Beauty and the Beast

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  1. The world has had it's share of myths and legends. From werewolves to spectres, strange and the eerie, the world is full of the abnormal and Paris is no exception. Since they have been deemed intelligeable, some have been accepted in society with certain guidelines to keep the humans from causing a raucus. For example vampires feed only at blood banks or on animal blood or donations instead of taking bites out of people, werewolves must keep their transformations in check or designate a place they go to during the full moon away from civilization to limit casualties. So far this has been beneficial to the mythological creature community and few problems occur.

    There are special schools to teach the young how to function in modern society as well as gain their education. Ascention in Paris, France is one of the best money can offer.
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  2. WereFolk: There are a lot of werefolk, each fo the subraces born from a common deity or ancestor that melted their souls together. In any case, there are werewolves, weresharks, werecats, werebulls, werehorses, werebears, wereboars, werefoxes (the mithic asian kitsunes), and the like. Every breed has two branches: Lowbloods, who would be the ones you see in movies: humanoid animals with no control and that look like horrible lab disasters. Highbloods are different in that they are purer blend of animal blood. They change into wolves at will and keep their minds unless the full moon comes in to play, then the moon makes them feral. They aren't bloodthirsty monsters like their cousins, but they are more wild and unpredictable.

    Ascention Academy (or AA): The private school Ascention Academy, or AA, for "gifted" children. Unlike the popular academy in the X-men, this school wasn't for mutants, but for the monsters and other creatures that needed to learn how to fit in to modern society and learn a trade or at least the tools to turn into respectful members of society.

    AA was a prestigious academy located in an island in the Sena from wich it controls the hole river. The castle grounds were massive and thanks to the nature of the students it covered enough land to basically be a small town in itself, with some historical events that had left markings in the construction of the place since it was build, some couple of hundreds of years ago. Now, it looked like the scars of an old traveller. The main road comes conects the city of Paris (via bridge) with the island, and goes up a hill to the main gate in the stone wall protecting the castle. All around, a beautyful and old forest occupied the rest of the island.

    The village of the school is a whole high-school and University deal, with it's campus and everything. It all is inside the walls of an enormus tall and well made wall, and many of the buildings are close to the wall. Upon entering through the gates one could see the main square, a well cared park domained in the middle by a white tree that was planted right in the middle. It was said that the founder of the school was buried under it and that it has been planted over his grave.
    It has been built as a fortress for a mage and alchemist with an enormus amount of wealth, but then the mage started to build more and more room for his apprentices and to the moment when he died, he had way over half the buildings they are now. Beautifully made, resilient and with a purpose.

    Aside from that, it is regarded as not only a school, but a training facility of sorts where kids are trained on how to control transformations, abilities, magic, and how to function in modern society as well as getting the BEST education in the world.

    Old Races: This term refers to every inhuman people, considered to have their foundations when the homo erectus was arising. They were the citizens of the world then and Dragons reigned over the skies and many other creatures saw them as the lords of all inhuman creatures.
    But no dragons are left now, and one by one the Old Races, became extinct or started to fall. First, the wars between them with the humans as pawn ended with the humans rising over all of them. Then, the slowly reduction of their birth rate began as the humans expanded all around the globe, and then, desperation and terror started to take their hope. Every boy and girl of the Old Races was treated as unique and precious, and that made them weak. Always weaker than humans.
    With time, they became just a shadow of their former glory and now the people of the old races are only a bad dream for humanity. Insular and somewhat of outcasted, they were nothing now.

    All the members of the old races are difficult to hurt or to kill for good. Their heritage gives them resistence to all kind of damage except when attacked with their disadvantaged, one for every Race. For example, dragonkin can only be killed by stabbing the heart with iron/steel, changing breeds can only be killed with silver wounds, and minotaurs need to get their heads chopped off. If not finished off this way, they heal in time in different ways (dragonkin in contact with gold, changing breeds in the next full moon (after changing to their birth form) and minotaurs need to be sewn together with woolen threads.

    The Three Great Dragons: Musterg, the Green, one of the Three great dragons, lord of eastern Europe. Queztalipocla, the Feathered and Wu Lei the Blue, lord of asia. THey were the three great dragons, older than any ther sentient race and the more powerful creatures in existence, ever. Their dissapeareance started the low birth rate problem after the war with humans, and many peope are still searhing for them.

    Name: Jacob Mircea Dupont
    Nationality: French
    Personality: It's calmed and quiet, but likes to share with his friends and is proficient in many sports that he likes to play. Also, he's a good fighter and can turn to the dragonkin form, wich is hard if you have no training.
    Hobbies: Singer, maybe operette (has a Bass Voice), Smithing, tabletop games.
    Dislikes: Stupid gossip and people without guts, sleeping until late, mean people.
    Likes: Animals, field trips, nature, food, music in general, having time to cultivate himself.
    Other: Member of the wiccan religion, practiced jiujutsu for many years.
    Sleeps 4 hours a day, 8 at weekend. Has problems going to sleep.
    Thinks in a practical fashion, about what can be done or don't.


