Whyyyy!? What's the point?!

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So how do you think?

  1. Why would they do that?

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  2. It makes sense that they did that.

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  3. Doesn't matter to me, but I feel sorry for the Chinese Otakus out there.

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  4. You guys deserved this.

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  5. Screw governments, and communism.

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  1. Sorry if I'm kind of emotional, today the Chinese government just banned around 240 animes, even the ones that personal companies gotten the copyright of was taken down. Apparently it was for "violence" or something, but half of that stuff isn't even violent. Sure there is actual violent stuff like Blood-C but there's things like Assassination Classroom getting banned, like, why? Why are they even trying though, it's the Internet, if someone wants to watch it they'll find it, and yep.

    I don't know too much about politics but judging by forums in China people are pretty unhappy about it, more details did come out and it was that parents complained that their kids could find things like that on the internet. Well we all know what can get on YouTube......

    One thing is that China doesn't have a rating system like the E for everyone T for teens and M for mature thing, so something that's not "everyone friendly" will get banned from public TV. Also it has been forbidden to show any foreign animated shows in the evening TV slot since 2010 or something.

    I'm not really judging China in any ways, it's my home country after all, I'm just pretty sad about the fact that it'll be harder to find places to watch anime online now...
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  2. It's silly to me, but China has to keep up its pretension of doing what's "morally right" for their citizens.

    But hey, at least you can enjoy truckloads of Korean dramas :D
  3. Aren't many animes made in Japan? Unless you live in China I wouldn't worry about it very much.

    Edit: Didn't realize you lived in China so sorry bout that.
  4. Yeah, that makes no sense. Entertainment is entertainment, don't go tampering with that. Plus, what about those old kung fu movies, are they going to ban those too? How about those crime drama's?
    I don't know, seems like the government's going through it's "We still don't like Japan" phase again.
  5. I don't think they ever stopped. It's not completely unreasonable though, seeing as there are people alive that experienced the Sino-Japanese War. But it's still wrong to persecute all of Japan now and forever for it.
  6. China's big on censorship, I'm not surprised.
  7. *moves to China*
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  8. If the Chinese government was about protecting people from violence, the most famous image from China wouldn't be a man defiantly standing in front of a row of tanks.

    Commies gonna suck bro.
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  9. Ahahaha.

  10. Underrated post.

    But, all jokes aside, it makes sense.
  11. Don't know if anyone said this, but: Deathnote was banned a while ago. It was for violence.
  12. Well, we all know what to do now.

  13. Now that's Sad.
  14. You live in China? On an off related note could share any photos with me? Like of parks, cities, people, anything. As an artist some reference photos from China would be awesome.
  15. It's a trap!

    Atlas works for the Chinese Government!
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  16. The internet exists...
  17. Yeah, but she works for the Chinese government, so...
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  18. Which I also utilize. I was just asking if OP would be willing to share any photos.
  19. The Chinese government is a rather silly lot.
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