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    It was early in the morning. A young girl stood at a bus stop that was placed not far from a beach. There were to be others to come not far from now. Today was the start of a new school year. It was no different than any other year. The students would come, and learn. Stay there for the year, then return. It was just a boarding school really. And yet, there were those who would be greatly disturbed if they knew of its existence. The reason was simple. This was a school for monsters.

    Three Hours While Earlier

    "Yukiko?... What are you doing up so early?..."

    A young girl stood at the kitchen, dressed in a green uniform. The smell of eggs was filling the house. Yukiko looked over at her care taker. She did not smile, or anything as she was always a bit socially in-adept... Well very socially in-adept. That is an understatement, still.

    "Oh... Good morning Renji-sama... I made breakfast."

    "Yeah... I see that... But its four in the morning... Why are you up so early?..."

    "Don't you remember, Renji-sama? I have school today."

    "Yeah, but you don't need to be at the bus stop for a good three and a half hours..."


    The girl sat down and ate her food... Well absorbed really.

    "I am going now. I will see you during the summer break."

    "Wait your seriously leaving no-and she's gone. Honestly, what am I going to do with her. Hope she will be alright at school."

    The man sat down and began eating some of the eggs the girl had made. After all, it would be a shame to let good food go to waste.

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  2. Sapphire was excited as she walked to the bus stop her royal blue messenger bag hanging against her hip. She cant wait to see what monster school would be like. I hope its better than human school....I dont want to be an outcast again. Sapphire shakes her head banishing those thoughts causing her long silver/blue hair to fall around her she smiles, This year will be the best!

    As she approaches the bus stop she sees another girl already waiting there, she smiles shyly standing to the side of her
    "Uh hello, im Sapphire this is my first year at this school" her voice is friendly but nervous
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  3. The sky was blue that morning, not that he could see any light. But that was his guess as he walked down the sidewalk tapping it with the cane that hid his katana. He could hear voices in front of him speaking, he sighed softly knowing very well they could see him. They would probably laugh at his inability to see. No matter, he was used to the taunts and jeers from most people.

    He was only walking to this bus stop for one thing and one thing only. To get to this Yokai academy as soon as possible, he stopped suddenly once his cane tapped the pole from the bus stop. Judging from the way cars were going by, he knew that to his right was the road. He turned around and waited silently for the bus to take him to this academy.
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  4. Soteria was gonna be late! She had slept through her alarm and was now rushing through her house to get ready, her mom and dad were already gone at work so she had the house to herself. Once she was ready she quickly locks up the house then runs to the bus stop, luckily it wasnt too far from her place. As she turns the corner to her bus stop running at near full speed she runs into someone making her fall back onto her butt "Ow, Im so sorry! I didnt see you there!" She looks up breathless seeing a man with a cane and blind fold over his eyes that she had run into.
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  5. It was the womans perfume that hit him first, then it was she who came after. He stood there like a brick wall. He then kneeled down turned to her and offered his hand to help her up. “It's alright, You were in a hurry it seems after all. No harm done." This girl, he could tell was beautiful, her voice was harmony to his ears. Her perfume absolutly elegant.Once he finished helping her up he gave her a smile. “I take it you've been accepted into this academy as well? Odd, isn't it? I havn't heard of this school before yesterday. It's like it was kept quiet, the exception being to the ones who were accepted." the last part of his sentence was towards the other two at the bus stop besides him and the girl he just met.

    And where are my manners. My name is Mazon Sawyers. And you are?" he was always taught to be polite to women and to respect them. He had known too many males that thought they were superior to women. But in all truthfulness, they were all equals anyway.
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  6. Soteria blushed chastising herself mentally for being such a cluts. Surprised at the mans kindness she takes his hand gently pulling herself up adjusting her brown messenger bag into the right position. "Yes I was running late and didnt want to miss the bus. Thank you very much" her voice is soft and friendly. She smiles "Ya it was unexpected sense I just moved to this town a month ago, Ive been home schooled most of my life so this is a pretty new expierence for me" Noticing she was rambling she sighs softly.

