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    -Anthro role-play based off of this plot (or create our own plot).
    Pairings: MxF, would prefer to play female
    Notes: Romance, Light-Heavy Smut (depending on partner), More plot then smut, Plot heavy, medieval themed
    More Notes: I will be playing the heir to the Ahki thrown, a female anthro wolf. You, my partner, can pick which anthro animal to play as the warrior send to guard the heiress. We can also elaborate more on this plot.


    In the deepest parts of the forests lives a mysterious race of beings thought as legends or make believe by the humans... But they are as real as any human. Beings that walk like men but look like wolves, talk yet howl and fill the night with the sounds of the wilderness which send shivers down the spines of men. These people are known as The Wolven.

    Despite never being proven as real by the humans Wolven are an ancient race that has roamed the forests for thousands of years. The Wolven can be found all over the world but seem to prefer the dense forests where they can easily hide from man.

    It is in one of these forests that the Ahki Wolven pack live. The Ahki are a peaceful and traditional pack that have hunted and lived on the same territory for many generations. For many years the pack has prospered and raised many pups. They are far out of the way of any human civilization but are always weary of humans impeaching on their territory.

    With the threat from humans minimal and the pack thriving everyone could afford a more relaxed way of living... That is until the day the white raven came. The white Raven arrived in the Ahki densite one rainy afternoon, a note tied to it's foot. It was addressed to the Ahki Pack from an old ally pack that lived over the mountain. The pack warned Ahki that a rival, rogue pack had been wandering around destroying every pack it came across and taking over territory. It was not unheard of for rival Wolven packs to battle over territories, sometimes even leading to war... But for one pack to take over so many territories for themselves was almost unheard of.

    Not only was this pack slaughtering Wolven for seemingly no reason the letter also wrote that the Alpha of this pack had turned his back on the teachings of the Earthmother and even mocked The Wolven way of life out loud. This pack seems hellbent on destroying it touches, including the Earthmother itself... And in doing so dominating not only their own kind but had also mentioned humans as well. Being the Traditional pack it is Ahki became frightened this pack's blatant disregard for The Earthmother would surely bring the curse of flesh upon them. To make matters worse the letter also warned this pack was headed towards Ahki's territory.

    But out of the woods emerges a new ally for the Ahki. A race similar to their own but also vastly different. Together they have made a pact. This new race will send one of their best warriors to protect the heir to the Ahki throne. In return the Ahki will provide this new race with hunting techniques as well as food in the harsh winter months.

    - Pokemon role-play based off either in game plots with a bit of us thrown in or based off the real world (think Pokemon GO coming to life). Could be in one of the established regions or a new region. I'd prefer to use real pokemon though not fakemon, sorry ^.^ Comfortable playing either male or female. Below you could find profiles for my male and female trainers for your pick ^^

    Pairings: MxM or MxF, will play either male or female
    Notes: Romance, Light-Heavy Smut (depending on partner), Plot heavy (depending on partner)


    Name: Aleksander "Alek" Maranov
    Age: 23 years
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 210 lbs

    Current Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
    Past Occupation: Team Rocket Grunt
    Dreams/Aspirations: To become the REGION League Champion
    Bio: Coming Soon


    Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, charismatic, arrogant
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising, aggressive, dominant
    Specializes in: Fire and Dragon types

    Name: Charizard
    Special Markings: Scar over left eye
    Mega Evolution?: Yes, Charizardite Y
    Personality: Aggressive, Stubborn, Unpredictable
    Hasty Nature
    1. - Fire Blast
    2. - Solar Beam
    3. - Dragon Pulse
    4. - Earthquake
    Name: Gabite
    Special Markings: None
    Mega Evolution: No
    Personality: Devoted, Loyal, Protective
    Impish Nature
    1. - Earthquake
    2. - Dragon Tail
    3. - Stealth Rock
    4. - Toxic
    Name: Houndoor
    Special Markings: Spiked Collar
    Mega Evolution?: No
    Personality: Quiet, Stubborn, Reliable
    Timid Nature
    1. Nasty Plot
    2. Fire Blast
    3. Dark Pulse
    4. Hidden Power [Fighting]
    Name: Luxray
    Special Markings: None
    Personality: Proud, Loyal, Patient
    Adamant Nature
    1. Wild Charge
    2. Facade
    3. Ice Fang
    4. Crunch


