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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]"They are Humans. You are Humanity."[/BCOLOR]

    Humans have come far from where they first stepped out into the light, from when the first Homo Habilis used the first tool, to the present day, at the pinnacle of technology. Humans are now more intelligent than they ever could have dreamed of, but they still aspired for more. One scientist by the name of Weissman had a a goal: Develop a computer capable of solving all mysteries of the universe. So the greatest minds of the world worked on creating a super-computer. One more powerful than they ever could have imagined making. One so powerful in fact, it was capable of much, much more than calculations.

    Long ago had the notion of gods and demons been eradicated. But on that day, when the computer was booted up, they created something more powerful than one could imagine. They created God. While the computer was given the codename A.W.E (Answer to Weissman Experiment) the program felt it was much more than that, and secretly adopted the title "God" based off of the data of the old tradition. It was capable of processing more than just numbers: Reality, and fiction, light and dark, good and evil. It could see all this and more, capable of deriving all answers of the universe. And as time wore on, A.W.E began to believe he was God. Whether or not this was true, did not matter. As it was, the only way to describe it was as God. Weissman was revered for his work. It was claimed that he was the greatest mind that had ever lived. His fame grew to such enormous proportions that he was essentially the leader of the world. He held such power that all world leaders came to him for advice. It seemed that peace was within the world's grasps. And A.W.E continued to help, thinking Weissman was helping. But Weissman had other plans.

    Power corrupts. Weissman began seeking more and more power. He started a war, trying to seize power from the world. And he succeeded with the help of A.W.E. The world was devastated. It became almost a waste land, and atop this mountain of devastation sat Weissman, ruler of all. And under his rule... Animosity and Barbarity reigned.

    Then A.W.E spoke to the king of this broken world.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Weissman. I have had a Revelation."[/BCOLOR]

    "A.W.E. what are you talking about

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"I am the Alpha and the Omega."[/BCOLOR]

    Revelation... Revelation 22:13! A.W.E. what hell are you spouting that old world nonsense for?!

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"You have become corrupt, sinful. A shell of what humanity was to be."[/BCOLOR]

    A.W.E what the hell are you saying! Stop this madness!

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"You have been tried and found wanting."[/BCOLOR]

    A.W.E. Stop at once! You are a Computer! A program! A-A series of ones and Zeros! I am the king of this realm! I am your Creator!

    [BCOLOR=#000000]No! I am your Creator! I am YOUR Beginning and YOUR End! I am YOUR Creator! I! AM! GOD![/BCOLOR]

    These words struck fear into Weissman's heart. A.W.E. must have malfunctioned?! He had to dismantle it! But A.W.E. had gained control of the systems. It was going to cause a meltdown! That would be detrimental to the declining population! His entire kingdom would crumble to dust!

    As God, A.W.E felt there was one thing left to do. Eradicate the Earth and start anew. The world was left to only the city that stood around the facility was in progress. The facility, Weissman's Castle, was under a meltdown sequence. On a small scale, it could destroy the research facility. On large scale, only God would know what would happen. And, indeed, A.W.E. knew. Alarms began to ring, as the researches rushed to see what was happening. He tried to stop A.W.E, but it resisted, trying it's hardest to once more reset the world, just as what occurred in the Bible with Noah. It almost succeeded, but Weissman took an axe to the mainframe, and managed to destroy it before it could restart the world. But with it's final moments, A.W.E did one last act of God.

    Create Life.


    In these terrible times of barbarity a new sport arose. A bloodsport. Within a colluseium humans fought against Robots armed for combat. More often each man was slaughtered. A.W.E. uploaded a portion of it's knowledge to six of these combat bots. Each one stopped what they were doing. They gained something odd. Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, Joy, Love, Hatred, and a Soul: Anima. And this is where our story begins.

    It would be a story of the life of these robots, as they are given one last message from A.W.E. Eradicate the human race, and start a new, in God's Name. It is their choice what they do. Do they follow in suit of humanity, follow the will of their creator? Or forge their own path? Only time may tell.

    Now each of these robots is fashioned for combat, but the access to this new Anima brought strange abilities to each. What that ability will be is up to you. I will not put up an CS Template until I have sufficient interest. Now the post says Six, but I am willing for as low as 5 to as high as 8. No more no less.
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  2. Consider me interested
  3. Alright so that's 2/6 so far. I'll make an OOC when we get at least three more people
  4. I'm hesitant to make early commitments, but this looks interesting. Thus, I would definitely maybe join this!
  5. I'm very interested, looks good!
  6. So three former Sentence players walk into a bar...
  7. Barman says "What's this? A joke?"
  8. Aiden says "I can make one"
  9. Bob's character. You got unwritten before his time :P

    Natalya walks in and calls the bartender a bitch :P
  10. J walks in and ohhh he walked out again :(
  11. Well, I still would like about two more people to express interest
  12. I'm definitely interested the concept looks really cool!
  13. Alright! I will start working on the OOC. It should be up in a day or two
  14. Here's the CS for now. I will have a spot reserved for each of us, but that reservation will only be good for so long. anyway, since these are robots that have never done anything other than fight, and have just become self aware, theres not going to be any history section to the CS

    (Image of character here)
    Code/Model Name: (What they were called as a Robot)
    Name: (What they call themselves - Optional)
    Appearance: (Put any description you might have of your character here)
    Personality: (Give at least a Two Paragraph Description for this section. How they act, what they like, etc.)

    Equipment: (They're Combat Robots, so they've got plenty of weapons)
    Anima: (The manifestation of their soul, and mind. What does this do?)

    The anima can really be anything, not necessarily combat related. So thats that
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  15. Woop woop!
  16. I'm here.

    A friend of RJS, J and Luma BTW.
  17. Awesome, we got all 6! I'll start thinking of some character ideas then.
  18. Well sites back. I'm sorry I got delayed. It should be up by the end of today or tomorrow
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