    "Oh! Mine is Soteria Ivory. Nice to meet you Mr. Sawyers" her voice gets a light lilt when she says her name, a faint Greece accent showing.
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  7. Tekem stood meters away from the small crowd gathering at the bus stop. His human form shifted into patches of ice under his uniform, like a nervous twitch, as he felt his legs step out from under him towards the bus stop. Tekem wasn't use to be surrounded by such a large crowd or living in the warm weather. He wasn't familiar with the outside world much at all. It was a strange -- scary even -- to be so far from home. The golem felt himself stumble, a garble of consonants and vowels spewing from his mouth as he tried to say hello. With a stern look of concentration, he carefully tried again.

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  8. Sapphire looked over at the boy that was clearly not use to being around so many people, she smiles brightly at him "Hello! Im Sapphire Drake" She holds out her hand for him to shake trying to make him more comfortable her voice cheerful but still shy. "Whats your name?" I hope im not being to open....
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  9. Yukiko, was just sitting there. In a few moments though the bus stop had filled with people. So soon realized what had happened after processing someone greet her. Only she processed it a good three minutes after it happened.

    "Oh... Hello, my name is Yukiko Nandei. I too am a first year."

    However the girl had already turned her attention to someone else. Yukiko did not realize this though. She was too busy thinking about something else.

    'When did all these people get here?' She thought.
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  10. Tekem attempted a smile at the Sapphire girl. He looked down at the offered hand in confusion before shaking it limply and letting go. "I am Tekem." He said. "This goes to Yokai Academy?" He asked.
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  11. As the sun illuminated the sky, soaring high like a bird of flame, its radiance burn the shadows of the night an awakened those whom still drew breath. Drayce let his large blue orbs flash open wide, the suns reflection shining within their depths. Inside this damp and dark cave the beast let his maw grow wide, rows of razor sharp and jagged fangs came to light as his low bellow echoed almost endlessly through the several tunnels deep within. Leathery webs hung between the long bones that took shape of his wings, arching out far and wide as he stretched. Ah yes, the morning sun came to greet him in all its fiery blaze and glory, reminding him of his new journey ahead. With a shake of his enormous skull a stream of dark smoke rolled out from his nostrils as he made his way out of the caves entrance. While he headed for the mouth of the cave he began to shift, his body shrinking and morphing into a smaller form. The wings twisted inwards as they started to mold themselves to this alternate form of simplicity, the shape of a homosapien, they crackled and snapped as the bones broke themselves down for the shift. His jaw was slipping back while his fine and pointed fangs started to become dull and more squared. Scales were replaced with skin, though the bulk and define muscular shape of his body hardly altered, only fit his false image. Strong hands traded in for large paws and talon like claws, horns for hair. The only feature left that he had yet to figure out how to erase were his red, black and white horns that rested easy on his temples. He'd eventually find away to make that last aspect of him vanish but for now it was a friendly reminder of what he was. Drayce rolled his wrists, bend his knees and arched his back to break into his human body. With a rough hand to the side of his thick neck he pushed hard and fast in a single shoving motion, that granted a sounding crack followed by a pleased sigh exiting from his fair lips.

    In nothing but his mortal birthday suite he smirked as he overlooked himself, "Wonder if going in the buff is against school rules?" With a self amused chuckle he stepped over to his supplies outside. He didn't want the muggy scent of the cave on his clothing and prepared his wears for the day. Grimly he glanced down at the uniform in disgust while his azure irises narrowed unimpressed, "Would look better if they were black or somethin'. What a goofy ass color to pick to represent your school. Hopefully it's more impressive than their taste in apparel." Throwing on the emasculating garb he got dressed and gathered up his pack, scrambling through the assorted items he choose to bring with him. Pulling from the pack was a tooth brush and paste to clean his mouth and free it from his morning 'dragon' breath. With haste he roughly scrubbed away cleaning his pearl white teeth thoroughly, until he was satisfied with the squeaky clean feel he felt after dragging his tongue across them he stopped, returning his brush and paste back into his pack. The next thing he gathered up was some cologne, pricey but the scent was wild and masculine, a perfect match in his opinion. Slipping on his shoes he reached with one hand and took one last item out and pulled it over his head to lay over the top of his chest. It was old, centuries maybe, but it was priceless and unique in design. This amulet was left with him when he was an infant, the only thing he could assume was a gift from his real parents. Silver chain and charm were only an accent to complement the deep red gem that was the center of the attention. It rattled as his body swayed, the chains links shifting against one another while he walked.

