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  1. [​IMG]
    Crystal skies
    but too quiet...
    the sound of blood curdling screams fill your ears...

    One day, when the dead come alive, only few will survive. Will you be one of those? You can travel in groups, or on your own. Just know that the decision is yours.















    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:

    Now, here's my character!


    Name: Crystal (Cry) BlackWood

    Age: 21

    Reading, Writing, singing, art, creativity.

    Dislikes: Mean people & talking.

    Background Info: Her parents abandoned her as a child. She was put up for adoption, but never was actually adopted. She ended up fine. But now this has happened.

    Personality: She has major trust issues, but when you gain her trust, you find out that she's a kind, gentle, hard working, soft kind of person. She's extremely loyal and would do anything to save the ones she loves.

    Any Extra Info: She's a bit mentally unstable after an accident that happened as a child.
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  3. Picture: [​IMG]
    Name: Saffron Vandervil
    Age: 21
    Likes: music, swordplay, vodka, black clothing
    Dislikes: zombies
    Background Info: A former book writer, this sword wielding woman lost her brother who was her editor to the apocalypse and she was the one to take his undead life. She now works on trying to survive and find a cure to the zombie epidemic.
    Personality: She comes off cold but does care, wanting to find a way to survive in the new hell on earth.
    Any Extra Info: She loves mermaid related themes. She also learned how to wield a sword when she was nine.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Leigh Darling (pronounced Lee)
    Age: 22
    Likes: Smoking, drinking, money, women, modern art, B movies, green, and octopods.
    Dislikes: Zombies, puppets, clowns, strategy games, historical fiction, yellow, and rats.
    Background Info: Leigh was born to wealthy parents. They spoiled him rotten. He got whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. When the zombies first came, him and his parents were safe and secure in their mansion. However, as resources ran out, they had to brave the outside. The three of them left, with Leigh's father's weapon stash in tow. They were set upon by a horde, and Leigh left them to die while he continued on. He wants to get back to his house for more guns and ammo.
    Personality: Leigh is an ass. There is no other way to describe him. He only cares about himself. He will help others for his own gain, but other than that, he could care less about the safety of others. He thinks he's entitled to the world, and that he deserves what he wants.

    Not too keen on travelling alone, Leigh will find groups. He stays with them until their usefulness runs out. Then he leaves, going to find a different group with better resources. He left his parents to die simply because he didn't want to attract any more zombies with the sound of gunfire.
    Any Extra Info: He has a K-50M submachine gun, though he only has one magazine left, meaning about 35 shots. He recently uses a crow bar.

    Name: Ramon Alvarez "El Hueso"
    Age: 25
    Likes: Gambling, mystery shows, guns, explosions, cryptozoology, rock music, red, adrenaline, and owls.
    Dislikes: Sensitive people, classical, pink, blue, checkers, herbalism, llamas, and fantasy.
    Background Info: Ramon was born to a moderately wealthy home. They weren't rich, but they were above middle class. His parents didn't spoil him or his brothers. He spent most of his childhood playing with dangerous chemicals and explosives with his brother. He learned how to make bombs and other various things. These have become extremely useful recently.
    Personality: Ramon is a fun guy. He can be called a little insane with his antics. He finds this whole zombie thing pretty great. He knows he's gonna die some day, and he's excited that he gets to go out with a bang- Maybe literally. Not one for long-term friends, he gets his jollies with short bursts of companionship. He has learned to at least appreciate those people helping him survive.