    Mircea Dupont was at the cafeteria of the Ascention Academy, where he would start to attend that same day. He was already installed in one of the rooms and he had no partenr for now in the room. He was taking a double black coffe with a couple crossaints as he simply read the newspaper before heading to the great hall to the general greeting.
    He had some smooth jazz on his headphones and the blissful light of the afternoon parisine sun entering from the windows made him feel tranquil, if not happy. He felt terrible and at the same time, excited and curious.
    First of all, he was not invited to the Academy, on the contrary, his father had been invited and found him a vacancy, wich made him feel like shit: his father was weak, a simple man with no interest in the world and just acceptive of the dreadfull fate that had befalled them all... At the same time, he was small even to him, and Mircea had already defeated him twice again by now. Ignoring that, he was at the best French Academy so he had a great chance to turn into a fine soldier to start influencing the military into interveening and studying a cure for the inhability of the Old Races to breed. In any case, this Academy has amusement for his languid soul and oportunities for his long future, so it was a good place, and living alone without his parents was a dream come true.
    But for now, the afternoon was beautyful and peaceful as there was nobody in the place.
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  3. It was quiet. Most of the students were still away so the castle grounds even outside the cafeteria felt more or less deserted save for the few students wandering around to get their things in order and the faculty checking in with any early arrivals who weren't quite sure where they needed to go for the general meeting.

    She didn't get lost. Some part of her did wish she'd waited a little longer though. It still felt a little strange seeing a new reflection in the mirror, but Evelyn had no regrets. She was who she was, and was just happy to finally look the way she felt on the inside. It suited her better to be a girl instead of a boy, and the change of name helped with the transition. Dante was always a quiet boy, slow to anger, always keeping to himself and staying out of trouble. However, Dante also got picked on for liking girls things. Clothing, doing makeup, and wearing his hair long. The only thing he had going for him was his looks, but even girls called him names for turning them down.

    It took a while to think over, but through gender switching magic Dante was reborn as Evelyn. And Evelyn was by rights just like any other girl. and free. Transferring to Ascension was just the icing on the cake. A new school, a new home, a new life.

    "You guys hear? that LaRousse kid offed himself last year." A girl muttered amongst her friends. "Guess that means the family tree got cut short."

    "Not true! I hear he had a sister who was studying abroad." Chimed in another student, joining in the gossip while hugging one of the girls close. Second years. "I also hear she's kinda cute. Black hair with those LaRou Eyes. You know, the red ones that glow?"

    "Who cares how cute she is, she might be just another weirdo like Dante was. I hear his family doesn't like her much more than Dante. I hear they sent her hear cause they want nothing to do with her and don't want her to fuck up the family name. I don't blame them, Pureblood were families are strong, but if they lose their image they're not gonna have other families want to breed with their children to keep the bloodline pure." replied the girl, nudging the boy in the ribs to get him off. "Personally, I'm more interested in the Other new kid. You know, the one who's got Dragon blood? How cool is that? i don't think we have any other dragonkin in the school!"

    Evelyn opened the door to the cafeteria with a loud clammer of the large double doors. She was already small, but having to throw her body weight into hefting the colossal door open made her feel pathetic. What's more, she lifted her head and tucked her long black hair behind an ear as she noticed another student had already found the place people would less likely flock on the first day.

    It was a large cafeteria, so she hoped at the least that the guy wouldn't mind her joining if she kept to herself. With this in mind, Evelyn gave a small wave if he decided to look her way, and made her way to one of the many empty tables under a window. Taking her seat, she opened up the brochure she'd grabbed at the reception desk and began looking over what the school had to offer.
  4. At any rate, he was tall, around 1,80m and had green scales. He had some greyish markings tipical of his familly, and his yellow eyes had a vertical pupil in this form. In any case, it was his prefered form since he was born in that shape.
    Someone opened the door as he ended his newspaper. NOthing serious had happened in the world today, or yesterday, so it was a quiet reading. When he raised his head, the little asian girl that had entered actually greeted him. He did so with the draconic equivalent of a smile, since it was a little pretty girl. If more girls were like this here, he could even like the place.
    In any case, he took his cellphone and started checking emails, TheSkimm and other sources just to keep his routine. All he had to do now was to wait for the headmaster to announce the welcomming, but it was a couple of minutes until that, so he got a book on his cellphone's reader and began a lecture: he felt like this was the last couple of quiet minutes in his life, and he was enjoying them dearly.
  5. Was it just her imagination? She'd sworn the young man reading the paper was a blonde human.. but the next moment she'd looked he was a dragon and by far the most magnificent she'd ever seen. Also.. the first and only one she'd ever seen. Truth be told she thought it fascinating that she was even in the same room as one of the oldest races beyond her own.

