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  1. Peace is not something that just happens. It is something that must be carefully maintained. And the people of the world of Aethus have been most negligent in that aspect.


    Once again the drums of war pound their morbid beat and the synchronized stomping boots of men carry them to their distant graves. This world is no stranger to combat, but this conflict is different. This time technology has allowed the entire world to get involved- every city is a potential battlefield, every family a potential victim.

    And you have been chosen to lead the fighting men of your side to victory. Good luck, commanders.

    Please read the information below to choose your faction. All players will be on the same side, so you will need to come to a consensus- or I will make a decision if it seems there is a consensus but agreement cannot be reached. Please do not make your decision on a moral basis- all elements of this setting are completely fictional and any resemblance to anything else is entirely unintentional.

    Anyway, please read all the way through before deciding, and post your decision below! For additional information please view the first post of the Interest Check thread, and feel free to post questions below!

    The Confederated States of Olanetia


    Separated from the Arokan conflict by an ocean and fragmented by a diverse populace from a wide variety of backgrounds, the Confederated States of Olanetia stands as a lone example of cooperation in a fiercely divided world. Accepting of all newcomers, the CS has served as an experiment of multiculturalism and tolerance.

    While this has been lauded a great strength, the result is a political system that operates through demographic division, and the resulting polarization lead to a crippling indecision. For the past decade, concession after concession was made in the hopes of avoiding a potentially devastating political fallout for foisting an unpopular declaration of war on the people of the Confederated States.

    Only now has the mass propaganda efforts effectively spurred the Olanetian people out of inactivity, and even so the devotion to the painful necessities of war remains tenuous at best. Perhaps the fight ahead will provide the catalyst to firmly unite the people and provide a strong national identity with which all can relate.


    Fellow Olanetians,

    It is with a heavy heart that I come before you today. For too long our nation has watched, and prayed, and tried to find a peaceful solution to the horrific conflict that has spread across the Arokan continent. For too long we have struggled to maintain the delicate line between defending the lives of the innocent and maintaining a position of neutrality. But now the time for waiting, and hoping, has come to an end.

    With his insatiable lust for conquest, Father has proved himself an untrustworthy member of the worldwide community. With each passing day his armies press closer to the last bastions of freedom in Aroka, and in doing so they threaten not only our own safety, but in fact the fate of civilization itself.

    The window for a diplomatic resolution has now shut, and the Confederated States of Olanetia can no longer stand by and allow the menace of the Grienzstren Hegemon to eclipse international sovereignty. Accordingly, this morning I have requested that the Senate approve my official declaration of war, and as of this evening, Winter 14th, 41 NE, they have done so, recognizing a state of mutual hostility so that we, as a nation, may stand against the barbaric shadow that would eclipse us all.

    As always, I will come to you with each and every development to ensure that you, the Olanetian people, continue to stay abreast of the situation. It is only through your continued support and earnest sacrifice in the dark days ahead of us that we will be able to press back the tides of evil and wrench free Aroka from the cruel grip of a murderous madman.
    -Prime Minister Clara Martenson's address to the Confederated States of Olanetia, Winter 14th, 41 NE

    Strategic Advantages
    Industrialist Economy- They used to make trinkets and knick-knacks, but now they'll make the weapons of war. The Confederated States starts with much higher Refining and Manufacturing than any other faction.

    Untapped Riches- Long ignored in favor of cheap imports, Olanetia has plentiful amounts of underutilized domestic unprocessed fuel reserves and mineral ore deposits. Resource Gathering will swiftly increase as a result.

    People First- An underlying respect for individual well-being has resulted in crew safety being a top priority of vehicle design. Destroyed vehicles have a significantly greater chance of a successful crew evacuation. For aerial vehicles this includes ejection systems to allow pilots to land safely.

    Strategic Disadvantages
    Organizational Division- Army, Navy, and Air Force, and Special Forces are all individual entities with separate command structures. Commanders must choose one and cannot control assets from another.

    Foolhardy- Soldiers are trained to follow orders but CS soldiers are still notoriously headstrong. Especially when morale is high, CS units may refuse orders to pull back or cease pursuing a retreating enemy.
    Someone Else's Fight- CS soldiers are fighting in a distant land to protect a people who are not their own, and sometimes they do grumble about it. Low morale has an increased chance of causing desertion and routing.