    With a disturbing sense of humor and a rather intense bloodlust, many tend to distance themselves from Ramon. He is loud, and prefers going in guns blazing rather than waiting and picking off zombies one at a time. He's a good guy, but a little nuts sometimes. He collected the bones of his family members. He has their skulls, and his brother's hand. This is enough to turn some people off from him.
    Any Extra Info: He found a M16A2 Rifle dropped by slain National Guard officers. He only has one bullet left. His main weapons are a bat with nails driven through the head, and explosives that he makes.
    He wears a Halloween skeleton costume with the eyes cut out under his clothes. He rarely takes it off. Under his mask he looks about like this.

    artist credit
    Name: Bethany Owen
    Age: 21
    Likes: Nature, sunlight, sweets, crystals, jewelry, makeup, smashing skulls, purple, looking nice; y'know, girl stuff.
    Dislikes: Trucks, poetry, medical mumbo jumbo, serial killer dramas, scifi novels, Alice in Wonderland, wolves, sports.
    Background Info: Bethany grew up poor. When she was 15 years old, her parents won the lottery, winning a grand total of $2 million. This set them up for the rest of their days. When the apocalypse hit, Beth lost her parents. They were attacked in their own home.
    Personality: Beth is a real go getter when it comes to surviving. At first, she was terrified, but now she gets through it pretty easy. She still gets scared a bit easier than others, but she manages. She is very courteous, putting others before herself. This will likely be her downfall, but she can't help but be nice. She does not like taking risks that could be dangerous. However, if those risks don't have much risk, she's okay with them. She's ambitious, and won't stop until she's finished doing what needs doing. Very resourceful, she seems to know how to fix many things in a pinch.

    She is very trusting, and will go with anyone who seems nice enough. She's loyal and honest. She would never tell a lie that would immediately hurt someone, and she will stand by her friends through thick and thin. She is quite optimistic about situations. She is still pretty quiet, but she is friendly. She doesn't like being in large groups, but loves smaller ones.
    Any Extra Info: She uses her father's Glock 17 handgun, which she has two magazines for. She otherwise has an aluminum baseball bat.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Tatterdemalion (was Clary Demarko)
    Age: 25
    Likes: Folklore and mythology, learning new skills, renaissance fairs, Burning Man, and the like, "authentic" costumes (i.e., ones that could legitimately be the everyday clothing of some other era or place, not "costume-y" or cheap), nature, ecology, "appropriate technology," well-written fantasy literature, Paganism, art, medieval/renaissance music, folk dancing, climbing trees.

    Dislikes: Ugliness, modern design, guns, cars, mean people, baseball caps.
    Background Info: Clary was born into a strict religious family in South Carolina. Her parents were firm believers in the "Quiverfull" movement, but their efforts to raise Clary to become an obedient wife and mother to a large family failed spectacularly. By the time she was twelve, she had developed her own idiosyncratic theology in which the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and Satan were separate characters, with the Serpent and Eve being Promethean heroes of the story. At the age of 15, she ran away from home. She drifted from one outcast lifestyle to another--street gangs, Rainbow Gatherings, carnies, WWOOFing--in search of "home" and "tribe." Finally, she discovered renaissance fairs. She'd picked up enough "Maker" and craft skills along her journey to more or less make ends meet by making costumes and accessories to sell at ren fairs, Comic-Cons, and similar gatherings, as well as on Etsy and Ebay. She made a little extra money by writing whimsical illustrated books of neo-folklore. She never got rich, but she made enough money to build (with help) a Romani-style vardo ("Gypsy wagon") that served as a portable residence and workshop.

    She created a "Ranger/Druid/Shaman" persona for herself whom she named Tatterdemalion. While at fairs and cons she presented herself "in character." Over the years, she accumulated various skills as well as knowledge of folklore, paganism, magic and shamanism. Along the way, she came to believe that modern industrial civilization was headed for a decline and fall due to resource depletion, climate change, and its own internal contradictions. Thus, she'd decided to "collapse now and avoid the rush," and try to learn low-tech survival skills (including intermediate skill in the use of longsword and longbow) that would serve her in the coming post-industrial world.

    After the zombies came, she drove her vardo out into a the nearest forest she could reach with the fuel she had, and parked it in the woods. Living alone in the forest, she stopped thinking of herself as Clary altogether, and became Tatterdemalion. The old world had no future; her new life as a creature of myth and folklore was surely just as "real" if not more so than the dying culture of T-shirts, jeans, and automobiles. Of course, that didn't mean she wasn't a complete weirdo--if not insane--in the eyes of any humans who crossed her path. For her part, she considers humans more dangerous than the zombies--they're smarter, and they often have guns.

