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  1. Super-short Introduction
    Just beyond the veil of perception lays a world of faeries and sprites - and Olden Gods too, things that should always stay hidden, and unseen. They do their work in the world with invisible fingers, intertwining themselves in the affairs of humans as strange myths and odd beasties, recounted only by those with the Starsight. The Spiritmakers have not granted a human with the sight since the days of old, when the fey were often encountered by those lucky (or unfortunate) enough.
    Strangely enough, the oldest of these shapeless star-beings adorned the green eyes of a girl named May with their strange gift, and despite being able to see twice as many beings on the Earth as before, she grows lonelier by the day.

    Meanwhile, the North wind rises out of the sea and warbles steadily on, searching for a soul to relate to. It whispers cold, winter air into chimneys and against doorways, and might just find someone who can finally understand him, and not hate him for the snow he sometimes brings. He is a newcomer to the Otherworld, along with his brother, the hot South Wind.

    Cast List
    Name: May Tachibana
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: At a young age, May struggled with being social towards other. When she would finally manage to make a friend, they would leave her because of all the rumors that had began to spread about her. Eventually she gave up trying to befriend people, despite how lonely she felt, and became a socially outcasted individual.
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, kind, generous, responsible, loyal, reliable, and honest.
    Likes: Drawing, Painting, art stuff, chocolate, rainbow sprinkled donuts, potatoes, and music.
    Dislikes: Rude people, science, bugs, her social situation.

    Name: The Spirit of the North Wind
    Human Name: Keishi Nagamine
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    History: He was chosen to be the next wind god after the old North Wind petitioned, along with the South Wind) to the Spiritmakers to be immortalized as a Solar Wind.
    Personality: Timid, dorky, burdened, fragile,
    Likes: Singing, cats (especially his pet Bakeneko, Ichiro), cities and people (despite how much they don't like him for the cold he brings).
    Dislikes: Shinatsuhiko (the goddess of the winds in Japan), The South Wind (his twin brother), mean people/spirits, the cold (ironically), himself.

    Name: The Spirit of the South Wind
    Human Name: Kaito Negamine
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    History: He was chosen to be the next wind god after the old South Wind petitioned, along with the North Wind) to the Spiritmakers to be immortalized as a Solar Wind.
    Personality: Resentful, short-tempered, mean, blunt, over-confident... But, he secretly has a heart of gold.
    Likes: Tormenting his twin brother, seeing children playing, seeing humans happy, dogs, loud music.
    Dislikes: The cold, annoying spirits.
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  2. May Tachibana
    The brunette stepped out into the cold, her gaze straying up to the sky. It was a rather gloomy day and the grey clouds above obscured the sun preventing it from shining it warm rays. She didn't necessarily mind though. Weather like this always appealed to her. Trudging through the snow, she made her way over to her usual secluded spot, not that she would have to worry about anyone bothering her. The majority of the student body was bundled up in the library or lounging in the hallways, keeping away from the cold.

    It wasn't long before she made it to the bench resting under one of the huge trees. It was great to sit here during the summer, since it provided shade, but during the winter it only made the breeze even colder. Her gloved hands dusted off the bench, riding it of the snow, then took a seat. May breathed out a sigh, creating a small white puff of air. She slipped the straps of her backpack off her shoulders, before pulling it on her lap to unzip it. Pulling out her sketchbook and a pencil, she set her book bag aside and settled on opening up to a fresh new page. She had the urge to draw yet...she had no idea what to draw. Her mind wasn't in the right track, given that it kept replaying the incident that had occurred during second period.

    A boy, whom she had seen several times before, had actually talked to her. His name was Hisao. The boy had invited her to join his group of friends during lunch and she had foolishly agreed and got her hopes up. He led her on for a couple of minutes before laughing in her face. Then he proceeded to call her words she did not wish to repeat. It had honestly affected her no matter how much she tried not to let it.

    Biting her lip, she settled on just browsing through her previous sketches.

