Where Angels Go, Demons Follow (IC)

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Where Angels Go, Demons Follow[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The sun slowly fell down behind the horizon, painting the water a dark shade of orange that could be only enjoyed by the eyes of those without evil inside of them. Phil looked down on the water through the window of the armory, the room with all of his weapons, gadgets and alternate suits, and suits he was working on. He shook his head and turned his back. He walked over to the round table in the middle of the room that had his bag of knives and hand held weapons laid out across. He didn’t want to use guns or any fatal weapons, but times had changed since he first started in this business. The rise of armed robberies and murders had caused Phil to be a bit more armed when going on patrol, and fearing for his team. He ran his hand through his long hair, sitting down in the chair nearest to him. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The team’s main headquarters was an old warehouse that his father used to own, and passed down to Phil when he moved away because of his promotion. Instead of keeping the warehouse open and running, he decided that it would make a great headquarters for his team, especially since it was private property. It was a rather large warehouse, making it easy for there to be multiple rooms for use by the team. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The recent worrying about his team had made Phil start to worry about his strength. Earlier he struggled with a two ton barbell that he had made himself. He usually had no problem with two tons, but it was starting to seem like the more invested he was in his team, the more mentally weak he was getting. He sighed and tugged at his hair, He picked up a hatchet he had bought at a wal-mart a while ago and threw it at one of his gun cabinets, watching it break the metal and get stuck inside of the door. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As quiet as the evening had been, a sudden metal ‘clang’ rang down the halls of the warehouse which made Irina jump up, startled right out of her daze from reading a book. She had finished sparring only about an hour ago and had decided to read a book after shower.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Confused as to what had happened, the dark haired woman shimmied into a hoodie and began to walk down the bare halls over to where the source of the sound had come from. Phil’s room. Using her telekinesis, Irina felt around the room before knocking on the door, trying to find out if there was anything out of place or if there was any imminent danger, finally sighing after a brief moment when she felt everything was in place. Everything except for a hatched sticking out of a cabinet. Rolling her eyes, Irina lifted a hand and made a quick jerking motion, causing the hatchet to be pulled out of the cabinet with a bit of force. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I don’t think property damage is the best way to solve whatever issues you have.. Unless the issue is with the property itself.” Irina had taken it upon herself to walk inside the room, speaking as she made her way through the door, her accent as prominent as ever. She smiled at Phil as the hatchet hovered over back to a table and was set down, her green eyes never leaving his. “Is everything okay? You interrupted a good book about witches and wizards.” Irina’s tone was playful as she teased Phil, hoping to lift his spirits a bit.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Having heightened senses would have been an asset to Phil, that way he would have been able to tell that Irina was at the door before his weapon mysteriously lifted itself from it’s resting spot and floated over to him at the table. “Hello, Irina.”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The team, at this point, hadn’t been too big. Just Phil, Irina and a few other members had made up the team. That being said, they were a very good team. They might not have been The Justice League quite yet, they were more like Justice Forever from the Kick Ass universe. Phil enjoyed having a small amount of people on the team because it felt like a small family. But with the rising number of supers that have been showing up, Phil knew that he would be having to add some new members. Not everybody could handle their powers the way that these people in the team did, and he knew that eventually there would be some people who could have been considered villains. That organization, D.O.G. did not feel like the good guys that they claimed to be. Phil had a really bad feeling about them. He just wanted to find their main headquarters and figure out what exactly is going on that he didn’t know about. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The hatchet placed itself gently on the table where it originally was. Phil looked down at the hatchet, then up at the door as Irina walked in. Phil reached across the small table to the other chair and pulled it out for her to sit down on. “I’ve just got some shit on my mind.” Phil said, letting out a small half smile as he listened to her attempts. “I wish these powers came with an instruction manual, you know? These abilities are just..coming and going, they will work and then stop before I know it. Remember that robbery last week where I had to hold the second floor up from the main room because of the explosives they used? I almost couldn’t hold it up. That would normally be a breeze for me.”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As Phil spoke, Irina made her way to the small table where he sat, taking a seat in the chair that he had just pulled out. She listened intently at what the young man said, frowning a bit as she heard his concerns. “These abilities are foreign, in a way. Or at least they once were. It has been years, more than a decade, since I discovered mine, but I continue to try and learn about them.” She did not know how to comfort others, so to comfort someone who was more like a leader to the team that she was in was even worse. It might have helped if she thought of him as someone that she confided in, but Irina could not get over the fact that they worked together. In her mind, professionalism never mixed in with emotions. No matter what kind they were; Anger, sadness, happiness. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“It helps when I clear my mind,” she finally said as she looked back over to Phil. Her eyes had wandered around the room, scanning it and taking note of small details as she always did. “Have you tried that?”