    Drayce was ready to go and by now he surely was late. Scooping up his pack he took off in the direction of the bus stop, knowing it wasn't far from his current location. With luck he would show just in time. But with how quickly he had carried himself he arrived early enough to take in the scene and have a good look at those he would now call his peers. The first person he had taken note of was a young man standing at a staggering 6'7 feet tall with a peculiar blind fold tied over his eyes. He was engaged in conversation with a girl whom he easily towered over. Drayce was curious of his color of hair, it being silvery white, holding a shimmer like winter snow. His demeanor appeared friendly and polite but his scent had a few lingering hints of stress and anxiety. Drayce figured he was nervous about the first day of school, either that or he was excited. It was a matter Drayce spent little time thinking on. Then his attention turned to the younger girl with the fair light brown hair, her green colored eyes mimicked that of large flawless emeralds cut with the out most care. Light flicks of pink danced over her cheeks as she spoke to the tall blind guy. Lifting a brow for a moment he made a odd expression, assuming the obvious between those two. After that the other three were glanced over briefly. A overly nervous young man stammered to converse with a gorgeously exquisite girl while the last one seemed to be dazed and trapped in a world her own. Drayce did the only thing he could think of, shrug off the small bits of data for now and simply focus on what he had set out to do in this school. Which was meet with others like him. With a confident smirk and sharp eyes he made his way over to the group, slipping in with the small crowd. Rolling his neck while the palm of his right hand held onto the right side he questioned aloud to the party, "So lemme guess, yall are first years too then huh?"
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  12. Sapphire nods "Yes it does at least im hoping so, if not I think we're all in the wrong place" her voice is light. Hearing the girl behind her respond she turns to her but before she can respond she sees a very handsome man with horns on his head walk into the crowd. She smiles at him her purple/red eyes excited "Hello! I think we are, I am at least. Im Sapphire Drake, You are?" She holds out her hand for him to shake
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  13. Soteria looked towards the man that just joined the group hearing him talking to us all, curious of the horns on his head but shrugging it off as a fashion trend she smiles waving at them all. "Hello! Ya im a first year here too! Im Soteria Ivory nice to meet you all!" her voice is friendly and happy
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  14. Drayce got an answer almost immediately and shortly there after a slender hand was presented to him, "Hello! I think we are, I am at least. I'm Sapphire Drake, You are?" Her cheery attitude was was evident and the mild interest lurking in her eyes was something Drayce could only see. With his left hand he shook hers, feeling just how delicate and soft her hands really were. His rough and calloused one were similar to that of a hard working blue collared man, strong and hardened. "Drayce Mercier. Nice name by the way, gotta a nice ring to it." His smirk grew long and his white teeth showed, the way they were perfectly aligned was something common with good genetics like his own. But now that she was the current center of his focus he could get a better observation on her person and as he assumed she really had nothing to be ashamed of. With a body shaped like an hourglass she had the figure of a mature young woman, a full bust and hips curved she was easy on his eyes. The shade of her hair was of a pale blue while her eyes were dark purple, the tint of red mixing itself in. She was attractive, there was little doubt to that but Drayce wasn't one to fall head over heels simply over a beautiful face. But Drayce had the snicking suspicion she had a good personality to go with those good looks of her too. For the time being he'd simply learn of those he would be surrounded by and leave the other details for a later time.
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  15. "Yes I am a first year... Oh Dear. I seem to be late again..."

