelling, Mariko had been forced to take everything with her, and so she dumped it all into her new room.

    Lying on her bed, Mariko grabbed her cigarette packet and lighter off of the bedside table and lit herself a cigarette, taking a long drag before leaning over to tip some of the ash into the ashtray. Whilst she didn't know whether smoking in the mansion was acceptable or not, she didn't care too much. When Mariko needed to unwind, there was no way anyone was going to deny her a cigarette. As she laid there, she thought about her new roommates. They were all pretty good with their instruments and music, and seemed like decent people. But honestly, there was only one that really stood out to Mariko. The oddball of the group, Maya, was the only one that Mariko could recall seeing prior to her arrival at the mansion. When Mariko wasn't spending her wages on cigarettes and music-related items, she was going to the local strip club and spending it there. And she knew for a fact that Maya worked there. Mariko was could remember faces, and she remembered Maya's easily. Though whether or not Maya recognised Mariko was another question. She hadn't brought it up with Maya, wondering if it was something Maya liked talking about. And since they had only been living in the same house for a short amount of time, Mariko had decided that it was best to allow everyone to get comfortable with one another before bringing up potentially awkward conversations such as that one.

    After a few minutes, and once her cigarette was finished, Mariko willed herself to get out of bed, her mouth dry and in need of a drink. She imagined that there would be something to drink downstairs in the kitchen, though she had her doubts with how food seemed to vanish as of late. Mariko had just assumed that one of the roomies was eating and drinking more than the others, more than likely hoarding food in their room where no one else would look. She considered saying something, but with no solid evidence against one particular person, Mariko decided it was best not to create any tensions so early on. After all, she quite liked this group of people, and maybe even had some ideas that she wanted to pitch to them when it was time.

    Heading down to the kitchen, Mariko saw Maya stood there, hands clasped over her mouth. Raising an eyebrow, she walked a little closer to the young woman, glancing around the kitchen to try and see what on earth Maya was reacting to. “See a ghost or something?” Mariko asked, coming to lean on the kitchen counter. “I know this place looks like it could be haunted, but that doesn't mean it is.”

    Budging Maya out of the way in order to get to the fridge, Mariko grabbed a carton of orange juice, though not before noting the lack of food stored in the fridge. “Okay, so who's been eating all of the food? My guess is that someone is hoarding all of it in their room or something. Either that, or we really do have ghosts in here.” Mariko waited to hear what Maya had to say, having an inkling that she knew more about this 'missing food situation' than anyone else in the mansion. Although, if anyone else could offer up some kind of explanation, Mariko would gladly listen to them as well.
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    Velvet Lace, the wild one of the bunch was just getting towards her new home after a long night out with some good friends. She didn't think the others girls would really be bothered by her coming home in the early afternoon since they all knew that Velvet worked at night... and stayed out super late. She is The House DJ for a Local Club called Spades & Queens. She makes decent money to help pay for part of the bills and other things around the house, but not enough to do the things she really wants to do. Good thing Velvet made friends with a few Daddy's Girls who would buy her things when she flirted with them and made them feel good. "Last night was fucking INSANE!" She yelled to her group of girls in her friend's Black SUV, they all giggled and shook their heads.

    On the way back to the Mansion, she checked the time on her phone. "I bet some of the girls are awake now... I hope they don't ask me any questions." She whispered to herself and rolled her eyes. This wouldn't be the first and probably not the last time that she had gotten to the house at crazy hours in the day. Most of the girls were probably use to not seeing Velvet all night, but spotting her sneaking into the house in the morning or afternoon, her usual routine.

    Once her friend stopped in front of the Mansion, she turned to the four girls and gave them all hugs. "See you Crazy Chickas tonight... maybe." She winked and hopped out of the SUV. She waved goodbye to the girls. Velvet started fixing her outfit and tried to act soberer than she felt. After killing it last night with her Mixes, she ended up bumping into the four girls and they got drunk and spent the whole night and some of the morning hopping from bar to bar, it was fun but even Velvet had her limits for a good time.

    "Here we go..." She smirked, pulling out her keys to open the front door, almost falling into the house. "Wo!" She yelled, catching herself before her face smacked into the floor. "And she's safe." She grinned, throwing her purse on the couch and popping her heels off. "God! That feels amazing." She walked off towards the kitchen, not noticing Mayo and Mariko for the moment. Her cheeks were rosy red from the liquor still in her system, she was feeling drunk but powerful.

    It took a moment for Velvet to realize that there were other people in the kitchen, giving a small gasp. "What! Hey... when did you two get here?" She hiccupped and giggled. "Anyway, who's cooking breakfast... or lunch, or whatever?" Drunk Velvet was a hungry Velvet. "Ummm... Mayo? What is wrong with your face? You look like you're about to die or something." She clapped her hands, laughing again to herself. Velvet needed to take a nap and sober up, but she wasn't going to do that right about now.
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  4. Light spilled into the room, and there was not a single thing that could have prevented or even slowed its stready progress. As the seconds, then minutes, ticked by, every shadow that had its grips at the corners of the room surrendered, overpowered and banished by the rays of the sun. As beautiful as it may have been, it was nothing but an annoyance to the young woman who occupied the room, only having stumbled in and under the blankets just a few hours shy of the sun's appearance. Half conscious, the dark haired woman did her best to fight off the pull of awareness, desperate to stay under the haze of slumber, whilst turning herself over onto her side. If she could just get move herself out of the way of the light, then there was no doubt that she fall right back under, blissfully pulled under once more.

