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  1. A F T E R L I F E
    IC: You Are Here
    Signup/OOC: Here
    Dear New Student,

    It is a pleasure to have you at our institution. We do hope you feel well rested and will join us for a meeting in the auditorium in 30 minutes.

    With well wishes for your gaining of knowledge and your increasing recovery;

    How to Start Out: Simply guide your character to the auditorium, addressing their feelings on the situation and such. The way to the auditorium is shown through signs on hallway walls. Teachers arrive there as well, but, obviously, with their memories.

    Character: U
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: None
    Mentioned: All Students and Faculty

    A man with dark black hair stands in the front of the auditorium. Well, whether he could be called a man or not was up for debate; however, he was clearly the one in charge. His eyes flickered around the currently empty room calmly as he waited. It wouldn't be long now until students started to arrive.

    This man- boy? man? -went under the name, or really letter, U. There didn't seem to be a particular reason, even for those who knew him. Possibly it was a letter in his name, or it could be simply a letter he liked. He didn't seem keen on divulging the information, so it remained a mystery; not as big of a mystery as some things in the school, but a mystery nonetheless.

    He was waiting, at the moment, for people to arrive. There was still 10 minutes before 'show time'- his introduction, his explanation -but it was much better to arrive early than to arrive late. Waiting wasn't something he found particularly bothersome.

    If he were completely honest, he loved a good wait. The anticipation was a good feeling, and being alone gave him time to think. Being in such a large room alone was rather serene, and with what was coming with the new year ahead, he really did think he would need it.​
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  2. Character: Demoko Porter
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: None
    Mentioned: Students and U

    "With well wishes for your gaining of knowledge and your increasing recovery." The odd phrasing kept ringing in his mind, over and over, while following signs along the walls of the hallways. His mind continued to trace over it like an amateur forgery: shaken and desperately trying to keep focus. Gaining of knowledge and your increasing recovery... What does that even mean? It was odd, not recalling even the most basic facts of his reason for being here. Maybe he was sick, maybe he'd been abducted by a secret government party, or aliens. Could always be aliens.

    Now's not the time to be joking around, Demoko. He told himself this and shook his head of all nervous laughter. Demoko Porter, not much could be said, as he didn't know much to say himself. One morning, or perhaps evening, he was here. These white halls soon held a few other mindless zombies walking the same path. Perhaps it was harsh, zombie was too strong, he saw them more as confused sloths. Slow to move, nervously looking for any form of recognition: a friend, a parent, a teacher. He followed the signs, they seemed more or less their only guide for this early to rise group.

    No one looks really injured, so this can't be a hospital. Everyone seems well groomed, so this isn't some fifty dollar underground drug test for homeless people. Gah! Shut up! Demoko was desperate, trying to rationalize anything he could, but he could only question his sanity more so than the situation at hand. Hm...? This must be it. It was rather shocking to see such an average auditorium, there were expectations in his mind, but none seemed fulfilled. His heart slowed to a more regulated pulse, no men in black suits with guns at the ready or gray humanoid beings. Just a guy--maybe--waiting silently.

    Maybe I'm early. He tried to brush it off, nothing scared him--nothing at all--even the unknown and lack of thoughts in his head. Of course, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
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  3. Character: Miss Emily Ryder
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: None
    Mentions: Students and Faculty in attendance, U

    Miss Ryder walked briskly through the halls, weaving her way through the crowd of confused students. The first day. It was her least favorite of all of them. If it were up to her, she would skip the whole ordeal and stay curled up in bed. Of course, that was out of the question. She had a duty to perform.

    As she made her way to the auditorium, Emily Ryder scanned the confused faces around her. They were like cattle being slowly guided to their destination. She could have stopped and pointed a few in the right direction, but she didn't. They would find their way soon enough. There were plenty of signs. Besides, she much preferred to arrive before the bulk of the crowd got there.

    Emily shoved open the auditorium doors with her hip; her hands were occupied by a large binder and a thick book. She quickly trotted to the front of the room and gave a kurt nod to U before plopping herself down in the front row. If she had to wait for the formalities to begin, she certainly wasn't going to stand around. Instead, she opened the binder in her lap and busied herself reviewing the lessons she had planned for the first couple of classes. Once satisfied, she slid the binder underneath her seat and opened up the large book. It was filled with sudoku puzzles, one of her favorites. She doubted she would have much time to indulge herself once the year began.
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  4. Manon
    Character: Manon.
    Location: Hallways and auditorium.
    Interacting With: No one.
    Mentioned: Other students, U.

