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    Rin Kotegawa
    Info Gatherer | Second Floor Hallway => Club Room | @Everyone in Club Room

    Looking over to Katsuya and Rurin, Rin let out a sigh as she grabbed a soda pop. "You two are lively as ever...." She commented aloud. The two appeared inseparable as per usual. They always seemed to be enjoying each other's company, though often it was through competition. Giving a wave to the next club member who entered, Reina, she was as dignified as ever. Shione seemed to follow the scent of the coffee, much to the wariness of the club's Info Gatherer. "Oi, don't go nuts on the coffee... You damn kids are all hyper enough," She warned as she cracked open her beverage of choice, pointing to the two racers that dashed into the room first with a free finger. "You two especially..."

    Finally, the President started off the club meeting, approaching and handing her a picture of a potential client. Giving a nod to Haruhi, Rin stared down at the sheet of paper, glossing it over. Humming to herself as Haruhi and the others went on about today's client, she pulled out her phone and sat herself on the couch, tapping and swiping across it, likely for the purpose of her job. She appeared to be zoned out but given her pitching into the subject, it was obviously not so.

    "Weird how? Quirky? Nervous? Unordinary fetishes? Pervert?" Listing off possibilities, it was typical of Rin to ask a lot of questions in regards to an interesting piece of someone's character that she didn't already know about. She was the Info Gatherer, so of course she needed to learn what she already didn't know.

    Taking her eyes off her phone and looking at Kai, Rin deadpanned. "Victims... What are we, gonna jump them?" With a sigh, the wording was definitely not the best. "Either way... we can't just push someone on the girl. Based on what she says, it sounds like she isn't looking for something serious, or isn't seriously looking anyway. If our pick isn't on point, they're not likely to last..."
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  2. Kai Suzaya 9975ab235a08ca2667f39c0b278f83dd.jpg

    Location: Lover's Club Room | Interactions: Those in club room + Rin Kotegawa (@EmperorsChosen)

    Kai giggled a little bit, giving a little shrug before answering. "Every match we make they get jumped. Half the time they never know they would ever date their match." Kai smirked, and wrote a few words down in his book. Jumping somebody made a good lead in for another line he was working on. And if the materiel was like this for the rest of the meeting, he'd have a song done by the end of the gathering. "But I agree with you. We can't just slam them with eachother. We all joined to create lasting romances, and forcing them to meet would not be helpful." Kai gave a nod of approval to Rin.

    It was a shame the girl couldn't take his jokes. Rin always seemed like a wet blanket to him, and their synergy was a fractious one. Even though they balanced eachother out, he found he just aggravated the girl. So Kai went back to writing. He needed a change of subject badly in his music, so he went back to the sequence. Tap his pen on his leg, scribble a few words. It went on and on. Tap tap tap, write write write.

  3. Hideki Yamato
    Location: Hallway, Club Room
    Interactions: Kai Suzaya, Rin Kotegawa, Haruhi Nakamura
    Dialog: #00b3b3

    "What's this about victims and jumping?" Hideki waved to the room in general, then to the President specifically as he added, "Sorry I'm late, Prez." He swung his bookbag off his shoulders and deposited himself near Kotegawa as if the spot had been reserved for him. He glanced at the photo she had left on the table. "Hm, she's cute. I hope we're not jumping her. That'd be rude."

    Then he noticed the photo Junko was holding up. Fumiya Watanabe.

    "I know that guy!" he blurted. "I was just talking with him at lunch. He'd be perfect...well, maybe." He subsided to thought. He had been wanting to bring up the conversation from lunch, but not necessarily in this context. Fumiya was a character for sure, and his case—if, indeed, he had a case—would be an odd one.

    Once more he looked at Fumiya, the cutie in front of Rin, and the other girl on the TV. "Who's pairing with who again?"
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    Haruhi Nakamura
    Club President | Location: Club room | Interactions: Everyone in club room
    "We're not going to jump or force anyone into a relationship," Haruhi replied as she heard her club members comments. "We'll just try them out first, that's the point of them meeting in a group. If Hideki knows him, then we can get you to invite him with us over the weekend somewhere and we'll bring her along too."

    She walked back over to her computer and took a seat. "She wants us to try for her, so she'll be willing to test him out. And if Hideki met with Watanabe earlier today at lunch, he's probably interested in having us match him up with someone too. Now, as for this weird problem..."