    However, just as she managed to pull herself, her eyelids more importantly, out of the direct sunlight, panic gripped at her throat as she felt the absence of the mattress upon completing her turnover. Eyes snapping wide, breath caught in her throat, sleep and the sting in her eyes were the last thing that came to mind when she found herself tumbling right over onto the floor. Her legs and arms became a flailing mess, yet were of absolutely no help when they were ensnared and tangled with the blankets that covered over her body. Without any means to prevent her fall, Sera did her best to turn her body right over once more - at least her nose wouldn't get hurt from such a pathetic fall then. As clever as it sounded, before Sera could even begin to tell her body to turn left or right, her cheek was already pressed against the carpeted floor, her body sliding downwards [thanks a lot gravity] in a painful angle.

    Heaving a heavy sigh that came out more like a pitiful grunt, Sera knew that there was no way she'd be able to fall asleep after that, and as much as it pained her to get up, there was no point in trying to trick herself into thinking that this was at all a comfort position. Fishing her arms from the depths of the blanket, she laid her palms down on the floor beside her head and in a single rush of strength, she pushed herself up. From there, Sera simply wiggled and squirmed her way out of the cocoon of a blanket she had been trapped in moments earlier - free and reluctantly up [though she remained sitting on the floor] - Sera glanced back behind her shoulder, squinting into the light, and couldn't help but to thank whoever first bought her the bed as it was one of those low beds that made her fall one that was relatively painless and safer by a larger margin. As for the sun ... while she didn't have the ability to toss that right off the map, she could definitely invest in some curtains, not that it was likely for her to get some anytime soon.

    Deciding that wasting her time sitting about was getting irritating, for her sanity as least, Sera allowed her feet to drag her towards the bathroom to freshen up. It was well into the morning, perhaps it was early afternoon even, so there hadn't been anyone using the washroom - Sera only assumed that everyone was either out doing their own thing, or down in the other rooms ... doing their own thing. Sadly, Sera hadn't had the time to properly get to know anyone - let alone even one person in particular - in between moving things in, jamming her nerves out, and making sure that she did, in fact, have the ability to cover the bills as she promised she would when Maya first recruited them all to stick around. Based on first impressions though, Sera had found no troubles in the others who would reside here. They all seemed to be quite independent, capable that is, reliable in a way that Sera found herself unable to question or doubt their confidence, let alone the root of it.

    Rummaging through her closet, Sera made a mental note to try and squeeze in some solo time with her keyboard whilst she grabbed at one of the oversized sweaters that she owned. It was a dark grey color, baggy and the sleeves ran past her wrist by an extra few centimeters. Shrugging on some compression pants that ended just past her knees, Sera rubbed at her cheek, grabbing her phone and made her way towards the kitchen. She was rather comfortable in this ensemble, and if she felt like it after a quick lunch, and depending on the weather, perhaps she could go out for a run around.

    Arriving downstairs though, Sera was pleasantly surprised to find that Maya and Mariko were already present. Looking at each, Sera was quick to deduce what had happened - that wasn't to say that she wouldn't go in and confirm it extensively though. Maya herself looked relatively guilty, or shocked, but Mariko's last words cleared up any confusion, "My guess is that someone is hoarding all of it in their room or something. Either that, or we really do have ghosts in here.”

    As Velvet came into the house, along with several different noises accompanying her arrival, Sera slipped in from behind. Peeking over the top of Mariko's head, to peer into the fridge. Squinting, before glaring, Sera let out a frustrated 'tsk', clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "If what you're saying is right, that someone better be careful because I really don't appreciate someone stealing my leftover pizza. It's more than a little rude." She nodded to Mariko, before handing the shorter girl a glass cup, conveniently grabbed from the washed pile of dishes right next to the sink [the closest one within her arm's reach at least].

    Turning to Maya and Velvet, Sera only tilted her head at the two of them, "Are we out of things to actually cook and eat? That why you're worried?" she asked the shortest of them all. Thinking quickly, Sera began to think of how far and how long it would take to make a quick run to the grocery store, or maybe they might settle with some take out? "Maybe we can get Velvet some coffee or something, Advil before we put her down?" She pondered aloud.
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  5. Gaby Limon


    Everything looked blurry except for a single orange tree that stretch out way too high to even see the top. It was an overwhelming image, since Gaby had never seen such a tall and mighty tree before. The amber color of her eyes followed the rough stump of the tree and up passed the row of thick branches. Her vision finally focusing on a single orange that hung up on one of the long branches, somehow the sunlight managed to pass through the hundreds of leaves and shone down right on the orange. The color of the orange couldn’t have been more radiant and it seemed like it was calling out to Gaby, dying to want to get picked of the lonely branch. Suddenly it seemed like nothing else mattered except for getting to that orange, no matter how long, high or dangerous of a journey it would be. Rolling up the sleeves to her glowing white blouse, Gaby walked right up to the wide base of the tree and clung onto it tightly before proceeding to climb upwards.

