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    :heart: Aikō-ka Kurabu | The Lovers Club :heart:
    Romance | Comedy | High school | Anime | Slice of life
    OOC: BY INVITATION ONLY - Aikō-ka Kurabu | The Lovers Club OOC

    “We’ll be your cupids!”

    On the second floor of Bara High School, taking a right turn after you get up the stairs, at the end of the hallway lays a club room with a sign stating “The Lovers Club” attached to the wall. Normally, the door is closed, but once you open it you will see that it is one of the largest club rooms in the school, or perhaps even one of the largest rooms in general besides the gym and auditorium. However, its size is not the only thing that stands out in this room.

    In the center sits two couches perpendicular to the door, with a coffee table in the middle and even a nice rug covering part of the wooden floor. Usually, that part is where the club meets with their client to discuss information, although they also use it when they want to sit down as well. Though, there are also other seats scattered around the room for the members to use as seats too.

    There is a desk towards the back of the room, and behind it are a large row of windows that look out to a garden. That desk is where the president tends to sit. A computer lies on top of the desk, along with a few papers scattered around and a pen lying on top of them. There is a filing cabinet in the corner near the desk, most likely where they keep confidential information on the students and faculty of the school. Even if you are not a client, nor believe you will ever be, they most likely still have your information just in case. Although, you will not know if they have your information or not or ever understand how they are able to get the information in the first place.

    On one side of the room there is a television, usually used to show information about a client or whatever the club is doing that day but it is capable of being used for other purposes such as watching something or playing a video game. There is also a white board to write some information down towards the side of the TV. On the other side of the room is a refrigerator for snacks that the members like to eat, a microwave, and a table with a coffee maker for those who enjoy it. Those aren’t the only things in the club room, but the list would continue to go on if all of them were told.

    How does a simple high school club get all of this fancy stuff and space? It seems parts had come from members of the club bringing them. However, their president of the club, Haruhi Nakamura, has quite a bit of power and is usually able to acquire whatever she wants. But, the club members aren’t just there to pamper themselves with everything they get. They are there to help their fellow students, and even some teachers to find romance and love. They are “The Lovers Club” and they have never failed in finding the perfect match for someone. If you’re looking for love, they’ll be your cupids.

    • Japan

      - (Made up) Small city that goes out into towns:
      • City: Yokokami
      • Towns: Honkawa (North of city), Hamasu (East), Yakita (South), Okunai (West)

      - School in city called Bara High School (Bara = Rose)

      - There is a train that goes between the towns and into the city:
      • Stations named after city and towns

    • Characters in Roleplay:

      President: Haruhi Nakamura played by @ScarletNova
      Charm/Fortune Telling Specialist: Asuho Kiriyu played by @Reanimator Bob
      Non-member School Heartthrob: Shiro Kogasaka played by @Reanimator Bob
      Vice-President: [Reserved] played by @Shayla
      Agent: Hoshiko Ono played by @Kitsune
      Regular Member: [Reserved] played by @Kitsune
      Local Spy: [Reserved] played by @Crow
      [Reserved] played by @Crow
      Activities Director: Takayama Arisu played by @Pasi
      Public Relations: Celestin Cupidon Beaulieu played by @xwolfex
      Matchmaker: Tsubasa Feliks Alkaev played by @xwolfex
      Info-Gatherer: Yurica Kaidou played by @MiNaGi
      New Member: Makoto Fuguchi played by @MiNaGi
      Secretary: Miyuki Momozono played by @DANAsaur

      The Mother/Mentor: Kotori Ayame played by @Nano
      Loyalty and sexuality specialist: Asuka Hisoka played by @Shadow_Snow_Storm
      Club Security: [Reserved] played by

      The Club Mascot: Kayoko Takasu played by @CandyPrincess
      Student Council President: Miyoko Nozara played by @CandyPrincess
      Presidential Advisor: Layne Tamagashi played by @UltimaCircuit

    • - Please do not just disappear, let me know if you need/or want to drop out, I’d rather have you tell me. Don’t be afraid, I understand.

      -Let me know if you are going to be away for a while, so we can temporarily move your character to the side so we don’t have to worry about that character missing things and causing interaction problems. For example, going on a family vacation or unable to join club activities for a certain time because of some reason.

      - At least post character’s name and picture during an IC post, other information is encouraged as well.

      - Keep things PG-13 or so, we are in public view and have a range of ages playing.

      - Friendships, some friendly rivalries and especially romances are allowed and encouraged.

      - Anime physics apply, so anything can happen just like an anime.

      -Clients will have basic character sheets that will also be what our characters see. I’ll be making the first one as an example, though after that you are all free to come up with clients. I will also keep the outline on this first post on another tab for reference.

    • Picture of client

      Name | Age | School Year | Sexual Orientation

      Personality traits | Personality Traits | Personality traits …

      Likes and Dislikes: -,+

      Perfect partner traits: (What their dream partner would be like)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Club President | Location: Classroom → Club room | Interacting with: Makoto @MiNaGi
    Haruhi tapped her finger on the top of her new desk, watching as the time slowly ticked by with the hands of the clock. Five…four…three…two…one! The sound of the end of the school day bell rang and an excited Haruhi packed away her things into her bag in haste and jumped up from the seat she was sitting in, almost knocking over the chair. It was now time for club activities, Haruhi’s most favorite thing about being back in school starting today.

    She went over to the desk a few ones away from her and slapped her hands onto the top of it. A large smile was evident on her face as she stared at the boy with dark hair and striking green eyes. “Come on, Makoto! Let’s go to the club already. You’re way too slow. Put your things away. Come on. Come on,” Haruhi said to him, rushing the young man. Without even listening if she was allowed to her not, she began to push his things into his bag to make him go faster. Then, gave him the bag and took his hand as soon as Makoto was up from his desk.

    Despite Haruhi knowing that Makoto was a shy, quiet person who wasn’t always good with this much excitement, she wanted to help him open up more and have fun. Although she may have weird ways of doing it, Haruhi figured it was better to just let things happen for him while she enjoying spending all the time she wanted with him.

