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  1. The Castle in the Sky
    For 300 years, a castle has been seen flying over the world of Wu Xing. Its path has been charted by astronomers from various countries, and religious cults have called the castle their God. Some even have celebrations when it passes over their home.

    But there is always one question in the minds of the people: who lives in this castle? Astronomers spot lights from its windows, and water pouring forth in massive waterfalls. And sometimes an unfortunate soul will encounter manure raining from the skies, where it falls onto their fields or on their heads. Everyone knows there is life in this castle, but who are the people who live there?

    Well, you know the answer to this question because you live here. Your home is called Ziyou, or Freedom, and for generations your family has lived here. The castle has been sectioned off to provide living areas, bedrooms, gardens, and live stock areas. Cramped spaces are abound. Families and friends learn how to live together, and those that commit crimes are dealt with severely and swiftly.

    It is the 300th anniversary of your castle's flight in the sky, and everyone is gathering in the Dining Hall to listen to tales of its founding, and enjoy a plentiful feast. However, all is not well. An old debt needs to be repaid, and the castle dwellers are her victims.


    - Knowledge about the surface world is scant and hard to come by. Libraries in the castle are cramped, and their books are not well tended thanks to the moisture in the air. Knowledge is typically passed down through oral tradition.

    - Humans are the only races that live in this castle.

    - There are no maps of the surface world.

    - Everyone knows each other in this castle. Some can have a good reputation, and others not so much.

    - This is a medieval fantasy game with ASIAN influences. The names, clothes, food, and locations must be Asian based. This does not mean you can type with Asian characters. Everything must be spelled out with the English alphabet.

    - How the castle functions will be revealed in the first chapter of this roleplay. And yes, this roleplay will be told with chapters.

    - I am taking a small group of players for this game. At most six people. This game is Invite Only, or through Requests.

    - This a retelling of my Pathfinder game, translated for forum roleplay. Expect a balance of roleplay and combat.


    1. This is an Invite Only roleplay, but I am open to Requests. Please note that the posting expectations for this roleplay are Intermediate. You can find the guidelines here. If you are requesting to join, please send me a PM.

    2. Any sexual scenes must fade to black, or have a spoiler tag stating what the scene is about. Gore and violence is completely fine.

    3. You may only play as a human in this roleplay. One character per player.

    4. You cannot include more than what is asked of you in the Character Profile, and you must fill out all required fields. BE BRIEF. I don't want to read a chunk of text about your character. We can find that stuff out in the roleplay.

    5. You cannot play a thief, mercenary, assassin, or crime lord. The people don't care for these kinds of people and you shall be punished harshly and swiftly for acting out. The castle does have its own militia, called The Order of the Cloud.

    6. Loner characters piss me off, especially in this story that requires lots of social interaction. Shy or timid characters are allowed, but if you are someone who won't try to interact with others, but expect to others to provide you with that courtesy, I will ask you to leave.

    7. I encourage magic, but your characters cannot be good at everything. If your character knows magic, they can only focus on a maximum of TWO schools. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Healing, Dark, Illusions, etc., all count as schools. One school of magic takes One Skill Slot. These are the prohibited schools of magic: teleportation, mana drain, telepathy, telekinesis, necromancy, extra planar, summoning, voodoo, time travel, and pocket dimensions.

    I will not take mana into account, but after a strenuous and intensive fight, your characters must show some sort of exhaustion, and if pushed too far, could die. If you do not have magic listed as a Skill, you do not know any magic.

    8. I will hijack your character if you are gone for an extended period of time or if I need to move the plot along. I encourage collaborative posts between players.

    Character Sheets



    Appearance: (Pictures only! Keep Asian influence in mind)

    Occupation: (Blacksmith, Baker, Gardener, Librarian, Storyteller, Painter, Healer, etc.)

    Five Words that Describe your Character:

    Skills: (Things that are associated with your job, magical prowess, quirky physical traits, or hobbies go here. These are things that your character has worked on for a certain amount of time. Personality traits like charming, perceptive, or lonely, cannot be used here.)





