A Lark Is Not Always A Bird...

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  1. Kimba's Journey...

    Kimba hadn't visited the Community of Rum since he'd returned home from his last Outing, endowed with a few choice bits of Nibralian iburnium. He'd first headed straight for his Bloodline Territory, to the Community of Tavik. All so he could visit relatives still living there. And secure a few bits of information. Yes, he considered Rum home, since he'd been born there, his parents having moved shortly after returning from their First WorldWalk. Him, honored to be firstborn, his mother's and father's choice to touch Vinnaheen's Tree for her blessing. Their decision to stay, after.......

    Kimba moved, his pace through the meadow much like a dance. Down on all fours, tail up, bounce in his step, bathed in the sunlight of a new summer's day. The moment filled with simple joy, him just enjoying the Feel of Life. Yes, he wanted to move every muscle... hop, leap and throw himself about like a kit! Fun as it was to travel the Universes, home was indeed where his heart lived. A pause as he stood on twos, unfurled his shroudruff feathers and stretched in the breeze, deep inhale, exhale of breath. All four nostrils flared. Eyes, closed. He'd left all his tools and trappings at his shop/home, full "naked" being his present mood. Even though his chi perceptions... yes, he kept that sense shut, so the world round about would surprise him.

    Kimba loved surprises.

    He also loved the feel of wind through fur and over scales... the scent of it! Green and growing. Touch of grass against footpads... between toes. Sound of rustling leaves. Of children playing.......


    That particular sound wasn't very loud, but it was extremely painful. At first the impact took his breath away. Then the pain made him gasp, eyes wide open, curled up on his side on the grass. Hands to crotch. Eyes staring at the blue ball responsible for his pain.......

    "Sorry sorrys!" A very young female kit crouched down to retrieve his... her loose ball, her silver-violet eyes staring at his face. "Are you's a'gonna bees okay?"

    Of course he would be okay. He'd just have to be more... alert, from now on. Keep his "moments" of self-absorption to places where no one else happened to be. Should have known better, with young kits around...

    ... "I'll bees... hnnn... be fine." Kimba coughed out his last ummmph! but didn't move from his curled up, hands to crotch pose. A simple inhale... a small sniff... told him he'd musked himself, all over his hands and... "My fault."

    He kept his eyes on this kit, not wanting to look towards the female titters and male chuckles he could hear in the background... "Are your parents nearby?"

    She sat back on her haunches, tail wrapped around her ball, little pawhands to muzzle as she said... "Nosers! I's a big girl!" Of course, her pose made her look guilty of something. Though Kimba's present "condition" made him think more about her guilt related to his former pain and present scent issue. Wasn't unusual for kits to wander. He'd wandered plenty when he was her age. He'd just wanted to know...

    ... "Are......."

    He didn't get out more than one word before...

    "Heysers! Dada's havin' a bubbley... a bubbah... he's a grillin' stuff tonight! You's a'wanna come?"

    Something went Pop! in Kimba's head. Yes, he'd been gone for a few years, poking about the Universes for metal bits and ideas, but her mention of grillin' brought back a memory... yes, way back, he'd known a male, a neighbor, in fact, who made his "fame" giving big barbecues on a whim. Heh... his mouth started to water just thinking of it...

    ... "Your Dada wouldn't happen to be Deen, would he?" Kimba hadn't seen Deen in over thirty years, ever since he'd taken a mate and gone off on his First WorldWalk. Seems he'd returned... and had a daughter, now.

    "Yessir! I's a Honalee!"

    Kimba sat up, sniffed his hands, made a face, then...

    ... "I accept."

    Honalee made a Wheee! sound. Hopped up, grabbed her ball, and scampered off. Kimba opened his chi perceptions, dropped bright amber eyes to his lap, then looked about with a slight cringe before he stood up... on all fours, just in case... and continued on his way.

    Wouldn't be very far to the nearest washing station, so he could get a shower and clean off his musk.......

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  2. It wasn't any particularly interesting day for Avira, following her usual routine before she would head out on one of her little 'travels' across the Homeworld. She enjoyed going on her little 'trips', exploring every part of the Homeworld that she had already seen several times, and every time she'd find some new interesting aspect of it she hadn't noticed the time before. She was going to Rum this time, surprisingly somewhere she hadn't been, for maybe a week or two, just because she was growing bored of hanging around her own little 'house' persé. She didn't really pack anything, except for a brush made of a thick ivory handle which was lined with tiny little emeralds at the base, it's thin fingers reaching out from a smooth and refined pouch of cashmere, the little prongs themselves carved of palladium and tips with a thin coating of solidified gel to prevent any snaring of her fur or pricking of the skin beneath the two plush layers.