    Name: Alina Starkov
    Age: 21 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 140 lbs

    Current Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
    Past Occupation: Pokemon Idol
    Dreams/Aspiration: To meet every listed pokemon in the pokedex
    Bio: Coming soon

    Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical
    Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr
    Specializes in: Water type, loves eeveelutions


    Name: Vaporeon
    Special Markings: Wears an aqua colored bow
    Personality: Playful, Sweet, Loyal
    Bold Nature​
    1. Scald​
    2. Wish​
    3. Protect​
    4. Ice Beam​
    Name: Blaziken
    Special markings: None
    Mega Evo?: Yes
    Personality: Proud, Bold, Protective
    Adamant Nature​
    1. Hone Claws
    2. Blaze Kick
    3. Hi Jump Kick
    4. Earthquake
    Name: Eevee
    Special Markings: Wears a pink sash around neck
    Personality: Proud, Patient, Sweet​
    Modest Nature
    1. Tackle
    2. Return
    3. Charm
    4. Iron Tail
    Name: Manectric
    Special Markings: None
    Personality: Stubborn, Gentle, Wise
    Timid Nature
    1. Thunderbolt
    2. Hidden Power (Grass)
    3. Flamethrower
    4. Signal Beam


    - Name: Nikki
    - Age: 21
    - Where I role-play: Email, Skype, AIM, PM, Threads (why are threads my least favorite? Cause I often don't get alerts for when people post) If you want fast posts the top three will guarantee them as I can post on my phone.
    - Experience: 10+ years

    - Occupation: Being awesome -cough, cough- No but seriously I am a full time college student and I also have a job so suffice to say, I may or may not be able to post every single day.

    - IMPORTANT INFO!! I do have a history of dropping off the face of the earth but that is because my internet is really flaky where I live. Though I try to do my best to contact my partners sometimes I am offline for weeks at a time. But I will always come back with a lengthy apology and will ask whether you're still interested in roleplaying with me

    - Roleplay Style: I'm not sure what kind of "lit" roleplayer I am. Suffice to say that I can type anywhere between two to five meaty paragraphs, depending on my muse. By meaty I mean most of my paragraphs have a lot of detail...when I feel like it. But I only dish out as much as my partner gives me. So if you give me a paragraph don't expect to provide all the groundwork and give you a five paragraph reply. Also, I don't work with one liners. They frustrate me and make me want to hit them over the head with a halibut. Just saying...I can't be the only one -_-

    I will talk to you. I'm not only looking for a good RP, but I am looking for a good RP partner as well. Despite all my requirements and possible nitpicking I'm a softy and enjoy stupid wacky conversations or intellectually stimulating ones. Either way I'm not against becoming friends this is for the fun of it anyway right?

    The only Gender Pairings I will do is Straight or yaoi. Let me point out though if you come to me with uke, seme, or any of that crap then you'll be disappointed because I'm not interested in that. None of my characters conform to any of those labels. Boy on boy or hetereosexual couples is all I'm after if I'm not in the mood for one of them please be considerate of that. Also, I play both males and females. Please respect my decision and if I tell I don't want to play a female for whatever plot you bring me, don't be offended. I will not do mpreg. Please respect this.

    Romance. I like romance in RP's I prefer it actually but by no means will any of my characters fall in love instantly, unless its in the plot. Even then it'll take some warming up. Romance RP's are nice, but my characters are who they are and they may not end up loving your character at all.