    It felt like she was probably climbing for hours, days, months or even years, yet she was nowhere close to reaching the orange and seemed like it was just as far away then when she initially started. After what felt like another couple years of climbing, the salmon haired girl eventually made it to the large branch which the single round orange dangled from. Her eyes glued onto her precious target as she began inching her way closer and closer down the branch. Being extra careful not to break or shake the branch too much that will send the orange flying to the unknown, Gaby was just about a fingertip away from the orange when she hear a loud rustle and a snap. The branch had broken in half, sending Gaby plummeting down an endless fall, long enough to let her reflect back on her failed attempt to get the orange.

    Right before impact with the ground, the fazing image turned black and Gaby’s eyelids fluttered opened as she sprung up from her sleep in shock. Her eyes widened as she stared at a large and dark room, her breathing quickened as her eyes darted to every corner of the room as she tried to come back to her senses. “Hold on… it was just a dream” she managed to whisper, remembering that she was trying to grab an orange from a tree last night before coming to this old family home… somehow it had turned into a nightmare “That’s right, I snuck down to the basement last night to take a quick nap after dinner” she let out a sigh of relief and pressed both her palms up to her face, feeling a light stinging sensation from her eyes.

    Her pulse slowed as she calmed, now that she remembers where she is, Gaby laid back down on the wooden floor only to hear a few light crackling sounds coming from underneath and around her as she squirmed around. Pushing herself off the floor, the bob haired girl blew whatever strands of hair out of her face as she stumbled backwards to get a better look at the floor. Right around where she was laying, is an ensemble of different types food wrappers, containers and cans that Gaby had brought down with her from the kitchen. Resting her hand on the back of her neck, she stared at the little bed nest of wrappers she had made, feeling slightly guilty when realizing that she had taken a lot more food this time than usual.

    Ugh boy… I should probably get out of here as soon as possible before anyone finds me” she muttered then looked around to see if there were any windows or openings she can possibly escape from. After about a good minute of examining the room, Gaby dropped her head “There is no way out except the stairs” she pouted to herself as she played with the ends of her blouse. Letting out a small sigh, Gaby decided to move closer to the stair case, that way she can maybe hear whether there was any body upstairs. Unfortunately, upon taking her first step, Gaby’s foot penetrated right through the wooden floor board, resulting to a loud crashing noise followed by a piercing scream from the unexpected but still painful moment. Gabby slapped her hand over her mouth as her heart dropped and her mind clouded. Her foot was throbbing like crazy, her skin has gone pale and she was on the verge of tears as she stood absolutely frozen in place… Shit.
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  6. [​IMG]
    The transfer had went as she expected. Quick and painless. Often, tattoo parlors would contact her when a customer wanted a specific design. She herself did not take part in giving the tattoos but she was paid pretty well by the patrons who seek her out. A total of thirty rough and finish sketches were made and brought to five parlors in total. So in short, it was a pretty eventful morning. After stopping for a big of food, she began to think of what she should do for the rest of the day. She could always return to her apartment and do absolute nothing. That was sounding pretty nice right about now. Just curling up with a sketchbook or two, maybe some tea and some blankets. Yeah... Of course, she knew that that sort of luxury wasn't going to happen. In fact, she was pretty positive that was not going to happen because she had left her main sketchbook back at the mansion. She had decided not to stay with the others, mostly because she preferred to stay by herself, and most of them were very noisey. It gave her headaches.

    She threw on her large coat and began to leave the last parlor she went to. "Well it's still pretty early... Maybe they aren't that routey yet." She said before making her way to her to her car. It wasn't that far of a drive than she thought it would be. Pretty convenient. She watched as SUV pass by and questioned who it was before quickly losing interest. After parking, she began to make her way to the door and knocked. Moments went by and no response. A deep sigh began to pass by her lips. "Of course...."

    She began to dig through her bag hoping that she had remembered to bring a key. In her luck, or misfortune, she did. She opened the door and began to remove her coat and hang it up neatly before placing her bag down to the side. She paused hearing voices emerging from the kitchen. She didn't bother saying hi. The only thing on her mind at the moment was finding her work. She began to recall her traces the last time she was here. Could it be in someones room? Absolutely not. Bathrooom? Kitchen?

    She quickly darted her eyes to the bookshelf. Yes it was becoming quite clear now. She began to look through the books hoping to find her beloved but no hope. She could have sworn it was there. Her eyes then began to dart to the floor. A loan ripped piece of paper? "I see this place hasn't been cleaned lately..." She mumbled before picking it up. Odd, it had a vibrate dragon tail on it. Her heart began to race. She recognized that tail. She knelt down to look beneath the book shelf only to cause her heart to race more. More strips were discovered. In fact, the entire book was there too in shreds. "W.... What.... How did..."

    She quickly gathered the binding and strips. It was beyond saving. No one here did this, did they? No, It had to be some sort of beast of some sort. She quickly gathered her remains and head to the kitchen. "An explanation would be greatly encourage." She said in a slightly annoyed tone.
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  7. Maya O

    Maya slowly shifted her gaze onto Mariko and dropped her hand from her mouth. She shook her head at her roommate and smiled sheepishly as she was budged out of the way. Ghosts would be much cooler to deal with. Oh well. At least none of the other roommates had caught on to what was actually going on, or there might be some sort of uproar. "Yeah, I know. I guess we'll have to go grocery shopping again... soon," Maya added, laughing nervously. Her shoulders slumped slightly at the thought of having to spend another dollar on food. Wasn't having roommates supposed to make things cheaper?