    Avira was a very sumptuous Nism, taking quite a bit of pride in how she looked. She even had a full body mirror taking up part of a wall, well, most of a wall of her 'house', and she currently stood staring into it, occasionally turning to get a look at herself from every angle. She had washed herself several times the day before, so her fur was quite soft and inviting to the touch, it's flaring orange starburst tips on her cheeks, shoulders, hips, and most importantly her pluming tale, bright and attentive, making her stand out like bright flowers atop dark brown soil. Her mane held more of a reddish brown color, but it too was clean and lush, as was the rest of her.

    Her ruby red eyes held a glint of excitement and anticipation as she let out a little huff and decided she was satisfied with how she looked before more or less prancing out into the open air, taking in a deep breath as she went on her way, easily making the trip to the 'town' before she came across a clearing in which a little 'accident' occurred, and she could smell it across the way, but she didn't make her presence known.

    "I've never been particularly fond of kits and their toys... But I can't blame her, he wasn't exactly paying much attention..."

    She muttered this under her breath, having been raised to have very proper grammar and spelling when she spoke, to articulate every word as best she could, and she did her best although, very rarely, she would say a word wrong and have to correct herself.

    Her fingers shifted in the grass, the little satchel around her neck swaying slightly with the breeze as she adjusted it to rest just above her hips, her tail swishing back and forth in the grass as she stood silently in thought for a moment, having listened to the entire pitiful attempt at a conversation that had gone down, her ears perked upwards and alert, every sound around her individual and unique.

    She had heard something about a public grill being hosted by one of the local inhabitants of the 'city', and she was interested. She had in incomparable appetite, and yet she never seemed to gain a pound no matter what she ate, she was quite fit. But I suppose that could be blamed on her frequent explorations of the Homeworld. She began to pace around the field, soon reaching the other side of it, the scent of that male not leaving her thoughts despite her best efforts. She didn't want to think about it but it seemed to have stained her memory, but then again, this hadn't happened before and it was strange to be unable to not think about something. But regardless, she eventually made it near the bustling little 'town' and was absorbed in the scene before her. Nisms were quite lively creatures, and it wasn't abnormal to see them moving about a lot, so this was fairly ordinary to the female. But she still liked to sit and stare for a bit, down on all fours, her tail swaying back and forth behind her, although she was careful not to hit anyone with it, as that would be her fault entirely and would cause an uproar.

    "Well, couldn't hurt to be a little social I guess..."

    She was still talking to herself, not that it mattered if she spoke out loud or not, there were so many other voices and sounds melding in with hers that it would be difficult to pick hers out from everything else just by listening blindly.
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  3. A Good Wash...

    Nism were, indeed, quite lively. Nice warm summer day, cooling breeze. Seemed everyone was outdoors. Enjoying nature. Conducting business. Kids playing and larking about. Mated couples, snuggling in the shade. Sounds, sights, smells. Conversations. Many things to touch and poke. Way too busy for an embarrassed male trying to avoid all those flaring nostrils. Especially if they belonged to females. But Nism had four nostrils for a reason, and Kimba had musked himself quite well.

    At least his ears were getting exercise. A flick in this direction. A twitch in that. Tail down... head down... he did his best imitation of a slinking weasel. Knew full well he just had to bite down and get through this. Knew full well his posture was spraying "guilt" just as widely as his scent. Not that any law forbid his situation! No... no, just... hnnnn... regeneration didn't keep him from still feeling sore, bruised and swollen, if only in his head. And his ego. Didn't keep others from speculating on the why. Though the funny way his hips moved, not to mention everyone having a chi sense, didn't leave much to the imagination. Only question: Who did the deed?
    Didn't help this was the first time Kimba's "assets" had been targeted. In a way, funny, given how... big a target male Nism provided. Then again, tanuki seemed to get away with it. Ahhh, well.......

    Fortunately, shower facilities weren't difficult to find. However, they were nearly impossible to find unoccupied. So Kimba had no choice. Dive in, find a stall, turn on the water...

    ... *Foosh!*...

    A warm waterfall soaked him to the skin. Like every shower facility, a selection of shampoos, including those for teenagers in his "condition". So he grabbed that bottle, squeezed out a generous portion, and started lathering up. Bathing brushes in hands, he worked from mane to shoulders on down, very slow and careful around his inner thighs and crotch. Wouldn't do to set off further embarrassment. One of the risks living in a pantless civilization. No "cover" for a male's natural responses to.......