    The World On Your Shoulders- Olanetia is sending war materiel to pretty much every nation opposing the Grienzstren Hegemon, and as a result there is less of it available for their own military. A quarter of all Production is sent overseas to other countries.

    A People Divided- Only recently has the tide of public opinion shifted in favor of war, and even still Grienz-Olanetians are the largest ethnicity in Olanetia. As a result there is a small but significant threat of sabotage and espionage from potential DiZens sympathizers.


    Grienzstren Hegemon


    One man watched his country fall from the height of civilization to the depths of utter depravity. All virtues peeled away, all hope dashed on the rocks of unrelenting poverty, his proud nation was reduced to the wastebasket of the world. Shackled by the chains of international agendas, betrayed by its own corrupt politicians, its populace set one against the other, family member against family member. One man saw all this, and he wept.

    But when his sorrowful sobbing had stopped, his voice rose to fill the void. He spoke with a passionate love for his people that had not been seen in decades. He filled the hearts of those who heard him with a burning hope and reminded them of a time when they had stood proud. He pointed out the traitors who had undermined their nation to line their own pockets with blood money. And he awoke within his people the burning zeal that had been trampled out of them, and they swarmed to his side with a single, resounding plea: lift us out of this crushing despair and bring light to our people once more so we need no longer hate ourselves for our own miserable existence!

    And so he did. He swore to his people that every stolen ounce of gold and drained drop of blood will be paid back in full, and all those who had brought his beloved motherland to its knees will now face justice. And the world shook in fear of his righteous wrath.


    Do not... listen... to me!

    [Pause, confused audience murmuring gradually falls silent]

    Do not listen to any who would put themselves above you. Do not ever give yourselves to any who would demand... your blind obedience! I do not ask you to obey my edicts or bow to my will. I ask only that you look inside yourselves. We live in a time of intentional ignorance. For the truth is painful to know. But I assure you that it is very worth knowing. So I ask you- look to your own lives, your own experiences. Listen to your hearts! Break through the lies you've been told, the hateful venom injected into your mind. Give up the pervasive thought parasite that leeches your honesty and creativity and joy. Free yourself from guilt and despair and self-hatred and simply... listen.

    [Long pause, silence]

    Look around you, think about your own situation. Does it match the story we've all been told? Are you better off for your continuous shame and cruel self-debasement? Is your family stronger for the cultural decay that surrounds us? Does the future look brighter under the looming blade of international control? Can you right now tell your children- if you even manage to have any at all in such a society- that you are doing your best to ensure that they will have a world worth inheriting, instead of one that would see them dead in favor of others?

    If your answer to these questions is 'no,' then you need not listen to me. Because you know the truth, in your heart. The only question now is what will you do with that knowledge? And that... is where I come in. Because with the truth in mind, and a correct and just fire in our hearts, we can set right any wrong and create a shining future. For ourselves, for our families, for our race. Join me, and no longer will you need silence the truth that you all know in favor of the falsehood that would poison us all.


    Those who would silence your concerns, they do so with accusations of anger, never once admitting that in these times: anger is completely warranted! In such times of great suffering and misery, anger is the correct response! They fear your anger, for they know that with it, comes strength. From it, flows passion. Through it, you have the ability to change the world!

    And so I ask you: have your detractors defeated you with implications of emotional instability? Have they crushed your will with insults and slander? I assure you: they have only won if you allow yourself to be censored, to be scared into defeat, shamed into submission. And so, you shall do no such thing. You shall stand up! And you shall let. your. rage. be. heard!

    [Deafening applause]

    -Excerpt from "Existence or Destruction: Your Active Choice" Father's final speech before the election of Autumn 43rd, 30 NE, given at the Unified World Zoo amphitheater in Tulich, Grienzhoff

    Strategic Advantages
    Precise and Efficient- Exceptional organization, an outstanding work ethic, a meritocratic approach to promotion, and a lack of bureaucratic red tape makes for a frighteningly responsive industrial engine. What Resource Gathering, Refining and Manufacturing the GH does possess is twice as productive.

    Technologically Advanced- A highly intelligent and endlessly inquisitive people, Grienz scientists are the best in the world, always pushing the limit of the theoretical. As a result, they start with more developed military technology, and continue to research additional improvements much faster.

