Will You Be a Part of the New Mass RP?

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Are you planning to join?

  1. Hell yeah! I don't care what it's about, count me in!

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  2. You guys only gave us that one teaser video! I'm holding my decision until I read the OOC.

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  3. Only if I can play a major character.

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  4. No! There's going to be a lot of good roleplayers, I'm scared I'll look stupid!

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  5. ......What Mass Roleplay?

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  6. Other. (Explain in the thread, or forever be marginalized.)

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  1. With tomorrow's launch date spiraling ever closer to your soft, fleshy faces, we thought we would take a moment to measure the size of Iwaku's boner for this roleplay.
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  2. Meh. It seems okay.
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  3. Okay...
    There are a lot of good players here.

    Count me in, guys.
    I hope to see this game prosper if all else fails.
  4. I think it looks awful and the people responsible should be shot. >;[
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  5. I'm excited to see what this is about, but I'm also slightly... wary of a Mass RP. My experiences in group roleplays have been... primarily negative. In fact, as of right now, it has all been negative. And that is only with a few people. Turning it into a Mass Roleplay, where people will constantly be coming and going, seems incredibly chaotic. I do partially agree with the "I'll want to wait and see more," but I want to see more about how people are going to act in this kind of roleplay, rather than what it is about. I also won't deny it would be epic to get a "major character," but I doubt that will happen.

    So, I am... cautiously optimistic. It is something I will most certainly witness with great eagerness, but I don't trust dumping that many people into one world. I'd love to be proved wrong, though. :)
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  6. I'm curious, @Peregrine - what kind of numbers have you been involved with?

    I'd like to believe that I am an experienced mass roleplay GM. I've been running large-scale projects here on Iwaku for the last 6 years. Our usual player base is 20 to 30. I keep this under control with strong mod posts, and attention to character roles and reinforcement.

    As a bonus, where previously I ran projects solo, this time I have the support of the glamorous Mrs Tegan. And that's before you factor in some strong personalities on the Iwaku staff.

    Past success does not guarantee future ease. But I remain pretty optimistic that we've got the ingredients right on this roleplay.
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  7. Most of the roleplays I'm in fluctuate wildly, and that is part of the problem. My first one started with... 13, dropped to six, skyrocketed to 20, and then died when our GM vanished. The second one dove in with 23, and my character was quickly lost. The one after that had five, and I can blame its failure on one specific person (this was on another site, btw). So, varying between 5-20. I've found as soon as there are more than about eight people, not including the GM, things start falling apart quickly. That's why I'm scared. Now, I haven't had as much experience with group roleplaying on Iwaku, so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but the couple that I've tried here seem to have the same general problems. People flood to join, characters interact quickly, chaotically and randomly, and then a good portion of the members vanish and things come to a stand still. The larger the numbers, the quicker that comes to be.

    I won't deny, when I was reading Mass, I was thinking... everyone on the site :smile: So 50+ people at a time. But with a well-practiced GM and a reliable member base, I could see it going well. I just haven't personally experienced it. And now I'm somewhat jaded.

    But exploring a world is one of my favorite passions, and if it will be a controlled experience, rather than a free-for-all, I would love to be one of those reliable members I mentioned before.
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  8. Delicious honest feedback.
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  9. I'm on the same boat with Pere. I have been involved with small numbers (5-20 as well). I also been in games where NPCs bombed the database. I partially fear joining because of the well-polished detail you add to your games. Also, I have not yet learned the Staff's role play styles. This is why I fear that I'll look inferior to everyone else. However, I am excited to see this game prosper. I am not as experienced in group games on this site. With a good pack of people, I can see a positive flow in this game.

    Good luck!
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  10. I am looking forward to it and will most likely be joining it. My decision will be confirmed once I see more of the info >_> Also have to push past my usual feeling of not being good enough to join in on this kind of stuff >_<

  12. I'm in if you'll have me.
    Though I've never done anything quite this large as far as a mass group RP goes. Most I've worked with at one time is . . . runs off to do a quick count . . . 12ish.
    Generally speaking I'm used to 3-5 people in a group. But you never grow if you don't stretch a bit right? :)
  13. I would absolutely love to be apart of the mass role play. In which I will try to be in never the less. But it's just with school hours taking up most of my day, i'm afraid that it will go so far ahead and I'll just be left behind like. O_O well then.
    Plus, I have confidence my writing skills are pretty satisfactory. I mean when they want to work well that is. Writers block really sucks sometimes.
    Anyhow, I give the role play the best of luck and my most hopeful regards that this all goes as planed xD Who knows what might happen! I guess that's the whole fun part about it!
  14. What'd really help is another video

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  15. No. I don't fancy those.
  16. =/ I am skeptical because well... The Vault War. I would like to see some more information about it as I do sincerely want to participate in another massive forum roleplay, one that will be remembered by all. I will say that I trust Asmo and Tegan with running something massive, so I am optimistic.
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  17. This is a reactive post. No contribution to the plot to find here!

    The coming and going of characters is not a bad thing. It gives the GMs good excuses to kill off characters in an awesome way/ use those characters to move the plot in the right direction, nothing to worry about.
  18. I am of the same opinion as @Peregrine abut large-group roleplays too. XD But, I am also PLAYING in this particular mass rp and helping to character-support, so I am not as jaded by them. O__O Large group roleplays have never been my thing, but this project is really exciting and I am keen to be involved in it. Plus, I have experience with Asmo's GMing style, so I know it should hold together very well. >:]
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  19. So here I stand waiting for the best game ever.
    April's gonna be busy! I shall see what I can do to contribute! I can make signatures for each kingdom!
  20. Is it too late to join? I haven't fully finished reading through the intro but it definitely has my attention.
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