Will you unlock my ♡? (Reverse Harem RP)

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  1. 'Will we meet Again?'

    'I'm Sure we will.'



    That was the conversation Daniella 'Dani' Evans Remembered.

    When Dani was Four years old, she met a boy and befriended him. During their time together they started to like each other to be more than just friends. However, this changed when she found out she was going to stay with her Father's stepbrother in Japan (For reasons Dani still doesn't understand about). When she told they boy about it, they were both upset. However they made a promise that once they meet again, They would start a relationship seeing they liked each other far more than friends.

    However, not all memories can last forever..

    During Dani's Years in Japan, she forgot about the Boy she fell in love with as she started falling for boys in her classes. However, she kept her word and didn't date, albeit she was pretty sure the boy she liked has. And after 10 years, she decided to return to her home back in America. However, a week before leaving back to her Hometown Montgomery, She received a Gift from a Merchant who gave her a locket with a Key hole on it, claiming that the locket will open when she meets her first love who has the right key to unlock it. Ever since Dani has worn the locket.

    ((What the Locket Looks like, just imaging there's a key hole in the center.))

    After that she moved back to her hometown Montgomery, happy to see her family and friends, and a bit nervous to meet her first love, if he remembered her.

    It was September 16, 2014 at 6:45 a.m. as Dani was getting ready for her first day at Beaumont Academy, a prestigious school only for the talented and the gifted to go to, seeing that her Hometown Montgomery was not was you considered a place for 'poor people' to stay in. Although school had started earlier in August for everyone else attending Beaumont, it was considered her first day.

    After getting dressed and brushing her hair, she grabbed her Messenger bag (that looked old and was dark puke-ish green color) and looked at herself in the mirror.


    ((A roughs sketch of what the girls uniform looks like..))

    The Uniform's colors consisted of Royal Blue, Red, and Pure White. Aside from her uniform, she was Wearing Black high tops and a pair of Black knee socks.

    'I hope it looks alright..' She thought to herself as she went out of her bedroom, downstairs and ate breakfast, and left for school. Fortunately, the school was close to her house, about a 5-minute walk at the least. As she walked to the school, she saw other boys and girls heading to the school, girls wearing the same uniform as her. As she looked at the other girls, she looked at herself and blushed, 'I really hope it's okay..' She thought to herself as she approached the school.


    The school itself made Dani feel intimidated as she gulped, stopping in her tracks and looked at the school.

    My CS:

    Name: Daniella Kimberly Evans.
    Nickname: Dani.
    Age: 14 (Freshman at Beaumont Academy).
    Birthday: March 15th.
    Appearance: image.jpg
    ((What Dani looked like when she was little.))
    Body Type: Petite, Cute, Somewhat Athletic, Slim.
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 134 lbs.
    Personality: Naive, Cute, Gets easily Upset, Shy later outgoing if you know her long enough, Silly, Brave, Kind but can be mean sometimes, A bit of a Tsundere when embarrassed, gets Easily Flustered.
    Family: Mother, Father (Deceased), Older Brother, Younger brother, Younger Sister.

    Your CS:

    Age: (please tell us what grade they're in too :3)
    Body Type:

    ((Also All Guys that are interested in Dani have a key that could possibly open Dani's locket. The person whose key works is the boy she met years ago and yeah. The boy also has no memory of Dani what-so-ever so..there's that too. Keep that all in mind.))
  2. Name: Andantino Soloman Veneziano
    Nickname: Anda or Tino
    Age: 14 years old
    Birthday: November

    Little Tino: : shingeki-1-12-eren-1.jpg

    Current age Tino: : eren.jpg

    Him and his key: shingeki-25-40-basement-key.jpg

    Body Type: Some what muscular
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 63kg
    Personality: Care-free, energetic, but has a violent streak towards those who harm people and animals, loyal, but hates authority
    Family: Mother (deceased) father (deceased) Grandma and Comatose the Gerbil iStock_000004315412XSmall-300x225.jpg


    Tino sighed as he walked towards the school, his feet dragging as Comatose sat perched on his shoulder his hand unconsciously gripped the net around his neck.

    The key.....

    After his friend moved away Tino moved back to his hometown in Italy, his parents were stationed in the States because his father was in the Military. He stayed in the states till he was eleven when his father was killed in action. His mother decided it was best to go back to boot country and start over, he felt odd and left out he and his mother lived together fora year and a half until she was ordered to join the American astronauts in space for a mission.

    She later had gotten sick, but she had suddenly and without any plausible explaination, passed away during the launch, and since the crew were already in the sky there wasn't much they could do.

    Orphaned at age 13, Tino was sent to live with his grandmother, who sent him back to the states attend a school she read so much about and apparently both his parents attended.

    But once everything was arranged and he had moved into a hotel where he lives he was given a unique key unlike the other hotel keys this one was special and looked like it opened a treasure of some sort.

    He tied it to a thread of leather and kept it around his neck.


    Tino noticed a group of kids as they chatted endlessly and he sighed, but then he noticed a pretty girl.
  3. "Wow...amazing.." Dani exhaled, looking at the school in amazement. However, she felt a sudden gaze behind her. Turning around, she saw a boy around her age looking at her.
  4. Tino felt a blush cross his face for being caught staring, he could run...but then again that would be rude.