  3. KoshiThe breeze picked up as he took a step, just as the boy expected it to. And when he turned to look at his hand, sinking in the snow, it picked up into a wind and roared over the tops of the buildings. Koshi began the trek down the street, curious to see what people were doing in the fresh new world of whiteness he had created... A static silence rolled out over the curve of the sidewalks and around lamp posts, and curled around him until Ichiro caught to him and meowed in greeting, to which he replied with silence.

    By all accounts, the walking boy would have looked like anybody else his age. He wore a loose sweater, jeans, and sneakers. He had a scarf around his neck, his hands were in his pockets, and he was hunched over as he walked. The only thing that was unusual about him was that he wasn't wearing a puffy coat. Somehow, he looked cold, pale, and small among the new snow. Ironic, for the 'great and mighty' North Wind.

    "Aw, why'd ya have to go an freeze the ponds?" Ichiro trotted by his side, eyes pointed up at the boy as he waited for an answer.

    "Sorry, the cold is a bit hard to control..." Koshi muttered, and the cat seemed to pout and grumbled, "... I swear, as soon as it gets warmer here, I'm coming back for those fish!" The remark made Koshi chuckle.

    Soon, they came upon the school. Koshi had seen this place before, but he had never thought of visiting it. But now, with nothing to do, and the demon-cat growing antsy by his side, the boy allowed the creature to perch on his shoulders while he leaped into the air and drifted up to the roof of the building, to take a look at the fields past the school.

    Nothing about the ground below him really caught his attention. There were several benches made for students to sit, and several huge trees covered with snow and icicles. It really was a winter wonderland, and Koshi wondered if he should make it snow again soon... Then frowned and internally shook his head. Nobody liked snow - why bother? He strolled along the ledge, then sat down and crossed his legs. Ichiro leaped off his shoulder and frowned up at the black-haired male. "You're really boring, you know that?"

    "You're annoying, you know that?" Oooh snap. Get roasted. Koshi furrowed his eyebrows at the feline, who laughed in response. "But you can't live without me."

    "Oh?" He looked like he wanted to say something smart back at the cat-demon, but suddenly took on a more serious look as he remembered something important. "Wait, weren't you supposed to seal that really dangerous spirit from yesterday? The kelpie."

    "Shit... I have to go." Ichiro turned away and bounded off the side of the building to dash past the benches, and Koshi's gaze followed him. He laughed - that cat was getting more and more irresponsible.

    The bakeneko was good company - one of the only spirits, or than the ice sprites, that really enjoyed the weather he produced... But the cat didn't come around often enough to keep him from feeling lonely, and even with it by his side, Koshi still felt a million miles away from everything around him. He lowered his head to hold it up in his hands as he watched the world beneath him. Huh? There was a girl on one of the benches Ichiro had run past... How strange. What was she doing out in this weather?

    It wasn't too strange. Sometimes people found themselves outside in the winter, that was bound to happen. He turned away and felt the wind blow through his hair, sending it into his face. Normally, Koshi would have gone past the cities to round the south, then go back up before that region could get too cold. The south never got cold, that was where his brother warmed everyone up, after all... Today, Koshi didn't feel like doing anything. He'd let the sprites handle the weather for some time.

    Instead, he opened his mouth to sing, pointing his head up and summoning a howling wing to shake the trees and sing with him. As the notes rose from his lungs and into the air, the spirit shut his eyes. He sang shamelessly, knowing that the humans could't hear him, and sometimes... The sprites liked to dance when he sang.


    "Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel. Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life~, for me... And I'm feeling good~... I'm feeling good." Somehow the way he sang it made it sound like he didn't mean it at all.
    Quite the opposite was true, actually.
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  4. May
    May stopped at one of the pages, a drawing of some stray cat she had seen, was on full display. Though her attention wasn't on the drawing, but on the students from her second period. It was stupid. Why was she letting such irrelevant kid get to her? Yet...What if the boy had actually been sincere and genuine with his actions and not have it be some type of joke for their amusement? If it had been real, then it would have been the first time in a while that someone actually reached out to her. The first time someone would try to include her. The first time she could have someone to talk to. "Tck..." May's vision blurred as tears welled up in her eyes, but she refused to cry. This isn't the first time...stop. A warm tear managed to slip free and splatter onto the drawing, causing for one of the cat's paws to smudge slightly.