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  2. Name: Bingwen Mocdip

    Age: 57

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Occupation: Castle Historian

    Five Words that Describe your Character: Wise, Xenophobic, Eccentric, Old, Talkative


    1. Mind Palace - Despite his age Bingwen has an incredible memory, and can recall obscure events and dates from books he's read years ago.

    2. Air Magic Prowess - He is skilled at levitating a few feet above the ground, summoning a cloud to to float on, or throwing massive currents of air. Bingwen has had decades of years to hone his magic.

    3. Linguist - Bingwen loves reading and writing, and often writes stories for the children to enjoy.

    4. Achy Bones - His old, achy bones tells Bingwen when it's going to rain, hail, storm, and all manners of precipitation.
  3. Liu Xiaojing — Gardener, goldenrod
    Name: Liu Xiaojing | 劉 翛 静
    Name Meaning: Swift Peace
    (Note this is a Chinese name; Liu is the surname.)

    Age: 29

    Occupation: Gardener, Stable Master

    Five Words: Calm. Welcoming. Studious. Precise. Virtuous.

    Bow Mastery - Some say that Xiaojing was born with a bow already in hand. She has practiced it since before she can remember and has excellent control and accuracy.

    Scholar - Xiao loves to read and learn, and has a thirst for knowledge and understanding.

    Calming Aura - Her warm, but calm nature has a tendency to set others at ease.

    Water Magic Novice - Xiao is beginning to learn the arts of water magic, and can manipulate existing bodies of water, but cannot create water.
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  4. Takeshi Satoru --- Magus, blue Name: Takeshi Satoru (Last name last, not first.)

    Age: 30
    Appearance (open)


    Occupation: Magus of the Cloud

    Five Words: Ambitious, Cold, Intelligent, Brooding, Calculating


    Magically Trained: Takeshi has trained rigorously for years to hone his skills in magic, and continues to do so. He is able to cast basic spells from all schools of Magic.

    Light Specialization: Able to cast high level spells from the Light school of magic.

    Dark Specialization: Able to cast high level spells from the Dark school of magic.

    Master Swordsman: Alongside his training in magic, Takeshi has mastered the use of a Katana, which he uses in concert with his magic.
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  5. Mogushan The Mountain
    Name: Fan Mogu (Last name first)

    Age: 34

    Occupation: Warrior of The Cloud

    Five Words that Describe your Character: Strong Willed, Competent, Mountain-like, Slow, Stoic


    Giant: Mogu is a man with a hulking stature, and is not easily intimidated. With his size he makes those who stand before him tremble. He is also renown for not being able to be brought down, and is compared to a mountain.

    Watchtower: With his years of watching over the castle, he has kept a keen eye and is always watching.

    Heavy Hitter: Mogu’s weapon of choice is anything that can break down a door. With that in mind, he is at his best when using heavy weaponry.

    Loud Roar: Mogu is known for his loud voice, and his shouts briefly deafen those within the vicinity.

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  6. Ha Yu Ling
    Name: Ha Yu Ling ['Ha' is the last name]
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Storyteller and Musician
    Five Words: Curious, boisterous, persistent, creative, and childish.

    Musical Prodigy
    Yu Ling is talented in almost all areas of music. She can write beautiful songs and play them on any instrument that she has been taught to play. When encountering a new instrument, she sees it as a challenge waiting to be conquered and will not rest until she's learned how to use the instrument.

    Since she was a child, Yu Ling has always been able to express herself in only a few words and she uses this skill to tell her stories.

    Little Monkey
    Being an active kid who often gets chased off for being too chatty and curious for her own good, Yu Ling has mastered the art of scrambling up the nearest tree or climbable building to safety.