    Maya sighed quietly to herself as the other two roommates entered, one being her usual rowdy self and the other being a lot quieter and gentler. Being around Sera had always helped to relieve whatever tension was lingering around, and it was nice to have someone acting as the responsible one during Velvet's drunken moments. "No time to cook, but coffee sounds good. We could all use some, right?" Maya smiled and walked over to the coffee maker. Unlike most of things Maya owned, the coffeemaker was actually very nice and seemed to stand out among the rest of appliances. She filled it up with water and enough scoops of coffee for the whole house, before turning it on.

    With her back still turned towards the coffee, Maya glanced over her shoulder to see Dani entering the kitchen. Perhaps the smell of fresh coffee had brought the girl out of hiding? Maya started to smile at Dani, but soon noticed that there was something bugging her, if her annoyed tone was anything to go off of. She looked at the mess in Dani's hands and then back at her. Maya wasn't sure what any of it was, so she said the first thing that came to her mind. "Aw, Dani. You don't have to do all of the cleaning by yourself. Have some coffee first," Maya removed the finished pot of coffee from the burner and held it up with a grin.

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  8. Mariko Goto

    Mariko looked over in Velvet's direction, shaking her head at the sight of the young woman. She didn't want to bother with Velvet right now, too chilled out to deal with the party girl's hectic aura. Gladly accepting the glass from Sera, Mariko poured herself a drink before placing the carton back into the almost-empty fridge and moving out of the taller girl's way. At the mention of coffee, Mariko shook her head. “I don't need any coffee, I've got my OJ. But you guys go ahead – hopefully someone hasn't stolen the coffee as well. Velvet might have a meltdown if she doesn't sober up soon.”

    Mariko remained leaning against the counter, sipping at her juice. It seemed everyone was home now – there went the peace and quiet. When Dani entered the kitchen, a load of scrap in her hands and an annoyed tone to her voice, Mariko raised an eyebrow and wondered what the hell was going on. She didn't know what those remains were in Dani's hands, and quite honestly she couldn't care less. Mariko just wanted a bit of quiet, and had hoped to get in with everyone settling down for some coffee. “Just throw whatever the hell that is away and relax, Dani,” she said, gesturing toward the coffee pot that Maya was holding up.

    Hearing a sudden piercing scream, Mariko jolted slightly and looked in the direction of the sound. It seemed as if it had come from somewhere downstairs, though she had no idea who had made that sound. That loud crashing noise that had accompanied it was far too suspicious, and Mariko needed to know what had happened. “What the hell was that?” She questioned, glancing around at the rest of the group. “Did you guys hear that? Or is this place actually haunted and I'm just going insane?” She needed validation that what she had heard actually existed, otherwise Mariko knew that she had to get some rest.

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  9. Sera Ingrid
    Sera only hummed in agreement with Maya's suggestion of coffee, her mood still a little sour from finding the treat she had originally stashed inside the fridge to be gone. It wasn't the most ideal way to start off her day, not when she had already fallen out and had a bit of a sore spot on her neck. Sadly, it seemed that just thinking about it made it pulse just a little harder, sting just a tad bit harder. Gritting her teeth and bringing a cool hand up to try and numb it down, Sera shuffled closer to the fridge as Mariko stepped to the side, having took the offered cup and poured herself a drink, she hoped that there was at least something inside the fridge that she could nibble on for a while, after all, if she planned to go for a run - and maybe a stop by the grocery store if everyone agreed to the need of it - she'd need at least something to sustain herself for the next little while.

    Glancing around the nearly empty fridge, Sera silently sighed, and though there was no audible sound, her shoulders gave her away if one were to look close enough. There wasn't anything that looked that appealing, nothing that could be scrapped together to be cooked into some sort of meal. She knew just as well as the next person in the kitchen that money was a bit tight, but there was no way that they'd be able to last the rest of the week and weekend if they didn't get something in the fridge soon - or at least find whoever was doing the squirrel act and stashing away everything.

    Pulling herself away from the fridge, she closed the lid, making sure that it was sealed shut with a solid click of the magnets before she turned towards the sink once more. She grabbed a few more cups, hooking the handles around her fingers if she could, and brought them over to the island as the tell-tale signs of the coffee machine began to sound and echo in the kitchen. When the coffee was finished brewing, at least Maya would have some cups ready to fill. Just as she turned about, walking further from the counters Mariko was leaning against, Dani stormed through and as the other two in the kitchen responded in kind, Sera only offered the other girl a sad shake of her head - and honestly, messing with food was one thing, but whatever Dani had looked like it was something important, that was something that was just a step too far.

