...Yeah, there's a party every night.

Alice rolled her eyes at Seth, "Sure Seth you're the master mind, woo hoo." Alice spoke sarcastically. Noticing when Seth was about to leave Alice got up too, "I can't come along just yet I'll see you guys there, I gotta nudge the band members and Ian so I'll see you guys there." With that said Alice headed out to her place, with a fast pace on her way she called ever band member telling them of the party at Nikki's. Once she was home she took a quick bath and changed into her unusually usual rock chic outfit. To top it of she put on some dark eye shades and a light gloss. Just as Alice was about to leave she actually did what Seth has told her too put on her i pod and press shuffle. The song stopped on Bad Reputation by Avril Lavign and Alice spoke to herself, "Sweet."
"What's sweet?" came Ian's voice from behind her, he looked like he had just stepped out of the shower. "Wow you're all ready don't tell me group study at Stephan's, well i really like this scent on you." Alice spoke putting her arms around him, her fingers running through his hair. "Well it's actually Hugo Boss." Ian boasted. Alice laughed lightly and tapped him on the back, "Okay then drop your bags and come to the party."
Nikki smiled as Arclette agreed to go to the party and was proud of Seth for being nice to her. Today was going great so far, and she was positive tonight was going to be ten times better. Nikki looked down as her boob vibrated and rang once. She briefly reached into her bra and pulled out her phone to check it. One message from Luke. She opened her phone and pressed 'reply'.

'My place, usual time. Can't you get out early or something?'

Nikki sighed and put her phone into her pocket, stuffing her hand in after it. She hopped off of the merry-go-round and dusted herself off, going over to stand next to Ryleigh."Me and Ry will go over to my house and bring the van around,"Nikki said, taking one last drag of her cigarette before flicking it onto the floor. "Anyone else wanna walk?"

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"Excuse me sir, can you get me a refill of my water?"

A young girl, who looked about seven, approached Luke as he was wiping down a table.

"Sure thing." He replied, trying to sound cheerful for the child. He walked to the counter at the back and grabbed a pitcher, then poured the water into the cup. "Here ya go, careful not to spill it!"

Just as he was about to wipe down another table, his phone vibrated. He picked it up and read the message from Seth.

He replied 'The party is always at Nikki's, Fee always has booze, and seriously, when is Eric not rolling? Why do I even bother asking. Yea, I'll be there.'

Then he read Nikki's message. He looked up and scanned the bowling alley. There was only the one family with the little girl bowling, and a teenage couple on a date.

He then typed a reply, 'Hmm, don't know. You know how "busy" it can be here. I'll see what I can do.'

He put his phone away after sending the message. He looked back at the family bowling. There was a mom, a dad, the daughter, and the son. For a second he wondered what it was like having a normal family, but he quickly erased the thought. "Who needs a normal family?" He thought to himself. "I'm perfectly fine with the family I have." He thought about his friends, they were what he considered his family.

He walked to the back and talked to his boss, who decided since the place was nearly dead, he could have the rest of the night off. Relieved about not missing a party, Luke departed from the bowling alley and began the walk to Nikki's house.
Fee grinned at Eric, glad that he had taken his hand out of his shirt so that they didn't get strange looks from people before they even got to the party. Who knew if they would get reported by some busybody walking their dog if Eric kept petting his own chest beneath the shirt? Fee slowed a little bit, waiting for Seth to catch up. It would be faster just to walk instead of have Nikki pick them up with her van, after all, and she wasn't sure she wanted to just sit here waiting for them in the park. It was easier to get away with what the neighborhood called loitering (it was a park, what the hell?) when it was just Fee but someone should look out for Eric. Fee didn't mind, anyway, looking after Eric. When they got to the party, they'd probably both be rolling and then they'd have a blast.

The hot sidewalk was making Fee wish that she'd worn something more on her feet than the dusty red sandals gracing her feet and she paused to pull a water bottle out of her bag as well. After taking a sip, she offered the bottle to Eric and turned to Seth with a wry smile. "So, you've got yourself a date tonight with Cotton Candy, huh? Make sure you're nice, it sounds like something spooked her away from the party scene and if you want a playmate, you might have to remind her how much fun it is." Fee linked arms with Eric and leaned in close to his ear to whisper a question so that people on the street wouldn't be able to hear her.