    Since then, she's lived by hunting, foraging, and trapping birds and small animals for food, supplemented by occasional raids into nearby urban areas. She's been lucky so far, that neither large zombie hordes nor well-organized groups of humans have attempted to move into her territory.

    Personality: Tatterdemalion is a whimsical free spirit. She loves nature and considers herself a part of the wild. She is curious and loves to learn new skills; she "collects" them. They're "trade goods" that no one can steal. She loves mythology and folklore, to the point that she has decided to live it fully. She is not an American struggling to survive in a zombie apocalypse; she is a Ranger/Druid and Guardian of the Wild, passing through the alchemical transformation of the world from walking death to a future rebirth of life.

    Tatterdemalion speaks with an adopted Irish lilt in medieval cadence, and presents herself with an aura of flowery showmanship. She hates guns, to the point that she refuses to consider trying to get and use one, even if it makes life more dangerous for her. She suffers from something akin to a mental allergy to ugliness (such as Brutalist architecture, sloppy 'normal' clothes, and the aggressive design of most cars and SUV's). For her, walking through a modern urban or suburban landscape is like being forced to listen to fingernails on chalkboard, loud, and on a constant loop. One of her biggest fears is that she'll end up becoming just one more ragged survivor in a ruined crapsack world that was hideous (in her opinion) even at its height.

    She is very artistic and creative. In her spare time, she tries to make her surroundings more magical, beautiful, and whimsical. She's built little faerie houses in the woods and hung dreamcatchers and charms from tree branches, and painted Celtic knotwork and occult sigils on rocks. She makes her own music with a simple wooden flute and a hurdy-gurdy.

    She likes to climb trees. Since Z-Day, she's figured out a technique for securing herself in their leafy heights to sleep out of sight and reach of zombies.

    Any Extra Info: She may or may not still have the vardo as a base of operations, depending on the starting setting/scenario of the game and/or GM's choice.


    This sword (sharpened), which she has named Wildwind, this longbow (55 pound draw), this quiver and six of these arrows.

    Tools and equipment:

    Small hatchet (for chopping wood and use as a mallet with the flat back side of the head; the handle is too short for it to serve as a good anti-zombie weapon), Leatherman multi-tool, 50 feet of rope, leather backpack, wool bedroll, small utility knife, half roll of duct tape, two "decoy grenades" (emptied cans filled partly with small rocks and sticks with the open end taped over and a throwing handle of duct tape); can be thrown or rolled downhill to draw off zombies, small brass compass, flint and steel, leather sleeveless jerkin and hooded long-sleeved top piece (pictured above).

    Not carried with her: set of artist's paintbrushes and acrylic paints, tools for leatherworking, wood working, and jewelry making, small garden tools. She keeps these in sacks hoisted up in a tree where they're hard to see from ground level.


    General wilderness survival, knot-tying, basic snares and traps, leather working, jewelry-making, small-scale metal working and soldering (e.g., she can make chainmail given LOTS of time, lots of heavy-gauge steel wire and the right tools, but she can't build a bridge out of iron or steel), Permaculture gardening, Historical European Martial Arts (longsword and longbow), calligraphy, drawing, pen and ink, painting, basic carpentry and wood working (she can make a basic chair, but not fancy dovetail joints), stealth, tracking (wilderness), Sacred Geometry, an eclectic grab bag of mystical, shamanic, and magical practices (I'm assuming no supernatural powers, but she can create the kinds of experiences real-life Wiccans, shamans, etc. have), Tarot reading, and a smattering of sleight of hand and card tricks, flute, hurdy-gurdy, a bit of juggling, and she can ride a unicycle (she will still have one if she has the vardo). Most of these skills are at an intermediate level.