    To the Last Man- Battle-hardened from years of fighting, toughened from a history of bloody war spanning back many centuries, and filled with the perfect mix of zeal for their cause and fear for their future, GH soldiers will do anything that their country asks of them. Low morale has a greatly decreased chance of causing desertion and routing, and all GH units have +2 Discipline.

    Strategic Disadvantages
    Fighting Where You Sleep- Extended combat on the Arokan continent has left much of the infrastructure damaged or destroyed, and has thus made it difficult to grow Production. The GH starts with a third of the Resource Gathering, Refining, and Manufacturing that the UCCS and CSO have.

    Rock and a Hard Place- The Grienzstren Hegemon is facing a war on two fronts- a power-hungry lumbering beast stirs in the frozen South while the recalcitrant East finally unifies against them. As a result, the war effort must be divided between the two theaters or face being crushed in the middle.


    United Council of Centralized States


    In a time of shocking inequality, the seeds of resentment were planted. Watered by the excesses of the wealthy few and fertilized by the suffering of the poor, those seeds blossomed into a mighty tree of revolution, the leaves of which dripped red with blood, the branches hung low with the weight of its swaying, decomposing fruits.

    Spurred by a desire for complete equality, the wardens of the nascent political system mandated an end to individual ownership of property in the hopes of preventing such abuses from repeating. The leaders of this classless society promised an abundant utopia of perfect cooperation and harmony, though this goal has yet to be achieved. And on the way a number of concessions had to be made, for the good of all. But paradise is just around the corner and the special powers granted to the governing Councils will surely be returned to the people once that destination is reached and all external threats have been vanquished.

    Glory to the United Council!


    Compatriots! Friends! Working brothers and sisters of the illustrious United Council of Centralized States, courageous men of the Council Army and Council Navy, farming brothers and sisters, teaching brothers and sisters in the academies, and all who yearn for the overthrow of all oppressive governance over the common peoples of the world!

    On behalf of the Council I am greeting you on this most glorious day bearing tidings of the highest import! While the United Council was celebrating the tenth anniversary of its Triumphant Autumn Populace Uprising, our noble troops from the promised regions of Southern Aroka have reported a treachery most dire. I know that the last time I came to you with greetings it was with a tale of a blossoming friendship with Grienzhoff, but while we shook her hand in trust, she held in her other a dagger behind her back.

    After completing the liberation of the working class in much of Dalphrane and Hurand as was guaranteed, our Council Army set about the task of returning power to the commonalty. In their virtuous duties they were ambushed by perfidious Grienz brigands and driven to the winds by the multiplicity of the betrayal.

    If only the Grienz had finished us off all at once, they might have posed a real threat. But the enemy made one crucial mistake from which they will not recover. They left our wills unbroken, and together we will retaliate with a single, unified might as Aroka has never known before.

    The bandits are not so strong as the traitorous whispering that echoes within the esteemed halls of higher learning. Be most assured compatriots, this toxic clamoring has not gone unnoticed and it will be addressed appropriately. But in contrary to the heinous lies of the Grienz collaborators, the actual position of the Grienz bandits is one of weakness and vulnerability. Already our brave fighting men are pushing the foe back, by bullet and by bayonet, revenging our fallen heroes.

    The wolves at our doors howl with impotence and turn on each other, snarling and snapping, and soon they will turn tail and run. The enemy simply cannot maintain the effort to fight much longer, and within several months to a year at the most, Father's Grienzhoff will crumble and collapse under the weight of her atrocities.

    Eternal honor to the virtuous defenders of the common folk, our righteous brothers in the Council Army, which alone stands in defense of the Fatherland to keep the thieves and murderers at bay.

    Defeat to the enemies of the people!

    Glory to our extended family, triumph to the people!

    Together we will overcome all opposition!

    -Chairman Jakob Tavkin's speech in the Prime Council Square, Kasvow, Spring 71st, 39 NE

    Strategic Advantages
    Excess Population- When you have more unemployed combat-aged men than you have food to feed them, the answer is pretty easy. Send them off to war for glory and wealth, that they will likely never return to receive. UCCS Recruitment is doubled.

    Loan-Charter- As part of the CSO's eagerness to fund those who would fight the GH, they are sending the UCCS components, munitions, and vehicles.

    Strategic Disadvantages
    Collectivist Nightmare- Redistributed manufacturing has had some unforeseen consequences. Resource Gathering, Refining, and Manufacturing are only about a third as effective as they should be.

