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  1. Kona loaded a few rounds into the Remington before slinging it over her shoulder, checked the mag in her berretta, and then lifted the M21 off the ground. Its been two weeks since the outbreak, and already the world was in shambles. The roads were backed up in idle traffic, the superstores raided, and the emergency response teams all dead by day 9.

    Kona was slowly making her way not out but towards the center of the city. She hid by day, and moved during the night. She knew the area well, and knew how to get around. So far was avoiding any contact with the infected, was immune to the airborn virus along with the rest of the 10% population, and only shot 4 undeads with 6 rounds. It quickly came evident that they can be killed as easily as normal people, but die faster with shots to the head or heart.

    The sun was setting now, and Kona was preparing to move, she sat up with a sigh, she was only 29 yet her desk job made her feel like 69. Yet the agent wasn't washed up just yet, she could still run 5 miles a day. Soon as the sun was disappearing over the mountains she quietly exited the old storage building she was borrowing for the day, with muzzle out first. There was a bottle taped to the end of it, a home made silencer, as being invisible was what was keeping her alive from both raiders and walkers. She also kept a container of acetone, the solvent would cover her smell.

    Making her way out to a back alley and headed towards the construction side of town where there was a storm drain that would take her right into the central, where she would find him: Jack Hoffman. The lead researcher in a new chemical weapon, supposedly the cause of the outbreak. If he was still alive and not a walking dumb flesh eating machine.

    It was only two miles now, peeking around a corner to see a group of walkers devouring a corps she carefully steps past them with light steps. Is almost past them when her foot crunches down on a piece of broken glass and everything seems to stop as they look up at her with grunts and hungry moans.

    "...donkey poop." she mutters and then starts to run.
  2. Keinin had been on call when the first attack from an infected body has invaded someone's home dinner. Three children and their parents turned into beasts that day. After his station had been slaughtered, he fled. True, it was a cowards way to go but he had a little brother to care for and there was no way in hell he would ever leave him alone after what he'd seen that day. Koda meant too much to him to have died in the line of duty; not during this kind of call anyways. Had this been a house fire, he'd have died to save whoever was in that house or building. But this was a biological disease, and he would not risk his little brother being killed for it.

    Two weeks after the deadly virus swept through the city. possibly even the world, and Keinin and Koda were still kicking. Like the ten percent that had been immune, both of the brothers were immune to the viral. The two had notably strong immune systems; seldom did either of them ever get sick. Now the two walked side by side down a street, holding AKA47s, bowie knives, a 22 magnum hand gun and gas held onto a back pack that Keinin wore. It was homemade by Koda, who was unbelievably great with inventions. Sure it didn't work all the time, but it at least shot short distances. Seldom however did they use it due to hazard issues and lack of fuel, but when they did it sure the hell was fun lighting them. Shielding themselves with pieces of medieval armour that they had found in a museum, their forearms and shoulders were covered. They both wore army helmets, promptly stolen from the dead. Both of them kept a look out for walkers; the two were good at gunning them down. Extra ammo was slung over each of their shoulders, but they weren't looking for walkers to kill. No, these two were looking for two things; food and other survivors. There had to be others in this area that were not walkers already, and not exactly stupid enough to be caught alone in the open.

    Every once in a while, the two would stop and gaze around. This was their saving grace, because a group of walkers seemed to be heading their way. Without a word, Koda fired at the three charging moaning walkers, hitting them in the gut while Keinin pulled the trigger on his flame thrower. One walker lit up the next, and with that, the two brothers ran to make a hasty retreat. Sound wasn't too good on keeping the walkers at bay, so they would need to get out of there. Finally, after about a block, they seemed to have out run the walkers. "That was a bit too close brother," Koda panted, looking up, "still think it was a good idea to leave that hummer?" Keinin looked at his little brother. Koda was right; finding a car would be the best thing but with so many walkers, that was easier said than done.
  3. Jae was on the roof of an apartment building. She smirked, spotting a group of walkers. "Goodbye su-" she was about to pull the trigger when the sound of breaking glass caught her attention. There was three seconds of silence before the walkers went into an uproar, starting after someone...the girl came into Jae's sight. "Ah..I see." Jae muttered to herself, firing at a few of the walkers. She stood, saluting to a picture frame set on the roof before grabbing a rope tied to a pipe. She used it to repel down the side of the building before picking off the Walkers from behind, helping the young girl. (She's helping Kona)

    Angel was sleeping, at the moment. Her little arms were around Kylen's neck, her head on his shoulder, her blonde hair had swept into his eyes. She was sleeping with a small smile, peaceful. The four year old could sleep through anything.

