Advent of the Red Dragoon

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  1. Location: Centrinus Major, Centrinus IV, Location nicknamed: "The Fringe"
    Date: 137 SOL, 2325


    "Welcome, -username-! It has been -time unavailable- since your last login to the Net!"

    A bubbly female voice sounds from the speakers in the dataslab, the light emanating from the screen being the only source of illumination on the bridge. The silhouette of a man is outlined by the dim, artificial light, clearly powerfully built, with hair that at least goes down past his shoulders. "Yeah, yeah, you damn slow startup sequence. We really need to upgrade our slabs sometime soon." The man complains to nobody in particular, his deep baritone resonating off the walls of the otherwise empty bridge. A nearby pedestal lights up with a pale light, showing the holographic image of a teenaged girl, with long, pink hair and sleeves that are much longer than her arms, which are currently crossed. She gives him an annoyed look, though the man isn't paying attention. She pouts, and makes a swiping motion in the air, activating all of the bridge lights as she does so. The man responds with a yell of pain as he covers his eyes. "What the hell, Alice?!"

    "Current news: 'The latest Rocky sequel has hit new box-office highs as boxing champion makes triumphant return!', 'Reports from the Fringe Territories have been troubling as news of Pirate attacks have become more frequent.', 'Latest scientific report from renowned xenobiologist says "There is still possibility of Alien Life"; Scientific community mocks the man.', 'Tensions increase in the No-Man's Land as skirmishes become frighteningly more frequent.'. Select a topic to know more"

    The man, now more clearly visible in the light, is wearing a white duster coat adorned with a crimson red emblem of a stylized dragon coiled around a lance on the back, with long blue-black hair going down past his waist. His tanned skin is a rather interesting contrast to his very white outfit, which remains as casual as possible, while refraining from being baggy. The man frowns, leaning back in his chair as his eyes adjust to the now brightly-lit bridge of his ship: the Dragoon. He looks down at the dataslab with a slight scowl, as he stares with a silent intensity. "I'm telling you, you're worrying too much. We've been at a stalemate for years, and it's not like a few mercenary teams will make a difference!"

    Lately, both sides of the war have been hiring any and every mercenary team, ace pilot squadron, and freelance commando unit out there, and the air (or, well, space) in the Fringe Regions is filled with the tension that comes before a hurricane on an aquatic world. Many have been evacuating the colonies there, others are too poor to afford offworld transit for their entire families. And some live in blissful ignorance or outright denial of the hell that is about to befall their worlds.

    The Imperial Navy, the majority of which has been stationed at the fringe for years now, hasn't helped ease tensions one bit either. The sight of a single Dreadnought in a system is usually a bad omen, but so many on the fringe worlds could mean disaster for any ship suicidal enough to try and break the line. The Fringe has been closely monitored for spies, smugglers, and deserters, to the point where one slight misstep could send an unlucky individual to high-security triple-max prison. This made getting work for a mercenary team near-impossible, unless you signed up with Big Brother.

    "Well, if I'm wrong, we'll have more boring, workless days. But if I'm right..." He stares at the pad, frowning as the news report finishes up. Typical biased news stations, misrepresenting the situation. He sighs before moving over to the captain's chair. He swivels the command console to face him, before hitting the "wake up" switch, which set the entire ship into full power mode, hopefully waking any of the other members of the Red Dragoons.

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    "Thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty." Drew dropped down from her pull-up bar, then dropped down and proceeded to do her ten sets of five reps of clapping push ups. As she started to reach the end of her routine, she heard the ship wake up, which meant Paladin was up and about. She finished her morning, and wiped herself down before stepping into the shower, and washing herself thoroughly. After washing, she dressed in a white crop top t-shirt and a pair of black shorts, good for later squeezing into her flying suit at a moment's notice. She grabbed a hair pick, trying to detangle her mess of wet curls as she walked towards the bridge.

    "Hey Nikolai." She greeted with a smile as she took a seat somewhat near him. She looked to the holographic girl, nodding to their AI. "Good morning Alice." She leaned back in her chair, her midriff showing from her crop top. She didn't care, and she often didn't think of herself as sexualized. Usually she just thought of herself as one of the guys. "How was your night?" She asked, still picking away at her hair, hoping to get into some semblance of order before they had to do anything actually important. She may have thought of herself as more masculine, but that definitely didn't mean she didn't like grooming herself. Putting on makeup, keeping herself clean and fresh, getting nice clothes, they all made her feel so much better. However, they weren't a necessity, as the academy taught her. It wasn't as if she would have been any different. Her mother always stressed that. "Your body is a temple, it is a duty to keep it clean. However, do not become obsessed, or you will let it consume your life." Those were her mother's words of wisdom throughout her life. She took those to heart, too.

