...Yeah, there's a party every night.



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school day passed by in a daze; his throbbing headache, slight dizziness and mild nausea impairing his ability to learn or even pay attention for that matter. <o:p></o:p>
Not that he ever paid attention to begin with.
Finally, the bell for dismissal rang—startling him just a wee bit— and he quickly gathered up all of his stuff, and fast walked his ass out of there, conveniently “forgetting” to hand in the history paper he was supposed to hand in at the end of the day. Once he was outside and the fresh, somewhat clean air hit his face, clearing up his head a little bit, he wondered why he went to school at all.

Leigh went straight from the high school to Dabney Crest, a local park where everyone usually went after school if they had nothing else better to do… or when they decided to skip. There Ry found Nikki wearing the usual black fedora and her little black jacket, laying there, stomach down on the merry-go-round as it spun around slowly. He walked over and caught a seat next to her, letting his legs hang off the side. Nikki’seyes swiveled over to look at Ryleigh, and she smiled. “Hi.” She said quietly.

Ryleigh slung his book bag off of his shoulders and placed it into his lap. “I wondered where you were all day.” He said with a smirk. Nikkirolled onto her back and looked up at Ryleigh. “Well you found me,” she mumbled with a shrug. She pulled a pack of Malboros from the pocket of her hoodie, slid one out and stuck it in between her lips. Pulling a lighter from her other pocket she lit the cigarette before offering the box to Ryleigh. “Want one?”Ryleigh wrinkled his nose and looked at the box with disgust. “Not particularly.”Nikki smiled remembering he didn’t like cigarettes and put the pack and the lighter back into her pocket. “Sorry. Forgot.”

Nicole sat up and grabbed onto a pole as Ryleigh pushed off the ground with his feet and sent the merry-go-round spinning. “So..”Ryleigh started, “Don’t you have a party to prepare for?” He looked over Nikki who was hugging her pole absentmindedly as they twirled around. “What do you think I was doing all day?”Nikki looked over to Ry. “Did you get the loot? I got all the booze we need.” Ry dragged his feet along the ground to stop the ride and unzipped his bag before pulling out a freezer bag of various drugs. He gave her a little crooked grin. “When have I ever let you down?”

Nicole rolled her eyes and scooted over to sit next to him.”Where’s everyone else?” She asked, curiously. Ryleigh shrugged and put the bag away. “They should be coming I guess.”
Seraphia waved to a group as she exited the classroom, not remembering their names at all but making sure that they still remembered hers. She smiled when she passed them and chirped a bright hello before they could say hi to her first, individually, and she'd be caught not knowing their names. They each replied, almost in unison, with a returned smile. The inevitable invitation came: would she like to go to lunch with them?

Fee couldn't possibly tell them that she had no money to buy lunch at some restaurant with them and gripped the apple she's extricated moments ago from her backpack. "Sorry guys, you know me. I have a big dinner so I've got to be healthy at lunch." She slid past them like water down the hall, making her way toward the park.

When she arrived, she spotted Nikki and Ryleigh already there, talking in quiet voices. She shook her hair away from her face and dropped the simpering facade. She knew them and they knew her. This group was where her true friends were and the only people that she could be honest with and work a little less at pleasing endlessly. There was a certain comfort in knowing that they liked her for herself (mostly) without the constant morphing of personalities.

"Hey Nikki, Ryleigh. My coworker bought me two bottles of Jack last night, in exchange for some favors." Fee gestured towards her jangling backpack, approaching them gracefully so as to make the bottles clank together as little as possible.
Seth stared up at the clock, paying little to no attention as the instructor droned on and on about early American history. 'What a waste of time' he thought to himself, wishing he would have skipped class altogether. Under normal circumstances he would have, but today he actually needed to be at school. Today he had to sell some of the painkillers he had stolen from his parents medicine cabinet the night before so he would have money to buy alcohol for the party tonight, at least that was the plan. He had sold three of the six pills and was now sitting comfortably on twenty five dollars. The other three pills were tucked away safely in the pocket of his faded black denim jeans. After a mind numbingly long wait the bell finally chimed its end of the day salute and Seth was out the door almost immediately. He walked at a hurried pace, not even bothering to get off campus before lighting up a camel.