    Kimba leaned against the stall, braced so he could lift each leg in turn for attention. Then... Rinse! Shake! And head for where they kept the towels.......

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  4. Avira, while she had been observing the layout of the 'town' before her, was unaware that she was in quite an unfortunate position, and a loud gasp escaped her as she tensed and stood frozen in place, her gaze snapping to her side where a large amount of eggshell white paint had been spilt on her coat. Her eyes widened in absolute horror at the dreadful mess that had befallen her. Her mouth agape slightly as she recoiled from the careless Nism whom had just given her a massive white splotch on her side. And very very quickly, her shock became frustration.

    "Look at what you've done to my fur! Watch where you're going next time!"

    And while she was fuming over her ruined coat, she realized that she now needed to bathe herself again, and she gave a groan of dis-contempt at the thought of having to use a public wash station. Not that she minded, she just liked her privacy was all. The smaller couple before Avira seemed quite sympathetic and started spewing apologies, picking up the partially emptied bucket of paint from the ground as she female, presuming that these two were a mated couple as they certainly carried a similar scent, began trying to help Avira find the nearest wash station while the male went along his way and would meet up with her later.

    It was only a minute or so before Avira was pushed into one of the stalls, and she drenched herself with water, the steam rising from it clouding the already translucent walls around her, only a silhouette visible of her limber figure. She began to scrub away the paint, deciding to go ahead and wash the rest of herself while she was at it, but giving a lot more of her time and effort to the paint splatter on her side.

    "I really wish others would actually pay attention..."

    Once she cut the water off, she gave herself a nice thorough shake down, water dripping from her underside as she walked out, most of her fairly damp but not sopping wet, so she didn't look like a drenched cat when she walked out to go and find a couple of towels.

    She took one of the softer towels, for those of the more sensitive Nisms to use after a wash, and she began to dry herself off, her eyes half lidded as she did so, vigorously rubbing at her side to make sure she got all the paint out of her fur. And then there was the remnants of that same familiar scent from earlier. It was far more subtle and hardly noticeable, but it was there none the less, and Avira figured she only recognized it at the moment because it had been so potent earlier.

    Her gaze drifted to her right, and she saw exactly who she thought she would, that same male from just earlier, just as wet but clean as she was, and her gaze narrowed slightly as she examined the male from the tip of his snout to the end of his tail, her bright red eyes somewhat inquisitive but not displaying any interest in the male himself. She wasn't 'attracted' really, just curious, and curiosity killed the cat...

    "At least he's clean now..."

    She muttered this to herself, her gaze drifting away again as she cleaned the water out of her ears with the towel, her head tilted slightly to the left a she did so, her tail curled around her side and laying over her feet to prevent anyone from stepping or tripping on it. It was, after all, her tail, and it was a bit sensitive.​
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  5. Painted By Fate...

    Not so much careless as simply... well, even Nism could be overwhelmed, and what with all the activity today, accidents could happen. Tails could be stepped on. Or tripped over. Little kits could bump into things. Or throw things and hit bits below the belt. Chi perceptions didn't always keep these things from happening. Because, on busy social days like today, quite a few Nism tended to close their chi sense, for comfort's sake. Too much in one place, much like having a light shined in one's face. A bit "blinding".

    Fortunately, Nism made all their paint out of organic materials... non-toxic, wash up with water. This couple had most likely been intending their paint for a nice, quaint picket fence. Not for Avira's fur.

    And yes, even Nism could get their fur up. Never lead to any violence. Free Spirits tended to tolerate Fate. The little "Oopsies!" of Life. But like Kimba and his embarrassment, individual Nism could lose their temper. Especially when it came to a Nism very particular about their grooming.

    Nobody really likes having their "clothes" stained. Their "stuff" ruined. Or their efforts made for naught.

    And yes, even someone who had spent their entire life dressed only in their birthday suit had moments when they liked their privacy.

    Oh, curiosity and the killing of cats!

    Indeed, Kimba had washed away his musk, exposing his natural, individual male scent. Subtle at the moment, because he'd just used a scent-removing shampoo. But due to her earlier sinus "dousing", Avira couldn't fail to recognize his scent now. Again, those extra nostrils... secondary sinuses... at work.

    But she'd caught herself on her own words. Apparently forgotten how big her own ears were, and his. And how sensitive. Kimba heard all five of her words, loud and clear. He'd just started drying his tail after dealing with his "private" regions, focused on getting dry again, so the words at first, though clearly heard, didn't quite register. But he peeked, a short glance towards the sound. Saw... felt the eyes on him. Peeked again, longer, just to watch this unfamiliar female dry her ears. Kimba couldn't help it. She looked so... cute, the way she moved. Curled tail over toes. He found himself doing the same thing she'd done. Looked her over from head to toes to tail's tuft. Yes, she looked quite...