    While the machine continued to stir and ready the coffee though, Sera inhaled as she approached Velvet at last, unable to remain indecisive about getting the taller woman a seat - or at least making sure she wasn't about to fall right over or knock something else over. She pulled a stool from the side, setting it so that it was just before the kitchen island, before setting a hand on the taller girl's shoulder. She gave the taller brunette a tug, as if pulling her closer, as her other hand gestured at the stool, "Velvet, why don't you take a seat. I know you're not wearing heels and all right now, but I really don't want to see you fal- Holy shit!" The brunette gasped loudly, her entire frame shuddering, as the ground below her seem to quake. On the other side of the kitchen island, she was aware that Mariko had been the first to recover from that, but Sera could only hear the loud beating of her heart in her ears. Unable to answer, she only repeated after Mariko, unknowingly, "What the fresh hell was that?"
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  10. [​IMG]

    Dani cringed a bit as she listened to them. They were acting as if everything was fine and dandy. She looked to Maya and Mariko nearly losing her god given mind. She took a deep breath and began to organize the remaining pieces of paper she had. It was a pity. "This isn't trash... These were designs from my sketch book and when I found them they were torn to pieces and scattered completely under the book case." She took the remaining sheets and stuffed them into her now ruined art book. Hopefully she would be able to tape them back together and maybe completely redraw them when she has more free time. However, something was afoot. She barely even thought that any of her "companions" would do this to her things. However, the real culprit must still be present and around.

    "I don't want coffee. I want justice." She mumbled before hearing a light noise. As she mentioned, there was something off. "You all live here. I'm assuming you have noticed something strange happening? Because I highly doubt any of you have a high enough grudge to just rip my work and throw it on the floor." Of course, she really couldn't prove that. But at least they were all civil adults with brains, right? She glared slightly. "Something tells me you all have an intruder among you. Whether it's man or beast is unsure. But obviously, it's around."

    She sat down and folded her arms looking aside slightly. From the looks of it, rats were quite likely. The place... Wasn't exactly the dirtiest but it wasn't the cleanest either. Maybe dogs? Or Squirrels. Sure, squirrels were more common and could easily have sneaked their way into the home without one of the girls noticing. But why go for her book? And, why not cause anymore damage? She let out a long sigh and looked to them. "Whatever...." She said. "When was the last time an exterminator came and took care of this place?"

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  11. Maya O

    Maya almost jumped out of her skin and dropped the coffee pot on the tile floor when she heard a scream, followed by a crash come from downstairs all of a sudden. "Whaaa!" Maya yelped. She was still visibly freaked out, her thoughts echoing Sera and Mariko's. Shrugging stiffly, Maya glanced over at the door leading into the basement, and then shifted her attention to her roommates to answer them. "I don't know what that was," she said, hugging herself protectively for a second and shaking her head. Raccoons were looking mighty appealing in comparison to ghosts. How were they supposed to fend off ghosts?

    "A-as the owner of this house, I-I will go and make sure it is not ghosts." Maya said nervously. She set the coffee pot down onto the counter, Dani's ranting like a low buzzing in the background as Maya made her way through the kitchen and towards the pantry. There was a straw broom resting against the wall outside of the basement door, which rarely if ever got used for cleaning. It would make an excellent weapon, Maya thought. She opened the basement door, before grabbing the broom and clutching it tight between both hands. Her palms were beginning to sweat from how terrified she was of being confronted by something horrible in there, and she glanced behind her to see if anyone had come to assist her in battle.

    "Okay. Here goes nothing," Maya whispered to herself. The wood creaked underneath Maya's foot as she took her first step down into the basement. There was very little light, save for the small window in the corner of the basement, so Maya could hardly see a thing. She continued down, the broom held with the straw side standing upright in case she needed to use it quick. As she was going down, a pale face suddenly became more visible to her only several steps down. Maya screamed bloody murder, flailing around and throwing the broom at the girl sticking out of the stairs. Her first response was to make a quick dash up the stairs, though if someone was behind her she would most likely crash into them instead.

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  12. Sera Ingrid
    Sera watched, heart still racing, as Maya made her way around the kitchen and pantry to pick up the broom that rested just outside the door leading down towards the basement. Inwardly, Sera groaned at the thought of ghosts, because she for one, did not believe in their existence. Whatever was beyond the door and those stairs was definitely something of this world, and Sera could only hope it wasn't some knife swinging thief. Thief. In their basement. Fuck. All their instruments were down there, with a potential thief. Fear gave way, and muted anger settled in quickly enough, with a click of her tongue, Sera glanced towards the door down to the basement once more, where Maya stood, trembling.

    Sighing quietly, as if her fear could channel out of her body from a simple exhale, Sera headed towards the stairs as well. Though Maya was indeed the owner of the house, that didn't exactly mean that all responsibility for the unexpected should be saddle onto the girl - they were all woman, surely, this would be something that they could collectively band together to overcome, right? Besides, their town was small and relatively peaceful, unless someone had a shady history of some sort with the mafia or the likes, this should be something easily investigated and taken care of. Taking a few steps down the stairs, Sera paused as Maya continued, throwing her head over her shoulder to check who may have picked up behind her, Sera only gave the rest a raise of an eyebrow before turning away once more.