    Well, the two people who knew anything about this guy mentioned that he could be a little odd, but that didn't necessarily mean he wasn't a good candidate. It depended on what the reason was. Their female candidate might even like that oddness of him.

    "So, what makes him so weird?"
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    Amami Atsuko
    Setup Specialist | Location: Club room | Interactions: Everyone in club room + @UnrealNox

    Aachan sighed as she hung out in the tree right outside the classroom. Though it was highly frowned upon it was Aachan's favorite space to relax after classes and before getting to the club. It was great up there, with the wind in her hair and her soul exploring the feeling of freedom. Glancing down at her phone as the song ended Aachan sighed, seeing she was late to club. Wandering out on her sturdy branch, Aachan flung open the window from the outside, grinning at her fellow club mates.

    "Yo!" She called inside, pushing off the tree branch and landing inside with a thump and a few fallen leaves. After a quick once over on her uniform she wandered inside, tugging her headphones off her ears and instead sliding it around her neck. It seemed that most everyone was there, and Aachan wandered herself over next to Kai and sat down with a sigh. She glanced over at his writing for a moment before turning her attention back to the president who had been speaking. "So what's this about a weird guy? I mean with the right set up everything can be fixed." She mumbled, smiling brightly.
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  6. Reina Chiaki

    Finished preparing the coffee, Reina poured herself a cup and left enough for the other members before taking a seat herself. “Oh?” With mild interest, Reina glanced at the picture of their client on the screen, wondering what kind of partner would be paired with her. As if on cue, Junko popped up with a binder. The title on the thing left Reina with more questions than answers. Why does she- No. How did she get those pictures? The talent of the people here always managed astound her in ways that she had never experienced before. Interest growing, Reina took a sip from her mug and looked over the candidate’s features as she payed attention to the conversation going on. The group seemed to go off topic really easy.

    “...Group date?”

    Recalling the previous scenario from her class―along with the thought of jumping people―she threw out the idea thinking that it would help them out a little. It was a pretty common way of meeting and allowed their clients to meet together in a fun environment. Reina steadily tapped on her mug and took a sip as she reverted back to silence as she continued to think and observe as if she was unable to offer anything of value. Although she didn’t look all to interested, her eyes lit with amusement, thoroughly enjoying the brainstorming session.

    Love Club Room
    Funding Member
    @Those gathered in the club room.

  7. [​IMG]

    Garden in front of Lover's club >> The Lover's Club

    Everyone in the Clubroom +

    Keita Assarragi - @Kurogane86

    Hideki Yamato - @Hamlowe

    At that moment Lucinda brushed off any consideration that Assaragi was a potential member. He wasn't like the rumors said, no. That didn't mean he had the right to taunt what she put her well earned time into. She furrowed her brow,

    "Ha ha. Funny. If only it was that easy. Have you had the chance to fall in love yet?"

    She asked in a dry tone before aligning her eye sight with his before flinching, afterwards she immediately looked downwards back at the kittens.


    As Assaragi mentioned animals being great judges of character she froze.

    "I don't doubt that you're not a bad person, I just haven't had enough time to make a fair judgement if you're necessarily good either."

    She muttered under her breath. Lucinda quickly covered up her mouth before frowning. She opened her mouth to apologize but just as quickly shut it. She rubbed her eye in a sleepily manner, she found it ironic that she knew his name but he didn't know hers. She was slightly tempted to check out his file but decided against it, she had enough information stuffed into her mind. Lucinda calmly and gently stuck her hand out to the mother cat, the cat immediately tensed up and moved closer to her young. Lucinda took a slight moment to look at her hand before answering his question,

    "I guess you could say that. The people there are a bit... Eccentric, but they care for other people and most of them put effort to make other people happy. Time is such a precious thing you should know."

    A fond smile came upon her face before her expression returned to normal. She flinched as she heard the familiar voice of the president- The wonderfully bold president. Once Nakamura had said her piece she didn't even wait for a response before promptly shutting the window. Lucinda's mouth fell open before turning her attention to Assaragi and standing up. It couldn't be helped.. It couldn't hurt if the president allowed it.

    "I- Urm. Why don't you find out for yourself? Ho-How about it? Helping us out for the day. I mean I personally.. Might need some help along the way?"

    She nervously smiled before taking a step back. As Lucinda said this she turned around and slipped the binder out of her bag, with a focus she finally relaxed as she began to walk towards the room. She had to check in with Kurosawa for a daily update on their funds so she could send the report to the office. For once she wasn't too busy. Perhaps she could finally take the time to finally get some down time with her date. Coffee, and her romance stash. She stopped and looked back to see if Assaragi was following before she entered the room,

    "Good afternoon."

