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  1. His name was Collin Woods, but he went by Connor when he was able to. The name Collin felt too soft for him, and almost too unreal to think about. When he was young, he only wanted to be called Connor and he focused on that. Even in school, he more or less forced adults to call him Connor. He wished that this wasn't he case, yet he did look like a Connor. He wore glasses, yet he had contacts if the need arose; the eyes beneath them were teal. He kept his black hair styled to the side, and it looked like a more professional look. He had small eyes and a slightly larger mouth, and he was small around the body, about 5'6" standing right up. He looked adorably handsome in the nerdy fashion that was accepted by those around him. He was a nerd at heart and he didn't want to lost that, hence forth he wore clothes like he was.

    Right now, he was also angry. He wanted to be home, away from this boarding school. He was a top-notch student at school, in honor's role and everything they could put him in. He even took classes with seniors back in his school. Yet they had insisted that his education be carried out away form this, and before he knew it he was gone from America and now at some country he didn't even want to think on. He desperately wanted to be home and at ease, yet now he was trapped here with nothing to do or think about. In fact, all he could do was stay and live his life, for no one was going to rescue him.

    After he recieved a dorm room, he filled up what he could before starting to wander around. It was a larger school, centered around a courtyard, and was covered with platns which prevented sunlight from entering. The area had an ethral feel, with the light tinged green. Wihtout a guide, he sat under the tree and pulled out a book, for he had just learned the language and was ready to focus. He read slowly,but intently, and he let his mind wantder away from hismelf under the tree, letting many people walk by him.
  2. Crimson held her head up with her right hand, as she slowly started to fall asleep in the classroom.
    this shit is soooo boring, why do i even have to know all this stuff?
    she shifted her gaze out the window to view nothing but trees and grass and more trees.
    she let out a long sigh as the bell ran she flew out of her seat darting out the door.

    " finally i can breath!"
    she said as she walks out the classroom and into the wide hall way.

    it was lunch time, and Crimson hated staying cooped up in the cafeteria.
    besides she didn't have much friends in this lunch period so she decided to go outside.
    usually nobody goes out at lunch much so she noticed a person reading a few others where out but they were regulars like herself.
    this guy how ever was not so she went towards him

    " what cha reading?"
    she bent down her wavy blonde hair fell over her should as she flipped it back.
    her eyes where bright red and she looked a bit pale.
  3. Hearing the girl begin to stalk towards him, the boy slowly lowered the book in order to say a greeting. However, when they were close enough, the girl suddenly vanished from view, only to re-appear behind him. Her sudden greeting made him jump in his seat for a few seconds, panitng, before he was able to focus and look her in the red eyes. He immediatly thought how strange having red eyes was, as well as her skin.

    "Oh...some romance novel. I'm trying ot read in the langauge so these usually are the best to start with." He smiled, and looked up to look her again. The girl was cute, startling so, and he found himself enthralled by her, if completely impressed. She did looked a bit strange, but in what fashion, he oculd not deteremine.
  4. Crimson raised a eyebrow as the boy spoke, she didn't understand the point of reading .
    sure if it was a comic that would make more sense but the idea of just words bored her.

    " a romance? what like romeo and Juliet?"
    she made a face as she asked.
    it wasn't realy her favorite subject but she had accepted its part of life.

    " not to sound rude, but you don't really look like the type for this kind of thing."
    she took a seat next to him leaning in to see what was so great about this "love novel"
  5. ((Sorry I sent a reply but it didn't go through))

    The boy looked up, a bit of suspicion in his eyes, "well these novles involve romance where one side is not able to love. This one is where the girl is being abused and raped by her father at home, while the boy is simply cluelessa bout it. Another example would be if a vampire and human became lovers, yet the human was not aware of the affliction." He laid it down and inspected the way she looked, "I'm Jordan, if you don't mind knowing. Could I ask what your name is?"
  6. when what the book was about she frowned.

    " why would someone read something so depressing?"
    she flinched a little when he mention a love between a human and a vampire.
    how would that work? she thought to herself.