    Again, without listening to any protest from her friend, Haruhi was already rushing towards the door of the room, dragging along Makoto with her. Her loudness and sudden movements caused a commotion, something the girl wasn’t even paying any attention to. The other students in the class looked over at the two to see what was really going on.

    “It’s only the end of the first day and the Queen of Hearts is already excited to get their club activities ready,” one of their fellow students commented to her friend.

    “They better be. I really want to get a boyfriend this year. I’ve been thinking about asking them for some help. I heard that they are really good at what they do.”

    “Yeah, my sister told me that her boyfriend she’s with now was set up by the Lovers Club back in their beginning years. My sister and her boyfriend are really happy and have been together for years now.”

    “They sound really good. Maybe I should check them out.”

    Haruhi didn’t pay any attention to the conversation and simply pulled Makoto out of the classroom, down the hallway towards the steps, up the steps and over to the end of the right hallway. She pushed open the door to arrive at the club room. Their club room.

    “We’re here Makoto. The first day after break, I bet everyone’s going to have plenty to talk about. And, we’ll probably get clients in no time.” She finally set Makoto free and went over to sit down at her office chair. She let out a satisfied sigh, happy about being back in her sweet Club President chair. All that was left was to wait for the others to show up so they could start their first club meeting of the semester.
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  3. Layne Tamagashi

    Presidential Advisor | Location: Classroom → Club Room | Interacting with: Makoto @MiNaGi and Haruhi @ScarletNova
    Layne let out a yawn as he stretched his arms behind his head. '...I wonder what my second year is going to be like... I hope it's exciting...' He tipped back in his chair, supporting his weight with the wall directly behind him. In a drowsy daze, he surveyed the room. He had not slept that much the previous night due to the release of a new MMO, and it was really showing in the classroom. A sigh left his mouth as he turned his eyes from those in front of him, and to the window at his left hand side.. 'Why did I binge on that game last night? I already fell asleep multiple times today, and it's only the first day too... I really need to get a hang of this gaming thing before it gets outta hand...' Another yawn left his mouth as his gaze drifted from the window, and to the clock above the chalk board in the classroom. He focused upon the clock for a moment, before realizing what time it was.​

    "Ahh. It's already time to leave?"

    A loud ding sounded from the intercom within the classroom. It was the end of the first day in school, and the excitement bubbling through out the class became very apparent. Students instantly grouped up with each other. Most of them talked about events that happened during the past break, but others also spoke about their hopes for the new school year. Rather than speaking to anyone, Layne kept to himself. He grabbed his backpack off of the desk in front of him. After doing so, he headed out the door. A small smile came upon his face as he looked down the hallway that lead to the stairs.

    "This year is going to be a fun year. I don't know what's giving me that idea right now.. but I really feel it."

    After relishing in the excitement for a moment, Layne quickly made his way down the hallway and up the stairs that it lead to. Once he arrived on the following floor, he turned right, and headed down the hallway. It was not long before the boxer arrived at the door to his club - The Lovers Club. His eyebrow quirked upward at the sight of the open door. The second year peered his head in, and saw The Queen of Hearts at her desk, and an individual he had not seen before. Taking immediate interest, Tama headed through the door, and greeted the two with a peace sign.

    "Yo pres! How did your first day go? I had no clue that someone new was going to be coming in today."

  4. [​IMG]
    Agent | Bored → Relieved | History → Hallway | Watching the Clock → Being Lost


    Ten... Nine... Eight...

    A young female stared unblinkingly at the clock that was placed above her History teacher's head, who was telling them about last minute things.

    Seven... Six... Five...

    Her lips moved, yet no noise spilled from them. She was silent as she counted inside of her mind, and mouthed said numbers. While the little red hand ticked on by on the clock, she was watching it like a hawk watching its prey.

    Four... Three... Two...

    With bated breath and wide eyes, she waited for the familiar shrill noise of the school bell that signaled the end of the first school day. Her first school day of high school. While her school day ended, her club day began soon after, and she was excited to meet everyone and see how the club worked.


    "One!" Hoshiko Ono squealed as the bell rang, drowning out the teacher and her voice. Instantly, the sound of chairs scraping against the floor, children talking animatedly, and bags being stuffed filled her ears while she gathered her things. Wanting to get out before the hallways were being overcrowded with teenagers fourteen and above, the ginger swung her bookbag on her back and dashed out of her History class. As soon as she stepped out into the hallway, she set off.

    But it was only for a couple steps. Then she halted suddenly.

    "...I have no idea where the club is located," she whispered to herself, a disgruntled expression upon her face. An irritated sigh escaped her lips as she ran a hand through her long, wavy locks. Worrying her bottom lip between her teeth, she scoured her mind for the information that she absorbed earlier about the club that she had joined. Not wanting to be a blockade in the hallway, she moved to the sidelines as she tried to remember. Her eyebrows furrowed before she finally concluded that she had no idea. The only thing that she could do was keep moving and hope for the best.

    Setting off again, Hoshiko made her way towards the stairs at the end of the hallway, taking them two at a time. Once she reached the top, she paused. There were two hallways, and she was at a standstill on where to turn. Left, or right? Where to go? She thought, eyes flickering between her two options. She continued to mull over where to go, subconsciously hoping that someone would lead her the right way.

    @ScarletNova Okay, so... since it's the first day, um, Hoshiko would be considered "new" at the moment, right? I mean, it's her first year, so she doesn't know anyone and all that. I was thinking that she could be appointed "Agent" during the first club meeting? Or the second?

  5. [​IMG]

    Regular member | Bored → Flustered | Classroom → Clubroom | Interacting with: Haruhi @ScarletNova

    It was the first day of school. They alays started right off the bat, hard on from day one. It was the first day in school after summer, and they'd switched up classes as usual. This year, he was in the same class as the President, and Makoto wasn't sure if it was his imagination, but he had a feeling that she had been looking at him the entire time. Perhaps his suspicions had been right. When the bell rung and he stood up to pack his things, Haruhi was all over him.

