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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]Many years ago, dragons and humans engaged in apocalyptic battles over their many differences. Fire poured from the heavens and blood darkened the very earth they walked on. To the humans, dragons were seen as untamed beasts that would only bring chaos and disorder, as stated in many different religious prophecies. To the dragons, humans were seen as vile, greedy, and horribly close-minded, choosing to attack and kill what they do not know and yet terrifies them.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] Neither one could outmatch the other... Centuries of this behavior have passed, until over half the world burned in the ruins of chaos, and nearly both races have slaughtered each other to near extinction. This caused both races to flee into hiding, avoiding any further conflict for fear of destroying their species.[/BCOLOR]

    All was still in the decades to come...

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Many more years have passed before both humans and dragons alike have rebuilt their population, growing again into the prosperous races they had been before.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The peace was not to last... and old habits returned from their ancient tombs.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Two different individuals: a dragon by the name of Veng, and a man by the name of Bartholomew, very quickly rose to power. Both very skilled, and very ignorant leaders who would do everything in their power to make sure the opposing race dwindled into nonexistence.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]However, there was hope of peace between the two. A boy just shy of fourteen met a dragon while on a hunting trip. The two were unsure of each other at first, but soon grew to trust one another as time passed. Eventually, they had formed a bond that was unbreakable, and a pair that was inseparable. One was never seen without the other, and nothing could harm one without the other there to protect him. They began to tell members of their race their new outlook on each other, and tried to persuade others to accept their differences.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] It was not long before Bartholomew had caught wind of the bonded pair. After gathering a group of men, they pursued them... and captured them less than a day later, and the boy was declared a traitor and sentenced to be executed.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] The boy was beaten to submission, and slowly consumed by flames at the stake... while his beloved dragon friend was forced to watch in horror as the child burned to death... Hours later, Bartholomew ordered the dragon to be beheaded, and have the dragon's head placed on a pike as a warning to any dragon who tried to "Manipulate innocent people into doing their bidding".[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Yet, still hope remained alive. Before the pair were killed, they had each gathered followers from both races, all of them intent on putting an end to this meaningless war...[/BCOLOR]

    1.All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. No one-lining.
    3. Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization etc.
    4. Reply as often as you can. If you are unable to continue, please let me know via PMs.
    5. Respect other players. If you have a problem with someone, send me a PM.
    6. No Godmodding or bunnying.
    7. I will allow sexual interactions, however you must do them at your own risk!
    8. Most important... and most overused rule... HAVE FUN! :)

    You may have up to two characters. One dragon character and one human character (Unless another player has agreed to be your bonded dragon/human. IF YOU ARE OPEN TO HAVING A PLAYER BE YOUR BONDED DRAGON/HUMAN, YOU MUST LET IT BE KNOWN BEFORE POSTING YOUR CS. Also, If you wanted another player to play as your bonded one, yet no player has agreed, just play that bonded one yourself.)

    Character Sheet: Humans

    Nickname (Optional):
    Bonded? (If yes, write his/her name and a brief description of how you met your dragon):

    Character Sheet: Dragons

    Nickname (Optional):
    Type of Dragon:
    Bonded? (If yes, only write his/her name):​
  2. Character Sheet: Humans

    Name: Sebastian Vannors
    Nickname (Optional): "Seb"
    Gender: Male
    S/O: Pansexual
    Image/description: [​IMG]
    Bonded? (If yes, write his/her name and a brief description of how you met your dragon): No. (Bonded dragon open for any player.)

    Seb pushed past a large thicket, wincing a bit as the branches scraped at any exposed skin. The chill of winter nipped harshly at his ears, nose, and hands, causing them to go dangerously numb. It had been months since he had come across proper game, and his food supply was beginning to run low. The wind howled, snow covering any tracks
    This is chaos... He thought, pulling his coat tighter around him. He balled his fists up and stuffed them in his pockets in an attempt to warm them. His crossbow stayed strapped loosely to his back.
    If I don't catch anything, I won't last through winter... He thought with a hoarse cough.
  3. image.jpg Character Sheet: Dragons

    Name: Linair Daechon
    Age: 20
    Nickname (Optional):
    Gender: Male
    S/O: Gay
    Type of Dragon: Black dragon
    Image/description: above
    Bonded? (If yes, only write his/her name): No, but is open to it


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  4. Character Sheet: Dragons

    Name: Seraphine
    Age: Young Dragon (lets say about 23 if she was human)
    S/O: Straight
    Type of Dragon: Fire Breathing
    Image/description: Black-Dragon-04.jpg
    Bonded?: No, but open to being bonded.

