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    Welcome to a very special school for those that have abilities from only our imagination. Here at Winterblitz High School, people with breath taking powers plucked off the family trees of races you thought that only existed in the movie come to get a education about human history, supernatural history, and ways to control their powers without the danger of humans discriminating them. And do not worry about any curious human beings popping up. This fine academy was built in the frozen mountain tops and hidden from the eyes of humans by the magic of a powerful spell.

    With beast of all kinds and drama at every corner, this school is far from normal. Now, my fellow student, allow me to welcome you to Winterblitz High School for the Supernatural!


    • POST LIMIT: All posts must at least be a paragraph long. A paragraph [ 5 to 10 sentences ] is pretty easy to write! I do understand writer's block and will make acceptations if you're going through one. Also, I would really love it if you have a few mistakes rather than a post full of mistakes to the point where no one can understand it!
    • POSTING ORDER: As of now there is not one. However, I will set one if people post like every five minutes and don't allow others to catch up. Try to post after two other people have posted.
    • PICTURES: If you have a picture for your character, please try to keep it either illustrated or anime! I know that a lot of people on other RP sites tend to use real photos and maybe some people on here, but for this RP they're not allowed. You can also just give me a written out description of your character if you chose not to use a photo! Also all pictures attached to skellies below will be inserted in spoilers in order to save space!
    • RACES: Any race, besides god/demigod and human, are allowed! Also, please do not over power your character! God modeling is not allowed!
    • MATURE TOPICS: Mature topics include killing, cussing, and advance romance [ sex if it isn't obvious ]. Killing is allowed as long as you have permission from the character's owner of if its your own character you're killing off. Cussing is totally not fucking allowed. Nah, its perfectly fine! Smex, however, is not allowed to be written out in this RP and must be time skipped or taking to another place if it occurs!
    • ROMANCE: Any romance of any kind is allowed whether it be hetero or homo. Have a problem with homosexuals? Then get your butt out of here you homophobic child!
    • MULTIPLE CHARACTERS: Having one or more characters is perfectly fine! Just be sure to PM me the skelly!~
    • JOINING: If you would like to join, simply fill out the skelly and MESSAGE it to me! Be sure to put "BLuE" in the message with the same lower and upper cases so I know you read the rules!~


    USERNAME: [ Your name ]
    CHARACTER NAME: [ Full name please! ]
    AGE: [ 14+ and try not to make your character extremely old, like 7,009. ]
    GRADE: [ 9th - 12th Grade! ]
    SEXUALITY: [ Any. Hetero, homo, pan, etc. ]
    SPEICES: [ Any! Be creative with this! ]
    POWER(S): [ Try to keep them reasonable. ]
    DORM: [ Just put a number between 1-6. Those whose numbers match and are the same gender will be roommates!]
    PICTUR URL: [ URL please! ]
    EXTRA: [ For information at doesn't fit anywhere else. ]


    ~~ FEMALES ~~
    Scourge Jones (open)

    USERNAME: -DeerAntlers-
    CHARACTER NAME: Scourge A. Jones [ Real first name is unknown ]
    NICK NAME(S): Wolfy or Blondy
    AGE: Fourteen-years-old
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual; leans more towards women
    SPEICES: Hybrid; Werewolf-Kitsune mix
    POWER(S): -Able to shift into a giant; ten-tailed wolf -Super strength - Super speed -Aura abilities -Some magic
    PERSONALITY: S Easy going, extremely sarcastic, insane in the good way, a bit of a jackass, and out going.