    Pack Rat
    Aside from being a master storyteller and a wondrous musician, Yu Ling is also a hoarder. She sees something she likes, acquires it and promptly stashes in her living quarters. These 'things' can range from jewelry to sweets. Despite sometimes going to great lengths to get these items, Yu Ling has no problem giving them up for something that she thinks is better.
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  7. Xiao Han

    Name: Xiao Han (Last name first)

    Age: 33




    Five Words
    Calm, Controlled, Blunt, Slightly Kind, Misunderstood


    Scholar of the Body
    Mastering martial arts has given Han a greater understanding of his own body and those of others. He knows the areas on the body to hit to disable or greatly injure an individual.

    Master of Karate
    Han is a master of Karate. His strikes are quick and precise, and he rarely misses a target.

    Master of Kobudo
    While training in Karate Han also learned it's sister art - Kobudo. He is skilled with pole arms, nunchaku, and kama.

    Master of Air Magic
    Han learned from various others the ways of air magic. He uses the new skills he gained from his past teachers quicken his attacks or movements.

  8. Mogu: I didn't know they let monkeys into the celebration

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  9. Liu Ai, #AB82FF

    Name: Liu Ai 劉爱
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Guardian of The Cloud
    Five Words: Decisive. Confident. Honest. Kind. Stubborn.

    I Can See Into Your Soul
    When face to face with somebody Ai is able to tell the true nature of someone by looking into their eyes giving her sixth sense of when someone is lieing to her.

    Because of Vigorous discipline training Ai has a hardened body enabling to ignore the pain of large wounds and carry on fighting.

    Through meditation Ai is able to restore the chakra in her body to align herself to be spiritually in tune with her body, making it easy for her to remain calm in hectic situations.

    Dual Wield (Wakizashi)
    Has been taught and is apt at using Wakizashi.
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  10. Name: Nakahara Suzu (last name first)

    Age: 21

    Appearance: I am not very good at finding good pictures. But this is something like what she would look like if you gave her a bath and cleaned her hair.
    Show Spoiler

    Occupation: Healer

    Five Words that Describe your Character: protective, obsessive, odd, high-strung, naturalist.


    Healing arts: Since she was a child Suzu has trained to be a healer. It was not always an easy task but she has managed to become pretty skillful. Whenever possible she tries to use natural remedies to treat others, but she will use magic when the need arises. She has to be careful though over exerting herself comes at a price.

    Green thumb: While she is not one of the gardeners Suzu has a small bed where she raises some of the different herbs that she uses regularly and she is rather proud of the fact that it is growing well.

    Surprise Attack: Since she does not have a lot of skill when it comes to physical fighting Suzu tries to through her enemy, attacking quickly and ferociously to try and end the fight before her opponent can strike back.

    Puzzling: Suzu has a deep love of puzzles, patterns and mind games. And when faced with a new challenge she can end up wasting days or weeks trying to work out an answer.
  11. :3 Little disclaimer:
    The stories I use, I've heard them somewhere else but changed them to fit the Asian culture in the rp.
  12. Oh, you bards and your silly stories. I will find some use for you. Mwahaha!

    Fuyu's name means Wealthy in Chinese. His original name in my Pathfinder game is Richard.
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  13. ET and Aira both playing healers? So that means we can rush in with reckless abandon all the time, right?
  14. ... Suuuuuure!
  15. We got one big meat shield, so the more healers the better.
  16. Two healers huh hmmmm
  17. Yeah personally I would say that if one of you wanted to change your character so that you're both not playing healers, I don't think anyone would complain. So far we have a tank warrior, an archer for med-long range precision, a martial arts master melee monk, a helpful bard, a versatile combat caster, and 2 healers.

    Oddly enough, no dedicated swordsmen (Mogu uses two handed smashing weapons) and no dedicated long range casters. Granted my character kinda does both, but leans heavily on the caster side.

    Sooooo... Yeah. I guess looking at it that way, just be what ya want XD No matter what, we pretty much have all the bases covered.
  18. I'll go for the swordsman roll since it seems to lean more toward my character, DPS =O
  19. If you want to Ai, I can work with both options.
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