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  1. There coming for your brains and it's too late to change! (karate highschool lol)

    Nothing says fun like sending zombie brains all over the freakin place! So grab a gun, a knife, a sword, or even a chair! But whatever you do don't forget the toilet paper or you'll never survive the post apocalyptic suberbans infested with the walking dead!

    It doesn't matter who you are in this role play, a banker, a martial artist, a fireman, or that guy who spins signs for your favorite coffee shop on the side of the road. The only thing that matters is survival, and who can blast the most zombie heads off.

    I'd expect this role-play to be a bit graphic, nothing explicit, and kinda comical. Personally I only do female characters, and usually their gun slinging badasses. In this one, home land security retiree: Kona Mills. She has a pump action shotgun, M21 sniper riffle, beretta 9mm, remmington 700 and a 5" tactical knife. She has plenty of marksmanship skills and hand to hand to hold her own for a little while and help other survivors. But, you'll have to convince her to help you save your own skin, and what she won't tell you is who is responsible for the outbreak, which is who she's searching for.

    Aside from the zombies, one must take in consideration the elements, no electricity, utilities, and certainly no law and order. Raiders, and looters run rampant like a pack of wild dogs, killing and mugging other survivors for food and fuel. It's rare for any lone rangers to survive the frosty winters.

    Sound typical? Another zombie thing?...ya but how often do you see people survive this in the movies?...think you'd survive?
  2. [​IMG]
    Keetah Reno
    Keetah is a swift gunslinger, that carries an S. African Neostead (Pump Action ShotGun) and an Heckler & Koch VP70 (Handgun). But one thing Keetah knows is Ammo isn't unlimited, on top of that she is more than likely not the only gunslinger around. Hidden she carries machete attached to her back when her ammo gets low or she knows her ammo isn't needed. When ammo is limited, she knows a few ingredients to replace ammo; Like quarters and other change. Her momma always knew she was money hungry.

    Sadly, Keetah isn't perfect when it comes with a sense of direct especially since she is foreign that moved not too long ago. She also tends to be picky with a few things making her push herself to limits in some cases.

    She will not engage with passerby's who are savaging for food unless she want's it. If someone is in danger she may not bother to help them and just keep walking.

    Though Keetah can be a bit of a "bitch", she isn't a lone ranger. If she has people she even trust the slightest, she would be willing to help out.
  3. i must....join...no resisting
  4. Thanks for replies so far, I think I'll wait to see if anyone else does. Until then I'll continue doing scare pranks with this new air horn I bought :D
  5. That pic from mash?? Nice. I am going to wait just a little longer. New thread may possibly be posted for this zombie madness RP. Will pm those invited. Thanks.

    .....I love my air horn *BLEEEEP!!*
  6. Mind if I joined in on this as well? O w O
  7. I is interested!!!!!

    Name: Angel
    Age: 4
    Appearance: (Attached file named angel)
    Personality: Terrified of everything, always stays around either her older sister or her older brother and never leaves their sides.

    Name: Mira
    Age: 10
    Appearance: (Attached file named Mira)
    Personality: Fun-loving, social, and loves to help her younger sister. Sweet and caring, scared of scary things of course!

    Name: Kylen
    Age: 19
    Appearance: (Okay..I think you get the idea. Attached file named Kyle)
    Personality: Anti-social, deadly protective of his younger siblings, shoot-to-kill is his motto. Hates/scared of surprises.

    And then, of course, I have to have the lone, badass girl with a tragic, disturbing secret and past X)

    Name: Jae
    Age: 22
    Appearance: (If you don't know, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
    Personality: She's a loner, but she will help those she thinks need help. She's not very friendly and is impossible to scare. She's nice, yet cold, harsh thanks to her history, which she keeps away from anyone other than those she trusts with her own life, at the moment: None.