    "Eh?! No, it's fine, president, just go on ahead...-" He didn't get to say any more as she stuffed the remainder of his things into his bag, and proceeded to drag him off. Makoto was too flustered to say any more, and he had no way of getting out of her firm grip, so he simply followed along like a lost puppy as she dragged him to the clubroom. He almost stumbled on his feet when she finally let go of him, supporting himself with an arm on the wall. He caught his breath as he put down his bag.

    "Seriously, President, don't pick on me like that just because my athletic abilities aren't the best..." Makoto couldn't help but crack just the smallest of smiles when he said that so she would know that he was just joking. It was probably because of this girl that Makoto was able to genuinely smile at people now.

    "Ah, yeah, I guess we'd have to go through our summer experiences. Let's hope it goes well this year too." Makoto had no real recollection of how and why he had gotten into the Lovers' Club, but perhaps it wasn't so bad to be in this kind of place, even if it was kind of crazy compared to what he had expected his high school life to be like.


    Advice & Info | Bored → Excited, lost? | Classroom → Hallway | Interacting with: Hoshiko @Kitsune

    "3.... 2.... 1!" Yurica whispered to herself as she counted on the clock. When she came to the 1, she said it out loud with an excited jump from her chair. She packed her stuff into her bag as quick as it would go, and stormed out of the classroom. Today was the first day in her new club, The Lovers' Club. The second she heard about it she knew that it was the place for her. She was running excitedly up the stairs when she saw a girl seemingly worrying over her directions. Having already decided for herself what kind of person she wants to be in high school.

    "Hell~ooo! Are you lost?" One of the other reasons she was super interested to talk to this girl was that she was absolutely adorable. Yurica's favorite thing in the world; cute people! She stood in front of the girl with a gentle smile on her face. "What place are you looking for? I don't know the school so well, but maybe I can help you find it!" She was happy to be able to do something for even the smallest things. If this girl would be able to find the place she needed to go because Yurica could help her, then Yurica would be happier than any other time that day.

    "I'm sure we can figure it out! Oh, by the way, I'm Yurica, but you can call me Yuri! I'm a second year!" She was happy to already meet someone even if it was just her first day and just a single person. She smiled excitedly as she waited for the girl to respond to all of her sudden questions. She was super happy that she got to meet someone like this.
  6. [​IMG]
    Student Council President | Location: Classroom → Hall | Pleased → Neutral| Interacting With: Hoshiko @Kitsune and Yurica @MiNaGi

    Nozara had a small smile on his face as he finished his notes with a small flourish. The page in front of him, covered in small, neat handwriting, held all the pertinent information from this class, as well as a few notes in the margins that served as reminders for when he reviewed the notes.
    Keeping one ear open as the teacher began wrapping up with the usual information about the semester's testing, he flipped to a blank page. Printing the date in the upper left corner, he then titled the page "Objectives and Goals", reinforcing this with a firm, steady underline.
    It was then he twirled the pen absentmindedly to tap the top on the paper as he gazed around the room, observing and catching snippets of conversation.
    "We did decently last year, but this year we'll destroy for sure!" Declared a buff young man in the back to his burly friend, who grunted in reply without raising his eyes from his phone. Nozara shook his head like a parent would roll their eyes, a smile still tugging at his lips. Normally he'd write the one athlete up for using a phone in class, but it was the first day, and he was in a good mood.
    The bell rang, and conversation exploded. Several girls near him gathered and instantly began chatting. Normally he'd tune them out, but a certain phrase caught his attention.
    "-the Queen of Hearts is already excited to get their club activities ready." One commented.
    Bubble popped.
    Nozara sighed, gathering his things into his Venician leather schoolbag, a hand-me-down from his brother. Slinging it over his shoulder, he easily wove his way through the crowd and made it into the hall, steering on autopilot towards the student council meeting room. While passing through a hallway he brushed by a first year who had stopped suddenly. He would have kept going, but he caught her muttered, under the breath comment about not knowing where her club was.
    He turned, ready to help, but she was off again before he could say a single word.
    "The council doesn't meet for another few minutes," he said to himself, checking his watch. "I have time."
    With that, he set off after the girl, his tall, lanky frame allowing him to track where she was. She stopped again at the top of the stairs, but again, before he could say anything, another girl was there and speaking.
    He shrugged, not really bothered, and leaned on the wall as he waited to make sure this girl could get the first year to her club.

    ((Will post for Takasu soon! Have to do some chores x.x))
  7. [​IMG]

    Club Mascot | Class Club Room | Interacting with: Haruhi, Makoto, Layne ( @ScarletNova @MiNaGi @UltimaCircuit )

    Takasu lay with her head on the desk, doodling swirls and abstract shapes in her notebook as she waited for the bell to release her. Her notes from the entire school day consisted of the date, the heading "Notes", and the short sentence "everyone is still stupid."

    Tuning out the voice of the perky, over-energized teacher (clearly new to the position and hyped up on too much coffee), she turned to rummage through her school bag. Her hands closed around something soft and fluffy, and she withdrew it.

    As the schoolbell finally rang she placed the item on her head, expressionlessly staring at the few first years who were unused to her odd antics.
    "Do you have a problem with cat ears?" she asked in a monotone. They shook their heads and quickly averted their eyes back to gathering their things. Takasu huffed.

    "I should have been a NEET," she muttered, standing and slinging the backpack over one slim shoulder. The bag was covered in patches, clips, pins, buttons, and charms collected over many years, and was quite the sight.

    Indeed, the tiny, bright figure was one that would be sure to catch your eye as she ducked and wove through the crowd. Her long, pale blue hair looked to have perhaps never been cut save trims to keep it healthy, and around her waist the hair faded into purple, then pink, orange, yellow, and green, all pale and blending into each other perfectly. Last year the school administration had battled fiercely against her rich purple and yellow outfit, but what can you do against someone who ignores you, doesn't show up to detention, and continues coming to class after being expelled? They eventually gave in, and Takasu continued wearing her outfit to school every day.

