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  1. Main OoC | Sign-ups | In-character

    Here you go, billybongs. Here you go.

    Hero Club Application

    (Picture here)

    Name: This is what your character is known as by everyone. You introduce yourself as this individual.

    Other Names: Your real identity maybe? Or an alias like 'Mahou Shoujo Somethingsomething pirupiru Towairaito Supaakuru'?

    Hero Club

    : Male. Female.

    Age: Your age at this school.

    Real Age: Are you some kind of long-lived thing?

    Grade: Middle/High School, which year?

    Birthday: The Roleplay starts on 20th May. Also, do note certain things. For example, if you want to be a third year AND eighteen, your birthday must be before this date. Time will be inconsistent, do note.

    Species: I would really prefer human, but if you must, well...

    Genre: Some kind of anime genre perhaps? Mahou Shoujo? Mecha? Mecha Musume? Battle Shonen? Supernatural? Fantasy? Idol? Gaming? Well, it can be any anime genre except the banned ones.

    Series Name: Well? If you want your counterpart to name it you can just put a ???. If you are the second counterpart, this MUST be filled.

    Description: Any traits not displayed in the appearance.

    Personality: A paragraph at least. Maybe noteworthy 'moe' or 'dere' traits you can point out. I want variety, just to ensure that not everyone is an edgy kiddo whose parents died and now they're emo and stuff like that. You get me.

    History: Please try to make it sound like one of those anime plots. Because like I said earlier, you are the protagonist of your very own anime, taking a break from the literal episodes and pages of your life. Also, have variety.

    Equipment: If it's big, like REAL big, do something, like put it in a hangar or give it the ability to be small enough.

    Abilities: Your supernatural capabilities that can be performed without the need of your equipment.

    Skills: What skills do you have? Cooking? CQC? Sewing?

    Companions: Do you have something like a familiar or pet perhaps? Maybe even a butler or something? We could always fill the club with more members! If you do have companions, include a brief personality, their appearance, and even their capabilities if any!

    Reasons for joining club:

    Voice Actor: Just insert a voice clip or something of a fitting voice actor(Nipponese Espanol or something) in here. So that we can visualise this thing.

    Counterpart Requirements: What MUST your counterpart have?

    Other Information: Anything that doesn't fit up there?

    Occult Society Applications

    (Picture Here)


    Other Names: Real name, or even something like an alias. 'Maou Mahou Shoujo Shingan Crimson Z' or 'Dark Grasper' or something. I don't know.

    Occult Society

    : Male. Female.

    Age: What's your age at the school?

    Real Age: Your TRUE age.

    Grade: Middle/High School, which year?

    Birthday: The Roleplay starts on 20th May. Also, do note certain things. For example, if you want to be a third year AND eighteen, your birthday must be before this date. Time will be inconsistent, do note.

    Species: Oh my summoned servant, what ARE you?

    Genre: Well... you know how it verks.

    Series Name: Well? If you want your counterpart to name it you can just put a ???. If you are the second counterpart, this MUST be filled

    Description: Any traits not listed in the picture above.

    Personality: A paragraph, please.

    History: Once again, make it sound like an anime plot.

    Equipment: You know what I'm going to say again.

    Abilities: Supernatural capabilities without the need of any equipment

    Skills: Well...

    Companions: Do you have a few minions underneath you? Maybe just one loyal henchman to stand by your side. Or what may or may not be a stuffed animal like our Club President - or king. Wahaha... Our dark armada could always use more firepower!

    Reasons for joining club:

    Voice Actor: Your voice rings a bell. You sound like a person worth noting.

    Counterpart Requirements: What MUST your counterpart have?

    Other Information: Anything that does not fit up there? Maybe even a theme song that blatters SAVE MEEEE FROM THE NOOOOTHING I'VE BEEEEE COOOOOMME.​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Trauciel Hilbred

    Other Names:
    Trau (pronounced “trow”)

    Occult Society



    Real Age:



    February 2nd


    Series Name:
    Symphony of a Distraught Ghost

    While she stands at 1.67 metres tall, Trauciel is virtually weightless (on account of being a ghost). Having left her physical body behind, Trau chooses to don the outfit of a maestro as a ghost. Her hair is white and her skin pale - the only outlying factor to all this blandness being her deep red eyes. She’s a B, but pays no mind that fact, as it means little to her anyway.

    Trau is a very self-confident person, to the point of being overestimating of her own abilities (even though her physical combat skills are almost nil). She keeps to herself, but won’t mind butting into things just to show how sassy and overbearing she can be. The poltergeist isn’t really one to help others, and is known to only do so in return for payment or so someone owes her a favor later on. The girl is relatively calm in a fight, but can get a bit crazy if someone actually manages to “push her hard enough against the wall”.

    Trauciel Hilbred was born to a well off family full of renowned individuals. Her father was an artist and her mother was a musician. They raised her to be proficient in both talents, but she much preferred the flute over the brush. Unfortunately, this would eventually lead to problems with her elder sister, Karicia Hilbred.