    Suddenly a strong breeze blew her sketchbook out of her hands towards the snow covered ground. Immediately, she stood to her feet and rushed after it. "Shit," she cursed, before she finally manage to stop it with her foot. Bending down, she picked it up and had just been about head back towards the bench when a voice caught her attention. With brows furrowed, emerald orbs darted around trying to find the source, but came empty handed. It didn't sound like it was someone down here. More like above...Tilting her head back, she caught a glimpse of someone. "What the...?" May's eyes widened and she contemplated on whether to get a staff member or maybe...

    "Hey!" May called out, her voice wavering slightly. "What are you doing!?"

  5. KoshiA voice called out over his singing, and Koshi shut his mouth to curiously glance down at the source of the sound.
    It was the girl from the bench. She was standing up, clutching a notebook in her hand staring up at him- no, certainly not up at him. He took a moment to stare at her, thinking she didn't see him. Her hair was a lovely shade of brown, and it fanned out over her shoulders as the wind blew it back.

    She was yelling, and Koshi panicked for a second. Was somebody else on the roof? Would they end up like him? He glanced behind himself, but saw nothing there.

    Finally, the boy turned back to face the girl, and stupidly asked, "M-me?"
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  6. May
    May watched the male look down at her for a few seconds before glancing around, as if wondering whether she was talking to him or not. It wasn't until he finally turned back to look down at her, did her finally voice out a one worded question. "Yea! What're you doing up there?" May questioned as she stepped back to get a better look at him.

    How did he even get up there? As far as she knew, there was no way up there, unless you were an expert in parkour. "It's dangerous. You could fall." May said as she bit her lower lip in worry. She wanted to do something to get him down from there, but...what could she do? If she left to go get an administrator, would he do something horrible like jump off?

    sorry for the shortness. I'm going to have her believe for a second that he's a normal human boy, if that's alright.

  7. KoshiThe boy's eyes widened into twin silver moons, and for a moment, he simply stared at her. It was like his brain had shut down, resulting in him simply gaping at the girl.

    After a moment, the circuits in his mind finally reset, and he stood up and fearlessly balanced at the very edge of the roof. "You... You can see me?" Since they day the Spiritmakers forced his rebirth, Koshi found that humans could not see him, nor touch him. He was an incorporeal spirit, a strange, magical being with translucent skin and icy eyes... Humans passed through him each time he approached them. Their smiling faced were never directed at him - if at anytime they spoke to him, it was usually to curse the cold weather and the snow. Sometimes children came out and played in his frost, and the sight of them warmed his heart - by they couldn't see him, so it didn't really matter anyway. It hurt, even with Ichiro by his side, it hurt.

    The wind stilled, and stopped blowing as he thrust a foot over the edge of the building... Then gracefully floated down to the ground like a specter. "You can really see me..." He muttered to himself as his feet crunched in the snow when he landed, and swiftly made his way to the girl on unsteady feet. For some reason, Koshi was growing nervous. What if all of this was a trick, or some kind of strange dream? It was too good to be true...

  8. May
    The male starred down at her and she starred back up at him. What was growing through his mind? He suddenly rose up to his feet and he was standing awfully close to the edge. Another question resounded from his mouth, resulting in the girl to tilt her head in confusion. It was clear that she didn't know whether he was serious with his question or not. Her gaze lowered down to his feet, they were dangerously close. A gasp left her lips when he pushed himself off of the roof. She had expected for the forces of gravity to act upon him, but he was...floating down. Instinctively, she took a step back when he finally landed on the snow. There were those words again. Only this time, she understood what he meant. "Y-yeah...I can." May nodded as she wearily watched him come close to her.

    From as far as she could remember, May had experienced different encounters with different spirits. It was still a shock to her that she could see individuals that others couldn't but...it honestly freaked her out sometimes. This was the reason why she was an outcast. Everyone had heard the rumors of her talking to invisible beings-rumors that were actually true, but people didn't need to know that.

    "Who-what? What's your name?"

