A Loner's Path

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  1. *For me and HallowEastWord*
    Name: Lucas Schliebener
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'8"
    Body Type: Muscular
    Eyes: *Are supposed to be brown*
    Lucas couldn't believe he had been so stupid. Demons just couldn't be trusted...no matter how much you love them, or how much they say they love you. In fact, his ex was probably laughing about how dumb Lucas was to fall for him. He sped on the highway on his motorcycle. He had no clue where he was going or what he was going to go. Everything seemed hopeless at this point. He couldn't face the military either. He was supposed to kill that damned demon and he should have taken the many opportunities he had, but he couldn't, his own feelings made sure to get in the way of that. Eventually Lucas stopped off in a small town. He got some grub then took a back road out into the forest. That was when it started to pour down raining. "shit" He slowed down, and saw what looked like an abandoned building. He drove over to it then pulled out the cover for his Harley. He covered the bike then ran inside the house. Once the door was closed he walked into what seemed to be a living room. There was a dusty old couch where he could sleep until morning.
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  2. Name: Rin

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'3

    Race: Fox demon

    Appearance: [​IMG] Rin has honey brown hair, green eyes and white fox ears and a tail, he has light skin with barely notable freckles on his nose.

    Rin was trying to wash the sticky whatever it was out of his tail, those damn teens, there was this group of teens around his own age who always threw stuff at him, yeah, not all people liked demons, some had reason and some just believe stories. After he got his tail clean, Rin walked to the supposed-to-be kitchen and grabbed an apple. He didn't have much, but he preferred it that way, he'd rather live here in the forrest, than around people where he'd only be hated. Rin was just watching the sun set when it started to rain, he went to the couch and curled up under the blanket, he was almost asleep when he heard the sound of someone entering the house, it was a human, Rin could smell it, he curled himself into a ball under the blanket and kept still, hoping the person wouldn't see him, and lucky for him it was a very dark house.
  3. Lucas noticed the blanket, and felt like something was off. It seemed that there was something under it. He walked over to it and lifted up the blanket. He held it in the air as he glared at what was underneath it. He just couldn't get away from these fuckers. "fan-fucking-tastic." He sighed and dropped the blanket back over the demon. Then went over and put his back against the wall. Then slid down it so he was sitting. He put his face in his hand, feeling even more exhausted than he already was.
  4. Rin was trying his best not to move, but he heard the footsteps come closer, he immediately hid his face from view as he felt the blankets being lifted up, he waited for something to happen, to be hit, to me touched, but all he felt was the blanket being dropped again. He slowly poked his head from under blanket, he saw the man sitting against the wall, he then decided to try and approach him. He crept on his hands and knees until he was in front of the human, he sat watching him for a moment but it didn't seem like the other noticed him there.
  5. Lucas slid his hand down his face then rested it on his leg. He knew the demon was near him. He could hear him move across the floor. Looking over at him with a tired expression he raised an eyebrow. "what?" He looked into the demon's green eyes with his brown one's. Then he ran his hand through his already slicked back hair. Looks like he was staying the night with a demon, who so far seemed harmless.
  6. "What" the quation came and Rin lifted his ears, he moved closer to the human, he never encountered humans this close very often, unless they tried to bully him. He put his small hands on the other mans knees leaning in to slightly sniff the air around the other. "Who are you?" he asked tilting his head to the side, this human didn't look like he was here to hurt him.
  7. Looking at the ears and tail Lucas deducted that this demon was supposedly a fox, but he wasn't entirely sure. Though this fox, or whatever was far too close to him. There was a growl in the undertone of the soldier boy. "Get away from me." His eyes shot daggers at the other. If he had to he would get forceful in order to make sure this demon kept his distance.
  8. Rin's ears dropped at the man's tone of voice, sure he was used to being yelled at, but something about the way he said those words really hurt, he turned around and got back onto the couch, "I know what you must think of me" he said not looking back at the human. "But I really don't bite" his voice was just above a whisper, he scooted over on the couch so that there was a space open if the man wanted to rest.
  9. Despite everything that he had recently gone through concerning demons he actually felt a bit bad for being so cruel to some guy he didn't even know. He sighed hating that he couldn't just be a cold hearted ass like most guys in the military. "My name is Lucas Schliebener" He said with his thick German accent coming through clearly, and this time he used a bit of a kinder voice that held only a little irritation. "who are you?"
  10. At hearing the man's name, Rin flew up and almost fell off the couch "I'm Rin Yasashi!!" he blushed at his obvious eagerness and excitement. He always loved meeting new people, demon or not, a friend is friend. He looked at the man tilting his head to all sides, he wanted so much to go closer aging, but he didn't want to upset the other.
  11. Lucas blushed a bit at seeing the demon's eager reaction. "Look...sorry I spoke so harshly to you before. I just...have a bad history with demons is all." He averted his eyes, but kept a stoic look about him despite all of his emotions. "so, what exactly are you doing here? Did you get caught in the rain too?"
  12. " I don't blame you, very little people actually like demons"he said his voice shy and unsure, he jumped down from the couch and sat in front of the man, but not as close as he had before, he looked at Lucas after asked him what he was doing in the house "The storm, Oh no, I live here" he said in a soft giggle.
  13. A small chuckled passed through his lips when Rin mentioned about people not liking demons. A few months ago he was in love with one. When Rin spoke he was snapped out of his thoughts. "Why? People harass you too much?" He took a wild guess knowing sometimes demons that walked around making it obvious what they were, were bothered all of the time.
  14. Rin looked at the other "Harass no, I just prefer living where I can't cause trouble or be hurt" Rin said looking at Lucas. "I wish people wouldn't hate us so much, I love helping, and people and children" Rin now had the cutest of smiles on his face, for some reason he felt like he could tell Lucas anything, but he was still careful.
  15. Lucas found himself blushing at the guys optimism, so he looked away for a moment. "yeah, I usually prefer being alone too. Or at least away from other people. It's a hell of a lot more peaceful" She sighed and looked into Rin's innocent green eyes. "I heard that in Asia as well as places across Europe they worshiped demons, or at least saw them as gods." After meeting his ex boyfriend, Alex, he learned a lot about the subject. "Interesting how the times change over the centuries." He seemed a little lost in thought as he spoke.
  16. "You prefer being alone?, you look like the loving father type" Rin said trying to move closer Lucas but he didn't want him to notice. His face was red when brown eyes met his green, they were so intense. "Europe huh, well I've only heard a few storied bout the worshiping thing, I don't meet people enough to gain information" he blushed at his own lack of knowledge on the topic.
  17. Lucas chuckled, and shook his head. It was obvious smiling was new to his face. At least recently. Though he couldn't help it. He found the little fox to be cute. Not that he would ever say it out loud. "Loving father type? Yeah right." He paused and thought about it. "...well I probably wouldn't be any worse than my old man."
  18. Rin looked at the human no Lucas's face, for some reason he liked the smile that came over the other man's face. He moved closer to the man now sitting right in front of him, their legs touching "Your old man...?" What do you mean?" he asked and looked to be a little confused.
  19. "...my dad." He noticed that Rin was moving closer. He was aware of it the entire time. He just didn't say anything. Though he didn't really want to stay on the topic of fathers. Especially his own. "so is there anywhere to sleep in here. I'm exhausted."
  20. Rin was caught a little of guard by Lucas question, he was lost in the humans smell and smile he didn't even really hear him speak "Uh! Yeah...umm..I." He stuttered as he scrambled to his feet "I don't have much, but there is the couch and that small stool over there" he said while pointing at the objects. "Umm, why don't you sleep on the couch, I'm not bothered" he said smiling at Lucas.
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