    White walls...

    Manon was quite lost, both in thought and in the more literal sense, and the identical blindingly white walls weren't helping matters. Have I been this way before or...? She consulted the messy diagram in her notebook. The notebook she found in her dorm. At least she'd assumed it was her dorm. It was the room she woke up in, and it certainly looked like a dorm room. So am I a college student? It made sense, she thought. She seemed about the right age to be in college. Still, that note never said what this place was...

    There really wasn't much point in worrying about it, so she went back to the task at hand. Her notes showed her which hallways she had already been through, and it looked like she was still going the right way. A sign ahead pointed her in the direction of her goal, the auditorium, and she took a moment to update the map in her notes. As she warily headed towards the auditorium, she began to notice other people she assumed were students were filling the halls. The relief she felt at going the right way quickly gave way to the anxiety she often felt in large crowds. OK, just calm down a little. It'll be fine. To keep her mind off it, she went back to the poem she was writing under her map.

    White walls,
    Crowded halls,
    A mysterious institution...

    It was while she was thinking of the next line that she almost bumped into the person in front of her. It seemed she had finally made it to the entrance of the auditorium, and students were filing in through multiple sets of doors. She entered as well, and found a seat in a back corner. From her vantage point, she saw a young man standing on the stage, but she couldn't make out any details.

    With the stress of finding her way through an unfamiliar place starting to recede, a new worry crept steadily into its place. Why can't I remember anything about this place? How did I even get here? My memory can't possibly be that bad... She nervously chewed the end of her pencil and curled up into a comforting position in her chair, one that felt natural. Well... I'm sure that I'll get an explanation soon...

  5. Character: Kiara Ryder
    Location: Dorms and auditorium.
    Interacting With: None.
    Mentioned: Other students, U.

    "Okay, this is definitely weird."
    Kiara was standing in front of the cork board in... What she guessed was her dorm? It didn't look like she was the only one staying in here from the number of beds. The white band stuck to her wrist was curious too.

    She blinked and glanced towards the doorway, there wasn't much noise so she figured that whoever else was supposed to be in here was already at the auditorium.

    Rather that wasting time with wondering, Kiara decided it would be best if she had a look for herself. She walked out of the dorm and followed the signs to the auditorium, catching glimpses into some of the other rooms, but that wasn't her business unless she made it so.

    Everything here wasn't very suspicious, but no matter how hard she may try she couldn't remember why she was here. When she arrived at her destination, she noticed the man in black immediately and narrowed her eyes. Was he the one who left the note?
    Kiara took a seat in the back near the doorway. For now, waiting and watching would be a smart choice.
  6. Character: Lisbeth VonStahm
    Location: Dorm Room ---> Auditorium
    Interacting With: Kiara Ryder.
    Mentioned: Other students, U, Kiara Ryder

    Lisbeth flickered her eyes as she found herself woken up in a strange room. She sat up and slowly looked around her room rubbing her eyes quickly. She yawned and stretched as she got out of bed.
    "Alright this is kinda of really weird. Where the heck am I..."
    She found the note and sighed as she combed her hair and got dressed as she walked out of the room.

    Once in the halls she found herself quite lost not knowing where to go. She kept running around soon finding the big doors of what had to be the auditorium. When she walked in she indeed found herself at the right location and jumped up when she saw a man in black. Well man? It was hard to tell how old he really was. She quickly walked off trying to find a spot.
    What a damn weirdo. Is that really like the principal or something?

    She soon found a free spot next to a brunette girl with glasses and smiled sitting down next to her.
    "Hey there. The name's Lisbeth VonStah, nice to meet you"
    She grinned and held her hand out to the girl.
  7. Character: Kiara Ryder
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Lizbeth VonStah
    Mentioned: Lizbeth, U

    Kiara was startled by the voice, she had been so caught up in her thoughts that she zoned out, glaring at the man in front of the auditorium. When she turned to look at the person who had interrupted her thinking. She looked Lizbeth over cautiously, her hair was crazy and has definitely got to be dyed, there's no way that's a natural color.