  9. KoshiThe snow picked up and swirled around his ankles for a moment before his grey gaze shifted to the bottom-left, and he reached over his body to grasp and hold onto his arm. "I'm uh, well... I'm the North Wind." As if to confirm his statement, the breeze picked up again, blowing through his hair. It was a shock of black that contrasted against his skin and made him look paler than he already was. "But my human name was once Keishi. Everybody calls me Koshi though. Heh, that's my brother's fault."

    Suddenly, the boy reached out and grasped the girl's shoulders with a sudden determination. Despite being a spirit that brought coldness, his hands were incredibly warm - contrasting the fact that he was a spirit as well. A smile settled on his features as he leaned down to stare at her with his icy gaze. "You're the first person that has ever been able to see me... How?" He asked, awe in his voice. The wind picked up again, and he quickly let her go, scared of frightening her away.

    No pain would be greater than finally meeting someone who could see him, and losing them immediately. He glanced at his hands (still held in the air from where they had jumped away from her body) with a judging gaze, as if they had done something wrong.

  10. May
    North Wind? As if to reinforce such statement, the wind picked up again, blowing his dark locks to the side. His skin was so pale, yet he looked beautiful to her. "Oh, I'm May, nice to meet you." The smile May had was rather nervous and she wasn't sure whether meeting this spirit was good or not.

    "Agk!" May flinched when he suddenly gripped her shoulders. His sudden actions had quite honestly frightened her, yet it didn't seem like he had any ill intentions. Still, her body remained tense as his, surprisingly, warm hands gripped her shoulders.

    "I don't know...I've been able to see a couple of spirits since a young age." May admitted as he finally let go of her. The breeze picked up again, yet she hardly cared at the moment. Her attention was on the male in front of her. "Um...I, what would you liked me to call you?"


  11. KoshiKoshi smiled, a strangely becoming look on his features. "You can called me Koshi, if you like, since you're the first person to see me." This person was special.

    He stared at her, desperately trying to figure out what set her apart from the rest of humanity. Her green eyes were certainly unusual, and everything his were not. They reminded him of the treetops during spring, or deep summer, when children would play on their bikes and he'd fly by to cool the weather down for them, or to make room for rain in the sweltering heat. Needless to say, they were beautiful, the same green that the spirits of nature would boast in their most fanciful wings. His were the color of blizzards, fog, and rainy days - the color of his heart, too. When he stayed in a place for too long and let his feelings run rampant, winter was made, and snow blotted the land.

    "What's your name?" Koshi needed to know. Never before had he met a person like her - for obvious reasons, she was special. She was lovely. How strange, he thought. There were legends among the spirits that some humans are born with 'Starsight,' but he never expected... Not in this day and age...

  12. May Tachibana
    The male displayed his perfectly white teeth in a breathtaking smile. He resembled a porcelain doll with his pale skin and his eyes, they resembled the current weather. They were a lovely grey that she loved. "Okay...Koshi." His name rolled off her tongue with ease.

    For a moment, she squirmed, not exactly use to that type of attention he was giving her. Normally the attention she received from others wasn't the best. Given that they were insults or jokes.

    "My name I-is May. You know like the month." A small smile settled into her lips as she starred up at the spirit.


  13. Koshi"May..."

    Koshi repeated it, felt it on his tongue for a moment, and whispered it under his breath again like it was a prayer. "May."

    He looked up at he again, and the smile grew shyer. "That's a lovely name." He couldn't think of a name more fitting for the green-eyed girl. It was as if she were born into the name, like it was her's from the moment of conception. It was perfect. "You... Go to school here, right?" He scratched the back of his neck, feeling a bit silly. Of course she went there - she was sitting right outside of the school, wasn't she? As if in reply to his question, the bell chimed and startled him, and in response to his sudden spike of fear, the wind tore through the trees and rattled the bone-like branches before it settled back down.

    School. Koshi used to go to school too. It wasn't fun, nor was it really all that important in the end - not to him. He had died.
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  14. May
    "Ah! Thank you." May gave Koshi a shy smile as her cheeks turned a light shade of pink. This was new. All this type of interaction was foreign to her, especially when no one was ever this nice to her. "Y-yeah, I do." May nodded as she glanced over to the building and right at the moment, the bell rang. May shuddered when the wind suddenly picked up before settling down. "If you'd like-" May started but was immediately interrupted by a voice. "Would you look at that? The poor girl is talking to herself again." Hisao chuckled darkly, while the rest of his cronies chuckled. "Who were you talking to this time, May? Those faeries you saw in eighth grade?" He mocked, before stepping closer to her.