"How many tablets do you have, Eric?"

The group was almost to Nikki's house and Fee wanted to know just how much there was to go around. She pulled the tablet she'd chosen from her pocket, showing it to Eric in promise that she would take it. The pale blue tablet with the butterfly pressed on it seemed so innocent beneath her fingertips and she marveled at how such a small pill could totally take over.

Alice was in a hummer jeep belonging to a band member of their, she and her crew were in it along with Ian. To most people they just looked like a bunch of amateur musicians trying to make it big when they really jut did it for fun. The Jeep stopped at Nikki's place and Alice waited along with her crew, she was standing to see if the guys had actually made it. Alice felt like she saw a bunch she knew heading their way so she waved with both her hands. Her Rock goth chic ensemble could be recognized by everyone as it was Alice. Her crew was making quite a racket, joking around and Alice had to hush them up to not get caught. "Shut up will you arses, you might as well get us caught." Alice spoke under her breath.
Seth walked a couple paces behind Fee and Eric, for the moment he was content...AND sober; A rare occurrence for him. However, part of that contentment was due to the fact that he had three little codeine pills sitting in his pocket. Other than that he was just happy, although he wouldn't admit it, to be spending time with his friends. As the sun started to slowly make its east bound decent in the sky, Seth dug out the pills and without hesitation chewed them up. He cringed at the taste, but not in a bad way, as the slightly, bitter numb feeling that he loved so much filled his mouth. He liked to be a little high before hitting the party scene, it helped his cope better with the crowd.

He quickened his pace and caught up to his two friend just as Fee asked him a question.

"Hell yeah." He gloated in response "I'm gonna totally hit that." He then grabbed the water bottle from Fee, not a rude gesture, but more of a playful one. He took an air sip with a cocky grin on his face and said "What about you, Who you got Your eye on?" He handed back the bottle and joked "See, no backwash." He walked up beside Eric and nudged him "What about you, Mr. X? You gonna be happy feeling yourself up all night? " Of course Seth was amused with himself, as Eric looked to be in a magical world filled with good feelings.
Nikki grinned as everyone just decided to walk. Very honestly, she didn't really want to take the time to bring the van around. Ryleigh… Well, Ryleigh was getting a little crabby, and a bit nervous. Reason being, everyone else was getting their fix and he wasn't. He warily looked over to Nikki, who had pulled her iPod out, as she walked. She glanced at him and gave a half smile before looking back at her iPod. Ryleigh sighed, and looked over to Seth who was talking to Fee and Eric, trying to catch his eye as his palms began to sweat. Failing to do so, he finally grabbed Seth's sleeve, and pulled him a good ten feet out of hearing range of everyone else.

Ryleigh let go of his sleeve and muttered in a hushed breath, "I know Nikki doesn't approve of it… but I got at least six bags of smack in my backpack…" He glanced over his shoulder at his bookbag and then at Nikki ahead of them, who was bobbing her head to her music, before continuing. "You need to swear on your god damn life that if I get messed up tonight, and Nikki gets suspicious, you'll cover for me."Ryleigh's voice dropped a little lower. "It's been awhile and I could really use it…" He decided to keep out the fact that he felt like he needed it. Ryleigh looked at Seth almost desperately, but he was able to hid most of it. "I've got a whole bunch of loot. Anything you want, aside from the smack, it's yours."

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Fee pulled away from Eric when Ryleigh approached Seth, trying not to eavesdrop on their conversation but Ryleigh was so loud when he thought that he was being quiet... Not that it mattered to Fee. She had no reason to rat out Ry for having a good time, it's what the rest of them were doing. Ry hadn't managed to get the rest of them in trouble yet, anyway, and it wasn't as though he was doing anything more illegal than the ecstasy that Fee had tucked in her pocket.

Fee popped the tablet into her mouth and rolled it around on her tongue and between her teeth. When Ry had finished talking to Seth in his almost quiet voice, Fee took a drink of the water and smiled brightly again at Seth. "You know me well enough, Seth. No man in my life means that everything has a price. Since I couldn't bring myself to charge you class acts for nothing, I'm left with chilling by myself tonight. Maybe I'll keep Nikki company so you and Ry can hang out, huh?"