    Although she was born first and had practiced music for far longer, Karicia faltered in comparison to Trauciel. Both had their eyes on becoming musicians. Their father, who wanted Trauciel to take up the brush with him, put much stress on Karicia to become a better musician so Trauciel would give up the flute and join his side as an artist. Much to his dismay, Karicia could never catch up to Trauciel.

    Becoming enraged at how easily things came to her superior sibling, along with the stress coming from her father, Karicia’s behavior became more and more reckless. On the day that a piano was being delivered to their house for Trau’s 17th birthday, the 20-year-old mustered all the strength she could and pushed the piano (which had wheels on the legs) out of the music room window, where it fell on top of Trauciel, who was petting the family cat (who luckily escaped injury).

    Trauciel died upon being crushed by the piano, and her worldly goals and regrets kept her tethered to the world as a ghost. At her funeral, her sister, who was grief-stricken over what her actions had caused, placed a hand puppet with her sister in the coffin before she was buried, along with her favorite flute.

    Unhappy with her death, Trauciel donned her current maestro outfit and decided to mess with aspiring musicians who were following their dreams. This didn't start right away, but began simply as an urge while watching other musicians succeed past the point where her hopes were crushed, literally. After a year of suffering, she broke and began torturing musicians, starting with her sister, who, despite her causing her death, was following through with her desires to make a name for herself in music. Using her transforming conducting baton (her former favorite flute) to play horrifying symphonies, and her hand puppet (which allowed her to interact with physical objects and people), Trauciel drew her sister to madness until she ultimately killed herself (leading Trau to garner another skill).

    After causing the death of her sister, Trau didn't stop there. She continued to haunt musicians, leading many of them to death, and eventually grew to love the experience and treat it as a game. Her range would soon increase, until she was targeting not only musicians, but other talented people as well. She'd decided that her success would be in their failure.

    Unbeknownst to her, there are people who can actually see and combat poltergeists such as herself. Her first encounter with one nearly ended up in her being erased from existence from being caught off guard, but she was able to fight back using her baton magic and her hand puppet. Future encounters would all too easily end the same way - with her adversary laying in a puddle of their own blood and her triumphing over them, laughing as she relished in her "success".

    Her actions soon warranted attention from an elite group of ghosts, who asked her to take in a job for them - to locate and capture a girl that was viewed as having extraordinary spiritual power. It was rumored that she was attending a school, which Trau was happy to go along with. Schools meant talented people, and many opportunities for her to further her "success".

    A conducting baton that can transform into various musical instruments and a hand puppet with a mind of its own.

    Lullaby - Trau plays a song that puts all who hear it to sleep. How long it takes depends on the person's will, and it can range anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

    Trance - Trau plays a song that puts all who hear it into a trance, making them dazed and confused for a short time. Like Lullaby, how long it takes for the effect to take place depends on the person. In addition to taking a certain amount of time to take effect, it also wears off after a period of time. This period of time is also dependent on the person.

    Hand Puppet - Using her hand puppet, Trau is able to interact with the physical world. She can use this to attack people with objects such as knives, along with anything else she sees it useful for.

    Invisibility - As a ghost, only people with heightened spiritual sense can see her.

    Daydream Orchestra - This ability allows Trau to play a large array of tunes at a time, making it sound like an orchestra. The ability works on one person at a time and causes a great echoing of distorted music in the person's head, causing their head to ache, and possibly become confused or disoriented. It is during this time that Trau will launch an attack. Unfortunately, this ability takes a while to set up before it can be used.

    Nightmare Symphony - This ability is much like Daydream Orchestra, but it may only be used on sleeping targets (usually followed up after Lullaby). This one, however, causes mental damage and can leave a target scarred. Music like an orchestra is played as the sleeping target is pulled into a world where they are forced to watch all of their worst nightmares play before their eyes. This ability takes a while to set up but can be used for as long as the target is sleeping (though the trauma usually causes them to wake up).

    Double Note - This ability allows Trau's baton to transform into a clone of herself which resembles her elder sister. This clone also wields a hand puppet much like Trau (only on the opposite hand), and can use it to fight. If the clone is hit with any form of spiritual energy, it dissipates instantly. Another downside to this is that Trau is unable to use any other abilities while the baton is a clone. As such, she usually uses other abilities first before using this.

    As a ghost, Trau can levitate and permeate physical objects. Other than that, she can cook and has amazing musical talent.

    Her baton clone and her hand puppet, named Sebbie.

    Reasons for joining club:
    On a mission to capture the girl who is said to possess extraordinary spiritual power. That, and to further her "success".

    Voice Actor:
    Asami Shimoda

    Counterpart Requirements:
    In Trau's world, ghosts are the only supernatural entities that journey about. Her counterpart for the Hero's Club would have to be someone that is in pursuit of putting her spirit to rest. The practice of putting ghosts to rest in her canon story is much like it would be elsewhere - to resolve whatever it is that is keeping her attached to the world. Ghosts are not commonly acknowledged in her world, as only some people possess the ability to see them. Items to be used against ghosts are those commonly noted in Japanese mythology.

    Other Information: While the hand puppet only becomes physical while in direct contact with something physical, if it should be burned with fire in this state to the point of incineration, Trauciel would cease to exist.​
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  3. [​IMG]
    "Light and darkness coexist like friends and foes alike. And as you step into my den, you too will coexist with us. Wahaha~!"