Seth walked and smoked until finally the park came into view. There he saw a few people he actually liked and respected. Although Seth was a smart ass most of the time, he was pretty sure they enjoyed his company too. He first noticed Serephia, then saw Ryleigh and Nikki on the marry go round. He walked up behind her, seeing as she was trying to be careful with the bottles in her backpack, and shook it, hearing a gentle 'Clink Clink Clink' as he did so.

"Next time, Fee, you could always just have me steal you the bottles and save your favors for someone else" Seth said in a matter of fact tone.

Seth then turned to Ryleigh and Nikki, giving Ryleigh a nod of his head that said 'Whats up dude' then he added "So, where is this
party, Ry?"

Alice was almost dozing off in class, she hated it soo much when you had school the next day after a long party. Every second seemed like a whole minute, as Alice stared at her watch seeing the time tick by it seemed to be mocking her that she was still stuck in here. She closed her eyes for a while and heard the teacher's lecture until the bell rang, she was very lazy at the moment as she dragged herself out of class. Once Alice was out of school grounds she pulled out her cell phone, '3 new messages' was written, one of them was from her band member the other was from a random friend asking where the party was at. The third was Ian's the goody two shoes had extra classes. "Great just great." Alice mumbled under breathe. Alice headed for the park where she saw most of the familiar faces, "Hey guys, anyone know where the party at ?!?" Alice asked as she sat down on the grass cross legged.
Class? Who cared about that today? Especially when this notebook felt so AMAZING! And that locker! And his own hair! Man everything was a wonderful texture to it! The wood on the desk felt so smooth and when he rubbed his face on it gently it was a bit cool! Man who would've thought that it felt this nice? Aww, his teachers were so nice, they were just trying to teach them and none of them really cared! That was okay, they'd breakthrough to some of their students! It was such a nice day out! All Eric wanted to do was go outside and roll around in the grass.

When the bell for the end of the day rang Eric was caught off guard, he nearly jumped out of his seat with his books and backpack and headed for his locker, making sure to shove his books away and grabbing his little baggie of X out of the pouch in his backpack and shoving it into his pocket. He made sure to grab his water bottle too, it was important to keep hydrated.

He had to make it to Dabney Crest to meet up with his small group of friends. As he rushed across the grass he'd stop every once in a while when he saw a curious looking plant that he'd want to touch before sprinting off again. By the time he had made it to the meeting spot it looked like just about everyone had gathered. He sidled up to Fee and plopped his backpack down, running his fingers through her hair.

"Man guys, everything feels so good to my fingers, it's like they have little brains in them that can only sense what I'm rubbing them on..." Eric chuckled before letting go of her hair and producing his little bag of fun. "I already took a couple today but there should be enough for everyone else tonight." He took a couple of steps over to Ry and ran his fingers on his shirt. "Man, this feels nice too!" He stopped short and stood over to the side next to Fee and plopped down into the grass, gently rubbing his fingers across the tops with a large grin across his face.
Ryleigh looked up to see some of the others Arriving to the park, and smiled a bit. He stopped the merry-go-round slowly, dragging his feet across the ground, again and stood up to greet them. Nikki congratulated Fee on getting the booze, but then Ryleigh agreed with Seth that she would’ve saved herself some if she just let Seth steal it. Ry looked over to Seth, who had asked him where the party was, and shrugged. Nikki’s place. Where else?” As soon as he finished his sentence, Alice came along asking a similar question. He chuckled a bit and said, Nikki’s place,” in unison with Nikki saying “My house.” They looked at each other and laughed a bit, until, very abruptly, his chest was rubbed upon by Eric. “Whoa, whoa. Eric, whoa.” Suddenly Eric plopped himself onto the floor, rubbing himself against the grass. Nikki giggled a little and Ryleigh sighed. “Eric…” But he couldn’t finish his sentence ‘cause he started to laugh himself. <o:p></o:p>
Breaking Free.

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Christine yawned slightly looking around at everyone that was sitting bored in class. It was definitely too nice to be sitting inside listening to some lame teacher talking about how to dissect and insect of whatever kind of species she was talking about. She yawned once more tapping the end of her pencil against the desk and looked around once more. The clock on the wall seemed to be moving slower each moment she was there. Finally, she let her head down on the desk and started to sleep it off. Sleeping it off was a good thing. She didn't get much sleep the night before; and since then, she was extremely tired and was hard of concentration. Could it be, that maybe she was the only one in the class that wasn't paying attention? If that was the case then there was going to be big problems.