    However, as Maya turned and gave a scream that would surely ring in her ears for hours, Sera startled, jumping off the entire step in her surprise. As she fell, with an added weight - Maya - crashing right into her body, Sera folded. She flung her arms out, getting her elbows hooked around the railing on the side as the rest of her body fell. Her butt took the brunt of the fall, as did her tailbone and spine, both hitting the edges of the steps, obviously, merely catching the rail with her elbow was absolutely no help whatsoever. That would have been fine though, if all the air in her lungs didn't leave her as Maya ran head first into her chest.

    Groaning silently, Sera only tilted her head. If she saw something weird, then yes, she couldn't fault the tiny girl for screaming and running into her, but by the lord, if it was something stupid ... "..." Sera squinted, unable to really see with the limited light. "Maya, did you kill it with the broom? It's not moving."
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  13. Gaby Limon

    Gaby’s mind was spinning like crazy, if she wasn’t steadily held upright by the broken floor board that hugged around her foot, she’d probably tip right over from the amount of anxiety. Never had she ever made such a mistake as sleeping in late at a target’s house, she’s always been extremely cautious about it and made sure she always left the house before anyone ever notices she was there. The food is probably to blame! If only she hadn’t been so stubborn and pass out on the feast last night, then she would’ve successfully made it out of the house like usual. But nooo, the left over pizza and the yummy ice-cream just had to take over her life. Now look at the result of it! Stuck in the basement, with a whole group resident’s right upstairs who probably heard the loud ruckus she had made.

    Suddenly, the squeaking sound of the basement door opening echoed through the silent room, soon followed slow footsteps creaking their way down the staircase. Her face looked like of a dead-man, and her bed hair probably didn’t help polish her look at all. She stood there motionless, her mind only focused on the throbbing of her foot and her fate of being captured. Gaby sucked in a breath in preparation to brace herself as she spotted dark figures begin to approach her from the steps. However, no mental preparation had her ready when the closest figure screamed and scrambled about the stairs. Unsure of the sudden turn of events, Gaby’s eyes widen when an object suddenly came flying towards her direction at full force, nailing the hard end of whatever it was right in the center of Gaby forehead. The impact of the broom was so hard, it knocked her head back so much that she toppled backwards and back flopped right against the floor, her once caught food ripping free from the wooden board as she fell and slammed her head right on ground.

    Besides her tragic fall, there was couple other knocking and crashing sounds that accompanied her own. Gaby can hear the residents murmur something to each other, but can’t exactly make out what they’re saying. Instead, she curled up in a ball and moaned loudly as her fingers traveled through her hair and grabbed hold of the back of her head.

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  14. Mariko Goto

    Mariko followed Maya and Sera as they headed to the basement, though she kept her distance, waiting at the door of the basement, just in case whatever it was down there tried to be sneaky and attempted to escape. Leaning against the door, she watched as the two walked down the stairs, rolling her eyes at the broom in Maya's hands. Mariko doubted there were actually ghosts or another person down there – it was most likely there were raccoons or other small animals that could sneak in undetected. However, when Maya screamed and ran away, throwing the broom at whatever it was she had seen, Mariko wondered if there really was an intruder in the basement. She couldn't see anyone from where she was, the basement too dark to see much.

    Taking a couple of steps down into the basement, Mariko was quick to see Sera laid out on the stairs, Maya having knocked her over in her rush to escape the basement. When Sera asked if Maya had killed whatever it was she had seen, Mariko decided to investigate further. “You guys probably just killed a raccoon or something,” she said, shuffling past Sera and walking down the stairs. On the way down, she noticed the broom that Maya had thrown, and picked it up for herself. If this thing wasn't dead, then Mariko imagined that some kind of protection could help. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Mariko heard a moan, and looked down at the floor.

    “Oh for God's sake,” she called out, turning slightly to look up the stairs. “You guys just knocked some girl over. Is this one of your friends or something?” Then, Mariko thought a bit harder, and scowled down at the mysterious girl. “Or maybe you aren't meant to be here.” After prodding the girl with the handle of the broom and making sure that she was definitely still alive, Mariko dropped the broom to the floor and yanked the girl up off of the ground, struggling as she lifted and carried her to the stairs. “Lift your ass up off the stairs, Sera,” Mariko said, wobbling ever so slightly as she carried the intruder up out of the basement. Taking her into the living room, Mariko unceremoniously placed her down on the couch, and then stared down at the young woman.

    “So, who are you?” She questioned, barely giving the intruder any time to recover from her fall. “And what were you doing in our basement?”

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  15. [​IMG]
    Dani could feel her longing to walk out rising. She felt like the voice of reason that no one listened to. She watched as the group began to venture off. She on the other hand, stayed in the kitchen. "I give up." She said while letting out a small huff. It had not been long since she moved here. Five years to be exact. It seemed that with each day passing by she felt as though she had grown ever so distant. How did she even become "friends" with these.... Idiots wasn't the word. In fact she didn't even know how to describe them. She often missed her old home. In the islands, life was simple and relaxing. But it seemed moving to the big city was... The largest adjustment she could recall. Her ears twitched as she listned to the scrambling in the distance about someone in the basement. She lost interest.

    Feeling the sudden shuffling in her pocket brought her back to reality. It was her brother, most likely calling about his last gig. The two chatted as Dani continued to sort out the strips of paper from her sketch book. She was going to need a lot of tape for this. "Thanks but you really don't have to send me money... Eh... Your not listening to me are you?..." Her brother would often pass some bucks her way. She loved him and she reminded him he didn't have to do this; besides it kind of made her feel down. She wasn't doing as well financially as he was and, well, she was a bit jealous.