    Seraphine wondered through the dense woods, although she was rather large, she was agile and quiet. She kept her head low, looking for something to fill her stomach. She always traveled alone, considering she didn't agree with the way most of the others lived.. or thought. She caught an odd sent and lifted her head slightly trying to see is she could find what it was. She saw nothing so kept going as she was before, head low and looking to eat.
  5. There was a strange sensation in the air, as if Sebastian was not the only one in searching through the forest at that time. His heart raced in anticipation for possible game, and by the sounds it was making, it seemed quite large. Newfound energy now coursing through him, he loaded his crossbow and began to silently move toward the sound, the thick snow crumbling beneath his boots. He blinked a bit as snow calmly began to drift downward from the sky, no doubt the tell-tale signs of a blizzard.
    I have to finish this quickly before I freeze to death... The boy thought, continuing to move stealthily forward.
  6. Seraphine heard what sounded like small footsteps but couldn't tell what they were from. She stalked slowly toward the sound and new found smell. A deep, soft growl rumbled from the bottom of her throat along with the heat of fire so she would be ready for whatever tasty animal was headed her way. She spotted him, before he did her. She stood there, looking down at him, not really knowing what to do. If he attacked her she would surely kill him, but she didn't believe she should kill humans just because. She lifted her head and stood tall, looking down at him.
  7. Sebastian froze in his tracks, nearly paralyzed with fear as the large dragon towered over him. He clutched his crossbow tightly, wondering if it would attack. At the current moment, however, the dragon looked just as surprised as he was. He had heard stories from Bartholomew of dragons that would kill hunters that wandered too far into the forests. These stories have been proven true, but with only one missing detail: The humans that were killed were all dragon-hunters... Bartholomew was a fool, after all. Seb had heard a million times more the story of the first paired, but that seemed to only happen by chance...
    In Seb's mind, it became clear that neither one would attack unless attack, so he decided to take the initiative. Moving carefully, he set his crossbow on the ground next to him.
    "Um..." Was the only thing he could manage to say in his shock. Standing fixed where he was, he silently waited for the dragon to say something.
  8. Seraphine relaxed slightly as she watched the man set aside his crossbow. she lowered her head slightly but made sure she was still towering over him intimidatingly, it was a defensive thing for her and she could pull it off because she was so large. "Why are you in my forest?" Her voice was strong and intimidating but still feminine, A low growl came after the words as if it was meant to scare him. As she growled, heat came from her chest, enough to melt the snow directly below her.
  9. Sebastian swallowed as the dragon spoke in a growling voice. It was obvious that she was doing her best to intimidate him.... and she was succeeding. He took a small step backward when she lowered her head and the snow directly below her began to melt. It took him a moment to summon enough courage to speak.
    "I... I was hunting..." He stammered. He cast a quick glance at his crossbow for emphasis. "Forgive me, I had no idea I was in your territory." He shivered a bit, yet tried to make it unnoticed, resisting the urge to pull his coat tighter around him.
  10. "Hunting what?" She asked him in a suspicious tone. For all she knew he could be there to hunt her but was just acting scared. She rose her head to stand tall once more, showing just how big she was. She glanced around a little to see if there were any others to help him.
  11. Seeing the dragon raise to her full height, Sebastian stumbled backward a few more steps.
    "Hunting for food!" He said quickly, holding up his hands to show he meant no harm. "My supply is running low, and the worst of winter is almost here. If I don't find anything soon, I won't last through the winter." He noticed her glancing around. Perhaps she thought he was with a hunting party?
    "I...I'm alone. I swear." He said.
  12. All Linair had known for the last ten years of his life was darkness, pain, and fear. He had been captured by a group of hunters as a dragonling, and taken far away from his family. He had been sold to someone he never learned the name of, who kept him locked in a dungeon. He was whipped and kept in chains until he learned to be compliant and obedient. As he got older and bigger, he learned that he was meant to be a trained weapon, something the humans could use against their enemies. But that never happened.

    Before he was big enough, some human war swept through the city he was held in, and it ended up razed. One unlucky soldier opened the great doors to the dungeon, and Linair, who had grown strong enough to break through the chains they kept him in, made his escape.

    With a great, mighty roar, he took to the skies, his dark scales glittering in the soft winter light. He flew as far and fast as he could, though old scars and fresh wounds slowed him down considerably. When he could fly no farther, he crashed down into the trees of a forest, a pained whimper escaping from his jaws that became an anguished scream that echoed through the trees. Now that the adrenaline was draining from him body, he was able to feel the pain: the weak sunlight hurt his eyes terribly, some of his more recent wounds reopened, and years of not using his wings had deteriorated the muscles significantly. Trembling, Linair let out another cry, the great beast reduced to a bunny.