    Admyla Corsan Silverleaf (open)

    USERNAME: Myla Silverleaf
    CHARACTER NAME: Admyla Corsan Silverleaf
    NICK NAME(S): Myla, Addy
    AGE: 14
    GRADE: 9th [ Takes all advance classes ]
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Lesbian/queer
    SPEICES: Wolf
    POWER(S): Can turn into a wolf, siren-like powers, can read auras and emotions, occasional intuition, and an excellent bowswoman.
    PERSONALITY: Likes to throw sharp stuff, quiet around most people, protective of loved ones, sarcastic, insecure, stressed [ From school and such ]
    EXTRA: Is a cellist

    Mira Moon (open)

    USERNAME: Sandra
    NICK NAME(S): None
    AGE: 16
    GRADE: 11th grade
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Bi-Sexual
    SPECIES: Demon-Human
    POWER(S): She can shapeshift, but only into big cats and canines, and cats.
    PERSONALITY: Mira is a actually quiet one. Even if she's half demon, she's very soft,nice and caring. Mira enjoys peaceful things, and lives by the motto, "Never give up."
    EXTRA: She's a Orphan, well. She has a foster mother who is amazing and forgives and forgets. She loves most people she meets to pieces.

    Anastasia Carter (open)

    USERNAME: Lexie
    CHARACTER NAME: Anastasia Carter
    NICK NAME(S): Ana; A.C.
    AGE: 16
    GRADE: 11th Grade
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
    SPEICES: Wolf
    POWER(S): ~Can change into a wolf ~ Can induce nightmares or take them away ~ Can control others' feelings by singing [can't do this for more than 30 minutes before she passes out]
    PICTURE URL: PERSONALITY: Quiet; Calm; Shy; Caring; Protective; A bit temperamental

    Rei Williow (open)

    USERNAME: SpirittigerRei
    CHARACTER NAME: Rei Williow
    NICK NAME(S): Rei
    AGE: 16
    GRADE: 11th
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Hetero
    SPECIES: 1/2 Tiger demon 1/2 Human
    POWER(S): Reflexes and Strength like a Tiger, can see well in the dark, Fire.
    PERSONALITY: Hot headed, cocky, Competitive, loyal
    EXTRA: Rei's ears and tail don't always show unless she gets surprised, excited, or angry. Normally she looks like ordinary human.

    Li Fang (open)

    USERNAME: RozenRoze
    NICK NAME(S): People sometimes call her by her surname, Li.
    AGE: 18
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Straight
    SPEICES: Werebear
    POWER(S): She can shift form into a grizzly bear, and with the bear shifting power comes the senses of a bear, minus the hibernations. Sort of.
    PERSONALITY: She's pretty calm, but when provoked, she can be scary as hell. Most people try to stay on her good side. She loves to sleep and eat, a lot, and Fang is really painfully loyal to those whom she cares for. She's a pretty nice person in general, but can definitaly be a bitch. Fang is also ridiculously curious, and her curiosity often gets her into sticky situations.
    EXTRA: She's missing one of her legs, everything below the knee. She managed to aquire a robotic prosthetic that changes shape when she does. [ Thank you magic! ]

    ~~ MALES ~~

    Chi Okami (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    USERNAME: Zackymas
    NICK NAME(S): Okami
    AGE: 16
    GRADE: 11 grade
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
    SPEICES: Lycan
    POWER(S): Standard lycan abilities and blood manipulation [ He can’t use the blood manipulation for more than 20 minutes ]
    PERSONALITY: Silent, a bit shy, quiet, calm, protective

    Axel Deranto (open)

    USERNAME: Sandra
    CHARACTER NAME: Axel Deranto
    NICK NAME(S): Axe
    AGE: 16
    GRADE: 11 Grade
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Bi-Sexual
    SPECIES: Neko-Demon
    POWER(S): All he can do is turn into a cat..
    PERSONALITY: Axel can be Mischievous cat but he is usually loving, He loves helping out but sometimes he has to help himself. Axel can be lurking in the shadows near you at any time.. He usually says negatively to himself but he's positive with other people?
    EXTRA: His Neko Mom is still alive, working in a small town bakery. His demon dad was a jerk who apparently married his mom for money. She was robbed and left alone soon after they were married.