Christine looked up and turned slightly red knowing that she was being sought out about her sleeping habits. Staring at the teacher she stifled a yawn moving her hand to cover her mouth, then spoke quietly.


"Are you paying attention?"

"Of course I am. I was just... studying my notes a little closer than previous."

A smirk moved across Christine's lips knowing that it was a stupid move to try and lie to the teacher. She didn't care though. Most of it was stuff that she already knew and she was already passing the course with a B+ . Christine smiled once more, and slouched into her chair looking around at the other kids snickering. Crossing one foot over the other she looked up at the clock and sighed heavily once more knowing that it was at least 10 minutes before the class ended.
Fee looked a little taken aback by Seth's offer, unused to the kindness embedded there somewhere. She mused, biting her lip a little bit while she thought of how to respond to it. Is was strange to her for the offer to be made and she felt a surge of gratitude for having these friends. They might not be the most respected, though some of them were, but they were oddly tight-knit.

Eric broke the semi-awkwardness she felt by running fingers through her hair and touching Ry all over. She felt the burble of laughter rush over her, springing unbidden from her lips. He seemed so arrogant but here he was petting Ry. "I'll give you a hairbrush next time, Eric, and you can brush my hair all you'd like." Eric seemed content to roll around in the grass however.

Trying not to make things awkward, Fee glanced up at Seth and tried to give him her best innocent smile - one of the ones that didn't beckon him forth and instead was truly warm. She hoped she got it right, it had been a while since she smiled just for one guy and it wasn't an invitation.

"If you'd be willing to do that for me then maybe I won't have to help my coworkers out so much..." She turned her head, trying to avoid looking pathetic as she gave him that almost hopeful look. "What time tonight then, guys? Same old time or did Big Momma's shift change?" She infused the words with all the mischief she could muster. Nikki was one of the few here with a semblance of parents to care about the parties.
Arclette sent a silent prayer up to a God she didn’t believe in as the final bell rang to release school. At last she was free of the seven-hour hellhole that held her captive in a stuffy, useless classroom; she could almost smell the sweet liberty of a mocha Frappuccino and an addicting book. How she loved to live in the sweet serenity of imagination. <o:p></o:p>
Her father needed access to her car today, so Arclette was forced to walk to work afterschool which was inconveniently placed at the complete opposite end of town. How she hated walking such a distance; she yearned for caffeine and the written word to bring her comfort. Tucking her hands into the pockets of her favorite black-and-white checkered hoodie, she walked reclusively down the sidewalk, desperately wishing for an iPod or cassette player to tune out the world. Maybe I’ll invest in one with my next paycheck, Arclette thought to herself.<o:p></o:p>
On her journey, she walked past Dabney Crest, a local park, which was usual in her routine whenever she walked to work. Looking over at the park, Arclette noticed Ryleigh O’Brian and a few of his cronies chilling on a merry-go-round. Partiers, Arclette thought to herself. I’ll never get mixed-up in that crowd again…<o:p></o:p>
Someone on the merry-go-round must have seen Arclette staring, because they motioned for her to come over. Warily, Arclette made her way toward the merry-go-round, unsure of what they wanted and why she was allowing herself to go over there. Admittedly, she was a bit curious to what anyone associated with Ryleigh O’Brian wanted with her.<o:p></o:p>
Nikki shrugged at Fee’s question. “Nothing ever changes in my house. Same shit, different day. That’s what I say.” She heard Ryleigh grumble an ‘I know what you’re sayin’’, and cracked a smile. “So yeah, I guess you could say same time.” Nikki caught a glimpse of cotton candy blue hair and looked over to the road. She smiled a little and waved Arclette over.

Nikki kind of wondered what had happened to Arclette. As far as she knew, Arclette had been apart of the party scene once, but she heard there was a day when it all stopped. There had been alot of rumors going around; like the one where she drove some drunk kid to commit suicide at a party, or the one where she got drunk, tried to drive home, and caused a huge accident. Most of them were just stupid and about her killing someone, but Nikki wasn’t the type of person to believe any of that shit. There was a part of Nikki that wanted to get to know her for who she really was.

She smiled warmly as Arclette came over hesitantly,
“Hey, do you have anything to do tonight? There’s a party at my place, if you want to go.”
Eric chuckled a bit when everyone else laughed at his antics. He hadn't realized that Ry thought he was hitting on him, not that the thought hadn't crossed his mind in the past. It was just the X in his system making him want to touch EVERYTHING.