    ... "We're both clean now. Gives us something in common." He stood upright facing her, towel now draped over shoulders, his own head tilted to the side as he brushed a knuckle between all four nostrils, tail also curled, then held out his hand...

    ... "I'm Kimba..."

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  6. She stopped moving for a moment, blinking a few times as though trying to process that she had been spoken to. It wasn't often that others payed much attention to her little remarks, but she gotten a bit too comfortable and let herself slip up this time, and it seemed she had now drawn the attention of this male whom identified himself as Kimba. She found it an interesting name, and it would grow on her in time, but for now, she found it just as... unique... as the rest of him.

    After a couple of seconds, her head turned, and her eyes trailed from hand, to shoulder, to ears, and eventually to the males eyes, which she lingered on, seeming to be lost in them, although she soon came back to her senses and lowered the towel from her head, ears twitching slightly as her slender hand slipped right into his, fitting like a puzzle piece.

    She gave it a light shake before retracting her hand back to her side, her eyes wider than usual and alert, but she didn't seem to be too attentive as the moment, her eyes not wanting to leave his gaze, although she silently scolded herself for acting as such, looking away and drying the fur beneath her jaw, her head titled back a bit now, still holding a certain 'air of sophistication'.

    "Pleasure to meet you, my name's Avira..."

    She hadn't intended to be acquainting herself with him, but here she was talking to him behind the washroom, appearing to be a bit attracted to his eyes for some reason, although she kept that little bit of information to herself.

    She then proceeded to fold the towel into fourths, a neat square that she could easily carry, her head returning to it's previous relaxed position, eyes returning to meet those of Kimba. Now that she was speaking to him, her voice was a bit more clear and pristine, and it held a certain finesse that she also took pride in.

    It wasn't terribly high pitched, but it wasn't too baritone either, somewhere in the middle with a still identifiable feminism to it. It was almost like listening to a piano, each word sounding as a different key, quite 'musical' so-to-speak. No doubt she sounded even better when she sang, but she was very sparing when she spoke, making it even less likely for her to sing.

    "Do you live here? Or are you from elsewhere?"
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  7. What He Said...

    Unlike his earlier embarrassed slinking, now that Kimba no longer spewed "Male Alert!" all over, his old self had returned. His confidence. Not that he hadn't socialized with females before, just... well, he'd made a habit of coming and going, so he'd... well, never really had a girlfriend. No time. Or really, plenty of time yet to find one. But, to be honest, he'd never really thought to look. Or looked, but just not seen.......

    Kimba was seeing quite a lot in this female. Rather surprised him. And given he liked surprises (except for that last one), it seemed all his pain had been worth it. If not for getting popped in the nuts... if not for his "spray" and subsequent need for a bath, his present situation never would've happened. And yes, though his voice had recently produced a higher register, now, his voice had it's usual baritone range. Also a very good singing voice.

    Though Kimba, like Avira, tended to not be a talker. Or a singer. At least not in public. Because Kimba also had his private moments.

    But right now, with her eyes on his, he couldn't help the soft purr in his throat. Ruffle of damp mane. Slight flare of shroudruff. Avira... no Bloodline given, but then he hadn't given his. This encounter, very informal. Him, wanting to strut, but still a bit.......

    Avira had just asked him two questions. And he'd made a decision. Towel now in hand, he dropped to his haunches...

    ... "I live here... could you do me a favor?" Yes, he’d decided to dare much by holding out his towel and saying... "I could use help drying off under my shroudruff." To even further increase his daring towards a strange female, he leaned forwards, flared his shroudruff fully, and exposed his back underneath. Gave her his most charming smile, with ears turned back, eyes bright, tail's tip a-flick.......
  8. The female observed him further, taking in a bit more detail of the male, the tense posture he held for a moment before he appeared to relax a bit. But she never would have expected what all happened next. She was handed the males towel, and he turned so that she was facing his side.

    Now she knew good and well that it wasn't much trouble for him to dry it himself, but she wasn't thinking about that at the moment, she was stunned into silence. But her body reacted differently than she would have if she had noticed the simple fact that this was more of a flirtatious act on his part, more or less. At least that's how this was processed by Avira, but a moment too soon.


