All I Need is You But I'll Never Have It

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  1. Belle walked into her new school and she thought to herself 'New school same freak and same story still single and wanting a boyfriend' belle is lesbian but for some odd reason she was taking a new intrest in guys. she tried to open her locker"Dammit!" she pulled at it and finally got it open.Belle threw all her books in and took out her drawing notebook and started to draw another boy that had just passed her.She sighed"They always walk by me. All the guys say im beautiful but once they find out what i draw its like a total turn off" she tied her long hair into a bun and started drawing away
  2. Jazz went to the classroom, another boring day would soon start. Couldn't something interesting happen soon? He sat down on the chair at the window, looking out on the people still getting in to school. Same old faces, same old teachers, same old school. Nothing new or exciting. He suddenly saw a girl walking down there, he had never seen her before, must be a new student.
    He thought for a moment, wasn't it that day they were going to get a new classmate? Maybe that was her.
    Jazz took up a book and started to read, even if it came a new girl it wouldn't change anything in his boring life.

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  3. Belle walked into the class room and sat in the back " same shit everyday but this is gonna be some new shit that i have to deal with UGH"she looked at jazz and huffed
  4. Jazz saw the new girl walking in, she was cute but nothing interesting. Why would she be? He had never been interested in girls anyways. He heard her talking to herself as she sat down in the back of the class, he turned around noticing that she looked at him and huffed. He turned back again thinking what a weird girl she was.

    He looked out of the window again and saw Cain walking to school, Cain turned his head up to the window and gave Jazz an evil grin. Jazz turned away his head as he felt that he blushed. He had been together with Cain for a couple of month and suddenly caught him red handed when he cheated on him, with a girl. Jazz had tried not to think about it but he still had feelings for Cain, even though he whished he hadn't. Lucky for him, Cain didn't go in the same class as him so he didn't need to see him that often.
  5. Belle stood up and walked over to jazz "I'm belle and i think your jazz?" she said in a nice polite voice
  6. Before answering he put away the book he held in his right hand, making sure the bookmark was on the right page. Then he looked up at her,
    "Yes I am Jazz" He said with a bored voice while putting his cheek in his left palm.
  7. she looks at her hand "It says that your supposed to show me around or something but you dont have to and here" she hands him a exact drawing of him reading [​IMG]
  8. "Yeah right, they asked me to show some new person around" He said to himself remembering it, he had totaly forgotten about it, mostly because he hadn't cared at all about it. She handed him a picture of him reading, no it wasn't a picture, it was a drawing. He rose up from the chair. "You shouldn't draw people without them knowing it, they could think you are some kind of creep" He sad and patted her on the head "But I most confess, you have skills." Even though he praised her he didn't smile, he kept his bored face as a mask.
    He noticed how short she was in comparission to him, or maybe he was tall, he was one head over her.
    "Shall we go?" He asked ready to show her around
  9. Belle sighed "Oh sorry about that you can throw it away. Thats just my muse...I draw the human form and you were um cu.....interesting" she saved herself from letting out true feelings" so i drew you and sure im ready to go."
  10. Shutting her phone, Kayla walked into the classroom. The class was new to her, she had not been to a single lesson in class ever since she entered, she hung out in the library instead and did research on almost everything. Kayla was incredibly intelligent however she was also arrogant, she looked down on people but in the friendliest way possible. If anybody wanted something from her they would have to trade, but she was happy to take anything that they willingly gave, she's kind to people she's interested in. Towards others she politely tells them to find their answer elsewhere. Like a ghost, she had no existence within the school apart from rumors of about 'The Angel of Wisdom' she didn't care for the title. This would be the first time she ever bothered to attend class. Looking around she saw two empty desks. From the placement of the second desk, Kayla figured out a new student was entering the classroom. Sitting down in her seat next to the boy Jazz, got out a book and started reading, still aware of the happenings around her.