    She quickly made her way to the club room, swinging open the door as if about to face battle, cat ears perched slightly askew on her head.

  8. [​IMG]
    Diviner | Class Room - Club Room | Makoto (@MiNaGi), Haruhi (@ScarletNova), Takasu (@CandyPrincess)

    The clock ticked ever so slowly. She didn't need to look at it though. Of course she knew when the bell was going to ring. she sat there in the back of the room, not even counting, her eyes closed, her head leaning on her chin. Today marked the beginning of the new semester. Asuho knew it well. After all, the cards were her informant t the moment. Time continued to tick away, when Asuho grabbed her bag and stood up.

    "Miss Kirigu, sit down ple-"

    Right on time. The teacher sighed, and released the class. Asuho leisurely made her way to club room. Many students were all gabbing away with their friends, and honestly, it was a sight she was happy to see once again. She walked into the club room, and spotted the Queen, the Mascot, and a new comer. She had heard of him, yeah...

    "Yo. You're Makoto, I have been informed. I'm Asuho, the All Knowing."

    She laughed only slightly maniacally.

    "So, as is customary in this club, and by that I mean MY custom, I'll read your fortune. Come sit down"

    She took a seat , and propped her feet up on the table, as she produced a deck of cards, seemingly out of thin air, as she began shuffling it.

    "Now. Pick five cards and lay them out, face down."
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  9. [border=gray]
    Sex Specialist | Classroom - Psychology --> Vlub Room | Interaction:

    Asuka, unlike the other members of the club likely did, she spent her class recording the lecture until the very end. She sat near the front of the class, her voice recorder settled on the desk beside her camera while she browsed the message boards for potentials already. When the class had filtered out of the room, the red head was still packing her back, since she waited for the end of the lecture. Sliding her things into her bag she walked out of the classroom, hips swaying in her sexy strut that she used quite often.

    Walking down the hall she was aware of the boys in the wall slowing down and watching her, her uniform skirt slightly too short and her socks only to the ankles. She wore flats instead of sneakers, and the bow on her uniform collar matched her hair. Her back settled against her hip until she found herself at the club room already. Pushing the door open she stepped inside to find quite a few members already gathered together.

    "It's been a while everyone!" She greeted to room happily, shrugging out of her jacket and hanging it on the coat hanger near the door. She slipped off her shoes too, her socks going with them. Her toes were painted a black that matched her jacket, the same as her fingers, in order to counteract her blazing red hair. "Guess who's been busying finding clients during break?" It was a rhetorical question of course, with the folded page she held in her hand out to their Club President. It was a faxed page, but clearly written down in Eric's handwriting. It was a neat calligraphy, that only his practiced hand would be able to create.

    Asuka sauntered over to where Haruhi was chatting with a couple other members, passed a new face she hadn't seen before and the ever-nervous Makoto. He was such a cutie, but too innocent for her tastes. Perhaps another day. Asuka's gaze swept over everyone, a pristine smile on her lips, as if she had yet to drop the facade she gave to those she didn't know well. Likely because of those in the room who were unaware of how she really was about business.

  10. Location: Classroom → Club Room
    Mentor | Kotori Ayame | 16 | 2nd Year | Bisexual
    Interaction with: Shiro [ @Reanimator Bob ]
    The bell would be ringing any day now. Yeeeup. Aaaaany day now. She could have sworn that the clock was dragging on just to irritate her. Ah.. Time. One of the few things that could actually set this girl in the direction of anger or annoyance. In pure boredom, her dark, maroon eyes wandered over to the clock, silently tapping the tip of her shoe on the ground. In her mind, she was counting down to the end of the school day, since it was after school where she was finally free from the god forsaken prison of classes. In truth, she was never good at school. Frankly, her grades sucked. It was a miracle how she was passing just barely, not to mention that she was just barely able to enter the school itself when she took the entrance exam way back in her first year. The only fun thing about school anymore is the club, and maybe the occasional art class where she can goof off to make some of her own origami.

    All of a sudden, the bell had rung out loudly. Echoing down the hallways and everyone getting up both cheerfully, diligently, and lazily. Her classroom was never one to really be motivated, her being no exception. She picked up her red scarf and wrapped it around her neck, taking a deep breath before popping her ear buds in and blasting the music. School being out is the equivalent to others loitering in the hallways, which spelt out trouble.

    A gentle sigh escaped the girl's lips as she braved through another crowd. It almost felt as though these rumours were getting worse and worse by the day, much to her own dismay. First it was about her scarf, then it turned into her parents, her grades, and finally some underhanded means of making a quick buck. Oh well... It couldn't be helped. If they were going to say things like that about her, then she would probably give them false information about getting the guy that they want -- No, she wouldn't do that. She was too nice. Too stupidly nice to even consider doing something as low as that.

    The keychain on her backpack was bouncing up and down, the long, red scarf flowing on from behind her. The scarf was a gift from a dear, dear friend of hers, and it's clear that she had kept the upmost care for it. Not a tear, or a sign of wear in the fabric. In fact, it still looked the exact same as when she got it; brand new and out of the box. That thought in mind, she couldn't help but to smile gently and hide such an expression under it.

    Whilst walking, she appeared to had been caught in a daze. Perfectly evident based off how she bumped into the back of a person who was standing in clear view. Upon looking upwards, her dark eyes caught a glimpse of strawberry and blonde-- it was Shiro. Ah.. Yes. Shiro, the heart-throb of the school. Frankly, she didn't see what was so good about this guy. I mean, yes, he was good looking, but every girl she has met asked her about how to win his heart. Based off the glares she got from behind, she had a feeling that she wasn't very well liked by his self proclaimed 'fan club'. She just thought that it was plain creepy.