    She stared at him with a bit of a wary gaze, removing the towel from his hand and inching closer to him, her stride quite specific and even, her balance on par with that of a well practiced acrobat. Once she was within arms reach of the male, if not a good bit closer than that, close enough for personal space to meld partly, she went to drying the dampened fur beneath the pale gold and grey feathers that sprouted from the males shoulders, those same feathers now raised and more than plenty visible to her, his back exposed to the female.

    She had a very specific way of drying herself off, and out of habit, she did the same with Kimba's fur, unaware that she was doing so. The towel was wrapped over her knuckles partly, the rest of it hanging down like a cape over her fingers, and she used more energy to move upwards along his back and to his shoulders, less to come back down. It was a simple movement, but it hit a few nerves and could cause quite an interesting feeling, physically.

    After the majority of his back was fairly dry, she started drying off his shoulders and between them, at the base of his shroud-ruff and all the smaller places she had missed with more of a circular motion instead of a vertical one, and the physical effects of the few nerves that would be pressed meanwhile were unpredictable. They could be quite arousing, or they could be quite uncomfortable, it was impossible to tell. Everyone experienced different effects when nerves were tweaked.
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  9. Too Much Trouble...

    Indeed, Kimba's "act" had a flirtatious element. His down-on-haunches, shroudruff-on-display pose the same used by all males when "offering" themselves to a female they intended to mate. Yes, bold and daring. Perhaps even stupid, given he'd also offered this female... Avira... permission to touch his Father Spot. Yes, indeed, nerves.......

    In Nism biology, females carried young during gestation. Males carried young after birth. Carried them under their shroudruff feathers, snuggled between their shoulders, pressed against their backs. That Father Spot, best baby-monitor in the Universe. Slightest twitch, trigger to a male's protective, nurturing instincts. Also a fun Spot to play with during... foreplay.

    Yes, stupid, perhaps. Kimba sometimes did things on impulse, not thinking through all the implications. Perhaps he could be forgiven, not knowing Avira would use such a... stimulating technique on such a sensitive Spot.

    Didn't help, given his nether region's contact with facility flooring. Or his hunched-over pose, with her pushing harder up than.......
    Kimba's eyes went wide... wider. He managed to stifle his initial gasp. Knew he'd most likely be in serious trouble. But... this felt sooo good! More massage than fur drying. In the same part of his mind that had gone pop at Honalee's mention of grillin', something else went Pop! And he found himself even more attracted to this strange female. To Avira. Unnnnn... to have a mate who could do this to him every day.

    Yes, he could easily get used to this!

    Wasn't till she reached the base of his shroudruff, all the smaller spaces... him, eyes closed, hands almost on the floor... hands suddenly on the floor, eyes wide as he felt air touch something not normally exposed to air.

    Couldn't help the hark of surprise... of further embarrassment. All four nostrils flared...

    ... "Ahhh... heh... I uhhh... think that's dry enough."

    Also unfortunately, his musk was back. So were the titters and chuckles.......
  10. As Avira pulled the towel away from the male, she took a couple of paces backwards to examine what all she had done to Kimba, and she was quite satisfied with the results. He seemed a bit shocked, but also he appeared to be a tad aroused by the way she had 'dried' his fur, and it caused a slight grin of amusement to creep across her narrow muzzle, eyes half lidded as she walked around directly in front of him after putting the two towels away and retrieving her little satchel, the leather purse of sorts hanging snugly around her hips once again.

    She was quite close to him, the tip or her nose nearly touching his as she stared him down, her ears laid back slightly. Playing the act of having 'fallen for his charms', although it was just a little escapade of hers. She was just playing along, 'setting the trap' so to speak.

    "My you seem a bit flustered. Why's that?"

    She never had been interested in finding someone to cozy down with, the thought had never even crossed her mind. But then again she'd never been in a situation in which such a thought would come to mind. She, however, was incredibly fond of teasing, and she had quite a knack for fooling the boys into thinking they had caught her, only for her to slip right between their fingers and leave them a bit lost as to how it all had happened.

    Her tail swished behind her, curled upwards slightly and she was ready to move at a moments notice, even though she had quite a relaxed stance. One hand in front of the other, planted firmly on the ground, legs bent slightly, those black talons of hers barely touching the soil beneath them. The claws on her fingertips were significantly smaller than those on her feet, and they did resemble talons, quite sharp and adapted for gripping steep slopes, resulting in her ability to easily scale a tall hill or a cliff-side. But regardless, she carried a very la and calm posture as she stood before the male, her confidence and playful personality getting the better of her.

    "Surely it couldn't have been my doing..."
  11. Just A Tad...