"No worries Ry, I'm not after you right now." He freely admitted. He didn't care if Ry knew that he was kinda into him, it wasn't like he was going to do anything about it. "Nah Fee, I'm just having fun rolling. You want some? I feel a bit lonely being the only one!" He made a puppy-dog face as he grabbed the baggie of pills out and held it up for Fee before noticing the girl joining them. Eric vaguely remembered her from a while back, he thought her name was Arcy or something like that. Well he wasn't going to pass up a chance to talk to more people, but for now he was content to just hang back and watch what the others would do with her and continue to try and pressure Fee into joining him.

"C'mon Fee, I got the water bottle here, it'll be fuuuu~uuun." He stood and continued to hold the baggie out for the girl.
Arclette was truly taken aback by Nikki’s gesture. “You’re inviting me to a party?? You have GOT to be kidding.” Arclette laughed until she truly looked at Nikki; the girl looked remarkably sincere, and a little offended by Arclette’s reaction. The merry-go-round kids all stared at her, and Arclette suddenly felt a wave of embarrassment crash onto her. “What? Don’t you kids think I killed somebody, or something?” Those were the rumors that circled Arcie’s mysterious past, and sometimes it was easier to just stick to them instead of disprove them.<o:p></o:p>
Perhaps these kids were daredevils. Their parties were nearly not interesting enough, so they think that inviting a girl who is possibly convicted of murder to their party will spice things up. Little did they know that it was only Arclette who had the only real damage done to her. The truth of what happened that night flashed through her mind and she winced at the painful recollection. “Look, all I want is to be left the fuck alone—”<o:p></o:p>
Wait a second.<o:p></o:p>
Could it be?<o:p></o:p>
Was that Seth Conroy?<o:p></o:p>
Arclette was never one to let guys into her life. The thought almost made her sick; a reoccurring nightmare prevented any future romance. But Seth Conroy… The name always left fluttering butterflies in her stomach and a sexy taste in her mouth. She had only had him in a couple of her classes throughout the years, but she always found herself drawn to him in a way that she had never been drawn to anyone else. His constant cantankerous attitude matched hers indefinitely, and she couldn’t help but be intrigued. She caught herself staring at him, and immediately shied away. A girl she knew as “Fee” shot her a lethal look.<o:p></o:p>
He’s a boy, Arcie thought to herself. Boys are pigs. They are all the same dirty, rotten pigs. And they only want one thing, and when you refuse to give them that one thing, they’ll strap you down to a bed and take it by force…<o:p></o:p>
Horrible memories bit at her mind. <o:p></o:p>
Arcie’s cheeks flushed a bright shade of red as she turned back to Nikki. “I’m sorry, I don’t… I mean, I shouldn’t… No. I’m not going.” That was final, she decided, but desperately she yearned for Seth to convince her otherwise…<o:p></o:p>
"Well, we should get going then." Said Seth in response to RY about the party at Nikki's " This park sucks, and it's only a matter of time before the cops start hassling us about loitering."

Seth watched Eric, clearly enjoying his X pills, and thought about the painkillers he had concealed in his own pocket. He would no doubt be taking those later, hopefully chased by some of Fee's JD, at the party. Delicious opiates, Seth hated to admit that he could easily see him self becoming an addict later in his life, but for now? Fuck it, life was too short and anyone who told him otherwise was too old, or too square for Seth to care about their opinion.

The smallest of smiles crept over Seth's face as Fee spoke. Seth had one of those face types that made him look pissed off all the time, but on the few occasions he actually did smile it was like his whole face exploded into emotion and happiness, which is why he rarely smiled. He liked his 'pissed off' look. He liked the way people treated him when they thought he was mad all the time, it was like having his own personal shield against those preppy types that might want to talk to him, and in turn, it saved him the trouble of having to be a prick and tell them to fuck off. Despite his reputation, Seth hated being a prick unnecessarily. HE always felt it was better to just avoid the situation altogether.

"Hey, do what you gotta do." Said Seth to Fee as he flicked his cigarette into the grass "Just know that if you need it I'm always around" Seth had always liked Fee. Her eagerness to please coupled with her adorable personality made her easy to get along with. Even though he would never admit it, Seth would much rather supply her with alcohol himself than have her get it from her coworkers.

Seth lit another cigarette, damn chain-smoking again, he thought as the flame from his blue bic lighter touched the end of his camel. It seemed whenever he was lost for something to say or do he would light another smoke.