    "In this realm, my guise is known as 'Akizuki Akira'."

    Other Names:
    "I am the Tainted Bible, the Primordial Darkness, Ahriman and the Ahura Mazda. I go by numerous other names. But today, I am your Club Leader. Please take care."

    Occult Society

    "I take the form of a young maiden."


    Real Age:
    "Why do you wish to know?"

    1st year Middle School

    "The eighth day of the eighth month... that is the day of the blood moon..."

    "Only I know the true answer..."

    The image depicted is how she sees herself. Akira is a mere 1.3 metres tall. She is as depicted above, except tinier and flatter, plus she only wears the dress on particular occasions such as most club meetings, which is a lot. Other than that, she wears her school uniform.

    Akira has what is known as 'chuunibyou'. If you don't already know what it is, well... let's just say she's got a lot of imagination, especially for someone who developed it a couple years early. She believes that everyone in the Occult Club has joined to play along, or in her words, 'join her'. She is slightly naive and oblivious to things. However, she has a lot more confidence and energy than her sister, and will probably last longer than the other members, insisting on persisting to find what she wishes to.
    She is, after all, a girl going through puberty. Go figure.

    Chuunibyou - what is it? What secrets does it have?
    Akizuki Akira is a girl who developed chuunibyou two years early. Two years early means two more years of fun, or an early grow-out. As a result, she does not have many friends who wish to hang around her, practically being quite a loner.
    In order to negate this fate, she created the Occult Society with hopes to attract followers who share an interest with her. She is unaware of these followers' true intentions...

    A simple gothic lolita-style umbrella

    "You do not wish to see my true potential... Wahaha!"

    She has great skill in (possibly fake) occultic readings, scooping out rumours and such. We don't know if it's real or fake, but she can occasionally be seen giving tarot card readings and fortune telling.

    She often carries an alligator plushie named <THE GAPING MAWS> Pseudo Bahamut, or just Bahamut. Akira always introduces Bahamut as Bahamut, claiming that the little guy 'isn't very fond of his full title'. It wears sunglasses, a beanie, and a sweater...
    ... let's go with this guy. He's kind of small enough to fit into a bag. At most 15 centimetres from snout to tail.


    Reasons for joining club:
    She didn't join it. She made it.

    Voice Actor:
    Uchida Maaya

    Other Information:
    If you manage to peep up her skirt, you'll see that she wears plain white boxers as opposed to bloomers or panties.
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  4. [​IMG]
    "Y- yo... you're here for the club, aren't you?"

    Akizuki Akane

    Hero Club



    Real Age:

    High School, Year 1

    24 December


    Akane stands at 1.65 metres tall. She has a bust size of about a C. She is mildly tanned and her hair is blonde is hue. No one has bothered to ask if those are natural hues. Maybe they do but she just changes the topic.
    Her white socks appear to be a little loose, sagging in a 'kogaru'-like fashion.
    She might wear her circular glasses out of habit, but when you point them out, they'll be removed.

    Akane, not wanting to be left in the shelves, tries to act charismatic and cool, but can't seem to hit the notes. Despite this, she continues to strive for true popularity. She's kind of trying to be flirty, flirting with and teasing a few boys and girls she considers friends, even if it scares them. She'll attempt to borrow gigs from different things.
    Despite her efforts, she is a nice girl who is trying to be a charisma gal, and it is kind of hard to hide in her case. While trying to act tough, she takes little effort in veiling her sweet personality, constantly baking cookies for her club mates. She treasures her club mates a lot, since she formed this club with great effort. Not really great effort but you get me.
    Her aim for popularity is her drive for setting this club up. She believes that contribution leads to credit.

    Akizuki Akane is just a regular ordinary girl who wishes to be popular. Previously, she was just a girl in twinbraids and circular glasses, but now she has attempted to evolve in order to become more popular. Such attempts were either short-lived or an utter failure.
    Upon hearing that her little sister would be attending the school, she thought that this was a good opportunity to set a good example for the kid. As such, the Hero Club was born from the very depths of her mind and soul!
    Unfortunately for Akane, her little sister didn't join her club, and as expected, made another.
    Today, she waits for new members, as the start of a new era dawns upon all.

    None for the time being. If anything, she can buy pepper spray.

    Who knows?

    She can cook, clean, and all that, much like a housewife. Or a big sister.
    She has basic self-defense skills.
    Her charisma is pretty great.


    Reasons for joining club:
    She didn't join the club. She made it because she wanted to do a little good, maybe set a good example for her little sister.

    Voice Actor:
    Kido Ibuki

    Other Information:
    N/A... for now...
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  5. Occult Society Applications


    Name: Emeral Darner

    Occult Society

    : Female

    Age: 12

    Real Age: 12

    Grade: Middle 1st

    Birthday: 25 December

    Species: Human/ Darin

    Genre: Shonen

    Series Name: R.O.W.

    1m & 25cm


    She loves to listen to others and normally does not have a lot to say. Interactions are typically direct though she sometimes speaks in riddles do to her child-like nature. This also goes for when she is sad or angry. She normally will not cry out loud but otherwise has a hard time controlling her emotions.