    The brunette bit her lip and lowered her gaze. Not again, she would not tolerate him for a second time, today. She turned on her heel and began to walk away, until Hisao gripped her jacket and pulled her back. "Where the hell are you going, huh? Have you no manners? You don't walk away from someone who is talking to you." May stumbled and nearly slipped, but she crashed into Hisao. "Leave me alone." She grumbled, while trying to pull away. Of course, Hisao was having none of that and instead pushed her down into the snow.

  15. KoshiKoshi smiled at her blush - oh gosh, why did the first human he got to talk to after his death have to be so cute? He blushed in response, and smiled at her as she started to say something.

    Suddenly, the two were interrupted by the voice of a loud voice, and Koshi turned to look in the direction of the sound. A group of students were headed their way, led by a large male wearing a confident expression. Koshi immediately shrunk away from the figure - he reminded him too much of Kaito.
    The words the male spoke were like a bucket of cold water - Koshi found himself floundering in the reality of his afterlife... Nobody could see him. To them, he was as visible as thin air.

    But, the mocking voice infuriated him, so he stepped in the way of the figure... But, of course, it just walked through him and he gasped - that always left him shaking and cold. He was like air... Well, what did he expect? May began to try to walk away, but the boy grabbed her and pulled her, then pushed her down into the snow.

    ... And Koshi couldn't do anything about it. Just like always, he was helpless.
    The boy was reminded of the day he had seen an elderly man slip on his ice and fall hard onto his back... He had laid there for hours, gasping and groaning, with blood trickling out of the back of his head, and Koshi had screamed and screamed... But nobody heard him. He begged to the stars, to the Spiritmakers, to undo their spell on him for just a moment, so that he could ask for help for the man, but to no avail. Koshi sat by the old man until he drew his final breath - an ugly death-chortle, then quickly left to hide, away from the world. It was all his fault, he figured.
    That night, there was a terrible blizzard.

    And now... What could he do? ... Well... With anger roaring in his veins, Koshi thrust a hand towards the boy, and the wind roared to life around the clearing. It combed through the tree overhead and flung snow down to the ground, aimed at the boy.
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  16. May Tachibana
    May blinked as she stared up at her tormentor, before her gaze landed on the spirit behind him "No! Don't!" May called out to Koshi and immediately got to her feet and flung herself at Kaito, pushing him out of the way. She sent both him and herself into the snow, though of course she landed atop the male. Sure, he had messed with her on several occasions but there was no need for this.

    "Oooooh." Hisao cronies called out, clearly they misinterpreted her actions and were instigating. They basically assumed she wanted to fight Hisao, who clearly took her actions as a form of threat to his ego and reputation. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean, I was only trying to hel-" May's eyes widened as the wind was knocked out of her and she immediate collapsed into the snow, besides Hisao. Everything was silent. No one said anything and no one dared move, except for May who was clutching her stomach and gasping to regain her breathing. Hisao starred at her with narrowed eyes, before regret settled in. He had acted on instinct, he should have never hit her. Gosh, he felt like shit, but he couldn't just apologize and help her now. The others would think of him going soft and stupid. "Hisao, you idiot. Hurry the fuck up, we're going to be late." A tall brunette finally reacted and help him up.

    They all spared her a glance before rushing away. May felt the tears well up in her eyes, before they could escape, she covered her face with her hands. This has proven to be the shittiest day of her life. Not only was she crying because of the pain she felt when he had punched her, but also because she had no friends or anyone.


  17. KoshiJust before the snow could hit its mark, May launched herself at the boy and sent him sprawling to the ground, and landed on top of him. Koshi pressed his hands against the sides of his head in shock and worry - no, this wasn't how it was supposed to be. Why didn't she just let the snow hit him? Why would she do that? He felt like ripping his hair out - he couldn't do anything to keep her safe... Ah, why was this happening?