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]A sigh escaped Phil’s throat as he stood up. He walked over to his window that overlooked the water and leaned against his hands that were being pushed up against the window sill. He shook his head and once again ran his hand through his rather long hair. The sky was darkening, meaning that it would be time to start getting ready for patrol soon. Patrol, that was something he had been worrying about. What if something big happened during patrol? What if they come face to face with a not-so-nice super? His mind was racing, and his concerns were growing. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Clearing my mind?” He called over his shoulder. “I have far too much on my mind to clear it. You ever try managing a team while still keeping your personal life in tact?” Then again, Phil never really had a personal life. Not since he started putting on the mask and cape, at least. Personal relationships would very much get in his way.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Irina frowned as she heard Phil speak. As much as she tried to push all emotion away, a feeling of sadness and some guilt washed over her at the moment that the young man asked his question. Whether it was rhetorical or not, Irina did not know, but she still answered with a quiet voice, “No. I haven’t.”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The dark haired woman stood up from her chair and sighed quietly, almost as if sighing inwardly. “Be patient and keep an open mind. It helped me.” With that said, the woman walked out of the room with her mind deep in thought, looking back at the life she had before she had joined the small team. Keeping up personal relationships was never easy when one's abilities were as unreliable as a weather forecast. While deep in thought, Irina made her way back into her own room, where she began to get ready for the night ahead of them.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The night seemed to want to start early that night. As Phil’s eyes wandered over the water, helicopters flew past the building. There had to have been at least a dozen, maybe around fifteen, twenty even? Phil couldn’t keep count of them all, they just kept flying past. One hovered in front of the gate of the hideout. Phil watched as a rather large, at least 6’5, well built man dropped out of the helicopter and smash into the ground. His arms and legs were visibly made of steel, and he had what looked like a jet pack attached to his back. On either side, two average height men dropped. They were each wearing helmets that covered their faces, they reminded Phil of Optimus Prime from the Michael Bay Transformers movies. They were holding really large, science fiction looking rifles in their iron hands, and they were clearly ready to cause trouble. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Phil instantly had his helmet on as he saw the scene playing through his his window. He quickly dressed, then hit the alarm beside his door. Every room had an alarm system, and a button. It was a way for the factory workers to alert everyone of an emergency happening, which was very useful for alerting the team whenever crime was breaking out. Phil put two holsters on his belt, and filled them with a Beretta 99, just in case he needed them. Now in Nightwatcher form, he ran out of his room, down the hall and pounded on Irina’s door. “Let’s go, emergency!” And with that, he was down the stairs. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nightwatcher ran into the main clearing, which was being set up as a weight and training room. He was headed towards the main doors when they burst open, followed by a 6’5 behemoth flying in, knocking Phil into a large weight rack using his massive fist. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alarms or not, Irina knew that trouble was brewing. Just as she had finished getting ready, and was in the mindset of Mindlink, the silence around her was disrupted by not only the sound of helicopters but an alarm as well. She took little to no time to push open the door to her room with her mind as she lifted herself off of the ground. The woman flew out of the room as fast as possible and began to follow Phil into the nearest door. By the time she had gotten there though, Phil had already been knocked into a weight rack and the men had begun to come into the warehouse. Irina glared at the newcomers from the level above, quickly lifting the weights that Phil had crashed into and throwing them right back at the men. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Irina’s ability wasn't the best in the house, but she did what she could to help those in need. Her mind quickly created a spherical sort of force field around Phil while he recovered from the blow. If bullets were shot, she'd be able to ‘feel’ them and slow them down before getting anywhere near Phil. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Nightwatcher blinked a few times, and looked at the spinning ceiling. He shook his head and got up, groggy and dazed, and cracked his knuckles. “Not in my house.” He muttered as he walked out of the area that the field protected. He watched as one of the flying weights crashed into one of the three cybernetics. Phil needed a plan, some sort of plan. It seemed that the other members of the team weren’t in yet, so it was up to Irina and himself to protect the headquarters. Phil took a few steps towards the trio of men. One of them approached Phil with the butt of his gun raised, which resulted in Phil lunging forward with a cocked arm, his fist ending up in the man’s chest. The man flew across the room, and crashed into the wall. The soldier that got hit by the weight slowly got up, showing a relentless need to take down the two supers. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Irina!” Phil shouted before he jumped forward. As soon as he felt himself leave the ground and keep going, he knew that she realized what he was attempting to do. Phil approached the target and gave him a nice scissor kick, the tips of his toes making their way into the soft spot of the armor; the gap between the helmet and the chest piece. Phil didn’t need to kick off, because he went flying right towards the bigger guy, who swooped him up out of the air by his arm. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]‘This must be some sort of invasion.’ Phil thought, as he attempted to figure out what was going on. ‘The invasion has begun.’[/BCOLOR]
  2. The Mission