    "Oh, hey. Kiara. Kiara Ryder."
    She hadn't expected to be speaking with anyone so soon, this was definitely going to distract her from the task at hand. There could be a chance that someone knows what's going on here though, so it's still worth trying.

    She shook Lizbeth's hand, this girl looked out of place here, but who was Kiara to say who belonged here and who didn't? What was with that outfit? "Would you happen to know what's going on here by any chance? Or even, where this is?" Somebody has got to know.

  8. Character: Andi Moore
    Location: Dorm - Auditorium
    Interacting With: N/A
    Mentioned: N/A

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Andi lurched forward with a sharp gasp for air, her fingernails digging into the sheets beneath her. Thoughts raced through her mind as she tried to make sense of what she had just experienced, seemingly moments ago. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She had been... no, she was... or maybe... [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The fabric she gripped so tightly was surprisingly soft. Her frantic breathing slowed as her eyes began to focus on the objects before her: bookshelves. Andi blinked, her eyebrows furrowed as she stared dumbly at the bookshelves. They appeared to be a type of light wood, perhaps maple or oak. Each shelf held a small assortment of books, binders, and folders, but left plenty room for the collection to be expanded upon. Andi’s gaze continued around the room, briefly examining a desk with a computer, a large dresser, another dresser, another desk, a door, and a bed similar to hers. The room was much brighter than she expected, filled with natural light from the windows. But then, what had she expected? Finally the first coherent thought came to her mind. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Where am I?” she whispered.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Panic began to build again. [/BCOLOR]She shoved the soft, but decidedly foreign blankets away from her, and half-lept, half-fell off the bed. Scrambling to her feet, she dove to the closest window, attempting to pry it open with her fingers. Before she could realize that the frame was simply locked, she noticed the white band secured around her wrist. She staggered away from the window, tugging at the band, her breathing becoming more and more shallow. Soon, her back was to the door, and then, she was crouching in the hallway.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was quiet. If there had been people in corridors before, they must have already come and gone. However, it was not completely silent. Andi turned her attention to the sound of chattering voices, echoing slightly, as though it came from a large group of students in an equally spacious hall. Forgetting the band around her wrist (which had remained undamaged despite her furious clawing), she cautiously rose and made her way down the hallway, a hand gripping the pure white wall for comfort. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The noise grew louder as she turned one corner, then another, always fearfully peering around beforehand. It wasn’t long before she found herself before the closed doors to the Auditorium, as a sign read. From the sound of things, there was quite the assembly within. Andi steadied herself and considered the door in front of her, before promptly stepping away from it and sitting against the wall. Her knees hugged tightly to her chest, she waited. [/BCOLOR]
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  9. Character: U
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: None
    Mentioned: All Students and Faculty

    Finally. It seemed everyone was here. Or close to, anyway. Having a few left out was fine. All that matter was the schedule was going all correctly. That was U's view, in the least. He would much rather be doing things on time than do them late and with everyone.

    He waited patiently for everyone to settle down, rocking back and forth on his heels. Then, he cleared his throat loudly. There we go. He was about to do a small bow, but stopped awkwardly half-way and instead went for a wave. A wave seemed more casual. He wanted this to be comfortable for them.

    "Hello, everyone." He greeted, straightening himself out with a smile "I'm guessing you're all a little confused. That's alright, it's to be expected. That's what you're here for!" He paused a moment, rubbing the back of his head, before going on " be confused. To clear up confusion. That's what I mean."

    "Now, first of all, welcome to Afterlife! I promise, that's not as ominous as it sounds. It's just a name for the place. I personally think it sounds cool. Anyway, we're here to help you get better and to get prepared for your life." He began to walk around, back and forth, looking at everyone; it seemed to be more for looking them over than to simple be formal "Some might be wondering why YOU'RE here, though, and what getting well means. You'll be learning all about that in 'Recovery', though, so I won't steal Ms. Hepburn's spotlight, hm?"

    He paused his walking, seeming to be all over the place with his movements at this point. Though everything seemed planned, it also seemed that he wasn't used to people. "There's a few things you should know, though. First of all, you aren't allowed to take off those white bands on your wrist. They help us keep track of your health, so it's nothing sketchy. Also, you'll be getting a hand book with the rules....I think. So follow those. It's the basic things. It'll also have your schedule. Oh! And there's mentors around here- older students, they're great -they can help you with any FURTHER questions you have after this point."