Fee trotted up to Nikki without allowing Seth time to respond, looking over her shoulder to wink and blow all three boys a kiss. Fee fell into step with Nikki and jingled her backpack cheerfully. She could feel the drug kicking in and it was feeling so wonderful that she could almost taste the high.
Eric continued on his blissful hike with Fee but noticed when she slowed down to wait for the others. He took his time reaching over and stroking her sleeve. He really wasn't all that out of it but he really liked giving in to the euphoric feeling the pill had given him. While they waited for the others Eric felt himself starting to come down a little bit, which was good because he wanted to drink and he wasn't stupid enough to drink on the pills, that'd make him hospitalized or worse.

Fee and Seth were talking but Eric was lost in his own thoughts until Fee asked how many tablets he had. He quickly took a mental tally and smiled at Fee. "Thirteen left, including the one you have. Plenty of butterflies to go around." He gave her a thumbs up before realizing the palm of his hand was awfully soft and got lost in his own world again until Seth began bugging him about getting laid. "Careful Sethy boy! Keep teasing me and I'll just try to have some happy times with you. No, I'm sure I'll pick up another stud at the party and invite him home with me." He laughed loudly, a huge smile crossing his face again.

When Fee pulled away Eric wandered over to Seth and Ry, not really noticing their conversation, but from what he could gather Ry and Nikki were having some sort of dispute. What else is new? "Hey, Ry, if you need a place to crash away from everything my parents are off on a business trip again." Eric shrugged and smiled, waving at Fee with one hand while mindlessly rubbing the edge of his shirt with his other hand.

When everyone seemed to end their private discussions, Eric took a step forward. "C'mon guys, let's get goooooooooing!" He whined quietly, he was like a kid right now, just wanting to have a good time.

Alice was annoyed now, for one thing those guys were damn slow other thing her crew was getting the most awkward glances by people getting back home. She was almost on Ian's lap and very annoyed. "Hey both of you, if you don't stop now I'll have to smack you up got it!" Alice hissed.
"Chill Al we're just jokin around ya know, we do that when we have too much beer." Jake the drummer spoke, "And the party hasn't even started yet." Ian commented. Alice pulled out her cell phone and rang a bell to Nikki, hoping she'd pick up.
Seth understood the situation between RY and Nikki. Although he couldn't relate to it as most of his relationships were over before they began, usually just after he woke up in the morning next to some girl he barley remembered and couldn't care less about.

"Smack huh, never tried that." Said Seth curiously and quietly "And It's cool dude, you don't gotta give me nothing. I won't say a word. And if anything happens I got your back." He replied to RY. Being the self centered prick that he was, Seth would be waiting for RY to be "out of it " so he could talk him out of some of the Heroin. And since he didn't give a shit about whatever Nikki knew or didn't know, it was no skin off his back if he had to lie to her about RY being high as a skyrocket. This was all typical Seth behavior, taking advantage of the situation for his own benefit, but at the same time helping his friends. Tonight was turning out to be awesome.

"I think we're almost there, Eric" Said Seth in reply to his friends whiny question as he pointed to a house up ahead "Isn't that your pad right there, Nikki?"
Fee inhaled deeply - didn't the air just smell so sweet today? It was total bliss being here. She couldn't imagine anywhere else that she'd rather be. Nikki was by her side, too, she realized in a moment. Fee blinked and then noticed the soft blond waves cascading from Nikki's scalp. Fee grinned and reached her hand out to caress the strands. They were amazingly soft. Silky. Smooth.

"Nikki, your hair is amazing" Fee cooed, smiling beatifically at Nikki's strange expression. Maybe Nikki wasn't the most genial towards her attitude. Fee stepped back a half pace and stumbled a little. There was Ry. And Seth. Fee reached her hand up to the shaven sections of Ry's hand and pet the fuzz there. Eric, though, was pulling her to the house. Nikki entered and suddenly, the party was on!

Fee plopped her backpack onto the nearest chair - was that real velvet on the pillows? and unzipped the pocket to reveal her bottles of Jack. Her generosity was clear and the bottles were open to whoever, especially since Fee was preoccupied with stroking the soft material on the back of the pillows, her eyes sleepily half-lidded. This was likely where she'd be for a bit, until her high came down. Fee giggled and snuggled her face onto the soft fabric.