    Having finally managed to smooth out one half of her head of hair, Drusilla began on the second half. "Hm..." She trailed off, her stomach growling loudly. "I just realized I'm hungry..." She shrugged, deciding to get something later. For now, she'd talk with her crew mates, and then go get something to eat. She did need her social energy for the rest of the day, after all.



    Shock quickly tossed his newest creation into a tub of water. He was attempting to create some sort of self-lighting chemical bomb, that didn't use a pin or a timer. They were to be lit by yet another chemical reaction on the fuse. They were supposed to be assembled on the field, and then they would have a very specific time in which they would eventually light, and explode. However, the chemical ratios were not working out as he had hoped. He had chemical burns on his hands that were probably still eating at his skin to be honest, and his front was covered in some black shimmery substance that smelled strangely like not gunpowder. The fuse was the only thing his experiment was lacking, and it was giving him the most trouble. He held the small red and yellow bomb in his hand, placing a fuse inside. He wanted to test the bomb itself, as he hadn't been able to yet. He grinned and giggled, before stuffing it in his pocket. The fuse was just a regular one, so no worries on it randomly going off. Yet.

    He glanced up at his broken clock, which was right twice a day somewhere, and he stretched his arms above his head as the ship rumbled to life. That meant it was space-morning. He gathered some of his creations that he had worked on throughout the night, planning on showing them off. They were mostly all painted, which he loved to do. Spray paint was his friend, even if it had caused him to catch on fire before. It was all just a misunderstanding, spray paint meant him no harm. He excitedly made his way onto the bridge, brandishing his bombs. "I've made some more!" He exclaimed loudly. "Now I just gotta test my babies! We should go somewhere so they can go boom! My children need to fulfill their role in life." He said this in full seriousness. Shock was known to refer to his creations as his children. He used the tender loving care of a mother to create them and blow them up. He pulled his bandanna down from over his mouth, his skin significantly lighter underneath.

    He held out the red and yellow bomb he had been working on before. "This one isn't complete. But soon. More tests, and then mwah!" He put his fingers to his mouth like a chef. "My pièce de résistance!" Without missing a beat, he turned to the sniper. "Drew!" He yelled, going over to the sniper. "I have one for you." He pulled out one that looked like it was stuffed into a tube and a rocket tail was glued onto the butt end. "It throws like a reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyyy short javelin. Try it next time." He grinned as the woman took it. He loved making specialized gifts for his friends. "I'm working on one for you." He pointed to Berserker. "Gonna be really fuuuun. But issa secret, so I can't tell you yet. Alice!" He greeted the AI. "Good morning to you! I'd make you one, but I don't think you could use it."
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  3. K o v e t
    P a l a d i n - o f - t h e - R e d - D r a g o n

    A monitor sat in a dark room. On the screen there was multiple dots, and when you looked closer at it, one could tell that they were ships. Kovet, who sat in front of the video display, had a virtual reality band across his eyes and a seat with many buttons on it. Pressing the start button ships started flying at him from everywhere. He shot in the front then had to turn his ship around to see if there were any advancing enemies on the horizon. There was, there always was. Kovet sat in that spot for about an hour. His ship had slowly started to take damage because the levels got harder and harder, but he had made it to level seventy-eight and that was much better than many others.

    Kovet was an insomniac, he rarely got sleep and he hated the idea of taking medicine. Kovet did so on a rare basis but that was only when he was in dire need of sleep. So, to fill his time he often did things around the ship. Helping others out was his game. He cleaned, he interacted with Alice, he monitored the surroundings of the ship, made sure that people were notified of repairs, helped out with the repairs, so on and so forth. He knew that he could not run the entire ship by itself, but it shouldn't be hard on others, especially because they had a lot on their plate. However, if he could find nothing else to do, he would practice his defense skills on the virtual simulation.

    Walking out of the room he started for the command room. It was almost time for them to wake up. It would be another day, probably not too exciting but maybe they would have to dodge a small meteor storm or space junk would hit the window. Last time that happened Shockwave claimed it saying it would probably have great explosive qualities. Not a moment after he started to his destination the vessel started to light up. Ah, it was wake up time. Once inside the control room he saw Nikolai, Drew, Shockwave, and Alice. All Kovet did was walk to his station, he knew that the others were aware of his presence, he had walked through the big doors and they made a 'swoosh' sound, besides he would better service the team being at his station than sitting there talking.


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