    Lucinda peered curiously at the two photos placed together before glancing warily at Suzaya. She couldn't figure him out, two sides of the coin. One side she considered distasteful the other mildly useful. She shook her head, she couldn't think of him as a statistic. On the other hand she was amazed at a majority of his strange behavior. Well at least strange in her eyes. Lucinda turned her attention back to the matter before tucking her hands behind her back. She smiled softly as she heard the last bit of Yamato's comment.

    "It wouldn't do to flirt with the client, Yamato."

    She said in a slight teasing voice, although she subconsciously took a step away from him. She tilted her head at Atsuko before tapping on her watch frowning. She murmured,

    "Everything can be fixed."

    That was a peculiar choice of words. Lucinda looked at the photo of the girl to be "matched" before tilting her head,

    "What clubs is she in? That way it could easier to figure out what scenery makes her comfortable. It could also be the best method on the other hand.."

    The violet haired girl frowned slightly before making her way to pour herself a cup of coffee. On that note she approached Assaragi, offering him the cup staring straight at his chest rather then to look at his face.
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  8. Keita assarragi.jpg

    Keita "Kei" Assarragi
    Interacting with @xLarius and everyone in the club room

    Kei paused when she asked him if he ever experienced love, he couldn't think of what to say. "I, uh. Well" when she uttered the word nevermind the lump in his throat seemed to disappear. "Thank god." He muttered under his breath. She then told him how the people in her club were eccentric but nice. "Sounds fun." He said trying to help ease the mother cat as she tensed up from Lucinda's advancements.

    Suddenly someone popped their head out the window and started yelling. The yelling frightened the cats causing them to run away. That someone turned out to be the president of the club. Kei blushed a little when she called him Lucienda's boyfriend. "Yeah I get what you mean by eccentric." The small girl invited him to help out for the day, considering this was the longest conversation he had with anyone in almost two years he accepted. The walked back into the building and twords the club rooms.

    As they went through the lovers club door Kei greeted everyone. "Pardon the intrusion, I'm Keita Assarragi. Nice to meet you." He half expected them all to run away in fear but they were to busy looking at a couple of photos on the table trying to match a girl with her ideal match. As Kei watched he stuck to the corner of the room so as not to get in anyone's way. Lucienda left his side for a moment only to return with a coffee, this time she just looked at his chest. "Neck hurt?" He asked. As he took the drink. "Thank you."

    It was kind of amazing how their process went. They all seemed to have their own specialties and added their expertise to the match. One kept asking for dirt, the other for a good partner for her and one offered to date her himself. Kei chuckled a bit as he watched, "lovers club huh?" He said softly as he took a sip of coffee.
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    Shione Higurashi
    After Rin had pointed out how much she was getting off topic, one could see Shione's face flush as she tried to avert everyone's gaze. Right this was no time for coffee specially when there's a new case that needs everyone full attention. After hearing the case explanation from the president she fell silent as she pondered whether or not Junko's personal pick would be a match for the client. Shione, while ever amazed that glasses-wearing girl has an entire collection of "Tall Hotties" refrained from commenting due the serious atmosphere of the discussions. Still, the silver-haired girl couldn't help but wonder if her junior has a picture of her stashed somewhere inside that folder.

    Personally Shione disliked getting these kinds of assignments wherein she was absolutely clueless about the client and the potential partner. It's difficult to plan events without knowing the interests and preferences of the people the event would be held for in the first place. The only clue they were given was that the client would like a high school romance thing and that she would preferably like to spend most of her time with her partner.

    To make matters worse, the potential partner seems to have some sort of weird quirk.

    "There simply isn't enough info to work with..." She muttered under her breath before glancing at their info gatherer, Rin-san.

    "Guess I'll be relying on you again, Rin-chan~ Though I mainly am interested in finding out their interests, preferences, likes and dislikes, it would be to our advantage if you can dig anything beyond that. The success of any event is partly attributed to the preparations one makes beforehand and we can't make these adequate and appropriate preparations if we're in the dark about these two. Any juicy secrets are also welcome kukuku." the silver haired girl says enthusiastically to the club's information gatherer while giving her a conspiratory smile.