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  13. Name: Sin
    Age: 18-19
    Nickname (Optional): thief, rouge, assassin, pretty lady, usually just sin
    Gender: female
    S/O: straight
    Image/description: images (13).jpg
    Sin walked through her town her feet uncovered. She wore a short white dress her pink hair flowing gracefully behind her. Her red eyes scanned the many markets and pockets to pick. "Seems we have alota stuff here today." Sin grabs onto a loaf of beead from a stand making it seem like she baught it.

    She smiles grabbing a wedge of cheese and about 55 dollars out of one guys pocket. "Well time to go." Most people dared not travel beyond the large walls but she hated being secluded. So she decided to leave everything behind her and live on the road.

    Her feet roll across the pebbles not getting past her now resistent heel. She laughed a bit and ran into the woods. "Finally free!" She smiles and continues to run through the desolate woods. To her the snow was the best season she never got to cold. She had also never been sick so it was a good day for her.
  14. Seraphine lowered her head toward the human again, calming down a little. She understood the need to find food for the winter, Mother dragons do it for their babies. As a fully grown dragon she could just hunt when needed but she remember her mom bringing food to her when she was a baby. She thought for a moment then snorted, smoke puffed out of her nose with the snort. "If i help you find something to eat, will you.." she stopped short as she heard the pain filled cries of another dragon. Her head shot straight up and her chest burned with the heat of fire as a low growl escaped her. She looked back down at the human "Are you sure you're alone?" she asked in a harsh tone. The sound of a hurt dragon put her back on edge. 'Wait' she thought, 'This is my forest! why is there another dragon here?' The thought made her growl again, she has had to fight off other dragons before and it was not something she liked to do. Other dragons wouldn't have been a problem for her if they hadn't tried to run her out of her own home. She lowered her head next to the human "you will come with me" she told him. She wanted to keep an eye on him and this way if he was lying she could kill him and he wouldn't be able to get away from her. She turned to face the direction the sounds came from and pushed the man with her tail to make him start walking.
  15. Sebastian perked up a bit when had heard the bellow of another dragon. "Yes, I'm the only one here..." He stopped when the dragon suddenly nudged him with her tail. Taking the hint, he walked ahead of her. He knew that she would much rather keep him in her sight, which he understood completely. After all, humans had quite a bad reputation in the eyes of the dragons. He wondered if they were going in the direction the bellows came from and if so, what would happen if they found the other dragon. Dragons were quite territorial, and it might turn into a large conflict if things took a turn for the worst... and being caught in the middle of two fighting dragons was not a very appealing idea. Pulling his coat tighter around him, the boy continued walking, the crunch of snow audible with each step he took.
  16. As they walked toward the other dragon Seraphine kept an eye on the human she had dragged along with her. When they got close enough that she could see the other dragon she stopped, placing her tail in the humans way to keep him from going too far. She stayed in the line of trees watching the Dragon. Noticing he was hurt, she stepped carefully toward him and gave a little growl to make herself known and wouldn't startle him. If he was looking for trouble he wouldn't stand a chance from the way he looked and she was ready to defend her territory.
  17. Linair made a low growling noise when he heard another dragon's growl. Squinting at it, he bared his fangs, though he didn't look very menacing in his current state. Seeing the human with her, he made a louder growl, not trusting the human in the slightest. The last human he had seen had whipped him for not being respectful enough when he entered the dungeon.

    Glancing at the dragon, bright amber eyes filled with pain, he whimpered, "I...I need...help..."
  18. Hearing the dragon in pain from far off sin gasps. She starts running towards the noise. Her feet hit anow and rocks but she kept running. "Damnit fucking people this is unfair." She climbs up a tree to get a better view and starts jumping towards it dagger at the ready.

    She jumps down her tree running for the dragon spotting a human and a dragon. "Shit dragons are territorial." She runs up to the dragon and gaurds it her dagger close to her. "Dont touch it!" She glances at it quick and grabs some of the food she stile putting it in front of the dragon.
  19. Seraphine settled down as she heard the dragon ask for help, but was right back to being defensive when the new human appeared. She lowered her head and and growled at the human that seemed to be trying to threaten her. The growl rumbled low, and loud, "I was not going to hurt him" she said while growling then snorted a puff of smoke in the girl's face. She looked back at the human she had with her "This one better not have been with you" she told him seriously now thinking he had lied to her.
  20. Sin untenses just a bit while staring at them. She puts her dagger away and sits down in the snow her white dress crircling her. "Good, poor dragon musta been through hell." She mumbles "i know i was when I was locked in that god forsaken dungeon." She starts munching on a piece of bread while still looking at them.

    "And im not with him for your information i escaped earlier todau from that retched town." She sighs.
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