    She let out a long sigh and placed her head on the table. "Lord, please take me now... Or at least send me a nice dog to cheer me up..." She said with her mouth muffled from the table. She hung up the phone once their conversation was over. Man, she loved her brother. Following his dreams. It was such a lovely story.
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  16. Gaby Limon

    Still cringing from the blow, Gaby heard some loud stomps approaching her from the steps and continued to rub at her head whilst being poked by the tip of the broom. Feeling a hawkish aura of someone shadowing over her, Gaby reluctantly lifted her head from the armadillo position she was in and slowly peered over. Still dazed from the hit, she tried to blink away her blurry vision as her eyes landed on a girl glowering down on her. Too afraid and intimidated , Gaby laid frozen in place like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Only in this case, it really did seem to be that way, she is the Burglar after all. Shrinking lower to the ground from the girl's harsh glare, She gulped, looking up at the ferocious woman in fear when a hand suddenly grabbed Gaby and roughly snatched her off the floor.

    Flailing helplessly, she tried to free herself from the woman's grasp at first, but the sudden lift made her feel weak, dizzy and her head ached. Her body and mind went limp for the brief moment she was carried upstairs and to the living room. Abruptly dropped on the sofa, the salmon haired girl struggled to steady herself in a decent sitting position as her captor questioned her. Finally propping her self upright, Gaby hugged a sofa pillow tightly as she looked at woman's harsh stare "I- I- Uh.." she muffled as her bottom lip quivered, slowly sinking further into the couch.

    Nearly on the verge of tears, her eyes began to water and her breathing wavered "I'm sorry! I snuck into your house last night, wellactuallyi'vebeendoingitforawhilenow, but I rampaged your fridge and ate all the food!" she explained between each broken breath as tears started to stream down her face "Then! Then, it began to storm outside, andi'mreallynotabigfanoflightning, so I decided to take cover in you guy's basement! I was planning on leaving early in the morning before anyone woke up and noticed I was here, I was hoping you'll just pass this event as another pest problem like you've been doing for the past couple times. But I slept in! And I blame your delicious food, and now that you found me... I... I" She rambled on, unable to finish her sentence, she started to sob while rubbing at her teary face "I'M REALLY SORRY I BROKE INTO YOUR PLACE AND ATE ALL YOUR FOOD" She wailed and continue to bawl her eyes out as she buried her face into the couch pillow.


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  17. Maya O

    Maya knew that in the grand scheme of things Sera would come to appreciate being sacrificed so that she could escape whatever was in the basement. Now, if whatever was down there decided to come up for Maya, they would have to stumble over Sera and go through Mariko. This was just fine with Maya. She could imagine a girl like Mariko handling herself well in battle, so she resigned herself to the top of stairs and waited for Mariko to take care of it. She peered down into the dark, watching as the shorter haired girl got further down the stairs. When Mariko said that Maya may have killed a raccoon, guilt consumed her and her eyes watered. Poor raccoon... All she could think about was their fuzzy little black mask, and little hands. Then, Mariko mentioned something about a girl, which caused Maya to perk up with a mixture of relief and confusion on her face.

    Seeing Mariko come up the stairs with a coral haired girl in her arms, Maya stepped aside out of the doorway of the basement to let them pass. She blinked curiously at the girl and decided to follow Mariko into the living room. The logical thing to do would have been to call the police, but they could all take on this girl if it came down to it. It was four versus one, and this girl had already been defeated by Maya's broomstick. She took a seat on the far end of the couch as Mariko began her interrogation, and then looked over to the other girl to see what she had to say for herself.

    Maya could see the girls eyes glistening with welled up tears as she tried to explain herself and blurted out everything. Oddly enough, Maya was not concerned with what had just been revealed to her. Poor salmon head had had such a hard life. She just wanted to survive in the world, just like the rest of them, and Maya could not fault her for that... It would have been nice to not have her groceries be eaten, but Maya was willing to excuse it for now. "Oh. Don't cry," Maya cooed, scooting just a bit closer and putting an arm around the girl's shoulder gently. From there, she wasn't sure what to do, and glanced at Mariko as a ridiculous idea popped into her head.

    "Wh-why don't you just stay with us?" Maya blurted out. She hated the idea of this girl running house to house stealing food with no place to call home, and the extra help would appreciated. "We could always use an extra hand around the house cooking and cleaning, and..." Maya pulled away some to get a good look at the girl's face, which was adorable. "You could model for me? Make-up and stuff?" She didn't want to throw in too much detail about what the modeling entailed, but any one that knew Maya knew that she would have her looking like she came out of a horror film. "So, how does that sound? All of this in exchange for a place to stay and no criminal record?"