    Mira looked up at Kylen. "How much longggeeerrrrr?" she whined. She had her white hair pulled back, her black kitten ears on. She had taken off her tail and it was tucked in her backpack, her bright red eyes staring up at her older brother. The ten year old hated moving homes.

    Kylen sighed. "Not sure Mira..please be quiet." he said, looking around carefully, holding Angel's feet. He felt the four year old's warm breath on his neck that told him she was still asleep. He felt Mira's little hand on his, the ten year old's tight grasp telling him she was uncomfortable. I wish mom was here..she's better with these too... he thought silently, his eyes falling a moment before he looked back up.
  4. Walking along the alleyway his cloth across his face covering most of the wind and debree that could be picked up from the wind, Dakarai was holding something in his arms. It was his daughter Anastasia, she had her arms across his neck as he held her with his arms crossed. He made a tune while whistling as if to soothe her, then something was rushing behind him. it came right up next to his leg, it was his dog a husky. The dog started barking at him " Mishka hush " the dog tug at his pants and he turned to look at him. " Mishka what " the dog looked back in the alleyway were some girl ran by and then a following motion of zombies, He shook Anastasia in his arms to awaken her " Ana, Ana wake up " he said as he walked towards the the commotion.
  5. A young man in a plaid shirt, jeans and cowboy boots was inside a gun shop. He had made sure not to keep the door open, just so none of the undead could get in. He held his HK G36K rifle up, while his colt m4, remington 700 308win, and a recurve bow on his back, along with a hiking bag with some supplies. He didn't set his equipment down, just incase someone tried to steal it. Once he cleared the shop, he looked around for any gear or supplies that would be useful. Chase stopped when he started hearing moans, and someone running. He set his gear down behind the counter and went to the back door. Looking out, her saw an older women, 30's maybe, running from a mob of restless.

    Chase thought for a minute, if he shot, they'd cave on the store, but if he did nothing, someone would die. He waited with the door open until the last possible second. He reached out and grabbed ahold of Kona and dragged her into the store, before shutting the door. Chase looked at her and held his finger to his lips to tell her to remain silent. Chase walked back to the front of the store and sat on the ground, leaning against the counter.
  6. Jae watched as Kona disappeared from sight, some man had pulled her into a store. "Okay then." she fired again and a walker that had moved towards the door the man had come from.

    Kylen heard something as walked slowly forwards more. He noticed someone else with a young girl and he spoke quietly. "Aye..you know how to work with an impatient child?" He asked quietly, the annoyance quiet in his voice.

    Mira walked up beside the man and poked his arm. "Who's that?" the ten year old questioned.