    The explanation was rather lame and short, but he seemed to be pleased with himself "Alright. That's it. Any questions before we send you off to do your thing?"
  10. [​IMG]
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting: Nobody
    Mentioned: U @TragicTrees
    Alice raised her arms above her head in a long stretch, and rolled back to face her bedroom door. Except... Her door wasn't where it would be normally. In fact, where her door was usually, there was another bed. She sat up, still groggy, before she continued looking around. A dresser sat in a place where hers never was. She scurried over to it, whipping the blankets off of her in a small panic. She started opening drawers, hoping to find something familiar. She saw a dress sitting in one of the drawers, and she was instantly drawn to the beautiful fabric. It reminded her of... Well, she wasn't sure, but it felt right. She slipped it on after removing her nightgown, and ran her hands through her hair, before putting it up in a ponytail. She kept finding things around her room that appealed to her tastes. Jewelry, shoes, clothes. She wasn't sure where they had come from, but she enjoyed them nonetheless. It made her comfortable.

    After choosing a nice outfit for the day, she found a note. It instructed her to go to the auditorium. She wasn't sure where that was, but it assured her that it would be easy to find. She stepped out of the room, seeing other students roaming the halls, like a herd of cattle to find food. So she joined them. After all, they apparently knew where they were going. If signs pointed to danger, she could still run. She would occasionally bump into people, and would mutter small apologies as she went along. She never spoke more than that. When the crowd filed into a large room, she stopped, analyzing her new environment before walking inside further.

    She could see a boy who looked to be someone important standing in front of everyone. She slowly made her way in, and sat near the edges of the room. She sighed, looking around at the people, itching at the white band on her arm. Her head snapped up when he started speaking to them. She felt... calmer once she heard his voice. It wasn't what she was expecting from a dark looking individual. It was nice, pleasing. She felt safe hearing it. It was a voice she could trust. A small smile escaped her lips, hearing the information. This place didn't sound very scary at all. Maybe they knew something she didn't? Maybe it was actually for the best that she was here. Maybe it will even be fun?

    Alice didn't really have any questions right out. Honestly, she would probably be full of questions, but she couldn't think of any for now. So, she stayed quiet, listening to others murmur and whisper, while again absentmindedly scratching the white band on her wrist. She looked down at it, wondering who was seeing the information that it gave out. Or was it even working? Maybe it was a placebo of some sort. She couldnt understand why they would need a placebo, but she also didn't know what this place- Afterlife- was all about. However, she was always up for the adventure, and decided this would be the next one. Or, in her case, the first one that she remembered.
  11. Character: Demoko Porter
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: None
    Mentioned: Kiara Ryder, Lisbeth VonStahm, U


    Demoko couldn't help but cringe at the introduction. All he felt was missing was for the guy to have a backwards SnapBack cap and sit backwards in a chair. Meanwhile, his mind roamed the room, checking out the others wondering if they were in the same situation as him. They look just as lost, I guess he's not fooling. Still... Afterlife? Ha, maybe I'm dead and in heaven—not a lot of hot guys around for my heaven though...

    With his coping mechanism in full swing, he chuckled a bit at himself and the display of perhaps the man running things here. Even if the introduction was a little too cringe for his taste, he managed to relax from it. So perhaps it served its purpose. Still, was he a professional? A teacher? A government agent? He didn't remember much of anything, let alone who these people were. But if he was supposed to be here then where were his parents? His friends? Any sort of remains of his life?

    He wondered why no one was screaming and crying at the mere thought of being in a strange place like this without any memories. Then again, why wasn't he?

    I guess I'm always calm in intense situations, but like that girl over there with the glasses. She looks frail. Demoko pointed out Kiara Ryder, sitting a few seats behind her, watching her and another student, Lisbeth VonStahm, whispering. That other girl looks kinda scary though... What a taco fest. He rolled his eyes with a casual smirk on his face, continuing to listen to the man up front.

    "First of all, you aren't allowed to take off those white bands on your wrist. They help us keep track of your health, so it's nothing sketchy." U spoke.

    "Bands...?" Demoko looked to his wrist, flinching at the sight of it. Of course, when he woke up he'd been in a panic, rushing out of bed, staring down the letter, didn't even bother with his attire at that point. Damn man, this is creepy. But relax, just stay calm, if I relax and stay calm then I won't start a panic. Just... stay calm. Despite all the questions circulating in his mind, he wouldn't dare to be the first one to raise his hand--let alone ask a question that would be answered with "so-and-so can answer that for you."

