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Would you join this small group?

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's A Wonderful World, isn't it? Do you know what's even more wonderful? Life. Life is a previous thing that the people of Shibuya cheerish everyday. Lively shopping centers, continuously traveling people, and joyful thoughts fill the air. Everyday is just a new experience for the people of Shibuya and they happily go on with their lives without a care. No care in the world. But the carefree life they wish to live comes with a slight price; they are not in control of their own lives. Strange isn't it? Well, from their side life seems quite wonderful but on the other side, their lives are in more danger than they could ever be in.

    The Reaper's Game. What might that be you ask? Well the reapers game is a week long even that takes place on the "other side". How do you play you ask? Entry isn't as easy as it seems. Firstly, you must be chosen and die in order to obtain a chance to enter the game. Once you are chosen, you will give your entry fee. Upon entering the game, it is highly advised to not go alone. Partners are highly encouraged and the true way to advance past day one is to find one. Players of the game may partner together but only pairs of 2. Oddly enough, you can still see and hear those who are living. They cannot see or hear you. It is that way unless you go to purchase things from stores and shops around Shibuya. Once partners are found, the true game begins

    Missions are assigned to players daily during the week long period. If you do not finish the mission within the time limit, your end will come. Who are sending out the messages you ask? Well the wonderful reapers and higher ups of course. The Reapers are highely skilled minions of the higher ups who challenge players to try and prevent them from completing their goals. Along with them are the Noise which are souls who seem to influence both the real world and the world of the reapers game. But don't let their animal appearance fool you. They only wish to ERASE you. And what happens when all of the players are ERASED? Well... Lets just say that SHIBUYA will no long have a future. But of course, how do you defend yourself? Quite easy.

    Each player, upon crossing to the game, has only what they had died with. One of your personal items will turn into your primary weapon of survival. May it be your favorite stuff animal, your skateboard or just your lucky tin pin collection, you fight off your enemies with that item and that item alone. Be careful and be mindful of your partner. For only true team sync can keep you both safe. What may your objective be? Survive the weak, confront the "True Head of The Reapers Game" and win your life back. The world is in your hands. Your life is in the hands of another. What are you willing to do to get it back? It's A Wonderful World, isn't it?

    ((Super sloppy and chopped up summary of the plot GO!
    This is a "The World Ends With You AU where
    • The original cast never existed
    • Joshua was killed by the new composuer
    • No one has YET won a reapers game
    What are the main ideas of this RP:
    • The composer and conductor have made a private bet depending on this session of the game to see if there is indeed still hope for the human race.
    • No one has won a single reapers game (the people give up and do not wish to live any longer. )
    • Tin Pin is super cool and you should totally play It I mean come on kid.

    Here are the positions for the small group:
    • Composer (Probably going to be me): Has made a bet with the conductor to prove that faith in humanity is still present. Has temporarily made the conductor the composer for this session in order to become a temporary player.
    • Conductor (Open/Could be someone or NPC): Makes a bet with the Composer saying that humanity is lost and should be wiped clean in order to make a new fitting society. Is temporary composer and does not speak of the real composers hiding to anyone.
    • Game Master (Open/Could be someone or NPC): In charge of providing the daily tasks and mission for the player. Is also in charge of directing the forces of Reapers to erase the players.
    • Reapers (Open ; Max of 2 as well as NPCs) : Responsible of "lowering the number of players".
    • Players (Open; Max of 3/ Groups will be determined): Newly assigned players who will be taking part in the session.
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    I'm definitely interested!

    Just a little suggestion though, you might wanna make the conductor and game masters npcs instead. I can't see them having much room for interactions which might make it boring and difficult for the player that would be playing them.
  3. Woooh! Also hm good idea.
  4. I'd be in, for sure. TWEWY used to be my favorite game and still ranks highly
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  5. Hehe yeah I know its such a work of art
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