    Here, Share- There just aren't enough guns to go around. Starting infantry squads' Rate of Fire is halved. Can scavenge weapons from defeated enemy infantry squads to raise Rate of Fire.

    Five Minute Orientation- Very limited training for conscripts results in a lower average accuracy and less disciplined soldiers. All UCCS units start with -1 Accuracy and -1 Discipline.


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  2. Spot reserved for stuff.
  3. Well, I always thought Dr. House would be a sufficient dictator.
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  4. Grienz for sure. Technology and discipline always equal a victory. Though a the production loss and two front war is a downside, it's not debilitating.
  5. It's what killed Germany in the second World War. And Germany in the First World War. And- You know, two-front wars are pretty debilitating.

    I'd have to go with the UCCS. While manufacturing is not as effective, it's somewhat offset by the supplies coming in from Olanetia. As well, the ability to scavenge weapons means that UCCS troops will, at least in terms of roleplay, be scavenging advanced tech from dead Grienz soldiers. So, as time goes on, it's logical to assume that we'll either start producing more advanced tech of our own, or that we'll have a stolen arsenal amassed.

    If it comes down to it, though, I'll accept the decision of the GH.
  6. Interesting 180 there, but okay. As I said in the interest check thread, it doesn't matter to me which factions you guys wind up playing.

    You would be correct! The start will be pretty brutal though. Be prepared to lose quite a bit, at least at first. Just make sure to do so in a way that ameliorates the loss, or Chairman Jakob Tavkin will be most displeased with you~
  7. No matter how much I want House to be my loving Father and World ruler I'm going to have to agree with @The Philosoraptor here. The UCCS are going to be the most disadvantaged in terms of fighting force. I think it would way more interesting (and frustrating) to role-play. Whatever game I am playing I always pick the hardest difficulty.


    What's that?


    Stalin doesn't exist in this universe?


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  9. Well, so far two votes for Ron Swanson and one vote for Gregory House!

    I'm working on the unit rules now, but it looks like we're leaning toward you guys playing the UCCS as of now.
  10. Hey, so pretty much all of my RPs have gone and fell of the cliff into the dark of the unknown and that was all that was holding me back from expressing interest in this. So now that that has happened here I am, expressing interest!

    UCCS seems like what's going to be chosen and I have no problems with that. Just wondering if you're only talking ground units or if there is any possibility I could sneak in and control a fleet of ships. BECAUSE COME ON NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS IN WWII WERE INSANITY. And I would love to recreate some of that.

    Otherwise I'll just sort of fill in a command slot where it's needed.
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  11. Hi Insomnant, long time no see.

    So I missed the int-check on this initially (only found it a few minutes ago.) but it does look quite interesting.

    Just figured I'd put that down for the moment since I don't have time to actually read through all the details here yet, I'm on my lunch break afterall. I'll give it a more thorough look when I get home.
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  12. I'm caught between the CSO and UCCS. For the moment chalk my vote to UCCS but I reserve the right to change my vote if the numbers change.
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  13. Only ground units? Goodness no! Ground, air, and sea!

    I'm working on all the available units and the base mechanics and commander perks now, focusing on the UCCS since it seems everyone's leaning United Council.

    When it comes to naval battles, all three factions will of course build up to the Battleships of World War II, but they have different special functions! The UCCS have an emphasis on Juggernauts, the largest ships with the heaviest armor and biggest guns but very slowspeed. The GH prefer faster ships capable of submerging just under the surface, making them able to avoid detection by surface radar. And the CSO have airplane deployment capabilities.

    For ground forces, the UCCS is an interesting mix of cheap, old-but-fast tanks, and enormous six-legged mechs, walking mobile fortresses with multiple cannon emplacements and mounted machine guns. They're artillery is truck-towed cannons, with incredible firepower but slow deployment times, as well as low accuracy and poor target tracking due to a lack of training (both of the artillery crew and the nonexistent spotters). And they've got massive numbers of poorly-armored/armed infantry, naturally. They also don't have specialist ground units (medic teams, engineers, etc.). Instead, they give those duties to one or more of the conscripts in a squad. Which has its pros and cons, obviously.

    The CSO uses two-legged mechs that range from lightly armored scout mechs to heavy assault mechs, with held armaments instead of mounted ones, allowing for higher role flexibility but slightly less firepower. Their artillery is mounted on a tank chassis with deployable support struts, and is designed to be mobile, accurate, but not as powerful. And their infantry also focuses on adaptability, with specialists being combat specialists able to fight and fill their roles. Their squads often have a mix of weapons, a machine gun, submachine guns, rifles, a rocket launcher, grenades, etc., allowing them to fulfill multiple roles.