    She loves her accomplishments and will brag about anything she has succeed at. This includes having a collateral job. She is very confident in her abilities and her team, no matter who is one in.

    Just like with the general she killed, she does not like when people screw her over and she will get them back one way or another. She hates losing, but also hates winning when the other person just gives up. She is easily angered by annoying people. Though she may not yell, do not think you are safe from her wraith.

    She is a very curious girl. She loves hearing stories and solving the mysterious of the world. This even goes into her fighting. If an opponent makes her believe they are hiding something, she will try and get them to use it before kicking their butt.

    Born to a whore as the illegitimate daughter of the General of Dawin, Emeral grew up in the slums. The country frown upon those people in the slum, calling them weak and useless. At the same time, They always took the people of the slum when ever the country needed bodies to sacrifice for a war or battle against the great beast. It had the biggest population, filled with those in debt, crazies, and criminals alike. Nobody would miss them, except for people in the slum. When Emeral turned 8 her mother was drafted to go off to war. Without any formal training, they stuck her on the front lines. Before she left, she told Regina to find the General and tell him, "To hold his end. Keep his promise." She did not know what that meant but she knew she had to listen.

    Emeral struggled getting out of the slums. It was gated guarded 24/7. She managed to break through when a group of the poor revolted and broke through. Most of them were caught and stuck on the front lines but she sneaked pass them all. Finally free from the poor prison, she headed to the tallest building. She stole a pair of close first. Then she headed toward the building. It was a long trip and she would not make it till after night fall. Unknown to her because there were no rules in the slums, the city had a curfew. As the streets grew silent, she knew something was wrong. She had to hurry so she ran. She ran and ran until a guard caught her.

    The guard took Emeral into the castle and she was put on trial. Curfew was a strict law because of all the rebels and the recent attacks from the slum. It was not long before she was being looked at as a trader to the general. So when the general started the trial the girl was not giving a chance to speak. She was sentenced to death. Then she cried and shouted out the phrase her mother told her. The General stopped everything and made everyone leave. After determining that she was indeed her daughter he brought her into his world. For a year he trained her how to fight. Then he sent her on a quest, a right of passage as he worded it. Little did she know it was just her death sentence.

    The place Emeral was going was called the Darner's hall. Inside was a treasure that she had to return to the castle. Upon doing this, she would truly be deem worthy of being the general's daughter. She entered the hall, after which the doors closed in on her. She watched as the doors locked, further preventing her from escaping. She continuing walking down the halls slowly. The green goo melted away her shoes and slime cut through her hood. She was scared but she kept pushing forward. Then she heard a buzzing. She quickly pulled out her crude dagger that her father gave her. It was quick and grabbed her from behind. It lifted her into the air and and flew her closer to the end. Then she felt something pierce her clothes and into her back. She screamed and stabbed the creature in the face. It dropped her spilling out some liquid from its tail.

    Emeral started crying as rolled on the ground. Then she smelled something burning. After the smell became a tinging sensation around her wound. She threw off her coat. to see it disintegrating into the goo. The pain disappeared as her adrenaline numbed her body. She ran to the end of the cave. Buzzing filled the air but she kept running forward. As she reached end of the road, she saw the treasure standing standing alone in the puddle of goo, the some one that melted her clothes and burned her skin. She looked behind her and saw giant bugs flying to her. ran as fast as she could and leaped then a bug grabbed her. Before it could sting her, she stabbed it and it released her. She dived, grabbing the treasure, and fell into goo.

    Back at the castle, the General was laughing at how he sent his daughter from the slums to her death in the hall. So proud of his deed he prepared for his party. Then he heard his window crash. He turned around and saw a knife flying toward his face. He evaded and noticed it was the noticed it was the same one he gave to Emeral. He looked in the direction the Knife flew from.

    "Emeral baby, you did it. I knew you would surv... uhh pass."
    The figure did not speak instead taking a step forward. She was completely covered in a cloak.
    "So what did the hall bless you with. Tell father..."
    Suddenly blood was spilling out his mouth as Emeral rushed him with a glowing purple dagger. He looked down to she her hood come off and two thin antenna come out of her head. "You are not daddy!" She pushed the dagger up his stomach in one jerk. "You made mommy die!" Then jerked the knight up to his chest. "You tried to make me... die." The general was shaking in pain. His moments slowed down with every trust. Even his words became slurred as if he was drunk. "Now you... you die." her last word hissed as a clicking noise came from her back. She removed the purple dagger and pulled out a white one. She then stabbed him in the jaw with it and all the pain multiple by 5. The general fell to the ground twitching and jerking. He whimpered in pain crying like a child.

    Then a knight ran into the room and saw the girl standing over the general's dying body. Her hood fell off as a breeze flew into the room. Her had composite eyes, antenna sticking out her head and 4 sets of transparent wings on her back. Her cloak rose up hinting she was had nothing underneath. She looked at him and smiled. "Won't mommy be so happy now!" then her wings buzzed and she darted out the window. From that night own her name spread across the city bring new hope to the rebellion and slums. The name of the one who killed the general. Emeral Darner.