  11. As Jazz were about to get going he saw the girl, what was her name? He knew that there was a rumour about her, something about she being wise. He didn't care enough to remember, all he knew was that she never attended class.
    "Well it's not much to show, this school is small so it will go fast" He said when he stoped thinking unnessesary thoughts about someone he didn't knew. "We can start with the library, our classroom are closest to it, so it's very convenient" He said as he started to go out from the classroom.
  12. belle fixed her hair and her make up then she looked at jazz quizically "Are you gay? just wondering Because you dress nicely...nicer then most of the girls here but most bi or straight guys dress nicely" she said all of this while she walked out the class room

    belle fixed her booty shorts and her bra in her tight tank top then put on a new pair of heels that she took out of her bag
  13. He made a sudden stop so Belle walked right in to him, he turned around and looked at her.
    "You're asking a person you just met if he's gay or straight?" He asked and almost started to laugh, "You're a weird one" He said shaking his head "Yeah I'm gay and if you want to know, yes my first time was with a guy." He said casually like it was no big deal, because for him it wasn't. People that walked by didn't take any notice of what he said, the most people in the school knew he was gay already. Some people ignored him for it and some adored him. He didn't really care what people thought about it.
  14. Belle looked at her nails seeing if he needed to repaint them "So im not the only one in the school" "and if you keep calling my weird i dont give a fuck because ive been called weird because im lesbian ive been called weird because i like to draw human parents called me disturbed teachers call me innapropriate and the people that i thought were my friends called me gross and ive been called worst than that" she looked at him like it didnt matter at all because it didnt

    "And i didnt ask you if it was your first time or not. Thats none of my business." she smirked "Ok go on with your tour"
  15. With a sigh, Kayla noticed she had picked up the wrong book. Shutting it, slowly she walked behind the two who had left the classroom just before her. The new girl and Jazz. Trying hard to avoid the whispers and peering eyes of the other students in the hall admiring 'The Angel of Wisdom' or the surprised gasped when they actually found out she was real. Kayla's outfit was a long white skirt that had frills going across the bottom, a v-neck blue shirt with intricate patterns and a white hoodie, it was a cute outfit to go with her well endowed figure. She listened intently to the conversation the two were having ahead of her...So, one's a lesbian and the other guy's gay. Perfect couple... really. "You two are interesting." she said bluntly. Her voice was gentle and soft, like a harmony. Kayla addressed the new girl "If you want, you can draw me. I don't mind."
  16. belle spun around and looked at kayla "Ok thanks" she started a drawing of kayla "Kayla can you pose in any way you want really and what do you mean by interesting?...Whats so great about me? im just weird like jazz says i am"
  17. The girl spun around and looked at Kayla "Okay thanks" the girl started drawing her and wondering if she could pose. As a reply to this Kayla said nothing but tucked her hands into her chest and lowered her head slightly toward the ground but still enough for the artist to see her lonely expression. Remembering one of her darkest memories, the death of her mother as she lay there looking into Kayla's eyes and smiling 'I love you...goodbye my sweet child.' As the memory of her mother dying passed through her thoughts, a single tear fell from her eye onto her soft cheek. Kayla stayed there until the girl was finished.
  18. "THATS GREAT!" she said exictedly and she started drawing away usuing charcol and pencils and craypa then belle drew dark clouds and rain the backround so it would bring out more that the muse is sad and she finsihed it up and showed kayla "Do you like it?"

  19. Kayla looked at the picture, it was better than she thought it would be. "Very well done." Kayla dried her eyes and shook herself off. "As for your previous question. There's a children's story about two couples of dog. Two poodles and Two Labradors. The two Labradors loved the poodles but the Poodles didn't love the Labradors. The two Labradors were good friends and could have loved each other but forever they kept striving to get the Poodles attention...the rest you can figure out by yourself."

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  20. belle looked a little confused "Hmm is the story like this? There was a lesbian who would go well with a gay but they lesbian strives for other lesbians and the gay went for other gays even thought the 2 would be a great couple...yeah i know the story ive heard it many times"