    "Right now, I am most curious about this weird quirk this guy has. I'd hate to judge this guy without knowing anything about him but not even the best event could possibly plant the seeds of a lasting bond between two incompatible people." Shione admitted. "Granted that no two relationships are ever the same, and at some point every couple experiences a rough point in their romantic lives, compatibility does play some part in ensuring people can weather through these challenges. Now then, could you share the specifics that led you to claim Fumiya Watanabe is weird, Junko-chan?"
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    Rin Kotegawa
    Info Gatherer | Club Room | @Everyone in Club Room

    Looking up from her phone, Rin doted on the logic presented by Kai. He—had a point. Typically at least one person in the couple got jumped with it out of the blue. Thinking on that, Hideki entered the room and commented on it too. Glancing over at the photo of mention, she shrugged. "Well... we'll see how close to her heart her secrets lie." As per usual, Rin's responses were rather vague and insinuating, though she moved on as if it were normal.

    "...A group date, huh?" She asked in response to the President.

    Thinking on that, a few more of the members and even a random entered the club. Giving a nod in greeting to them, Rin only looked up when the new guy entered. "So yer boyfriend gonna join or he just checking us out?" She inquired after a moment of analyzing him, though it wasn't clear if she was intentionally teasing Lucinda or just took the President's shouting at face value.

    "...Huh, interesting choice..." Not explaining what she meant by that, Rin turned her focus from Lucinda and Keita and looked to Shione, to which she gave a nod. "Yeah, I'll dig out anything that she won't take with her to her grave... She seems like a pretty typical girl upfront. A bit childish though... like I said before, it sounds like she just wants a high school romance without putting thought into the work behind it. It ain't all movie theaters and restaurants. She just kinda wants it to happen." That said, it meant Rin would have to go do some digging on the girl as well as the other one. At times they would get clients like this. It was honestly a bit annoying, like handing in an application without listing your strengths or experience. "Reads and writes pretty often... think she's talked about wanting to be an author before, somewhat reserved... Maybe a more outgoing guy would fit?"
  11. [​IMG]

    Problem Solver | Club Room | @ Everyone in the Club Room

    Well, here he was, having taken a seat. A book in his hands. Keeping his emerald eyes focused on it from time to time, and then the club room. It seemed like everyone had different opinion on how to proceed. The particular case was a tricky one as well. It also didn't seem like Natsume had to do much for their client to find her high school romance.

    Like always, Rin was straightforward as ever, considering every client and their case like an actual investigator. Some people in the club room considered this very serious, while for others, it was exciting. It was though, there was no doubt in that. Natsume very much was used to the environment in their club.

    More or less, remniscing about the past, there was always someone who wanted to know all the details, or at the very least, the juicy ones. His sister knew what club he was a part of. His sister was more than just annoying because of that. What client is it now? How was their first kiss? All sorts of romantic questions, and she just couldn't stop. Ever. 'Ugh. Nee-san..'

    Considering how the client and their romantic case may end up this time around, Natsume had a feeling she'd want to know everything about it. Nevertheless, he did want to contribute, but not too much. Besides, whenever he was needed, he'd be there. Placing his book on the table, his emerald eyes landed on Shione, and back to Rin, their info-gatherer.

    Standing up from his seat, his hands were pocketed. "Rin-san, you may be right. She seems quite social and active. If I were to guess, a timid but shy guy would probably end their relationship within the first week."

    "If both are reserved, shy, it won't end well. Or it may end up being awkward when they are together during a date." Natsume glanced towards Junko for a mere moment. Looking at Shione and Rin once again, he continued.

    "But I am not a romance expert.." A simple chuckle escaped his lips, scratching his cheek in the process. A sigh escaped his lips, perhaps tagging along with their info gatherer will at least keep him busy.

    "Maybe Junko can help us in finding an outgoing person for her?" Natsume gave her a clear indication, or a nod towards her binder.

    "In your uhh... Yeah."
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  12. Hideki Yamato
    Location: Hallway, Club Room
    Interactions: Rin Kotegawa, Lucinda Asakawa, Keita Assarragi
    Dialog: #00b3b3
    "Who's flirting?" Hideki responded in mock irritation. "I'm just saying she's cute and shouldn't be jumped." He waved the joke aside and continued, "Anyway, about Watanabe. I'm not sure I'd say he's weird, but I don't know him too well. Tsukino-kun knows him better, because they're both soccer fans. I only talked with him once or twice, then today. He was complaining about not having a girlfriend, and wanted some tips." He chuckled now, remembering the conversation in more detail. "Of course, I drew on all my knowledge as an officer of the Lovers' Club to give him suggestions, but..." He trailed off, thinking, remembering.