    Kimba felt more than a tad aroused. His Father Spot still tingled. And Avira's "maneuvers" were not helping him recover his dignity. All he could do was hold his pose... hold in as much as he could. Raging hormones didn't make this effort easy. Avira's words...

    ... "Flustered isn't the word I'd use." Kimba knew he was trapped. Just because he'd never had a girlfriend didn't mean he didn't understand females. As much as a male could. However... "And I've spent my entire life trying to figure out why things happen. Haven't found a clue." Kimba tried to look on the bright side. Grinned as he looked down at himself...

    ... "In this case, the why is obvious. It takes two to do something like this. You...me. Both to blame." Yes, under the circumstances, this could be considered babbling. The only thing that could make this situation worse would be if someone had a camer....... *

    ....... *FLASH!*.......

    "Way to go, Kimba!"

    All the fur on Kimba's body went Floof! at the sound of that voice... actually, at the flash, but...

    ... "Rass!? Do mom and dad know you're out running loose?"

    Kimba gave Avira a Run! Hide! look. But he was still "indisposed" and didn't dare move from his pose. If Avira looked towards the voice, she'd see a male Nism much like Kimba, himself. Same distinctive Bloodline colors to shroudruff feathers, same fur colors and nearly the same patterns, the big difference... Rass had a "raccoon" mask over his face. And his shroudruff feathers were only half the length of his older brother's.......

    ....... and, yes, he had a camera in hand. And one of those mile-wide grins on his face.

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  12. "Hmm... Seems we've attracted some company..."

    Avira, not feeling the slightest bit deterred from her previous course of action, promptly sat down on her haunches, her tail flicking back and forth behind her, staring blankly at the smaller male with a glint of slight annoyance in her ruby red eyes. She, again, wasn't fond of kits or the younger of the Nisms, they always seemed to know how to ruin absolutely anything.

    She seemed to regain her more serious composure from before, her full attention on the smaller Nism with the camera in hand, her eyes lingering on the item and contradicting the pros and cons of just taking it and tossing it into a lake somewhere. But of course, that wouldn't do anyone and good now would it?

    "And who might you be?"

    Simply being polite and trying to seem friendly rather than aggressive, she put on a smile and awaited a response from him, all the while her gaze moving to Kimba although her head was still pointed towards the smaller male. She figured that these two were related from the way that Kimba had addressed him, but she thought little of it, more concerned with who all would end up seeing such a picture.

    She knew all too well how others could read into things and have the wildest ideas pop into their heads. The very last thing Avira needed was for a bunch of kits thinking that she was, for all intensive purposes, dating. Which she most certainly was not and had no intention of doing in the near future.

    Avira wasn't something so easily gained as she was lost, if you wanted to have her, you had to prove to her that you were worth her time, and very few if any at all had even come shy of reaching such a goal. She was very hard to impress much less attract, and this little game of hers was only becoming more and more interesting.
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  13. He Be Family...

    "Company" wasn't the word Kimba would've used. But yes, if he'd been able to move without... well, if he'd been able to move, he would've done what Avira was thinking. Yes, he would have thrown that camera into the nearest lake. Though, to be honest, he also would've saved that pic. Because, to again be perfectly honest, this was the first time a female had aroused him... had gotten his heart beating oh so fast, Heartstone thrumming loud in his ears. Blood rush! To his head and to his.......

    "I be family..." Rass waved his camera at Kimba... "He be big brother."

    Yes, Rass rhymes with sass. Funny how that works. Though Kimba was not laughing...

    ... "Rass! Would you please go photograph some wildlife somewhere..." Kimba loved his brother, but Rass could be a pain at times... "... and no! Her and me don't qualify."

    Ears down, still floofed... still, ummm... yes, he looked Avira in the eyes, bold despite his "embarrassed" state...

    ... "I'm sorry, Avira... this is a first for me. Hard..." Kimba winced at that word... "to prepare for your first time." He sighed, but held her gaze with bright eyes... "I hope I made a good first impression." He managed a wave at his nether regions.......

    ....... FLASH!.......

    ... "Rass!"

    Rass had held his peace while his brother spoke, dropped to his haunches closer to Kimba and Avira, then suddenly down on his belly and elbows, all so he could catch the "perfect" shot.......
  14. Before any more picture could be taken, she snatched the camera from Rass' hands and put in atop her head, it balancing perfectly well no matter where she moved. It was much to high for him to reach, and it prevented any more pictures from being taken.

    "I'd appreciate it if you stopped playing paparazzi... It's not wanted nor is it needed."