Where the party was, Levi wasn't far behind. He knew this guys, he'd been in gym with Eric once or twice and Nikki would sometimes take his notes for Chem. The parties were always rocking and Levi was excited for the prospect of heroin. Alcohol was never his thing - Levi wanted to be in control.

Since the party was usually at Nikki's place, that's where he headed after class. He was rewarded with the sight of people moving down the sidewalk toward the house. Just what he'd hoped for. Seth was there, even, and that was enough to get Levi's hopes up for the heroin.

Levi caught up to the others quickly - they weren't exactly speedwalking. He nodded to each of them in turn and fell into step without a word, heading for the house as one of the pack. He would talk to Seth when he didn't seem so assaulted on all sides. For now, Levi just stuck close to Seth and twiddled his thumbs before hooking them through his belt loops.
Arcie flipped the open sign to close at the bookshop after she finished sweeping the perimeter. The party must be started already, she thought to herself, nervousness creeping up her throat. Although it was hard to admit, Arclette was a little excited to immerse herself, cautiously, back into the party scene that she used to love so much… until the incident, of course. Demons in the form of vicious memories tore at her body; could she really do this? Arcie leaned up against the wall and took a deep breath. Maybe it was time to allow herself to experience "fun" again. Maybe it was time to get back on the horse that had kicked her off and pummeled her face in. A strand of cotton-candy-blue hair fell in front of her eyes and she brushed it away, worried about future events.<o:p></o:p>
Seth Fucking Conroy. Seth Fucking Conroy will be at this party. Lust bubbled up inside of Arcie and for a moment she felt no emotional pain. What she would give to feel his hot breath against her neck, his lips on her chest…<o:p></o:p>
Arclette stumbled a little, shattering a potential fantasy. No, Arcie, she scolded herself, you are not getting involved at this party. You are just going to laugh at drunks and stoners. Just have a little… fun.<o:p></o:p>
After some more self-pep-talk, Arclette finally locked-up the bookstore and ventured out onto the sidewalk, making her way to a party that—<o:p></o:p>
Arcie had no idea where this damn party was at, nor did she know who to contact for directions. Pulling out her phone, she mulled through the contacts hoping to find at least SOMEONE who might know where the party would be. Arcie thought she had perhaps heard something about it being at "Nikki's house", but she had no idea where that was either. I guess I'll just go home, she decided disappointedly. All that self-conflict for nothing. <o:p></o:p>
Arclette started walking through the city, dawdling. She really didn't want to go home, but she didn't know where to go either. What was supposed to be a stimulating evening had turned to mush. What she would give for a turn of events…<o:p></o:p>
Luke walked casually down the sidewalk headed towards Nikki's house. It wasn't an extremely long walk from the bowling alley, and he liked walking, so he didn't mind. As he walked through the park, he noticed the usual spot was empty, meaning the others were already headed for the party. He thought about the years they had been together, and asked himself how many parties they had been through. It was more than he could remember, not that he could if he wanted to try.

Lost in nostalgia, Luke continued down the road. As he passed a book store, he noticed a girl standing there with blue hair looking rather lost and confused. Normally Luke wouldn't have said anything in this situation, but in her confusion she dropped her phone, or was standing over one someone else had dropped. He bent over, picked it up, and held it out towards her.

"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."

As he stood waiting for a reply, he noticed a girl from one of his classes, Christine. He has mentioned something to her about the party, but never gave her any details.

"Oh hey, Christine. The party tonight is at Nikki's house. If you're interested, I'm on my way there now."
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A party. Great, just what he needed, literally. Classes were weighing on him and he didn't want to go home and talk to his parents. They had wanted to have dinner with him for some odd reason but he really didn't feel like the quiet atmosphere that would surely be in the dining room the entire time. He needed music, drinks, laughing, talking...possibly a hot guy to sneak back into his house? Eh, he would have to see. Lately, no one had been doing it for him, no one had really caught his eye. He guessed it was because he had done almost every gay guy he'd come across in the school, in the closet and completely out for the like. He loved sex, he couldn't help it. Half of them were drunk or doped up on some sort of drug, X or smack either way. He wasn't really into drugs but had tried X a few times and it tripped him up so badly, he woke up often times completely out of it and unaware of where he was. Memory was often shot as well.