    Idea (optional): Depending on setting/scenario (i.e., if the characters are going to be traveling) and GM's opinion, Tatterdemalion could have a set of "domesticated" walkers (similar to Richonne's early setup in The Walking Dead) she's "dressed" in patchwork harlequin outfits (simple poncho-type garments draped over their bodies, jester hats and hand-made masks) made from salvaged clothing; she would call them The Dolorous Mummers, and use them to pull her vardo like shambling sled dogs, controlled by dangling a piece of meat in front of them from a long stick.
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  6. "I'll burn that bridge when I get to it."
    Gentleman gunslinger.jpg

    Name: Bryyan Ashtongue (Breeahn Ash-tung)

    Age: 34

    Likes: Guns, leather, metal, wood, tattoos, courtesy, fire, nature, life, death, greens, reds, earth tones, silver, Paganism, doing magic, food (particularly mushrooms)
    Dislikes: Pain, suffering, being eaten, not having food, neon-bright colors, people who touch his mushrooms

    Background: Bryyan was born to Aerik and Susan Ashtongue, who were eclectic pagans, and lived in one of the few openly pagan communities in the civilized world. As he grew up, he was taught myth and magic by his whole community, and was allowed to follow his own path. He refers to his own beliefs as "eclectic grey paganism," like his parents. It was here he learned patience, as well as to appreciate all that Fate throws at you, good and bad, and to "take his grains of salt with a grain of salt."
    When he became a grown man and decided to venture off into the world to find himself, he found work wherever he could and became caught in the "Gentleman Culture" that had been having a recent re-emerging. He dresses well, fights almost fair, and remains well-groomed. After much experimenting, he settled on a pseudo-steampunk adventurer style.
    After many years of prosperous and boring business, he created a side-life of organized crime. He would pull off daring heists and such and then retreat to remote areas where he could wait for the heat to die down, while his money made money. He keeps about himself his manners, regardless of what dire state the world has found itself in. Currently, his only goal is to remain sane enough to survive.

    Personality: Gentlemanly, laid back, open minded, cautious, protective, intelligent.

    Anything extra: If he has mushrooms of any kind, it is best not to eat them unless they are offered. They are either poisonous, hallucinogenic, or his goddamn mushrooms.

    Weapons (open)
    Bryyan's Peacemaker.jpg
    An old-style revolver
    Bryyan's Sawn Off.jpg
    A sawn-off 12 gauge shotgun
    Bryyan's Hatchet.jpg
    An outdoorsman's hatchet, on his harness on his back
    Bryyan's Knuckles.jpg
    A pair of brass knuckles, one of the pictured for each hand

    Misc (open)
    He also carries a small pouch of crystals, a small assortment of mushrooms, a basic first aid kit, headache medicine, herbal versions of all his medicines, a flashlight, head-hair comb, face-hair comb, single blade razor, extra ammunition, a small wood mortar and pestle, a personal Book of Shadows, and a portable altar in a small, unmarked tin can.

    Skills: Firearms, IRL-style magick (similar to Tatterdemalion), first aid, alternative medicine, business management, cooking, strategic defense, turning homes into fortresses, horse riding, moving stealthily, not charging dick first into danger, sewing, fire starting, unarmed combat, lock picking, driving, cycling.
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  7. Just make sure you don't go too overboard with guy okay? Besides that you're good!
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Briar Rose Darling
    Age: 10
    Likes: Science, mathematics, Steampunk, mechanical contraptions, tinkering, bicycles, cats.
    Dislikes: Cruelty, aggression, snooty people, zombies, gore, being unwanted.
    Background Info: Briar Rose was conceived by her mother in an affair, and she does not know who her real father is. Her nominal father hated her, but kept up appearances in public to protect the family from scandal. Her parents fought constantly whenever she came up in conversation, so she retreated into worlds of scholarship and invention. She raced ahead of children her own age in her schoolwork (which she viewed as an inconvenience to be dispensed with quickly so she could move on to more interesting things).

    Her father had enrolled her into the exclusive private high school he'd went to as a boy, a nest of social climbers and rich spoiled brats, knowing full well that it would make her--and by extension, her mother--utterly miserable. Before the the time came to send her away however, the zombies came to the "rescue." She huddled with her parents and her half-brother Leigh in the family mansion while their supplies held out. Finally, the three adults decided it was time to go out in search of supplies. They never returned.