    If I'm playing too many, let me know. I just like little family settings with a loner on the side X)

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  8. Would anyone like to be my characters child? Before i go and post.
  9. ^^ *Raises hand* I would, depending on how old your character would be.
  10. I could switch Angel or Mira over if unicornx decides otherwise based on Akuma's character's age =)
    (I is a second choice..woot!)
  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Dakarai Bravos​
    Age: 26​
    Personality: Calm, Helpful, Determined, Funny, Protective​
    Extra: He travels with a brown and white husky who has two different colored eyes[​IMG] ,he also has a daughter(to be filled in with whoever)​
  12. The thread for this RP is here https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/zombies-everywhere.36166/

    Sorry if anything is unorganized or crummy, it is one of my first threads. Everyone who posted here is free to post there, I only ask you don't flood the place keep posts to 1-to-2 per turn. And have fun...or die. Am kidding...but seriously you could die.

    Participants so far being: Rita Archfena, Akuma, LogicfromLogic, unicornx, and Darkjae.
  13. Name: Keinin McCoy
    Age: 27
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Keinin can be seen as a bit of a know it all and very rude. He’s bossy at times but is very kind. He loves his friends with his heart, and would kill to save his brother Koda. He is loyal and honest, and strong. He is protective and incredibly loyal to his friends and family, yet there is something about him that isn't so settling. He's mysterious and tends to have a 'typical tough guy' attitude towards anyone he doesn't know, and he won't let anyone near Koda unless he knows that his little brother will be safe. he used to be a firefighter.

    Name: Koda McCoy
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (see thumbnail)
    Personality: Very happy-go-lucky and quite a bit childish at times. They know him to have a pretty bad temper sometimes, and know that he doesn’t trust that many he runs into. But for the most part, he is a happy kid. He loves his older brother; the two share a very strong bond that would last forever. While he loves his brother however, he feels that Keinin can be over bearing at times. Koda is a prankster at heart and loves life even in the grimiest of times.

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  14. Show Spoiler

    Name: Jacob Lee Johnson
    Age: 18
    Height: five foot ten inches
    Weight: 145 pounds
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Brown
    Fear: Jacob fears that he's going to loose everything he cares about, and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

    Personality: Jacob is a very quiet guy. He tends to be alone, unless he's around his cousin, Andrew. Jacob is friendly, and very trustworthy and is often found helping people with their problems, but never talks about his problems. He bottles his problems up inside and doesn't know how to talk about them. He is a firm believer on that family comes before anyone else, and helps family before the few friends that he has.

    History: Jacob is the only child to Mark and Sarah Johnson. His mother died during child birth, and his father moved in with his brother and sister in law to help raise Jacob.When Jacob was 6, his father was killed in the line of duty as a State Trooper. His uncle Mike received custody and raised him. Right after his father's death, Jacob wanted to learn how to shoot, so his uncle taught him. When he was 8, he entered his first ever World Youth Rifle Championship, and placed 4th. When he was 9, he won his first World Youth Rifle Championship. The next four years, Jacob won the championships again, setting the record for the most consecutive championships, at five.

    When he was 14, Jacob was about to start the semi finals to work on his sixth championship, Jacob dropped out of the tournament, without question. After that, Jacob never seen nor heard at the tournaments again. Everyone wondered why Jacob dropped out, but never asked. Jacobwas still known in the tournamments, holding the most consecutive championships.

    Other: Jacob wears a challenge coin around his neck. The challenge coin was give to him by the chief of the state police in pennsylvania, when his father received a medal for heroism. He wore the coin ever since he received it, and never takes it off. Jacob's father bought him a Heckler & Koch G36K rifle, and a Colt M-4 rifle for his birthday when he was old enough. When Jacob was 8, he received the Colt M-4 rifle, and when he was 11, he received the Heckler & Koch G36K rifle. The bow that Jacob used to win his first and second archery championships was hand-made by Andrew as a gift, and was made from Cocobolo, an expensive exotic dark wood. When Jacob was 13, he received a Remington 700 VLS 308win for his birthday, which he hunted that christmas' turkey with. His name was engraved on the stock.