    Those thoughts asides, she swept her chestnut brown hair to the side before looking up at the male in his eyes. Bowed her head, and intended to leave, quickly. Trying to ignore the quiet voices and whispers that the glares gave her. "O-Oh.. Shiro. Are you coming to the club?" She asked, pulling her scarf down to her chin to eliminate the possibility of it muffling her voice up completely. She was trying to disregard the voices, but eventually, some were able to make themselves noticeable.

    "What? She's trying to talk to Shiro?"
    "Shiro, just ignore her! She's the girl who just gives advice!"
    "I heard she does compensated dating."
    "Pfff.. How disgusting."

    It stung at her ears, and yet she kept the smile as though she were a deaf girl.

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  11. Momozono Miyuki

    3rd Year | Bisexual | Secretary
    Location: Classroom-Hallway
    ScarletNova | CandyPrincess

    With the bell ringing and signaling that the classes are done for the day, Momozono Miyuki quickly jumped out of her seat, almost toppling over her chair. It was not because of excitement but rather out of surprise. The girl sitting in front of her, Nakamura Haruhi, jumped out of her seat so suddenly that Miyuki jumped too. "Haruhi-san, please don't be so excited. You scared me.." Miyuki mumbled, pushing her glasses back to the bridge of her nose, blushing a little bit. For her, the president of the Lover's club is sometimes too much to handle. Sure Miyuki and Haruhi are friends but the shy dandere is still getting used to the loud and bubbly girl.

    Sighing, Miyuki began packing her things before looking at the seat in front of her. It seems like Haruhi forgot about her and decided to drag Makoto out of the classroom. "Haruhi-san..." was all Miyuki said before shaking her head. She's kind of used to being left alone and forgotten due to her personality but she had to admit, it still hurts.

    The commotion left by the Lover's Club president made Miyuki sigh once again. The excitement of the club president was so contagious that some girls of the class started whispering. Miyuki couldn't help but hear some of the whispers and gulped. It seems like everyone already had some expectations for the club and the school year had just started! Miyuki could already imagine the client sheets piling up and being sorted out by her. Oh dear, seems like this year is going to be busy..

    Breathing deeply, Miyuki grabbed her bag and walked towards the gossiping girls. "U-Um.. please forgive Haruhi-san for causing such a racket. She's just really excited." she whispered shyly, bowing her head towards them before quickly standing straight. The girls only stared at her for a moment, perhaps thinking how rude Miyuki is for interrupting them. Just the thought quickly made the girl flush. She quickly looked down at her shoes and began playing with the hem of her skirt. "I-If you want, you can visit the club and um.. submit some client sheets so that we can quickly process it. J-Just submit it to me and um.. well.. T-That is um.. if you want to.." Unable to handle their stares, Miyuki bowed once again and quickly left the room, tripping a little bit but quickly regaining her balance.

    As soon as she was out of the classroom, she went to the nearby wall and banged her head repeatedly. She can't believe she just did that! She should have just left them alone! A couple of passing students stared at her and began whispering, resulting for her to get embarrassed and flustered even more. Miyuki shook her head furiously and began walking away from the students, her eyes glued to the floor. She was so embarrassed that she hoped that the floor would just crack open and swallow her whole.

    Once she was away from the whispering students, she closed her eyes and cupped her heated cheeks. "Uwaah, that was so embarrassing!!! They probably think I'm a weirdo or something.." She then suddenly bumped into something hard resulting for her to trip and fall down the bottom of the stairs face first and ass up.

    Miyuki pushed herself up and was on her knees hands and knees when one of the male passing students suddenly shouted "W-White p-p-p-panties!!! That girl is wearing white panties!!!"

    She quickly looked behind her to see the boy pointing at her lifted skirt and white panties. What's worse is that she saw her crush, Nozara Miyoko, leaning on the wall that gives him the perfect view of her knickers! Her cheeks immediately flamed red and her breathing got caught in her throat. Oh could this day get any worse?! Why did she not wear stockings today?!

    Not sure of what to do, she just sat down and stayed on her spot before sniffling and crying like a child.
  12. [​IMG]

    Club President | Location: Club room | Interacting with: Makoto @MiNaGi, Layne @UltimaCircuit, Takasu @CandyPrincess, Asuho @Reanimator Bob, Asuka @Shadow_Snow_Storm | Mentioned: Yurica @MiNaGi, Miyuki @DANAsaur
    Haruhi gave Makoto her signature grin. “And that’s why we have to train. We get your athletic abilities up, you might find yourself someone to call your lover,” Haruhi teased her friend back. Haruhi loved to set people up after all, even the people who were in the club who liked to set others up instead of themselves. She gave a nod in reply to Makoto’s other comment.

    The girl suddenly froze for a moment, thinking about something. “Wasn’t Miyuki behind us?” She was one of Haru's friends too, and the girl really did feel that way, but she was so easy to forget about when Haruhi was focused on getting to the club as fast as possible. She was another one like Makoto that was shy and needed to open up a bit more. But her thoughts were cut off by the arrival of Layne.

    “Layne! As of now the day just got much better,” the Queen of hearts commented then took a look over from Layne to Makoto. “We might be getting a lot more; it is the start of a new school year after all. But, this is my friend Makoto. He finally officially decided to join the club after some persuasion from our lovely Yurica.” It was Yurica that first meant Makoto and gave him the idea to join the club. But, when Haru discovered about him and since he was in her grade, she took it upon herself to become friends with him before he even became part of the club. While he gave in a little while ago, since it was summer break he didn't really have the chance to meet everyone in the club or work with any clients yet.

    A few seconds later Takasu and Asuho arrived into the club. It was expected to be like that, everyone was going to be showing up right after another. “Hey guys. Aw, don’t you look super cute Takasu.” Haruhi figured she would just let Asuho do her thing, after all, it was normal around there, even if it didn’t seem that way to the others. Though, since Makoto wasn’t all that open about everything, it might be weird for him. “It’s alright, so go ahead Makoto, Asuho doesn’t bite. At least that I know of.” She winked to add to her tease.

