You need the right person. ( Apple & Wildpelt )

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  1. Aspen smiled, and stared at him with a soft look. "Can you kiss my stomach also? I want to, but I'd break my back, because I'm not that flexible." She explained.
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  2. Michel gave her a warm smile and gently bent down, kissing her stomach.
  3. "Thank you." She smiled, and planted a kiss on his forehead.
  4. Michel curled up with her.
  5. "Sp, what would you want the name to be..?" She asked, being a bit curious.
  6. Michel thought, "Erica if she is a girl."
  7. "What if it's a boy?" She asked. "Really don't have any idea for boy names..personally, my favorite boy name was Andrew."
  8. "Andrew..." He pet her stomach, "I like it. But I want a girl."
  9. "And what if we don't get one, eh?" Aspen asked, giving him a stern look.
  10. Michel looked at her, a little cowed, "W-we'll just have a boy."
  11. "Good. And what if we have a girl? Then what?" She asked again. She was the kind of person who always asked loads and loads of questions.
  12. "Then I'll be even happier. I want a child, but I want a girl." Michel spoke.
  13. "Hmfp. Well you'll just have to deal with it if it's a boy." She eyed him, and then smiled down at her stomach.
  14. Michel moved up so he could kiss her, "I'll be fine with either."
  15. "Good. I was worried for a second." She pulled him into her arms.
  16. Michel let her and he relaxed from her embrace.
  17. (( Wanna skip to birth? ))
  18. ((Yes, but it must be a girl))
  19. (( Yes, I know. ^^ ))

    "Michel..!" Aspen yelled, stumbling downstairs. She held onto the wall, nearly digging her nails into it. "She's coming.." Aspen whispered.
  20. Michel held onto her, "Shh...It'll be okay," He helped her into the car and to the hospital.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.