    Yukiko was very confused. Why did she always process conversations so slowly. Though she understands the world, she truly does not understand herself. Perhaps she should try again. She opened her mouth and began speaking

    "Hello... Drayce. My name is... is... Yukiko. And Sapphire, I apologize for being so oblivious earlier... Its a... Its a... Habit."
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  16. Sapphire smiled more at his compliment noticing his rough hand, he must be a hard worker thats good. "Thank you, I go by Fire for short if you dont like saying the whole thing, it can be a mouth full. I like yours as well Drayce is very unique" Her eyes quickly take in his muscular and tone body, his handsome features including perfect white teeth. He was very handsome but she hoped he was more than just good looks, she liked personality more than looks....Of course looks helped.

    Sapphire looked over at Yukiko feeling somewhat bad she kept getting left behind with all the newcomers joining. She smiles at her reassuringly
    "Dont worry about it I understand lots of new people can be hard to take in all at once"
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  17. Wadding knee deep in the ocean stood a young man of average build. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and in his left hand held a good sized blade in sheath. Behind him he could see the bus stop, every once in a while he turned around to see if anybody had shown up yet. There was just one girl who showed up a while ago it seemed, probably just a human he concluded. He turned his attention back to his blade. Holding the sheath tightly in his left hand near his hip with his right hand tightly gripping the hilt. In one movement he drew the blade and slash at the air in front of him and in a flash returned it to the sheath.
    'Seven thousand nine hundred and eighty two.'

    He mentally counted to himself, he did it again and again.

    'Seven thousand nine hundred and eighty three. Seven thousand nine hundred and eighty four.'

    Each swing was exactly the same. An expert would say his form, speed and strength were all perfect... But for him, perfect wasn't good enough. He continued the same swing with no deviation. It was missing something, but he couldn't put a finger on it. No matter how much he practiced, regardless of his mastery, every strike, every swing and every technique always seemed incomplete.

    'Nine thousand.'

    Nine thousand identical swings. Restless as he was, he had arrived at the bus stop the night before. Getting there was anything but easy... Carrying his blade so openly made it difficult to use public transportation and even walking down a sidewalk with a sword strapped to one's back warranted whispers and funny looks. It probably would have been easier just to wrap the blade up or hide it, but he was too proud for that... To hide that sword was to hide himself. Somewhat satisfied with his night worth of drills, he slowly started making his way up the beach to where he put his belongings.

    Quickly he slipped on his shoes and green uniform jacket and threw his bag over one shoulder as he trotted up the small beach hill to the bus stop with sword still in hand. To his surprise a few more people arrived who he hadn't noticed from the water. In a single fluid motion he swung the strap holding his blade over his shoulder and across his back as he slowly approached the group.

    "Well this place filled up pretty quickly. Must be almost time huh? I assume you're all doing introductions. I am Murasame, the Demon Blade." He said to the group as his eyes scanned for reactions.
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  18. Drayce heard another voice howl out and when he glanced over he found himself overlooking the fair haired girl, she too cheery as ever, "Hello! Ya I'm a first year here too! I'm Soteria Ivory nice to meet you all!" . Drayce sent her a nod and a slight wave remarking, "Nice to meet ya." He then motioned to the sliver haired blind man and continued, "You too big guy." When he looked back over at Sapphire she offered him a complement regarding his name as well, "Thank you, I go by Fire for short if you don't like saying the whole thing, it can be a mouth full. I like yours as well Drayce is very unique." Drayce went to continue his conversation with Sapphire but the meek and soft voice of the dazed girl caught his ear, "Hello... Drayce. My name is... is... Yukiko. And Sapphire, I apologize for being so oblivious earlier... Its a... Its a... Habit." Looking over to her he greeted her close to the same manner in which he greeted Soteria, "Hey Yukiko. Guessing you gotta nickname of your own too eh? Yuki?"