    The door opened again by Asuka. When she saw the paper, she took a look at it. “Perfect. We’ll already have something to start off the year, and hopefully with some more new members too. I bet this year will be even better than the last. I’ll be going out with a bang! Oh, but it’s going to be so sad when I have to leave this club. Whoever I make the new president is going to have big shoes to fill.”

    It wasn’t really that Haruhi was really into herself, she was more of a girl who always teased and joked around so most of what she said was simply her messing around with other people. However, it was Haru's last year and she was going to have to think about the future of the club. She started it back in her freshman year, and if the others wanted it to continue, she was going to have to choice someone to take it over as president. But, she wasn't going to think about that right now with the year just starting. “Now we just have to wait for the others to show up and get ourselves ready for the new year. We’ll have plenty of couples to make I’m sure.”
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  13. [​IMG]
    Student Council President | Location: Hallway | Protective | Interacting With: Students, Momozono ( @DANAsaur )

    Distracted from his observation of the two other students by a loud thump, Nozara turned to see a female student collapsed at the bottom of the stairs, her ass on display for the laughing teenagers surrounding her.
    He frowned, pushing roughly through the crowd. The girl clearly had not meant to expose herself, as evidenced by her watery eyes and quiet sniffling, and he sent some extremely harsh glares to the boys who pointed out her shame.
    Plunging a hand into his bag, he withdrew a light windbreaker he kept in case of summer storms, and quickly shielded the girl from peering eyes. He waited until he thought she was decent, then looked down at her.
    Ah yes, he recognized her now. She was a quiet girl from his class. She seemed intelligent enough, but didn't speak up enough to prove it to the majority. For the life of him, though, he couldn't remember her name.
    He gave her a soft smile, folding the jacket over one arm and offering her his hand.
    "Are you alright, Miss?"
    Inwardly he made a note to keep an eye on the disrespectful boys and catch them on some petty rule to punish them for their behavior towards the innocent third year.

  14. [​IMG]

    Club Mascot | Club Room | Interacting with: Makoto and Asuho ( @MiNaGi and @Reanimator Bob )

    "Thank you, Senpai," Takasu replied to Haruhi's comment, and although her signature tone was uninterested she meant it. The young girl then wandered over to Asuho and her current victim.
    Plopping down beside the two, she observed expressionlessly as she drew two large, white and pink, fluffy glove-like items from her backpack and slipped her hands into them in order to complete her chosen look. Raising the cat paw gloves to either side of her face and tilting her head, the Mascot's eyes studied the Diviner.
    "Senpai, will you read my fortune next? It's been a whole year since last time. Who knows what has changed. Meow."
    The final word had no cat-like qualities to it, she simply pronounced it as if she were adding 'please' to her statement. The comically oversized paws remained framing her face, and she even stuck out her bottom lip slightly to add to the picture.
    Truthfully, she didn't believe the fortune readings that Asuho gave, but they provided her some form of amusement, and it was a way to pass time if nothing else. Besides, the fortune teller was one of the more...colourful characters in the club, and her occasionally slightly unstable appearance intrigued Takasu.

  15. Momozono Miyuki
    3rd Year | Bisexual | Secretary
    Interactions/Mentions: CandyPrincess | MiNaGi | Kitsune

    "Are you alright, Miss?"

    Miyuki quickly wiped her tears away upon hearing those words, sniffling a little bit before removing her glasses to clean them. She was so embarrassed and scared to face him that she ignored his helping hand and stood up by herself, her eyes looking down at her shoes and her hair blocking her face. As much as she wanted to face him right now, she can't. She didn't want him to see her crying face or her splotched face or red-rimmed eyes. That would be even more humiliating than students seeing her panties!

    "I-I'm fine.." she replied, fidgeting a little and wiping the remaining tears away. "Thank you for saving me and um.. sorry for what happened.." She then bowed her head deeply to show how much she's sorry before standing straight again. "A-Anyway, I should probably go.. T-Thank you again.. and um.. if you think that I should get a detention for um.. the whole fiasco then um.. t-tell me right away. I don't want my detention to get in the way of me working at the lover's club. A-Ah! not that it's much more important than you-, I mean! the detention.. ah.. um-," Realizing that she's rambling and babbling nonsense, Miyuki's face was beet red once again. She was beyond embarrassed and ashamed of herself right now that she wanted to escape the conversation so badly. Quickly picking up her bag from the floor, she bowed her head once again and briskly walked away from him; only to bump into two students.

    "A-Ah! So sorry!!!!" Miyuki apologized for who knows how many times, bowing her head once again before looking up to see who she bumped into. "O-Oh, Yurica-san. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-," As she noticed that the girl she bumped into was with someone else, she apologized once again "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to intrude." she rambled, facing the new girl and bowing her head once again. "A-Anyway, I'm really sorry for intruding.. I didn't mean to. Really.. I um.. um.. I should get out of your way so um.. Sorry"

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  16. [​IMG]
    Agent | Confused/Worried → Relieved/Shocked | Forked Hallway | Being Lost | Interaction: Yurica ( @MiNaGi )


    Hoshiko was about to make a decision when a schoolmate appeared directly in front of her, taking up her entire vision until she could only see the two hallways in her peripheral vision, or if she actually turned her head. The ginger jumped in response, eyes wide and mouth slightly parted in her shock. As she registered the girl's words, she relaxed, letting go a breath that she didn't even know she was holding until now. Letting her eyes flutter close and her tense body sag, she opened them back up with a certain brightness in them and a smile upon her features. Reaching out a hand towards who she now knew as Yurica, or Yuri, the second year, she introduced herself with the same amount of enthusiasm that she received.