    Equipment: She has a purple and gold dagger which are enhanced with aura. The purple dagger can apply a weak nerve poison which limits the control of the area which was cut. The poison is lasts for a day and is Very weak. However the strength of the poison increases the longer the dagger is inside the body. After 5 cuts or 5 seconds, a normal human will feel the effects in terms of a short delay in responsiveness in that area of the body. The gold dagger can cure/purify the area that it cuts at a price of intense pain and boosting the effects of the aliment for a minute. However for the cure to work, the victim has to survive the enhanced aliment.


    She can transform her body and take the ability of insects. The abilities she gains are called Aspects
    Dragonfly- Complete air maneuverability, Movement prediction, high speeds when flying (4 Wings, Compound eyes, Antennas)

    Future abilities she will have (open)

    Mantis- Invisibility, enhance stealth tactics, Agility (2 Extra insect limbs with a sharp edge like a praying mantis, Antennas)

    Ant- Enhance strength, Ability to tunnel underground, enhance smell (Exo skeleton around arms, legs, hands, and feet, Compound

    eyes, Antennas)

    Pond Skater- Walk on water, sensitivity to vibrations in the water or ground, swimming (2 Extra insect limps which are thin but drag along the ground, 2 wings, Antennas)

    Ironclad Beetle- Enhance defense, Enhance tenacity, fake death (Exo skeleton around entire body and some of her face. plates over outer side of arms which extend out 2 feet, Antennas)

    Assassin Beetle- Poisons, absorb energy from others (curved needles which extend out from arms which can inject fluids and absorb energy, Antennas)

    She can learn other insect aspects when she discovers them

    Skills: Martial arts, camping, cooking, bug knowledge.
    Aspect of Dragon Fly [(Part listed above except antenna because they are always on]:
    Purify: Using the with dagger, Enhance anything negative aliment on the victim by over 2 for a minute. Then cure it.
    Taint: A poison attack using the purple dagger. Currently can only apply one of 3 poisons per cut. Nerve (slows reaction speed but requires a lot doses to really be affective., corrosive (burns the skin and through clothes and thick skin), pain.

    Companions: none

    Reasons for joining club: To find the power to unlock her true potential

    Voice Actor: Hero 108's mystique sonia

    Counterpart Requirements: Powers must be obtain through a hall/dungeon. Must also obtain some weapon from said hall which is the same theme of your powers. Must listed out your skills as if they were a game and must be able to learn more skills. Must be the child of the general and thus a half sibling of Emeral Darner. (the general's last name is not Darner and I will let you decide his name.) Your character is unaware of Emeral's past and only know she killed your father. Your character does not know the crimes and sins of your father. Your character must also, one way or another be a good guy despite the fact that the government is corrupted (which you are unaware of) You believe the people of the slum are not to be trusted. (though you don't have to full blown think they are evil like the government. You cannot have insect base powers. You cannot be holder then 16.
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  6. I shall get Jem back over here asap
  7. Hopefully, this setting will be much more magical-girly and much less fantasy/shounen-y

    Name: Shostovsky Kuro

    Other Names: Known professionally by various names: Black Rose, most commonly, as well as Thorn of Russia and occasionally even as Jienna, the demon she contracted with.

    Occult Society


    Age: 15

    Real Age: ~2420 (see below)

    Grade: First year High School.

    Birthday: 19th May.

    Species: Human (Magical Girl)

    Genre: Mahou Shoujo

    Series Name: Mahou Shoujo <Word to describe hero's magic style> <Name of hero>

    Series Description: Throughout the universe there exist two forces in equal balance, which together are "Karma". These Karmic forces are +Karma and -Karma. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the actions of sentients that influence karma, but the flow of karma that influences sentients. Where a large amount of +karma gathers, sentients become more inclined to do nice things. Where a large amount of -karma gathers, sentients become more inclined to do bad things. If sufficient +karma gathers, it may tear off from the karmic forces and become a sentient entity known as a demon, which can manipulate existing +karma. Where sufficient -karma gathers, it may tear off from the karmic forces and become a sentient entity known as a storm, which can manipulate existing -karma. Manipulation of karma can be done in any way, and is basically magic. +karma is attracted to places where bad deeds are happening, and -karma is attracted to places where good deeds are happening. They function to balance and give order to the universe, to prevent too much bad or too much good happening in any one location. Thus, terrible things happening is likely to create a demon, and too much goodness will create a storm. For example, eras of slavery and war produce many demons, and eras of growth and peace produce many storms. To normal people who don't see the true appearance of storms, they look like natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

    Demons are primarily responsible for neutralising storms to prevent too much damage being done to the physical universe. Unfortunately, to do this, a demon must sacrifice their own life, which isn't a very appealing concept. Fortunately, there is another option. Demons can form contracts with sentients. This is done through strong bonds, rather than a written contract, so many demons spend a lot of time among sentients developing friendships. Contracts grant the sentient magical abilities and produce an excess of +karma, which can be used to neutralise storms without needing to sacrifice the demon. The more emotional a sentient is, the more +karma they can generate, so teenage females are highly sought after. Males are generally unable to form contracts, for some reason, though a few isolated instances have occurred occasionally.

    Description: N/A.