    Considering that she was speaking to the equivalent of a small child, her words seemed a bit harsh but still held a certain amount of truth and reason, no matter how blunt it was, and she was speaking quite plainly, not at all sugarcoating what she said to soften the blow.

    The camera would not be returned to the smaller of the two males until Avira was assured that Rass wouldn't be taking any more pictures of them. The female stood, her eyes easily getting her point across considering they were aglow with her fickle attitude and now obvious discomfort with the situation. Then she proceeded to redirect her attention to Kimba, taking note of his expression and position before her.

    "As for you, Romeo..."

    She got right up next to him, her voice only audible to him, quiet enough for Rass not to understand what she was saying at least. Right up next to his ears, so she wouldn't have needed to speak very loudly anyways.

    "I'd like to see you try and win me over..."

    In a way, she was proposing a challenge to Kimba, and a challenge it was. She wasn't an easy prize to get, and she had quite a few ways of weaseling her way out of things. After she had spoken, she gave the camera a toss and it went flying through the air and right into a nearby tree, hanging from a limb were Rass wold have to scale it's trunk and navigate his way through branches to retrieve the item.

    Then she walked off as though nothing strange had happened at all, right back into the streets, blending into the 'traffic' and vanishing from sight. Although it wouldn't be more than an hour until she and Kimba would cross paths again. After all, it seemed that fate was hell-bent on getting them together. There was a public grilling to be had later.
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  15. Over And Out...

    Rass knew full well "it" was not wanted. But he liked to play. And this was definitely needed! About time his older brother found a girlfriend. Yes, he could've snatched his camera back, but this female's snatch/hold/toss amused him. Worth it, just to see his "big" brother squirm. And to get pics. So.......

    "Nice chica, Bro... a bit rough......."

    Rass left Kimba alone with those words, and with other witnesses, as he went to climb a tree after his camera.


    He took as many deep breaths as it took to calm his beating heart and pulsing... well, with Avira no longer present, his hormones cooled. And he was finally able to retract his dignity. To coin a euphemism. Sigh. Another shower and shampoo to get rid of his musk. A slow, thought-filled walk through the same public Avira had used to vanish... no, no, not in pursuit of her. He'd gotten enough chi from her, he could find her when he wanted. Right now, he just wanted to go home, flop down, and have a good... no, no, "crying" over this spilt milk wouldn' do him or his future pursuit any good. Yes, her challenge had been made. And he'd determined he would rise... ummm, heh... he would take her offer.

    Win her over.

    Or die trying. So, home he went, his quiet little bachelor "nest" above his hobby business. Shop where he made his metal trinkets. Funny thing, but like Avira, he also had a "full-length" mirror. He liked to pose. Tried to see every part of his maturing body so he could... yes, indeed, "Romeo". And another funny thing, what with him never having a girlfriend, how much he tried to see himself as a female would. A desirable hunk of male. But... him, not exactly shy. More a lack of... more.......

    To be honest, Kimba had no real idea why he hadn't pursued female attention. He certainly had the looks. And he'd met his fair share of quite fetching, available and fun to be with females, so... more a simple lack of confidence on his part, perhaps more a lack of urgency? Only now, he really wanted to get serious. Embarrassed, yes, but in that oh so awkward moment, everything finally clicked. Him, over being embarrassed. He was now a "Romeo", according to Avira. Which meant... she was interested in him, or she wouldn't have made her challenge.

    Kimba shoved bits of junk aside on his workbench, after looking himself in the mirror upstairs. He had work to do, then he had to go out, find her, and invite her to Deen's shindig. From bits of conversation he'd overheard, it wouldn't be long before the party began.......
  16. After having left the hustle and bustle of the streets, she found herself a little outside of the 'city', nestled inside a grove of cratemyrtles and flowering cherry trees. All the pink was a bit... overwhelming... at firs,t but she quickly got used to the color. She had found a comfortable spot beneath one of the cheery trees, some of the rosy blossoms having drifted to the ground. One of which had landed atop her muzzle, right over her nose which caused her to give a small sneeze.

    She drifted into her thoughts for a bit, staring up into the sky and watching clouds roll across it's serene blue depths, the sun blocked out by the winding branches of the tree she laid beneath. Not at all to her surprise, something that occupied the majority of her wandering thoughts, was Kimba. Considering this, she retrieved a small journal from her little 'satchel', also retrieving a pen to write with, flipping through the pages.

    Members of her bloodline, Ekkalli, were infamous for their fondness to travel and explore. So, she kept a journal, listing every place she visited. Beneath the name of a given place, she would list anything and everything that she liked about that place. Ironically, the first thing she wrote beneath Rum, was 'Kimba".