    Zeyn Tsukiri (open)
    Zeyn is a tall, lithe individual, even among Chromian standards; He's already almost seven feet tall, though his frame is extremely thin. His weight barely reaches the two-hundred pound mark. His skin is pale and mostly unmarked, though he is scarred in a few places, most of which are covered by his clothes. His hair is jet-black and slightly curly, generally unkempt, and hangs past his shoulders. Scales cover his cheekbones and jawline sparsely, a thicker covering over his shoulders and down his spine. His ears are long and covered in scales as well. Like his hair, his scales are jet-black, though they are peppered with a light teal color that shows up in his hair, each streak being an individual strand of hair that is hardly noticeable. His left eye is a piercing amber, while his right eye is an extremely dark blue. His teeth are white and slightly crooked, his canines and canine molars being rather long and pointy. His features are soft, almost feminine, but his scales make his face look sharper. Overall, he has a very noble air about him. His only distinguished piece of clothing is a red jacket that reaches to his calves. On the back of his jacket is a black circle underneath a crescent moon; the Tsukiri sigil.

    USERNAME: CodastertheDisaster
    CHARACTER NAME: Zeyn Tsukiri
    NICK NAME(S): Prefers his given name
    AGE: 15
    GRADE: 10TH Grade
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Hetero
    SPEICES: Chromian: looks like a cross between a dragon and an elf, tall with scales on the face, shoulders, ears, and spine with pointed ears. Tails and horns are often present. Chromians have streaks in their hair that are the same color as their scales, and most have heterochromia.
    POWER(S): Zeyn has incredible physical strength and speed, as well as extremely fast reaction time. His body is full of magical power, but Chromians are rarely able to use their natural power to weave spells; Zeyn does not have this ability but he can use his magic to enhance physical attributes.
    PERSONALITY: Zeyn is a calm, reserved person that generally waits to speak until everyone else is finished, or if he is in a rush. He generally doesn't get upset or stressed out easily, but there are a few things that get under his skin. He gives off an aura of nonchalance, though he actually tries rather hard at most things he attempts. He seems cold, but he'll actually go out of his way to make sure people don't get injured, physically and mentally.
    EXTRA: Chromians are a very tribal race, with each tribe constantly competing for supremacy with the other tribes. Zeyn's tribe is a very powerful and influential one, which has painted a target on his back for assassins from other tribes that want to succeed the Tsukiri. After a failed attempt, his parents shipped him off to Winterblitz in hopes that he would have a chance to grow and become stronger before having to fight with the other tribes.

    Shafer Reid (open)

    USERNAME: District
    CHARACTER NAME: Shafer Reid
    NICK NAME(S): None!
    AGE: 17
    GRADE: 12th Grade - Senior
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual
    SPEICES: Wolf
    POWER(S): His agility and speed are somewhat fast, he's working on this...
    PERSONALITY: He's reserved and quiet, but is easily irritated by loud noises. He can be very protective, but also become a jerk at a moment's notice.
    EXTRA: He does have an Eidetic Memory, but it does have a capacity of how much he can store - which causes him to have headache and think that the room area is brighter than it really is. [ He might also forget some minor stuff from time to time. ]

    { No Picture Available }
    USERNAME: Danger
    NICK NAME(S): None
    AGE: 18
    GRADE: 12th
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Straight
    SPECIES: Werewolf
    POWER(S): Can create a shield around himself, blocking both physical and mental attacks.
    PERSONALITY: Usually dark, tends to keep to himself. However, he does have a brighter side once you get to know him. He's mischievous, and very loyal. Having a lot of younger siblings makes him protective as well.

    Min-Ho Suhn (open)

    USERNAME: Doc_Halladay
    CHARACTER NAME: Min-ho Suhn
    NICK NAME(S): None, that he knows of
    AGE: 18
    GRADE: Senior
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Homosexual
    SPEICES: Fate Demon
    POWER(S): Min-ho can discern the whims of the fates. The only problem is, this power currently only works while he's sleeping. It gives him a temporary bout of hypergraphia (extreme need to write or draw things) and he often wakes up to someone yelling at him for tagging the boy's bathroom.
    PERSONALITY: Min-ho tends to be on the quiet side at first, but once he gets to know someone he can carry a conversation with that person. He is diligent enough in his studies to pass, despite his teacher's dislike for napping during lectures. Min-ho tries to keep most of his personal issues to himself, but there are times when they leak out for the whole world to see.