    Lara had finished her homework given for the day. Sighing she sat back in her chair her eyes glanced at her bag staring at it knowing she needed to get ready soon. Her thoughts thinking on the job she saw at school on her phone. She then moved her books back in her school bag and opened her computer. Waiting for it to turn on she stood and went down as usual the house was quiet no adoptive family to be seen. Lara headed to the fridge and grabbed out an apple to have for a snack. Then she went back to her room sat down and saw the computer screen came up. Glancing around she paused before typing in her password as if she felt someone may be watching her. Finally she began to type once she felt it was clear. Lara was always a bit cautions once her night events became a bit more serious than just a kid having some form of fun. It wasn't actual fun she didn't consider what she did a game. Lara actually didn't know why she seemed to enjoy what she did.

    Once Lara was logged in she clicked on her email. Then seemed to type up certain trans codes and brought over a mic which could change her voice. "Alright so just to be clear you want me simply to observe not interfere unless the objective is taken by another tonight right?" Her voice sounded dark almost like and deep yet a girl like tone to it. The mic was only meant to cover any lead to her identity. "That is correct glad to see you decided to get on and could confirm that you understood. If things go accordingly you'll receive payment after telling me what my men may be facing." Whoever was on the other end replied there username was nightstalker27. "Yes I understand. Also as you know send the money to the square in the tree with a hidden door. You'll find it rather quickly I assure you I'll pick the payment there. If you don't I will find you and take it myself." Lara said making sure her voice sounded clear. "Yes understood. I'll talk with you later tonight." The man on the line said then she heard it cut off. Lara leaned back in her chair then looked out the window. "Hmm almost time to head out well better get ready then." She stated allowed but clear to no one being no one else knew nor was home.

    Lara stood and opened her bag grabbing her stuff to become the Black Cat Assassin, or well she preferred simply the name Black Cat but after one night's incident and her clients spreading the word they all chose to add the last little bit to her secret name. She felt to make her perhaps sound more terrifying or more acquired for her jobs. She began by putting on the bottom layer it was meant to be made bullet prof but light and thin. She had to earn the money to get it that way but it only covered her chest and stomach the bullet prof part the long sleeves were normal sleeves just black leather fabric. It felt on the inside a bit like silk. After she buttoned the top she put on the black skinny jeans. Next she put on her boots and made sure that the straps were good and tight then grabbed her gloves. After they were on took the cloak she had for some time now that in some places looked torn it was a blood tint of red at the bottom of the cloak and the tip of the hood the rest was black. Lara covered her face with the hood she never felt the need for a mask because she knew if the secret got out she'd be willing to make whoever it was to learn never dare tell or they probable would die by her hand. Finally she grabbed her swords and placed both on her sides. Sometimes she would have them on her back or one on her back the other on the side but she felt tonight should be both at the sides.

    Lara was finished becoming the Black Cat Assassin but she never really took the Black Cat off for she was apart of who Lara was. No one at school knew that and she never got close to anyone for them to learn that. Looking at her window she sighed then went to make sure her belt that she had just also put on had everything soon adding the lock-picks and her phone along with other simple items she would need. Lara then made up her bed to look as if she was in it asleep then opened the window to head out. The Black Cat jumped from the room that was a bit high up off the ground she sometimes used the three to get down but wanted to feel the air tonight. The Black Cat began to wonder the streets using the shadows as her guide. She moved like a cat after there prey. Her assignment took place near a warehouse but she didn't feel it was a problem acquiring to her research it shouldn't be in any use. Her eyes was on a particular jewelry store a few blocks across the street of it.