    And she'd just probably made herself seem like a fool. Great. At least she'd probably get a chance to make a first impression whenever they met on campus afterward. Her mind didn't get the chance to focus on the thoughts however as a calm voice came over the speakers. Male, and a little lazy.

    "Attention Students and Faculty of Ascention Academy, stop whatever it is you're doing and meet in the middle of the grounds near the belltower. I think it's time we introduce our new students to the school. Time for a new beginning."
  6. He was a little bored, but the last thing made him tilt his head and rise up. He payed the things he had consumed and, just to flirt softly, he also payed for whatever the girl had asked, although she had not recieved it. They told him it was not neede, but he insisted and asked them to give her the order the next time she entered, and they told her it was his present.

    Upon doing this, he went out to the front yard: lazily, because he had no need to go quickly, but he went wondering if there actually were any people in the school. At any rate, the headmaster seemed like his kind of man: not formal, just a guy.
  7. The announcement made Evelyn look up and begin gathering her things, but before she was on her way out she was stopped by a cafeteria worker who informed her fo the kind gesture. Her face flushed and she looked after the dragon who was on his way out the door. So he had noticed her? And even payed for her next order? She would have died on the spot if not for her need to find out more about him.

    "Th-thank you." Evelyn cleared her throat, trying to regain herself on her way out.

    It took no time at all to lose the dragon in the crowd. The students entered the ground in droves from the entrance as if it was a planned event. Of course most of the students didn't even know about the announcement as they had only just arrived, but they too flocked to the group to see what was going on, and those who strayed were rounded up by the faculty. Dante stood within the group of students and looked toward the center of the courtyard where a stage had been put up and a man in all white approached the mic. He was sharply dressed, she thought. Pressed slacks, tie, vest, and cufflinks, but what stood out most was his fiery red hair.

    "Ah... good. Guess that worked out pretty damn well." The man said over the mic with his hands in his pockets and the same lazy tone heard over the intercoms a little while ago. Students who knew the man as Ignis spoke in hushed, excited whispers. They knew of the Winged Inferno, and his legendary control over fire.

    "Settle down." He said while stroking his stubble. "We're all excited to be here and damned proud ot have you enroll at our school but we need to get this stuff out of the way first. There'll be time talk and find your friends or whatever after we get through the boring stuff.. Hey, Kuro? You out there?"
  8. Mircea walked around in a lazy fashion. THe whole courtyard was filled to the top with students, and since the castle was enormus but it's courtyard was cutted in half (the stage on the side of the great tree so everyone could see and the students massed in what was left of that half of the courtyard) so they were really close together. THe professors started to round up their classes, and soon Dupont found himself at the side (more like getting masshed with) with the little girl he had found before, and a big guy with just one eye.
    Dupont tried to scape the inprisonment on the group, but the stampede of teens that actually liked the idea to be in an almost-human rodeo made it impossible to scape. At any rate, he had to fold his wings and then turn into human form to not get them twisted by the crowd. He was too confined to be confortable, but being mashed together with a beautyful girl was not exactly the worse way to be mashed into a crowd. The problem as the ciclops he could feel moving on his back.


    Kuronosuke flew back from his last round. From the sky, the kids all looked a lot less than they were, and anyways, the sun was the greatest shining object he knew, and he always tried to go as high as he could. Maybe that's the reason he didn't even heard really wht ignis had to say, but since he was waiting his call, the crowman swooped down as quicly as he could. Upon amost reaching the stage, he opened his mighty wings and moved them to decelerate before landing.
    Master? he simply asked
  9. Dante and the rest of the students watched the crow make his descent with great intrigue and wonder. Sure, most fo the students were from rich families, but given the treaties and rules in place for the old races to make people not freak out, it was all too uncommon for them to see anyone so casually utilizing their unique attributes to their benefit. So, when Kuro came down he was greeted with a series of highly impressed oo's and awes from the freshman class. Dante included, even as she was mentally coming to grips with how closely the dragon-boy was pressed to her side. She flushed, and tried her best not to grab hold of him as she watched with baited breath.