    "Ah, I just wish I could find a cute girl..."

    Akira rolled his eyes. He seemed ready to apologize for ever mentioning his bandmate's club.

    Hideki, meanwhile, remained engaged, at least externally. "There are plenty of cute girls here. I know several! You have to--"

    "Really?! You gotta hook me up, man!"

    Bad phrasing. Hideki backpedalled, "Whoa there, buddy. It doesn't really work that way."


    Now Hideki rolled his eyes. "No, man, you gotta introduce yourself. That's how a girl's gonna fall for you. You gotta take her on a date, show her a good time." He put on that conspiratorial smile. "Now, if you need help finding a date spot, look no further."

    "Introduce myself..." Fumiya subsided from his brief excitement. "Well, I'd have to find a cute girl first."

    This time, both Akira and Hideki rolled their eyes.


    What was the problem there? How best to explain it? The answer came to Hideki like a lightning bolt, and he barely even noticed someone else was talking. "He doesn't know how to have a girlfriend! He wants a girlfriend, but doesn't get how it works! That's his problem!" A second later, he realized he had interrupted, and looked down at his hands. "Sorry. I was just thinking about that. Keep going."
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  13. Mamoru Yamamoto

    It didn’t take long for Ruri to finally spot Mamoru much to his dismay. She was right he had spaced out and totally forgotten about the whole ordeal, but it wasn’t his fault. “Damn you Nakamura-senpai.” He whispered under his breath as he followed Ruri inside the club. Much to his surprise no one took notice, likely because they were deep into conversations about the latest case. This is going to be a few hours of stuff I don’t understand. It wasn’t like Mamoru dreaded being there, it was just nothing that would say would make sense to him, it never did after all, human interaction just wasn’t his thing. If it wasn’t for Ruri, he’d probably have gone his entire school career without making a single friend. Which was fine, but not fine at the same time. It didn’t take long for his mind to begin to wander about different songs that he enjoyed and how he could best replicate them once he got home. Wait back to the task at hand! Mamoru pumped his brakes hard remembering that he had a task to dig into. Though he wasn’t well versed in love this was definitely something that had interest Ruri and as her friend he had to give it 100% effort.

    “I wonder how they know these things.” Mamoru again whispered under his breath as he watched every club member go back and forth. All these questions in rapid succession all he wondered was if they even mattered? He always felt that if one person liked another person it would just magically worked if they tried hard enough, but that clearly didn’t seem to be the case. The questions each member asked seemed either too personal or too unimportant. He had a burning desire to ask questions about their questions but just couldn’t bring himself. He looked up at the client and her possible match. Would grade point average matter? Mamoru thought to himself before going back to listening to the conversation his club mates were still having about her potential match.

    This was too confusing for Mamoru, there was so much information to absorb he had wondered if even the people around him had absorbed it all. He needed an escape, anything, even if it was associating with the big scary guy that just introduced himself, anything to keep him from having to talk on a subject he didn’t know. Yeah, listening to more hard stuff or talking to someone new. He’d take the talking to someone new anytime. Standing up he made his way over to Assarragi-san.“Nice to meet you, I’m Yamamoto Mamoru. I’m currently confused and seeking a way out.” Mamoru said offering a polite bow before he even realized what exactly he just said. Think before you act Mamoru! Just as he came up from his bow he heard something from Yamato-senpai that shook him to his very core. "He doesn't know how to have a girlfriend! He wants a girlfriend, but doesn't get how it works! That's his problem!"

    Something about that froze Mamoru to his very core. Was it a bad thing not to know how to have a girlfriend? Though Mamoru wasn’t looking he knew eventually he’d have to find someone, and if his inexperience with women was a problem now would it only be a worse problem as he got older?”Not good.” He barely whispered out before being thrown back into his thoughts. Was there a way to learn so he could solve it later? Maybe he’d ask his mother or Ruri about it. That would be too embarrassing!....THE INTERNET! The savior of everything whenever Mamoru didn’t know how to continue a song or answer a math question, that was his savior. So why would it be different now? Perfect! He was so deep in thought he had completely forgotten about what he had just done, but that just was how he was. One thing at a time.