    The Black Cat climbed up on a building right beside the Shop and started at it's roof the around. She paused to see some helicopter seem to head somewhere off in the distance. The sun was just now reaching past twilight. She would sneak inside the shop at night to get the analyse that was asked of her. It was odd how they told her not to steal the item but she knew they must figure she didn't have the experience which the Black Cat didn't mind there was still much better thiefs out there. Her ears twitched as if she started to hear some sort of commotion looking it was just a dog. She rolled her eyes then hopped down after the shop owner seemed to leave first walking casually past the front door. She soon made her way around back and paused to look and see what might be a good entrance and a safe one a that to enter from.

    The Black Cat soon found the door and first looked to see if there was a special lock. Next she looked in the window to check for any form of security. Her eyes spotted only one she sighed and began to look for what it might be. She knew that once that door was opened she'd need to disable it imminently which was easier said than done. Sitting down she pulled out her phone and began to look up the owner of the store knowing the code probable had something to do with their personal life. She had looked him up a bit before hand but had no idea on what type of security she would need to be ready for. Now she could see it was a number code not a password. Finding the right one might would take her some time. She didn't know meanwhile the warehouse near by was possible having an ambush she had no idea it was active at all.​
  3. With superhumans on the rise, of course there would be plenty who'd bend their abilities toward crime. Hell, it was way easier to be amoral than to do the right thing. No wonder cities all across the country were slowly falling apart. At least this one had a few people on the side of Justice. Runa wasn't quite sure what to make of the group, fro what she had heard of them so far. It mostly came from her handlers, but it sounded like they were a pretty small group, not really actively advertising or recruiting. So...some sort of super friends, instead of a really structured or organized team. Not quite like things tended to be in the comics, anyway.

    So...of course she knew to actually expect something like a warehouse when she wandered over to the address she'd been given to see about joining. It was still disappointing. Maybe they had their big secret base underground or something. As she approached, she noticed she wasn't alone in showing interest in the place, as one of the flight of helicopters passing over the city stopped to disgorge a few men who promptly smashed their way into the place. I bet they're not just trying to make an impressive entrance, Runa thought. She wondered briefly if the rest of that chopper fleet was planning on something just as bad for the rest of the city, but first things first. I can totally use this to make a good one myself though. She grinned at the thought, and disappeared into a nearby alley to go get changed.

    Moments later, a white-armored heroine zipped across the intervening distance and flew into the gaping doors of the warehouse, to crash the battle in progress. Her flying kick connected with the biggest of the three intruders, right after he'd grabbed one of the heroes already fighting. The blow landed square in the cyborg's back, but caused him to do little more than stumble forward as Runa bounced off and spun to get her feet under her for a landing. "This how you usually spend your evenings," she asked. It sounded more badass in her head.
  4. The bus hardly stopped by the station, making screaming noise of stopping wheels. After several minutes, Alexey finally awoke. Bus driver stood above him, angry that someone slept in his bus.
    -Is this your stop?- Bus driver asked, trying to hold his anger inside.
    -Sure, why not?- Alexey replied, slowly getting up. He was on half way to doors, when driver coughed.
    -Eh?- Boy asked, turning. Bus driver angrily pointed on his bag, left by the window.
    -Oh yes! Sorry...- he ran to seat, grabbed the bag, and speeded to doors.
    -Ahem! The money?- asked the angry man, holding his hand out. Alexey suddenly realized that he forgot to take some money in last city he was in. He coughed.
    -Uh... Well... I don't have... Any money at this moment- Alexey said, trying to smile. The man slowly approached to Alexey, with evil face. Alexey gulped, overstepping, and flying out of doors. He crashed on grass, slowly crawling away from approaching man.
    ~Water... Where is water!~ he thought, looking around.
    ~AHA! The bottles!~ he said, finding bottles in the nearest shop. Alexey concentrated, looking directly on jumping surface of water inside the bottles. Bottles slowly started to slide towards Alexey, water in each pushed on wall in direction of Alexey.
    ~Come on! UGH!~ he yelled mentally, as bottles exploded. Water momentally grouped in big sphere, shooting in the man. Man screamed, getting pushed in the bus, by the power of the wave.
    -SORRY!- Yelled Alexey, running away as fast as possible.