Shrugging, he walked down to Nicky's house, a friend of his having sent him the invite via text. He didn't know Nicky all that well but his friend had assured him it would be alright. His hands were in his pockets, black hair straight and sleek over his piercing blue eyes. He could already hear the music blaring from inside the house and could see people on the steps outside the door. He figured he'd make it inside and try to find his friend. He wondered who he would find at this party, already knowing some of the familiar faces who often attended the parties in the usual crowd of popular kids and druggies.
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Ryleigh cracked a half smile at Eric's sincere offer. Ry looked at him out of the corner of his eye as the band neared Nikki's house, "Thanks, Eric, but no thanks. I can take care of myself." He had figured he'd somehow pass out at Nikki's place anyway, if not, he knew the routine: Check the homeless shelters, and if they were full, at least ask for a blanket and sleep outside next to the dumpster. Leigh shrugged it off and looked back over to Nikki, who Fee had approached.

Nikki looked at Fee curiously as she began running her hands through her hair. "Uh... thanks. I don't really do much... just shampoo, condition and straighten..." She shrugged, putting away her iPod and pulling her key from her backpack, and watched as Fee went over to Ry to pet his own hair. She swung the lanyard in little circles carelessly, taking her time as they all went up the front steps of her porch. Nikki unlocked the door and let everyone in, quickly calling to the group, "Booze is on the counter, Ry's got the good stuff, and you can find my CD stash in the big drawer under the TV in the entertainment system!" before picking up her cell that had been ringing for awhile. "Hello?"

Ry took Nikki's bag for her as she spoke on the phone, and sat it on the chair next to his own; just an unconscious act on his part. He pulled out his bag of loot, leaving the heroin in his backpack, and left it on the coffee table, for anyone to use to their liking. He was being generous today, that bag cost a good amount of his salary. Ryleigh went over to the music system and put in a random disc that said 'party music' before turning it on, putting it on full blast. He stood up with a sigh and headed over to the counter with all the booze, chose a small bottle of whiskey, and opened it for himself, then taking a good swig or two. Leigh sighed contently, and began to bob his head to a familiar song
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Eric nodded, well if Ry didn't want to take the guest bedroom that was his choice, but he was hoping that one of these days he'd come spend the night at his place, hell, everyone in the group could probably spend the night if they wanted, and some of them had in the past after parties. He shook the thought from his head as he watched Fee go over to the pillow and start rubbing against it. A smile crossed his face as he watched her, giggling. He was coming down quicker than he had thought so now was the time for him to decide if he wanted to keep rolling or start drinking, and Fee's reaction to the drug helped him make up his mind as he took another pill out of the baggie and popped it into his mouth before putting the baggie back into his pocket and putting his backpack next to Fee's.

When Ry started the music he was starting to pick his roll back up and smiled moving a bit to the music and skipped over to where people were getting drinks and smiled. "So who am I making out with tonight?" Eric joked, nudging Nikki and Seth individually. He didn't really mean anything by what he said but if someone wanted to he wasn't going to say no.
The codeine in Seth's system began to wash over him, giving his body a nice, soft, jello-y feeling. He hoped no one would get on his case about mixing pills and booze tonight,as they so often did, Seth knew (or thought he knew) what he was doing and the last thing he needed was someone killing his buzz with the 'Ol 'That's really dangerous' speech. He loved mixing up the highs, life was too short and it was Seth's goal to get as fucked up as possible at all times. One of the reasons Seth thought that Ry had come to him about the Smack, is because Ry knew how fucked up Seth liked to get, therefore feeling like he wouldn't be judged by doing so. And that was fine with Seth.

Seth saw Levi and grabbed his shoulders, giving him a light, friendly shake.