    Angel shifted, yawning. (they're talking to Dakarai)
  7. ". . . . ." Relaxed and deep in slumber, nothing but pure innocence littered on her small, sleeping face. Not a twitch, not a spasm, barely any sign of disturbance painting her peaceful features as the rise and fall of her breath continued to main its steady beat. The distant sound of a soothing tune chimed through her ears, satisfying her. She subconsciously leaned further against something soft and sighed contentedly at the familiar touch of heat radiating through that something soft, feeling nothing but complete and utter bliss. It was as though she was floating in cloud nine, her surroundings numbing her senses. Until a light shook nearly cause her to jerk abruptly out of her state of dreaming. "!" Because she had her little arms wrapped around the neck of her father, with the overwhelming feeling of shock coursing through her body, she unintentionally tightened her grip to the point of nearly chocking him. Once she came to full consciousness, however, she slowly loosened her hold. ". . . Morning." was the first and only thing she said as three unfamiliar figures shuffled toward their direction. The man spoke, and Anastasia watched him through strands of hair covering the brief flash of fear in her eyes. She nuzzled her head into the crook of her father's neck, hiding her face. "Were they bitten?"
    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    Marilyn couldn't think of a better way to celebrate a few weeks of survival outside the zombie infested world than to survive another night. Of course, seeing just how far she'd gotten to reach her current state it was safe to assume that there were many, many close calls. Especially when she'd stupidly agree to 'team up' with another pitiful, desperate soul in the spur of the moment. Not that she really regret having to work in a group once in a while, so long as it was only a temporary thing. Sure, she managed to explore beyond what was to be expected in the past week and thanks to the people she met, she became much more in control of herself. But the problem with people was not because as a huge group, the chances of attracting unwanted awareness was skyrocket high, but overtime, they tend to get attached. Overly attached. Somewhat clingy and possessive. And that alone drove her away, fearing others depending on her on an intense level. 'Never again.' She never asked for any of this, really. She never wanted to fight against the zombies for her life in the first place. If necessary (and I mean she's done it several times) she'd willingly throw herself into the fray and risk getting mauled. Life was too short, and she didn't care whether she died today or the next day or maybe even in a year. Yet, in spite her decisions Marilyn couldn't seem to let life go. She was still trying to hold on to the future that may never surface.
    She sat comfortably on the very top of an old tree, long slender legs dangling loosely under one eager walker scratching at the barks in mindless hopes to reach and devour her beating heart, and watched as a round of driven walkers raced after yet another poor girl. Marilyn debated to herself whether to step down and aid a fellow survivor, noting as an unknown man suddenly took hold of her arm, and disappeared inside the empty gun shop. She could almost see everything below; a girl standing alone and firing shots at a mob of walkers, and two men and children by their sides. Seemed suspicious enough?
    ". . . . ."
    She glanced down, coming face-to-face with a decaying walker, still determined to grab hold of her leg and it could've, if she didn't draw a switchblade and aimed it directly into its hollow eyes. She grinned proudly, "Ah. Peace and quiet at last~"
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  8. When pulled into a store Kona reacted as she was trained to do when grabbed. The blade of her wrist pushing the arm aside and reversing the grip so she had a hold on him instead. She lifted his arm and spun around going under it to twist the arm around and bend it up by his head. The wrist was wrenched and she was beside him facing the other way, holding him in what she was taught as a four way throw. She could either throw him to his back, his front, or either side. She decides to push him to his side farthest from her to make him go away from her but wether he falls to the ground completely or not depends on him and his coordination and balance. After the throw she swiftly draws her 9mm in the blink of an eye and has him centered in her iron sights. She hesitates to fire seeing as his eyes aren't rolled back in his head, drooling foam, and doesn't look well..dead.

    Slowly lowers her weapon and let's out a long breath. She'd not seen him and perhaps would have killed him in confusion for something else.

    "thanks. Am sorry." she says in a wisper a bit embarrassed. Sometimes she was no different then the walking deceased, and ran on instinct or emotion alone. "Hey...someone else is out there and I think they were trying to help me too...but I don't know I didn't look back...."
  9. Dakarai coughed a bit at being choked but he had slowly became use to it happening to him. He then was poked all of a sudden and walked being spoke to by multiples of people. Turning around he looked at the people an lowered his mask. " impatient? No " looking a Anastasia saying " no they are not bitten " and then back at the guy " she could probably handle herself if I wasn't around " he chuckled and kneeled down to the kid who poked him " hello...this is Anastasia...the destroyer " He joked again making himself smirk. He looked back up at the man " but you look like you have been dealing with urhm... children " he nodded his head still holding onto Anastasia.
  10. Mira giggled, seemingly interested in the young girl. "Hi Anas..Anastasia." she stumbled a little over the name. "I'm Mira!" she threw her hands up in exaggeration.

    Kylen nodded, shifting slightly and pulling Angel over his head and into his arms. "I've had to watch after my sisters since.." he glanced at Mira to make sure she wasn't listening. "since our mom." he finished quietly. He didn't seem to bothered by it, but clearly he didn't want Mira to hear.

    Angel yawned, rubbing her tired eyes. "Kywen..who dat..?" she questioned, looking at the man.

    Kylen's features softened slightly. "Well.." he hesitated, then chuckled. "Sorry, I never asked your name?~" he questioned the man. "I'm Kylen, that's Mira," he lifted Angel slightly. "And this is Angel."

    Mira looked at her four year old sister. "And this is Ana...Anastasia!" she said with a smile.
  11. Anastasia didn't know how to react by the sudden and unexpected approach. Only two weeks had gone by since the outbreak, the once beautiful world was crumbling down into pieces and the fact that she'd frequently see people getting harmed left and right, caused her to think twice before leaving her father's side. It couldn't be helped that she'd feel rather overwhelmed and alert by even the most gentle stranger out there. ". . . ." She merely stared at the new companions, nodding twice as her father confirmed they were indeed, not infected yet. "Oh. . . Okay," she mumbled softly, burying her face beneath her messy auburn hair, refusing to untangle herself from him. When she felt him kneeling down, however, speaking to the other young child whom she spotted poking at his arm earlier, Anastasia nearly squeaked in surprise when the girl, Mira, greeted her. ". . . ." She stared blankly at the girl's small hand. Probably much bigger than hers, though. ". . . Hi," Anastasia responded timidly, fiddling with her fingers. She wasn't usually this shy, especially when around other kids her age. In fact, if the situation were different and circumstances weren't as bad as they were, Anastasia would've immediately shoved her father aside and run around in circles with Mira. But instead she smiled, looking up at her father briefly before reaching out to shake Mira's hand. "You can call me 'Ana'," she stated, realizing how difficult it was for others to say her name at times.
  12. Mira smiled. "Ana!" she repeated with a giggle. "How old are you?" she asked in a softer voice, aware of Anastasia's shyness. "I'm ten."

