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    Rin Kotegawa
    Info Gatherer | Second Floor Hallway => Club Room | @Everyone in Club Room

    Looking over to Katsuya and Rurin, Rin let out a sigh as she grabbed a soda pop. "You two are lively as ever...." She commented aloud. The two appeared inseparable as per usual. They always seemed to be enjoying each other's company, though often it was through competition. Giving a wave to the next club member who entered, Reina, she was as dignified as ever. Shione seemed to follow the scent of the coffee, much to the wariness of the club's Info Gatherer. "Oi, don't go nuts on the coffee... You damn kids are all hyper enough," She warned as she cracked open her beverage of choice, pointing to the two racers that dashed into the room first with a free finger. "You two especially..."

    Finally, the President started off the club meeting, approaching and handing her a picture of a potential client. Giving a nod to Haruhi, Rin stared down at the sheet of paper, glossing it over. Humming to herself as Haruhi and the others went on about today's client, she pulled out her phone and sat herself on the couch, tapping and swiping across it, likely for the purpose of her job. She appeared to be zoned out but given her pitching into the subject, it was obviously not so.

    "Weird how? Quirky? Nervous? Unordinary fetishes? Pervert?" Listing off possibilities, it was typical of Rin to ask a lot of questions in regards to an interesting piece of someone's character that she didn't already know about. She was the Info Gatherer, so of course she needed to learn what she already didn't know.

    Taking her eyes off her phone and looking at Kai, Rin deadpanned. "Victims... What are we, gonna jump them?" With a sigh, the wording was definitely not the best. "Either way... we can't just push someone on the girl. Based on what she says, it sounds like she isn't looking for something serious, or isn't seriously looking anyway. If our pick isn't on point, they're not likely to last..."
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  2. Kai Suzaya 9975ab235a08ca2667f39c0b278f83dd.jpg

    Location: Lover's Club Room | Interactions: Those in club room + Rin Kotegawa (@EmperorsChosen)

    Kai giggled a little bit, giving a little shrug before answering. "Every match we make they get jumped. Half the time they never know they would ever date their match." Kai smirked, and wrote a few words down in his book. Jumping somebody made a good lead in for another line he was working on. And if the materiel was like this for the rest of the meeting, he'd have a song done by the end of the gathering. "But I agree with you. We can't just slam them with eachother. We all joined to create lasting romances, and forcing them to meet would not be helpful." Kai gave a nod of approval to Rin.

    It was a shame the girl couldn't take his jokes. Rin always seemed like a wet blanket to him, and their synergy was a fractious one. Even though they balanced eachother out, he found he just aggravated the girl. So Kai went back to writing. He needed a change of subject badly in his music, so he went back to the sequence. Tap his pen on his leg, scribble a few words. It went on and on. Tap tap tap, write write write.

  3. Hideki Yamato
    Location: Hallway, Club Room
    Interactions: Kai Suzaya, Rin Kotegawa, Haruhi Nakamura​

    "What's this about victims and jumping?" Hideki waved to the room in general, then to the President specifically as he added, "Sorry I'm late, prez." He swung his bookbag off his shoulders and deposited himself near Kotegawa as if the spot had been reserved for him. He glanced at the photo Rin had left in front of her on the table. "Hm, she's cute. I hope we're not jumping her. That'd be rude."

    Then he noticed the photo Junko was holding up. Fumiya Watanabe.

    "I know that guy!" he blurted. "I was just talking with him at lunch. He'd be perfect...well, maybe." He subsided to thought. He had been wanting to bring up the conversation from lunch, but not necessarily in this context. Fumiya was a character for sure, and his case—if, indeed, he had a case—would be an odd one.

    Once more he looked at Fumiya, the cutie in front of Rin, and the other girl on the TV. "Who's pairing with who again?"
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    Haruhi Nakamura
    Club President | Location: Club room | Interactions: Everyone in club room
    "We're not going to jump or force anyone into a relationship," Haruhi replied as she heard her club members comments. "We'll just try them out first, that's the point of them meeting in a group. If Hideki knows him, then we can get you to invite him with us over the weekend somewhere and we'll bring her along too."

    She walked back over to her computer and took a seat. "She wants us to try for her, so she'll be willing to test him out. And if Hideki met with Watanabe earlier today at lunch, he's probably interested in having us match him up with someone too. Now, as for this weird problem..."

    Well, the two people who knew anything about this guy mentioned that he could be a little odd, but that didn't necessarily mean he wasn't a good candidate. It depended on what the reason was. Their female candidate might even like that oddness of him.

    "So, what makes him so weird?"
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    Amami Atsuko
    Setup Specialist | Location: Club room | Interactions: Everyone in club room + @UnrealNox

    Aachan sighed as she hung out in the tree right outside the classroom. Though it was highly frowned upon it was Aachan's favorite space to relax after classes and before getting to the club. It was great up there, with the wind in her hair and her soul exploring the feeling of freedom. Glancing down at her phone as the song ended Aachan sighed, seeing she was late to club. Wandering out on her sturdy branch, Aachan flung open the window from the outside, grinning at her fellow club mates.

    "Yo!" She called inside, pushing off the tree branch and landing inside with a thump and a few fallen leaves. After a quick once over on her uniform she wandered inside, tugging her headphones off her ears and instead sliding it around her neck. It seemed that most everyone was there, and Aachan wandered herself over next to Kai and sat down with a sigh. She glanced over at his writing for a moment before turning her attention back to the president who had been speaking. "So what's this about a weird guy? I mean with the right set up everything can be fixed." She mumbled, smiling brightly.
  6. Reina Chiaki

    Finished preparing the coffee, Reina poured herself a cup and left enough for the other members before taking a seat herself. “Oh?” With mild interest, Reina glanced at the picture of their client on the screen, wondering what kind of partner would be paired with her. As if on cue, Junko popped up with a binder. The title on the thing left Reina with more questions than answers. Why does she- No. How did she get those pictures? The talent of the people here always managed astound her in ways that she had never experienced before. Interest growing, Reina took a sip from her mug and looked over the candidate’s features as she payed attention to the conversation going on. The group seemed to go off topic really easy.

    “...Group date?”

    Recalling the previous scenario from her class―along with the thought of jumping people―she threw out the idea thinking that it would help them out a little. It was a pretty common way of meeting and allowed their clients to meet together in a fun environment. Reina steadily tapped on her mug and took a sip as she reverted back to silence as she continued to think and observe as if she was unable to offer anything of value. Although she didn’t look all to interested, her eyes lit with amusement, thoroughly enjoying the brainstorming session.

    Love Club Room
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