    Love Club


    @ All Those In the Clubroom @Kurogane86 @Iceydaze

  14. [​IMG]

    Keita "Kei" Assarragi
    Interacting with @xLarius ,@Wyborn, @EmperorsChosen and everyone in the club room

    Kei continued to drink his Coffee that Lucinda gave him. He smiled as he didn't see anyone freak out that "the mad dog of Shibuya middle school" was in their club just observing. He listened to everyone adding their own opinion on how to approach this matter of love from a girl that idealized it but doesn't want to put in the work and a guy that is obviously scarred about approaching a girl. Kei nudged Lucinda gently, "this is kind of interesting. I didn't think this much work went into finding someone a love connection." He chuckled and said softly to Lucinda only. "I didn't know what to make of this place I kind of half imagined you guys throwing darts at boards with people's pictures on them. but." he stopped and took on a serious face. "it's great that you guys are putting in this much effort to make others happy."

    suddenly Kei and Lucinda were called out as a couple again. She looked a little embarrassed by this so calmly Kei spoke. "Unfortunately we aren't a couple. Lucinda's just kindly showing me how the Lovers club looks." The Info gatherer asked if he was going to join. "I'm thinking about it although I don't really know much about love or what I can contribute." She was called away to talk strategy with another member. Kei looked at Lucinda again "sorry I figured I'd go ahead and clear the air so you don't get made fun of anymore." The more he observed the more interesting it got. They all seem to come to the same conclusion, they didn't know anything about the girl's preferences or what she really wanted out of her relationship.

    Out of nowhere someone popped up and introduced himself and honestly letting him know he was looking for a way out of the confusing conversation. "um, Hi. I'm Keita Assarragi. Just call me Kei." Kei's new acquaintance didn't seem to stay out of the conversation long before jumping back in. "ok?" he looked at Lucinda waiting for her to explain what just happened.
  15. [​IMG]
    Haruhi Nakamura
    Club President | Location: Club room | Interaction: Those in club room
    Everyone had opinions on the candidates and the possible pairing. That was understandable. It was true that they didn't want to force people together that might not work, but they weren't going to know if they would work without trying them out first. Sure, they could get more information on each of them. They were going to need more information, especially if they click well and the club needs to move along in the phases to make a lasting couple.

    Haurhi nodded at their comments. And she wasn't very distracted by Lucinda bringing that large, somewhat scary man into their club room. After all, Haruhi invited her in. Though, it seemed like he wasn't really connected to her secretary in the way that she stated. Too bad. They seemed to mesh well. Perhaps Haruhi should make them her secret target next...

    Well, anyway, the task at hand. "You are all right," she muttered and then listened to Hideki's explanation on what made their male candidate strange. "I see. There's nothing wrong with that. Plenty don't quite understand and lack the know-how for a relationship. And that's why we're here."

    She paused as she thought about it all. "Yes, I think Reina-chan is totally right. A group date would work. At least that's what we'll start it as. Then, we'll have them 'accidentally' end up alone and see what happens between them. There we can decide if the chemistry seems there. Meanwhile, Rin can get more information on both of them. For now, we have to start planning a group date that will eventually put them alone the a romantic setting and way, and see what happens."

    "This date will be over the weekend, so we need to get the group date together and plan out our actions before then. We'll work on the details until then."
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  16. Ruri "Rurin" Kawai

    As they were busy engaging in conversation, Ruri had at some point decided to take a peek on her phone, looking up meet up spots. Although she frequently got sidetracked by a couple of wrestling videos, she still managed to pull up some casual spots. Her actions quite obvious as she tapped her foot impatiently when she scrolled through restaurants and arcades and such to silently cheering for her idols. Regardless, she still made some effort in searching for a location. With so many musicians in the house, Ruri was leaning towards karaoke but any restaurant of arcade would also do. A quiet meetup in the library under the pretense of studying may also yield some results. The thought of such a boring activity made her cringe however, not liking the idea of sitting around any more than she already did in class.

    Her thoughts were tossed to the back of her head as "the mad dog of Shibuya middle school" popped in with their secretary. Instantly on guard, Ruri eyed him suspiciously. While she should have known better to believe rumors, having her own to deal with constantly, she was also conflicted with her responsibility over the safety of the people in the room and of course their clients. Wouldn’t a guy with his face scare off our clients before they even had a chance step into the door?

    However since no one else seemed bothered by this, she couldn’t exactly kick him out. He had only showed interest in their little club so far and didn’t seem to have any ill intentions. Furthermore, he seemed to have already attracted their most introverted member. Although Rain fell back into his usual daze, the fact that he approached this guy for comfort like a kitten made her want to laugh. “Pft- Welcome to paradise, Keicchi.” Ruri naturally gave him a nickname as she had done with everyone else and even greeted him with a small friendly wave before turning back to the topic at hand.