    I really hope this doesn't lead to me getting probed or anything...
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  12. [​IMG]
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting: Emily @FightingPumpkin
    Mentioned: U @TragicTrees
    Leigh glanced at the clock, realizing it was time for the introduction soon. He sighed, then let out a sharp whistle. A young girl came by his door to his office, peering inside. "Coffee please, three of those little cups of creamer, preferably a chocolate variety, but if all they have is amaretto again, I'll live with it." He told her, leaning back in his chair. She gave him a strange look, but he merely stared her down until she left. It was hard to get good coffee fetchers these days. He spun around to the other arm of his desk, and attempted to make it clean and tidy after attempting a lesson plan. Such a thing was no easy task.

    He heard a small knock, and turned quickly with his arm outstretched. The girl had returned with his coffee. "Thank you. Now off you trot." He gestured for her to leave as she gave him his cup. She did so, and he looked at the clock again. He took a sip, and stood up. This was really good coffee.

    He made his way towards the auditorium, and opened the doors, seeing U up on the stage and a few people already seated. He made his way to the front, sitting carefully next to Emily. "Made it." He murmured, taking another sip. That girl was a good coffee fetcher. He glanced over at Emily's binders, noting her lesson plans. "Getting ready for classes I see. Smart." He told her, looking back up at U, who seemed pretty at peace with the world.

    It wasn't long until people started filing in, likely eager to find out where in the hell they were. After some time, as the auditorium seemed rather full, U started speaking, explaining somewhat where they were and why they were here. He then called for questions. And silence ensued, as usual. No one ever wanted to be the first to ask a question. However, once the first question came, suddenly people wouldn't be able to stop asking. It's how it generally happened. So for now, he waited in the painful silence, sipping on the rest of his coffee.​

  13. Character: Kiara Ryder
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: U
    Mentioned: Other students, U

    "Wait, sir? I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but, this doesn't really clear up anything. If we're here for recovery, what exactly are we recovering from? Amnesia?"

    Kiara still didn't understand, even after the explaination. She stared at the wristband and tapped it. If the afterlife name isn't literal, then how did they get here? When did they get here? Wait... Why would we be getting ready for life in here..? Do none of us have lives outside of the school?

    That... Principal? Seemed like he was actually fine with that terrible summary of what was happening here. This wouldn't do at all. "Who are you?"
  14. Character: U
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Kiara @Azora
    Mentioned: All Students and Faculty

    "I can't actually discuss what you're recovering from." U admitted with a shrug, placing his hands behind his back. That was short lived, though, as soon they were moving around in front of him as he spoke "It's explained during the class. I can promise you it isn't amnesia, though, that's....just an unfortunate side effect of it."

    "Ohh! I forgot to introduce myself, though, didn't I?" He said, legitimately seeming to suddenly realize that fact "I'm U. Supervisor! No one special, to be honest, I just keep everything in check." As his hands moved continously, a black, dusty substance seemed to come out of his right sleeve. It took him a moment to notice, but when he did, he patted it down with a soft "Oh, shoot."
  15. Character: Miss Emily Ryder
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Leigh
    Mentions: U, Keira

    Emily jumped slightly at the sound of a man's voice rather close to her. She had been absorbed in her materials she had forgotten to pay attention to her surroundings. Anyone could have snuck up on her. However, she was relieved to find it was a familiar face.

    "Good morning" Emily greeted with a soft smile. Might as well get it done now. I certainly won't feel like it later. She mused to herself. She turned her attention back to her things as U began his greeting of the students. It was the same as usual, short, sweet, and oh so vague. As U trailed off, Emily twisted in her seat to scan the crowd of faces behind the faculty. She was curious to see who would be the first to as a question.

    A hand shot up. It belonged to a young girl with glasses. All excellent questions. Emily knew that the poor girl would get very few answers at this point. All in all, Emily decided the girl was handling things as well as could be expected and made a quick mental note of it.