    But before Yukiko or anyone else could continue their introductions a young man with a little bit too much swag in his step chimed in with an over confident tone, his voice sounding loud enough to gain the attention of the group, "Well this place filled up pretty quickly. Must be almost time huh? I assume you're all doing introductions. I am Marusame, the Demon Blade." Drayce couldn't help but notice the boy searching for attention, any reactions to his announcement. Drayce just leaned back a little, tilted his head slightly back and reintroduced himself with a single word, "Drayce." Giving one self a title wasn't something Drayce viewed as intimidating or grand. Hopefully after the nerves of meeting new people settled the young guy in front of him would be more himself and not what he thought others wanted him to be.
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  19. Mary grumbled as her suit began to speak telepathically. "Good morning Master. In approximately 20 minutes, the vehicle that will transport you to your destination will be departing. I suggest we leave soon to ensure we arrive on time." The alien girl sighed, trying her best to arise from her slumber. Mary still wasn't used to Earth days. They went by so quickly, there was barely any time to sleep before the sun came up to signal humans to be active. Mary finally lifted herself from the ground and stretched her back. She had left her space ship in a less conspicuous place, but the location was too far away from the 'bus stop'. So Mary had spent the last few nights sleeping nearby so she wouldn't be late. After running a quick diagnostic on her suit, Mary trotted towards the transportation stop.

    Mary took in a breath, her eyes wide with wonder. Standing at the bus stop were seven Earth beings, and the little alien could barely contain her excitement. Her smile was large, almost to the point of being creepy, as she ran up to the creatures. Finally! Real interaction! I must impress them all! Mary stopped right before reaching the group and clapped her hands together. "We all be going to academy, yes?" She walked into the middle of the group, hoping to find a suitable being to interact with first. She looked at each being before a light gasp fell from her lips. Oh yeah, introductions. This would be much easier if these aliens could use telepathy. Mary placed her right fist on her hip while her right thumb pointed at her chest. "Mary Sue Smith my name is. We now all be friends with lots of togetherness."

    As the little girl finished speaking, the antenna on her eyes began to twitch, though none of the beings could see. Mary could feel the temperature of the air around the beings, and it surprised her how large of a range there was. She first looked to the boy with horns and pouted slightly. "You be too hot horny man." Another twitch of her antenna drew her attention to the boy with the ponytail who seemed a bit fidgety. This boy seemed to exude cool air, something that reminded Mary of home. She got close to him, some might say too close. "I be liking you. You be cool." Mary then looked to the boy with the human weapon and smiled. "Oh, too you be cool, but only coolish." One final tremble and Mary looked to the slightly spacy girl with purple hair. During her research, Mary had stumbled across interactions common in this country. The animated girls might sometimes grab another girl to show friendship. Mary walked behind her target and wrapped her arms around the girl, Mary's hands resting gently on the girl's chest. "Yes, you be coolish too. You be also squishiness." Mary addressed the rest of the group. The tall boy with a cloth over his eyes, as well as the girl he spoke to, both had very similar temperatures. The purple-eyed girl was slightly warmer, but not enough to warrant a frown. "Rest are being the normal. I be wanting you all to become cool too. Then we be friends of bestness." Mary awaited the interaction of the beings before her. Certainly she had been impressive enough to declare her their friend. Then Mary's research could truly begin.
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  20. "Squishy?..."

    The new girl was bouncing around. Poor Yukiko was having a hard time keeping up. She watched as she bounced around from person to person. She was... amusing... That seemed like the right word. Yukiko never really used it. She just understood the text book definition. She looked at the flamboyant girl. Who was she?

    "Time for frivolous banter is over. It seems the bus has arrived."

    A tall boy with gold eyes and blond hair approached the odd group of highschoolers. Ar his side was a stick wrapped on a purple cloth, which he was leaning on. He pointed behind him, as a school bus stopped at the designated area.

    The boy was the first on the bus. "I assume you all are heading for Yokai of course. Oh joy. I can tell this will be a... new experience. Well don"t just stand there, get on."

    Yukiko had seen that boy earlier. He walked by a while ago while she was waiting. He might have been the second one here really.

    Yes... The bus...

    Yukiko followed and sat down in a random seat.
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