    The wind was whipping through the trees and across the clearing now, and his scarf trailed out behind him as Koshi circled the events unfolding before him. He wasn't silent now, he was muttering, "No, no, no..." Under his breath like a mantra. Who was this boy? Why was he being so mean to May? He blinked, and when next he opened his eyes, May was lying in the snow beside Hisao, clutching her stomach.

    He didn't. No way... What kind of fucktard hits a girl? Koshi glared daggers as the male - Hisao, Hisao was his name. He'd remember that. What a terrible person.

    The boy stood there, in shocked silence, as the group slowly departed. He didn't even know what to think. How can anyone be so cruel?
    He turned to look down at the girl in the snow. Her shoulders were shaking, she was crying, and Koshi acted immediately.
    He leaned down and touched May's shoulders gently, afraid of the feeling, then gradually smoothed his hand over her back and wrapped his arms around her torso, hoping that she wouldn't mind. He wanted to ask her why she didn't let the guy get buried in snow, but right now, that was the wrong thing to say. Instead, Koshi whispered to her - "Please don't cry... Please." He really couldn't stand the sight of her tears - it twisted around in his chest, bit his heart with lengthy fangs, and wrapped around it with a cold tail. How strange... Touching another person. May was warm, and small too.
    How he wished that the snow had hit its mark... And that it was ice, not snow. Sharp ice.
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  18. May Tachibana
    The brunette flinched when she felt hands settle on her shoulders. For a moment she believed that Hisao had returned to finish what he be started, yet she doubted his touch was this warm and gentle. They moved to her back, embracing her in a hug. May moved her fingers slightly from her eyes to see Koshi right there. He was...he was so kind, too kind. "I'm-I'm fine." May hicupped, yet she moved her body closer his but a second later moved back to her original spot. What if...what if he would also leave her? It wasn't like they knew each other. Perhaps he would get annoyed with how weird she was and would leave. Everyone else had.

    "You don't have to pretend that you care." May murmured as she finally removed her hands to stare up at the spirit's magnificent grey orbs. Never had she seen such a beautiful color like this as someone's eye color. They were rare. "I...I wasn't worth the effort. You shouldn't have wasted your energy on trying to hit Hisao."

    Over time, the girl had been reminded time and time again that she wasn't anyone. Gradually her self-worth had decreased and she viewed herself as someone unapproachable, weird, and a couple of other words that she didn't feel like mentioning.


  19. KoshiMay flinched at his touch, but Koshi was so desperate to feel something, anything, any kind of warmth, that he drew his arms tighter around her anyway. Finally, her hands left her eyes and she looked up at him, and he looked straight into those green eyes - he felt like he knew them from somewhere, yet they were so unusually beautiful that surely... Surely that was impossible. She opened her mouth, and her words shocked him, and made his heart ache.

    Koshi drew away from the embrace so he could fully look down at her. "Pretend? Oh May..." He muttered, shaking his head. Somehow, saying her name felt right, it felt like it belonged on his tongue, so he did it again. "May... You're worth the effort, of course you are. You're the first human being to see me." He chuckled, and placed his hands firmly on her shoulders. When did he get so bold? He was usually so very shy... And yet, all these things came so easily to him all of a sudden. Koshi's thumbs rubbed circles against the ends of her collarbones, he could feel them through her clothes. "You should have let me hit him... That asshole deserved worse than a little bit of snow... Why was he like that?"
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  20. May Tachibana
    May starred up at the spirit in disbelief. Did he really mean those words? "R-Really?" May questioned, her eyes widening slightly. This was all so...different. He was telling her words that she had only dreamed of someone uttering towards her. Tears once again gathered in her eyes. Of course these were tears of happiness. His hands settled onto her on her shoulders again, his thumbs brushing along her collar bone.

    "Why?" May repeated before she averted her gaze. "I'm not exactly...I'm the social outcast. No one talks to me. I have no friends...Everyone spreads rumors about me and they claim that I talk to ghosts, and they're scared of me." May answered, before closing her eyes. She didn't want to see his reactions towards her words, because she honestly expected him to somehow realize something and join along with everyone else.
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