    ”Where would be best for them to meet, Harupon? Karaoke, Arcade, Aquarium, Zoo, Amusement park, Aquarium? After rapidly shooting off options, Ruri noticed some of these were not exactly appropriate for a first date. "Ah, that would be too soon. To be honest, with so many talented people in our club, it’ll be hard not to have her fall for them instead. Does this guy have any talents to woo her with?” For the last question, she turned towards Junko, their ever helpful vice prez who brought out this candidate in the first place.

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    Keita Assaragi @Kurogane86
    Junko @Cosmic Penguin
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  17. When inquiries on Fumiya's weirdness started popping up all around the room, Junko began flipping through her binder for the profile she'd made on him. As she scoured the book she briefly pondered on whether she should reorganize the book to have the profiles with the photos instead of dividing the photos by height. It would certainly be more convenient because it was taking her awhile to get to the note on Fumiya's weirdness. Whenever one of her fellow club members guessed what the quirk was Junko would shake her head and say, "No, no--I just have to find it, it's right around this page..." However just as she finally go to the correct page, Hideki-kun blurted out the reason and she nodded enthusiastically. Fumiya was the type of person who waited for things to come to him instead of going after them himself. In short, he wasn't much of a go-getter but Junko thought that if given a boost, he'd be redeemable. And they were just the right people to give him that boost!

    As they discussed how they would arrange the meeting of the targets, an unfamiliar voice chimed in and Junko let out a little shriek when she noticed who was in the room with them. She had been so engrossed in her binder, she hadn't noticed Keita Assaragi standing in the room. She hadn't cried out in fear however, she was actually extremely excited and her hands trembled as she clumsily fished her phone out of her bag. Assaragi-san was a new kid, extremely tall (although not as tall as Rain-kun) and Junko wanted to climb him. But since that would be rude and probably scare him off, she settled on taking a less than stealthy picture to add to her binder. Hopefully he would stick around long enough for her to take a high definition picture with her Polaroid, but for now she'd have to settle for the less than defined mobile photo. Snapping the picture quickly, Junko turned quickly to Rurin-chan who had addressed her.

    Tapping her phone against her chin, Junko thought for a minute. "Talents? Hm...Ah!" She exclaimed, plopping her fist in her open palm. "He's a good impressionist! Sometimes I hear him joking with his friends and doing impressions of international accents! One time he pretended to be an American and I really though one had wandered into the class!" She informed Rurin-chan, excitedly.

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  18. [​IMG]

    The Lover's Club

    Everyone in the Clubroom +

    Keita Assarragi - @Kurogane86

    Mamoru Yamamoto - @Wyborn

    When Keita inquired if her neck hurt she considered this thought but quickly dismissed it to be a rhetorical question. No. Her neck didn't hurt but as it were as kind as Keita seemed to be so far- She had to eventually get used to the fact that his eyes seemed to intimidate her existence. To that she acknowledged the fact that she had to give him some kind of reply so instead of giving him the full blown truth she diverted her gaze to the side and nodded. She stood beside him but shifted a step over realizing that if she would compare herself to the very tall individual there were many traits that stuck out and she would rather deal with that later. Lucinda shifted her gaze to Kotegawa- As it had seemed, most of the club relied on the upperclassman. Lucinda could see her as a motherly figure if she wasn't a bit over the intimidating line. She returned her gaze to the two pictures.

    She could consider the fact that there's no such thing as the "perfect match", that everyone had some scary or odd things about them. If they were truly meant to be together then they'd adapt... Right? She pondered this thought before letting out a sigh. When he nudged her she softly laughed,

    "Darts? What odd manga have you been reading? This is why the other clubs have tolerated us all this time I suppose..."

    Lucinda replied in a half joking manner. She turned her attention then to Kotegawa when she spoke. Lucinda turned a little pink at this comment, it was one thing to have the always assuming and teasing president to shout it out the window but it was different matter for another to say it. She opened her mouth to say something back when Assaragi seemed to clear it up for her. To be honest with herself even if he had given her that opportunity she still wouldn't know what to reply. She froze and took a moment,


    She murmured. Lucinda flinched and hoped he hadn't heard that word slip before Assaragi had spoke again. She gave him an odd thumbs up and an awkward smile giving him a slight nod before turning her attention to Yamamoto who had approached Assaragi. That was a bit surprising to her since the other male seemed to like to keep to himself. Lucinda in a curious manner observed this interaction, it seemed that straight after introducing himself that he had gotten sidetracked- Especially by the statement that Yamamoto had said. It seemed a bit odd as she smiled politely at him and inquired,

    "Do you... Disagree with what Yamamoto-senpai had said?"