    "And I is fouwr years." Angel interrupted, yawning.

    Kylen gently sat Angel down on her feet, watching her stumble over to Mira. He stood up again, looking at the man and watching the young kids carefully.

    Angel hugged Mira, peeking under Mira's arm at Anastasia. "Hi Ana.."

    Mira giggled.


    Jae reached forwards, taking ahold of a rope tied to the roof. She repelled down, sprinting silently across the street, careful not to be seen. She silently crept towards the store door, knocking twice, sharp raps of her hand, looking around with careful eyes, her gun raised.
  13. The way her name was said so freely and sweetly carved a small yet fairly noticeable smile onto Anastasia's hair covered face. She didn't personally know the girl well enough to call her a 'friend' or even just a new playmate, but she knew herself that she had already liked Mira the moment she approached her. "I'm nine," Anastasia replied quickly, a little too quickly. "Hi there, nice to meet you." Not even a second later, she looked away, as though suddenly embarrassed. But that didn't stop her from smiling goofily. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that they were both children and every children supposedly had some sort of connection and no matter how hard she tried to look at it differently, Anastasia couldn't deny that fact. But that didn't mean it could easily break her stone-cold shell she was hiding in, especially after witnessing a fair amount of other children screaming and crying desperately for help, while she was perfectly safe under her father's care. ". . . ." She slowly drifted off, slightly preoccupied in her thoughts and distracted by sound of rustles and foot stomping. She glanced sideways and from her vantage point, she faintly spotted an older girl sprinting towards a store she didn't see earlier. Just how many survivors were there? Glancing at Angel, the youngest one out of the bunch, she briefly wondered whether it was smart to just stay in one place with the obvious danger lurking around them. As a huge group, anything could happen. Gingerly, she tugged at her father's sleeve to whisper, "What are we waiting for? We aren't safe, right?"
  14. Mira smiled a little and hugged her younger sister. She looked around carefully, adjusting the black cat ears in her white hair.

    Kylen saw Jae and shifted, his dark eyes darting around quickly to be sure he couldn't see anything else. He let his wrist settle on the handle of his dagger. "We should keep moving.." he said quietly.

    Angel buried her face against Mira's arm a moment before looked back at Anastasia. "Ana pwetty." she smiled. The four year old seemed oblivious to the situation, the danger.
  15. He came to realization from what his daughter said and turned around to hear the moaning of an undead heading down the alleyway " MISHKA! Zashchitit' " the husky ran up next to Anastasia and stood there growling at the infected, Dakarai pulled his mask up and ran at the infected which seemed to be moving back and forth awkwardly. he planned to do this silently, he came up about 2 ft in front of it and spun in a circle landing a back handed fist against the temple of the creature causing it to stumble to the wall. were he proceeded to slam shin into the side of the creature pinning it before he struck in with a combat knife to the infected head. He pulled the combat knife out of the zombies head, and began to walk back towards the group " Its time to move to somewhere safe...now! " He said picking up Anastasia and moving mira and angel back towards the man. " lets go lets go " he whistled at mishka and the dog followed behind him. " oh an im Dakarai "
  16. Kylen had picked up Angel in one arm and grabbed Mira's hand, backing away slowly, watching the infected. "Nice to meet you Dakarai." He said.

    Angel wimpered, terrified. She buried her face against Kylen's shoulder.

    Mira took Kylen's knife, staring behind them as if waiting before something popped out.