    A little hum of delight escaped her as she continued to write little notes in her journal as the time bypassed her like it was nothing. Kimba had been the first thing, or rather, Nism, to catch her attention. After all, he had approached her after she had spoken something a bit too loudly,hence kick-starting this little game of romance between them.

    By the time she had come out of her little thought train, the sky had gained more of a rosy color, signifying that it was later in the day. She let her head rest over the grass, her eyes drifting shut for a moment as she let her other senses take over. Her ears would twitch occasionally, her tail swishing in the grass behind her. It was quiet, only the sounds of nature around her there to keep her company, but the peace was nice after having been in town earlier in the day. And at a glance, it would appear that she was sleeping, she looked so at ease laying there under the cheery tree, more of it's blossoms having fallen around her, scattered across the ground.
  17. A Little Gift...

    Yes, Kimba had approached Avira after she'd spoken. Her words, a Spark. Wasn't that how all couples started? Meet for the first time, and Zing!... sparks fly. His first meeting with Avira had been Zing! with a capital Zee. So many sparks, a wonder he hadn't burned his fur off. Though one part of his anatomy still "burned" a little. Enough so he... ummm... "had it out" for inspiration.

    Workbench cleared, he'd picked one of his new iburnium nuggets as a centerpiece. This would be a simple trinket, a little gift to start her challenge off right. One reason he'd pushed so long and hard to get that metal... when it caught the light just so, it glowed. Burn being the operative word in its name. Cold fire. Avira would be worth it. Hopefully, she would be delighted...

    ... but also hopefully, Kimba hoped she hadn't got a good enough look at his... well, not a good enough look to realize he'd etched his "personal" tattoo on this nugget. Let her find out if... when... their relationship turned "serious". As in, them bonding. If it was "in the stars". Relationships were never a promise.

    But Kimba didn't intend to give up. Her and him just felt right. At least in his own heart. Just a matter of finding out if her heart shared this feeling with his.

    This little gift, his way of telling. Give to receive. Or even just to give.

    So, as Avira wrote in her journal, Kimba worked on his gift, glancing down at the "inspiration" in his lap as he etched his nugget, then strung it between two silver claws on a delicate yet strong andermine chain.


    His little gift secured in a neckpouch, back upstairs, in his little nest, before his mirror, Kimba strapped on his tools, just in case, then literally flew out the window, his Spirit lifted just as high as his body...

    ... as he headed for the tree under which Avira rested.
  18. Avira, unaware that a familiar male was searching for her and likely knew where she was anyway, still laid beneath the tree, her surroundings quite complimenting her and only making her seem more desirable to any passerby who happened to notice her. However, there wasn't anyone to notice, she was alone in this grove, just her and her thoughts.

    She shifted slightly, feeling as though something or someone would disturb her little moment of peace shortly, her gaze pointed upwards at the sky again, the horizon stained with shades of pinks, reds, and purples. She found it to be quite pretty, so she couldn't help but to stare at it for a while longer than she expected.

    Considering that she was a bit distracted, it may take some physical contact to draw her attention back into reality where it belonged. She had spent the past ten minutes or so daydreaming about who knows what, not that it mattered. She was content, and she wasn't at all expecting to go anywhere, but her plans never seemed to work out, and she always had to change them for one reason or another.
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  19. Best Laid Plans...

    Avira may not have expected she'd go anywhere... may have even "forgotten" about her interest in a barbecue this evening, what with her head in the clouds. But yes, indeed, a "familiar male" hadn't forgotten. His wingless flight above the crowds like Superman, without the cape and tights. Determined not to let anything get in his way. Nobody else using the airspace today, to his good fortune.


    Perhaps she saw the flash as he passed over the trees a bit too fast, missed his sudden turn and drop to ground nearby. Perhaps missed his approach, until...

    ... "Hi, again."

    He walked on all fours around the tree, stepping around the fallen petals in a little dance as he smiled...

    ... "Remember me?"
  20. A soft hum sounded from Avira, her head turning slightly so she could get a look at Kimba, her eyes trailing from the tip of his tail to the end of his muzzle without a word. She gave a sigh and she got up, stretching out similar to how a cat would before sitting down and putting her little notebook and pen away.

    Yes, she did remember him, all too well. He would never leave her memory, he'd left too deep a mark on it for such a thing to happen. But regardless, she had given him a challenge earlier, and she assumed that the only reason he was here was because, simply put, he was set on having her. To seem friendly, yet again, she smiled faintly, her ears laying back a bit as she relaxed herself.

    "I do, how could I forget? "