    Personality: Kuro is a kind, well spoken girl, even if she accidentally slips into Russian sometimes. She has an odd sense of humour, and is quite energetic, but never means any real harm. Normally. Adrenaline causes her personality to invert, and she becomes blood thirsty, ruthless and a bit mean. She somehow loses her accent during this, which switches to that of a generic Kansai dialect villain.

    History: To look into Kuro's history, you first have to look into the history of her ancestors. A good starting place would be Anantet, a young girl in Egypt. Anantet was a slave, and was not particularly fond of this way of life. Egypt being Egypt and therefore full of disproportional amounts of cool mythology, Anantet one day stumbled upon a plant in the desert. It was many miles from any source of water, and yet this plant was thriving. It was also a plant she had never seen before. It had emerald green leaves, which were flat and clean. It has thin stems with irregularly placed points, and ended in a single, perfect flower stained so dark that she could only make out the shape by contrasting it with the grey sand. Out of curiosity, she touched it. At this point, a mysterious voice seemed to speak to her. Or rather, she argues that one did, but it never spoke actual words, or even sounds, simply placed their concepts in her head. She came to understand that if she were to eat the flower of this plant, she would be granted the power to overcome her oppressors. The flower had other plans though. Upon consumption, Anantet's body burst into purple flames, and was reduced to nothingness, not even ash. Anantet had become the first demon. Over time, she would come to take the name Jienna.

    Now, the creation of demons is quite problematic, because demons are the manifestation of +Karma. The universe is very orderly, though, and for every +Karma there is an equal -Karma. This -Karma spreads out across the universe, and where a lot of it gathers, a Storm appears. These take the form of anthropomorphic natural forces, such as a giant gorilla that causes earthquakes. A Storm can be neutralised by sacrificing a demon of equal strength, however, demons quite like existing, so they don't do it except as a last resort. When a demon forms a contract with a human or other ensouled species, an abundance of +Karma is generated. This is the only form of +Karma generation that does not also create equal -Karma, and it is this excess that is the power of the Magical Girls, used to fight Storms. The 'contract' between demon and magical girl is actually a strong emotional bond, rather than a physical contract, meaning demons that wish to contract must spend long durations of time amongst humans looking for friends. Jienna is known as the mother of all Terran demons (demons belonging to other planets are of different descents and hierarchies).

    Jienna's first contract happened to be a Shaman. Shamans are incredibly rare, and are essentially humans who can manipulate +Karma and -Karma without the need for demons. They cannot produce it though, so they can only cause pre-existing Karma to gather more intensely. Basically, they can bless people who attract +karma and curse people who attract -karma (remembering that opposites attract, so the nicer you are, the more -karma you attract and the more unfortunate you become). Shamans make good contracts, because they do not need to be trained in how to use karma; they can just jump straight in.

    This Shaman, however, had a very curious way of utilising karma. Upon her death, her memories and personality are passed into a vessel which can never be destroyed. When someone touches the vessel, its power is passed to that person, and their first female child is born with the exact memories and personality of the Shaman, as well as the shamanic power, essentially acting as a form of reincarnation for the Shaman. The memories are mainly sealed, however, to prevent the child from being overwhelmed, so while the shaman does get reborn, they know little about their past lives. If the person dies without having a child to pass the Shaman into, then the Shaman's memories and personality will be sealed into a new vessel and the process begins again.

    This rebirth technique was an ingenious strategy created by both the Shaman and Jienna, that benefits both of them. The Shaman gets to live forever, and Jienna is guaranteed a powerful contract every hundred years (or so), with no need to spend time rebuilding bonds, because Jienna can just open the memories the Shaman has of their relationship.

    Equipment: None needed.

    Abilities: Maelstrom of Night's Petals
    Maelstrom's ability details vary, and the user can ultimately do anything they want, as long as it looks pretty when done by using a storm of magical black petals. It can do such things as construct swords, do projectile attacks, teleport, make wings... Lots of cool stuff.

    My logic here is that magical girl abilities are never described or limited, as long as they look pretty to use and need you to say something really embarrassing to use it.

    Jienna has the ability to assimilate other Terran demons, gaining those demons' own abilities. This cannot be done for very long periods of time. Depending on the strength of the demons in question, they will break free after a while.

    Skills: Speaks 4 languages; Russian, Japanese, English and Ancient Egyptian. May potentially know more, if she remembers them. Is potentially good at just about everything, provided she remembers about them, however, at the moment only has the skills of her current incarnation. She is athletic and fast, although rather lazy. She's good with computers. (Don't worry about the potential godmodding here, I have no intention of her remembering anything unless it's related to her subplot (if there is one), or if it's funny but otherwise useless)

    Companions: Jienna, Mother of Demons (can speak telepathically to Kuro, who can relay her words to the group, but cannot directly speak to the group)

    Reasons for joining club: It sounded funny.

    Voice Actor: The one of Mami. Every video is a spoiler though.

    Counterpart Requirements: Must be a magical girl,

    Other Information:
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  8. Note: This image is a placeholder.