    She said cautiously thinking that maybe he had known the other target better. The statement of not knowing if the male wanted a girlfriend or not. She noticed Assaragi looking at her with a quizzical expression. Lucinda tilted her head, now she herself was a bit confused. Finally the discussion seemed to be pulling to an end with the president's words though. She returned her attention back to Assaragi before analyzing him once more, he didn't seem to be the type of person to handle data like her. Perhaps he could test a bit of each with different members to find where he fit- If he decided to join. Then again she was just beginning to enjoy his company. She quickly pushed that thought away before she smiled at him. In a very soft voice she inquired,

    "You might not understand the major fundamentals of love, but this entire process is fun either way. Am I wrong?"
  19. [​IMG]

    Keita "Kei" Assarragi
    Interacting with @xLarius @Iceydaze and the rest of the club members.

    Kei continued drinking his drink that Lucinda brought him. As he did he looked around the room, most of them looked as thought they were pretty involved with the whole match making process. As he scanned the room he noticed a girl looking at him suspiciously. 'figures, no one doesn't know the rumors by now. Guess I should try to think of a way to get out of here.' Suddenly the girl that way eyeing him called out saying hello and giving him a weird nickname. "Keicchi?" He smiled back and waved so as not to hurt the girls feelings. he waited till she wasn't looking. "please don't let that nickname stick." he said to himself. as he continued scanning the room another girl looked fidgety as she looked at him. 'crap another one' This one went from nervous to almost excited. Kei turned away for a second and when he looked at her again she looked satisfied. "ok?"

    Lucinda asked him about what she thought of what Yamamoto said. "well he's right I guess." he had no basis for this but just thought he'd add tot he conversation. "If he doesn't know how to be a good boyfriend maybe that's why he doesn't want to make the first move. It could be that although he wants someone to be with he's so nervous that he doesn't want to approach anyone in fear of looking uncool by not knowing how a proper boyfriend should ask." he said loud enough for Lucinda to hear. "that's what I think anyway." She looked to appreciate him speaking up for her and she didn't look that bothered by the words he chose. he was hesitant to use the word unfortunately but if he was truly honest with himself he wouldn't mind a cute girl like Lucinda to be his girlfriend. He looked at her and analyzed her features then turned away nervous that someone would see.

    Everyone seemed to settle on an idea. a group date that somehow goes wrong leaving the potential couple alone. He smiled and thought of a manga where they did something similar. He listened to this weird idea come to fruiting and honestly it made him want to be involved somehow. Lucinda asked if she was wrong when she called the lovers club fun. "No, as a matter of fact this is probably the most fun I've had at school in a long time." he looked at the crumbled club submission form in her binder and pointed at it. "hey. can I have that?" He said with full intentions of filling it out for real.

  20. Momozono Miyuki

    Unnoticed by her fellow club mates, Miyuki was sitting on her usual desk at the very corner of the club room with pen and paper in hand. She liked the idea of their client going on a group date but the question is, what kind of group date? She watched everyone interact and converse while jotting down ideas.

    So far, the idea of a group date that will eventually end up in a park is perfect. Since the female client wants a romantic and tv worthy highschool romance, the park is the perfect place. Miyuki could see it now: the potential couple sitting on a bench together while the park waa bathe in the hazy glow of the setting sunset. Then their hands touching unconsiously and just getting caught up in the moment. And if everything goes into plan...

    "Oh my gosh!" Miyuki squealed out of nowhere, immediately jumping out of her seat. She didn't care if she got her club mates attention because all she cares about is presenting her idea. Making her way in front of the group, she showed them her notes.

    "I think I have the perfect idea! I mean, in my opinion, it would be best if the group date starts as an innocent 'school project'. That way, either party can't say no or else their grade will be in jeopardy!"

    "Then as the day progressed, we can make things happen between the two by 'accident'. Perhaps someone bumping into the female with the male catching her?"

    It was obvious that Miyuki was excited for this event. But all she needs now is the approval of her fellow members.

    "Anyway, what does everyone think?"

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