    She waited for them alone in the dark house until it became apparent that the worst had happened. She gathered her gear and set out with her steampunk recumbent trike and trailer. After several narrow escapes, she found her mother and father...shambling among the dead. Sometimes she still wakes up screaming from nightmares of them coming at her, jaws gaping, hands flailing and grasping. She doesn't know what happened to her half-brother Leigh. Since then she's survived by hook and by crook, sometimes by sheer luck and her talent for squeezing through small spaces.

    Briar Rose hopes to find a group of good people she can join up with, and help them rebuild civilization. She hasn't had any luck with this so far, because the people she's seen have either been too scary for her to show herself to, or less than eager to accept the burden of a child. Having been unwanted all her life, she picks up on the signs and lets people off the hook instead of guilt-tripping her way into safety in numbers the way her half-brother would probably do in her place.

    Personality: Briar Rose is highly intelligent, though she often seems to have the attention span of a gnat. Her mind is constantly leaping from one thing to another. Her notebooks and papers are always in a complete state of disarray, yet somehow she is able to actually find things (unless someone "tidies up" for her!). She quickly loses herself in reading, writing, and tinkering with inventions and research projects in varying stages of partial completion. She is easily intimidated, since most everyone is bigger, stronger, and meaner than she is. She is socially awkward and has a difficult time speaking persuasively.

    Extra Info:

    18th century brass and iron fireplace poker (from home)
    Hunting slingshot (found in a sporting goods store)


    Canvas and leather hiker's backpack she uses as a book bag. Contains a seemingly random collection of notebooks and papers inscribed with oddly whimsical "technical" drawings of various inventions and ideas in different stages of completion, and notes written in neat feminine handwriting. Drafting tools, measuring tape, small hack saw, a set of small files, an antique hand-powered drill she found being used as wall decor in a restaurant, a Leatherman multi-tool, hand lens, small ball peen hammer, fire starter, and a few cotter pins.

    Education and Skills:

    Bicycle repair, basic mechanics, basic electronics, technical drawing, mathematics (algebra and geometry, plus a smattering of calculus and trigonometry), a broad but not deep "general scientific knowledge." Her education is at a roughly "honors high school freshman" level (somewhat more advanced in areas that interest her most), the result of private tutoring and a quick mind.
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  9. Appearance: tumblr_m9fegztR3a1qmy3ugo1_500.jpg
    The mask Serenity constantly wears was made by herself, using various pieces of metal, screws, and bolts. It has slots for the eyes, though generally people can't see them due to how well they blend in with the mask.

    Name: Serenity Marsh

    Age: 24

    Likes: surviving, playing guitar

    Dislikes: starving, being devoured by undead, excessively annoying people

    Background Info: Before the apocalypse jumped full speed into her life, Serenity was a peaceful and happy bread maker, and part time courier for odd jobs. When the apocalypse hit, she joined up with a bandit group, and traveled as such for a while. She never much cared for killing people, but settled for sneaking around, stealing supplies, and even personal belongings right off of people.

    Now she travels looking to help anyone she can, after her group picked a fight with the wrong survivors. She knew better, and left them to their fate. Serenity goes by Sery, and almost never shares her real name with anyone.

    Personality: Serenity is rather calm, quiet, and observant, and is hesitant to let anyone too close.

    Weapons: Serenity has a revolver and a silenced handgun, and also has a crowbar for those sticky situations. She has a large pack filled with loads of goodies, and a bit of ammunition here and there, though she can't always keep track of where it is. She also has a sniper rifle that she carries for looks since the ammunition it uses has been long since discontinued. That, and the bolt is no longer in the rifle.

    Hope this is good! I thought the mask looked rather mecha-like, but it also had that hand-made amateur look to it, so I improvised the details behind it.
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  10. Just make sure she doesn't go super God Mode on us! But besides that you're good to go!! Can't wait for you to join us!
  11. @Cry.EXE, no worries. I don't like going super badass. I thought I'd add a bit of aesthetic with her boltless rifle, and the pack. Her clothes are rather tattered, and her mask is an intimidation item to strangers and hostiles, and her anonymity to friendlies. I find that not many people have their characters hide behind a mask is another reason I chose her mask thing as well.