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  18. Gaby Limon

    Feeling a small, yet comforting arm curl around her shoulders, Gaby raised her face from the soaked pillow and glanced over next to her, where a small girl with a heart shaped face and long dark hair tried to soothe her. Gaby sniffed and studied the tiny girl’s face carefully as it seemed to have undergo many expressions after each other, once it was sad then it was worried, another seemed surprised as if she got some magnificent idea, and now the little woman stared at Gaby with large eyes and an excited look on her face. She lightly jumped from the girl’s sudden outburst, and kept quiet while she tried to keep up with her talking. Gaby blinked, unsure whether the long haired girl was being serious or just fooling around with that proposal. Either way, Gaby was convinced. Her eyes sparkled, this time not from depressing tears, as she listened at the offer in awe. Her heart fluttering with hope, overjoyed to hear those words coming out of the tiny girl’s mouth “A-are you serious?! You guys will really take me in?!” Gaby exclaimed, her voice reaching a new level of high pitch intensity.

    She smiled widely and crossed her legs on the couch as she turned to face her fair-skinned company “YES! I mean, I can totally do that for you!” she answered, super psyched “I promise I would do a great job, I’ll be sure to keep this place spotless! And have homemade meals ready!” she grinned, sliding a strand of her coral hair behind her ears as her eyes shifted excitedly from one girl to another “You’ll really let me stay if I do all this?” she asked, reassuring she had heard everything correctly. Also what the dark haired girl said about being some type of model, Gaby couldn’t help but feel like she’s been offered the best deal of her life. Bringing her hands up to her blushing cheeks, Gaby smiled and swayed her head happily “And yes, I can be your model.” she added in a modest and shyly like manner, feeling absolutely flattered.


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  19. Sera Ingrid
    Sera grumbled as she untangled herself as quickly as she could from her seated position on the steps, her arm curling back to her side, rather than hanging over the beam itself. As Mariko had kindly asked, Sera hauled herself onto her feet to make way, after giving herself a second or two to recover from the collision. Speaking of, Maya, that little twit had flown away faster than anything she had seen before, and that was also taking into consideration that shorter girl had completely bulldozed over her in her haste to abandon both Mariko and herself in the poorly lit basement. Grumbling lightly under her breath, Sera followed up behind Mariko, who was carrying their intruder back to the ground floor, and gently closed the door as they situated the unconscious girl onto the couch.

    While Mariko and Maya hovered over the now-conscious girl, Sera shuffled herself over to the kitchen once more, where the pot of coffee remained on the counter - still fresh and warm, she hoped. With one hand lifting the pot, and the other rubbing gently at her tailbone, Sera winced and bit down on a curse as she filled the empty mugs and the extra cup with an unsteady hand. If anyone found any splashes on the counter surface, they could deal with it, she thought to herself resolutely, as the last empty cup was filled with the warm goodness. Leaving the other cups to be retrieved by their respective owners, Sera simply looped a finger around the handle of her own cup and took a tentative sip as she crossed the distance and gathered near where the others had gathered around their intruder, and possible roommate if her ears hadn't failed her.

    Giving a hum and glance at the now smiling girl, Sera tilted her head, as if assessing the girl as a whole: intruder, thief, and all. She gave a few moments to herself to think this through. The idea of having a whole other person to add into the bubble seemed a little intrusive, but this was a big house, and there was undoubtedly a longer list of pros should the girl actually move in and take care of the chores and responsibilities as their way of earning their keep. It was definitely tempting, especially to the dark little voice at the back of her head, a resurfacing voice, that would mention what a sight it would be, to have this innocent girl jump hoops and tend to their calls. It was a decidedly dark thought, and Sera cast it off as quickly as it came, unwilling to acknowledge that part of herself for the moment, not needing any additional input whilst making this decision with her other housemates.

    Taking another sip, Sera hummed, "If this little thief actually means it, then I don't see why she can't stay," she chirped in. Though Maya had clearly warmed up to her, Sera was unable to let go of the fact that the girl had stolen, had waited before coming clean. She could see uses for the girl, but until then she decided that she'd keep watch from a distance, she wouldn't be one to deny the girl an honest deal with someone as unfortunate as the thief, geez what was her name, but she sure as hell could screen and haze her as much as she needed to before accepting her.​
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  20. [​IMG]
    Dani lifted her eyes slightly from her phone as she listened in on the conversation in the other room. "So they find a woman who broke into the house and ruined the place, possibly rip my sketchbook in pieces and now their just letting her stay here without any sort of penalty..." She grumbled under her breath. She was in fact the ONLY sane one. Was no one else going to noticed the possible hundreds of dollars in damage in food in housing this woman did? This i highly illegal and everyone was walking around like mindless idiots just letting her stay here. She was SO happy that she didn't live here. It was hard enough she had to deal with everyone's over the top energetic moods.

    She kicked her feet onto the kitchen table as she finally organized the scraps and placed them neatly in her bag to be tapped later. She recalled their begging for her to stay with them. She refused every time. She hated company. And having more than one person was already bad enough. Besides, why her of all people? She still even wondered why she was chosen to be in this group. She lowered her feet and soon began to gather her things. She had over stayed her welcome. She walked passed the others and grabbed her coat. "I'm going home." She said in her usual cold and stern voice. Things were getting a bit too annoying in here.

    She stood outside the door and closed it before plopping down on the steps. What happened to going home? Now she had lost the motivation to do anything but just sit and stare outside. Well, at least it was a nice day. She looked up at the sky slightly in a daze. She could use a nap.
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