    He waved and smiled as he walked forward "Ciao! I'm Andantino but you could call me Tino if ya want." He said his Italian accent was still fairly thick.
  5. Dani was caught off Gaurd by the sudden greetings, but turned around to face the boy and greeted him back, "Nice to meet you. My name Is Daniella Evans. But you can call me Dani." She smiled.
  6. "Daniella that is a beautiful name!" He said, he then felt a ticklish sensation on his neck and remembered that his little friend was on his neck!

    "Ah, mi scusi (excuse me) this is my friend Comatose!" He said pointing to the rodent.
  7. Dani smiled and looked at the gerbil with a tint of curiosity In her eyes. "So Kawaii~" she said with a small blush on her face.

  8. "Aha!" Tino laughed as Comatose squeaked happily at Dani "The little one, he likes you." He pipped happily.

    He happen to notice the necklace she wore and he smiled his greenish blue eyes flashed with excitement "Such-a beautiful necklace. Its super incantevole (enchanting...or at least that's what google spat at me)!"
  9. "This..it's...nothing special.." She said quietly as she looked at it, then to Tino's key. "You Key is a lot more Enchanting than mine.. So pretty.." She said, almost mesmerized by it.
  10. Name : Kazuaki Tsukas
    Nickname: Kazu
    Age: 15
    Birthday: May
    current look (open)

    Younger look (open)

    Personality: Tends to be distant towards people because of his family being apart of a Japanese syndicate, but tends to be more open if he knows the person.
    Family: Mother had left at a young age and father is always away on trips.

    Kai races into the school like he was running for his life , he notices a familiar face " TINO!" He leaps behind Tino trying to hide from a man in a suit . The man looks around before walking back out, As Kai watches the man leaves he signs as he brushes his hair back revealing a key that was attached to a chain around his right wrist
    Kai's Key (open)
    He did not notice the girl next to Tino when he leaped towards them and was shocked when he realizes " uhhh... sorry about that" He scratches his head and begins to laugh trying to hide the fact that he was embarrassed .

    OOC: im going to assume that the boys with keys know each other due to the fact that they attend the same school all theses years.
  11. ((They don't have to.))

    Dani stayed silent as shakes her head and chuckles, "Don't worry about it. Please to meet you, y name is Daniella Evans, but you can call me Dani." She introduces herself, bowing 90 degrees and coming back up to meet the faces of the two boys.
  12. OCC: o: .... sorry about that tino

    As the girl bows Kai does the same " its nice to meet you, you can call me Kai' when he takes a closer look at her face " your really pretty " Kai's face instantly turns red , " i.... i ... i mean " Kai did not mean to say it out loud but it happen. He looks down too embarrassed to say anything think to him self ~ good going idiot ~
  13. "Uh..thanks." She smiled and chuckled nervously as she also looks down, remembering something. 'Didn't that boy say I was pretty years ago?' She thought to herself as she heard the bell ring. "Oh. Looks like class is starting soon.." She said, looking up.
  14. " yhea..... we should head to class" Kai waves as he walks away " well im sure we will meet again miss Dani " Kai enters the school , he heads up to the stairs leading to his class, when he enters he heads directly towards the desk in the back of the room near the windows. Kai takes his seat and thinks to him self while waiting for the class to start. Because Kai was held back as a freshman due to his bad grades from always skipping class in the past year He had to retake the freshman classes this year . He did not care what the others thought of him as long as they did not find out about his family ties.
  15. Dani smiled, waving goodbye as she took out her schedule. "Hmm..looks like it's upstairs.." She walks upstairs and starts to walk to her class, running into something. Or (in this case), someone.

    ((-Insert someone who she runs into that is a boy-))
  16. Name: Akira Koga
    Nickname: Kira
    Age: 14 ( freshman)
    Birthday: October
    LOOK (open)

    Young look (open)

    Personality: Out going, shameless
    Family: He lives with his older brother who takes care of him, due to his mother and father away on business trips.

    When Kira bumps into the girl he drops a weird looking key between them, " o im sorry about that" He picks the key up and takes a look at the girl. " hello "
  17. Name: Joe Kerfield
    Nickname: "Joker"
    Age: 17 (Freshman...he's a late bloomer XP)
    Birthday: February
    Pic (open)

    Body Type: Slender
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 150k (Metric user...no clue)
    Personality: Cold and shut off, but once you get to know him, very warm
    Family: Mother and Father, but he's moved out and lives alone

    His key...which he has on his keychain (open)

    Joe walks down the corridor, seeing a girl bump into a boy he lets out a soft chuckle, leaning against a wall and watching

    (My brain today man)
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  18. "Ow.." Dani whined, seeing she had bumped into someone. Looking up, she saw that she had run into another freshman. "Hello.." She greeted, getting up and dusting off her skirt. "I'm terribly sorry for running into you." She apologized, looking at the other Freshman.
  19. Akira smiled at the girl and leans forward towards the girl " should i kiss your forehead to make it feel better " He waits to see her reaction before laughing " relax it was only a joke " He holds a fist out " the names Kira "
  20. "Uh.." Dani face grew red with embarrassment as she looked away, covering her face as the boy laughs. After a minute she faces him and pouts, before stopping. "Dani. Dani Evans." She introduces herself and, hesitantly bumps his fist with hers, blushing.