    Name: "Eiyuu Aono" (Not original, but legal. See history)

    Other Names: Known by various other names names: Magic-Magic Blue, Blue Hero, or just Blue, and occasionally even as Erissa, the demon she contracted with. Long-forgotten is her birth name, Sylphia Holman.

    Hero Club

    : Female

    Age: 14

    Real Age: 319 (She has only been conscious for 14 of those years, still. See History)

    Grade: Third year Middle School.

    Birthday: 2nd April.

    Species: Human (Magical Girl)

    Genre: Mahou Shoujo

    Series Name: Mahou Shoujo Sapphire Magic-Magic Blue(?)

    Description: She has very long, vivid, fluffy blue hair which is known to cast somehow threatening and dark shadows over her large, equally-blue eyes when she is upset. She is a little on the short side, disproportionately slender, and incredibly pale. Working on it

    Personality: How is this a Magical Girl? Kawaiku nai. She has a serious temper, is easily insulted, and has a tendency to send people who embarrass her blasting off. Deep down inside, she is actually the sweetest thing and only wants good for the world. Just don't get on her bad side.
    (yes, you read this right. this is basically* just a boring stereotypical run-of-the-mill tsundere character)
    *basically, but not totally. A more in-depth look at her personality might help to explain this.
    Again, she has quite a nasty temper and doesn't take well to criticism. Her temper is set off easily and comes on strong. This can be attributed mainly to her confusion of being brought so suddenly to the modern world (see History). Her frustration at never being able to connect with anyone reaches painful heights at times, and she lacks the self-restraint needed to react civilly to her emotions.
    Apart from this, she isn't actually cruel and spiteful. She doesn't understand why she has to do the things she does, figuring the whole world-changing thing should be left to the men (having old ideals), but she has a strong sense of 'right' and duty which one should avoid questioning. She will go over-the-top in an attempt to be 'good enough' to accomplish what she sets out to do. At the same time, she is quite people-shy and this manifests as a quiet demeanor around those who haven't offended her.
    One final thing to note is that she holds tremendous capacity for grudges. Wrong her once and there's a small chance you may be redeemed, but any more than that and she will never forget nor forgive unless the person seeking forgiveness appeals to her sense of 'right'.

    History: Boring normal stuff, blah blah blah... She was born Sylphia Holman, raised by very strict parents on a 17th-century English farm. She wanted freedom but never found it. When she was thirteen, her parents started thinking about engaging her to the son of a businessman. Actually, she got along really well with this kid and even fell in love with him. Then there was a storm that lead to his death, blah blah blah... This, she later found, was a storm that resulted from Jeinna's existence. Now she is very hungry for revenge on her and she got all ragey and cried to her best friend, who happened to be a young demon. What are the odds? In any case, this friend of hers, Erissa, told her that she might be able to make things right if she formed a contract with her. So she did, blah blah blah... Not super sure how this works. Not enough information from the rival. She wound up a magical girl, side effect being she was hurtled through time and space until a year before the present day, which led to other complications, blah blah blah... She wound up with a very specific case of amnesia, which were filled with false memories for a time as she could not contact the demon she'd contracted with to help give her information. She was convinced that people were supposed to call her "Blue hero," which she eventually conveyed to the people of Japan (where she'd landed) and since they didn't seem to want to bother her, they just called her what she wanted to be called. Since she no longer existed according to anything but one English census, she was legally given this name. Nobody gets it. Also, her language is incredibly basic and she is terribly uneducated. She's still adjusting to the modern world, as a result.

    Equipment: A very long blue scepter with white rings surrounding a sapphire on top. It channels her +Karma energy. Resembles this

    Love's Triumph
    This ability is a trump card. It's never been used before, but it's known to be capable under Magic-Magic Blue's power and it can probably do anything depending on how desperate the situation is. In order to use it, the user needs to accept their love for others (may not be romantic. See Frozen)

    Sapphire No Kawaii ___
    This ability channels the energy of the user. It can be used for anything, although it's restricted by three things.
    1) "Sapphire No Kawaii [thing]" (translation: sapphire's cute [thing]) must be yelled before it will work.
    2) It must look very sparkly when done by using glistening blue crystal-like shards.
    3) A little bit of spontaneity is to be expected.

    Skills: working on it

    Companions: Erissa, The Blue Demon (can speak telepathically to Aono)

    Reasons for joining club: Heard Kuro had joined the school and the Occult Society. working on it

    Voice Actor: Rina Hidaka

    Counterpart Requirements: Already fulfilled

    Other Information: working on it
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  9. BEHOLD! A BRAND NEW CHARACTER, WHOLLY DIFFERENT THAN LAST TIME! Though admittedly I did copy a few elements from the last CS, lol.



    Hayato Ueda

    Other Names

    Hayato Mizushima; Mizushima is his father's surname that he refuses to go by.

    Hero Club




    17 years old

    Real Age

    19 years old


    High School, Second Year


    June 1





    Series Name

    Symphony of a Distraught Ghost


    He stands at approximately 170 cm, and weighs around 66 kg. He's often seen with a scar running across a lip, and though some might think that the scar is a result of a fight, it's actually just him and his bad habit of peeling his lips.