    EXTRA: Min-ho is a chronic sleepwalker and has been known to end up in some very strange places on campus before awakening.

    ~~ OTHER ~~
    [ Androgynous, hermaphrodite/intersex, unknown, gender fluid, etc.. ]

    [ Will add more dorms as needed! ]

    ~~ FEMALES ~~

    Scourge J. / Anastasia C.

    Mira M. / Admyla S.

    Rei W./ Fang L.

    ~~ MALES ~~

    Zeyn T. / Shafer R.

    Liam / Min-Ho S.

    Chi O. / Axel D.

    ~~ OTHER ~~
    [ Androgynous, hermaphrodite/intersex, unknown, gender fluid, etc.. ]

    ____ /____

    ____ / ____

    ____ / ____
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  2. Slowly walking in the at the campus of this new school, i though:
    "So...This is it, new school, new people, new start"
    It was a beautiful place, the campus was filled with shining green lawn, the trees were everywhere and they are the highest i have ever seen.
    I kept myself walking, a bit loose, didn't have any option besides asking the gentle pruning the lawn.
    -"Excuse me, i'm new here, could you give me some directions to the dorms?" I asked.
    Gentle-"Of course youngster, just keep walking forward until you see a big red building" He replied.
    -"Thanks and have a nice day" I said while walking forward and waving my hand to him, while walking i saw a lot of people, i was able to smell most of them, none of them is a normal human, even the gentle pruning the lawn. I finally saw the building and started walking toward it.
    While inside the building i started looking for the dorm.
    -"Uhm.... My assigned dorm is the number 3, will i have a partner? If that's the case, how will he be?" I asked myself. Finally reached the door with a big number 3 on it. I opened the door realizing that there was nobody until the moment.
    -"Well, it seems like i'm the first one" I said while walking toward the dorm's bed
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  3. Axel smiled. He nodded at people as he went by, winking at some boys and girls as well. Axel asked a couple people where to go and showed him where to go themselves. Some of them were really nice to Axel. Axel said thank you to the students and walked in.

    He saw another person...

    "Oh god." He muttered but smiled. "Hello. I'm Axel." He didn't bother for a handshake and threw his stuff onto his bed. He jumped on the bed himself and let out a relaxed sigh. Axel closed his eyes and his ears twitched.

    "So. What's your name? Mm. What are you? I don't judge. I'm just a curious cat." He opened both of his eyes and looked at the boy, winking.
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  4. Anastasia around the campus a bit lost before she finally chose to ask where she was supposed to go. She ran her fingers through her hair and flicked her tail slightly as she walked up to a woman that seemed much older than her. "E-excuse me...do you know how to get into the school?" she asked shyly as she's naked her tail around her and laid her ears flat against her head. She listened intently as the woman politely gave her directions and followed them accordingly. She finally made it to her dorm and walked inside, noticing no one was in there yet. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she chose a side of the room and started to unpack her things silently.
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  5. -"Uh? So you must be my dorm partner, my name is Okami, pleasure to meet you" I replied to him.
    I stand up of the bed while asking him -"So, what's your name "Curious cat"?"
    I went to the place where i leaved my bag and started unpacking my clothes and placing them in the dorm's closet.
    I sited down in the bed while watching my dorm partner for a while, then i just bed myself down staring at the roof and asking myself.
    -"What could this year bring to me?"
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  6. Axel stared at the kid,

    I just told him my name! Does he have a short attention span?! He thought.

    "My name is Axel.."

    He he shifted into a black cat, and sneaked up on him. Axel sat by Okami. Axel acted like he was a regular cat, sniffing Okamis elbow and meowing softly.