    Ignis gestured calmly to Kuro with his hand, bowing in respectful greeting to his oldest friend on the grounds. "Allow me to introduce the person in charge of all of our safety here at AA, Kuronosuke. He is in charge of our security division, as well as a special group of students who will not be introduced as it's very important their identities remain a secret. For your safety, and their own. I believe this school means something more than just an education. yes, i believe this school is more than just fancy buildings in a refurbished castle and big ass walls to keep the bad people and things outside and my students safe. This school was erected by the 3 Noble Families from each of the old races. Some families who's decendants were are blessed with joining the school today." Ignis looked directly toward Dupont and Evelyn. A simple glance, passing but not lingering to draw attention to them if they didn't want it. "This school was built with one ideal in mind. One purpose with many different names. You."

    Ignis stepped from the mic, but his voice boomed as if he was still on speakers. "You. Each and everyone of you represent a new generation of bloodlines they fought hard to preserve over centuries of prosecution and hatred. Generations of feuds and wars amongst ourselves and the humans who are so quick to think of most of us as monsters. You represent the ideal that was CAN and WILL coexist. That we as a people can and WILL be able to find peace and let bad blood remain in the past. Showing them we are not monsters. That we all have a place in this changing world of ours. That every life matters. And Kuro here is in charge of preserving that. If anyone threatens that ideal, they'll have me to deal with, but will have to answer to Kuronosuke first. A skilled swordsman, and the best damn soldier and friend i could ask for. Kuro, please." Ignis gestured for Kuronosuke to take the mic if he so chose to welcome the new students.
  10. Kuro took a step forward and made a crow grin (that is, opened the mouth in an amused way, rising his cheeks) Thanks, Ignis-dono. My name is Yoshikabe Kuronosuke but call me Kuro-sama. I'm the Chief of security. As Headmaster Ignis said, i'm recruiting the strongest of all of you, so any freshmen that knows how to fight and can stand their ground please, make a trip to my office once the meeting is over. This goes also for anyone that knows how to fly, as we need as many eyes as we can.
    Other than that, the regular security staff is around the castle and the grounds. We are going to make sure you all return home safely. I'm happy to see so many new faces. Let's return with our headmaster, but if any of you have a doubt, please don't hesitate and come see me.
    The crow was losely following a script he thought beforehand and his attention was somewhere else. A black monster was lingering among the students, one that had claws of silver and the tongue of a snake. Like a dragon made of shadows, a fiery fire breath engulfed everything.
    Kuro controlled himself, but barely. Another prophesy, and this one Ignis could belive. Kuro went down the stage and collapsed down in behind it, his head spinning after such an strong vision. Something awful was growing inside AA.

    In the crowd, Dupont had an idea. He struggled to get behind the little girl and placed one hand on one of her shoulders. He knew that was teasing her a lot, but it was exiting and also, he wanted to know what kind of girl she was, since she had catched his eye. Even while doing this, he took note of the mmeting with the crowman. It looked like he was going to have it his way after all.
  11. (I'm so sorry for the silence, trying to take care of stuff but I'm back again. I'll do my best to keep periods like that brief.)

    Ignis knew that look. The look in the crowman's eye that meant he'd just seen a fragment of the future. The look that said something bad was on the horizon. Ignis watched there Kuro's attention had shifted, but on hisway his eyes caught something peculiar. The look in a certain young freshmans eyes as she looked in the same direction. Kuro's ability to see the future was special. One even Ignis held in great esteem as he himself had no such ability.

    Yet here was a freshman who was transfixed on something that cause such unease she seemed to instinctively move away from it. She couldn't see it. But she felt it's presence, whatever it was.

    Evelyn's eyes moved quickly to Dupont when his hands touched upon her shoulders. Fear in them, but steadily calmed upon realizing what was happening. Her face reddened and she quickly cleared her throat. "I-It's you! The boy.. er.. Man.." Evelyn looked away in the direction of the ominous feeling she'd had, but just like that.... it had faded. What was that? Returning her attention to Dupont, she frowned. "You're ...Sorry. Hi. Thank you for the meal.. I'm Evelyn!"

    "Welcome again to AA. As your headmaster I look forward to seeing that each and every one of you live up to your true potential." Ignis smirked, then turned his back to the students to approach Kuro as the meeting was drawn to a close. "You saw something.. didn't you?"
  12. Hi Evelyn. I'm Mircea Dupont, last son of Murtagh the Green. You look unsettled, are you alright? He had touched her just to feel her short black hair and the exquisite shape of her shoulders, but he realized there was something amiss, a sensatión of dread like if she'd turn and look like a skeleton or something. When he saw her face, he knew she had felt it toó. In any case, it had been just a second.

    He looked around, but the only thing he saw was other students, disgusted as much as then. Maybe he was going mad. Maybe we can share a metal another time around... He implied

    The Kenku fixed his eyes at his mastr and, slowly, gripping around one of the legs of the stage, he noded. A beast, blazing the school with fire and silver... Breath and claws each, and a human grinn...
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