    A self-proclaimed "low functioning sociopath," Hayato is a bit of an oddball, and certainly not the typical "hero" of the ages. He isn't exactly a nice person, but he's not necessarily mean or even evil at all either. He just has little grasp on emotions, which is why he generally just isn't very emotive at all either. Feelings like great happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, and so on are above him. In fact, some around him have even (half-jokingly, but also half-seriously) called him "emotionally dead," though Hayato is very much alive, despite how indifferent he might otherwise come off as. Quite the contrast to a ghost with a disproportionately lively personality if one could say so.

    Oftentimes, he is unable to emphasize with others. While he is capable of "understanding" and "processing" the emotions of others to the point where he can mimic them and fool even himself at times that he can "feel," he continues to yearn for something "genuine," whether he realizes it or not. He believes himself to be unfit to be a hero, but tries regardless in hopes of bringing purpose to his life.

    That is not to say that he does not have his own passions or motivations, but he expresses them in... pretty odd ways.

    In the end though, you'll know him best when you see him for yourself. Or something.


    Born to an absent father who was always gone, to the point where Hayato recalled only meeting him once as a child, and a mother who often worked hard to support her family while her husband would occasionally send money from wherever he was, Hayato grew up somewhat isolated and lonely. With little to no friends that he really had as a child, his mother initially thought little of it when Hayato would often be seen talking to an imaginary friend, though it wasn't until a few instances of glass vases breaking (that Hayato would blame on his so-called imaginary friend) and his repeated insisting that it was real that his mother would realize that what she was dealing with was a spirit, much to her surprise.

    It was then that the young boy would meet his uncle on his father's side, generally considered a strange quack whom no one really knew what he did for a living, who would tell the boy of the family's inherited ability of being able to interact with spirits who remained in this world, whom he referred to as "those who cannot move on." After introducing the child to the world of spirits, educating him on the workings of the soul, the afterlife, and elements of mythology, as well as even convincing Hayato to exorcise the spirit whom he had been accustomed to referring to as a harmless imaginary friend, Hayato's uncle became the boy's mentor and took him in as a sort of amateur exorcist. Though Hayato never seemed terribly passionate about the notion, he went with it regardless, knowing that his so-called "gift" couldn't be helped, and because he wanted to see if he'd be able to learn anything about his father from spending enough time with his uncle as an ulterior motive. This desire to find out more would only grow stronger when his father would eventually stop coming home altogether, and little did the boy know at the time that he would never see him ever again.

    Eventually, after some more time had passed with no word from his father, when Hayato had become a teenager, the news would eventually be broken to him that his father had died two years prior, the incident having been kept a secret from him by his uncle and mother, who believed he had to wait until he was older to know. It was then that Hayato's uncle had also revealed that the ability of an acute supernatural sense was a hereditary one that most members in the boy's family on the father's side acquired at birth, and that his father, who found that he was unable to comfortably settle down and live a normal life with his family, lived his life as a sort of "ghost detective" in rough terms, tracking down and exorcising vengeful spirits for a living in more superstitious places in the world. More than that, his father had died attempting to exorcise a spirit, whom he had considered to be "exceptionally difficult to deal with," a fact that he had noted to his brother while writing to him in secret. In the last letter that he had ever sent, he noted that the name of the ghost he was dealing with was named Trauciel.

    Since then, Hayato had set out to look for "Trauciel" himself, despite his lack of experience and the protests from his family. He wasn't so much motivated by revenge or anything, but rather, because he felt like the two of them meeting was something like "destiny," though a little less corny than that. He couldn't explain it very well, and perhaps even he didn't understand it very much himself, but he knew that he'd be able to find the answers if he were to meet the spirit known as "Trauciel" and put her to rest.


    Carries around a good amount of weird stuff, which he says is for dealing with all sorts of spirits, such as an onyx necklace, an omamari that he attaches to his bag, and so on. For all the anti-spirit memorabilia that he might have, people might call him superstitious, but he just carries what he believes will be effective.


    Has a potent spiritual awareness that allows him to more easily sense apparitions such as ghosts like Trau. He is also fairly athletic for what it's worth.


    Cooking - He's gotta make food to, y'know, live, so he does. While other people might find it fun to cook for another reason to pick it up, Hayato's only reason is really because of the necessity for food. He doesn't exactly find it "fun." He just does it.

    Piano - In contrast, what he does find relatively fun is playing the piano. He practices playing it fairly often, as it helps him relax and collect his thoughts. However, he has yet to fully express his emotions through music, as they have yet to reach his fingertips.

    Video games - Everyone... needs a hobby. No comment. If nothing else, video games and piano are what makes his fingers swift, if that really meant anything in day to day life.

    Reasons for joining club

    In order to find Trau and put her spirit to rest. And 'cause he felt like it or something like that.

    Voice Actor

    Kenji Nojima

    Counterpart Requirements

    I am the danger counterpart!

    Other Information

    As mentioned above, he has a bad habit of peeling at his lips.

    It's really hard to get him to smile.

    He's rather fond of sweets.

    - - -

    After making a bunch of edits and working on this for like a week or so, there's probably a few errors / inconsistencies, so do let me know if I need any further revising and such.

    In my defense, as of publishing this post, it is like 3 AM where I am, lol.​
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