Which character trope are you?

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  1. I am the Protagonist @Kagayours, let's go on the adventure now.XD.
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  2. I got the Mentor. I do generally support the people I'm friendly towards and am considered relatively mature for my age, but I wouldn't say I'm quite that sagely. Fairly accurate.
  3. I burst out laughing when I got my results.

    Because I turned out to be the trope I dislike the most. How totally awkward. I do have to agree though that the description is fairly accurate. I like to go with the flow and don't like to have to make decisions.

    The Damsel (in Distress)
    A character, usually female (but can be anybody), is put into immediate danger in order to put the cast in motion. Their plight unites the cast, causing them to put aside their differences and work together to save them or provide the premise for the quest. But, necessarily, this isn't always the case! (Note the parentheses!) This could also mean you're someone who is capable of bringing people together in times of need. You are often very dependent on others, but not all the time. It's more of when there is an important decision to made and where everyone's opinions need to be heard. You don't like taking charge because you like to go with the flow of things. People describe you as kindhearted and honest. You're also naturally sociable and positive.
  4. Which Character Trope Are You?
    Your Result:
    The Anti-Hero

    A central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes. They often fail many times and are known to be flawed. Opposite of the Tragic hero, you often do things out of selfishness so you can advance and grow as an individual. This is often done unconsciously. When people ask for favors, you expect rewards in return. Your personality can be seen as complicated and you often can through a cycle of moods in a matter of what seems like seconds. You're seen as typically aggressive and full of emotion. There would be times where it seems like you are completely calm and then at a flip of coin be upset about something. You have a lot on your mind 24/7 and it's hard for you to handle. Sometimes your attempts at showing you care can backfire, since you often get too into the emotional aspect of the situation.
  5. Also got
    The Protagonist

    The character responsible for handling the main problem and the one most in need of change, emotionally. You are ambitious and are considered to be highly courageous. You have a good set of morals and love to do the right thing. Overall, you're just incredibly well-rounded.


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    *Pulls out a Hamster*
  7. *Pulls out sword and the rabbit from Monty Python*

    There could be two protagonists... but okay.
  8. I guess this is the part where I watch awkwardly from the sidelines, not wanting the two main characters to fight but also not knowing what to say or do.
  9. We can watch awkwardly together :D Because I'm not really in distress or need any saving at the moment.
  10. It's like the opening scene of a Mario game, where Peach can just chill out with the rest of the cast and do whatever cuz she hasn't been captured yet. Speaking of which -- I'm sure our Mario and Luigi will put aside their differences and learn to work together once Bowser inevitably shows up. :D

    ...I guess that makes me... Toad? Or maybe Yoshi? O.o I dunno. This comparison's starting to fall apart.
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  11. Depends on the game we are playing. I wouldn't want to be constantly killing you though, so I wouldn't pick Yoshi.
  12. And this is the part I prepare the drinks and make bets for my own self-gain?
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  13. *Hurls the Hamster Gently as the Sun Rises to its Zenith, casting it's blinding rays across the battlefield!*

    (How can I make this sound more chuuni. hmm)
  14. *Puts on shades and tells the rabbit from Monty Python to play with the hamster*
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. *...Hires a local chinese man to dump a potful of sweet and sour pork down your shirt*
  17. *knocks chinese man over and pays him more to do it to you*
  18. *Catches this very un-hero like action on film and makes it go viral, drawing attention to how the perpetrator is so very un-heroic*

    *Also gratefully accepts the sweet and sour pork because it's delicious even on the body*
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