    " um...yeah im crimson nice to meet you Jordan"
    she smiled nervously.
  7. "Crimson?" He looked up, "You're a faded shade of red that has been mixed with black in order to produce the sheer color of a bloody wound? Who named you that?" Then he giggled and he touched her shoulder lihglty, "It's okay, I'm kidding! It's a nice name, a bit better than that, you know? Jordan is so boring, it's so simple and it's always being used!"
  8. crimson froze up when he mentioned blood.

    "........uh i guess they were into horror movies?"
    she gave a nervous laugh as she looked away.

    " huh? Jordan is a ok name isn't a famous basket player named Jordan?"
    she asked as her head tilt in thought.
  9. "You're thinking of Michael Jordan." He giggled again, and he failed to see how she aws reacting to his words, "He was famous, yet I can't shoot a ball into a hoop to save my life. It'd bounce all over and fall out." He leaned into the tree again, relaxing to show her he wasn't a threat.
  10. "i never seen you out here before, most students don't like coming out on sunny or nice days.
    anytime i ever see anyone out here is during a storm or winter days."
    she let out a small yawn as she stretched out.

    " as for me, sping is my favorite time but i HATE summer its too hot."
    she let out a small giggle as she watched others that passed by.
  11. "I just got here." He smiled, looking up, "I didn't know anythign about all that weird stuff, becaue this is the first time I've ever seen the place!" he smiled, and then stood all the way up, "So what is it you're thinking of now? You look way too thoguhtful!" He held back and chocked on another giggle.
  12. she was shocked that they wouldn't preach him on the layout of the school before sending him there.
    she observed him looking him over quickly.

    "......umm...nothing but i need you to do something for me."
    as she said this she grabbed a compact from her bag.
    yeah we all know vampires have no reflection, but it was really pretty so she like to pretend she knew what she looked like.
    she held it up to him.
    " do you see yourself in here?"
  13. "Oh have you need for my assisatnce now?" HE giggled out, acting formal to throw her off to his true self. He took the mirror and he looked into it, "Yes, I do see myself!" He smiled, and then looked at her, "What's the matter, are you not able to see yourself? IS it too dirty?"
  14. as he said this she gasped

    ".......oh shit.....ummm listen we need to talk in private..."
    she pulled him along with her.
    if this guy was human he sure as hell was in for a shock, not to mention a hard time here.
    she led him to desolate area of the school.
    " did you get referred here?
  15. "My parents sent me here." He said slowly, and was more surprised than shocked at her sudden outburst, "Why, what's the matter?" He asked, looking around. He didn't know and he was still confused on her strange and offsettign behavior, "I was told that I was going to be 'trained to be something new', so they sent me here. I don't really know how."
  16. in a bit of annoyance she planted her palm into her face letting out a sigh.

    " this isn't the place for a human to your mother or farther a vampire?"
    she thought for a moment maby they never told him since the rule forbid a human and vampire to breed.
    "....wait never mind that, are both your parents in a photograph together?"
  17. "Nope, they've never taken a photograph, not even with me. I never knew nor cared why they did, I just learned to accept it. Come to think, they seemed to never be seen in a mirr-" he froze, and it suddenly dawned on him, "you're...implying that my patents...are...are...vampires?!?" He took a step back, and a photo of his parents sliding of his bag. They weren't in it. Even though they'd stood there, they weren't in it.
  18. she looked around making sure no one else was dropping in on this conversation.
    " im guessing there was no family pet? and if there WAS they quickly went missing?"
    he looked more shocked then ever, it was odd for them not to tell him.
    based on the evidence both parents had the gene.
  19. "Y-yes! The dog and cat died soon after we got them!" He was in disbelief, yet she was making too many points and too much sense. He looked into her eyes, "I-I can't believe you!"
  20. " ww whoa don't get mad at me, im not the one who lied to you and killed your pets...."
    she backed up a bit feeling the tensions in the air she tried to calm him down.
    " hh shhhh don't be so loud..."
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