    Curiosity satisfied, the math teacher turned back around in her seat in time to catch a glimpse of the black dust coming from U's sleeve. "Well, that's going to shake things up a bit" she remarked aloud with a chuckle. If the new students weren't confused before, they are now!
  16. Character: Lisbeth VonStahm
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Kiara Ryder (@Azora), Demoko Porter (@Luna_Gillian)
    Mentioned: Other students, U, Kiara Ryder. Demoko Porter

    Lisbeth just sat there quietly listening to the explanation the man gave of what was going on. It was still unclear and very sketchy but Lisbeth decided she should just shrug it off for now. She looked around to all the other students but soon enough back to Kiara whispering a little.
    "I don't trust anything of what is happening here. It all just seems so sketchy. Like, at least tell us what we are recovering off or something cause now I don't believe anything this guy is ever gonna tell us again. Like, should we even take for granted what they tell us in classes is correct?

    Lisbeth sighed and sat up right but soon leaned her head back a bit to see a blonde haired guy behind her smirking a bit. She tilted her head up right again and stood up walking over to the guy and sitting next to him
    The name's Lisbeth VonStahm. What's up?
    She looked over at him with a smile and held her hand out
  17. Character: Demoko Porter
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Lisbeth VonStahm, U
    Mentioned: Lisbeth VonStahm, U

    Demoko glanced around, she's talking to me? It was shocking somehow. Of course, people talk. Man, I am way too wound up right now. "Hey," he tried to keep his voice down, perhaps afraid he'd get sent to something worse than detention for disrupting anything, "Demoko. Demoko Porter." he took her hand, rather soft and feminine as to be expected. Coming into contact with someone else, someone "normal" by the looks of it, was relieving enough. "I know I can't expect an answer but... you don't know anything about this place, do you? Like do you remember how you got here or anything? Ha, I don't, but that's usual on a Saturday night."

    He sighed and leaned back in his chair, reaching to taking something to his mouth but found nothing there. Perhaps the remains of a nervous tick or some sort of habit. But it didn't matter, his memories were touch and go, could have been anything.

    "I mean, like, where are our parents you know? I'm sure they'd be here... right? Like, do I...?" he trailed off a bit, rubbing the back of his head and letting out a stern sigh. I do have parents don't I? Yea... I do... I think.

    It was enough to bother him to raise his hand and call out to U to ask—until he noted the smoke beginning to come from his arm. "Dude! Your arm is on fire!"
  18. Character: U
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Demoko Porter @Luna_Gillian
    Mentioned: All Students and Faculty

    U glanced over at the student- a blonde haired boy -who had just exclaimed something about his arm being on 'Fire'. He smiled a bit, shaking his head. Figures they would think something like that. The last group thought so too. If it were that simple, he'd be much happier.

    "Ah, no, I'm....I'm not on fire. Don't worry. Or, er, not worry. You don't know me well enough to worry." He said, waving his hands around a bit. The remainder of the black substance puffed out as he did, and his own white band moved around enough to be clearly visible. "No fires, or danger. I'd be much more panicked if I was on fire, trust me. It's just something that happens to me often, alright?"

    He shook his arm one last time, for good measure. Then, he made sure to get back on track "Now! Did you have a question? Or did I just manage to alarm you with that?"
  19. Character: Demoko Porter
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: U
    Mentioned: U, Parents


    Demoko flinched at his cool nature, feeling his heart beat faster with every second that he moved his arm and smoke puffed around him. He couldn't even claim it'd be a trick on the eyes, U was rather honest about it being something at least.

    "Uh..." Demoko leaned back, feeling his chest tighten, "So, where are our parents in all of this? Like, did they sign me off to another boot camp? Scared straight? Pray Away the Gay camp?" he waved his hand listing off whatever came to mind, maybe he'd actually been to these places, maybe not, but it was something better than just accepting he was dead and in some sort of Afterlife Heaven.
  20. Character: U
    Location: Auditorium
    Interacting With: Demoko Porter @Luna_Gillian
    Mentioned: All Students and Faculty

    U huffed out something that could be considered a laugh, and considering he was smiling, it could be assumed it was "If this was 'Scared Straight' or a 'Pray the Gay Away' camp," He said, using finger quotations "I'd be a awful role model for those places. It's just a school."

    He dusted off his sleeve casually "Anyway, your parents know you're here. A run down, basically, is that you all got.....very sick, and there had be certain precautions taken to make sure you and others are safe. They then decided to send you here, on my suggestion, and here we are." He gestured around at the area "It's better than a dusty old hospital, right?" U certainly hoped so. After all, this place was his vision, and he wanted it to be nice.​
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