    ***(I hope this chaaracter will work, or is it too much?)
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  15. [MENTION=4513]Akuma[/MENTION] Taking the daughter spot if you do not mind ~
    Name: Anastasia Grace Bravos
    Age: 9
    Personality: Depicted as a snarky, devious and intensely vibrant little girl, Anastasia lives up to her childlike demeanor, whether she intends to or not. Even in the most dire of times, especially under crucial circumstances, she still knows how to remain remarkably cool and positive around those who may be experiencing nerve-wrecking breakdowns. She speaks in a way that surprises someone new, almost always leaving the impression that she is older than how she appears; but is actually just wiser than she lets on. She knows better than to press sensitive subjects further, but unfortunately, like many naive and oblivious girls her age, Anastasia can't help but to sometimes lose control over her emotions and let them loose when someone or something provokes her. Thrown into a world where evil prevails, Anastasia still cannot fully comprehend the consequences to her actions or why she can't easily trust the people she only met once, and therefore shouldn't be left alone to venture on her own. But when restricted to doing limited activity beyond the grounds away from her father, she tends to throw uncontrollable tantrums. Which is only because she has been sheltered and protected away from encountering gruesome and life-alternating incidents. The phrase 'curiosity killed the cat' definitely applies to her. Otherwise she's a fairly guarded girl who refuses to acknowledge the possibility of ever losing her beloved father to a bunch of flesh devouring monsters.

    Name: Marilyn Belle Pierce
    Age: 24
    Personality: Silent as a faint ghost, Marilyn is hardly ever seen mingling in idle chattering or open in revealing even snippets of her personal life. Her response to a group gathering invitation consist of a dry word one answer and a lazy nod. Her impassive personality trait often mislead others into thinking she is either withdrawn or in some occasions, a mute.
    She also appears as though she no longer cares about how long it'll take until they're finally all caught. Heck, she'll even sacrifice herself as bait if needed be. She's detached to the rest of humanity (or what's left of it) and has yet to learn what it truly means to participate in teamwork. She's a lone-wolf at heart and probably will always be one. Although, there's a slight eerie aura emitting off of her whenever she's deeply preoccupied in her own irrational thoughts. Due to a small voice screaming at the back of her head, Marilyn is often mentally paranoid and nervous. Over thinking will only lead to horrible panic attacks and in some drastic cases, she could faint. Yet she manages to maintain an inexpressive front on the surface. She may not be aware of the mumblings and sheer gasps, but her companions might catch a few strange phrases coming out of her mouth from time-to-time. Although, if there's something sickeningly off about Marilyn, it's the fact that she tends to smile subconsciously to herself after seeing death; be it to an undead or a fellow human.
    She's not always confident with the decisions she makes for herself, but like hell she'd let anyone know that.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Juno Olson​
    Olson's always been a bit of a rebellious hipster. Her cyberpunk fashion got her derision from all sorts when she was young, but she was tough, and only got tougher over the years. Her arms are thick from pulling herself over edges, and her legs are even thicker from sprinting and jumping. Born with minor asthma, Juno had a hard time running long distances until she turned 8, and her lungs loosened up. Since then, she'd become a master of getting from point A to B in the shortest time possible.​
    Juno manages to defy all stereotypes in that her favorite weapon is a chromium recurve bow and pipe bomb arrows. She is an expert archer, able to clear an arc beyond her bow's massive range. She knows kickboxing and has scouts training to hold her over in every situation.​
    Her personality tends to be diplomatic/And prefers to make group decisions in the democratic/She has no soft spot for the undead demographic/She's not even sad about the end it's tragic/She's generally nice and full of brevity/But those who try to walk on her get no levity/She likes to take her time unless it's of the essence/In which case she gives no convalescence/She rather likes to take a guy for a fling/But if you try like she won't mind she still stings/
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  17. Hey guys, I had an idea for making a sequel to this role play in the future. It involves a new menace from konas past. There are zombies, of corse, and new enemies that are smarter, stronger, and much harder to kill. So the challenge for survival escalates. I don't want to give it all away just yet, depending on how this roleplay goes will determine more things in the sequel or if there will be one or not. If there is, possibly will be in a new thread. But like I said it depends on how the first goes or not and if anyone remains interested.
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