    "Any ideas on where to go?" Kylen questioned. "We were on the move when we ran into you.."
  17. It was funny how in a moment, anything could change. She never did expect the situation to escalate quickly, especially since not once had she ever been in the position of facing death. Under the care and protection of her determined father, Anastasia realized just then how fortunate she was to have him around. Without him, she could've long been dead by now. ". . . ." Strange. She didn't understand what was happening and why it was. It was as though her brain needed to reboot. Around her, everything else was in maximum speed, while she was numb in the midst of it all. Even the painless moans and strangled grunts from the infected didn't seem to faze her, the disturbing sounds bouncing off her. She didn't even notice Mishka by her side, guarding her. Only when her father finally sauntered back to them, scooping her up to his arms, did she finally snap out of her trance. She was so out of it, even an hour nap wouldn't help shape her usual cheerful spirit back. But after watching her father out there, effortlessly ridding of yet another infected, she couldn't help but to smile dreamily. She wondered if there will ever come a day where she could fight alongside him. The dream was so out of reach, but certainly not impossible. "You think you're so cool, don't you?" she mused sarcastically, her mischievous side slowly coming into play. "When I grow up, I'll become better." and at the same time, she heard the other man, Kylen, ask where they should head to. Anastasia, briefly remembering the girl from before, pointed towards her direction, particularly the store. "What about there," she suggested, "Isn't it locked? I think that girl is trying to get in. . ."

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    With her body comfortably sprawled on the magnificent tree and her legs still dangling loosely as if giving the whole infected an invitation to pull her down to her demise, Marilyn watched on in silence. Absolutely no sound escaped her lips. She remained still and calm, observing the oblivious people of her presence below, and counting the seconds that had gone by since they'd captured her attention. Indeed there were two men and three children, those she pitied for having to live in a shattered world like this one. It was even harder for her to keep her cool when the guardians didn't so much as cease their idle chattering and leave before it was too late. She even had an itching urge to slip down her hiding spot, walk up to those men, and give them a piece of her mind about childcare. Well, not that she was experienced with children and that'd just be hypocritical on her part.​
    All thoughts bounced off her mind as she suddenly spotted an infected wobbling towards their direction. She felt her body tense slightly, a hand instinctively reaching over to her trusty switchblade, but just as she prepared herself, one of the men beat her to it.​
    ". . . Ah, they aren't defenseless after all. Good for them."​
    Confirming that they were safe for the meantime, Marilyn shifted on her position and turned over to catch up on that long desired nap.​
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  18. Hearing a knock on the door of the store Kona would move towards it with long slow quiet steps. Her beretta pointed low while leaning her shoulder to the door and pressing her eat up to it. It didn't sound like there were infected outside and dead didn't knock before entering. Could it be the one who was helping her before? Didn't know, and was still full of adrenalin after being grabbed.

    Deciding to take the chance that it may be another survivor she unlocks the door and slowly opens it with one hand on the knob and the other with her 9mm raised. Opening just a crack to peek out and see some one (jae) outside with a gun, which the dead don't use either. Opening it more to expose her face and gives a nod for her to come in.

    "cmon, cmon, Quickly now you'll let all the heat out."

    She'd said sarcastically, in her light Russian accent, and then steps out putting the 9mm away and shouldering the M21 to cover the girls back while she enters. Noticing a few others heading her way Kona would raise her rifle in the air and wave to them to get their attention hoping they would come. With enough number they could fend for themselves and the store had plenty of weapons to hold out for a while. But Kona had no intention of staying there. She needed to find the root of this apocalypse. And following her wasn't survival logic as her path lies in the heart of the city. But for now it seemed reasonable to help them, and it would be nice to see another human face...that isn't dead.

    "hurry it up people...you'll be late for tea." mumbles to herself seeing as there's a few infected following and raises her rifle adjusting the scope, widening her stance a little to shoot off hand invade there was a need to cover their escape, though prefered to shoot as little as possible.
  19. Jae noticed the door open and kept eye on it until Kona opened it all the way. She backed in, but stood just to the left of the door. "Hey..Are you okay?" she questioned.

    Kylen looked at the store and saw Jae disappear inside. As Kona waved, he felt Mira's hand leave his. "Wait~ MIR.." he stopped in the middle of her name. She was already beside Kona. "Hi.."

    Jae saw the young girl and sighed, pulling her in. "Wait." she told Mira, kneeling beside the door, scoping with Kona, her rifle still warm from the earlier shots.

    Kylen picked up pace, walking straight between the two girls. He knelt beside Mira and set Angel down as he whispered to Mira. "Never Do that again, got it?"
    Mira nodded, smiling.
    Kylen sighed and looked around before going and standing in the corner, leaning back after taking the knife from Mira. He twirled it in his hand.

    Jae glanced at Angel, who looked at her with teary eyes. Jae sighed. "It'll be alright kid." she looked back at the other two who hadn't come. She fired a silenced shot behind them, dropping an infected.