    The GH focuses on equal parts swift and strong, with squat, four-legged mechs that are basically walking tanks with a cannon turret or flame turret or anti-air turret depending on its role. GH units are very effective at their specific intended field of operation, but not as flexible. Their artillery comes in one of two forms, with the most common being the four-legged mech with a field cannon or assault gun instead of a turret, but they also have absolutely enormous train-mounted artillery capable of using Aroka's extensive railway system to transport tremendous firepower all over the continent. As for their infantry, they focus on smaller numbers of better armed, better armored infantry, and are working on developing full-body (and eventually powered) armor for protecting their troops. They're specialists are the best at what they do, but they are focuses exclusively only on their line of work, with barely any method of self defense let alone attack capabilities.

    So... yeah, have an info dump!

    Hey Gat! Cool, let me know what you think and if you have any questions. :D
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  14. I simply can't wait to start
  15. Ok, so several questions... as you're aware from the last RP of your I was in the first thing I tend to do is see how far off the beaten track one can go with things. :bsmile:

    Int-check identifies intelligence gathering as a strong component, would the commander of a spy/intelligence agency qualify as a commander position in that case? (this may have been inspired by watching Joker Game lately...)

    Int-Check also mentions the possibility of using the coalition countries, everyone else seems focused on the three main factions but would they still be open as an allied but independent force?

    in a similar vein to the above point, with most of the votes swinging to the UCCS, and the UCCS being at war before the CSO officially got involved, could the 'loan charter' advantage of UCCS potentially loan a CSO commander to the UCCS. say in part to oversee the equipment being sent and also as a way to have sneakily involved themselves in the war before they officially declared in NE41?

    I'm sure I'll think of more but that's all I've got for now. Time to go put some dinner on.
  16. Hmm... I hadn't planned on it. In fact, I'm leaning heavily toward no- but, I could create a perk line that focuses on being in charge of espionage and counter-espionage as well. I plan on having aerial units and spies be more of an 'ability' to be used once they're ready, instead of active units on the field... but you could certainly employ commandos and recon units to provide intel ahead of your (or another commander's) forces.

    They would've but since no seem interested in them I didn't expand on them. And since interest appears to be leaning toward the UCCS those aren't an option any longer- considering... the way the war will likely develop!

    Nope, that would be seen as an act of war. It's not like today where our leaders can bullshit about having 'advisers' in a war zone and insist that that doesn't qualify as 'troops on the ground' and everyone just buys it.

    But do let me know if you have any other questions! Or suggestions for a line of perks, too. So far I've got True Believer (which focuses on inspiring the conscripts instead of terrifying them as well as inspiring civilians to fight), Power of the Populace (which focuses on heavy, slow, armored vehicles to push deep into enemy lines), Righteous Proclamation (which focuses on psychological warfare through use of heavy artillery and sowing discontent in enemy troops/civilians), and now Department of Enlightenment with its espionage- (and likely sabotage-) focused perks.
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  17. Well no more outside the box idea's have occoured to me yet, so I'll simply cast my vote in the mean time.

    While I think Operational Division disadvantage could be fun to play out with the CSO, I do like the overall style of the UCCS better as well, so yea another vote for UCCS.

    On a related note, Air Forces info-dump?
  19. You see Ivan, when you are having more of the cannon fodder then they are having of the bullets, you win big victory every time.
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  20. Alrighty then, voting is now done! UCCS faction has been selected! I hope to have the Commander customization and army/base design rules done by tomorrow but RL has been busy so no promises, might be Wednesday or so.

    Well I'm not fully done with Air Forces rules but basically it'll be a function of base-design. You need nearby air fields with aircraft supplied with Munitions and Fuel. And as long as that's available, you can assign them missions- think of an active ability in a video game. So like... Recon Flight can be used when the cooldown is ready, Bombing Run or Carpet Bomb or Strafe Target, etc. If the enemy has anti-air it could interfere with or even shoot down your aerial vehicles, as can enemy aerial superiority fighters patrolling the area, while your own fighters would engage the enemy's fighters, and your own anti-air capabilities could protect you from enemy air units, etc.
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