    "I'm Hoshiko, but you can give me a nickname, too! I'm a first year!" She stated, smile growing wider. "It's nice to meet you!" She added in a chirper tone. Remembering that Yurica offered to help her, her gaze brightened even more. With the way that she was smiling and looking, you'd think that she was the sun. "I'd greatly appreciate it, if you could help me find the...," she trailed off as she scoured her mind for where she was going. "The Lovers' Club!" She exclaimed with a curt nod. "I don't know which hallway to go down," she mumbled with a slight pout as she turned to the left and the right, glancing at her two options. She hoped that Yurica could guide her in the right direction.

    Before Yurica could help her, someone joined their little search party, bumping into the both of them. Hoshiko stumbled forward half a step, but quickly regained her balance. She turned to face their new addition when she heard them apologizing profusely. It was only a small bump; nothing to fret over, she thought as the girl continued to apologize, stumbling over her words quite a bit. Sensing that she was a shy, polite girl, Hoshiko waved off her apologize and reassured her. "You weren't intruding on anything! No need to apologize, really," she said. "Are you a friend of Yuri-chan's? She's helping me find The Lovers Club," she confessed. "If you're going the same way, maybe you can walk with us!" The ginger suggested. "Oh, I'm Hoshiko, by the way. A first year," she re-introduced herself with a soft smile. If she was too out there, she was afraid that she'd scare the girl off. And she didn't want that to happen.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Heart-throb | Amidst his many admirers | Kotori(@Nano)

    "Um, uh... Sh-Shiro... Shiro!"

    Her heart was beating so quickly... It almost hurt actually. But she had to tell him! All throughout the break, she had been beating herself up over this, it was time to tell him!

    "Sh-Shiro, I uh... I need to say something... I-I can't keep it in any longer!"

    What was she doing? He must get these almost every day, why was she any different? No!

    "Shiro, I-uh... I-... I-I... I lo-!"

    "Shirooooooo~ <3"

    It was a typical day at school it seemed. The fan club was right on time as always. And by right on time that means right before anyone could claim their dearly beloved. Shiro on the other hand was prepared to respond to the girl. While it might not have been the answer she was looking for, he would never wish to leave a girl without an answer. After all, that is ungentlemanly. But it seemed that the girls had a different plan, pulling him away before he could say a word. Of course, he was prepared for this, and as he was suddenly dragged away, a note fell to the ground, fluttering slowly.


    She wanted to cry... They took him away before he had a chance to say anything...


    There was a note... Which had her name written on it. When did he have the time to...
    Dear Rin,

    My sincerest apologies, I always hate having to leave a girl as sweet as you without an answer, so I have written this for you for fear that I will be unable to tell you in person. It pains me to leave only a note, but it'd pain me even further to leave you left alone, so instead I leave you these words.

    I know it is hard, but I can not say I return your feelings. I am flattered though that you feel that way about me, and I must say you are truly an exceptional girl to have muster the courage to confess to someone you love. It is something I must I admire. Truly one day I know that you will find someone for you, someone far better than I. Until then, keep your chin up
    She held the note close to her chest, smiling, as a warm tears began to drip onto floor.


    Back with the group of girls and Shiro, they were all fawning over him, a common sight in school halls. But their delusions were soon interrupted by a certain motherly student. Kotori Ayame. She inquired about the Lover's Club

    "Hey, now don't speak that way to such a nice young lady. After all, there is indeed some allure to motherly figure. And one of such grace I might add. But I shall follow. I feel that my services may prove valuable."

    To which the other girls replied

    "No Shiro, don't go! They take way too much of your time!"
    "People often pair you to the Queen!"
    "They get flooded with requests for you!"

    Shiro had no intention of going unless they had any business with him. But he also really wanted a little space from these four. He loved the attention, be he wouldn't if it came in a less concentrated form.

    "No worries, I shall see you again soon. Please be good until then for me?"

    His words were so smooth and kind, that the four nearly melted, giving a satisfied, yes, before all swoon, and loosing their balance. A strange bunch those lot.

    "Well, then Kotori, shall we be on our way?"

    As a gentleman should, Shiro held out his arm for her to take. It was a crime to not walk her there if they were going together.

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  18. Location: Hallways → Club Room
    Mentor | Kotori Ayame | 16 | 2nd Year | Bisexual
    Unnerved > Uncomfortable
    Interaction with: Shiro [ @Reanimator Bob ]
    The whispering and the rumours just kept getting worse and worse, huh? Was it because she was good with guys? Or maybe because she was fawned by a couple other girls who weren't head over heels for Shiro? God knows what could create these beastly monsters that one would call 'girls'. Girls were pretty much the most horrible creatures; they get jealous and start doing outrageous things just so that they can get what they assume were 'rightly theirs'. It's almost sickening.. Oh well. It was his fan club that she had to blame, not him. Even so.. She couldn't help but to feel even the slightest bit irritation towards him. No, she didn't hate him either, nor did she dislike him. She was just a little.. irritated is all. However, that irritation quickly faded once she was met with Shiro's response. Smooth as ever she saw.. Sigh.. That's just how he was, she couldn't really change that. Although, she did wish that the majority of her requests for love advice wasn't soon to be shoved upon Shiro.

    Her eyes wandered on over to a female; a female who was holding a note close to her chest while almost crying. Wait... she recognized her. Yes, it was the girl that she gave advice to before the break. She asked her about confessing to her loved one, and Kotori honestly did find that cute. Based off her expression from that note, and how she was standing by Shiro, she could only deduce that he turned her down. That thought in her head, she could have sworn that she let out a silent scowl of distaste. She could just feel the cringe when the fan club swooned at his words. Really now.. This guy really liked the attention, didn't he? She could tell, she could tell all the well. With that, the brunette hide the lower half of her face in her scarf to conceal that gentle frown. Her eyes narrowing over to the side.