    I may not be able to make way too many posts or anything, the WiFi I'm using tends to be dead most of the day lately.
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  12. Picture:[​IMG]
    Name: Emily Argent (Argentine)

    Age: 24

    Likes: ice cold beer, menthal cigarettes, honesty, trust, dogs, and snicker's bars

    Dislikes: bad people, off key singing, blatant stupidity, body spray, fire

    Background Info: Born to a loving family Emily lost her father at a young age in a tragic house fire. Striking up a deep seated fear of fire for the rest of her life. As she grew up she eventually decided to join the military to hopefully do something good with her life. She felt like she did good work batteling terrorists in foreign lands but when word of a possible attack on home soil hit ears, her platoon was the first to fall back to home soil. She was sent half way across the US from her family, and before she could see them again the shit hit the metaphorical fan, and all hell broke loose.

    Personality: She is a very caring and kind hearted person who will more often then not try to take the high road and avoid conflict. but when a fight starts she stays calm cool and collected providing valuable cover fire from afar with her rifle.

    Any Extra Info: Carries a 5.66 cal semi auto rifle with an 18 round clip, as well as a military issue combat knife and tactical 9mm side arm. She is also carrying three MRE's and a canteen of water.
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  13. Picture:[​IMG]
    Name: Marcus


    Likes: Whisky, cigars, his Rifle, trustworthy company, a clean bill of health

    Dislikes: Bullet wounds, stb wounds, bite wounds, wounds of many and all shapes and sizes,

    Background Info: ==---CLASSIFIED--==

    Personality: Can seem a bit over bearing at times as he will often at times try control situations. But over all he's a caring guy who just wants to survive the apocolypse.

    Any Extra Info: Caries, a .308 tactical sniper rifle, government issue. Has a .50 cal revolcer, and 1 machete.

    I left his bio classified as I will reveal his back story as we go and it fits with the character type he will be. Little hint, He worked for the President.
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  14. @Cry.EXE, is there an IC for this yet, or is that yet to be made? Not that I'm in a hurry, I'm just a bit curious is all
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  15. Thanks, @Tarieles. I'll join as soon as I see a fitting time to jump in.
  16. Is there space for, say, one more?
  17. Yeah just make a forum!
  18. Annabelle RP.jpg
    Name: Annabelle Dosette
    Age: 23
    Likes: Cooking, Allowing her creativity to flourish in crazy projects, Bear (her canine companion), Heights, Retro candy, and Show tunes.
    Dislikes: The undead, Rude people, The possibility of failure, Not having a radio, Wet socks.
    Background Info: Annabelle was born and raised in the south by a construction worker and a baker where her unruly love for creative science was allowed to grow freely. She began to invent nonsensical items at a young age that later helped earn her a Master's Degree in engineering. Despite it, the town she lived in called her a self-proclaimed inventor: which was true to a point. Instead of taking an actual career with her knowledge, she stayed at home designing things like rooftop gardens and metal fire-breathing dragons for a plethora of clients between shifts at a local diner she enjoyed spending time at.
    Personality: Annabelle is a kind and helpful woman who often shines with optimistic enthusiasm even during the worst of days- until it comes to her dog. Considering he's the only real thing left from her old life, she's overly protective of him and will go through extremes to do so.
    Any Extra Info:
    Gear-- Small gray hiking backpack that contains
    water, dog food, light weight rations, a small tool kit, batteries, one change of clothes, and a single tennis ball.
    Baseball-bat flashlight.

    brindle dane.jpg
    Name: Bear (NPC)
    : 3
    Likes: Treats, Squeaky toys, Tennis balls.
    Dislikes: Snow.
    Background Info: Annabelle Dosette's brindle Great Dane that's been attached to her heels since she adopted him.
    Personality: Loyal, Intelligent, Overly friendly, Protective.
    Any Extra Info: Wears a gas mask, harness, and specialized rubber boots.

    Is the NPC alright to have?​
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