"Yo, Levi. My man! you ready to get fucked up tonight!?" He grabbed a couple of glasses and poured two healthy shots of some Korbel vsop that Nikki had sitting out. "I know booze ain't your thing, man, but let's start the night off right, one shot?" He Downed his like a champ and poured another, then another. Three drinks hit his stomach like a freight train, sending a delicious warm sensation throughout his body. Seth turned to Eric, who was inquiring who he should get with tonight. "You sexy Beast!" Said a glazed eyes Seth "I think we all know you'll have your pick, like usual!" Seth smiled, apparently feeling a nice buzz. "I wonder where Alice is with the band." Said Seth, not meaning to really change subjects, but just letting his mouth move faster than his doped up brain could process information. "Isn't she coming with her band?"

Seth took a seat on a chair near the counter and cocked his elbows up on the wooden surface. He liked to post up by the booze for the first hour or so of the party. He was content for now, but like Eric, was also on the prowl for a potential hook up. There were lots of people here, but he had his mind on only one at the moment. Seth thought it would be a bit of a challenge to end up with Arclette tonight, but that was ok, Seth liked a challenge.
Kiyo finally made it into the house, seeing everyone inside drinking and talking to each other. He knew some of the people there, greeting them with a high five or an inside joke they shared. They only knew he was since he too was a familiar face to these nightly parties. He was thirsty but didn't see his friend anywhere in sight. He figured it didnt really matter so he walked to the where everyone was getting drinks. He got straight vodka but only a shot to start him off. Some guy who was also at the table said something loud about wanting to make out with someone and Kiyo just couldng resist it. He looked to him and smiled, chuckling. "If you're really offering, I'll bite," he said with a sexy smirk.
"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."<o:p></o:p>
Embarassed, Arclette faced a boy whose face she had seen countless of times at school in classes and in passing periods. It was Luke Martin, infamous "funny guy" and synonymous with prankster, who held her cell phone out to her, gesturing for Arcie to take it. Smiling awkwardly, she took the phone from Luke and examined it for scratches and malfunctions. Thankfully her phone was one durable piece of shit.<o:p></o:p>
He stood there expecting Arcie to say something, but she found no words. It wasn't that she was particularly socially inept, but she honestly found nothing relatable to say to Luke Martin; they were two complete different breeds of people. He made everyone laugh, and she made everyone on edge. He was widely accepted and she was widely shunned. The only thing they had in common, Arcie decided, was the color blue—his eyes and her hair. His eyes were the most beautiful, deep sapphire, and she had to fight an insane urge to get lost in their hypnotic exquisiteness. Now was not the time to be a sucker for blue eyes…<o:p></o:p>
Looking past Arclette, Luke saw someone else, which luckily distracted from Arcie's lack of human communication. "Oh hey, Christine," he said to a familiar-looking girl who was walking down the sidewalk. "The party tonight is at Nikki's house. If you're interested, I'm on my way there now."<o:p></o:p>
Arcie lit up. Party! Tonight! Nikki's house! On his way now!<o:p></o:p>
"Fantastic!" Arclette cheered, almost dropping her phone again in nervous excitement. Both Luke and Christine looked puzzled by her sudden change in demeanor. "It's just that I was going to go, but I had no idea where it was, and then you said you were going, and I…"<o:p></o:p>
She stopped. Luke and Christine looked utterly shocked. Arclette was the girl who was notorious for not giving a shit and keeping to herself. Here she was, embarrassed, excited, and suddenly talkative—showing an array of emotions was a complete shift from her public self.<o:p></o:p>
"You were going to Nikki's party?" Christine asked. Arcie knew that the question was not meant to be rude, but she couldn't help but feel a pang of discomfort from it.<o:p></o:p>
A dejected look washed over Arclette's face and she kicked her toe in the dirt. "…Yes," she answered softly. Maybe it was time to stop being the girl with the tough, unbreakable exterior. Secretly, Arcie yearned to be vulnerable again, to let down the barriers gradually and safely. <o:p></o:p>
Luke smiled warmly to her, and she could feel the heat of his friendliness embrace her. She didn't know Luke, but she had heard that his life had been a rough one, and yet here he was, offering kindness to someone despite what life had thrown his way. The buzz around school was that he was a bit of a manwhore, always chasing women, but Arcie didn't see that. She saw a person who had the power to make her feel relaxed with just the flash of a smile. A genuinely nice guy. "Would you like to come with us?" he asked.<o:p></o:p>
Arcie smiled back at him, his blue eyes twinkling. She bit her bottom lip. "I'd love to."<o:p></o:p>