    ".. Yeah." She responded, completely brushing off the arm that he was so kind as to offer her. Of course, he wasn't a bad person. She was sure that he was a good person. Even so, she just couldn't bring herself to harbour many good feelings about him. People were always pairing him up with the Queen of Hearts, mainly because many others viewed him as the 'king' of hearts. Kotori had never viewed herself as part of the 'hearts' but rather, a clover herself. It was odd, really it was. But she just found it fitting for her to be a club over a heart, spade or diamond. Letting out a soft sigh, the girl walked on ahead to the club room, assuming that Shiro was following not far behind. With this sort of atmosphere.. One would actually think that she doesn't like the guy much. All while her footsteps echoed in the hallways, and her scarf fluttering in the air behind her.

    Maybe it was the stress from school, or the stress from exams that's got to her. But she knew that she wasn't very happy, and was probably taking it out on Shiro for no particular reason. It was weird, she usually didn't act that way even around him. Usually, she would just smile and lead him over to the club room. However, today she was rather off. She wasn't expecting the guy to notice, since he had so many girls surrounding him that he'd never pay attention to one - especially with those rumours circulating around her. God.. She was feeling like a jerk right about now. Maybe she could try sparking up small talk? But what small talk would be good? She couldn't think, and frankly, she just wanted a break from those rumours.

    The problem is that the more time she spent with Shiro, even if it were just to call him over to the Lovers Club, the rumours would intensify. Maybe she was just directing her anger and frustration onto Shiro, something that her parents did when she was a kid.

    ... She really needed to get out of that habit.

    ".. So um.. How've you been?" She asked, pulling her scarf down gently with that question. She of course, kept looking forwards while walking slowly. She couldn't look him in the eyes, since she would most likely (and unintentionally) show him a less than amused expression. She never really did give him much attention, she never wanted to.


  19. [​IMG]

    Advice & Info | Excited | Clubroom | Interacting with: Hoshiko @Kitsune and Miyuki @DANAsaur
    "Aah, if it isn't Miyuki-chan! Don't mind, don't mind! No need to apologize!" Yurica said excitedly as she grabbed Miyuki by both hands with a bright smile on her face. "Hoshiko is joining our club, isn't it exciting?!" She mused as she gestured at Hoshiko with excited movements of her arm. She knew that Miyuki wasn't really that good at interacting with others without constantly apologizing for herself. "With that said, let's get going. Come on, come on!" That sealed the deal.

    Yurica grabbed onto Hoshiko with one hand and Miyuki with the other, storming off to the club room. It only took them a few minutes before they arrived in the clubroom to see a lot of people had already arrived. She looked over to see the back of a familiar boy, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

    "Yayyy! You really decided to join us for real, Makoto-san! I'm so happyy!" She didn't want to further bother them, as it seemed Makoto was getting his fortune read, but she was happy that she had found a new member for the club. She proceeded to drag Hoshiko up to where Haruhi was sitting, introducing them excitedly to each other.

    "Okay okay so, this is Hoshiko, Haruhi-san! I'm really happy to introduce her, I'm sure she'll become a valuable member like everyone else!" She turned her attention to Hoshiko. "Have you thought about what you want to do for the club? We have a lot of different tasks! Maybe we can find out it soon enough!" She smiled in an encouraging manner at Hoshiko as she spoke.


    Regular member | Flustered → Anxious | Clubroom | Interacting with: Asuho @Reanimator Bob
    As soon as he entered the clubroom it started flooding with people. He was soon ripped away from Haruhi as he was faced with an unfamiliar face. The girl was scaring him with her way of talking. As usual, he found himself unable to say much in protest as he was sat down at a table and suddenly there was a deck of cards in front of him, and something about him picking out five...?

    "Uhm... a-alright." Makoto stammered as he reached out for the cards. Without putting much thought into it, he slowly picked out the number of cards and laid them out in the order he was instructed to. He had never been an awfully spiritual person, but being presented with this all of a sudden was making him freak the hell out. He blinked as he watched the cards with a strange kind of caution.

    Honestly this kinda thing was freaking him the hell out. Asuho was very serious of personality and seemed completely engrossed in her work as she looked over the cards. It was intensely nervewracking. He hadn't thought that he would be this damn nervous over a fortune telling. Maybe it was because he was afraid they were onto him? The last time someone found out about his "condition" it turned into a huge mess.

    Yeah, he really didn't want that again.
  20. [​IMG]

    Club President | Location: Club room | Interacting with: Makoto (@MiNaGi), Yurica (@MiNaGi), Hoshiko (@Kitsune), Miyuki (@DANAsaur)
    | Mentioned: Ahuho (@Reanimator Bob)
    Haruhi watched as the members in the room were already up to something between each other. It was an interesting club to be in, and interesting to watch as well. She could at least tell that Makoto was quite confused and a bit worried about how Asuho was so into what she was doing.

    “Don’t worry Makoto, I’ll be fine,” Haruhi commented to try and calm the boy down. Though, she had no idea what he really was worried about, she at least hoped that she would be able to get him to relax a little. “Asuho has done this to pretty much all of us before. It’s no big deal and just enjoy your time here.”

    Shortly after, a few other members came into the clubroom. Yurica, Miyuki and a new girl who look completely adorable were standing in front of Haruhi’s desk.

    “There you are Miyuki. One minute you’re behind me in class, then next thing I know you are not here. Well, it’s a good thing you have been found.” Of course, the girl doesn’t think at all that she had left the classroom way too fast for her secretary to even catch up with her as she was pulling Makoto along with her. Haruhi had some flaws, but she still liked being with everyone in the club.

    “Well anyway, it seems that Yurica has brought another potential member, Miss Hoshiko.” Haruhi looked down to a paper that was sitting on her desk with a few others. “A freshman this year, and someone already interested in joining the club before Yurica found her too. Great. I’m Haruhi the president of this here Lovers Club. It seems like you are quite interested in love just as we are here. Welcome to the club. Here you can have this.”

    Haruhi pulled something out that was covered in a wrapper. She reached over and handed it to the small girl in front of her with the others. “It’s candy,” she commented. It appeared that the club president already knew some things about the freshman in front of her, quite possibly from the papers sitting right on her desk. “Let me know what you might want to do in this club, but I have a feeling of what you might be interested in.”
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