    When Alexey ran far away enough from bus stop, he was already in center of small town. He wanted to go to bank, and take as much money as it's possible, when he heard several loud noises. He turned in the way of noises, seeing warehouse being in the battle. But it wasn't it who had his attention, it was the car that drove to him.
    -BLYAT!- Alexey yelled hardly, speeding to water hydrant. He moved hand on hydrant, hand glowing with shimmering cyan light. Hydrant roughly vibrated, with surface deforming.
    -COME ON!- he yelled, moving his hands on the car. Hydrant loudly boomed, with water shooting out in the sky. Moments after, tower of shooting water deformed, slowly moving in direction of car. Water loudly hit the car, with energy enough to throw it back in the traffic lights. When he saw that people are running towards him from the car, he started to retreat, sliding between buildings.
  5. "This is what happens to people who think they are heroes." The largest cybernetic grinned as he raised the Night Watcher by his arm, about to smash him into the ground. To both the Night Watcher's, and the Cybernetic's surprise, another body had entered the fight. This one seemed to be more on the Night Watcher's side, as the seemingly female figure attacked the man holding Night Watcher as if he was a trapped insect. This man was huge, clearly experimented on. If they were altering people's height and weight, Phil could hardly imagine what else they were cooking up in those god forsaken labs that seemed to be hidden everywhere. "Who the hell are you?" The Cybernetic turned his head and looked over this new super. He scanned her through his single robotic eye, but could not find anything about her in the D.O.G. database. She seemed to be a clean slate, a new super for him to break.

    The cyber began to turn his body to face her, leading to him being distracted from the hero in his hand. Now is my chance Phil thought to himself. He focused all of his strength and energy into his arm that was beginning to go numb, and yanked his arm down. With a loud clang the Night watcher hit the ground, oil spilling all over the ground. There was a large, outstretched, steel arm still holding on to Phil's forearm, as he had managed to yank it right from the socket. Prying the fingers off from around him, Phil grabbed the arm and jumped up, knocking the cyber to the ground as he bitch slapped him with the arm that had come out of the socket. The ground shook at he hit the ground, but Phil didn't care. All that mattered was that everybody was safe. "There is no time to talk." Phil said as he went for the stairs, his utility belt feeling empty and weaponless. "I'm not sure if you saw them too, but those helicopters are everywhere, they must be up to some sort of plan. My team is out there, more than likely taking care of the job in regular clothes." He made his way to the stairs, then turned back to look at the super who had just entered the warehouse. "Right now, I don't care if your superpower is opening the seven portals to hell, or if your super power is making toast. I need all of the help that I can get, so if you are with me, then come with me."

    Phil darted up to his personal room in the warehouse. He really needed a better hideout. Maybe some sort of underground base, or a spaceship that teleported his team to and from Earth. But then again, Phil had learned that not even space was safe from evil. He stopped running as he entered his room, which was rather messy with all of the guns laying around. He took two revolver holsters and slid them on the back of his belt, and two Beretta holsters and slid them to the front of his belt, and proceeded to fill them with weapons. He went over to his gun rack and shouldered a 12-Gauge shotgun around him, and took a long baton from the bottom of the shelf. "How did you get here? Did you get a ride? Are they still there, or should we take my car?"

  6. The Entrance

    "Finally" Black Cat stated seems she found the code or an idea at least. Standing up she glanced around to make sure of no hidden bystanders that might see her and started to fiddle with the lock on the back door. Soon she heard a click and was in she carefully entered quickly hearing the click sound of a count down for the actual alarm. She went over to the security system on the wall meant for just the alarms and began to type in numbers first trying the youngest son then trying the owner's older daughter. When t finally shut off it was after she typed in the year the man got himself a dog for his family. "Hmm odd guess he must love his dog more than anyone else in his family even over his own kids. How observed." She then turned and carefully went over near the glass case of the diamonds and began to work on examining the security for her clients target. She always found it odd when a client wanted to be the one to steal the items they requested her to check out first but never asked. Then after writing down a few notes she noticed a strange light coming from outside.

