Begging for Death

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    Victoria strolled down the park at night, a gibbous moon shining down on the path so she could see around her, for the most part. She loved the sound of screams. She often visited theme parks just so she could listen to the screams of the other visitors. She especially loved screams of pain, though. Theme park screams brought joy to her heart, but didn't quite satisfy her all the way.
    She looked around and saw a stranger sitting on a bench. She smiled and quietly approached him from behind. She cupped her hand around his mouth, forcing a pill down his throat. She waited until he fell limp, unconscious. She covered the body and dragged it into her van, driving away. She arrived in front of an ally between a vacant building and a cheap Chinese restaurant. She heaved the body out of the van and carried it down the ally, stopping at a sewer lid. She lifted it and climbed inside, carrying the body with her.
    She threw it onto a metal table. It was rectangular with poles at each corner, which she cuffed his ankles and wrists to. She made sure the chains were secure and began preparing her tools, awaiting a signal of consciousness.
  2. Craig's eyes opened slowly. Everything was blurry, and he felt cold. He made an attempt to move his hand to his face and wipe his eyes, but his arm was stuck. He shook his head and coughed. He didn't feel too well. His vision cleared and he looked around the room. His eyes widened in fear and he began to shake. He noticed a woman beside him and his eyes fixed on her. Craig pulled the chains to try and break free.

    "Wh-Where am I?! Who are you?!"
  3. "Oh, my my my," she cooed, her back facing towards him. "Seems I've caught myself a rowdy one." She smiled. Her face was covered in Halloween face paint, as a way to maybe shield her identity a little. It looked like a skull, with the bottom eyelids cut open, revealing the flesh. Not a spot of skin could be seen on her face. She turned around, leaning on her right hand, which was resting on a pipe. Tools of all sorts, most of which were sharp and dangerous, others heavy and resembled something one would buy at a hardware store, and some...just plain confusing.

    She winked at him and began picking up the tools, placing them on a large tray table in organized rows. The tray table was on wheels, and she lifted the brakes on them so she could roll the table next to Craig. She applied the brakes again and stood there, looking at him, grinning. The weapons were put next to him at an angle where he could clearly see them.
  4. Craig looked from the tools to his captor, terrified.

    "Is this some kind of joke?!" he pleaded, "What do you want from me?!"

    Sweat built up on Craig's forehead, his eyes darted around the room, looking for a way of escape. He tugged on the chains again in an attempt to break free.

    "L-Let me out of here, please!"
  5. Victoria shook her head. "It's all the same with you. 'Please! Let me go! I'm begging you! Don't hurt me!'" She chuckled. "I swear they read from a fucking script!" She put her hands on the table, leaning over Craig. "Look here. I need you to cooperate. Do so, and I'll go easy on you. Refuse, and not only will this be worse than it has to be, but I'll be forced to punish you when this is over." With that last word, she reached under the table and picked up a tin of salt, which she placed on the tray. "You don't want that."

    She stood up straight, grabbing a knife from the tray, which she used to slice up his shirt. She didn't break the skin even the slightest, though. No. She was going to wait until both of them were ready for that.
  6. Craig froze in fear as the knife reached his shirt. He let out a whimper.

    "What are you doing?! Please, don't hurt me!"
  7. "Relax, scrub," she said as she pulled what was left of his shirt off him. She did the same thing to his shorts and his trousers, leaving him completely nude. "You're not even bleeding yet." She grinned down at him.
  8. Craig looked down at his now nude body, then back up to his captor, frightened and confused.

    "Are you going to... To...? Please..."

    He expected her to rape him. He was frightened, but not as much as before. He hoped that she wouldn't hurt him. He again tried to break free by pulling on the chains.
  9. "What? Make love to you?" Victoria burst out laughing, leaning forward. "Fuck no! Ha! Oh, you are a card." She was still laughing. Finally, she had calmed down a little and reached for a much larger knife, wiping away a tear. "And you need to be DEALT with." She smiled wider, holding the knife over his right thigh.
  10. Craig's eyes fixed on the knife. He tried as hard as he could to pull his leg away. Sweat began to form on his forehead.

    "No! Please! Don't!"
  11. She looked down at him, her head tilted to the side. She chuckled a little as she lowered the knife closer to him, until a small bead of blood formed around its tip. She slowly cut downwards, towards his knee.

    Fear factor. Nothing too painful, just a small, millimeter-deep cut. Enough to give him the tiniest taste of what exactly was going to happen.
  12. Craig stared down at the blood forming on his leg. It stung. He was frozen in fear. He didn't want to die.

    "P-Please, I'll do anything! You don't have to do this..."
  13. Victoria sighed, removing the knife from his flesh. She placed it back down on the tray. "Geez, you're such a baby," she remarked, her hands on her hips. "You should know that I'm not doing this for any particular reason other than pure pleasure." She grinned. "You just got lucky enough to cross my path last night."

    Victoria looked down at the tools. "I'm not exactly sure how to get stared with this. So, I'm gonna let you choose which tool I'll be using on you first. Refuse to choose, and I'll be forced to decide for you." She leaned down, her black lips to his ear. "And I'd say that's not very cooperative, hmm?" she whispered. She chuckled as she stood up straight again, her hands still on her hips. She guestured to the tray. "So, what'll it be?"
  14. Craig looked at the tools. He didn't like the look of any of them. He was scared. His eyes began to water. Craig remained completely silent, staring at the tools.
  15. Victoria frowned. "Can't decide? Hmm. Guess I have no choice then." She picked up another large knife, identical to the first one she had just used. She pointed it between his legs.

    "One..." she counted, drawing her arm back...
  16. Craig looked up at the knife, he was terrified. He began to scream in terror. He squirmed and pulled at his chains to try and escape.

    "Please! Stop! I'll do anything! Somebody help! Help! Help!"
  17. "Two..." She tightened her grip on the handle, sweating and grinning wickedly. "THREE!" She flung the knife forward, stabbing him. Small droplets of blood burst from the area, and it began to slowly pool out from where the knife was pushed in, deeper and deeper. Finally, she yanked it out, causing blood to spurt all over the table, a large puddle of the red liquid visible in his crotch area on the table. It even dripped a little onto the floor.
  18. Craig screamed at the top of his lungs, staring down at the blood gushing from his crotch. Tears ran down his face and he tried as hard as he could to break free.

    "What the f-fuck is wrong with you?!" he cried, "Let me go you crazy bitch! Let me fucking go!"

    He continued to scream in pain and try to escape.
  19. "Tsk tsk tsk. I warned you, you know," she cooed as she stabbed him a second time, at a different angle than before. She laid the knife down on the table and jogged down the hall of the sewer, returning with an expensive amount of gauze. "Don't want you bleeding to death on me," she said as she pressed it against him with extreme pressure.
  20. Craig screamed again as the knife went into him. Tears ran down his face and his head fell back. He breathed heavily and began coughing. He clenched his hands and continued to cry.