He noticed Nikki wave to a blue haired girl with a lip ring, but didn't recognize who it was until she got closer. It was Arclette, something or other, Seth couldn't recall her last name, but he did recall her checking him out in a couple of the classes they shared. It was obvious, at least in Seth's mind, that she wanted him and with any luck, he thought he would do her a favor and make that happen for her tonight. Typical, conceited Seth. After a brief exchange between Nikki and Arclette, Seth decided to step in.

"Look, if you think you're too good to hang out with us that's cool, but just so you know, I personally don't care what happened with you before. It's the past, everyone has skeletons in their closet" Seth took a deep drag of his camel. "You look a little stressed out to me, maybe going to a party would be good for you?"

"Huh? What?"

Luke sat up, unaware of where he was. He rubbed his eyes, blinked a few times and looked around... He was on his bedroom floor. The buzzing was coming from his cell phone, which was laying next to him. He couldn't quite remember how he got on the floor, or what he was doing the night before. It wasn't a party, and he hadn't been on any substance... He was just a wild sleeper, apparently.

He opened his phone, which had a cracked screen... He had been planning on getting a new one for a long time. He wiped it off and held it close to his face to read the time... 3:09

He quickly scrambled up and grabbed a shirt that was hanging on his bed post; his work shirt. It was black on the right side, and changed to white right down the center. He also threw on a pair of jeans.

"How did I manage to sleep through an entire day without any help?" He mumbled to himself as he left the two bedroom apartment. He took out his broken phone and sent a text message to Nikki and Seth.

"Slept through school. Gotta work until 9. Send me party details, or come bowling."

"one of them is bound to be with the others." He thought, not wanting to miss a party. He walked from the apartment a few blocks down to the bowling alley, and began his day.
Fee wiggled a little on the grass in order to stand up and reached for Eric's hand as well. Free X, huh? Eric had always been fun though, and generous. Guess it helps to be loaded - not that I'm any different. Don't I know, I'd still be lapping it up like a cat in a creamery if not for circumstances... Fee reached for the baggie that Eric was offering, peering at it cautiously before slipping her slender fingers inside and fishing out some of the drug.

"I'll take this so we party hard together, ok?" Eric probably wouldn't make it to Nikki's house under his own devices if he stopped to pet everything in sight. Fee liked Eric's happy personality, especially when he had some drugs in his system. It was a pity, she thought, that she had no car to transport them in but she could walk him there all the same. It wasn't far to Nikki's house from here.

"You're the best, Seth" Fee chirped, slinging Eric's arm over her shoulder. She wouldn't say anything about his hitting on the girl with cotton candy hair, it was both their choices what happened, though the girl with the blue hair seemed to have some unexplained animosity towards Fee. Having never met the girl before, that she could recall, Fee hadn't the slightest why Cotton Candy would flash her that mean look but hell, not like it matter. Some booze and maybe a few drugs and the chick would probably be in a much better mood. By the looks of it, if the drugs didn't cheer her up, Seth would finish the job.

Fee chuckled to herself, letting Eric stroke her hair as she tugged him along the sidewalk. "Seth's probably right about the cops. You know how people here don't really understand why a bunch of teenagers would like their little park..." Fee readjusted the bag on her shoulders and mussed Eric's hair a little. "To the party then, Eric. Come on, you can walk with me if you want."

She was finally getting out of class. Things seemed to be getting more hectic around here because summer coming around the corner. Christine kept to herself most of the school year, but there was this one guy she was really into. They started seeing each other midway through the year, and just a few weeks ago; he ended things. Heartbroken she still was. But, she was owning up to it for her own good. She couldn't let him see that she was torn up about him. Christine just wanted to move on, and maybe find some summer lovin' this summer. Even if it is only for the summer-- and if it's through the next year that would be even better.

A sigh escaped her lips. Packing her things up and walking out of the class room, she looked around. The halls were busy. It was everyone leaving for the day. That was completely normal though. People just wanted to get out of there. Christine couldn't blame them. Stretching just a bit, she looked down the hall way to see if she recognized anyone from other classes that she talked to occasionally. Unfortunately there was no one. Finally, after putting things in her locker, she moved herself outside. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she started walking down the pavement. What looked to be a group of people hanging around. Unsure of herself, she spoke quietly to herself as if she was talking to herself. In which case she was. "Is that--" Her words stopped. "Is that... Ryleigh" She breathed a little easier. "It is..." The words were like almost drowning in her self thought.