    The Distraction

    Black Cat turned her crouched head from the case she had just taken notes on and looked out the window. Soon moving toward the door with the light. "Hu wonder where that's from it's pretty bright for this time of day." She stated to herself. Most didn't know but she kind of had an act for asking herself questions or thinking allowed to herself when she was alone. Probable had to do with her shutting everyone else out. Black Cat once more made her way to the door to curios to keep looking around doing her boring job. She wasn't going to get any action unless someone else stole the diamond so why not learn about what the light was. She felt that there was enough notes to maybe satisfy the customer if not she could hunt them down and get the money another way later more than likely. Lara remembered about he helicopters and wondered if it had something to do with them. She carefully left the store after setting the alarm once more and went out not able to re-lock the door of course.

    Once outside the Black Cat carefully began to climb the roof of the building she just left and looked above seeing down the block a ways where she had passed a warehouse to get here. 'No can't be hasn't that place been abandoned? But what else could it be there isn't anything else really that way other than the park and the defiantly closed shops is there?' She seemed to think to herself and carefully began to head closer to the ware house.

    The Commotion of the light and the Warehouse

    Black Cat carefully went near to be able to see. Some of the light had to be from the helicopter but she also noticed a car and heard a bunch of what sounded like fighting. Her mind started to race for possible explanations. She wondered if it was something to do with the low profile of heroes in town or some gang she hadn't yet worked for. She wasn't aware that the warehouse actually wasn't abandoned seeing this she felt was defiantly better than watching and learning about a jewelry shop.

    It wasn't long before Lara heard some foot steps behind her. She turned quickly and saw a gun she was froze staring at it a moment. 'Great' She thought simply before rushing forward and ducked a bit lower soon the hilt of her sword went up toward the man who held the gun at her's hand. "It's not wise to sneak up on people." She stated not sure who this man was but he wasn't dumb that was for sure he seemed to ignore one hand being caught by the hilt and used a free in the air foot that she must had gotten him a moment unbalanced. Whatever the reason he kicked her arm and pushed her back the hilt having no choice but to release the hand. She was glad that the gun seemed to be out of the man's reach now however.

    "What the hell did I get myself into? I just wanted to know why there was a bunch of lights this way." She stated to the man who came running at her. Black Cat jumped and caught onto the same ladder she had just used to get down still holding one of her swords she climbed up quickly. "Gezz who else is here?" She stated. The man seeing her jump and move once more out of the way paused for breath. "You sure like to ask questions don't you." He stated frustrated. "Now be a good kitten and come down here. You belong just like the others." He stated calling to her. Breathing the Black Cat looked for her options then finally jumped down straight at the man one leg outstretched the other pulled closer to her. Finally the man fell on the ground he now was lying under her out cold. "Gezz you could had answered." She sighed and looked around seeing if he was the only one this way not yet seeing those near the car. The Black Cat pulled out her other sword and began to walk looking for others hopefully on her side next time cautiously.

    Lara was feeling pretty annoyed how her curiosity ended up getting her on some battle field. She could defiantly see that the sky had more than one helicopter as she turned a corner trying to better evaluate what she had just gotten into. It was obvious to her hiding in the safety of shadows from the lights might not last long. Her stealth was only every so good. One hidden alarm, one wrong met guard or enemy, one wrong arrival and she would be found. By who was the question and reason she was on edge carrying both her blades tightly and ready to attack.​
  7. "There's always time to talk," the young woman replied. Her voice sounded odd, having qualities unlike a normal human voice, but was easily understandable. How she spoke from beneath a solid mask was a mystery. "Runa," she said as she followed Phil around his warehouse home base. "You can call me Runa. And don't worry, I'm here to help." She had lowered her guard quite quickly, after the fight had ended. There were plenty more where those came from, given the fleet of helis, but they weren't nearby. Which really did just make things worse.

    "You won't need to worry about me," she added, on the Nightwatcher's comment about her powers. "I can handle myself just fine. And you're pretty goddamn strong, from what I've seen." Given he'd just torn a man's arm off and beaten him unconscious with it, she had good reason for the compliment. She inclined her head at the weapons. "Seems a bit excessive for a hero," she said simply. The gun wasn't the sort of symbol she associated with super-powered justice. All a gun can really do is kill, or threaten. What good can that do, and why even need it, if you're already more than human? She didn't give further voice to the concerns, though. Gotta play it cool, go with the mysterious badass vibe while it lasted.

    "I walked here," Runa said in answer to Phil's question. "I won't need to take your car, though." In the event her statement was met with incredulity, she simply chuckled. "Trust me. I can totally keep up." And that cool facade was starting to slip. "We better hurry, if those guys are all over the city."
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