    This kid smells alright. I could live with him. He thought.
  7. While watching at Axel turned into a cat sited right over my leg:
    -Wow, a feline...You should stop that" I said while i tried to get up of the bed.

    I went out of the room and started wandering inside the building and exploring the place.
    -"(Mentally) This is a pretty big place, there should at least 1,000 Students only in this building"
    -"Now...when are the classes starting?" I asked myself while watching an schedule on the wall.
  8. Anastasia walked out of her room after she finished packing, deciding to explore a bit. Her ears were perked up and her tail swayed gently as she walked, tickling the back of her leg. Even though her red plaid ruffled skirt was slightly in the way, it wasn't quite log enough for her tail to brush it instead of her leg. She played with the hem of her black Three Days Grace tshirt as she wandered down the hallway, not bothering to look behind her like she normally did. The sound of her black converse on the polished wooden floor could be heard as quiet taps, but other than that, she made no noise.
  9. Axel followed him..

    Hmph. I just want some fun! He thought.

    axel caught up to him, and curled up against his leg and purred.

    Pay attention to meeee!!!!
  10. (You will have to excuse me guys, i wont be able to ppst for maybe an hour)
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  11. Axel saw the girl and ran to catch up to her. He purred loudly and walked by her side, with pleading eyes.

    please, just give me some attention!!

    Axel meowed and pawed at her shoe.
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  12. Ana heard a purring sound and looked down, seeing a black cat pawing at the white of her converse. She smiled kneeling down and pet his fur gently. "Awe well aren't you just the cutest thing!" she said with a slight giggle as she picked him up, her tail curling around her waist once more. She smiled as she gently scratched the scruff behind his ear, leaning against the nearby wall.
  13. Axel meowed and purred as he was in her warm arms. He purred loudly as she scratched the scruff behind his ears, after he a while he looked up at her. "May you put me down...?" He said nicely, hoping she would freak.
  14. (I'm back)

    Watching Axel going toward the i looked toward that direction and saw an unknown girl.
    -"Hi there" I said while walking toward them.
    -"Watch out with that cat, he is a bit annoying" I said to her while i was still walking.

    I made it to smell her from a distance and realized that she was a half wolf like me.
    -"You..." I said while staring at her.
  15. "I could. Mainly because I could always replace you and show my tail more attention than I could show you," Ana said after hearing the cat talk. She would have freaked had it not been for her ability to shift into a wolf since she could do the same. She looked up, hearing another voice and gave a slightly nervous smile. But chose to remain silent. Her tail swished back and forth as she suddenly became more shy.
  16. Axel frowned. Well. If cats could, he would of. "Fine. I don't want to shift, your warm~" He would cuddle up against her but hissed at he sight of Okami. Axel flattened his ears and arched his back.

    Ew! Get away Fleabag!


    Mira was walking through the halls with her head down as she bumped into Okami. Mira quickly looked up, "S-sorry.." She said, and raised a brow at the black cat that seemed frightened and the wolf girl.
  17. When i finally reached the gir's and Axel's location i asked :
    -"Hey, what's your name?"
    I kept myself reserved, trying to not scare her, i smiled at her while placing my hand behind my head.
    Staring at Axel i asked him:
    -"Can i know what are you doing?"
  18. "Well that's not very nice," Ana said and put the cat down crossing her arms as her ears laid lopsided. "You need to learn how to be nice," she said shaking her head slightly causing her hair to bounce around on her shoulders. She looked back up, smiling slightly once more. "Anastasia," se said simply with a shrug.
  19. -"Oh, don't worry" I replied
    -"My name is Okami, what's your name?" i asked the young unknown girl while trying to keep myself smiling.
    I kept myself staring at them while trying to escape of this awkard situation.
  20. -"Pleasure to meet you Anastasia" I replied to her.
    I looked at all of them and said:
    -"Well...Now we are four, who knows when the classes start?" I asked while siting on a bank close to the wall.
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