Paying no attention, she continued walking past the group. It seemed like they were having fun, and she didn't want to interrupt them. Hoisting her backpack over her shoulder, she shoved one hand into her pocket and let out another breath, relaxing some while kicking up some rocks from the ground.
Seth’s invitation took Arcie by surprise. He wanted her there! Butterflies fluttered inside her stomach, making it almost impossible to deny the offer. “Yes!... I mean, I’ll be there, I guess.” Nikki seemed somewhat pleased, and Seth took another drag. Arcie admired how attractively Seth lounged about, the contours of his body blurring together in such a way that would make any hormone-enraged teenage girl want to jump his bones. Blushing, Arcie excused herself from the group and kept walking on her way to work.<o:p></o:p>
Did I really just agree to go to a party? Arclette thought to herself as she made her way, hands tucked in her hoodie pockets once more. A horrid fear crept up inside of her, a fear that blossomed from an awful incident four years ago. Just like that, one stupid boy made Arclette stumble over her rationality and fall victim to attending a high school party. In her defensive, however, no one ever invited Arclette anywhere anymore, especially to parties, so Nikki’s summons to her caught Arcie completely off-guard, so she was in no way in her right mind. Maybe I just won’t show up, Arclette considered, no one will even notice I’m not there. But what if Seth was counting on her to come? What if he had been drawn to her just as she was to him over all this time? These things don’t just happen by chance.<o:p></o:p>
I’ll show up, but I won’t even have one drink, Arcie decided, a cool breeze sliding against her cheeks. I won’t let things get out of hand like last time…<o:p></o:p>
Feeling nauseous, Arcie sat down on the sidewalk to clear her head.
She was going to a party. <o:p></o:p>
Eric was more than pleased when Fee decided to join him. The two of them would certainly have a good time at Nikki's party. When he put the baggie away and handed Fee the water bottle did he decide to pay attention to the others. Apparently the girl with the blue hair was going to come to the party at Seth's suggestion.

Ry and Nikki would probably head to the party together but he didn't know how the others would be getting there. Ah well, the details didn't really concern him, he was just going to enjoy his high for now. His hand found it's way to his own shirt and he was lost in the euphoric feeling of the soft cotton against his fingers. "Mmm, this is sooo soft." He chuckled, his grin hadn't left his face.

He giggled and stumbled a bit as he was tugged along by Fee, she seemed pretty excited for the party. He turned around and waved to everyone happily, "See you guys later!" He chuckled before turning around and running his fingers through Fee's hair. "Man, I wonder what my chest feels like..." He muttered, reaching one of his hands up under his shirt and rubbing his chest and stomach, "Wow! This is so smooth and feels good!" He laughed.

"C'mon Fee, when you take it you'll feel so much better!" He nudged her, retrieving his hand from under his shirt.
Alice stayed quite all that time as she pulled out pieces of papers all crumpled up and went through all of them one by one. It sort of annoyed how the guys wouldn't stop talking but then again why was she there. A lot happened as she tried to figure out what song would be best for the party and then she finally gave up. "Guys seriously I've been sitting around like humpty dumpty for 15 minutes and can't figure out what song to play. Urghhhhh." Alice fell back on the grass and covered her face with her hands and then got back up. "This sucks I haven't practiced for any one but come one you guys gotta help me out but just one song cuz then I need to dance too you know."
Seth watched as Arclette walked away. He felt a little indifferent to the whole situation, but at the same time was not Unhappy about her decision.

He took a few steps backwards, at the same time thinking if he should go with Fee and Eric, when he nearly tripped over Alice. Luckily his cat like reflexes kicked in and he managed to keep his balance by hopping on one foot then side stepping her completely.

"So you're looking for a song, Alice?" He said smoothly as if he had not almost just fallen over on her "This is what you should do. Get drunk then put your ipod on shuffle. Whatever song comes comes up is your song for the night! Pretty fucking cool, no?" Seth decided that his idea 'kicked ass', as most of his ideas did, and he got a little satisfied smile on his face. Just at that moment he got a text message from Luke. He whipped out his phone and quickly typed in this response:
Party at Nikkis, Fees got booze. Eric already rollin'. We'll see ya there?

He turned to the others, deciding that now was the time to go.

"Alright, Dudes. Let's get ghost!" He turned, lighting another cigarette, and headed towards Nikki's