    1. Provide ideas to the plot! No one likes to RP with a person that lets them do everything. Throw your own stuff in there shake it up. I usually don't tell people when I plan to drop a plot device unless it seriously effects their character because it ruins the fun and the "holy shit!" factor. Now if you tell me the ideas you have because you're not sure which to use or if you are not sure it is a good idea to begin with that is cool. You have to provide something though if you do not I will poke you in the eye with very hot french fry.

    2. Do not pm me telling me which character you want to play or without a plot idea. Do not pm only asking if I want to RP, by me having this forum it is obvious I want to RP. Sending me a pm specifying you want to only play a certain character will not be replied to. Stretch your writing abilities and go outside your comfort zone. There are plot ideas on here, but you must pm me with a plot idea in mind. If it is five sentences or less I will reply to you with the words "try again" or "rejected" in big bold red letters. Ok I won't do that, but I'll ask you to elaborate some more.

    3. I am tired of looking for romance RP's and seeing people that want to do a set idea where their world is perfect. For, example if the couple is gay and everyone in that world is cool with it and supports it. Same goes for characters instantly falling in love. That is boring. Do not come to me with a romance involved plot with either of those two things. Wanting romance is fine, but don't expect them to be crazy in love with each other after two weeks. The flip-side to that is your character hating mine for like the first three months in a romance RP. That is as equally annoying as instant love. To be trying to build a relationship between two characters only for one of them to be too emotionally closed makes me not want to continue the RP.

    4. Realism. Be realistic as I mentioned before if we have a boy on boy couple be realistic about that. Like one of them having to come out of the closet or if their relationship is public not every person off the street is going to accept that. Also, if your characters gets hit by a bus or shot they will need to get to a hospital. Admittedly it would be funny for someone to get hit by a bus and try and play if off like nothing happened, but keep a sense of reality about things.

    This is more of a side note that I felt should be separated because of its importance. Have a three dimensional character because I will. Three dimensional means going beyond stuff like this: John felt, John cried, John said. My characters are real people and feel how they feel. They have thoughts and prejudices and are by no means perfect. I don't care if your character is literally an angel they should be flawed because everybody is flawed. So, express your characters thoughts and emotions don't just sum them up in two or three words.​

    Amount of :heart: = Level of crave-ness
    No hearts = no craving
    Crossed = N/A

    Anthro Pairing :heart::heart:
    - Notes: Please know the difference between an anthro and a furry. Here is a good image of what I consider the difference between anthro and furry.
    Vampire x Human :heart:
    Vampire x Vampire :heart:
    Vampire Hunter x Vampire :heart:
    Werewolf/Shifter x Vampire :heart::heart:
    Werewolf/Shifter x Human :heart::heart:
    Werewolf/Shifter x Werewolf/Shifter :heart::heart:
    Mermaid x Sailor/Pirate :heart::heart::heart:
    Dragon x Human :heart::heart:
    Dragon Rider x Elf/Human/Dragon Rider :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    Slice of Life
    Country Girl x City Boy :heart:
    Parent x Teacher :heart:
    Student x Teacher :heart::heart:
    Boss x Employee :heart::heart:
    Arranged Marriage :heart:

    Prince x Peasant
    Princess x Peasant
    Princess x Prince
    Pirates :heart::heart::heart:

    Fandoms (for fandoms I only play OC's)
    Pokemon :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Kingsmen :heart::heart:
    Percy Jackson :heart::heart::heart:

    POLYAMOROUS (two males and a female) :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Would rather play the two males in this relationship setting
    CURRENT CRAVINGS (listed at top) :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Your pairings/ideas :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    - I'm always open to playing things that are not listed here. If you feel that you have a plot/idea/pairing that I may be interested in do not hesitate in letting me know. I'm a monster when it comes to coming up with plots and I LOVE working together to hash out an idea/plot we both love.

    ((more pairings to be added as I think of them))
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